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(generated from captions) has since died Dr Haneef's cousin, Kafeel Ahmed, from his self-inflicted burns. Sabeel Ahmed is awaiting his trial.

the Government is saying As the case unfolds their stance will be vindicated. will vanish. Dr Haneef believes their falsehoods I would like to end this interview from the Koran. just by quoting a verse It says... (Quotes verse)

and falsehood will vanish "Truth will come out to be banished." "and falsehood is ever And I believe in that. THEME MUSIC


to be writing the PM off. Bit early Jase - I'm Monica Attard. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. Jason Morrison's Radio 2GB in Sydney parrot Alan Jones is also the home of well known about the equine flu outbreak. who has been in a flap

for breeders. Disastrous ramifications too the ban on moving horses Forcing the Government to lift

the New South Wales Hunter Valley to breeding centres like campaign on equine flu. was the centrepiece of the Jones

he was still at it. And two weeks later for the battler, And because he's so concerned wasn't a rich person's problem. time and again he emphasised this

onto his show. Alan invited a friend of Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, John Messara is the president equine flu will have on breeding. so he knows a lot about the impact with Alan Jones. He's also in the racing game listeners the full story - But why didn't Alan Jones tell his millionaire owners. that in his case it is all about are in a syndicate Because he and John Messara stallion in Australia. that owns the most prized RACECALLER CALLS RACE

John Messara's Arrowfield Stud Redoute's Choice is now at in the nsw Hunter Valley. The stallion is a phenomenon - he could earn half a billion dollars. over the next 10 years it's estimated Every time he covers a mare,

his owners $330,000. Redoute's Choice earns

Last year he serviced 192 mares stake in the syndicate. and Alan Jones has a 4% John Singleton holds 2%. 2GB's station owner Do the maths. in the critical breeding season And it's a lot of money to lose

to Redoute's Choice if the mares can't be brought because of horse flu. So could it be Alan Jones's interest

was more than a detached concern in getting the horses moving for the industry.

pay $330,000s So those mares whose owners can get back on the road. for Redoute's Choice's service Government approved the importation Even when the New South Wales Alan was still whingeing. of the vaccinations, Here he is interviewing

Ian Macdonald. the NSW Primary Industries Minister,

Alan's campaign paid dividends - stallions vaccination for Hunter Valley restrictions there. and an easing of movement on the gushing thanks And Alan didn't hold back ministers who do the right thing. reserved for

Yes Minister! Or is it, yes Alan? disclosure from Alan Jones But throughout - where was the real horse flu was worth millions to him, that the policy change he wanted on

his business partners? his station owner and for a very private purpose. It's radio Alan Jones' stablemate, Ray Hadley, to Jones has always played second fiddle but he's trying to catch up. in keeping the customer satisfied,

for shop-owners Who knows why he campaigned in a suburban Sydney home centre? to have with the centre is this - The only relationship Hadley claims that leased out the shops Ray Hadley's target was the company the home centre - Clarendon Homes. and was now moving out of

on the company What followed was a sustained assault

and its executives.

an allegation as you could make That's about as serious that relies on individual home-buyers about a multimillion-dollar business investment. trusting it with their biggest Clarendon, by the way, says the shopping centre in question. it plans to honour the leases in But Ray was just warming up.

Group boss appeared on the show When the new Clarendon Residential he got the full Hadley.

for not knowing what hit him Mr Lynch might have been excused because without effort, on Clarendon Homes Ray Hadley morphed his assault

of its biggest competitors. into the promotion of one

is a big 2GB advertiser. Masterton, as Hadley declares, a story But that doesn't excuse turning some editorial value which Hadley presumably thought had for his big-paying mates. into an ad blistering editorials Nor does disclosure forgive against your sponsor's competitors.

he was so fixated on this story. Ray Hadley wouldn't tell us why on Clarendon Or whether tying an attack was reasonable. to a plug for his sponsors

away because Clarendon is suing 2GB. But it's unlikely the story will go Two weeks ago we told you Tony Fabris's uninvited visit about Channel Nine Brisbane reporter,

to a horse flu infected farm. applied to a human story. Well, here's the Fabris touch 3-year-old boy and her father A terrifying ordeal for a overnight. at Bellbowrie in Brisbane's west brazen intruder tried to steal him. The boy was in bed asleep when a

his father heard him crying. The man dropped the child after After a long sleepless night, at his Bellbowrie homethis morning. (Beep) was back with police to see Nine News show its audience The toddler's parents were appalled had taken the child exactly where the couple after the abduction attempt. wasn't there, His 3-year-old son, (Beep)

at his grandparents home nearby. he was in safe hands with mum (Beep)

At 8 o'clock last night of a total stranger. the little boy was in the arms Tony Fabris named and showed members of the family, identified the street number even naming the child, and of the grandparent's house. to abduct the child Remember, the man who'd attempted

hadn't been caught.

The ABC, alongwith Seven and Ten, covered the story too, or the family. but they didn't name the child identifying shots And they largely avoided abduction occurred. except where the attempted tells us - The Queensland Police Service But the police went on to say the family was upset by Channel Nine's conduct. The Police contacted Channel Nine to convey those concerns.

Unfortunately, Channel Nine won't respond to our questions about the family's complaints. That's it from us tonight. Thanks for your company. Don't forget our website at:

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Good evening. Burma's top military

leader has finally agreed to meet

leader has finally agreed to meet the UN envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, tomorrow.

Mr Gambari is hoping to end the

violent crackdown on anti-government

protesters. Authorities said ten

people have been killed, but most

observers believe the death toll is

much higher. The bushfire season has

got off to a bad start in New South

Wales. Fires are burning in national

parks north and south of Sydney. One

house was destroyed in a blaze near

Port Stephens and more than 50

campers had to be evacuated as a

campers had to be evacuated as a fire swept through the Kuringai Chase

National Park on Sydney's outskirts.

The former Gold Coast doctor

The former Gold Coast doctor Mohammed Haneef says he's determined to

Haneef says he's determined to regain his Australian visa. Doctor Haneef

flew to India after a terrorism

charge against him was dropped. In a

'Four Corners' interview tonight, he

admitted that a fear of being caught

up in the London terror bombings was

part of his motive for trying to

leave Australia. Actor Lois Maxwell,

who played the demure Miss

who played the demure Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond films, has died in

Western Australia. She was 80. The

Canadian-born actor first appeared

opposite Sean Connery in 'Doctor No'

in 1962. Her last Bond movie was

in 1962. Her last Bond movie was with Roger Moore in 1985. The weather -

cold in Hobart. A warm day in

Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and

Brisbane. 26 and sunny for Sydney.

More news on 'Lateline' at 10:30pm.



Thank you. Thank you. Good

evening. Welcome to 'Enough

Rope'. My first guest is just

a little different to most

actors. She has done dickens

and porn, she has been a

penguin, a sheepdog and a

glow-worm and you may also

know her as Professor Sprout

from Harry Potter. Her CV is

as notable as herself. Please

welcome the highly quotable

Miriam Margoyles. Thank you.

I have been greatly

looking forward to this. I

said you are highly quotable.

Let's start with this one

"the Queen just scares the

shit out of me". That is

still true. Why? Because

she told me to be quiet and

that was very scarey. I was

at a party in Buckingham

Palace and it was British

Book Week and she invites

everybody to do with books

and I thought I would like to

meet the Queen since I was

there and I didn't think I

would get a chance to go very

oven to Buckingham Palace so

I asked an equerry could I

meet the Queen and he said

"Just form a semi circle" By

yourself? Well, I think

that is what he meant

actually. As you see, I

comfortably do. So I found

the Queen and this were a

couple of other friend with

us. We smiled at her and she

came up to us and she said

"And what do you do? " And I

hate myself for this, it

shows what an idiot I am but

I just said "I am the best

reader of stories in the

whole world". Complete

idiot. The Queen quite

understandably went.... well,

she turned to the next person

and she said "And what do you

do? " And he said "M'am, I

teach dyslexic children to

read and we found if you

colour the pages and the

letters it helps the children

to absorb the information

more quickly and easily". I

standing next to them very

stupidly said "Gosh that is

fascinating, how

interesting". Whereupon the

Queen turned to me and said

"Be quiet". And I then

said.... "I am so sorry your

Majesty, I got carried away

with is sitement" whereupon

again she went.... then she

started to tell us all about

her morning when she had been

at a school. "I was at a

school in North London and

the children were so

stimulated by the books they

read and I could feel the

importance of literature in

the lives of children" and

she went on a bit like that

then I then said....

then I then said.... quotes

well, you see, your imagine

city, we are so lucky because

our first language is English

in which the best literature

of the world has been

written. Imagine, your manage