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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning - Mark Latham's TV purge. dishes out the dirt on Labor. The former Opposition leader murdered A Melbourne real estate agent while showing a house for sale. cleared to go home. And pregnant Princess Mary with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News

Good morning. Mark Latham Former Opposition leader

on national television has vented his spleen

of his upcoming diaries. in a manner to match the poison pen in a manner to match the poison pen

from his barbs As Labor defends itself from an unlikely ally it has found support defending Kim Beazley's character. with John Howard this morning In an interview in New York, says his opposite number the Prime Minister his colleagues' personal lives. is not one to spread rumours about Mark Latham, clearly saw otherwise. to promote the tell-all book. It was the tell-all interview

and I'm proud to put my name to it. Well, I'm having my say opened up on a number of issues, The former Labor leader towards Kim Beazley, including his ill-feeling who he describes as a waste of space. that's what they say, isn't it? Well, if you talk to most people I'm not the only one saying it. He has also responded to criticism to the Boxing Day tsunamis, over his failure to publicly respond to the Boxing Day tsunamis,

to quit the leadership. saying he had already decided artificial of me to get out there It would have been totally the Labor Party about the tsunami speaking on behalf of when I'd made a decision to go.

most of his former party colleagues Mr Latham was scathing of but not all. a good chance at the next election I think Labor would have

as the Labor leader. if they had Julia Gillard Labor insiders attack as fanciful and self-serving, have dismissed Mr Latham's venomous on winning government. saying the party must remain focused this is not seen as a distraction. It's very important that launched next Wednesday. The Latham Diaries will be officially

A short time ago Labor front

bencher you'lla Gillard responded

to Mr Latham's comments. She is a

long time supporter of Mr Latham

but says she does not agree with

his view of the party

It sad yepbs me greatly to see that

Mark Latham has lost faith in the

power of politics to make a change

for the better. And it sad yepbs me

even more to see that Mark has lost

faith in the Labor Party. It sad

yepbs me and I do not share it. are investigating Melbourne detectives of a real estate agent the apparent murder during a house inspection. whose name has not been released, The 48-year-old woman, last night. was found in the Melton home has the details. Seven reporter Karlee Hopper about the agent's death. Karlee, what can you tell us

Basically Chris the agent came to

this home behind me in Melton about

lunchtime yesterday to keep an

appointment with a potential buyer.

It is understood that appointment

was made by telephone earlier in

the morning. About five hours later

when the real estate agent was

closing she had failed to return.

They notified police and police

came to the property here, found

the body, found the body of the

48-year-old woman upstairs in a

bathroom and it is understood the

body was face-down and it appears

she may have been strangled Chris

We understand that her car had been

stolen. Has it been located?

Yes, it has. The car was stolen

last night. It was found about 6.30

this morning. Now police are

obviously looking at that as their

most important evidence at this

stage and it was found at the

Melton golf club which is about a

kilometre and a half from here.

Obviously bless would like to see

about yesterday afternoon. anyone who saw that car out and

in the hunt for missing Perth boy There is a new lead Blake Reynolds. spotted on a train security video Police want to speak to a woman the day he vanished. who sat next to the 14-year-old this lady, please ring in. Anybody that happens to know to get in touch with her. We would love They both got on at Armadale got off at Kelmscott. and four minutes later Blake has been missing for 16 days. are going high-tech Australia's major banks in their fight against online fraud. of a Hollywood blockbuster, Like something out fingerprint recognition tests customers may soon have to pass Internet banking sites. before accessing to combat cyberfraud, The move is designed industry $100 million this year. which has already cost the banking being used overseas The technology is already $700 million to establish here. and is expected to cost has left hospital Crown Princess Mary of Denmark under observation. after spending two nights She was admitted on Wednesday morning six weeks after her due date. after experiencing contractions Doctors now say she is in good health until the end of her pregnancy. but have ordered complete bed rest has cancelled an overseas trip Prince Frederik to remain by his wife's side. our business and finance report. Next in Seven's Morning News, from Prince Harry. And more of that candid interview

a hotel in the country's north New Zealand police have stormed ending a 13-hour siege. was arrested A 57-year-old Slovenian man

to blow himself up. after threatening to Prime Minister Helen Clark He demanded to speak being withdrawn. about his student visa in his hotel room. Police found a fake bomb The man will face court later today. in America's South. Good news finally for residents as it moves along the coast. Hurricane Ophelia is weakening is still being battered North Carolina with strong winds and heavy rain. and no deaths reported. But there has been little damage are still without power More than 80,000 homes along the State's east coast. has gone up in smoke. Mexico's most famous fireworks market

Fire sparked a chain of explosions the entire San Pablito Market that destroyed north-east of Mexico City. the size of a football field It left an area a smouldering grey ruin.

has ripped through Baghdad Another deadly series of bombs to almost 200. bringing the death toll over two days have left hundreds more wounded. The al-Qaeda attacks

It is the worst carnage inflicted by insurgents since the Iraq war began. A Shiite Muslim weeps as al-Zarqawi speaks. His message to this man - There will be more of this. More suicide bombings like this one this morning,

and the targets will be predominately the Shiite population. (Speaks Arabic) Al-Zarqawi, if it is his voice, is quite open about his prejudice. He declares all-out war on the Shiite and says there will be no mercy. His strategy smacks of murderous desperation. Despite two years of terrorism, the political process continues. Al-Zarqawi is in a race against time. To prevent people coming together, he has to blow them apart. At the UN Assembly in New York, the Iraqi president condemned the violence and its sectarian nature but vowed it will not work. Down in the Shiite holy city of Najaf they were burying some of the dead from Wednesday's Baghdad attacks. What al-Zarqawi wants is for these people to take revenge. If that happened on a wide scale Iraq would implode, become a failed state and launching pad for global terror just as Afghanistan was prior to September 11. This is why Iraq is the central battlefield in the global war on terror. Win here, and you can win elsewhere. But in Sada City, a Shiite district of Baghdad, people say al-Zarqawi's strategy will fail. This man says there is no difference This man says there is no difference between Shiite and Sunni - We are all against al-Zarqawi and moving forward together.

Up to a point that is true. But recently a few Shiite have reacted with small-scale reprisals. Keep a lid on that and there will be no civil war. And without civil war it is difficult for the insurgents to win. Prince Harry's candid 21st birthday interview is being described as a milestone for the young royal. Often the subject of negative press, Harry's "Take me as I am" attitude has impressed even his toughest critics. The twists and turns of Prince Harry's colourful young life have been documented for all to see. but this frank interview is the most revealing insight we have had yet

into the man dubbed "the spare to the heir". When you think what's happened to him. I mean, his parents' marriage broke up from more or less the moment he was born. The divorce. The rumours he was James Hewitt's son. Imagine a young man having to put with that sort of rubbish. And then of course the loss of his mother. So I think he's had a very turbulent childhood. And I'm amazed that he's emerged unscathed from it. He seems such a nice person. Have you become more resilient over the years to press reports or do they still upset you? They still upset me and I still read them. Why? I do not know. But I have to read them just for peace of mind, just to know what they've written and to see who wrote it and see who took the photographs. You know, write that down for later. But it's not really a case of dealing with it.

I don't know if you can deal with it. You just get on with it. Such formal interviews have become something of a rite of passage for the royal family. This one could do much to rehabilitate his image as a party-loving prince. I think he's fab. He's a 21-year-old bloke living his life. He's not putting himself on a pedestal. The position of younger sibling to a future monarch is tricky. Both Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew were regarded as struggling to define a useful role for themselves. The army, I wouldn't say it's going to get in the way. But it is something that is a part of my life that I've got to do. I feel as though I've got to do it and it's something that I want to do.

What has become clear more than ever before is the obvious affection the prince holds for both his brother and extended family. Is this the first time we have heard the real voice of the man who just wants to be called Harry. To business and finance news. Joining us is Craig Ferguson from ANZ. Some interesting data out from the US.

Morning Chris, yeah, overnight we

got a raft of data, certainly

looking at US jobless claims show

quite a sharp rise one of the

effects of Hurricane Katrina

starting to flow through to the US

economic data and one of the other

effects also was the sharp rise in

oil prices being reflected in a big

jump in the prices paid component

of the federal and state

manufacturing survey so that will

keep the Federal Reserve in terms

of a pie Yass for next week's FRMC

meeting towards raising rates going


Markets have been volatile. How did

they go last night?

Overnight it was quiet as you

suggested. Look to the US equity

markets they were flat after having

a yoyo session down and closing

strongly to close flat. The

Australian market this morning has

put up a good performance up around

35 point, base metal and oil stocks

and some of the banks being the key

drivers there

Have the base metal markets had

much of an impact here yet?. Quite

interesting overnight there was a

sharp fall in the price of nick

yell down around 7%. What actually

was the catalyst for that move was

the fear that there are rising

stocks on London metal exchange and

that actually caused a number of

hedge funds to liquidate their loan

positions. The risk goes forward is

that that spreads to copper and

aluminium and if that is the case

that will tee press sentiment

towards the Aussie and we have seen

the Aussie lower today down around

half a cent towards 76.5US cent?

Always tough when you have to

liquidate your long position. Sport is up next in Seven's Morning News. We will take a look ahead at a big weekend in the NRL have what it takes and whether the Swans have what it takes to make this year's AFL grand final.

EXCITING MUSIC award-winning safety and handling, and to top it all off, a new 5-speed Activematic or 6-speed manual. The very new Mazda6. Now twice as good. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! #

Tonight Sydney takes on St Kilda

for a place in next week's AFL grand final. If the Swans win, they will be just a match away from their first flag in almost 70 years.

But can they do it? Here is the lowdown from Seven's AFL reporter, Craig Hutchison.

The clash has been billed as the

most important match for the Swans

since the 1996 grand final, do you

think they can match it with the

comparatively well-rested Saint?

It will be a big night for the

Swans and St Kilda. The Swans

challenge tonight is to get over St

Kilda but if they do I would think

tonight's game is the tougher of

the next two. So in other words a

grand final against Adelaide and

West Coast is easier to win but the

stakes are high. The Swans haven't

won since 1976 in the MCG which is

a compelling statistic given their

success in the 90s and the early

part of this century. St Kilda are

favourite but plenty of people

around think the Swans can win. St

Kilda have had injury problems and

have a couple of players back. What

effect on the Saints it remains to be seen

The Saints are finally - hardly

finals experts themselves but a lot

has been said about the form of

Barry Hall. The Swans really do

need to get their skipper firing,

don't they?

No doubt he needs a big game. The

Swans are going to win, Barry Hall

has to play a major role for Sydney.

He will play on McGuire from St

Kilda back from injury, he hasn't

played for three weeks. He didn't

look overly con Vining at training

this week although he will plea.

The other defender from St Kilda is

first up from an injury spell as

well. Things haven't gone his weigh

in the finals Barry Hall but the

forwards have been starved for room

and movement and I think on the MCG

the big occasion against his old

team he loves playing against the

Saint I think we might see the best

of Barry tonight

On to Saturday the Crows have to

fly west to meet the Eagles. West

Coast is pretty strong at home

They were the all conquering West

Coast on top of the ladder by five

games and the end of the season was

not strong, the last 8 weeks they

taperd off. Adelaide beat them in

round 22 on Subiaco oval and it

will give the Crows great

confidence, they have knocked off

West Coast at Subiaco oval and I

think they can do it tomorrow the

Crows, they are so strong. West

Coast has been written off, the

forwards have been under target but

coach is confident he can get them

up tomorrow, intriguing. Adelaide

best suited to come to Melbourne

rather than West Coast who have

been dubious on the MCG so the

Crows for mine tomorrow and that

will make it a more interesting

grand final but West Coast, don't

underestimate them

Sound like you are leaning towards

a bird-brain final. You are not

fence-sitting that much, are you?

We don't sit on the fences here in

Melbourne. The Crows and the Saint

tonight, sorry to tell you that. In the NRL, the first semifinal

and the North Queensland Cowboys between the Melbourne Storm kicks off tomorrow night. tackle the Wests Tigers The Brisbane Broncos in Sunday's elimination match. joins us with the form guide Seven's League reporter Pat Molihan where the Cowboys are training. from Sydney's Coogee

Morning, Pat. against the Broncos.s Melbourne were impressive last week

Does anybody care?

I would have to say not really. We

were told yesterday there is one

bus of Melbourne supporters coming

up to Sydney so Whoopi - great

excitement. I would say we would

need - it will be family and

friends there but I really don't

think apart from the two clubs

Kerred and their diehard fans not

really many people care about this game

A bit unfortunate. Melbourne were

pretty impressive last week against

the Broncos, can the Cowboys match them?

The Cowboys can't play this bad

twice in a row, they are down at

Cogee and have decided to come out

to the eastern suburbs where they

have been most of the year this

season but they were not there last

week and were beaten badly from the

Tigers, they can't play this bad

again. Melbourne have a couple of

injury worries, Billy Slater,

Robbie concerns a shoulder problem,

he will get until the last minute

to declare himself fit but he is up

against it because he has said

there is not a lot of strength in

that shoulder and he will be struggling

On Sunday can the Tigers overcome

the early season favourites?. On

form you would have to say the

Tigers can do it. Everyone keeps

doubting them but they are so

exciting to watch. Brisbane have

hit a hole, lost six in a row. How

do you bounce back from six losses

in a row at this time of the year?

Your confidence has to be shot.

There is a big pull to have justty

Hodges play in the centre for the

Broncos, he is getting more physio

today on his knee, he hones to make

it, if he comes in Brent Tate will

move out but Brisbane's confidence

is shot and all the momentum seems

to be with the young guys from the

Tigers at the moment

I know you are excited about the

weekend. Thank you for joining us

this morning. When you thought too

much footy was not enough - A big weekend of A-League matches kicks off tonight with Sydney FC taking on the Central Coast Mariners at Aussie Stadium. Tomorrow night, Perth Glory is at home to Adelaide United. Sunday at Suncorp Stadium it is Queensland Roar facing the Melbourne Victory. In Newcastle, the Jets tackle the New Zealand Knights. Some breaking news now -

Sydney City Council has just announced a multimillion-dollar project

to replace all the soil in Hyde Park. The soil contains three diseases which are killing trees lining the centre walkway.

34 trees will be cut down, starting this afternoon. The soil will be removed in stages, forcing the closure of sections of the park. Next in Seven's Morning News. We will take a look at the weekend weather.

Britney's baby and Britney's new role - Coming to terms with motherhood and stardom. You could reel in a whopper with Lotto's massive $19 mY.5li n Super aturday. $19 m llion Super Saturday. You beauty! $19 million! How big is that?! So get your entry in by Saturday, September 17th. SONG: # ..dreams come true. # The drought has had a devastating effect in rural communities across Australia. have opened the way to further improve assistance for farmers. Just throw them down the bottom. The off-farm income threshold has increased by $10,000. The interest rate subsidy has increased to a maximum 80%. (Laughs) Yeah, we did, mate. The off-farm asset threshold has been doubled. The Australian Government Drought Assistance Program: Don't self-assess, call: Taking a look now at the weather. Showers and storms are developing along the east coast as a cold front moves through South Australia. A large high is bringing clear conditions to Western Australia while a weak low continues to produce isolated showers over the Top End. Britney Spears is celebrating the latest No.1 in her life - a baby boy. The pop princess The pop princess gave birth by caesarean section in a Los Angeles hospital. She has named the boy Sean Preston.

Britney Spears has never made a

secret of her desire to be a mum.

She put touring and public

appearances on hold after her

second marriage in order to start a

family. According to the star's web

site she gave birth last night to a

baby boy. Her and her husband

dancer Kevin Federline are said to be ecstatic

SONG:# Give me a sign

# Hit me baby one more time...

It was this video that turned an

ordinary girl from Louise Anna in

to a world wide pop phenomenon much

her image combined glam your and

sex appeal with a schoolgirl

innocence but six years down the

line things are looking very

different. Britney Spears has gone

from schoolgirl inform young pump

mum and she is still only 23. She

is now planning to take a year off

to concentrate on family life but

when the time comes for a big,back

will she be able to pull it off?

Her image took a battering when she

married in an alcoholic haze in Las

Vegas. That union lasted only three

days and since they be her girl

next-door image hals been further

tarnished. She needs to work hard

so we all forget about those

horrible pictures 9 months pregnant

with a burger and spots over her

face, that is in the showbiz and

she needs to create that illusion

again and I think she will

SONG:# Somebody is watching over me...

Like Madonna, Britney Spears is a

master of reinvention. She plans to

concentrate on being a mum for the

time being, but it is rumoured she

will relaunch her career as a show girl. In news just in - Renee Zellweger's publicist has confirmed the 37-year-old is having a real-life Bridget Jones' moment. The Oscar-winning actress and her husband, country-singer Kenny Chesney,

are seeking an annulment. The split comes just five months after their marriage. The couple stunned the world in May with a surprise beachfront wedding in the Caribbean. That's Seven's Morning News to now. We will keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00.

I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Have a great day.