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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The increasing cost of living days after giving birth. forces new mums back to work causes hearing loss. Fears regular use of a common drug but Wimbeldon has a new champion. And it took five hours and five sets, with Natarsha Belling. Ten's Morning News Good morning. First to some breaking news, to jet off to Japan tomorrow the world's most powerful leaders to talk climate change with at the G8 summit. But he faces friendly fire at home for an emissions trading scheme. over his plans joins us live from Canberra. Political editor Paul Bongiorno Paul, the Labor Treasurer in NSW is highly critical climate guru, Ross Garnaut, of the Federal Government's Chicken Little, accusing him of being is about to fall in. telling us the sky

He does not come to the debate with

clean hands. He is trying to fob

off the retail side of the energy

utilities in New South Wales, the

power generators. They are looking

for a $10 billion, and I think he for a $10 billion, and I think he

sees all of this talk about not

compensating the power industry

will seriously devalue his assets.

So he is calling for 30 % of the So he is calling for 30 % of the

carbon trading permits to be given

free to these producers, and he

says that the professor has not

taking enough notice of energy

security for the people of New

South Wales and Australia. There is South Wales and Australia. There is

the a lot of argument here coming from

the Labor government have been the

biggest date. If you thought that

the scenario was scary, yesterday

the government came up with a new scenario

scenario on drought from the sea as

Cairo and the weather bureau say

that drought, is there been in one

in 25 years, will happen at once or

twice the year. The agriculture

minister went on a regional radio

to say that the government has no

choice but to prepare for the worst.

He is. It is no longer an option at

all for there to be any neglect

from the government end. We are

obliged to help farmers prepare for

the future and prepare for the

worst of these scenarios. Of course

that will mean the way in which the that will mean the way in which the

Federal Government deals with

drought relief will have to be

changed. This could be a big hike

in there as well. The government

looks like that has a battle on its

hands to get climate change

policies through the Senate? The

Federal Opposition is signalling

that it has no real confidence in

the response of the right

government to climate change. The government to climate change. The

government says all they are doing

is keeping their head in the sand

as the Howard government did it for

12 years and there is a lot of

pressure put on the Federal

Opposition yesterday from our

climate minister. The Federal

Opposition has an ally in family

first senator. You have to remember

that the government needs the five

that the government needs the five

greens and the to independence greens and the to independence if

it doesn't have opposition sup it doesn't have opposition support

it doesn't have opposition support

in the Senate. Family first said it

was leaning towards the opposition

is the point. Before we make any

decision on what we do, though we

all know what we get into. I was

out in the street yesterday, Mr

Stern is a say we need to do more

for the environment but there are

concerns about how quickly we bring

it in. And there are also concerns

as far as the senator is concerned

about compensation for petrol. This

I'd rent is going to go all the way

through to until we see the shape

of the government response at the

end of this year. The mother of three children

in a murder-suicide killed by their father has spoken out for the first time. Karen Bell says she will feel guilty for the rest of her life

after losing her family. fled from her violent husband When Karen Bell

three weeks ago, he might harm their three children. she never imagined but he never hurt the children. He was very strict,

He did love his children, he did.

repeatedly run from her spouse. A vicious cycle of abuse saw Karen to keep the family together However, her desire never lasted long. meant the separation I was always went back never let me take the children. because I knew that he would of violence took a tragic twist. Three weeks ago this pattern after beating his wife. Gary Bell was arrested by police at her parents' house. Karen left and sought refuge

for four days, she began to worry, But when she heard nothing to check on the family. and asked a neighbour and she was screaming I was screaming in the whole world. and it was the most horrible feeling Karen Bell believes see his children again, her husband feared he would never nobody would. and if he couldn't have them, you do everything for them you can, Nicky Breen, Ten News. and grandchildren A man accused of killing his wife with an axe and attacking his daughter has faced court in NSW today. faced several charges, The 69-year-old including three of murder, in the State's west last week. after the attack at a home in Cowra in Wagga Wagga Local Court. He appeared via video link The case was adjourned for six weeks. of his wife A man charged with the murder will face a Sydney court today are expected to seek his extradition. where Queensland police

arriving at Sydney airport yesterday Richard Giardina was arrested after of his ex-partner. in relation to the death Lisa Keems was reported missing

by friends three weeks ago. in bushland. Her burnt body was eventually found Two teenagers have been char Two teenagers have been charged

in south Brisbane. with the murder of a homeless man aged 17 and 14, It's alleged the pair, beat the victim with a fence post. lying on the footpath in West End The 53-year-old's body was found shortly after 6 o'clock. where the alleged attack took place A white picket fence behind was stained with his blood. has received injuries One male person

here at the scene. that has ultimately led to his death between the man and two teenagers Police say a fight ensued and Manning streets. on the corner of Russell with one of the fence posts. It's alleged the attackers beat him

Several roads were taped off became a major crime scene. as parts of the area called in to search a nearby park. Officers from the Dog Squad were for any possible weapons, Conducted a search through the park

and a search was made for offenders. Police are interviewing neighbours and several people who may have witnessed the incident. A post-mortem will determine how he died. While locals say their street is mostly quiet, some say violence in the West End is on the rise and it was only a matter of time before something more serious happened. A 17-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy who fled to a St Vincent de Paul shelter have been charged with murder.

They'll appear in court tomorrow. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. The father of the 6-year-old child appearing nude on a magazine cover The increasing cost of living

is forcing more and more mums to take little or no maternity leave. A study released today shows 10% of women return to work within three months of giving birth, with 5% returning within days or weeks. Most of those women are self-employed. Australia is one of the only OECD countries without a universal paid maternity leave scheme. We'll have more on this story later in Ten's Morning News. Pilots have been forced to fly blind over Canberra because of a shortage of air traffic controllers. It's believed a number of flights between Sydney and Melbourne and Canberra and Sydney have been unmanned over the past fortnight because there haven't been enough controllers to do the job. It's up to individual airlines to decide whether to divert or delay flights until the positions are filled. Meanwhile, Qantas and Singapore Airlines are calling for a night-time curfew at Sydney airport to be scrapped. The airlines claim the curfew, and a cap of 80 flights an hour, are restricting growth at the airport.

Well, it took almost five hours, but Rafael Nadal has been crowned Wimbledon champion after a gruelling 5-set final against world number one Roger Federer. The marathon match was twice interrupted by rain and ended in near darkness with neither man willing to admit defeat. The Grand Slam was finally decided after Federer hit the ball into the net, handing the 22-year-old his first ever Wimbledon title. It was all a little too much for the emotional Spaniard who ended Federer's 6-year unbeaten run on grass. We'll have a full match report later in our sport break. The dangerous side effect linked to the long-term use of codeine. We'll have that story when the Morning News returns. And they're off! Crowds pack Pamplona Plaza for the running of the bulls. to maximise your savings and lower your overheads, Excellent. Earthquake. VOICEOVER: It takes a special kind of person to work at St George - one who always goes above and beyond St George - good with people, good with money. This program is captioned live. The father of the 6-year-old child appearing nude on a magazine cover says his daughter is proud of her controversial images. The issue of 'Art Monthly' has been referred to the classification board today. His daughter is the focus of a national controversy, but art critic Robert Nelson says the images are about freedom of expression. It's a risk worth taking. I think we have to defend the dignity of children's nudity, otherwise we're in for a culture

where you can't expose children in any circumstance, because someone might take some joy at looking at their bodies. These pictures got put in Perth in one of the galleries. It was on the first window, so you saw it when you passed, it was in there for four weeks, and not one person complained about the photos. So what's happening here is really, really weak.

The image of the 6-year-old girl sitting naked has provoked outrage from child protection campaigners and politicians. This is sexual exploitation of children. Frankly, I can't stand this stuff. And it could lead to new laws. NSW Premier Morris Iemma says

his government will re-examine the State's child protection guidelines. 'Art Monthly' has already been referred to authorities. It's a matter for the Australian Classification Board and that's why I'll be referring it to them tomorrow.

The magazine's editor, Maurice O'Riordan, defends the images, saying: But many disagree. I think there are are other ways of making a point in support of freedom of expression. Ben Lewis, Ten News. Australian researchers have found a dangerous new side effect

from the over-use of codeine. They've discovered it can cause hearing impairment, even deafness, almost overnight. Susan might be deaf but she hopes all codeine users listen to her story to ensure their hearing isn't lost too. Is that OK? Yes, I think so. For years she consumed high doses of prescription tablets for chronic back pain. Then last year,

she noticed her sense of hearing fade. Within months it was totally gone. I think it was about January. Got up, and I didn't have anything at all. It just suddenly went. None of her doctors picked up on the link between codeine and deafness until she met researchers from the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre. About two years ago

we had some patients who'd suddenly gone completely deaf in both their ears, which is quite unusual. And the common factor was the fact the were all taking excessive amounts. And patient numbers continued to grow as previously unsolved cases of deafness were found to match a history of codeine use. It's not a case of just taking too many tablets every day, but taking even the recommended dose over two, three, four years can lead to total deafness. Codeine is available in a number of products and has morphine properties as it breaks down in the body. That's what makes it so addictive and why some patients can be reluctant to move on to alternative pain relief But they might if they knew the potential cost. When it got to point when I'd lost practically all the hearing in the right ear

and the left ear had gone completely, it was very, very scary because I didn't know what was going on, or whether I would actually recover the hearing. I felt a little angry that I'd been taking it for all this time and no-one knew. If someone had been able to say to me 12 months ago, I wouldn't be deaf. Studies have found the problem doesn't happen to everyone, but it when it strikes, it's swift and permanent. Those who've paid the price, urge all doctors, chemists and codeine users to take note. Amber Muir, Ten News. A suicide bomb attack in Pakistan has killed at least 15 people, most of them police officers. The victims were guarding a rally to mark the anniversary of violent clashes between militants and government troops at Islamabad's radical Red Mosque. We warn some of these scenes may be disturbing. Pakistan authorities say the attacker was a man in his 30s who dashed into a group of policemen and blew himself up. What followed was a familiar scene of chaos and shock, streets cordoned off, and the injured carried away. In addition to the dead, at a nearby hospital an emergency room doctor said at least three dozen people had been brought in wounded by the bomb, nearly all of them security officials. As far as blame is concerned, it is too - it is premature to blame anyone. An investigation takes a little time and we're not in a position to level blame or hold anyone responsible at this point in time. The police had been assigned to ensure safety at a rally nearby at Islamabad's infamous Red Mosque. It was a gathering to mark the anniversary

of a violent crackdown against extremists there just one year ago. Last July, a military raid on the Red Mosque left more than 100 people dead. Pakistani officials said the mosque had been a challenge to government authority, a pro-Taliban school for radicals, and a source of violence. Anger over that assautl is still strong, and some believe the latest suicide bombing was a revenge attack. But Pakistanis bent on violence have a catalogue of complaints against the government. pledged partnership with America It includes the country's on anti-terror efforts along the border with Afghanistan and cooperation in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Cooler weather has brought some relief A treasure trove of priceless ancient objects has found its way to America. The items from Afghanistan, survived the Soviet invasion survived the Soviet invasio and the Taliban to reach a gallery in Washington. It's the stuff of myths and legends the kind that would drive Indiana Jones

on a last crusade or two. But this gold is real - up to 4,000 years old, hidden in war-torn Afghanistan by a web of secrets and lies. What really saved these artefacts was a code of silence of these Afghans, where hidden, who knew that these treasures were hidden, but they didn't tell anybody. And this is the real-life Indiana Jones who braved a war zone to find the stuff, National Geographic archaeologist Frank Hieber. After Kabul fell to coalition forces and the Taliban fled, new Afghan President Hamid Kharzai found locked museum boxes in his new palace's basement. Wow, could these be the treasures from the national museum we thought were lost, stolen, bombed? But the keys were lost. Dr Hiebert talked them into letting him crack the case. I was worried about whatever was inside of that safe, from the heat. it might get melted The moment of truth.

That first sigh of relief was just amazing. This could be real? This could be real. Some 20,000 pieces of gold from a nomadic princess's collapsable crown... A crown that travels? Yup, a travelling crown. gold worn head to toe. In the other boxes a vast collection of treasures, as if something fell off every trader's cart, on the old Silk Road which stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean. Much of the art was actually made in Afghanistan. The artisans were taking ideas and different art styles from along the Silk Road and putting it all together and making it all part of Afghan culture. Not what you have come to expect from the land of burkhas and bloodshedding.

War, problems, chaos, and terrorism, And here, Afghans themselves say. "Look, we have a sophisticated culture, "we have another side and people should know about it." Not just people here. Afghans plan to bring this treasure home, what they once more, to remind their people what they once were, and inspire them to dream of what they can be. Madonna has denied she's split with husband Guy Ritchie. Rumours have been rife the pop superstar and her film director husband are headed for divorce after 7.5 years of marriage. But in a statement to 'People' magazine, Madonna claims their union is not on the rocks. She's also denied having an affair with New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez amid reports his wife left him because of his alleged relationship with the singer. Tens of thousands of revellers have kicked off Spain's most famous bull-running festival.

Crowds packed the central streets and plaza of Pamplona to celebrate the launching of a rocket which signals the beginning of nine days of uninterrupted festivities. Thousands of daredevils are now preparing to brave the first bull run through the city's narrow streets.

St George have done it, now homeowners are bracing for the other major lenders to put their interest rates up. Kathryn Robinson has more in her finance report next.

The increasing cost of living is forcing more and more mums to take little or no maternity leave. A study released today shows 10% of women return to work within three months of giving birth, with 5% returning within days or weeks. Experts are warning about the hidden dangers of the long-term use of the drug codeine. A dangerous new side effect has emerged - regular users are reporting they're developing serious hearing problems. And it took almost five hours, but Rafael Nadal has been crowned Wimbledon champion after a gruelling 5-set final against world number one Roger Federer. To some breaking news, and a gruesome discovery for a homeowner in Adelaide,

discovering the body a newborn in his driveway. Ten reporter Alan Murrel has more. Alan, what can you tell us?

We can tell you that the man who

lives in the eastern suburbs of

Adelaide was leaving for work, he

was about to reverse out of his

home, when he found the baby body

in his driveway. According to

police, that baby had died within

hours of being born. His body was

naked and the placenta and court

were still attached. The cause of

death is not yet known. They will

be a subject for the coroner. It

has been very cold in that led

overnight. Heavy rain and a minimum

of seven degrees, it would be

unusual for an event to survive

those conditions for very long.

Police at the door locking local Police at the door locking local

residents to find out what they

might know about other local

residents. They have been speaking

to a young woman near by. They had

been question her most of the

morning. She was taken a short time

ago in an ambulance to hospital. We

believe she will be helping police

for their inquiries for some time

to come.

To the latest in business and finance with Kathryn Robinson, and St George Bank paves the way for other banks to raise rates? Quite possibly, Tarsh. After St George hiked rates 0.2% on Friday, independent of the Reserve Bank,

there are fresh fears that other banks could follow suit. According to market analysts, if funding costs remain high, further interest rate rises are inevitable regardless of what the RBA does. But St George's rivals have played down the need to pass on the higher costs to customers.

ANZ, Westpac, CBA and the NAB have all increased rates on top of the RBA's quarter-point hikes in February and March.

And St George's most recent rate hike will only contribute to the nation's slowing housing market. Weekend auction clearance rates in Sydney and Melbourne remained soft. Queensland, though, bucked the trend, boosted by recent stamp duty cuts. Job numbers out this morning show rates are continuing to bite, employers cutting back on hirings

with a dip Weakness also in the construction industry higher rates, lower confidence and tighter funding costs pulling the HIA June construction index lower. Looking ahead now - on Tuesday, business expectations and the NAB monthly business survey are released. sentiment are out on Wednesday. Housing finance and consumer And jobs data and inflation expectations will round out the week. To company news now, and 500 jobs are set to be axed at Insurance Australia Group

in a bid to boost investor confidence.

The announcement is expected to be made this week with the bulk of jobs going from senior management and back office. Its frontline business arm, NRMA, is unlikely to be unaffected. The Victorian Government is pushing for more airlines to fly the Qantas-dominated Australia-L.A. route. Despite an open-skies agreement with the US, which has allowed V Australia entry to the destination, it's claimed it doesn't go far enough. Victoria has now called on the Federal Government to grant third country plane companies, including Singapore Airlines, access. Singapore Airlines is also seeking access trans-Pacific aviation route. to the lucrative In finance news, has opened in the red. the Australian share market at the national weather, Now for a look and for the rest of the day:

The increasing cost of living Our farmers face a grim future on the way. with tougher, more frequent droughts predicts extreme temperatures, The CSIRO's climate report currently experienced every 25 years, every one to two years from now on. will probably be felt Ben Fargher of the National Farmers' Federation is the chief executive officer and he joins us live from Canberra. and the weather bureau The climate report by CSIRO has some doomsday predictions. is your federation taking it? How seriously We're taking it very seriously. We

know as farmers that we're exposed

to climb at risk. We work with a

variable climate every day and the

real question for Australia is, do

we turn our back on the farm sector

on a time like this, the time that

is very tough, or do we invest

without farmers in the techniques

and new technologies and back their

ability to adapt? We can adapt, but

need support to do so. We are up to

the challenge despite these dire the challenge despite these dire

predictions. The say they're up to

the challenge, but we see many struggle recently with the drought.

Can farmers cope with the jazz

every two years is to have every 25

years close lack we will have no

choice but to do more with less. If

we have had the technology is a we have had the technology is a

better irrigation and access to new

crops, and big research and

development pushed to help a development pushed to help a

farmer's adapt, but we are right to

the challenge. Other farmers around

the world are going to be under the world are going to be under

pressure to, and we do have an ever

increasing population and growing

demand for food. We are good at

producing fit in Australia but we producing fit in Australia but we

have got this terrible climate, so

going we have no choice but to adapt. We

going to have to back a farmers to

do so. If we do not support a do so. If we do not support a

farmers, we are seeing spiralling

cost of food and petrol around the

nation, alligators see an ever

the greater impact on City families of

the Costa fit? That is right. The

prices are up, global demand for prices are up, global demand for

food is spiralling. We have no seen

prices like this for a long time. prices like this for a long time.

The demand for protein in Asia is

taking some of that. We will lead

to look at better ways of doing

things, to doing more with less

here in Australia. We are still of

the belief that we are up to that

challenge. We can adapt. Despite

the predictions, we remain positive

about farmers and regional

less. communities ability to do more with

The increasing cost of living days after giving birth. forcing women back to work

on this staggering study next. We'll have more

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after taking little or no maternity leave. New research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found 1 in 10 new mums is back at work within three months of giving birth, while 5% of women return to the workforce just weeks or even days after leaving hospital.

For more on this now we're joined by Sharan Burrow, president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Good morning, Sharan. Women returning to work days after giving birth sounds like something that happens in Third World countries.

It is scandalous, and when you have

two thirds of women without paid

maternity leave, best of them low-

paid women, then the combination of

simply pay the mortgage and dealing

with the rising costs means they

have no choice. It is bad for them, have no choice. It is bad for have no choice. It is bad for them,

bad for the babies, probably not

often have for the workplace.

Something has to gave, - - give.

Page attentively on our model - 14

weeks, which is the minimum

recommended by the World Health

Organization for the recovery of

mother and child - at least that security would go some way to

making this more reasonable. Have

you found in the research the main

reason women return to work is

because of financial pressures?

They cannot pay the bills. The

stress levels for the mother and

the baby and also for the other

parent, who becomes the prime

breadwinner, we know that for the

Health and well-being and the

editing for the mother and child,

it paid attentively is essential.

Whether women can afford it, - - Whether women can afford it, - - women in high income tax brackets

can afford it, because they have

little idea leave and they can take

half a, they're the ones are reaping the benefits. Low-paid

women a lot. And the 24 % of women

in the retail sector have any

maternity leave. And then it is

normally and lead to all four or

eight weeks. We need guarantees

return to leave. Forced to go back

to work so early, surely that puts

increasing commercial and financial

pressure not only on the mother

about on the father and extended

family? There is no question about

that. If you're going back to work

with a very young child, then

someone has to look after their

child, and more often than not,

with the tightness of childcare

places, it is another family member.

The grandparents or other siblings.

It is not good for anybody. These

are compromises women and their partners are compromises women and their

partners did not want to make his parents.

parents. We know from the UK

experience that it paid return to

leave, when there was a beautiful

pay and higher pay each used,

lower-paid women took the full pay

option and did not take up the

part-paid in the numbers that will part-paid in the numbers that will

pay women did. We want a minimum

standard for every woman in a

Australia. What you can buy them

for over and above that is entirely

in your hands. 14 weeks as a

minimum. If the government can

afford more, that would be terrific,

but that is the limit we want. How

effective is the mother go back so

the in the workplace under these

kinds of pressures? You would have

to argue that stress all round

makes it such optimum. The mother

probably has not recovered fully. probably has not recovered fully.

Everyone knows how exhausted can be

from the birth of a child. Even

when you are relatively healthy in

that context, they are sleeping patterns and the establishment of

breast feeding, those things make

it very hard for a woman to then

returned to work and cope with the pressures

pressures of work on top of that.

Plus, surely a woman's absolutely

entitled to enjoy those early weeks

her children. I just think it is

fundamental as a decent society. It

is good for workplaces. We also

note paid maternity leave these

women are more likely to return to

the work place. So those businesses

retain important skills. Paid

maternity leave is a decent, basic

entitlement for women, and indeed for businesses. Ahead in sport - the ugly racism claim that's rocked rugby league. And Rafael Nadal triumphs over Roger Federer

in one of the great Wimbledon finals.

I can still see options on the board. At St George, we'd suggest that we sell your house on Fleet Street and two of your utilities and make some small repayments as you pass 'Go'. VOICEOVER: It takes a special kind of person to work at St George - St George - good with people, good with money.

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His momentum stalled when a fan yelled out and distracted him on a break-point opportunity. Nadal pounced to take a 2-0 lead. UMPIRE: Game, Nadal. Despite receiving treatment for a knee injury victory seemed in Nadal's sights. Didn't affect him there, getting into position. reinstated Federer's faith though A 90-minute rain delay as he sealed the third set and re-ignited his hopes of a sixth Wimbledon crown in the fourth. Amazing, what a point. The world's best saved a championship point to push the final into a deciding fifth set, where the heavens opened again. But after nearly five hours on court and after 9pm Nadal finally broke Federer. And he's pushed it long.

The undisputed 'King of Clay' then becoming the new master of grass. Rafael Nadal, our 22-year-old man from Majorca, is our new Wimbledon champion. Very, very happy to win this title. My favorite tournament. For me it's a dream to play on this court But to win - I never imagined something like this. So very, very happy. Thank you very much, everyone.

Yeah, tried everything. Got a little late, and everything. But look, Rafa's a deserving champion, he just played fantastically. Andrew Brown, Ten News Racism in sport has once again reared its ugly head, Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva claiming

he was the target of racial abuse during yesterday's match against Parramatta. He claims he was called a 'monkey' and told to "get back in his tree" by a group of six Eels supporters. As soon as he called him a monkey, Petero turned around and walked straight at him and I thought he was going to hit him - I was hoping he would, because the guy was an idiot. Civoniceva admits he retaliated by knocking over one of the spectator's beers. He plans to send Parramatta a letter of apology. Ugly stuff. It marred a good win for Penrith, who leapfrogged Parramatta into the top eight. And despite a host of Origin stars backing up, Melbourne was much too good for Canberra. Penrith coach Matt Elliott's focus on youth is beginning to pay dividends, his young Panther cubs leaving their mark at Parramatta Stadium and taking the club into the top eight. Mate, the sky's the limit. You've got Wade Graham who is 17 and still in high school, and Masada out at dummy-half - he just gave us so much fire in that pack today and the thing I loved about him was the way he stepped up into it. Rookie five-eighth Wade Graham drawing comparisons to another boom Penrith junior, Brad Fittler. Freddy was such a great player

and to even be put in the same sentence with Fred is a big honour, but I just want to focus on MY game. Meanwhile at Melbourne's Olympic Park the Storm's Greg Inglis put on a masterclass,

but not without a little help from his Queensland mate Billy Slater. COMMENTATOR: The bounce is not great, he toes it again, a chase for Inglis. Carney, he can't see him.

Oh my God, oh my God! What are we seeing here? I don't know if I should make this public, but I thought Greg went to another level today. He doesn't usually back up after Origin or rugby games so well. The win securing the Storm's place in the competition's top four.

Adam Thompson, Ten News. In AFL - Sydney hard man Barry Hall could find himself in trouble after appearing to strike defender Shane Wakelin during Saturday night's loss to Collingwood. Barry Hall's been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this year and the unwanted attention is set to continue after this clash with Shane Wakelin -

although the Magpie veteran's team-mate had a different take on it. It didn't even look like he hit him. I think Wakes just fell down. He's getting a bit older in his age so he might have just taken a dive - trying to get a free kick, Wakes, knowing him. If Hall's coach was worried he didn't show it, unflappable as ever following the 29-point loss, their fifth in a row to Collingwood. Everyone's left. I could have gone home and watched 'The Wedding Singer', it was on. The Swans hang on to fourth spot, with the Pies now just a game and a half further back, a top-four position in their sights. If we had have lost in that game,

it would be very difficult to make it to the top four in the rest of the year, but yeah, keep winning and hopefully that top-four spot stays available. Nathan Templeton, Ten News. Cricket - and Australia inflicted their heaviest ever one-day defeat of the West Indies this morning, cruising to a 5-0 series clean sweep.

Whirlwind half-centuries by Luke Ronchi and David Hussey setting up the win. While Mitchell Johnson took his second 5-wicket haul. Sean Marsh and Shane Watson were the two outstanding performers of the Indian Premier League. The pair look to have found a winning combination at the top of Australia's 50-over side. COMMENTATOR: And he's got away with it. It's going to drop just inside the boundary.

The loss of Watson brought Luke Ronchi to the crease. The keeper making his intentions clear from the outset. Fine shot, beautifully hit. Three sixes off one Chris Gayle over alone as Ronchi smashed his way to a 22-ball half century. Andrew Symonds and Mike Hussey also scored 50s before David Hussey set about pushing the target past 300. A brilliant shot from David Hussey. His half-century coming off just 19 balls, the second-fastest by an Australian.

At the end of 50 overs, Australia were 8/341. To be a chance, the West Indies would need some inspiration from their captain, Gayle. Gayle will go, big edge. Gayle out for 5, the hosts in trouble. Shaun Findlay made the only significant contribution with a defiant 59 not out.

Mitchell Johnson claiming the last three West Indian scalps to finish with the second 5-wicket haul of his career. 5-for for Mitchell Johnson to finish this tour. The West Indies all out for 172. Australia 5-0 series winners. Our goal was to come over to the Caribbean, the one-day series, and win 5-0, and we achieved that, so full credit to all the guys.

Shane Watson was named man of the series after finishing with 206 runs at an average of 41.2.

We've got a few weeks break now, so I'm going to look forward to that. But yeah, everything's progresing really well and I can't wait to play some more cricket. Britain's Lewis Hamilton has joined a 3-way tie at the top of the Formula One standings

after winning a wet British Grand Prix overnight.

Despite starting from second on the grid, Australia's Mark Webber could only manage 10th, after spinning out on the first lap of the day.

from the front row of the grip. And look at the speed as they flash past him.

Poor old Mark Webber has dropped down to fourth at the start. Hamilton is the first British driver to win at Silverstone since David Coulthard in 2000. has moved up a spot to fifth Australian Cadel Evans Eight years ago Dara Torres became the oldest swimmer ever to win an Olympic medal. This year in Beijing, the 41-year-old mother will be competing in her fifth Olympics. It wasn't a record-breaking time, a record-making swim. In just under 1.53:78 to be exact Dara Torres became the oldest athlete ever to make the US Olympic swim team. COMMENTATOR: Dara Torres in lane 5 is leading.

The 41-year-old beat all of her 20-something competitors

in Friday night's final. though she didn't know it at first. Torres couldn't see her time on the board. She joked, "Must be age". Her eyes may be going... ..but this 4-time Olympic veteran and Mom is stronger than ever. last summer Something she realized in the 1500-metre freestyle. when she set a new American record A new American record! swimmers at this meet, came up to me and about 5,000 swimmers a 40-year-old in the Olympics. and said, "Wanna to see "It'll be great. can be in the Olympics." "Someone our age come up to you and say that And when so many people, it inspires you. We met Dara in Sun Valley Idaho, training for the Olympic trials. where she spent a week An hour in the pool, in the gym, 90 minutes of core exercises and lots of rest. I need a lot of recovery, I'm 41. These guys, they train in the morning

and I drop them off, and maybe they come back work-out." and I'm like, "Bye, have a good whether it's possible Still, some question for a 41-year-old woman to look like this without help.

went to the Olympic headquarters Which is why Torres for performance enhancing drugs. and asked to be tested of any other athlete Have you ever heard "OK, test me. who has gone out there and said, "I want to be tested." People go out and deny it, pro-active approach. but they've never taken A new strategy that has created a new kind of hero.

for the sport and for the Olympics. I think she's a really great symbol from four Olympic games. Darra already has nine medals So is 2008 it? like '92, 2000. 2008 is it, I've said that

For now. Yeah, no, 2008 is it.

It was a delightful way to finish

sport on Monday. But for to

accompany next week. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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