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Lionel Bowen farewelled in state service -

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Lionel Bowen farewelled in state service

Broadcast: 11/04/2012


Former deputy prime minister Lionel Bowen has been given a state memorial service, with former
prime minister Bob Hawke describing him as "pure crystal".


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Australia has farewelled one of Labor's luminaries, the former deputy prime
minister Lionel Bowen.

He was hailed as a man of character, conviction and deep humility at his State Funeral service at
St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.

Lionel Bowen spent 42 years in politics, rising from Randwick mayor to deputy prime minister.

BOB HAWKE, FORMER PRIME MINISTER: Like no other person I met in parliamentary life, respected and
admired across the factions and the parties and loved by all of his staff, this warm, wise, decent,
generous, humble, this unique man.

TONY JONES: Lionel Bowen had eight children and a marriage that lasted 60 years. He died at the age
of 89.