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Good morning. to search for bodies Rescue workers are continuing in Spain. after an underground train crash two carriages derailed in Valencia. As many as 37 people were killed when from the underground system. Around 150 people were evacuated

been caught up in the accident. It's believed no Australians have as police arrived at the crash site. These were the chaotic scenes SIRENS while entering Jesus station, The passenger train derailed underground rail system. part of Valencia's Police were first called to the scene trapped in the wreckage. by terrified commuters were evacuated from the tunnels As many as 150 survivors by an army of emergency workers.

wounded left underground. TRANSLATION: There are no more are still down there The bodies of the dead and the investigators until the police, the forensics identify the bodies. into what caused the crash. An investigation began the train was speeding Authorities believe as it entered the station. and a wheel may have failed Its driver is among the wounded. grim search for bodies continues. The area has been sealed off as the the death toll could rise. Officials admit The tragedy occurred was due to visit the city. just days before Pope Benedict XVI Christopher Still, Ten News. the Government's work place changes Kim Beazley's promise to rip up into an election-winning position. has pushed the Opposition shows Labor the clear winner The latest opinion poll

in an election held last weekend. Labor has risen 4 points On two party preferred terms is down to 47%. while the Coalition remains flat. In contrast, support for Kim Beazley dropping to an eight-month low. Satisfaction with John Howard Australia's media authority to the Government today is expected to report in the 'Big Brother' house. over alleged misconduct involved in the weekend's incident It comes as the two contestants broke their silence. to the focus of a real life drama. From ensemble members in reality TV For Michael Bric and Michael Cox as John and Ashley, better known to 'Big Brother' viewers gone wrong their roles in a dare has left a lasting impact. for what has happened. A lot of regret and a lot of remorse I definitely wouldn't do it. If I could turn back time, 'Big Brother' experience. Um, look, it's ended my of the 'Big Brother' rules. The incident was a direct breach and having a good time We were just mucking around on hurting Camilla in anyway. and obviously, we didn't intend we have heard from the pair And while this is the first time of the matter. it's certainly not the end a report on the incident The Federal Government expecting from the media watchdog and Media Authority the Australian Communications within the next 24 hours. she won't pursue criminal charges The alleged victim Camilla says

for action. but the incident has led to calls for Channel 10 Here's a great opportunity to do a bit of self-regulation off the air. and get this stupid program and were removed from the house. These guys broke the house rules That's the way the show operates. to the Government That's the way we guaranteed that the show would operate. Cameron Baud, Ten News. in a house fire at Toowoomba A 12-month-old baby has died west of Brisbane. by the time fire crews arrived. The building totally gutted An adult and four other children uninjured. managed to escape the blaze

has helped save his neighbour's life. Meanwhile, a Melbourne man

he went to investigate, When Troy Wrintle heard a fire alarm at his neighbour's home kicking open several doors to rescue the unconscious man. from his smoke-filled home He dragged him arrived. before firefighters and paramedics

are trying to determine NASA officials if a crack in the insulating foam of the space shuttle 'Discovery' around a fuel tank

will halt its take-off tomorrow. postponed twice due to bad weather. The mission has already been has until midday today, EST, The Israeli Government 1,500 Palestinian prisoners to release or face the consequences. was issued by Palestinian militants, The deadline

a young Israeli soldier hostage. believed to be holding the Israeli Prime Minister says Despite the threat, they will not give in to extortion. Meantime, their assault on the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have continued two Palestinian militants. reportedly killing Taking a look at finance news - is trading in positive territory. the Australian share market has fought his way through Lleyton Hewitt to the Wimbledon quarterfinals over number 23 seed David Ferrer. with a tenacious win dropped the third set Australia's last singles hope from 3-love down in the fourth. and was forced to come back

by a Spaniard on grass, Having never been defeated in tact against Spain's David Ferrer. Hewitt looked set to keep his record to do it. COMMENTATOR: That's the way meeting resistance in the second. The Aussie winning the set 6-4 before Oh, good shot. four break points Hewitt forced to save in taking a 2-set to love lead. It's been a battle. but Hewitt survives. It hasn't been easy this second set, and so did the temperature. Tensions remained high

smashed his way through the third Hewitt feeling the heat as Ferrer

in the fourth. before consolidating an early break Two-love, Ferer. He's charged. spirit that won him the 2002 title. But Hewitt rediscovered that fighting HEWITT: C'mon! That's the break in the fourth set. That's the break. The sixth seed 7 of the remaining 9 games claiming an astonishing Australian Open runner up, securing a quarterfinal against

Marcos Baghdatis. and playing at Wimbledon I like coming out a good match for both of us. and hopefully it's going to be opponent by any means. He's not going to be an easy Roger Federer Meantime, world number one Wimbledon title is one step closer to his fourth defeating the Czech Tomas Berdych in straight sets. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australian sprint king Robbie McEwen has claimed the second stage of the Tour de France in a thrilling dash to the line. Riders sweltered during the second longest stage in this year's race with road temperatures climbing to nearly 50 degrees. Their endurance was tested right to the end

with a bunch sprint to the finish. McEwen jostled with Tour leader Thor Hushovd but the 34-year-old held out. COMMENTATOR: And McEwen takes it on the line. That man is unbelievable. It's McEwen's ninth stage victory in nine Tours. To AFL - and Essendon champion James Hird could be close to the end of his illustrious career after breaking down at training last night. The 33-year-old injured a calf muscle which will keep him out of football for a month. Hird has played only seven games this season and said earlier in the year he would consider retiring if he sustained another injury. Hawthorn is considering going to the tribunal tonight after tough man Brent Guerra was suspended for two weeks on a rough conduct charge. Now for a look at the national weather: That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Bill Woods. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

why the race to be the best can lead to cheating. And the dream of conquering Everest. It doesn't stop me. Yeah, I'll definitely give it another go. I'm Scott Beveridge. Also ahead on TTN - to think about changing footy codes? has claimed the second stage of the Tour de France in a thrilling dash to the line. Riders sweltered during the second longest stage in this year's race climbing to nearly 50 degrees. Their endurance tested with a bunch sprint to the finish. McEwen jostled with Tour leader Thor Hushovd but the 34-year-old held out. Every year the eyes of the sporting world turn to France for the Tour and it seems every year there's another drug scandal. Winning the Tour de France is the pinnacle of cycling. Some cyclists resort to drugs to help give them a winning edge. The favoured method is EPO. That stands for erythropoietin. giving energy to all our tissues and organs. can inject extra EPO, made in a lab, into their bloodstream so the bone marrow produces more red blood cells and more oxygen gets to the muscles. Even in an endurance sport only over a few hours it will allow you to exercise harder at a higher intensity, you have that added advantage of over a long period of time as well. In 1998 the Festina team was kicked out of the Tour between fake EPO and natural EPO. as some athletes have successfully appealed against their positive tests. formerly called Liberty, was asked to withdraw because its manager was involved in a doping scandal. Two of the hot favourites have also been banned. And Lance Armstrong continues to be accused of blood doping even after he's retired. The more red blood cells you have the thicker the blood becomes. It can clot, stopping oxygen getting to parts of your heart or brain There have been numerous reports of cyclists dying in the Tour de France because their blood was too thick and they've had strokes. So I guess the riders just have to train harder but many of them are already training up to eight hours per day so is there a point where they can just train too much? We know if people overtrain their motivation reduces, they become more depressed. glandular fever and we know too much training does impair your immune system so you're much more prone to developing infections. Former world champion triathlete Greg Welch used to spend nearly all day swimming, cycling and running. and is now restricted to only walking. Doctors advise me that I'm done as a competitive athlete or I may well be dead. If you have a heart condition intense training can bring on a heart attack. affecting only about 1 in every 200,000 young athletes. But if you get any symptoms excessive breathlessness, excessive tiredness, it can be checked for. For most of us, overtraining isn't the problem, it's getting out there in the first place. I need a nap. From the peak cyclists to the world's highest mountain peaks, and Emily's in the Ten News centre with more on that. Good morning, Scott. Yes, young Aussie climber Christopher Harris was just eight when he and his dad made it up Australia's highest peak, Since then he's climbed four of the world's seven highest mountains, and two months ago he headed off on his biggest adventure so far - 15-year-old Christopher Harris was after a place in history to be the youngest to reach the peak of Mt Everest. It's what he's always wanted to do. before catching a bus to base camp, 5,200 metres above sea level. It was pretty cold at night-time. but we stayed up until, like, 11:00 watching DVDs. At this high altitude there's less oxygen. So to get their bodies used to that they moved up and down between the various camps. you don't get up any earlier then probably 9:00, it's too cold. You're really waiting till the sun's up on the tent

so 10:00 is breakfast, 3:00 is lunch and 8:00 is dinner. we got pizza and chicken and that sort of stuff, so that was pretty good, but up at the North Col it was pretty sort of mashed potato and a bit of salami heated up. Each day they walked between five and eight hours. where you look down this big slope and that On May the 1st the team made it to the 7,000 metres camp, not uncommon at high altitude. And with a badly twisted ankle as well, Richard turned back. Christopher pressed on for the summit with Lincoln Hall. I was naturally concerned Also I wanted to be there when he made it. Christopher experienced very low blood pressure I had this thing that the doctor calls a collapse, where I couldn't really breathe properly. It was like I had been underwater for about a few minutes And just 1,500 metres from the summit on advice from his dad and Hall he turned back. Reliving their amazing adventure back home, Christopher and Richard don't see what happened as defeat. had ever reached on Everest. The father and son team intend to keep climbing. Richard's not sure if he'll give Everest another go but Christopher? Yeah, I'll definitely give it another go. And Scott, he's still aiming to conquer all seven tallest mountains. That's something only around 200 climbers have achieved. Christopher's certainly following his dreams.

Thousands of WA students know how to save lives and now have a world record to boot. It's the most number of people performing CPR at the same time - 2,000-plus students from 20 different high schools. They beat the previous record held by the American Heart Association. The event market the inaugural Save A Life Day and the national launch of a new learning kit. And NASA facing more problems ahead of the launch of 'Discovery'.

WOMAN: You'd be surprised how many adults or read a website, But it's never too late to learn. Phone this number. # That's the Reading Writing Hotline # 1300 6555 06. # the fourth of July is a national holiday celebrating the Declaration of Independence from Britain. Originally, America was colonised, or ruled by Britain. In 1774, representatives from 12 of Great Britain's 17 North American colonies met to discuss an end to British rule. Then they rebelled, beginning an eight year war with Britain. On July the second 1776, after much debate, the colonies voted unanimously for independence. Then they worked on a document called the Declaration of Independence until all agreed. independent states - the United States of America. and fireworks ever since. A Brisbane high-schooler is about to embark on They've already had to postpone two launch attempts because of thunderstorms, once on Sunday and again yesterday. Now they're hoping the skies above the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida will be clear enough tomorrow

A Brisbane high-schooler is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. picked for space school in the United States. 16-year-old Claire Berry has just received her own personal space suit. when you go over to the space camp. It's got a NASA patch on it Claire is one of just two Aussie students picked to fly to Alabama for NASA's exclusive space school. There's one boy from Sydney, me and teacher of the year from Canberra. As part of her training Claire will spend time submersed in a scuba tank. it's the closest thing you can find to the feeling of weightlessness. She'll also learn about the mental, emotional and physical demands astronauts face. The week-long advanced space academy program is college-accredited. from the University of Alabama. The camp also teaches the space cadets team work. As part of their practice in the lunar orbiter students will rotate roles and responsibilities just like a real astronaut would in orbit. She hopes her time at NASA will be the perfect set-up for a future career on Earth, designing rockets. An aeronautical engineer would design new aircraft, maintain aircraft and also rockets. She gets a space suit. She gets to be over there, she gets a NASA badge. She gets that branding as the one in Australia who gets that opportunity. For now there's just the question of the money for her air fare. But as the latest schoolyard hero you can guarantee more than one sausage sizzle to raise the funds.

The battle for Wimbledon is under way in the UK but in Australia there's a battle of a different kind Disturbing claims of cheating have emerged, after being ripped off at junior tournaments. In the heat of sports competition, even at the junior level,

there's usually an umpire to make the tight decisions and implement the rules. and I can't think of any other sport that doesn't have an umpire. And that means it's the kids calling the shots. Probably 50% of matches there's cheating going on. They come back from the tournament, crying their eyes out that they've been cheated and I have to console them. Tennis coaches Dale Collings and Greg Braun say they're fed up with losing promising players to other sports

While the association is aware of cheating accusations, it doesn't think it's a widespread problem. If we start putting umpires on every single junior match you'd probably quadruple the cost of participation in the sport. So it seems the ball is back in the players' court. Most of the kids are quite fair and want to play fair but there are some out there who really want to win at any cost. And Lleyton Hewitt is through to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. Lleyton took on Spain's David Ferrer in the fourth round. After winning the first two sets he dropped the third and was forced to come back from 3-love down in the fourth. two of the favourite nations are gone England lost David Beckham to injury and Wayne Rooney to a red card Brazil is also out. France scored the winning goal. we thought we'd test how popular soccer has become. if they're ready to switch codes. but a lot of people do prefer soccer because it's played all over the world. And do you know anyone who's thinking, "I'd rather play soccer now?" No, not really, apart from my little sister but she didn't play much sport anyway.

I like rugby union. You have to be an all-round sportsman. Yeah, it's good. Rugby and AFL you've got more ability to tackle people and kick and run. No, not really. I like the contact too much. I like playing contact footy. Check out our website, www,, for some great pictures, including our Socceroos. We've also put up story transcripts Your local News Limited newspaper has more resources. there's a feature on teachers who change lives including one who's won an award for involving families in her classroom. by the Australian Caption Centre.