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Tonight - Sydney swamped. Rescues

in. and road chaos as the big wet sets

Radioactive scare - road workers

mystery fall sick after unearthing a

mystery material.

Firebomb at the Abererombie Hotel.

Sydney's property market plunges to

hardest hit. a new low. We reveal the suburbs

Good evening I'm Bill Woods, I'm Sandra Sully.

Also tonight - the plan to pay

employers to hire older workers.

Olympics. Plus - 100 days to go until the

And 1.7 million show bags later,

the Royal Easter Show draws to a

very soggy close.

First tonight - emergency crews are

responding to hundreds of calls for

help, including a man trapped in

his four-wheel-drive and multiple

car accidents as the wet weather car accidents as the wet weather

continues to bear down on Sydney.

We are at Wynyard station where

home. people embark on a painful commute

How's it looking? Not great

greafplt if you are hopping on a

bus this afternoon expect to be bus this afternoon expect to be

delayed by 30 minutes. So far so

good for the train timetable, it's

only 5:00 so that could change. If

you are using a ferry, make sure

you jump online before you do so,

there. there have been some terminations

there. Of course, all of this is

stemming from the bizarre weather

we're hammered with in the past 72-

hours. We expect rain in autumn,

this is no ordinary weather pattern.

Flood waters tore through this car

park. This is from Parramatta from

an iPhone. Rain pelted down in

western Sydney and swallowed this

four-wheel-drive. Mir arc lusly,

the driver of this car came out OK

as well after a collision on the

Western Highway. Two people were

rushed to hospital. There were rushed to hospital. There were

multiple car crashes due to the

slippery roads. Four people were

taken to hospital at this accident

at St Mary's. SES crews responded at St Mary's. SES crews responded

to more than 300 calls in the past

24-hours. All indicators to point

to the weather getting worse. We

see 126mm during April. We will get more

more way than that in the coming

days. It was grand hog day for

Sydney commuters. The rain isn't Sydney commuters. The rain isn't

going anywhere. In the city,

everybody was dodging puddles and

putting on pojoes. Across Sydney,

more than a dozen roads were closed.

With no reprieve in site, there's

every chance they will close again,

as some continue to get soaked.

We'll be updated soon on how

traffic copes with the rain. Right

now, Tim Bailey. Tim, how long will

this continue? We have another 24-

hours. And another intense 24-hours. Goodnight everybody. There is a

severe weather warning for rain

this evening. For the Sydney:

The entire month is just 126. We've

banked a month in one day.

Strathfield, 87mm. 81 at Chatswood.

And 120mm in Sydney. The focus will

go to the south coast tonight. This

deepening low pressure trough, it's

causing chaos across the Central

Coast, the Sydney area, tomorrow it

will be the south coast's turn with will be the south coast's turn with

50-100mm of rain expected in the

next 12-hours. The forecast across

the east coast looks like being for

thunderstorms, torrential rain and

latest. winds up to 50km/h. That's the

Thank you, Tim. Road workers may

have been exposed to radioactive

material near Port Macquarie. They

unearthed a mystery clay-like

substance. They couldn't tell what

it was. They know it made them very

sick. Five road workers vomiting, sick. Five road workers vomiting,

nauseous and taken to hospital,

from this Pacific Highway jobsite.

The guys came across a grey

material, which when exposed to air

caused a little orange streak and

gave off fumes. It was first

expected to be radioactive waste

from 32 years ago. It was 1980 and

barrels of waste were being taken to

to Brisbane when the semitrailer

clided with a car, tipped and spilt

its load. We have a fear of what its load. We have a fear of what

type ofential posure went to the

workers and the extent of it. We

took measures quickly to isolate took measures quickly to isolate

the site. A 50 m exclusion zone has

been put in place. The workers are

back on-site. The union wants

everybody out until there's more

testing. We called upon a complete

ceasation of the work, and

obviously, we are ensuring that no

further workers or community will

be exposed. The State Government

says independent chemical says independent chemical

radioactive specialists haven't found any

radioactive materials in the

samples taken yet, but

investigations are ongoing. Now we

are hearing from the Government

that there isn't any radioactive

material onsite. Yet, we have sick

workers. Something's not right here.

It's up to the Government to

quickly find out if that material

is radioactive or not. It's been

widely reported today, that the

material that was buried beside the

Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie

came from here, at the Lucas

Heights nuclear reactor. They spent

through 32 years of records and

have confirmed that neither the

vehicle nor the material that was

associated with that accident that

I just mentioned in the story, did

not come from here at Lucas Heights.

They've also been able to tell me -

tomorrow they will send three

experts in radiation protection up

to the jobsite, to offer an

independent assessment as part of

the investigation. No doubt you'll

have that on us tomorrow, Mazoe

Ford thank you. Sydney's warring

bikie gangs put away their guns

last night. Instead, police investigate a Chippendale

firebombing. Bullets one night

firebombs the next. Striking with

equal intent. The target this time,

the historic Abererombie Hotel. The

bottom floor of the heritage listed

pub was left in pieces. The hotel

has been linked to outlaw

motorcycle gang, Nomads. After an

ongoing bikie war escalated the

night before with 24-hours of

violence. Dozens of bullets sprayed

into homes and businesses. There is

no connection we see at this stage.

The investigation is ongoing.

Operation Kinarra was set-up to

investigate the shootings. There

are potentially 100 officers. It

turned out to be fewer than that.

Clearly, you can't them all at the

one time, then you'll have nobody

out the following morning. The

Abererombie Hotel owner denies

links to bikies. Insisting he is be

willed erred as to why anybody

would target the pub, only recently

because there is so renovated. Now, it remains closed

because there is so much damage. If

the fire is linked to the bikie war,

it will join a long list of crimes

Operation Kinarra has on its books.

Police knows there's more to come,

even if it was one quiet night.

They will be around and continue to

be around for quite some time yet.

Tonight - we can reveal the Tonight - we can reveal the

clearest picture yet of the Sydney

property market. And it isn't

looking great. We've just had our

slowest March for all property

transactions for more than a decade.

Some fear it's a sign of things to come.

It may look like a jumable of

numbers. These represent every

transaction in the NSW property

market for the last decade and

beyond. Every title transfer and

lease. We haven't seen a March

number as low as this in 12 years.

A little surprising and concerning A little surprising and concerning

when you see March, which was a 31

Day month and it didn't have Easter

in it, which traditionally slows

down the reactions. As a result of

these low numbers is continuing low

numbers. Buyers are still active in

the Hills area and arched Sylvania.

Things are flat earn on the

northern beaches and eastern

suburbs. To get things moving again,

the State Government is being asked

to provide a estimatulus. We have

seen other states reduce stamp duty

are rates and create transactions

that may not have occurred. The

news isn't all bad. There are

growing sign of confidence, making

them more optimistic of the months

ahead. The signals are mixed. The

rental market has tightened.

Auction clearance rates have

improved. Home loan finance numbers

were up 8% in February. This is

what we expect with a subdued year

last year. And the market is

starting to find its feet. This is

a patchy sense of recovery at the

moment. Confidence is building but

from a low base. The countdown is

on - 100 days until the Olympics.

Our athletes are in a race to be

ready. Our Europe correspondent is

in London. What's the atmosphere

like there now? Well, London is

ready and raring to welcome to the

world to the Olympicsment in just

100 days time, 10500 athletes from

more than 200 countries will march

into the stadium behind me, more

than 400 will be wearing the green

and gold. The Australian athletes

have certainly made a splash.

Cruising into London buoyed by

dreams of gold. It's approaching

quickly. It's exciting. Australia's

four-member canoe team has a secret

weapon. At just 17 Jessica Fox is

the youngest athlete to qualify for

the sport. My dad raced for Britain

and my mum raced for France. So I

guess it's funny I've added another

country to the Olympics list. Their

presence has been felt. Welders

standing by at the sideline at the

wheelchair rugby. There's not many

sports where you can run into

somebody and put them on the floor

and be rewarded for it. Police are

working hard to counter the terror

threat of the decade. Venues like this

this will be the safest place to be

during the Games. They have raised

questions of other prominent

landmarks. Embarrassingly,

pranksters recently climbed and jumped

jumped from the tallest building.

There is no such thing as a

friendly activist. The public or

athletes may think somebody coming

towards them is an activist when

they may have explosives strapped

onto them. 99 sleeps and it's Games on.

Still to come - the cash incentive

to move older works into new jobs.

Also - a woman's battle to save her

patner missing in seas off the Gold Coast.

Sydney bids a soggy farewell to the Royal

Royal Easter Show. Where would you expect to find the crispiest, most succulent range of fillet burgers made with 100% chicken breast? Do you really need to think twice? The Red Rooster SONG: # Don't think twice. #

Police will search into the night

for a Gold Coast fisherman who went for a Gold Coast fisherman who went

missing yesterday. A 29-year-old

woman was with him when they were

swept off the boat. She then swam

over 10km in the dark to struggle

to shore. She was exhausted. A

jacket, bucket and he is key have jacket, bucket and he is key have

been found. There's still no sign

of the man. The woman spent the day

in hospital. Police are not

treating the disappearnce as

suspicious. Canberra's plan to give

cash bonuses to employers who offer jobs

jobs to over 50. People reckon the

money could be spent more wisely.

Colin works as a casual but really

wants a full-time position. He is

sick of getting the cold shoulder

from employers because of his age.

It it's demoralising when you don't

hear back from companies where you

applied for work. You feel very

depressed. Unemployed people over

50 face an uphill battle because

employers believe they lack energy

and enthusiasm. Older people find

it difficult. Most report back that

they have experienced prejudice and

discrimination. Now, the Federal

Government is offering employers

$1,000 to hire them. Too many

Australians have been locked-out of

the workforce. The package includes

funding for workplace promotion of

mature age employment, adult

education. Some believe the

incentive is inappropriate. Surely,

an individual and employer is

making a hiring on the merits

rather than $1,000 incentive. This

lady says employers should value

older workers. Why wouldn't you

want the experience in your

workforce? They offer you so much.

They are reliable, they deliver

results. Commuters using one of

Sydney's busiest train stations

face major disruption. Early work

begins next month on a walkway

between Wynyard station and bang.

Drivers, as footpath and existing tunnels

tunnels are altered. The tunnel construction begins in October.

All good things must come to an end.

The Royal Easter Show is closing

tonight for another year. Sadly, tonight for another year. Sadly,

the rain has taken the sparkle out

of the past few days. It didn't

ruin it for everybody, including

our very own Jessica Turner. In the

pouring rain, families tried to

make the most of kids day. We left

it to the last day and had to come.

Filled with the most loyal show

goers. You're not worried about

getting wet, are you? Little ones

in big rain coats. Big kids, still

smiling too. But it was

disappointing for some, with a few

shows cancelled. We were going to

perform. It's disappointing not to

be able to. Rain over the past two

days saw numbers drop by 40,000

this year. That hurts us. Those

families looking for good value,

today is the day for it. Records

were broken, 44500 pies were eaten,

40,000 scones, 30000 osters and

they bought 1.7 show bags. At the pig pen there

pig pen there was something to

celebrate It's only the beginning

for 13 new piglets born at the show,

which I'm told is a record. The

fresh food dome was the costiest place

place to be today: To find

something sweet and dry off a

little. Next up - our economy rated

the world's best. Plus - the

CommSec finance report.

A discovery to finally reveal how

Zahra Baker was killed.

And the kindergarten student

handcuffed by police after a

violent temper tant run.

Tonight on Sydney Soapbox, we're

asking in light of the school

holidays come to a close. Are you,

as parents, looking forward to

school resuming next week? A strong

endorsement for the Australian

economy. With the EMF predicting

solid growth. The Prime Minister

has used the forecast to accuse Tony

Tony Abbott of talking down our

economy. The Prime Minister faced

high winds and a willing dog in

West Australia. Tony Abbott was

packing cookies in Melbourne. His

focus, the carbon tax. This

business will be hit by the toxic

tax. It's our economy that takes the

the biscuit. Named by the International International Monetary Fund as its

strongest in the developed world.

The Australian economy will

outperform every other major

advanced economy this year and next.

At 3.5%, the IMF's growth forecast

for Australian in 2013 is even more

optimistic than the Government's.

There's a sting in the There's a sting in the global

outlook. Any moment things could

well get very bad again. Former Commonwealth

Commonwealth Bank chief says the

Government's ambition to deliver a

surplus next month is mindless, a

view bankers share with Christine

Milne A surplus is more important

than others. Wayne Swan is now on a

plane to the

plane to the US20 to speak with the

IMF and 26789 to Finance Ministers.

If Wayne Swan is a hit with

Commissioning overseas, not at home.

It's underperforming because of the

poor economic management The

Minister says that's talking the economy down

economy down The IMF said it's a

world beater. This is great news!

Well, the rains may be pouring down

from above in a number of

Australian cities. But the gains on

the share market have been as

ferocious today. In fact, the All

Ordinaries was up

Ordinaries was up 21.3 today, the

best improvement in close to two months.

months. Now, the gains came to us

courtesy in part from sod good news

overseas last night. The

International Monetary Fund seemed

much more optimistic than expected.

And the borrowing costs for the

Spanish Government pulled back slightly.

Police in North Carolina may have

discovered the missing remains of

Australian girl Zahra Baker. A

human skull is believed to have

been found near the original search

site. It's now with the FBI.

Off a remote Highway lies a sadly

familiar crime scene. We don't know

if it's connected or not. She's on if it's connected or not. She's on

all of their minds. Earlier this

morning, a hunter stumbled across

human remains, including a piece of

a skull, which is a piece of Zahra

Baker that was never found. We've

called in the experts. We don't

know if it's male, female, age,

identity. Zahra Baker's killer,

stepmother, led investigators to stepmother, led investigators to

three separate sites. Remains were

found at two. The third was cleared.

We're not ruling out anything, any

possibilities. The FBI is now

working on identifying the remains.

It could be weeks before they can

positively say if they are the

missing pieces of Zahra Baker. If

so, it could finally determine

exactly how the 10-year-old died. Her

Her father Adam, returned to

Australia with what little remains

he had. Local police who have

struggled through the traumatic

case are still hoping to put a

little girl back together. We need

to get closure for everybody. We're

just trying to determine it all the.

Still in the US - police are

defending their decision to handcuff a handcuff a kindergarten student

over a violent temper tantrum. This

6-year-old was arrested and praised

in handcuffs after teachers say she

tore apart a classroom and threw a

shelve at the principal. The

officer noted all of the damage,

placed the student in hand cuffs

for the student's safety as well as others. She has been others. She has been charged but

her case will be handed to social

ever services instead of the courts.

Still ahead - residents of Sydney's

hot spots defend their suburb.

Also - gay rights activists disturb

Tony Abbott's dinner plans in Melbourne.

And the space shuttle 'Discovery'

takes a victory lap as it cruises

into its new home.

Tonight - the historicic

Abererombie Hotel has been fire

bombed at Chippendale. The bottom

floor was left in pieces.

Road workers may have been exposed

to radioactive material neither

Port Macquarie. They fell ill after Port Macquarie. They fell ill after

unearthing a mystery clay like

substance during upgrades to the

Pacific Highway. Emergency crews

respond to calls for help as the

wet weather continues to bear down

on Sydney. Commuters are tonight

experiencing delays on the roads experiencing delays on the roads

and on public transport.

Sydney's rain is playing havoc with

public transport tonight as

thousands of people embark on the

rather painful commute home. rather painful commute home.

Natasha Exelby is at Wynyard

station. It's not just the CBD

that's struggling? Far from it.

It's happening in the east and west.

As we speak, the northern beaches

are getting belted. Here are some

pictures that we just received in.

This is a street in Smithfield, 20 This is a street in Smithfield, 20

cars are under water. The SE is the

continues to respond to calls. continues to respond to calls.

There are homes flooded and one

gentleman says he thinks he lost

$150,000 of goods from his business

in Smithfield. So give you an idea

of how powerful the rain s you only

need to look at the Parramatta

River. As for here in the CBD, the

commute home will be far from

pleasant. We understand that the

delay for buses is at least 30 minutes.

minutes. If you are catching a minutes. If you are catching a

ferry home, it will pay-off to ferry home, it will pay-off to

check online before you do so,

there have been some terminations

because of the overflowing of the

Parramatta weir. The police officer

who was beaten and stabbed to death who was beaten and stabbed to death

has been honoured by fellow

officers. Paul McCartney was killed

when he left a pub in fair field 15 years

years ago. He questioned a man responsible responsible only hours earlier.

Today, the force's top brass paid

their respects. Who knows where he

would have been in the

organisations, more importantly,

probably married and living a great

life. David Carty introduced the

mandatory life sentencing for

murdering a police officer. murdering a police officer.

Merrylands maintains Sydney's west

is safe. Residents are angry that

their homes are getting a bad name

because of gang land. They have

woken to scenes like this and read

countless headlines like this. It's

a beautiful city. Now, it's no good any more.

any more. This month, locals read

of four drive-bys, the impact

proving not only psychological but

financial. People avoid this area.

Homeowners are moving out. Despite

the distraction, many community

leaders say it's business as usual.

I think it's one of the safest

areas in wers earn Sydney. John

Perfect lives here for 32 years Perfect lives here for 32 years and

points out these are weighed spread

and not a Merrylands area. They are

happening you will over the place,

even the eastern suburbs. They go

about doing their own thing and are

focused on education. The crime

here is largely intimidation and here is largely intimidation and

reprisals between Nomads and Hells

Angels. There's a real danger to

the public. Ten News learnt as

bullets were fired into a tattoo

parlour down the street, an elderly

woman was out walking her dog. We woman was out walking her dog. We

want this code of silence to be

broken. Tony Abbott is still broken. Tony Abbott is still

smarting after gay activists

interrupted a private dinner at the interrupted a private dinner at the

weekend. After a tip-off supporters

of gay marriage surrounded the Opposition leader's table and were

thrown out where they continued

their protest. Tony Abbott was not

accused. I think people should be

able to enjoy a quiet meal with a

friend on a Sunday night. friend on a Sunday night. The

activists say passers-by also joined in.

An icon of the space earra made its

final trip across American skies.

'Discovery' was transported to its

new home in Washington DC on the

back of a 747. Call it the world's back of a 747. Call it the world's

coolest piggy back ride. Today,

'Discovery' was back in the air one

amazing time. After taking off, she

saluted her home state of Florida

with a spectacular fly past. It's

very sad. People here on the space

coast have lost their jobs. Then,

as thousands watched on,

'Discovery' sored low over

Washington DC, past the catchityal building and building and the home of the

President who made the call to

ground the shuttle program That was

awesome. I don't know, I'm so emotional, it was great!

'Discovery' flew 39 missions, spent

a year in space and carried more

than any other shuttle, among them

NASA boss. People get emotionally

attached to things like the shuttle,

you bet we do. On the back of a

modified 747 her final landing was

smooth. The photograph opportunity

historic. It was definitely worth

the wait. Her new home, inspiration

perhaps for a new generation of space explorers.

space explorers.

Fantastic images, weren't they!

Sports tonight - when is it ever

thus but Michael Slater? A

representative performance. We hope

so, Sandra. You can't fault his

onfield performances this year or

off-field preparation. The Storm

Kangaroos been busy ahead of Friday's

Friday's Anzac test. Plus, heady

steady Freddy whack. The city

slickers give their coach a going over.

And the flip side to using a scooter in extreme sports.

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Tonight - the Government payments

owed to 100,000 Australians. Are you being shortchanged?.

After being rejected by West Tigers

lead bad boy Willie Mason has found

a home at Newcastle. He has agreed

to play the rest of the season

under Wayne Bennett. He will play his

his first game on Saturday night in

the cuings Cup. The man the cuings Cup. The man at the

ceptor of the controversy came

face-to-face with his former fellow

countryman and he's not the only

one in for a night. Michael Slater is

is expecting to be busy at the back.

They are creative players with

great kicking game. I'll do a

little work on the video.

Australian hasn't lost an Anzac

test since 1988. Rugby Rugby league legend believes the

NRL needs to improve the standard

of football. He wants new rules

imposed to speed-up the game. As

coach of City origin he's taking a

hands I don't know role, despite

the rain, he and fellow former Blue

were happy to act as bait for a

hungy pack of forwards I was

calling Matthew Mitcham a cat, calling Matthew Mitcham a cat, I'm

glad he answered. What he really

wants to tackle is the wrestle,

which is slowly strangling the game

he loves. We all hate that part of

the game. You're disappointed

sometimes, a game can be more

entertaining. I don't think it can

be any less tougher. It's something we

we can improve on. The issue not a

concern to these concern to these youngsters, who

were given a chance to train with

the boys. The team mingle with

stars of the future. The country

boys warn there will be nothing

warm and fuzzy on Sunday. We're not

out there to make friends. You know,

there's a lot of pride in this team.

I remember growing up, watching the

chief and the boys going at in. chief and the boys going at in.

Laurence with a fight on his hands.

He wants a crack at the centre pairing.

pairing. It's the ultimate test.

They are the two best centres in

the game at the moment. You play

football for the challenges, for

those individual challenges. GWS coach

coach Kevin Sheedy may rest players

coach Kevin Sheedy may rest players

this week. Giants new part-time

assistant coach was at training

today. He praised the ability and

believes he should play every AFL match this season.

I think he needs to play and stay

in a competition standard where

he's going to learn to become that

standard. The Swans will be without cocaptain Adam Goodes against North

Melbourne after he failed Melbourne after he failed to have

his one-match ban overturned at the tribunal.

Nathan Lyon has reaffirmed his

position as Australia's number one

spinner, turning the second test

against the West Indies with a five wicket

wicket hall. Playing alongside

fellow spinner, he weefd his magic

with a near new ball to orchestrate

a windies collapse on day three in Trinidad.


The Australians could ill afford....

He got one and again made Australia

pay. The partnership broken by

Clarke's go-to goal. Mr Cricket

turned Mr Wicket. The celebrations turned Mr Wicket. The celebrations

were short-lived as another sweep and

and boundary. Michael Clarke

feeling the pinch, as the pair

plastered a century stand. A near

new ball thrown to Nathan Lyon. As

Lyon's day got better, the young

quick suffered a back spasm while fielding and

fielding and left the field and

will be assessed before play today,

with just two specialist place men

in the team, an injury to one could

prove crucial. The second victim of

a stunning spell. Soon followed,

caught in close by Cowan in fading light, Nathan Lyon claimed the

second fiver of his short career.

The Windies 9-0 down at stumps.

Gold medal hopeful James Magnussen

says he still has a major fear 100

days out from the Olympics. He has

been enjoying the spotlight in the

countdown to London but says injury

and sickness is never far from his

mind. I feel that's the only

obstacles that stands in my way

from Olympics gold. Matthew Mitcham

says ongoing work with a sports

psychologist helped him regain his confidence.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Mario Gomez scored

against Real Madrid. The Germans

took the lead on 17 minutes. Madrid

drew level, scoring a valuable away

goal after half-time. 1:1 until the

final seconds. Gomez proved to be

the hero. Five the hero. Five Madrid players were

booked in the match with the

referee handing out eight cards in total.

The second leg will be held in

Spain next week.

Check out this incredible goal, the

hail Mary opener was a rare

highlight for the club. They went

down to South Korea 3-2.

Tomorrow - Lance Armstrong's bid to

topplal lex at the ironman

championships. He has his say on

the showdown with the cycling

legend. We are flipping out over

today's Play of the Day. And,

you're about to understand why.

Not sure what he said... And that

was American Ryan Upchurch on a

mega ramp doing a front flip on a

razor scooter. Confused? Join the

club. No idea what I just said.

That takes serious guts though.

That's why we love our Play of the Day.

You know you are getting older when

you just watch that and your joints

just ache. My joints ache anyway.

Maybe it's the rain as well. The

big wet and the kids we can't

forget. The hard kids. The Sydney forget. The hard kids. The Sydney

Swans and we have it all going on. It's

It's after the commercial break.

The weather is the story tonight.

There are so many warnings tonight.

Indeed. The obvious one is for

heavy rain for the metropolitan

area, the South Coast, the hunter,

the Illawarra and the central table

lens. They continue

lens. They continue to be between

50 millimetres and 100 millimetres.

Some areas have got more than

Sydney's monthly average. Tomorrow

looks like another intense when

that day. The DP new low pressure

trough will put the focus on the metropolitan

metropolitan area. -- the depending. Isolated

Isolated thunderstorms and winds up

to 50km/h as well as torrential rain tomorrow.

The kids, we cannot forget! The hard kids!

There is a great story involved in

this. We go back to a little girl,

your little daughter, who lived for

one month. But what a month and

what inspiration. We are going to

remember her on Sunday like we have

never remembered her before. This

is wonderful for you, the club and

the community. Definitely. It is great

great for North Melbourne and the

swans. We want to raise awareness

for the great cause. For the

families, the kids, and the

research, to find a cure. The cure

is really important. It is

unthinkable that we get six

children with heart conditions born

every day and we lose four keeps

like these. Put your hand up if you

have had a condition. We lose four

kids every day. We have to do

something. Yes. To raise awareness

this Sunday, it is Abbey the this Sunday, it is Abbey the game

for us. It will be great to have a

lot of supporters out there. -- it

is a great game for us. And your

daughter's spirit lives on.

Fantastic staff. Congratulations to

you and you have a new one on the way. OK.

OK. Let's have a look at the satellite.

The low pressure trough is expected

to zero in on the southern

Australia. The heaviest falls on

the south coast of NSW.

the south coast of NSW. Up to 100

millimetres. Also wet in Victoria and Tasmania.

There There will be as strong surf warning as well.

North Melbourne against the Sydney

Swans, Sunday at the SCG. Whatever the

the weather, a wonderful cause.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - hit and run shame.

Holding out. The payments owed to

more than 100,000 Australians.

The fight between stay at home and The fight between stay at home and working working mum's. Voice activated TV.

We see the Bachelor of the Year.

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