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(generated from captions) VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News with Samantha Armytage.

Good evening. the legionnaire's scare is over, After saying three new cases of the disease. the Health Department has confirmed to Circular Quay on New Year's Eve. Two of them are linked

The third patient is critically ill and can't tell investigators whether he was there.

one critical - Seven cases in a week - to finding the source and authorities are no closer outbreak. of the legionnaire's disease of three more cases, Overnight, we've had reports one of which is probably unrelated, although it's still under investigation.

and a woman in her 40s A man in his 50s

and released from hospital. have been treated A 50-year-old man in Sydney's west. is in intensive care His condition is critical. to get his history from him It's just difficult because of his condition.

with legionnaire's last week Four people diagnosed are out of danger. Despite the scare, is still playing it down. the Health Department don't be alarmed They say pneumonia-type symptoms, but if you suffer see your doctor. But not everyone is reassured. who works at the ferries Somebody came in very concerned about the possibility and he came in legionnaire's disease. of contracting because it's my age group. It's more of a worry for me

Symptoms to watch The results of extensive tests around the Quay carried out on cooling towers are due back on Monday, of the deadly bacteria but the source and it may strike again. may never be known It's a worry, yeah. You've just got to take the risk. for an apology The Premier is refusing demands on the Opposition Leader's wife. over an alleged attack Seven News a paint-stained shirt, The Liberal Party has shown by union demonstrators. to prove an assault they should tell the police. Morris Iemma says twice even before crossing the road These days the Premier thinks unbroken lines. to avoid jay-walking across not to put another foot wrong... Desperate for the Government his new star candidate while unveiling paediatrician Dr Andrew McDonald. community candidate. He fits the criteria of a strong

he is the dream candidate. Above all that, though, nightmares - Replacing one of Labor's recent Macquarie Fields MP Stephen Chaytor of bashing his girlfriend. found guilty the Premier hopes After 27 years assisting births, now be a marginal Government seat. Dr McDonald can deliver what may as a group To do something for children rather than one at a time. taking out frustration on the water The Opposition Leader was with protestors after yesterday's run-in for public sector job cuts. condemning his plans Save our jobs - 20,000 jobs. Mr Debnam's wife was jostled, The Opposition claims shirt as proof. even produced her paint-stained to demonstrate around the State I'm very happy for these union thugs to keep their distance from my wife but they need

especially the women. and my staff, was one of the demonstrators. Grandmother Denise Hennessy we weren't thuggish. We didn't push, we didn't shove,

of people protesting. Well I saw vision last night I saw no evidence of anything else. If there was anything untoward, should be involved. Premier says police

But still, 9 weeks out from the

it go. election, he says he is happy to let election, he says he is happy to

the beach and swimming pools Thousands of people have hit across the city, up to 40 degrees. as we sweltered through temperatures has come close to tragedy But finding relief in the water for the families of 23 children, since New Year's Day. who've almost drowned the water... A little toddler lapping up this could become a tragedy. ..but in the blink of an eye In Leonay, near Penrith, from this swimming pool a 2-year-old girl was pulled in a critical condition. was also taken to hospital. And a 3-year-old Arcadia girl Well, it's quite alarming. we've had 23 emergency calls In the first 20 days of January rivers, dams, etcetera. to children basically in pools, thousands flocked to the beaches. Along the coast, In the west, in Penrith and Badgery's Creek. temperatures hit 40 degrees A bad day to work in a kebab shop. like, sweat's just running down us. It's just dreadful - Cronulla is hoping tempers stay cool and English-speaking officers with Arabic- a repeat of the riots. working to stop sure it can never happen again. Just look at what happened and make for the beach, And while the weather's perfect being turned off by the icy water. those lucky enough to get here are It's cold! It's freezing! the warm water out to sea, North-easterly winds have pushed replaced by deeper cold water. right along the beaches In a very narrow band it's quite cold. where you don't really want, My feet started aching. Yeah! warmer next week. The water should get

A man wanted for armed robbery has

chase been caught in a dramatic high-speed

chase through Brisbane southern

jam. Serbbs. It ended ibin a tatraffic

through five suburbs For half an hour the driver of this white 4-wheel-drive ute evaded police.

Behind the wheel - Cameron John Stewart. alleged armed robber missing them by only centimetres. He weaved around cars, REPORTER: Ohh, Jesus. Woo-hoo! It was reckless and dangerous. What's he gonna do here? Stewart didn't stop for anything. he rammed a police car. The chase continued even after did the car stop. Only when there was nowhere to go, Stuck.

on the ute. Car loads of police swarmed As one officer tried to pull Stewart from the car another, his gun trained, kicked the windscreen in. The 26-year-old was dragged free but kept struggling. After he allegedly tried to punch officers, a police dog bit him on the back of the neck. Stewart was wanted for a string of armed robberies,

including Thursday's hold-up at the Moorooka Bank of Queensland. Today, he appeared in court with his alleged accomplice

charged over that robbery. Stewart's head was swathed in bandages, he had bite marks on his neck and grazes on his face. When the magistrate read out his charge, the 26-year-old said, "It didn't happen." The pair will reappear in court on Monday. Stewart will be interviewed tomorrow. He's expected to be charged with many more offences. Tennis officials insist

the Australian Open is safe for women and children despite a second sex incident. Police expect to charge a man with offensive behaviour and unlawful use of surveillance equipment after he was allegedly caught pointing a camera up women's dresses. The 32-year-old was arrested on Wednesday

but the incident has only just been made public. It took organisers four days to alert the public to a 5-year-old boy being molested in a toilet. And late this afternoon

there were more security worries for organisers with three spectators arrested and thrown out of the tennis centre for drunken behaviour. Fire crews are on full alert tonight with extreme fire conditions expected across Sydney and Newcastle tomorrow. A total fire ban will be in force from midnight with 40-degree heat and strong northerly winds predicted. Joining me now from Rural Fire Service headquarters is Acting Rural Fire Commissioner, Rob Rogers. Rob, it seems you are very worried about bushfires tomorrow. Sam, very concerned.

Given the conditions predicted for

tomorrow, any tire that does start

will be extremely difficult to

suppress. In anticipation

suppress. In anticipation we have brought in a sky crane helicopter

based in Sydney for the duration of

tomorrow, able to respond to fires

in in the Sydneyt hunter. How is

firefighters at Thredbo? Is the ski

village out of danger? It is out of danger.

danger. There has been flair ups

danger. There has been flair ups but because of the number of

because of the number of crews, they have been aible to jump on them and

extinguish them quickly. We are

confident Threbo will be okay.

Thanks that is good news. A popular Victorian holiday town is being stalked by what's described as a monster shark. Those who've seen it say it's 6m long and while authorities are yet to find the man-eater some people are still getting into the water.

It's the talk of this island community - a monster shark lurking in shallow waters off a popular beach. I saw the shark and I couldn't get the words out. You know, it was like... I said to my father, who was driving the boat, you know, "Shark!" This holidaymaker getting a little too close to the shark, believed to be a great white. We've got a 15-foot aluminium boat and the shark was bigger than that, so it was quite a decent size. There was a series of fins, it probably would have been over 12 foot that I saw, but it was just the fins - I couldn't see the shape of the shark. The beach was evacuated and closed overnight. Word spread pretty quickly. They were quite keen to get out of the water. Their eyes popped out of their heads and they were like, "How big is it, how big is it?" Water police confirmed the sighting with the shark spotted again this morning and while sharks aren't uncommon around the island, it is rare to have one of this size come so close to shore. Phillip Island's beaches will be continue to be patrolled for sharks over the summer while the illusive great white

doesn't seem to be scaring too many people out of the water. Nah, I'll still go swimming - it's fine. There's something about it, though, that just freaks you out. I think 'Jaws' has probably got a lot to answer for.

Rock star Jimmy Barnes is to undergo open-heart surgery.

He's released a statement, saying the operation next month is to fix a valve problem he's had since birth. The 50-year-old still intends to perform at the Australian Open Tennis final next Sunday. Ahead in Seven News -

drought-breaking rain hits parts of the country. Also, Australia calls in China's ambassador over a missile strike on a satellite. G'day, I'm Bindi Irwin. And Bindi addresses America's Press Club. Dad, why did they build the Great Wall of China? That...that was... ..during the time of Emperor Nasi Goreng and, er, it was to keep the rabbits out. There was too many rabbits... in China. Give your kids the right answers, with broadband access from just: For the first 12 months for eligible customers. For details call 13 POND, or visit Parts of South Australia have been drenched with more rain overnight than they usually get in one year. Residents in the State's north have been forced to sandbag their homes and most major roads are closed due to flash-flooding. Water has flowed into Lake Eyre for the first time in three years. In Victoria, farmers are jumping for joy. More than 100mm of drought-breaking rain has fallen in just two days. Australia is leading world criticism of China for firing a missile into space to blow up a satellite.

It's claimed the debris could knock out communications equipment in the Earth's orbit, but analysts believe there are greater fears about a new arms race. It has all the trademarks of the Cold War... ..a Chinese rocket fired 800km into space. It destroyed an old satellite, blowing it into thousands of pieces. We don't want to see a situation

where there is any militarisation of space. Beijing is refusing to confirm last week's blast but has assured the world it doesn't want an arms race in space. The Federal Government is alarmed and is demanding an explanation from the Chinese Ambassador. We would like to hear what China has to say about it. But so far, as of now, I haven't heard back from them. The Foreign Minister is worried pieces of the communist satellite could wipe out other communications equipment in orbit. If you want to destroy a satellite, then blowing it up through that method, it seems to us, is likely to damage other satellites and satellites are obviously enormously expensive equipment. Richard Broinowski is a former Australian ambassador and China expert. He says we should be very concerned about Beijing's latest sabre-rattling. China, for whatever reasons it has, is upping the ante and saying "Alright, you can do it - we can do it, too. "Let's go ahead and see what we can do." Northern Europe is struggling to recover from a massive storm which has killed at least 47 people. The hurricane-force winds that battered Britain a day earlier have swept across the continent. Germany was among the hardest hit, the entire rail network shut down for the first time. Then we find out it was cancelled, then we had to sleep in the car. A 2-tonne girder fell from Berlin Central Station during a news report. Power remains cut in some areas. The clean-up is expected to cost $2 billion. A Cambodian woman missing in a jungle for 18 years Bindi Irwin has become the youngest person to address the National Press Club in Washington. G'day, I'm Bindi Irwin. The 8-year-old spread the wildlife preservation message of her dad while mum, Terri,

spoke of her love for the Crocodile Hunter. My life with Steve was a constant adventure. It was doing everything right now, right then. Bindi is the star attraction in New York tomorrow, performing with The Wiggles.

And while Americans can't seem to get enough of Bindi, they're taking a liking to. there's another native Australian

The barramundi is proving popular on dinner plates across the US, supplied by an Aussie-run fish farm. Turners Falls, Massachusetts. It's an out-of-the-way, blink-and-you-miss-it town - the last place you'd expect to find this. Beautiful golden barramundi. Outside, it's below zero. In here, a balmy 27 degrees. We like to say to our American visitors, "Welcome to Australia's Northern Tropics." Each of these tanks holds 35,000 barramundi. America is just waking up to this great Australian delicacy. Barramundi is, we think, the undiscovered star of the aquaculture world. It grows very rapidly, it can reproduce on a year-round basis and, of course, it tastes absolutely delicious. Australis Aquaculture now sells its barra to chefs across the nation, but there were hurdles.

Nobody ever heard of barramundi. In fact, some people, the first thing they say, they say is "Is it barracuda?" And American regulators took some convincing the fish wouldn't escape and wreak havoc. The barramundi is an efficient killer. It lives in either salt water or fresh water and yet, they allowed it into Massachusetts because the one place it can't live is cold water. The barra also reproduces nearly twice as fast as comparable farm fish. A little bit better than 20 tons a week, so it's a lot of fish. He should smile. Each little barra is a $5-note with gills and it's only a matter of time until others catch on. In fact, there could soon be more barramundi in America than there is in Australia. It's going to happen. Imagine that. Time for sport with Matthew White at Melbourne Park and we need an Aussie win tonight.

A couple would be nice, Sam,

A couple would be nice, Sam, because there are only two locals left in the singles. But it was the umpire in the firing line last night as big Russian Marat Safin fired up. I can't argue and you guys have all the power. And the only time not to keep your eye on the ball. QUIRKY MUSIC If you don't need something, why pay for it? Like line rental on your home phone. With our $59 HomeOne Plan, you'll never pay line rental again, and you'll receive $59 worth of local, national and calls to mobiles every month, plus 'yes' Time at home - that's free 20-minute calls to Optus Mobiles from 8pm till midnight. So why pay for something you don't need? Call 1800 500 700 and never pay line rental again: Yeah. Alicia Molik and Lleyton Hewitt will fly the Aussie flag at the Open tonight. Both players in action in their third-round matches. In the women's, top seed Maria Sharapova, former champion Martina Hingis and Kim Clijsters all won through. In the men's, Andy Roddick beat an unhappy Marat Safin, and Richard Gasquet won the battle of the Frenchmen over Gael Monfils while Rafael Nadal had a straight-sets victory. Rain prevented play on the outside courts today but the big guns were under cover -

Rafael Nadal up against Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka. COMMENTATOR: Just a genius backhand from Stan there. There was plenty of genius from the Spaniard. He took the first 6-2 and stepped it up a gear in the second. (Laughs) Oh, si, indeed. It finished 6-2 as well and so did the third. Nadal through to round four despite a match-point challenge. They can safely do it now.

UMPIRE: Game, set, match - Nadal. Martina Hingis is into the fourth round

after breezing past Japan's Aiko Nakamura. UMPIRE: Game, set, match - Hingis. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It was even easier for top seed Maria Sharapova - the Russian's campaign right back on track after dominating Italy's Tatiana Garbin. Yeah, it's all over. Last night, a shower caught everyone off guard and trailing 2 sets to 1, Marat Safin refused to return to the court -

the Russian concerned he'd slip over. Check the outside, the outside - I'm not gonna run.

Marat, the court is fine. We're playing. I can't argue and you guys have all the power. After a warning, Safin relented but his opponent Andy Roddick was the real obstacle. The American an impressive 4-set winner. And Roddick is through. Get behind the locals tonight because it's an all-Australian schedule on centre court. Alicia Molik is up first against Patty Schnyder, with Lleyton Hewitt meeting Fernando Gonzalez. That's live from 7:30. Michael Hussey has re-ignited cricket's walking debate, deciding to stay at the Gabba crease last night despite admitting he'd knicked one to England's keeper. It turned out to be costly for the Poms with Hussey hanging around to hit the winning runs - Australia reaching the target of 156 with 4 wickets in hand. It was an easy walk from the plane to the bus in Sydney this afternoon, but Mike Hussey wasn't walking anywhere last night despite England swearing they'd got him. I don't walk. You just - I take the good decisions with the bad ones.

Mr Cricket's wicket could have turned the match for England - they had the Aussies in all sorts. COMMENTATOR: He's got him, Anderson, good catch. The big scalp of Adam Gilchrist for 8, Brad Hodge out for a duck. Oh yes - very good! Matt Hayden made it deja vu for James Anderson. Catches it. Andrew Symonds came out with a bang. That's fantastic! Next ball, he was gone. Edged - got it! 4/48 - England had Australia under pressure and some flags were waved for the first time this summer. After 11 overs without a boundary... Yes! It's through. ..Hussey broke the shackles just as anxious to find a gap. with Michael Clarke

looked a real possibility A partnership between the two until Clarke edged out on 36. for just 5. Cameron White followed Hussey got on with it. 48 runs needed - there's only spectators. No fielders up there,

Brett Lee added a valuable 20 -

with 68 balls to spare. Australia winning by 4 wickets bonus point and all. That's the match - the first beach cricket game And Australia has also won beating the West Indies. on the Gold Coast, with the Queensland Roar tonight Sydney FC need at least a draw

to the A-League semifinals. to advance would drop out last night Sydney were hoping Newcastle in the finals, but the Jets booked their spot Melbourne, 4-0. thrashing minor premiers,

the Jets are headed for the top 4. COMMENTATOR: It is 3 and surely now a blunt warning to his opponent Danny Green has fired off in Melbourne. before tomorrow night's bout his trash-talking best The Green Machine was at with Paul Murdoch. at today's weigh-in Both made the 79kg weight. between two mates. Green has denied it's a rumble are friends or say we're friends. I don't really think me and Paul and wish them happy birthday. You send friends Christmas cards

We respect each other as opponents is pushing it. but I think the 'friends' The prize on offer for the winner - light heavyweight title. the Pan Asian Boxing Association

The loser faces possible retirement. about storms in Europe. And Sam, you told us earlier on the soccer pitch in South Africa. Well, take a look at what happened advertising boards across the field, A freak gust of wind blew forcing players to duck for cover. and the match had to be abandoned. Two were injured is one of 10 venues designated Ellis Park for the 2010 World Cup finals.

Those sponsors will do anything.

won't haepen here tonight, the Those sponsors will do anything. It

won't haepen here tonight, the roof

will be closed more than likely for will be closed more than likely

Lleyton Hewitt match and Molik up

first. We look forward to watching first. We look forward to watching them tonight. As we told you earlier - a total fire ban will be in force across Sydney from midnight.

weather next in Seven News. I'll have details on the extreme

in Sydney today Regardless of where you were there was no escaping the heat.

Sydney can expect a fine and warm night ahead of another scorcher tomorrow. Temperatures are expected to hit 40 again in some western suburbs. Most of Sydney will swelter in temperatures up to the mid- to high-30s. The city is heading for a top of 37. And looking ahead - an early shower is forecast with possible showers continuing for Monday

right through until Friday.

but I'll be back with updates later. And that's Seven News to now thanks for your company. I'm Samantha Armytage, Good night. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext captions on Treasure Hunters... Previously (male announcer) teams had to crack To find the second artifact, the Lewis and Clark Code. Bend the light. (contestant) We saw something in here. (announcer) But the Wild Hanlon family was kept in the dark.

Cannot figure this out. (Ben) a barrel of monkeys. This is more fun than to the Missouri River, The clue led teams 20 grueling miles. where they paddled Keith! Keith.

aligned themselves Here the Fogals (announcer) and the ex-CIA... with the Southies and started crying. Kayte broke down (John) "We'll help them out." We said, their allegiance (announcer) But then broke

down the river. only a few miles were in a cigarette boat. The Fogals took off like they (Matthew) has made a huge mistake. I think the Fogal family

the grad students But it was (announcer) the most devastating injury. who faced