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Aid agencies demand access

to Sri Lanka's displaced

Tamil Tigers. About-face. Diplomats bar Diplomats bar from the

Opposition Leader's trial.

to close Guantanamo Bay and Barack Obama defend his plan

the worst flood in 30 years

hits parts of east Australia. O'Connor with ABC News for Good morning. Beverley

Australia Network -

international aid agencies

have criticised the Sri Lanka Government for the tight

access restrictions in place

at relief camps set up the

house those displaced by the recent conflict. The Government says it has a plan

to re-settle the majority of

the estimated 280,000

civilians made homeless in

the last 6 months but aid

agencies fear that Tait may

not be soon enough. Relief

camps like this one are set

the remain homes to the

Lanka civilians made hundreds of thousands of Sri

Lanka civilians made homeless by the recent fighting. The

Government's bombardments of

Tamil strongholds in the

country's north-west has left

up to 280,000 homeless but the Sri Lanka Government in conjunction with its

counterparts in India says it

plans to have the majority

returned to their homes

within six months. The

Government of Sri Lanka has

indicated it was their

intention to dismantle the

relief camps at the earliest

and at the earliest. It has

outlined 180-day plan. For India's southern Tamil

population that date is too

far away an I has called on

the UN to step into secure

the lives of those affected

by the Government attacks.

It is the duty of the

international community to

protect the Tamils living

there. The United Nations is

Government's treatment of also concerned about the

those displaced. It says the

Sri Lanka Government has

imposed tight restrictions on

access to the relief camps

forcing it to deliver aid by

hand. The Government has

restricted access to the

camps in part particularly

vehicle access. This was a

problem with people being

smuggled out of the camps. We

are working now with the

Government to try to work out

a plan to continue to deliver

the humanitarian aid that is

so critical at this point. The United Nations says it understand the need

for security but hopes to be

granted free access in the

near future. The American

who sparked the arrest of

Burmese pro-democracy leader

Aung San Suu Kyi has told the

court he had a premonition

her life was in danger. A

video taken by John Yettel

inside Aung San Suu Kyi's

house was shown during the

fourth day of the trial but a

day after being granted

access diplomats were once again barred from the courtroom prompting the British Foreign Secretary the

call on the Burmese regime to

stop its charade of

democracy. As members of her

National League for Democracy

party and other supporters

waited outside Insein Prison

Aung San Suu Kyi was inside

listening to the Test of

prosecution prisoners. Aung San Suu Kyi is a person who

respects the law. Show has never broken any law she accepts. The trial has included American John

William Yettaw's revelation

that he swam across a lake to Aung San Suu Kyi's home

because he believed she was

angry that the 53-year-old in danger. Supporters are

did not for see the

consequences. TRANSLATION:

He should have known what

would happen when he tied to

meet such a important person

who is under the tightest

security in the country. Ang

Aung San Suu Kyi has been

charged with breaching her de

tension conditions by allowing John William Yettaw

to stay. Some of these

trials go on for a matter of

hours, some can extend for

months. The best guess is the

defence team at the moment

says it will last around 2

weeks but we cannot be sure. The United Nations Security

Council is still considering

a statement on the trial but

China is reportedly pushing

for a soft response. The

Secretary-General plans to

visit Burma to continue the

push for all political

prisoners. These Burmese

activists in France say more

than 2000 are being held by

the junta and have called on the international community

to put more pressure on the

general dwrals for their general dwrals for their release. US President Barack

Obama has vowed to press

ahead with his plans to

ahead with his plans to close

Guantanamo Bay within a year

despite strong objections from Congress including from

within his own party. The

president has also raised the

prospect of moving some

Guantanamo Bay detainees to

US gaols a plan that former Vice President Dick Cheney

has branded dangerous. It

was an extraordinary dual

between the current and

former US administrations. A

very public slanging match

outlining two very different

visions of America's national

security. We also cannot

keep this country safe unless

we enlist the power of our

most fundamental values.

Just to remember it is a

serious step to begin unveiling some of the very

policies that have kept our

people safe since 9/11. The shadow of September shadow of September 11 hangs

over the current debate and

vowing to close Guantanamo

Bay Barack Obama says some of

the most gang cuss al-Qaeda

detainees may have to be

moved the high security gaols

on US soil. That prospect led

his own allies in the Democrat-controlled Senate to block funds to close the

facility. The and caused the

former Vice President to come

know is out swinging. One thing we

know is that the enemy has

spent most of his time on the

defensive and every attempt

to strike inside the US has failed. But Barack Obama says failed. But Barack Obama

Guantanamo Bay has stained

America's image abroad and be

used by a recruitment tool by

al-Qaeda. He has also

launched a stinging attach on

Bush policies. All too often

our Government made decisions

on fear rather than foresight

and all too often our

Government fit the predispositions. Barack Obama

is yet the find any third

countries willing to take in

Guantanamo Bay prisoners and

is running out of time the

meet his pledge to close the prison by

prison by January 2010.

Three men have appeared in a

US court accused of ploting

to blow up synagogues in New

York and attack a military

plane. A fourth man has been

arrested over the alonged

plot. The FBI arrested the

four suspects in New York

City where it is a ledged

they were planning to destroy

a temple and a Jewish

community centre with plastic explosives. They have been

charged with conspiracy the

use weapons of mass

destruction. They are also

accused of plotting to

acquire antiaircraft missiles

with the aim of shooting down

military planes at the Stewart airport National

Guard base. They were

detained after they bought de

activated weapons and

explosives from an agent

posing as an arms dealer. In

essence four individuals were

arrested for planting bombs

in the front of two

synagogues in the area. The

bombs had been made by the

FBI tech missions, they were

totally in earth, no-one was

ever at risk being or ever at risk being or in

danger of being

injured. Three of the men are

US citizens and the fourth is

of Haitian decent. It is told

one of the group told an FBI

informant his parents had

lived in Afghanistan. He was

unhappy by Muslims being

killed by US forces there and

in Pakistan and talked about

doing something to America.

We targeted four individuals

who planned and scoped to

bomb two Jewish facilities

here in the Bronx and to take

on a military aircraft up at

Stewart airport. New York Stewart airport. New York has

remained on high alert for

further terrorist attacks

ever since the September 11

attacks that destroyed the

World Trade Centre and killed

almost 3000 people. Flooding

continues to cause havoc in

parts of Australia. The town

of Lismore in northern NSW is

being partially evacuated as

water levels rise. Here is

the ABC's Shane McLeod. This

is the levy bank is the levy bank Lismore

hopes will stand the test. It

is at a river level of 10.6

metres. The forecast that is

the river is going to reach

10.4 metres but that is not

entirely certain so the water

does get over this there is

another strategy in place.

They hope they can direct the floodwaters down to floodwaters down to a lower

part of town F they can do

that they hope to keep them

away if the central business

district which will hopefully

reduce the damage the

floodwaters could cause. At

the same time the south-east corner of the Australian

state of Queensland is

experienceing its worst

floods in more than 30 years.

The region has been declared

a natural disaster area and

the Australian Government has

promised financial

assistance. Brisbane

residents woke to a daunting

sight S relentless driving

rain had left their homes

awash. I just continue walk

in. I had to wait until

somebody else came to walk in

so we walked in together and

started crying because it is

just devastating. There was water everywhere and evidence

of where it had been. Six

months ago the Gap in

Brisbane's west was devastated by storms A

landslide has caused more

damage and heartache. Bit depressed. But there is

nothing you can do about it,

just hope that it does not

rain again, that is main

thing. You see pictures of

mud slides on the news and

usually in other countries

and the helplessness is just

the biggest fear. Last night

streets were transformed into waterways. Emergency workers

responded to nearly 2000

calls for help and rescued

100 people. Among them was

this man stranded on his way

to work. I started yelling

and people from the house

called for help. On the Gold

Coast wind Gussed up to 100

km/h. Trees were ripped from

their roots. The beach was

pounded by huge waves. This

car was swept into the ocean.

At Surfers Paradise colleague

its mourned the death of Mark

Bayliss, the 47-year-old died

when Deb Bray flew through

his window. The shatter of glass like a bomb going off. Throughout south-east

Queensland 75,000 themselves

and businesses lost power.

1500 homes are still without

it. Premier Anna Bligh

declared the region a natural

disaster area but there was a

silver lining. Since Monday

our dams have received more

than one year's supply of

water. That is 240,000

imagina litres in the last three days, Mr Speaker. In

the last 48 hours water equivalent the half the

volume of Sydney Harbour pass

poured into the region's

ABC News for Australia damption. You're watching

network - Coming up

network - Coming up more

swine flu cases confirmed in

Australia. Final victory.

Thousands of Ghurkas who

received with the received with the British

Army win their battle to

settle in the UK.

As investigations

continue into cause of a

military plane crash in Indonesia funerals have been

taking place for some of the

victims. It is feared the

death toll could be higher

than first thought with

officials concerned that the

flight's passengers list may

investigators continued to not have been complete. As

sift through the wreckage of

the crashed plane grieving

families began to bury

relatives. Nearly 10 people

died when the transport plane carrying military personnel

and their families went down

in East Java. Two villages

were also killed on the

ground and more than dozen

injured. While rescuers at

the crash site are still

trying to retrieve more

bodies families of those

unaccounted for are searching

for loved ones. This man is

looking for his relative who

he believes was on the plane.

"We are so worried. There has

been no information". Investigators

are examining had the number

of passengers on the flight

could have been higher than

records suggest. Travellers

are frequently not documented

in Indonesia's over-burdened

transport system. The crash

has put the spotlight back on

Indonesia's poor aviation

safety record. The country

has been hit by a string of

crashes both commercial and

military putting it under

international pressure to

improve maintenance and

safety regulations. Pakistan

has assigned Army units to

begin distributing raid the

testy mated 1.5 million

people who have fled the

intensified military

offensive in the north-east.

The military has recaptured some of the Territory

occupied by Taliban militant

in their push towards the

capital last month. capital last month. But the

United Nations says the

civilians crisis must be

dealt with to avoid further

instability. This is an area

once famous to a Heritage

listed Buddhist monetary now

home to thousands living as

refugees in their own

country. While conditions in

the camps are tough new arrivals say the are

desperate to get registered

for the massive tent city

nearby. Meanwhile the Army is

doing what it can to help.

We need to provide help for victims. You can see how for

these people are. They do not

even have basic necessities

so we brought them gas, blankets, towels and food.

TRANSLATION: Some of our

basic needs have been met but

our main problems remain.

First tents and secondly

food. We need both these

things. While around 130,000

people have found refuge in

26 camps 15 are full and the

UN says more are needed. The

United Nations has warned

that angry starving crowds

will further destabilise

Pakistan. The this week

foreign donors pledged around

$140 million US in aid t bull

from being the US.

Washington's very clear about

what it wants in return.

Statements being made by the

Prime Minister and others in

support of military's action

against the Taliban, we have never seen anything quite

like this before. And we

have been very forthright and

very demanding of the kind of

response we expect with

respect to the money we provide. The challenge of

caring for the displays lad

not let up any time soon.

Washington officials predict

around a quater of a million

Pakistanis will still be in

the camps this winter. India

has declared war on Western

pharmaceutical companies claiming traditional

medicines as their own. It

has become the world's first developing country to licence

more than 20,000 traditional

trements as public property.

In the CSIR complex in New

Delhi 150 doctors have spent

eight years translating 30

million page from ancient

medical books. The doctors

are practitioners of three

Indian medical systems that

date back thousands of years.

They have just met their

target of translating 200,000

traditional treatments into

English, German, French,

Spanish and Japanese. We

have so far done 130 books.

We plan to do 270 books more.

Relating to our medicine. We

are targeting around half a

million medical manuscripts

which are written in the

ancient language which many

people even in India cannot

understand. It is the world's

first digital library to stop multinational companies

patenting traditional

remedies as their own. In the

past decade India has been

embroiled in some high patent

litigation. The Government

sent $6 million alone in

fighting legal battles. In

2000 alone there were more

than 5000 patients granted

medicines and 80% of them. Under normal circumstances a patent

mission would be rejected

whether there is prior existing knowledge about the

product. But in most of the

developed world only

information published in a

journal or available on a

database is recognised.

Nothing comes on the Nothing comes on the screen

because is either in your

head up here or buried in

some textbook to which we

have no access. That is why have no access. That is why I

got the idea of creating a

digital knowledge library where all this knowledge will

be actually put in, in a form

that can be understood by the

examiners. World renowned

scientists hope the database

will eventually lead to

better clab brition among

scientists and new

discoveries. New Zealand

police are searching for a

cashed-up couple on the run

after a bank mistake ynly put

millions of dollars in the

their account. The pair from

Rotura had asked for a small

loan the save their business

but instead Westpac

transferred over $10 million.

Interpol is being called in

the tack down the pair. When

their service station in Ro Tuesday, ra started to go

The couple wanted $10,00,

Westpac accidentally

deposited 1000 times that

amount. A private

investigator with the police

actually came in here and

asked with photos if we had

seen Leo and Cara. They let

their service stationing their service stationing into

receivership and fled. At

their townhouse the gardener

was keeping his head down. At their Auckland their Auckland address

neighbours said they had headed

headed overseas. The

individual and his wife have

left New Zealand. It is not known how they managed to

transfer the cash out of

news. Westpac is still trying

to figure out if someone in

the brn much accidentally

typed three extra zeros

typed three extra zeros into

computer. The bank says it I

vigorously pursuing criminal

and civil action to recover

the money which it regards as

stolen. Here is New Zealand

people on the street have

mixed feeling boss what they

would do if a bank decided to

be to up their account. I

would be tempted the spend

it. That is not dishonest.

Kiwis are not like. That I'm

sure they will come back. One

of Westpac's not yos is that

it is a bank you can bank on

but no-one could have banked

on. This Leaders of the world's biggest cities

calling for a

calling for a bigger say in

UN climate change talks.

After discussions in South Korea delegates account for

80% of gene house gas

emissions and as they are

home to half the world's

population getting municipal

authorities on board is

essential in any fight for

climate change. In the last 4 years the years the number of cities

involved has doubled. Participants say they hold strong hopes the summit strong hopes the summit can

influence the next major UN climate conference in Denmark

later this year. In a

victory for thousands of

Ghurkas veterans who served

with the British Army before

1997 will now be allowed to

settle in Britain. After a

high-profile campaign the

Home Secretary announced a

U-turn in Government policy. The The minister Jacqui Smith

said she was proud to offer

welcome the all who had

served in the brigade of

Ghurkas. Outside the

Parliament the Ghurkas and

their supporters listened and

waited for news that finally

the soldiers who had fought

for Britain could actually

live here. All former

Ghurkas who retired before

1997 and who have served more

than four years will now than four years will now be

eligible to apply for

settlement in the UK. It took

a few seconds to sink in they

had finally won! For the

people of Great Britain what

could be greater than to be

able to open our arms and say

the Ghurkas are coming!

Celebrations were sweet

reward after years of stoney

rejection by the Government. The Ghurkas had already

beaten the Home Office

lawyers in court. Joanna

Lumley had publically embarrassed ministers and

finally after a meeting with

the Prime Minister the white

flag of surrender. This was a fight he could not win and

did not need. So many did not need. So many false

dawns yet this seems to be This is the final battle.

It was not a battle it was

won not with blows but with

kisses and hugs. And you did

it! No I didn't. The team

did it t Ghurkas did it, the

people of this country did it

because they love the

Ghurkas. It truly was - word

is going around it was a

no-brainer this, would have to be won simple plir to be won simple plir because

the people wanted it so

devotely. Are you standing

now for Prime Minister? Do

you know, no! Don't get

squashed boy. Dent walk

backwards! Nobody knows how

many will take up the new

invitation to move to

Britain. The victory day is

simply they have the simply they have the choice. They fought them in the

They fought them in the court and the Parliament but

finally the Government could

no longer resist the final

assault led by Field Marshal

Joanna Lumley. Nice to

Joanna Lumley. Nice to be called a boy! You are

watching ABC News for

Australia Network -

international aid agencies have criticised the Sri Lanka

government for restricting

access the relief camps for

displaced Tamils.

Let's check the financial

markets. Overnight in the US

the did you an Nasdaq tumbled

after weaker than expected

unemployment data. F


In the Indian Premier

League cricket Australian

Dirk Nannes has helped the

Delhi daredevils to a

semifinal berth taking

semifinal berth taking three

wickets in the win against

Mumbai. Dirk Nannes made the

early breakthrough. Sachin

Tendulka defined the attack

with 36 from 41. But the

with 36 from 41. But the

total was not enough with

Verender Sewag and Harbijan

Singh taking 4 wickets. Wild

wet weather is causing havoc

so let's check the forecast.

In Australia a trough and low

over the east general quite a widespread leafy rain and damaging winds.

In the Indian Premier League cricket Australian Dirk Nannes has helped the Delhi daredevils toped the Delhi daredevils to a semifinal berth taking three wickets in the win against Mumbai. Dirk Nannes made the early brDirk Nannes made the early breakthrough. Sachin Tendulka defined the attack windulka defined the attack with 36 from 41. But the total was not enough with Verender Sewag and Harbijan Singh taking 4 wickets. Wild wet weather is causins. Wild wet weather is causing havoc so let's check the forecast. In Australia a trough and low over the east general quite w over the east general quite a widespread leafy rain and You have been watching

ABC News. Our top ABC News. Our top stories -

international aid agencies

have criticised the Sri Lanka

Government for access

restrictions to displaced

Tamil civilians. An

about-face from Burma's

military junta banning

foreign diplomats from the Opposition leader's Opposition leader's trial.

Barack Obama vows to press

ahead with plans to close the Guantanamo Bay facility.

That is the bulletin for now.

I'm Bev O'Connor, thank you for your company. See you


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