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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - Independents warn leadership limbo for weeks. the nation could remain in

in north-east China. 42 killed in a fiery plane crash floods a car park And a burst water main and shuts down a busy Sydney road. with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. The three Independents next prime minister who could decide Australia's in Canberra overnight. have met for the first time But the trio has warned in leadership limbo for weeks. the nation could remain The three rural Independents next government who may decide Australia's meeting face-to-face

since Saturday's election. for the first time it's a critical process. We don't want to rush this process - and Bob Katter Rob Oakesthott, Tony Windsor in Canberra overnight held their first strategy meeting but not before lost his temper at Sydney Airport. the colourful Mr Katter you know, Now that we've got a bit of power, my friend, not dictating to us. you'll be listening to us, also laughed off reports The maverick Queenslander ex-Liberal MP Peter Lindsay he'd threatened to kill at Townsville Airport in May. will address the National Press Club He and other key players at midday.

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott They'll then possibly meet

to their electorates. before flying home we know who'll run the country. They warn it could be weeks before the end of next week We're looking at before anything is finally decided. is set to become four The gang of three with Independent Andrew Wilkie of Dennison. expected to win the Tasmanian seat With counting continuing, of a minority government the prospect is looking more likely. in several state parliaments before, It has worked including Tasmania. There's nothing to be afraid of parties around the table, as long as the the individuals in the parliament, the people in the parliament,

to make it work. have a genuine desire and lone Greens MP, Adam Bandt, The Independents will reconvene this morning. is struggling to show Queensland state Labor a stable and competent government it can provide

with Premier Anna Bligh under fire privatisation agenda. over her unpopular At least 10 MPs want the Premier over the sale of state assets. to have a re-think

any of us went to caucus next week I would be very surprised if without feelings of deep concern. is being blamed on Ms Bligh's unpopularity in Queensland. Labor's poor federal election result

Kristina Keneally New South Wales Premier of a state ban on the burqa. has ruled out any prospect Reverend Fred Nile Christian Democrats MP in the state's Upper House has introduced a bill to outlaw the Muslim veil in public. always had an open-face society. I believe, in Australia, we've you can see my face. I can look at your face, You want to ban the burqa. stopping the freedom of choice. What you're doing is actually given a conscience vote Fred Nile wants Labor MPs ban the burqa warning if they don't at next year's state election. they'll lose votes At least 43 people have been killed in north-east China this morning. in a plane crashed runway while coming in to land The Henan Airlines jet overshot the

and burst into flames on impact. Bystanders rushed to the site alive from the wreckage. and helped pull 53 people a critical condition in hospital. At least three are in if any Australians were onboard. It's not known

have recaptured a man Police in Brisbane from Victorian detectives who escaped back to Melbourne. while being extradited to Brisbane Airport Kayd Thorp was being taken

when he made his bid for freedom. for almost seven hours He eluded police having a beer at a Manly Hotel. until he was found is due to face charges The 24-year-old of a 49-year-old man relating to the death on an off-duty policeman. and a separate attack close to the Sydney Cricket Ground Residents of an apartment block flooded last night had their underground car park when a water main burst. into raging torrents. It turned surrounding roads to inundate this home At one stage it threatened had only recently sold. which the owner I was terrified and things like that. because you know insurances Imagine if the water had seeped in, just terrifying. I mean, it would have been to remain closed for several days Moore Park Road is expected collapsed. after a section of the bitumen he was out to "wreck himself" Ben Cousins has described how

When he waouz addicted to drugs --

he was addicted to drugs. at how drug use devastates a family. It provides a confronting look his terrifying appetite. In the documentary Ben describes and play good footy And I would train and obsess that would get me through and the thing I was going to absolutely annihilate is, I knew, that at the end of that as I could. and launch into as much drugs he hopes his story The footballer says struggling with addiction. will help other people 'Such is Life' And the documentary, at 8:30 tonight. will premiere on Seven and his now ex-girlfriend It's been revealed Matthew Newton sat in silence at a Rome hotel bar he allegedly attacked her. in the hours before has told media A waiter at the Westin Excelsior

were definitely not romantic the couple and ignoring each other. and sat in the corner drinking wine Rachael Taylor in the hotel foyer. Newton is accused of bashing an Apprehended Violence Order She's applying for unprovoked assaults. detailing claims of more than two

at a rehab facility in Sydney. Matthew Newton is now getting Pap smears The number of young women

has dropped to its lowest level in a decade.

The trend has sparked a new campaign aimed at saving lives. 34-year-old Melissa Ellis died of cervical cancer this year. Now her family wants to stop it happening to others. Probably the most frustrating thing, that this disease is preventable and people don't need to experience what we are. Nicole Paterson is another victim - at 21, one of the youngest Australians to get the disease. It was really aggressive - within a year it all happened - so if I didn't have the Pap smear, I probably wouldn't be standing here right now. But surprising new statistics show there are less young women getting tested now than 10 years ago. Nationally, one out of two younger girls are not having Pap tests

every two years so that's 50% of these young girls not having regular screening.

Cervical cancer kills hundreds of women in Australia every year but according to the Cancer Council, most of those who are diagnosed haven't had regular Pap smears. A new ad campaign targets women aged 25-35 who might avoid the tests because it's embarrassing or they don't understand the risks. ADVERTISEMENT: It's a little awkward for a lot of peace of mind.

Women are encouraged to have Pap smears every two years, even if they've had the cervical cancer vaccine. Shock-jock Kyle Sandilands has opened up about his split from wife Tamara Jaber, revealing the pair still talk daily. 'The X Factor' judge separated from the 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant after nine years together. But he suggests the marriage can still be saved,

saying there's no telling what the future holds. Sandilands also dismissed reports he's dating again, saying nothing could be further from his mind. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather. Mostly fine in Brisbane. Sydney, mostly sunny. A possible light shower for Canberra.

Windy with showers in Melbourne - 13. Showers and mountain snow for Hobart - 13 . Showers also in Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Perth. Mostly fine in Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the man who made the Ben Cousins documentary joins us live. But next on Seven Early News, hundreds of fishermen missing off the coast of Vietnam. And never-before-seen pictures of The Beatles before they were famous. That's next.

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Queensland's Solicitor-General in the US state of Alabama has written to his counterpart "honeymoon killer" Gabe Watson. over the fate of so-called from prison in November Watson is due for release

after serving 18 months of his new bride, Tina. for the manslaughter In 2003 he drowned her in the Great Barrier Reef. while on their honeymoon He's to be deported back to Alabama want him to stand trial for murder. and prosecutors there wants assurances Queensland's Attorney-General they won't seek the death penalty. Hundreds of fisherman are missing

battered north-central Vietnam. after a fierce tropical storm are searching for the men Rescue crews

failed to return to shore after at least 10 boats before the storm hit. lashed the coast, Strong winds of nearly 120km/h to evacuate their homes. forcing thousands of people have been knocked down Hundreds of trees and powerlines has inundated roads and homes. and torrential rain

Six people are lucky to be alive into the ocean off the Bahamas. after a small plane crashed two children and a pregnant woman, The group, which included standing on the sinking wreckage. were found the Piper Aztec ditched Survivors say after one of its engines died. with only minor cuts and bruises. They escaped David Cameron's wife, Samantha, British Prime Minister

to a baby girl named Gi. has given birth in southern England The family were holidaying having contractions. when Samantha began weighing in at 2.7kg. Gi was born a few weeks early, We are absolutely thrilled. unbelievably beautiful girl She's an absolutely and I'm a very proud Dad. Both Mum and baby are doing well. the Beatles before they were famous Never-before-seen pictures of

have gone on display in northern England. in their home town of Liverpool by a 16-year-old fan The photos were taken packed away in boxes. who recently found them

The Fab Four as you have never seen

them before, black-and white

photoose of the four relaxing and rehearsing

rehearsing before they hit the big

time. Snaps which catch them

unawares, smoking in their dressing

room and enjoying a drink, no sign

yet of the mass hysteria they would

go on to cause. Ah # The pictures

were taken by teenager working for

the Yorkshire Eefrening xng post,

now, five decades on, the

16-year-old Paul Berriff is

onward-winning photographwer secret

in his attic. I have some images Somewhere in that loft that I take when I was a teenage boy I found this box and I look for them - and found 800 negatives. I couldn't believe it. I knew I got some of The Beatles probably about six or seven. but I thought and went through it - 40. When I opened the box 40 negatives of The Beatles.

The photos were taken across

Yorkshire at headline venues such as

Huddersfiled's ABC cinemas.

they were meg astars, mobbed by Huddersfiled's ABC cinemas. Later

globe. thousands as they joted across the

Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - who impressed on the world stage. the Australian beauty queen But next on Seven Early News, for South Sydney prop Ben Ross. another setback taste defeat at the AFL Tribunal. And AFL flag favourites Collingwood

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on the Early News - The stories we're following The three Independents next Prime Minister who could decide Australia's But the trio has warned in Canberra overnight. have met for the first time

leadership limbo for weeks. the nation could remain in in a plane crash At least 43 people have been killed

in north-east China this morning. overshot the runway The Henan Airlines jet and burst into flames on impact. while coming in to land Bystanders rushed to the site from the wreckage. and helped pull 53 people alive close to the Sydney Cricket Ground And residents of an apartment block flooded last night had their underground car park when a water main burst. into raging torrents. It turned surrounding roads with all the day's sport. Now it's over to Mark Beretta Thanks, Nat. Good morning.

Josh Fraser, Collingwood's forgotten man, senior match this weekend is in line to play his 200th to have a striking charge downgraded after team-mate Leigh Brown failed at the AFL Tribunal overnight.

was cleared of rough conduct Sydney defender Paul Bevan for his tackle on Ryan Griffen. had nothing to say Collingwood's Leigh Brown

last night as he left the AFL Tribunal on Graham Johncock downgraded. after failing to have his hit with Hawthorn, He'll miss this weekend's encounter to play his 200th senior game. opening the door for Josh Fraser is a certain starter At Fremantle, Aaron Sandliands for Friday's clash with Carlton. a foot injury The big man has shrugged off from Blues coach Brett Ratten and criticism

rest seven stars against Hawthorn. over the Dockers decision to

The decision was the right decision

and you know, we got a big game coming up Friday night and

coming up Friday night and hopefully we can have a win. Some bad news for bottom-placed West Coast, with their final-round opponents, Geelong, not planning to rest any stars. No, no - we'll probably play a very strong squad this week, as strong as we can possibly field. James Podsiadly and Josh Hunt will be missing after accepting suspensions

but Cameron Ling, Andrew Mackie and Brad Ottens all return. At St Kilda, Lenny Hayes headlines a list of four key inclusions to take on Adelaide

as the Saints look to end a trying year on a high. I think all those challenges that we've faced, accepted and overcome stands us in really good stead. In Brisbane, Troy Selwood has copped another whack. He'll be de-listed at season's end. Jared Brennan also looks set to leave the Lions, with the Gold Coast, Essendon and Carlton all interested. And Ben Cousins is making steady progress from his hamstring injury ahead of his farewell game on Sunday. Brisbane coach Ivan Henjak has shown faith in his underperforming side,

naming an unchanged line-up for Friday's clash with the Warriors. Darren Lockyer has been given another week to overcome a rib injury and winger Jharal Yow Yeh admits he's lucky not to be joining his captain on the sidelines. Yow Yeh conceded four tries to Newcastle's Cooper Vuna last week and on Friday night he has to contend with Manu 'The Beast' Vatuvei.

Just, got to get going there for a

good mind set you going to go in there and bash them. Warriors back rower Michael Luck is almost certain to miss the match

as he recovers from a nasty leg gash suffered against Manly. The return of South Sydney's Ben Ross from a broken neck has been put on hold again. Ross was cleared to resume playing last week but the Rabbitohs coaching staff are not prepared to risk the prop re-injuring his neck. The 30-year-old's NRL career could be over unless he can secure a contract for next season. Wallabies star Matt Giteau has rejected claims this weekend's tri-nations encounter with South Africa will lack intensity. Giteau is adamant both the Wallabies and Springboks will turn up ready to play despite the fact New Zealand has already wrapped up the tournament.

You're going to give everything you

can. Um, I don't think either side

will go out there knowing

will go out there knowing that the

trinationsise dead and play a softer

style of football. -- Tri Nations style of football. -- Tri Nations is dead. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is refusing to guarantee selection for playmaker Quade Cooper as he weighs up a lucrative offer to switch to the NRL. The Adelaide Redbacks are leaving no stone unturned in preparation for next month's Twenty20 Champions League tournament. They've been training with loud vuvuzela noise to get used to what they'll cop in South Africa.

(V ugvuzelas play ( So far we have

had good response from the players,

teaching osfew strategy of what to

expect when we get there. In Queensland, the Bulls are set

to recruit English superstar Andrew Flintoff. The all-rounder will play in January's Twenty20 Big Bash if he recovers from knee surgery.

Great to hear the Vuvuzelas again. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country.

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The biggest names and the biggest concerts - another reason Sunrise is Australia's No. 1 breakfast show. Now to the national forecast. A cold front is approaching Tasmania and south-western Victoria. It will sweep across south-east Australia today, bringing showers and snow in the mountains. To the capitals - Windy with showers in Melbourne.

Showers and mountain snow for Hobart. And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia