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Hello everyone, I'm Ron Wilson,

welcome to Ten's 'Morning News',

today more airlines Ground their

A380 as accident investigators

arriving in Singapore to find out

what went wrong on board QF32,

anger boils over as a community

rallies against a planned

immigration detention centre,

immigration detention centre, and

an apology from the NRL star

photographed in an apparent lewd

sex act. First this morning,

Singapore and Lufthansa airlines

joined Qantas in grounding their

A380 fleets. It follows the

emergency landing of a Qantas

aircraft yesterday after an engine

aircraft yesterday after an engine

failed shortly after take-off from

Singapore. For more we are joined

by John O'Doherty at the Sydney

Airport. Three airlines groupeded

the A380, what is the effect on --

grounded the A380, what is the

effect on passengers? Worldwide

there'll be an enormous effect.

Lufthansa, Singapore and Qantas,

they have the smallest of the

they have the smallest of the

grounded fleets. Worldwide it will

be enormous, there'll be

significant delays and

cancellations inevitable. Airlines

are trying to accommodate

passengers in hotels or on

alternative flights, but the delays

will be significant. How soon will

we expect to see the passengers off

the flight, QF32 back home. Qantas

has sent a replacement aircraft to

bring back the passengers, it's

bring back the passengers, it's due

to depart Singapore this morning.

Hopefully they'll touchdown in

Sydney. A Qantas A380 pilot who has

been grounded in London spoke about

the incident. What did he have to

say. Captain Barry Jackson is a

senior A380 pilot. He said it was

surprising, it's such a new fleet, the

the aircraft, the Nancy bird Walton

was only two years old. He was

surprised how it could take place,

let's have a listen to what he had

to say. Everyone is surprised at what happened, particularly the

nature of the failure, and how

extreme it was. The engines are

designed to be - to contain any

sort of failure that may happen, so

to see the visible damage to

to see the visible damage to the

engine was a surprise to rch.

Captain Jackson raised con-- to

everyone. Captain Jackson raised

concerns about growing offshore maintenance, we see Qantas

significant increases in that, here

is what he said. There's a proud

history of maintenance and flight

operations excellence in Qantas, I'm confident

I'm confident the Australian

engineers do a great job. I'm

concerned as everyone of

outsourcing and offshore, I have an

opinion nah nobody looks after

their own like their own. Qantas is

due to celebrate its 90th

anniversary tomorrow. This is not

the sort of thing they want to deal

with at what should be a special

time for them. Let's look at how

time for them. Let's look at how

event unfolded eser day. Just

minutes into Flight QF32 from

Singapore to Sydney the crew was

alerted to an engine problem,

remaining calm the pilot informed

passengers of the fault. We have a

technical issue with our number 2

issue, we have dealt with the

situation at the moment. The

aircraft is secure, well hold for

some time whilst we lighten our

load by dumping

load by dumping some fuel.

Passengers reported hearing two

loud bangs as one of the A380

Rolls-Royce engines exploded

shooting flames, raining large

metal chunks on to the ground below.

It was almost like a bomb sound.

Some people reported seeing a flash.

After dumping fuel the pilot made

an emergency landing at Singapore's

26 Changi Airport, 433 passengers and

26 crew were safe at last. Only

when we stepped off the aircraft

did we really see - we looked under

the aircraft, you could see the

back-end of the engine. Authorities

say more than 100 pieces of debris

were found on the Indonesian island

of Batam, damaging six homes.

Qantas drowneded the six A380,

until the cause of the dramas

until the cause of the dramas is

known. Rolls Royce and airbus are

looking at the issue, working with

people it understand what could be

the cause of T The last superjumbo

airborne landed in Los Angeles this

morning. For now it's not going

anywhere. Singapore Airlines and

Lufthansa delayed their fleets of

the aircraft. Passengers from QF32 the aircraft. Passengers from QF32

will arriving in Sydney on other

flights today. The

flights today. The mid-air

emergency has dampened celebrations

for the 90th anniversary of Qantas

tomorrow, we were scheduled to

speak with Qantas Chief Executive

Alan Joyce, he's pulled out.

spokesperson Olivia Wirth, you'll Instead we are joined by Qantas

be getting first reports from

engineers on the ground in

Singapore, have they been able to

closely identify exactly what

engine happened to that explosion in that

engine yesterday? At this stage we

don't have exact reports on what

has happened. As you indicated we

worked overnight with engineers,

with those engineers from Rolls-

Royce and airbus to find out what

has occurred. Until we had such

confidence in the fleet, we will

not be operating our A A380

aircraft. You have billions

invested in the A380 fleet and

invested in the A380 fleet and two

other airlines joined you in

grounding their fleets. What does

it mean for the future of this

particular aircraft? We do have six

aircraft in our A380 Fleet, as you

indicated, Singapore and Lufthansa

groupeded their fleet. At this

stage we are trying to determine

what went on. Once we are confident

with that, we'll get our A380 back

in the air. One of the pilots

grounded with the Qantas

grounded with the Qantas in London,

Captain Barry Jackson spoke to

Ten's 'Morning News' expressing

concern about outsourcing

maintenance, in light of incidents

involving planes, isn't it time

Qantas brought home major

maintenance operations. There's a

lot of misinformation about

maintenance. No, this is a Qantas

he's pilot, he was a pilot on an A380,

he's saying it's time to bring it

home, not about misinformation.

It's not possible, Ron. We have 85%

of our maintenance which is done

onshore. 85% of our maintenance is

done within Australia. We operate aircraft internationally, therefore

we need maintenance likes in

Singapore, we run airlines through

Singapore, Los Angeles, and London.

Over the last 10 years maintenance

in Australia has been at

in Australia has been at 85%, in

fact, last year it was 92% of all

maintenance of Qantas aircraft done

in Australia, we have 5,500

engineers, they are well qualified,

and we will continue to do a vast

majority of our maintenance here in

Australia. What does the grounding

of the A380 mean for Qantas of the A380 mean for Qantas

passengers, now and until the fleet

is back in the air? Obviously there

are many passengers who have been

inconvenienceed, QF32 passengers

arriving in Sydney this evening, we

have an additional 747 flight,

they'll touchdown here tonight. We

grounded four other A380 flights

due to fly out of Los Angeles,

Melbourne and Sydney today. We'll Melbourne and Sydney today. We'll

be getting them on alternative

arrangements as soon as we can, and

if they have been misplaced, we'll

provide them with accommodation,

meals, also calls back to

meals, also calls back to family

and friends, and providing them

with updates on the possible

situation and delays. Now, it's so

unfortunate that this incident of

course is overshadowing the 90 year

celebration of Qantas, how under

the circumstances, how will you go

ahead with the celebrations

tomorrow? Obviously Qantas has been operating for 90 years, you

indicated that before. Tomorrow we

have John Travolta, a Qantas ambassador

ambassador at large. He'll

touchdown in Sydney, and we will

continue to carry on with our

celebrations of 90 years, it's a

long service, we are proud of it,

we have always put safety first. We

have announced we are grounding the

A380 service, safety is part of who

we are at Qantas, and we'll

continue to celebrate the airline

and its success record over the

last 90 across. Good on you. Thanks.

last 90 across. Good on you. Thanks.

Olivia Wirth, spokesperson for

Qantas talking to us live. To the

day's other news, violent scenes

erupted in rural WA with hundreds

protesting a plan to house asylum

seeker near their town. The Federal

Government hoped for an orderly

meeting with residents, police had

called in before it had begun. As

the local town hall reached

capacity and residents were

capacity and residents were forced

out tempers escalated to boiling

point. You are under arrest. What

are they trying to hide? I think

it's disgusting, they must have

known this would be well supported.

There a 1,000 strong crowd formed

at last night's meets, many locals

furious over the plan to house

1,500 single male asylum seeker 1,500 single male asylum seeker

here at the old Northam

here at the old Northam army camp,

100km north-east of Perth.

Residents have fears for their

safety, concerned the massive group

of men may become violent. 1,500

single men is a concern, it's a

disaster. You don't need to lock up

sheds, cars, you can leave them

unlocked. It's not going to be like

that. While the vast majority of

people are against the plan, some

are resigned to it. A

are resigned to it. A small number

will welcome the asylum seeker with

open arms. I'm looking forward to

offering English glasses to the

refugees because I think they

deserve some compassion.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

didn't attend last night's meet,

instead sending representatives in

the Department. The Deputy Liberal

leader Julia Bishop showed support

to the protesting locals, claiming

they should have been consulted on the

the plan. The detention centre will

operate by June next year. Three asylum seeker have been found

guilty of taking part in a riot at

the Christmas Island detention

centre. The court heard the Sri

Lankans used a broom handle, pool

cues and tree branches in the riot

that took place last year,

involving 200 detainees, leaving dozens injured, all

dozens injured, all three men were

put on good behaviour bonds, two

fined and given suspended jail

sentence, it comes as figures

showed more boats arrived under the

Labor Government than at their peak

during the years of the Howard

Government. Bank Chief Executive

who collude on interest rates could

be slapped with multimillion fines.

The Federal Coalition will

introduce legislation that will

give the ACCC the

give the ACCC the power to spoken

bank bosses and seize documents

under the suspicion of collusion.

The government is also working

under a plan to to investigate

practices and close loopholes, amid

reports that major banks lowered

the amount of tax they paid over

the past year. Veteran Melbourne the past year. Veteran Melbourne

broadcaster Derryn Hinch is hoping for a transplant

for a transplant after revealing he

could have less than a year it live.

Battling liver cancer, he divulged

his need for a transplant on air. I

asked my doctor blunt pli, I said

"Without treatment -- bluntly, I

said "Without treatment, without a

transplant how long have I got", he

said "12

said "12 months". His lefr was

damaged due to excess drinking.

Joel Monaghan admitted he is the

NRL player in a photo apparently

showing him engaged in a lewd sex

act with a dog. The shot has gone

viral an the Internet leaving Joel

Monaghan shattered, remorseful and

too upset to talk. Joel Monaghan

played for Australia, played State

of origin and been a star with the Canberra

Canberra raiders, an inappropriate

act with a dog caught on camera has

brought him crashes to Earth. We

are as dumbfounded as anybody as to

why somebody would do that or if it

happened, if he did do it. In a

statement Joel Monaghan says he can

offer no explanation. We'll talk to

Joel when he gets back, and talk to

the players and see what transpired,

it's an example of why you

shouldn't be out having

shouldn't be out having drinking

sessions. Joel Monaghan said he was

playing a prank on an absent team- playing a prank on an absent team-

mate by simulating the Act. It was

a moment of: The scandal

overshadowed the launch of the

Raiders new advertising campaign.

No commefpblt It's an act of stupid

-- comment. It's an act of

stupidity, something that cannot be

condoned. The CFMEU, the clubs

major sponsor said it will review

its arrangements later. The

immediate conser is for the player,

and his -- concern is for the

player and his family. Joel

Monaghan is not in a fit emotional

state yet to speak with his club,

he's undertaken counselling. Well,

once it was deemed too dangerous,

once it was deemed too dangerous,

but there are calls for cracker

night to make a comeback, a

Queensland councillor wants to

rebuild the Bon fires in the name

of history of the Ten's Jonathan

Lea has more. Well, Ron, Catherine

Wheels, Tom Thumbs, bungers, the

words which conjure memories for

many Australians, in Queensland

cracker night last went off nearly

40 years ago. Now one

40 years ago. Now one Ipswich

councillor, Paul Tully lit the fuse

of baby boomers, he wants us to

build the Bon fires and have a one-

off cracker night to mark the

anniversary of the ban, next year.

It's an idea people seem to like. I

think they should definitely bring

it back. I think so, with

reservation. We had a ball getting

together with kids and friends.

Brisbane has a lot of fireworks. A problem could

problem could be getting the

fireworks, the ACT joining other

states to ban the sale. Queensland

Premier Anna Bligh scotched the

idea, saying it's all fun and games

until somebody losses a finger. Ron,

it seems Queensland's cracker night

is destined not to go off. It's a

fizzer, Jonathan Lea, thank you.

The inquest into London's 7 July

The inquest into London's 7 July

bombings headlines our report when

the 'Morning News' returns. Plus,

police undercover a secret tunnel connecting drug smugglers from Mexico to the United States.

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This program is live captioned.

You're watching the 'Morning News'

on Ten. The inquest into London's

7/7 bombings, named because of the 7

7 July date heard rescuers were

prevented by reaching the scene of

a blast by a human sea of survivors

leaving the station. Ten's Danielle

Isdale has that story and the rest

of the Europe report. Survivors and

victims' families are after answers

and closures and are hoping the

inquest delivers both.

inquest delivers both. Those

witnessesle Aldgate attack have

finished giving evidence after an

emotional week in court. It is

several hours after the bombings,

in a tunnel below Aldgate tube

station in Central London, a

firefighter signals that it's all

over. No further life down there.

Over the last three weeks those

whose lives are forever framed in

the journey of this train,

the journey of this train, 204,

have carefully, methodically re-

examined the savagery unleashed

upon them on the morning of 7 July

2005. You know, there's families in

there that lost their loved ones,

if I canopies anything together

they don't know at the moment, or

they were upsure of, then as I ids,

it's my duty. Day after

it's my duty. Day after day they

have made their way into the

hearing to talk graphically of the

devastation and mutilation which

they saw or endured themselves.

This diagram has been used in the

inquest to pinpoint the positions

of everyone in the carriage at the

moment of detonation, the seven who

died were pictured in Redd four

killed instantly, it's thought. The

inquests heard how the bomb, in a

inquests heard how the bomb, in a

blinding white light blew a crater

in the floor reducing the carriage

to a shell. Out of the darkness

emerged passengers like Steven, who

climbed into the carriage to cradle

Carrie Taylor in his arms, she was

24 and would die soon after. An

offduty police officer stepped

forward, using her belt as a torniquet

torniquet for Martine. What is the

debt of your gratitude. I don't

think you can sum up the depth of

that gratitude. I have just seen

her, and I wouldn't be here if it

weren't for her. People like that,

they don't come around a lot. Thank

god she was there. The Aldgate

hearing has learned of the

remarkable story of the remarkable story of the Philip

Duckworth, thrown to the tracks by

the force of the blast, blinded in

his left eye by a splinter from the

bomber's Shin bone and a severely

injured passenger, they'll me, who

described giving evidence as one of

the important things she has done

in a long time. For five years I

lived with the thought of the

person who was next to me, whose

hand I removed from my head, hand I removed from my head, that

perhaps I could have helped him. I

didn't because I thought he was

dead. And I was told today that he

died instantly, I feel a bit better,

but I also feel sad that I survived

and he died. Britain's Prime

Minister David Cameron is hoping to

create a technology hub in London to rival California's Silicon Valley, how,

Valley, how, by flogging an area

near the 2012 Olympic Park site to

top international technology firms

and investors. Welcome to the tech

capital of the world. Perhaps. This

is where the Prime Minister

believes the next Google or

Facebook will be founded. Here in

East London hundreds of online start ups

start ups clustered around this,

the Silicon roundabout. With

government support, could it be

possible for the silicon roundabout

to morph into Britain's answer to

Silicon Valley. It's a hop, skip

and a jump from the London Olympic

site and after the Games the Prime

Minister wants to turn some of the

venues into a huge extension of

London's high tech hub. Silicon

Valley is the leading place in the

world for high tech growth and

innovation. There's no reason why

it has to be so predominant. My

argument today is that if we have

the confidence to really go for it,

and the understanding of what it

takes, there's no reason why London

shouldn't be one of the challenges.

To bolster the challenge of silicon

roundabout the Prime Minister

pledged to review intellectual

property laws to property laws to encourage

innovation. property laws to encourage

innovation. Allowing companies an exemp

exemp shone to the caps, and

introduce a visa for those with

ideas and funding to move to Britain.

Britain. Entrepreneurs we spoke to

welcomed the announcement but said

there was a long way to go. We

spent more time than we would have

liked to to raising finance, a large part of that

large part of that is educating

what is happening in the online

space. Investors in Silicon Valley

are more clued up about what is happening. The Prime Minister may

not be able to fix that problem

that easily, but he is trying to

give tech start-ups some help in a

roundabout way. Finally this

morning British horror movie brands

'Hammer Films' is back on the big

screen after 30 years out of screen after 30 years out of the

game. He's been playing a boy

wizard for more than a decade. In

something of a coup for the newly

risen 'Hammer Films', Daniel

Radcliffe has been lured to their

dark side. 21, his first role sis

wrapping the last Harry Potter

movies is a Hammer production of

'The Woman in Black' Here he is

this week

this week taking the starring role

of solicitor Arthurkm/h in a movie of solicitor Arthurkm/h in a movie

version of 'A Ghost Story' which

has been running as a play for 21

years. There's a love affair with

Hammer, it's an easy thing. The

message for me is to get Hammer

known in the States, that's

important. Which is why as they shoot

shoot The Woman in Black in the

United Kingdom, the first movie

released under the new Hammer

banner was made in the US. 'Let Me

In', is the film. It has been

universally praised. Would you

still like me even if I wasn't a

girl. What do you mean. Founded in girl. What do you mean. Founded in

the '0s, synonymous with horror, at

one time Hammer led the field.

Lovers of this genre says for

Hammer to have impact it must

innovate. If Hammer is going to do

anything they'll do the rely on

stories, characters, suspense, and

stories, characters, suspense, and

get interesting film-makers, that's

the only real way to stand out of

the only real way to stand out of

the pack. 'Hammer Films' 'Let Me

In' opens in the United Kingdom

tomorrow. Danny Isdale reporting

from London. Indonesia's Mount

Merapi erupted again. Thick lava

has been pouring down the slopes, clogging rivers, volcanic dust

covered rivers up to 250km away. A

series of eruptions over the past two weeks claimed

two weeks claimed 44 lives and

forced 75,000 people to flee their

homes. Meanwhile people in Haiti

are trying to rebuild their lives

after the devastating earthquake in

January are facing another natural

disaster. Tropical Storms Tomas is

barrelling towards the island and

is expected to unleash rain and

winds. Health authorities are

stretched to the limit fighting cholera. TRANSLATION: cholera. TRANSLATION: It will be

bad for the patients, increasing

the number of patients. Some of the

1.3 million people living in

temporary shelters are being moved.

Most have nowhere else to go.

Police in the US and Mexico

uncovered a drug smug bers tunnel

that is more -- smugglers tunnel

more tan half a kilometre more tan half a kilometre one.

Lowering himself down this

policeman isn't potholeing but

searching a massive drug smuggling

tunnel. With a police system and

lighting, it was a way of running

drugs from warehouses in California

and Mexico, the tunnel running the

length of six football pitches was

found after a tip-off. Agents

followed a suspicious lorry leaving

a building they had under surveillance, at

surveillance, at a border

checkpoint it was found to contain

10 tonnes of marijuana, a married

couple from arrested, leading

police to a warehouse where they

discovered a further 15 tonnes. The

discovery was with the basic work

of the tunnel task force. There are

unhappy people in the cartel when

you lose that kind of tonage of

marijuana. Drug tunnels aren't a marijuana. Drug tunnels aren't a

rare site. They are increasingly

used by gangs overcoming border

security, after a month in

operation, this one failed to

Scotch the authorities. Just ahead

- a timely reminder to slip, slop,

slap, when the 'Morning News' returns.

And how you can get your hands on

the hottest TV tickets in town.


This is Ten's 'Morning News', with

summer around the corner, hopefully,

we are reminded about the slip,

slop, slap mess up, for more

slop, slap mess up, for more we are

joined by Professor Michael Kimlin,

from the kncentre for Research

Excellence In Sun and Health. Look,

notwithstanding the amount of rain

that seems to be falling across

this country at the moment,

Australia has the highest rate of

skin cancer anywhere in the world, skin cancer anywhere in the world,

why are we having so much

difficulty getting this message

through our thick heads. I think we

are doing a really good job in

general with sun protection in

Australia. Obviously we can do a

lot better, because as you say, we

do have the highest rates of skin

cancer in the world, and those

rates don't seem to be changing a

whole lot at the moment. So we need

to perhaps change our tact a little

and keep reminding people how

simple it is to protect yourself

from the sun, and the risk of skin

cancer. SPF, the sun protection factor in

factor in sunscreen is one of those

things that is confusing people.

What is considered a reasonable

level of protection in the SPF factor. Particularly for children.

Look, you know, I think the good

rule of thumb for folk is to

actually remember the higher the

number the more protection it gives,

and we recommend 30-plus sunscreen

as a minimum, as a way of protecting yourself against protecting yourself against

excessive sun exposure. We need to

remember that sunscreens shouldn't

be considered a first line of

defence, it should be part of your

arsenal of equipment you need to

use to protect yourself against the

sun. What are the other factors we

should look at. In particular the

easiest way to reduce sun exposure

is when possible to stay indoors.

We know some people have to work

and play for a living and need to and play for a living and need to

be outdoors, if you are outdoor,

and you don't have access to

sunscreen and other items, shade

helps, using appropriate clothing,

such as long sleeveed clothing that

is cool in sum are, and hats, hats

are a great way to reduce exposure.

That won't develop the bronzed

Aussie, what are the alternatives

to getting out in the sun to get brown?

brown? I would say if people are

desperate for a tan, they should

potentially look at using the -

apply yourself or the spray-on tans.

We don't recommend the use of

solariums or sun-baking to get a

tan. We know that those two things

increase your risk of skin cancer

dramatically. If people are

concerned they should look at concerned they should look at spray

tans or roll-on tans as an

alternative. With those things,

they don't provide UV protection.

You might appear brown, you are

getting very little in the way of

sun protection because of those

fake tans. I mentioned children

there, and their delicate skin,

what protection should we give

children if they need to be or are

out in the sun. Look, children are a

a very vulnerable population, and

we know that sun exposure during

childhood increases your risk of

skin cancer later in life. Anything

we do to reduce Sun exposure are

important. I think it's great when

we go to the beach looking at

parents having kids in the lycra

sunsuit. It's a wonderful way to

protect children's skin, combining protect children's skin, combining

it with sunscreen and a hat and

shade is a fantastic way of

reducing children's sun exposure.

Here is hoping we get enough

sunshine to go out and get a bit of

a tan. Professor thank you for

speaking to us, Professor Michael

Kimlin from the Australian Sun and

Health Research Laboratory. Oprah

fan, get ready. Today is the day

you can apply for tickets to her

two Australian shows, they are two Australian shows, they are

being recorded next month, audience

registration opens at 10:00am. It's

the news Oprah's ultimate

Australian fans have been waiting

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November 3pm, Sydney time. Due to overwhelming demand

overwhelming demand for tickets,

there'll be two 'The Oprah Winfrey

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You have to be 18 or over to go,

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heading your way. If you want to be

a part of the audience at the

Sydney Opera House go to

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Oprah gets here, good luck. The

latest on the QF32, when the

'Morning News' returns.

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This program is live

Returning now to our top story this

Newshour. Three airlines grounded

their A380 after an engine on a

Qantas airline foild yesterday.

John O'Doherty joins us live from

the Qantas base at Sydney Airport.

Considering each flight that's been

grounded has a potential to carry

450, 460 passengers every time it

takes off there's a potential for

thousands of passengers to be

affected. Absolutely. Well, Qantas has the

has the smallest A380 fleet of the

three airlines involved, so

worldwide the impact will be

enormous. Delays and cancellations

are inevitable. Airlines said they

are trying to do all they can to

accommodate practices, 'oipt said

the vast maij -- Qantas said the

vast majority of international

flights are operating, it's only a

handful that use the A380, here is

what they said a short time ago. We

have also grounded four other A380

flights which were due to floi out

of Los Angeles, Melbourne and also

-- fly out of Los r Melbourne and

Sydney. We'll get them -- Los

Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney.

We'll get them on alternative

arrangement. Two airlines that use

the A380 are Emirates and Air

France, they'll continue to do so.

I spoke to A380 passengers and they were

were about to fly to Auckland. I

asked them how they felt. I am not

that concerned. I hope that the

pilot does a good job, yes. It's

already. A bit apprehensive, you

know. It is what it is. What was

your reaction when you saw it on

the news. It's on the news every

broadcast, I have seen it 50 times.

Doesn't make it any easier to Doesn't make it any easier to fly,

I suppose. You have the passengers

on QF32, dying to get home, when do

we expect them. Qantas has flown a

replacement aircraft to Singapore,

due to take off 10:30 Singapore

local time. They'll arrive in

Sydney later tonight. No doubt to

keen families and friends. John O'Doherty reporting

O'Doherty reporting from Qantas HQ

in Sydney. The circus clown is

familiar to all of us, we are

supposed to laugh at their tricks,

for some a clown is more scary than

funny, making a trip to the show

terrifying. All the world loves a

clown, right? They play tricks.

They smile. They just want to make

you laugh. Come with me this way.

Why do so many of us find them so

terrifying. Funny or scary.

Terrifying. Chased by a clown. How

did you escape. We just, like, ran.

He was wearing clown shoes, you

can't run fast in clown shoes. Stop.

It's scaring me. Turns out that

much of the world loaths a clown.

Pissa. The evil clown has long

lurked outside the big top. From

the scary funny. To the scary bad.

Run. To the just plain scary. He's

selling you a perception of himed

that is so strident and -- himself

that is so viedent and resoundingly

false that it begs -- vibrant and

resoundingly false. Fear of clowns

is a reaction to the clown's mask.

It's eerie white face. The clown is

a very cadaveris figure, he has a

deathly particular o the rictos, of

a corpse, which is why the Joker is

an uncanny figure. Is the clown

smiling, Derry wonders, or baring

his teeth. It's the story told by

the clown in the Steven King novel

'It'. The man dangling the Tootsie

pop may not have your best interest

in mind. A story real in the case

of John Wayne Gacey, serial killer,

who dressed as Pogo the clown.

People are scared of clowns for a

reason. Come on. For a reason.

Everybody knows what goes on behind Everybody knows what goes on behind

the face paint. I understand a lot

of people are scared of clowns,

there are a lot of clowns out there

that are good citizens. Dorky ones,

they are not doing the face paint

justice. The rap group Insane Clown

Posse exploited the fascination Posse exploited the fascination

with wicked clowns to sell 10

million albums. But lead sippingers

violent J and Shaggy Too Dope are

not anticlown. The clown sometimes

puts out a good show. When they all

get out and are bopping and climb get out and are bopping and climb

out of a Volkswagen, that's not

scary, take them out of the three

ring circus, terror. If the fear of

clowns seems like a joke, it kind

of is. This is your trailer. Circus

clown Barry thinks it's a joke, a

bad joke. There are things on the

Internet, there seems to be a trend

where it's hip to act afraid of

clowns, but it's not real. Gen

cases of klouraphobia are rare. Did

clown college prepare you for the

fen omna that some people are

terrified by clowns. We never

addressed that. I've had adults say

to me "I know this is irrational,

but I'm scared to death of you,

could you go away", my job at that

point is to give them their space

and not break through the walls.

Back off. Exactly. This reporter

must not be Clouraphobic, because

he didn't find any clown scary. Are

you concerned that the polka-dot on

the nose is a little cute and

friendly. Are you saying I'm cute

and friendly because of my nose.

Maybe the nose by itself would be

cute and cuddly, connected to the

rest of my face, I think I'm evil.

The best clowns wear make-up and

costume that reflect the performer

underneath. I wouldn't hold the

door for Barry, but I will for

grandma, is this a clown joke that

I can't answer it. Maybe you should

go the other way. Mercy. That's

funny. Makes you think twice about

the old clown. Coming up in sport.

The latest Rugby League superstar

ready to defect to French rugby, we

tell you who it is, nment. Plus, --

next. Tiger, in the hunt to Le

claim his mantle as world number 1.

This program is live captioned.

Time for a look at the finance

markets, we are joined by Nick

Walter, from Macquarie Private

Health, we may be in for a ripper

of a day, with all the indicators

we have going for you. Should be a

positive day. US investors are positive day. US investors are

pleased with what the US Federal

Reserve did, injecting $600 billion

into the US economy. The US market

up 200 points last night, more than

2%. European markets, Japanese

markets up strongly, up more than

1.5%, carrying forward into our

markets, we expect it to be up 60-

70 points, if that's the case, our

market will push through 4,800, for

the first time in more than six

months, we are breaking our trading

range. There's momentum in the

market in Australia, it Augusters

well for the next couple of weeks.

Currency strong. We've broken

through parity, trading at 101.5,

and we'll hold that parity position

for the immediate term. Also the

monetary policy statement from the

Reserve Bank will be realiseed, Reserve Bank will be realiseed,

giving an indication as to why they

raised rates on Cup day, and we

expect positive statements from

them. They are not adjusting rates

to counter what is happening in the

economy at the moment, but trying

to prepare us for what is happening

next year, it will be interesting

as to what they say. Unfortunately

we suffer the pain now. Let me run

the numbers for you now:

Scott MacKinnon on board with sport.

Another Rugby League player ready

to do the jump and grab the French

cash. Sure is, this time it's Greg

Inglis, he's fed up and may not

play a game for the Brisbane

Broncos, he condemn plates a move

to French Rugby union, the

Queensland Origin centre told close

friends he's considering quitting

the NRL for a move to Toulon, the

former team of Sonny Bill Williams,

Greg Inglis is yet to show up at

Broncos training over a dispute

over a $113,000 legal bill wracked

up during his time at the Melbourne

Storm. Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens

is furious at suggestions that he's

cheepening the Australian jersey by

blooding for plairps,

'International Player of the Year',

Todd Carney will make his debut in

place of Darren Lockyer, and Billy

Slater will be rested in favour of

'Fullback of the Year', Darius Boyd.

Darren and Billy will play in the

final. The chance tore these lads

is to make the bench spot. Centre

Chris Lawrence, forwards Matt Scott

and Dean Young are the other

debutantes. The Wallabies will

field an unchanged line-up for the

fourth time under coach Robbie

Deans in Sunday morning's Test

against Wales. The Aussies hope to

condition with their running game

but are wary of winger Shane

Williams. If you kick to him, he'll

step through the team and score a

try that will be all over the news

and Youtube. That'll be something

we try not to do. Another Williams,

Sonny Bill Williams, will make his

debut this weekend with the All

Blacks, when they take on England.

Embattled Test batsman Marcus North

scoffed at reports he's Australia's

new captain in waiting, coming amid

reports of a division in the team

under one-day skipper Michael

Clarke. I've never seen it, there's

been nothing but support from the

guys and all the guys in the squad.

There's no issue. Marcus North will

captain WA in a tour match against

England starting in Perth. The

class of captain Steven Gerard

saves Liverpool in the Europe opena

league clash. Trailling 1-0 the

English triker scored a hat-trick

in 14 minutes sending the Anfield

faithful into raptures. It's Steven

Gerard, how about that. The Reds

finished 3-1 winners. Golf's new

world No.1 Lee Westwood and Tiger

Woods are looking set to go head to

head in China, playing at at HSBC

tournament in Shanghai, Woods 3

shots off the lead, Lee Westwood

one shot off the pace. In the hole.

He does hole the putts well.

Italy's Francesco Molinari leads

with a 7- under 65, Adam Scott the

best placed Australian in a tie for

9th. If Tiger wins the tourpt he

regapes the -- tournament, he

regains the No.1 rank. Scott

MacKinnon with sport. Weather when the 'Morning News' returns. We've got a 300ft jump... What's this? Hungry Jack's Cheeseburger Stunner, Chicken Burger Stunner, or Whopper Jr Stunner. Stunners from just 4.95!

You'd be crazy going past deals this stunning.

Very wintry conditions around many

of our major centres: That brings

you up to date with the new, I'm

Ron Wilson, handing you over to the

Ladeies in the sofa, our circular

ladies. Good morning to you Ron