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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. dealing drugs at Sydney airport. Baggage handlers caught allegedly escaped the jaws of a shark. How this novice surfer And Aussie team-mates remember fast-living soccer legend. a fast-playing, footballer with fabulous talent. George Best was just a sublime Ten News with Tracey Spicer.

the hunt for Harry Potter. Good evening. Also tonight - gets hearts racing down under. Whe world's richest teenager and I was really tempted to ring it. to try to find out where I was Apparently there was a hot-line

smashed an organised crime gang First - police believe they've at Sydney airport. comprising Qantas baggage handlers Three men have been arrested

they were part of a syndicate amid allegations across Sydney. supplying narcotics to dealers was sacked as a baggage handler 33-year-old Khaled Allouche in a Federal Police operation after being caught a large quantity of drugs allegedly supplying at Sydney airport. to another baggage handler Appearing at a Sydney bail court, of an organised crime operation Allouche was accused of being part working on the airport tarmac. centred on baggage handlers to another baggage handler, It's alleged he supplied ecstasy 33-year-old Paul Richard Barnett, who has also been charged a commercial quantity of drugs. with two counts of supplying baggage handler, Michael Speechley Federal Police told the court a third during a series of raids had also been arrested Investigation Team, by the Joint Airport set up earlier this year a police strike force in the wake of allegations been corrupted by drug syndicates. baggage handlers at the airport had all three men had been sacked. Qantas confirms his client will fight the charges. Barnett's solicitor says from their employment If someone's going to be dismissed

they've got to have the right

brought against them. to answer any charges that right My client hasn't been given what Qantas has done to him. so we will be challenging baggage from international flights Police said the men had access to before they cleared Customs. principals of a drug syndicate Those arrested are said to be

as a base allegedly using Sydney airport the Sydney Metropolitan area. to distribute narcotics throughout was seized from Alouche's home. Police said $15,000 in cash

again next month. The men will appear in court John Hill, Ten News. has survived a shark attack A young surfer on the snout. after punching the man-eater

to fight off a second attack The teenager forced before being taken to hospital. of a shark Safe from the razor sharp clutches

mild inconvenience of crutches. Tom Burke now welcomes the less than a handful of times, Having surfed had been convinced by friends the carpentry apprentice Mornington Peninsula late yesterday. to go for a surf at Flinders on the In the water for barely 15 minutes from the rest of the group Tom found himself away knocking him off his board. when a shark struck from below I didn't know what was going on I sort of jumped back on, and then this big black thing. and there was a big splash the 1.8m shark on the snout Stunned, the teenager then punched as it made a second attack. There's a couple of red marks on it. My hand's sore. I cracked it pretty hard I think. Making it back to shore he'd been bitten. Tom then had to convince his mates we saw the big teeth marks When we got to shore and that and gash through his inner thigh

that it happened. and it sort of hit home Other surfers came to the boy's aid as makeshift bandages providing towels for the drive to Rosebud Hospital where Tom received 16 stitches. the species of the shark Experts are still trying to determine bronze whaler or a seven gills shark with the possibilities including a

or even an immature white pointer. to Victoria's biggest seal colony. The attack occurring close in this case Unfortunately for the surfer of misidentification. he's been the subject but on the look out for a new hobby. Tom is well on the way to recovery or something instead. We'll go shark fishing Cameron Baud, Ten News. Another blow for the family

prisoner Van Nguyen, of Singapore death row drug trafficker in jail, banned from visiting the convicted the last weekend of his life. on what may be

Rules are rules at Changi prison, the most extreme circumstances even under from Van Nguyen's scheduled hanging, Less than a week out wardens won't allow his mother Kim and twin brother Khoa

to visit for two full days. The convicted heroin smuggler his last weekend in isolation. will spend what's expected to be His mother will spend it in tears. are using their weekends Thousands of Australians the Melbourne man. campaigning to save we haven't had any knockbacks, We ask them to sign and so that's good. condemning capital punishment. Signature after signature I'm opposed to the death penalty. I feel sorry for that young man and And former Iraqi hostage Douglas Wood and the Government to band together has called on Australians as they did for him. and save the life of Nguyen,

of Singaporeans who feel differently. It seems there's plenty most popular newspapers One of the country's with some advice for Australians, has published an editorial of Van Nguyen. concerned by the hanging plea for clemency as polite. The piece describes PM John Howard's at CHOGM, He has refused to tackle the issue to make an informal protest in Malta, but New Zealand PM Helen Clark plans independently of Australia. will follow her example I hope that Mr Howard an opportunity to further this case. and will likewise use it as Danielle Isdale, Ten News. the plight of Van Nguyen And Senator Kerry Nettle will discuss tomorrow morning at 8:30. on 'Meet the Press', has been hijacked by a new crisis The CHOGM summit in Malta on its opening day. The meeting's next host, Uganda, into dictatorship. has been accused of sliding back

historic journey The opening ceremony traced Malta's to a modern democracy. on being a force for human rights. The Commonwealth prides itself Absent this year, Zimbabwe - for its appalling abuses. I wish you well in your important deliberations. None more important than safeguarding the club's commitment to democracy. Its own human rights watchdog wants Uganda blocked from hosting the next meeting, because it's Opposition Leader's been jailed on trumped-up charges of rape and treason. Not true, says its long-time president. And he will be tried in open court. Evidence has been presented, you're all invited to go there and see. Unconvinced, Tony Blair. What has been happening with the Opposition Leader in Uganda has caused us a great deal of concern. But after playing a lead role in Zimbabwe's sin-binning, John Howard is staying out of this one. REPORTER: If you'd like to say a few words about Uganda, but we shan't ask unless you'd like to. No. No? OK. Unusually, the PM hasn't spoken with the travelling Australian media for two days. His office says he has nothing further to add on the fate of death row prisoner Van Nguyen, nor does he wish to enter a slanging match

with Michelle Leslie and her family. Mr Howard happy to take a higher profile earlier, inviting Olympians Tatiana Gregoriava and Michael Rogers on his morning walk to promote Melbourne's Commonwealth Games. Good luck in the games. Thank you for doing that. Great pleasure, Ron. See you all later. In Malta, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tributes are pouring in for football legend George Best, who's died after a life-long battle with alcoholism. The 59-year-old was surrounded by his family when he passed away. Britain is in mourning after losing it's first football superstar. My father has passed away. Not only have I lost my dad, but we've all lost a wonderful man.

George Best had a brilliant, but troubled life. uOn the field - shining as Manchester United's favourite son. His potential clear from an early age. The Belfast boy's talent awe-inspiring. CROWD CHEERS At just 22, he was voted European Player of the Year. Best player I've ever played against and I've played against Pele and people like that. He was the best player I've ever seen. The man was a genius. Probably the most naturally gifted footballer of his generation, one of the greatest footballers the UK has ever produced. But his off-field antics would soon be his demise. His love of the bottle undermining his enormous talent. Many say he never reached his full potential.

I drank the same as I played or trained,

I had to be the best trainer, I had to be the best player and I had to be the best drinker. By 37, his career had ended, playing his last paid matches down under for Brisbane

and then Perth. You know, he played his own part in launching Australian soccer. The following year, he was jailed for assaulting a police officer

and his second wife accused him of beating her. In 2002, doctors told him his lifestyle had destroyed his liver.

A transplant giving him a second chance at life, but within months, he was back on the grog. His image took a battering when doctors blamed him

for undermining the public's support for organ donations. Best's family are now attempting to free themselves from the public scrutiny that engulfed his life. Now we have made a statement to you. Would you please all go away and leave us to grieve in peace. Brett La Frantz, Ten News. A father's desperate bid to save his daughter ends in tragedy.

That story when Ten News returns. And the beauty pageant with a twist - the unusual crown these Brazilian beauties are vying for.

(Woman sings) # Oh, yeah # Ai, ya, ya, ya, ya # Oh, yeah! #

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And you get your first month for just $10. FOXTEL Digital. Call 131 787 now. This program is captioned live. In what's becoming one of Australia's most baffling crimes, the family of a teenage girl fighting for life in hospital has pleaded for help to find her attacker.

18-year-old Lauren Huxley remains in a critical condition almost three weeks since she was beaten, soaked in petrol and left tied up in the garage of her home which was then set alight. To thank supporters,

friends have written "Keep praying for Lauren" outside the family's home. We are getting letters and handmade cards from all around Australia and overseas. The sex crimes squad is investigating. 60 people have been arrested on the Gold Coast overnight

during one of the busiest nights of schoolies celebrations so far. And it's not over yet, with a southern invasion about to begin. For many of the 30,000-strong crowd

it was the last night of schoolies celebrations. And they partied accordingly. 'SWEET CHILD 'O MINE' It's like the most bestest fun I've had in my life. But some revellers will be graduating with a criminal record. Almost 20 schoolies arrested overnight, mainly for disorderly behaviour. Others lucky to be graduating at all. Five teens were in the car. The male driver took off. Police are yet to locate him.

Just heard the scraping and stuff - he rolled her over pretty bad. The second high-rise evacuation for the week. There was smoke up there so we thought it would be best if we evacuated, so we ran down 31 flights of stairs. The first weekend of Schoolies started in a similar fashion -

this time last Friday not two blocks from here an apartment was gutted. But last night there was no fire, a smoke bomb the likely cause. Today. partied-out Queenslanders checked out however reluctantly. Just go back and have some more parties at home. NSW and Victoria school-leavers are now arriving to take over on the tourist strip. We come to your State just to, you know, party - and we beat you at rugby. Police hoping the competitive spirit will keep southern schoolies out of trouble. We don't want to get into a State of Origin with it, I guess.

Our ultimate aim would be to have an arrest-free night. Summer Burke, Ten News. A family ice-skating trip has ended in tragedy in the US. A father and daughter drowned in freezing water

after falling through thin ice. Rescue crews smash through the ice covering a small farm pond in search of a little girl and her father.

44-year-old Brian Obbink had been skating with his 6- and 9-year-old daughters when the older girl, Megan, fell through the ice. The father had attempted to rescue her and he fell through then the other daughter ran to a nearby residence to phone 911. Three hours later both bodies were pulled from the water. The bodies were found on the bottom of the pond in relatively thick mud. It's a tragic day in the tiny town of Cedar Grove. With a population of just 2,000, everybody knew Megan and Brian. It's going to hurt this community. Devastated friends say Brian Obbink should have known better. Kids should just stay away from the ice this time of year. Some places it might be thick, and some place it might be thin. It's not so good.

In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have met with the Pakistani President while touring the country's earthquake ravaged region. As goodwill ambassador for the UN, Jolie described the hope and despair she witnessed after visiting the quake-affected area, the scene of 66,000 deaths.

The star calling for aid pledges before it's too late. From what I'm understanding there are so many wonderful pledges of money that could come in the next few years, but this winter is in the next few weeks and so many people are in danger of possibly freezing to death. 3 million people were left homeless after the disaster.

The frenzy around the new Xbox 360 has turned violent. After waiting five hours outside an Atlanta shop, Patsy Springer spent her entire weekly wage on her son's Christmas present - the highly sought-after Xbox. But she was followed home and held up at gunpoint by a man demanding the game console. He was going to kill me for that game.

In some US stores the wait for the new Xbox is up to three months. A beauty contest of a different type, with competitors hailing from Brazil's most notorious prisons. The female inmates prepared behind bars, before parading past the judging panel in elegant evening gowns. Armed guards and dogs patrolled the area, while the prisoners sauntered down the catwalk. A 23-year-old Angolan woman won the competition

and was crowned prison beauty queen. Still ahead - the hunt for Harry Potter in Adelaide. The world's richest teenager gets hearts racing down under. There was hotline to try to find out where I was and I was just really tempted to ring it. And part one of the AFI awards becomes the Russell Crowe show. That was a boring speech, that first one. I mean, it was a f---ing joke! LAUGHTER

Now, if you just slow down and turn left here, that'll take us back to the dealership. Or you could just keep right on driving. (Laughs) Mazda will really do it for you. Plus free rego, free third party insurance and a free extra year on your warranty

See your Mazda dealer and Mazda will do it for you. This program is captioned live. In a battle tipped to go down to the wire voters in Sydney's north have gone to the polls to find a replacement for former NSW Liberal Leader, John Brogden. The by-election prompted by Mr Brogden's sudden resignation from Parliament in September the wife of former premier Bob Carr after he called a "mail-order bride". then tried to kill himself. Mr Brogden including Liberal Paul Nicolau, As candidates, cast their votes, the traditionally safe Liberal seat pollsters predicted Alex McTaggart. would go to the independent candidate night of nights The Australian film industry's in Melbourne. is about to get underway with the craft awards The AFI's began last night

who stole the show. but it was host Russell Crowe

for the first time, Split over two nights the AFIs got off to a low-key start taking centre stage with behind-the-scenes stars

for the film industry's craft awards. became the Russell Crowe show. But it wasn't long before the night of the first acceptance speech The script

the not so hospitable host. failing to impress pages out, p**s two of them off. Just straight away, take the three Just get to the nitty gritty. back there, anyway. Bloody hell, I was nearly asleep

of the low-key affair. Crowe making the most make a long boring speech, You can stagger, you can slur, with me, I don't mind, have sex with whoever you want - I just have to check with the wife. and now screenwriter Nick Cave Singer, songwriter collecting a swag of gongs,

for 'The Proposition'. including best original score to the stars in the sky # (Sings) # Once said the moon

a final performance from Rusty, The night completed with this time a song called 'Testify', New York phone-throwing incident. apparently wirtten about that in Melbourne tonight, The awards continue

and 'The Proposition's Guy Pearce with Hugo Weaving

both nominated for best actor. for her role in 'Little Fish'. Cate Blanchett also hot favourite Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. He's the world's richest teenager of $53 million. with a personal fortune the boy known simply as Harry Potter Now, to shoot a new feature film. has arrived in South Australia Just one of the boys -

it's hard to imagine the hottest stars on the planet. Daniel Radcliffe is one of last couple of times I've been over Normally, like, in Australia, the

more as a Elijah Wood I've actually been recognised than I have as me - he's a handsome guy. which is a compliment,

young wizard Harry Potter Made famous as he's attracted a legion of fans. You should marry me, Daniel! You should. I swear.

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' The fourth instalment - is set for release here in SA and now Radcliffe has arrived 'December Boys', to begin shooting a new feature film who compete for adoption. about four orphans Security's tight in key locations. we're all still wild about Harry. But he's found There's been a bit of speculation in the city about where I am sort of physically

which has been quite funny.

to try to find out where I was Apparently there was a hot-line and I was really tempted to ring it. down-to-earth The 16-year-old is remarkably richest teenager. for someone named Britain's reportedly $53 million. His personal fortune, a dark turn, While his latest offering has taken he promises the 'Goblet of Fire' is the best to date.

It definitely is. It's not just rhetoric. and better. They are getting better and better trumpet, but I think it's fantastic. I don't want to blow our own got it perfectly right. I think we've absolutely Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Sports Tonight with Bill Woods. The weather's next and then it's And Bill, another landmark for Lara? highest run scorer in Test cricket, Brian Lara today became the all-time passing Allan Border's mark. will help the West Indies save face. The big question now is whether it It's draft day in the AFL. the top picks on the hit parade. We'll count down

on day three at the Open. And the charges came from everywhere

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It's here! DOORBELL RINGS Oh! these are Domino's Thin'n'Crispy. Keep your pants on, girls -

Thanks. Thin'n'Crispy Pizza. WOMAN: Domino's Feel satisfied, not stuffed. SONG: # Domino's! #

This program is captioned live. around the nation now. Looking at weather

with the latest news. That brings you up to date with Bill Woods. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight.

This program is captioned live.

This is Sports Tonight. Hello. I'm Bill Woods. A day in which the numbers came up. COMMENTATOR: There it is. than Lara's landmark. And the numbers don't get any bigger and for cricket as well. What a moment for Lara, at the Australian Open. Time to make a move Gets it! And they did. What a putt to make. Take your pick - it's draft day. he's had a monster. He's gone off the hay, That's a monster. Take your places - at Phillip Isand. it's a championship-deciding round incident. The A-League's first unsavoury to anybody - It's the worst thing you can ever do is spit at somebody's face. The Kings's streak continues.