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(generated from captions) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. shuts down the M5, Tonight, another computer glitch fuming. leaving commuters and the Government Look at that - because of these bloody idiots. look at all the jobs I've lost

I'm filthy about it. And I've got to say campaigner's damning suicide note. Voice from the grave - a euthanasia of dying in jail. She was absolutely petrified And the only way is up - share market's super surge. the big winners from the Aussie Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. with his new shadow Cabinet. Also, Malcolm Turnbull makes history And counting his lucky stars - who survived a crash at 300km/h. the speedboat driver But heading the 5:00 News, running Sydney's M5 East tunnel the team has been threatened with the sack

in three months. after the second shutdown for hours, Furious drivers were left stranded with some losing half a day's work. he's filthy over it. An embarrassed Premier says Three major closures in three years - designed to make life easier. welcome to the $800 million motorway Just after 9:00 this morning the warning signs went up, and so too driver fury.

to get from Greenacre to here. Nearly two and a bit hours Really? Yeah. What's the run normally take? Oh, 40 minutes. because of these bloody idiots. Look at all the jobs I've lost the latest M5 mishap, A computer system failure for each hour the tunnel was closed. causing 8,000 cars to be diverted That had even the cars packing it in. of sitting in the traffic After an hour or 1.5 hours my Bug got to the off-ramp it didn't want to go anymore. in three months This is the second time Sydney's traffic to a standstill a computer glitch has brought here at the M5. is believed to be the cause This time, a circuit board of all the trouble. left the Premier... The continual problems I've got to say I'm filthy about it. His new Roads Minister? I'm ------, Steve, but I am. I've been instructed not to say

Then, with more composure... since the fault was detected It's now 4.5 hours

and the motorway company still can't what happened. advise me conclusively crisis talks with the operators - He's demanded answers during their contract under threat. properly If you can't run this motorway we'll find someone else who can. how they're going to fix it. We want them to tell us

We've had enough. but just another diversion, Tough talk, according to the Opposition. not only because it set the contract The State Government is responsible but because it has responsibility and the alternatives for the diversions that should be in place. stuck in the middle. Tell that to motorists It's just chaos - that are absolutely chock-a-block. too many roads to mention has still got two years to run. The operator contract

Amber Muir, Ten News. over a euthanasia drug killing A Sydney woman convicted for her suicide. has left a note blaming authorities Caren Jenning took a fatal overdose, and persecuted saying she felt bullied

over her manslaughter trial. Even in death, Caren Jenning's fiery words of protest ring out.

about what had happened to her. She was angry

She felt

that she'd been treated unfairly. She wanted it known that she felt left a suicide note The 75-year-old breast cancer patient partly because she felt bullied saying she killed herself

in her mercy killing trial. by two key players The letter was read out in Sydney. at a voluntary euthanasia conference at today's conference Caren Jenning had planned to speak and her sentencing date looming, but, with her cancer spreading but to take her own life she felt she had no choice be read out instead. and asked that her suicide note Alzheimer's patient Graeme Wylie, It says she helped her best friend, die: The court case which followed, an accessory to his death, and saw her convicted of being left her with: of dying in jail. She was absolutely petrified She couldn't go back to jail. in a maximum security jail She'd already spent 10 days when they first arrested her and it was torture for her. dose of the sedative Nembutal Instead, Ms Jenning took a deadly on Thursday night - she'd bought for Mr Wylie. the same drug

Shirley Justins, She and the dead man's de facto, over the killing next month. were due to be sentenced

Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. as strong and generous A man remembered and obsessed with the Dragons at a Newtown pizza shop. is dead after being stabbed

of the father of three The alleged killer

is under police guard in hospital.

a lifetime fan of the Dragons. They called him 'St George Dave' - came to a violent end - But this morning David NcNulty's life shop owned by his wife's family. stabbed to death in the Newtown pizza children, and he loved his football. He loved life and he loved his

He loved St George. above the shop for 10 years. The 61-year-old had been living He'd separated from his wife with his three adult daughters. but was in regular contact and he's so proud of all his girls. We love him dearly was the killer The man police will allege with head injuries, was stretchered away from the shop during a heated argument. inflicted, it appears, with a hammer of Mr McNulty's sister-in-law. He's the boyfriend consumed by grief. Today she offered support to a family two heart attacks, Dave McNulty endured, and survived, a stroke and a triple bypass. he's died like this. His family is devastated that battled so much for health He was a lovable rogue and he was bold and buoyant and he was brave off his back. and he'd give you the shirt at Kogarah Oval. His family hopes to spread his ashes his alleged killer, Police are yet to interview who remains under guard in hospital. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Police are searching for a teenager of a man found dead who may be driving the car in a burnt-out house today. The 16-year-old disappeared from his parents' remote property in Tingha, in northern New South Wales, after police found the body of a 64-year-old man

inside the neighbouring house. The dead man's car - a white 1989-model Toyota panel van - was missing from the property whe n police arrived. The boy is described as being of European appearance, 195cm tall, and a freckly face. reddish-brown curly hair Anyone who sees the teenager is urged to contact police immediately and not to approach him. Kevin Rudd is winging his way to New York for the most controversial of his 10 overseas trips. Malcolm Turnbull, who unveiled his new Opposition front bench today, says the Prime Minister's place is back home. Kevin Rudd was always going to attend this year's United Nations General Assembly - it's just that the reasons have become more urgent as the day approached. Dealing with the global financial crisis now the most obvious. Australia has to have a seat at the table, not just hang out to one side and expect everyone else to kind of solve it. That's not how it works. Malcolm Turnbull, buoyed by two opinion polls showing his arrival in the Opposition Leader's job, has boosted the Liberals to their best position in two years, doesn't agree.

The real action is here in Australia. If I was the prime minister, I would not be flying to New York today. 127 other world leaders beg to differ. Three years ago, John Howard also took his place at the same podium, 1 of 10 trips that year. The Government accused Mr Turnbull, who was in Venice last week,

of hypocrisy. From merchant banker to Merchant of Venice - the Opposition Leader's chair. that's what we have sitting in Malcolm Turnbull has finally unveiled his front bench,

and while some who went public urging a vote for Brendan Nelson were demoted, others weren't. Compromise was the order of the day. The leader put the best gloss possible on it. This is a new team to provide the leadership Australia needs. Julie Bishop becomes the first woman ever to hold the Treasury job,

and was straight into the Government stock market turmoil. Why has Government had three different positions on short-selling in the last three days?

It was simply not possible for us to remain open to short selling when every other market had closed. Tony Abbott,

who thought community services was nowhere near the main game, gets to keep it. Tony Abbott is doing a great job in that area. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The local share market has bounced back, adding $50 billion in just one day. But it was a dramatic start - the opening had to be delayed for the first time to stop the panic. because of new rules an end to fear and turmoil, The spectators came hoping for but the market kept them waiting. deliberately delayed its opening. The ASX has never It did today, for an hour. Very surprised by the delay. in Australian stock market trading This is unprecedented that I've been trading. over the years to digest a tough ban The reason - to give traders time called short selling. on speculative trading for a month here Short selling has been banned and also in the UK and US to allow global markets to stabilise. immediately across the board It worked - our shares were up and finished 4% higher. is all about making money Putting it simply, short selling in a market that's falling. on a share you don't actually own worth, say, $50 from a stockholder Basically, a trader borrows a share

for the same price. and sells it immediately its value is going to fall. The gamble is that

So when it does fall to, say, $40, returns it to the stockholder the trader buys it back, minus a fee. and pockets the $10 profit, Its effects can be devastating. on the market If everyone had a negative view and a negative view on a particular stock,

that stock. it can certainly decimate came from short sellers Much of today's surge before they went too high. trying to buy back stocks to buy banks' bad debt didn't hurt, A US plan to spend nearly $1 trillion even though it faces tough debate. This makes me angry. angry I think it makes the American people has to be put at risk. that their tax money the American people The biggest help we can give right now. is to stabilise our financial system to the value of battered stocks And that stability added $50 billion

here alone. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Let's take a closer look at today's remarkable figures

in the BankWest finance report. in Sydney tonight is $1.49 a litre. The average price of unleaded petrol at Liverpool, Casula and Glenfield. Best price $1.43 with Brad McEwan, Let's take a look at sport premiership defence and Melbourne Storm's now moves to the NRL judiciary. has been cited Yes, their skipper, Cameron Smith, and his season could be over. More on that shortly. from Cronulla fans today, And a show of strength

turning out en masse to buy tickets with the Storm at the SFS. for Friday's preliminary final stretched well down the road The queue

as these success-starved fans will be the year of the Shark. start to believe that 2008 so hopefully this is it, eh? 41 years we've been waiting, Yep, I totally believe that. We're going to get it this year. I've been alive, so there you go. We have - in fact, longer than You've been waiting a long time.

Go Sharkies! a premiership. The Sharks have never won And a major scare at the Superbikes through the field. as a rider loses control competitor was brought down - Fortunately, only one other more in sport. with new security concerns, Also, our cricketers head to India in world tennis, our Davis Cup team still on the outer at golf's Ryder Cup. and lot of red, white and booing if fire stations are closed down - Fears public safety will be at risk Also tonight, life in jail three people in Melbourne's CBD. for the man who gunned down And why did she die? the drowning death of their daughter. A family searches for answers over

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have fled an inquest Overwhelmed parents of their young daughter. investigating the drowning The 8-year-old died in a pool teachers and lifeguards. surrounded by classmates, was a vibrant high achiever, 8-year-old Armani Dirani known for her infectious laugh. But today there were only tears

Coroner's Court, overcome by grief. as her distraught parents fled the It's more than upsetting. It's something get out of our mind day to day. that I can't, we can't in the middle of the night, My brother wakes up wanting his daughter. looking around, her school's end-of-term celebration The Year 2 student drowned during in December 2006. at Glenbrook Swim Centre by a teacher. Her body was plucked from the pool in her eyes - The light, the brightness

she was an amazing girl. how she drowned in a crowded pool. Armani's family wants to know the court was told, On the day of Armani's drowning, 15 teachers, 4 teachers aides and 4 lifeguards

were supervising the children.

Still, nobody saw her go under. An excursion permission slip said

of swimming 20 metres. Armani was capable Questions have been raised about whether her parents spoke English well enough to understand the note. Investigators say students have speculated about how she drowned. Some believe she bumped her head, others thought she held her breath too long swimming under water, or got stuck under an inflatable slide. Her neck-to-knee bathers were the same colour as the pool. The inquest runs until Wednesday. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A hefty jail sentence has been handed to Melbourne's CBD gunman.

Former bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson? has been imprisoned for life over the deadly shooting spree, with no chance at parole for at least 35 years.

The killer who scarred a city arrives at court to learn the price he must now pay for his drug- and alcohol-fuelled rampage in the heart of Melbourne. The sentencing judge described in chilling detail the moment Christopher Wayne Hudson fired six bullets into his three victims. JUDGE: They all fell to the ground.

You shot Mr Brendan Keilar twice more while he was on the ground. You executed him. The father of three was one of two complete strangers

who'd rushed to help a terrified Kaera Douglas, under brutal attack by her bikie boyfriend. was Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard, The other good Samaritan also shot a second time before Hudson's gun was empty. You and others ought to be grateful for that. 200 witnesses saw the shootings on their way to work. Your conduct is all the more chilling because it remains unexplained. It was calm and deliberate. Not so calm, his friends from the Hells Angels motorcycle club. F--- off! Got nothing better to do? The killer's father was also in court to support the son who won't walk free until he's at least 66 years old. Hudson's bikie friends all stood up as he entered the courtroom and he acknowledged them with a smile. He was stonefaced, though, throughout the entire 1-hour sentence, but as he was being led from the court again, he turned to his family and asked, "Are you OK?" - his father giving him the thumbs up. The judge said his crimes shocked public conscience. They will carry the images of these events with them for a very long time. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video. Firefighters are threatening to strike over plans to temporarily close down dozens of stations across the State. But the commissioner has been quick to reassure the public their safety is still a priority. 33 fire stations across the State could be taken offline under a new system imposed by the Industrial Relations Commission. If a firefighter calls in sick, they'll no longer be replaced. Every fire station on the list just down the road has another fire station within our guarantee of service. that can respond to that area could be under threat, But the guaranteed 10-minute response Riverstone is short-staffed, if, for example, is up to 10 kilometres away. as the closest station of a wage increase The purpose - to offset the cost

and the Government on Friday. agreed to by unions these matters to arbitration. The union wanted to take They did. they wanted, but that's life. They didn't get the result A number of stations in Sydney, and around the Illawarra, along the Central Coast will be affected, will be hardest hit. but regional towns and a total fire ban already in place and the Victorian border, between Canberra will put lives at risk. the union says the new system taking industrial action. Firefighters haven't ruled out has gagged firefighters The IRC, though, while negotiations continue. from talking to the media

bushfire danger, total fire bans, On days of very high to extreme all fire stations open. we'll be keeping or when we have major fires running

is also keen to point out The commissioner earmarked for closure in the future. that those same fire stations are not Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Ellerby storm moving in a. We are

not saying too much activity yet.

We are almost storm watch alert.

What we have is a gale-force wind

warning. North West has are howling at 40 kilometres an hour. The

storms have come across the State

today and expected to read Sydney

tonight. Tomorrow will be 20 or 21

degrees. Heavy rain tonight and in

the morning Clearing for a fine

afternoon. Details in 10 minutes. a spectacular high-speed crash. Next, a boat driver survives the Emmys a sizzling start. And the strip tease that gave You have a good day. a delicious change at McCafe You'll notice of our stronger, smoother coffee right from the very first taste certified beans. made from Rainforest Alliance So come into McCafe Rainforest Alliance blend yourself. and try the delicious This program is captioned live. Urgent repairs are being carried out at risk of a landslip, on a second Central Coast road in a collapse at Somersby. a year after five people died to reinforce Pearl Beach Drive, Gosford Council is frantically trying of the coastal suburb. the only road in and out are in danger of subsiding. Nine sections its surface is eroded Its culverts are damaged, from the adjoining cliffside. and rocks fall is expected to top $700,000. The damage bill Work will be carried out in stages. Confronting video has been released the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, of the moment a suicide bomber struck killing more than 60 people. the attack was the work of al-Qaeda. Authorities now believe military-grade explosives on board, With 600kg of high-quality,

the Marriott Hotel's security gates. the suicide bomber rammed There's a small explosion. watching the smoke. The guards scatter, have set the truck's cabin on fire. The suicide bomber is believed to

When the smoke clears to inspect the vehicle, the guards slowly come back but there's another explosion from the back of the truck. and flames shoot The guards raise the other boom gate.

and turns on the blaze. One grabs a fire extinguisher But, at 8pm local time, are knocked out the hotel's CCTV cameras

and everything goes black. stripped of its 5-star furnishings All that's left is a gutted building that was the security checkpoint. and a 15m-wide, 7m-deep crater the 5-storey building room by room Rescuers are still searching but are worried it may collapse. The carnage could have been worse

break through the security barrier. if the suicide bomber had managed to wealthy locals and tourists. The hotel was popular with diplomats, have encouraged Pakistan World leaders against terrorism. to continue the united fight or assistance they might want, to offer that. then we are ready, willing and able and potential targets Security around government buildings in a city gripped in grief and fear. has been stepped up Tim Potter, Ten News. Food safety authorities available in Sydney whether milk-based lollies with the poisonous chemical are contaminated in China. which has killed four babies pulled off shelves in Singapore White Rabbit creamy candy has been of melamine in the popular sweet. after lab tests discovered traces Officials here are yet to determine

has been imported into Australia. whether the same batch of the product from the poisoned milk scandal. China is still reeling 6,000 infants became seriously ill laced with the toxin. from drinking baby powder has confirmed he's stepping down. South African President Thabo Mbeki by his own party He's been forced out of the top job in a corruption case after claims he interfered against political rival Jacob Zuma. of the African National Congress I've been a loyal member for 52 years. and therefore respect its decisions. I remain a member of the ANC

has also formally resigned Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of corruption investigations. following a series a spectacular crash in California. A speedboat racer has survived on a practice run in San Diego. The driver lost control Travelling at almost 300km/h, then disintegrated in midair. the hydroplane racer flipped survived with just a few bruises. Amazingly, the 32-year-old driver Television's most glamorous stars for the 60th annual Emmy Awards. have turned out for Aussies - It wasn't a winning night award for the second year in a row. Rachel Griffiths missed out on an Sequined, sassy and sexy, down the red carpet. the stars sashayed as much about showing off fashion After all, awards ceremonies are just as recognising talent. threatened to melt make-up Sweltering heat to keep their sense of humour. but the stars managed as much water as humanly possible I've been trying to drink to the toilet, but that's OK, which means I'll have run I can actually pee in. because this year I've worn a dress

was nominated Australian Rachel Griffiths

for the second year in a row. I think it's my fourth nomination. I think it's tonight or I'll just get a really fat book for that part of the shelf that's empty. At a time when presidential politics and economic turmoil here in the US are dominating headlines, the Emmy Awards provide some glamorous light relief. The themes, however, were not forgotten. The world hasn't seen a pairing like this since John McCain and Sarah Palin. Heidi Klum brought along some model assets as one of the show's hosts but it was another guest who threatened to steal the show. It's just an award. Don't cry. It's pathetic. It wasn't Rachel Griffiths's year on a night dominated by pay TV. Glenn Close was named Outstanding Actress for the legal drama 'Damages' and Jeremy Piven won his third Best Supporting Actor Emmy for the comedy 'Entourage'. To be a working actor is an unbelievable gift. None of this is lost on me. The Most Outstanding Drama Series title also went to a cable show, newcomer 'Mad Men', beating long-running shows 'House' and 'Lost'. At the Emmy Awards, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. We'll have the latest on the storm damage with Tim Bailey next. Also, singer George Michael apologises for his latest brush with the law. And best and fairest - the girls prepare to turn heads at AFL's Brownlows. Thanks to Zyrtec, allergy days can get turned around fast. (LIGHT MUSIC) The sneezing... (SNEEZES IN REVERSE) Whoosh! Whoosh! ..itchy eyes and runny nose all go - like a Zyrtec. You feel like you can perform at your best without that allergy cloud in your head that drags you down. Zyrtec can get you back to normal fast. Allergy symptoms go... a Zyrtec. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - the share market surged back today by more than 4% - Babcock & Brown the big performer, jumping 54%. But the day was not without some drama. of trading was delayed for an hour, For the first time, the start so the market could digest tough new rules on short selling aimed at halting the panic. A Sydney woman convicted over a euthanasia killing has left a note blaming authorities for her suicide. Caren Jenning took a fatal overdose, saying she felt bullied and persecuted over her manslaughter trial. Her sister has told the media her worst fear was to die in jail. And the operators of Sydney's M5 East tunnel have been warned they could lose their contract after the second shutdown in three months. Furious drivers were left stranded for hours this morning, with some losing half a day's work after a computer glitch closed the tunnel. An embarrassed Premier says he's filthy over it and is demanding answers. has stepped up its fight A Queensland family in songwriting royalties to recoup thousands of dollars from record giant EMI. was co-written by Dorothy Stewart The worldwide hit 'Now is the Hour' during World War II. SONG: # Now is the hour. # to the song to her family. In her will, she left the rights international royalties They claim EMI has been holding back for more than two decades. she would say to us, My aunty, if she was here now, You must sort this out." "You must fight on.

EMI says the contractual matter is being worked through

with the family's lawyer. has apologised to his fans George Michael after his latest brush with the law. for "screwing up again" In a statement, the singer said sorry in a London park. after being caught with drugs a public toilet in Hampstead Heath The 45-year-old was arrested near what is believed to be crack cocaine and cautioned for possessing and cannabis. for boring them. He also apologised to everyone else

To looking threatening out there

but I'm not sure if the storm will

hit. The latest analysis from the

radar says that these storms sell

his south-west and it is moving

south-west. There is one over

Newcastle but are moving out to sea.

Storms marching across the State as

we speak probably getting here

rain. later this evening with some heavy

Today's temperature of 30 was 10 degrees above average. The AFL's best and fairest player the Brownlow Medal. is just hours from being awarded a tussle at the top, While the bookies are tipping among the wives and girlfriends the stakes are also high on the red carpet. To win this medal in the history books. is to claim a page Kept under lock and key all season, this morning. the first count was held With all 22 rounds in check, the all-important votes armed guards transported to the function. is the short-priced favourite. Gary Ablett Jnr

a popular winner last year, Co-Cat Jimmy Bartell, upstage his famous team-mate. is tipped by many to once again is the other. North Melbourne's Brent Harvey is going to be hard to beat - Brent Harvey he's had a pretty outstanding year.

a few votes as he always does At the Pies, Swanny's gonna pile an interesting night. so it should be a nervous and sober night, Both Geelong players face on premiership glory come Saturday. with their eyes still I think Brent Harvey will win it. It's definitely a hard one but to see how Buddy goes, I'm very interested even though he can't win it, how many votes he gets I'm interested to see 'cause he had a terrific year. four games this season - Gary Ablett's missed that many games no Brownlow winner has missed since Hayden Bunton in 1932. in Carlton captain Chris Judd. There might be some value gotta stick with them Blues. The Judd man - or wives and girlfriends. For the WAGs, of a different nature - it's a competition Shayne McClintock, a veteran. Harvey's better half, doing all these girly things, It's relaxing for me so it's more the fun side for me. for Hawks and Cats fans - Relaxing also waiting for tickets. lining up or laying down, I'm just happy to be there. I don't know where I'm sitting, Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, for his season. and Cameron Smith is fighting he'll miss the grand final Yes, at this stage

if the Storm make it. More next, including reaction from their finals opponents, Cronulla.

held its breath in the Superbikes. Also, the moment the field a massive, massive crash. COMMENTATOR: And that is its biggest Ryder Cup win over Europe And the US celebrates in 27 years. They will just erupt. Oh, Damo, you shouldn't have. Oh, look. It's about time you did, though. Damo. Well done. (LAUGHS) a Double Beef & Cheese Burger. Treat your mates to Great value at just $1.95 at McDonald's. on the new Value Picks menu

(McDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. will front the NRL judiciary Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith on Wednesday night in a bid to keep his season alive. for a grapple tackle. Smith faces a 2-match ban could also miss two games Team-mate Jeremy Smith for his role in the same tackle. plenty on his mind. Cameron Smith suddenly has a grade one contrary conduct charge Unless he can overturn on Sam Thaiday, for an alleged grapple tackle by Wednesday night. his season will be over and at Test level as well Cam's played with Sam in Origin they're very good mates, in that tackle at all. so there was no malice or intent

From the same tackle with a chicken wing Jeremy Smith was charged for two games. and could also be banned is longer than normal Cameron Smith's possible suspension

from a similar tackle in Round 1. because of loading are tight-lipped The Storm's next opponents the skipper should be rubbed out. on whether there's nothing I can say Oh, look, mate, anything that happens. that's going to change It's in the NRL's hands now. Mate, I don't know. about ourselves. I think we've just got to worry you had to turn to the people, For a comment on Cameron Smith plenty of Cronulla fans and luckily there were lining up for tickets to the game. should he be suspended? Cameron Smith -

I think so. He's gone for sure. He's gone, mate. he's gone. Two weeks - the rest of the season - no. I don't want to see him suspended, at full strength, yeah. I want to beat them Go the Sharks, eh?

But the Sharks also have a worry - still struggling with a quad injury. skipper Paul Gallen's eventually cut short Coach Ricky Stuart

his first run in more than a week.

The Sharks haven't played the Storm since Round 2, so it's been a long wait for the rematch between Ben Ross and Brett White. Both players were sent off after White objected to Ross using a forearm on Cooper Cronk. The Sharks aren't sure if Ross is planning on revenge. Who knows, man? It's semifinals, you know, it's going to be a massive game,

so there's going to be fireworks in every tackle, I'd say. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Hawthorn forward Mark Williams has been cleared to play in Saturday's AFL Grand Final. The Match Review Panel today cleared him of any wrongdoing with St Kilda defender Max Hudghton after making contact on Saturday night. Their opponents, Geelong, are expected to name utility Paul Chapman who has been out with a hamstring injury. Proven performer, best and fairest winner, so if he's fit and available I'm sure he'll play. The Cats will start warm favourites to make it back-to-back premierships after losing just one match this season.

amid fresh security concerns following recent terrorist attacks in New Delhi.

More than 400 people have died since late 2005 in bombings in Indian cities, causing significant concern amongst the Test squad. With the state of the world at the moment and probably the state of some of the cricket countries that we're playing in it's vitally important that me, as captain, and all the players in this national team are kept in the loop. At least 60 people died on Saturday at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan,

following a terrorist attack. It's the same hotel Australia was due to stay at during the Champions Trophy tournament, which was postponed. Australia has failed to qualify

for the Davis Cup World Group next year after losing to Chile. Chris Guccione lost his reverse singles match giving Chile an unassailable 3-1 lead. COMMENTATOR: And Fernando Gonzalez has rewarded his fans. After helping Australia to a surprise doubles win, Carsten Ball beat Paul Capdeville in straight sets, but it was all too late.

Europe's Ryder Cup coach Nick Faldo says he'll step down from the job amid widespread criticism of his performance.

Europe today suffered its heaviest loss in 27 years against a new-look US team. It's been nine years between Ryder Cup drinks, in a star-spangled manner.

Their captain thanked the galleries that helped them to a dominant 5-point win. We love our 13th man! Earlier, they jeered with delight, thanks to the always colourful Boo Weekley. COMMENTATOR: Oh, my goodness me. They will just erupt. (CROWD BOOS AND CHEERS) Among the standouts, 23-year-old Anthony Kim, one of six rookies in the US team. and loved every moment of it. He beat Sergio Garcia 5 and 4 just four Europeans to snare a win England's Justin Rose was one of on the final day. from the 12 matches played to hold off the inevitable Dane Soren Hansen did his best against J.B. Holmes. But Holmes was right at home, 2 and 1, the Kentucky local prevailing the United States win. all but sealing and he's got the spin. COMMENTATOR: A wonderful shot conceded his match to Jim Furyk, it was official. And America have got the cup back! Celebrations and recriminations - for his team selections and tactics. Europe captain Nick Faldo criticised It has nothing to do with Nick. than the guy we play against, We just need to play better so it's not his fault.

Leanne West, Ten News. to wait at least another round Australia's Troy Bayliss will have to wrap up the World Superbike title after a day of high drama in Italy. Kenan Sofuoglu Max Biaggi brought down just after the start of race two. COMMENTATOR: Oh, no, Biaggi! a massive, massive crash. And that is That's Sofuoglu. without serious injury. Biaggi and Sofuoglu both escaped Japan's Noriyuki Haga won both races on the final lap. while Bayliss crashed over compatriot Troy Corser He now takes a 79-point lead in two weeks. into the next round in France in the English Premier League. another goal from Socceroo Tim Cahill Later in Sports Tonight,

very glamorous wives and partners Plus, the footballers and their at the AFL Brownlow Medal count. Stay with us. has more on that storm front. Tim Bailey His forecast is next. Time you got some sunshine. Back off, lady. Step away from the treadmill. Tone it down. No fat, high in calcium. VOICEOVER: Pura Tone. to suit every appetite. We've got broadband plans your broadband on the go. Now you can have make up their minds. Table eight can't Call our friendly sales team or visit our handy online Solution Finder that's just right for you. to find a plan The deals are hotting up so call: MAN: Yes, we hear you.

thing Time for the weather details. First

thing this morning we were told to

brace for a big storm and now

you're saying it is in vain. Look

at the emotion in that's guy - it

is dark and threatening and there

is a gale-force wind warning

foreclosed waters. It is coming

through the Southern Highlands and through the Southern Highlands

Newcastle. It has gone Round The Sydney-based and though it might

give us a tickle tonight. There

will be heavy rain and a south-

westerly change all that tomorrow.

Rain throughout the afternoon and a

top of 20 or 21 degrees. I cant 100

per cent guarantee the nominee for

our environment will book awards.

It Mitchells Ireland public school

has 46 students and to teach us.

They're caring for koalas. They

grow eucalyptus trees from seed and

collector leaves to feed sick and

injured Carlisle eyes. They injured Carlisle eyes. They are

learning soil preparation and being

educated about the importance of

habitat protection. As Paul Kelly

wrote, from little things be things

grow. If you would like to be

involved there is $2,000 every

month and $5,000 at the end of the

Year. We will announce the year's

winner in December. If you are

giving the land and hand we want

you to tell us. We're just waiting

and seeing in Sydney at the moment.

This guy says yes and of the radar

says know. The end is day one of

storms safe week and tomorrow will

tell you how to storms safe your home.

Thick cloud blanketing much of

central and eastern Australia with

a front is a generating widespread

rain and severe thunderstorms. A

trough in the East will trigger

rain and storms over northern New

South Wales and in line Queensland.

Warm weather over Western Australia.

Rain and storms for northern New

South Wales and in Milan Queensland. Rain

Rain clears from race to New South

Wales. A few showers clearing from Rain clears from race to New South Wales. A few showers clearing from

the southern coast line. If the

South south-west change and rain.

Top of 20 or 21 degrees. Today's 30

Top of 20 or 21 degrees. Today's 30 degrees was 10 above-average.

A prepared for the Storm at tonight. One of the biggest diamonds ever found has gone on display in Belgium. The 478-carat diamond was discovered earlier this month at a mine in Lesotho. The uncut gem, which hasn't been named yet, has a completely flawless centre. Experts say it has the potential to yield a 150-carat polished stone - the largest round-cut diamond in the world. It's expected to sell for tens of millions of dollars. That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll be back with updates throughout the evening and the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Our Top 11 has sung for the nation, but now its over to you, as you decide who stays. In case you missed them,

here are those performances again and the numbers you need to vote. # Oh yeah, say life goes on # long after the thrill of livin' is gone...#

# All the boys think she's a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes...# # Upside down, boy you turn me inside out and round and round...# # I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me...# # I'm in love with an uptown girl, # you know I've seen her in her uptown world...# #...but I see your true colours shining through, # I see your true colours...#

# ...but I still haven't found what I'm looking for...# # Sweet dreams are made of this who am I to disagree, # I travel the world...# # This gun's for hire, # even if we're dancing in the dark, yeah...# # What's love got to do, got to do with it, # what's love, but a sweet old fashioned notion...# # Every smile you fake, every step you take, # I'll be watching you...# Voting lines close at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time and well be back at 7:30 to announce the bottom three. Plus, we will also reveal the bottom three live on the Australian Idol website. So go to for all the details and get behind your favourite singer.