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This program is captioned live. a Sydney doctor's car-jack ordeal - Tonight, of his burning BMW. locked in the boot and particularly this area, It's quite unusual for this country so it is quite worrying. Costly election promises - to pay up on their pledges? can either party afford to Pakistan's World Cup campaign And a tragic end of coach Bob Woolmer. with the shock death and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening.

fresh versus frozen vegetables - Also tonight, the surprise findings. we'll bring you And football fallout - after Sonny Bill's high tackle. Joey Johns to miss a match But first this evening, for a Sydney doctor, a terrifying car-jacking as his attackers set the car on fire. locked inside the boot He'd been rushing to deliver a baby two bandits pretending to be police. when he was pulled over by A burnt-out wreck -

of the obstetrician's BMW all that's left

with him still inside. after it was set alight to the Mater Hospital The 34-year-old was on his way from his Forestville home to a patient. after an early-morning call-out alongside him Just after 3am a red car pulled up streets at Crows Nest. on the corner of West and Falcon Claiming to be police, told the doctor to stop. the two men inside identification, He asked them to produce offenders reached into the car and at that point one of the and removed his ignition key of the vehicle. and demanded he step out with hammers, The doctor was threatened watch and wallet. then the thieves stole his phone, into the boot, After forcing the terrified doctor and armed with his PIN numbers, apparently withdrawing cash, they drove around,

He heard a click in the boot area "Get out of the car." and he heard someone call out, his car was engulfed in flames. He pushed the boot up and found

The victim left shaken by the ordeal. and quite fatigued He was quite distraught this morning

was to get back to his family and all he wanted to do and be with his young daughters. Police are appealing for public help for the disturbing attack. to catch those responsible

and particularly this area, It's quite unusual for this country so it is quite worrying.

Crime Stoppers. Anyone with information can call Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A State Government pledge tonight - over the next four years. no tax increases Labor is accused of telling lies. But a week out from the election, The Premier came to Aussie Stadium, service job cuts will be necessary underlining just how many public election promises. to fund the Coalition's but 40,000. It's not 20,000 sackings or cuts, of Aussie Stadium. And that's the capacity The Government says over the past month, its election promises

confirmed by Treasury, amount to $1.6 billion. from the Coalition. That compares to $7.2 billion lift this figure, The Coalition's pre-campaign pledges to $28 billion. according to the Government, Not so, says the Opposition Leader. The Labor Party is telling lies continually. and that's the point I've made The Treasurer attacking of the Coalition's costings. the longer-term implications put on watch, We would see our AAA credit rating

they were in government. as it was the last time

will be back in surplus next year The Premier says the State Budget and beyond, and he's given an undertaking in State taxes and charges that there'll be no increases over the next four years.

Because what's before you is funded. There's no need to. Why?

playing indoor bowls, The Opposition Leader, with limited success, at a retirement village, on his future plans, refusing to be drawn on Saturday. if the polls prove to be right You're not contemplating retirement? REPORTER: A retirement village. No. I'm not contemplating it! Paul Mullins, Ten News. Police are investigating claims assaulted an Independent rival. that a Liberal Party candidate in a series of dirty tricks It's the latest being fought out on the hustings. vandalism on the Northern Beaches The Greens say this environmental is getting dirty. is proof the State campaign on candidate Conny Harris's property More than 10 native trees were cut down overnight. Who do I think? and somebody who hates me. Somebody who hates the Greens tonight. The SES will clear the fallen trees but there are no eyewitnesses. Police have taken a report

How can anybody do that? why do you do this? Even though you have got an issue, in the seat of Sydney - Claims of dirty tricks too alleging he was assaulted Independent candidate Malcolm Duncan of his Liberal rival. as he pulled down posters there is someone behind me. The next thing I know

I get thumped in the bottom. He then turned around in front me

in the foulest possible language. and started abusing me this time." He said, "You're dealing with a wog

to dismiss the claims over the phone Edward Mandla was happy as ludicrous to face the cameras. but he wasn't willing "Fighting full-time for Sydney". He may well regret having as a slogan all the time. Look, these sort of things come up

I haven't spoken to him. There are two sides to the story. for the seat Sydney has confirmed The Liberal Party's campaign director here at Rose Bay that they are working with police of the assault allegations. to get to the bottom The strange thing about the fight for Sydney is that neither man is likely to win. Clover Moore has it virtually sewn up. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Broadcaster Alan Jones could be jailed for publicly naming a child witness from a murder trial. Today Jones was found to have broken the law by identifying the 14-year old on 2GB. Similar charges against his employer, Harbour Radio, and the publisher of the 'Daily Telegraph' were also found proven. The companies could be fined up to $5,500. Jones could be jailed for up to a year. This might come as a shock, but fresh is not always best when it comes to fruit and vegetables. The surprising find is revealed in a consumer watchdog study of fresh, canned and frozen foods. When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, most buyers think they know which is the most nutritious. I've got three small children and I do believe fresh is best, always. Fresh, definitely. I don't really like frozen vegetables. It just seems like maybe they don't have as many nutrients. These days most outlets store goods for days, weeks or even months at a time. And it seems the products simply don't stack up to those snap-frozen or processed within a day of picking. Where things are stored and treated with different sorts of polishes and waxes to prolong their shelf life, they're losing nutrients during that storing process. Supermarket giant Coles says: Even so... The quality of the fresh fruit has dropped so dramatically that now you can make a nutritional comparison between frozen and tinned and fresh, and the frozen and tinned will come up on top. 'Choice' tested six common vegies in their various forms and found broccoli was the only frozen vegetable less nutritious than its fresh counterpart. In fact, cooked frozen beans had twice as much vitamin C. And canned tomatoes had a lot more of a cancer-fighting antioxidant. Another problem with stored fruit and vegies is they lose their taste and texture, and that's particularly a problem for parents trying to encourage their children to develop good eating habits. 'Choice' suggests consumers opt for produce markets or an old-fashioned grocer that restocks with fresh supplies every day. Amber Muir, Ten News. Mystery surrounds the death of Pakistan's cricket coach, just hours after his team's shock loss to Ireland in the World Cup. His son believes stress may have killed him. Bob Woolmer's last day at the helm - watching his team fall in cricket's biggest upset.

COMMENTATOR: He's packing his bag, Bob Woolmer. Immediately on the streets of Multan, Pakistan fans called for the sacking of the captain and coach. They should be coached by some local players. They burnt effigies in disgust.

Woolmer's last public appearance was a post-match media conference. We are sorry that we performed like we had.

We didn't mean to do it. He was found unconscious by cleaning staff at the team's Kingston hotel just hours later. He had blood on him and there was vomit on the walls. He was fine. Bob was just fine. I mean, there were no problems, nothing whatsoever. His death is being investigated by police, the cause still unknown. His son believes it was stress or a heart attack. He was a great cricket man. He lived... his life was devoted to cricket. He's, you know, made a huge impact on world cricket, made a huge impact on English cricket. Woolmer played 19 Tests for England through the '70s before moving into coaching. He's been, I think, at the forefront of coaching for a long time. Two years ago he was employed by Pakistan, regarded as cricket's poisoned chalice. It was a reign marked by pressure and controversy. COMMENTATOR: Well, Bob Woolmer's heading in one direction - up the stairs and into the match referee's room. It was a drug scandal with two of his best players and now World Cup failure.

Sadly, it seems, at just 58 years of age, it may all have become too much. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and Andrew Johns up and about today? Yes, and Sonny Bill Williams is facing up to three weeks for his high shot on Joey. It's been graded a reckless tackle. Here's a little bit of what both players had to say today. Remarkably, Johns wants to be considered to play this week. Just a bit groggy and can't really remember much of yesterday. There was no malice in it, and, like I said, I spoke to him yesterday and he said he's sweet and there's no hard feelings. More later, including why the Bulldogs say

Sonny Bill's charge will set a precedent for the season. Also later, another stroll in the park at the World Cup for the Aussies. And a late night out has England vice-captain Freddie Flintoff in trouble.

The landmark program tackling our growing obesity problem - that story next. Also tonight, bashing breakthrough - two men charged over a brutal backpacker attack.

And a light show spectacular caps off the Harbour Bridge birthday celebrations.

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This program is captioned live. Sydney police have arrested two men over the vicious bashing of an Irish backpacker. A trail of clues from a mobile phone dropped at the scene led detectives to the suspects.

After months of phone taps, detectives this morning made their move, arresting two men over the bashing of Irish backpacker John Counihan. Police say Courtney Howell punched him to the ground before a second man stomped on his head, leaving him for dead outside the Royal Hotel in Bondi last September. John Counihan and his friends had been kicked out of the pub after a fight with the accused over a game of pool.

The Irish backpacker challenged them outside to fight. Police allege Courtney Howell grounded John Counihan with a single punch, then the co-accused proceeded to stomp on the head of John Counihan, rendering him unconscious. John Counihan had part of his skull removed after the attack. He's since largely recovered but suffers permanent brain damage. It was a horrific attack and it was something which shocked a lot of people

and really captured the hearts of people across Sydney. Detectives tracked their suspects

after Courtney Howell allegedly dropped his mobile phone at the scene. With phone taps, they allegedly heard him tell a friend: Police also say he was heard trying to make up false alibis in other conversations. Despite today's arrests, police say this investigation is still a long way from over. They allege a third man is now on the run in New Zealand, where he's being watched very closely by detectives there, who expect they will soon make an arrest. Courtney Howell is due in court next month.

Evan Batten, Ten News. A young worker has won her fight against an employer she claims bullied her to sign a workplace agreement. Hunter Valley truck driver Lorissa Stevens says she was sacked for refusing an AWA. The 21-year-old said her boss told her she would be black-listed if she didn't agree to give him 12 hours notice before taking sick leave. IR laws are a very scary thing. AWAs for young people, they need to be torn up. There's so many people out there in the world today that are getting affected by these laws.

Lorissa has agreed to an undisclosed payout and legal costs. A radical new plan to combat the soaring rate of diabetes. A 'Biggest Loser'-style intervention program is about to start, with dieticians and trainers to visit obese people in their own homes. Mother of three Susan Dunbiec is a prime candidate for type 2 diabetes. Her mother, Carmen, has the disease, as did her grandmother. But with twin daughters and her own health to consider, Susan is doing what she can to stop the genetic trend. You're more aware of it, it's here in your face, in your family. You're a bit more interested to know about it and hopefully we can control it so we don't get it. 2,000 people like Susan will take part in a pilot project that's proved successful overseas.

We're in a better position to be able to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes, to reduce pressure on health system but also improve the quality of life. The 4-year $3.8 million project will give practical advice to people on their diet and exercise. We're taking about people getting practical support, the support and the funding to do things for their help rather than just talking about it. Lots of people know what they're supposed to be doing but how many are actually doing it?

Around 50% of the population are overweight or obese - a contributing factor to diabetes, forcing the ambulance service to increase its number of super-size vehicles. The ambulances cater for patients heavier than 160 kilograms. It's believed around 2,000 people in NSW fit in that category. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Sydneysiders have soaked up the final hours of celebration for the diamond anniversary year of one our most loved landmarks. The Harbour Bridge's birthday bash culminating in a spectacular light show. The Coathanger's been a lot of colours over its 75 years. And again last night it was shining as brightly as ever.

In particular a stark white - a fitting tribute for its diamond anniversary. Thousands on the ground also helped out.

Most of all, those there helped organisers and caught public transport. I particularly thank our passengers for their patience during the course of the day. Most of the 200,000 who made the crossing caught trains and buses, making it all run pretty smoothly. Overwhelmingly it was the Sydney people who made yesterday a success and we thank them a great deal for that.

Unfortunately the big party did eventually have to come to an end. Everything's now flowing as normal. But there were a few things left to do today

on what is the bridge's official birthday. To help celebrate, those born 75 years ago today made the long trek to the summit of our most loved piece of engineering. While the bridge is still in good shape, it was their engineering being put to the test.

Couple of schooners to put the sweat back in, it'll be beautiful. And to top it all off - the birthday for our icon ended with another. Smoky Dawson's also a national asset. I've never been up on the bridge before - always been frightened of heights. He's even doing better than the Coathanger - today turning 94. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

If today he's eight Jury the

birthday. You know what it's like.

You have a big bash real birthday

on the weekend and then if the

bidet comes along at No 1 rings or

censor card. Had the 75th. censor card. Had the 75th. Raymond

why has it has gone a bit grey. Not

a lot in that unfortunate link.

There are some storms west of the

Rangers and west of Penrith. They

are not going anywhere than just

sitting there. Tomorrow - a warm

one and more sunshine as the wind turns a northerly.

turns a northerly. Let's go and

look at the birthday day for the

beat icon behind me. It was a grey

one, fittingly for our favourite

great object.

A warmer one tomorrow. Next, precious cargo - police discover a carload of stolen reptiles. And star wars - Hollywood celebrities throw their weight behind anti-Iraq protests.

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Just look for this sign and save. But hurry, because up to 15% off must end on March 31.

The M5 is in all sorts of trouble

tonight. Unfortunately it is a real

shambles for traffic trying to head

home in the south-west. There is

bang sound airport. There was a bad

bang sound airport. There was a bad smash this is no para road.

Everyone is trying to avoid the M5.

You can see what the traffic is

doing. It is not moving at all. It

is blocked up for 10 to 15

kilometres back to Chipping Norton

and Liverpool.

Federal Police agent Brice Steele, who was killed in the Garuda air crash, has been farewelled in Brisbane with full police honours. The 35-year old was one of five Australians killed in the crash almost two weeks ago. Today Commander Steele's widow, Kellie, summoned the strength to speak about the love of her life. I'm going to go over and hug and kiss Brice's casket one last time.

Thank you.

Federal Police colleague Mark Scott's funeral is to be held in Canberra tomorrow.

John Howard is bracing for another hit in the opinion polls after the Santo Santoro shares affair. Mr Howard says, while he's still angered by recent events, his economic record will win back public support.

As he flew back into the national capital after his surprise visit to the battle zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Prime Minister was well aware his government had sustained collateral damage in his absence, the loss of a second minister in as many weeks creating an air of crisis. I'm angry about them and I don't pretend for a moment they're not damaging. Mr Howard is confident his record of economic management will save him in the end. The Government's other strong point - security - will be on the agenda this week in a major speech on Iraq. The Prime Minister is taking heart from a briefing he received in Baghdad from the new American supremo, General David Petraeus. Early days, very early days. But he was positive about what had been achieved. The Government is expecting another hit in the opinion polls as Parliament resumes tomorrow, Kevin Rudd today attempting to take the high ground with another chapter in his education revolution - $65 million are for pilot programs to allow government and private schools to share resources. It's already being done at this Adelaide high school, The Opposition Leader also burying Labor's schools hit list once and for all. We want to boost funding for all schools, government and non-government. So will Labor pursue the Government on ministerial standards?

Well, just a little bit. Let's focus primarily, let's focus primarily on our alternative policy plans for the nation's future. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Police investigating an unconscious man in a car have found more than they bargained for, Police were called to a vehicle in Frankston this morning where a 21-year-old man was slumped over the wheel. Inside, they found $30,000 worth of reptiles stolen from Wildlife Wonderland.

Among them were pythons, freshwater crocodiles and bearded dragons. Absolute relief to actually get these guys back. It'll be great to actually get them back into the correct conditions that they require, especially after being out for such a cold night. Hopefully, they're all good and healthy. One snake and some lizards are still missing.

Police are yet to speak to the 21-year-old man. Hollywood stars have joined thousands of Americans in a weekend of demonstrations against the Iraq war. Marches were held across the country to mark the fourth anniversary of the US-led invasion - 'West Wing' star Martin Sheen leading the condemnation of the Bush Administration. It's given us an obscene war and they have no leadership and no credibility. They are disgraceful. They all belong in the federal penitentiary, all of them. Another seven American soldiers were killed at the weekend, taking the US death toll to 3,218. US authorities have been accused of drugging Australian terror suspect David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay. Hicks's military lawyer, Major Michael Mori, claims his client was given a liquid medicine

and told it was to treat his stomach problems. The 31-year-old says he started feeling drowsy and was then taken to a room and told he was facing fresh charges. His trial is due to start next Tuesday. New Zealand farmers living near a volcano have been cut off after a massive crater lake burst its banks, sending more than a million cubic metres of water and volcanic ash down the slopes of Mount Ruapehu. It burst through a 40m breach yesterday morning. No-one was hurt but authorities closed roads in the area. The lake level has dropped by 6m and most of the debris, including rocks and trees, has been washed out to sea. The mountain is the highest peak on the North Island. It was used in the 'Lord of the Rings' movies as the location for Middle Earth. Does the State Government have tunnel vision on transport issues? That story coming up. Also, the efforts to reunite a trapped dolphin with its mother. And drink-driving shame - Mimi Macpherson loses her licence, yet again. Peter Debnam said he'll cut 20,000 workers from our public services. What will this mean? Fewer nurses, fewer teachers, less police. Peter Debnam:

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This program is captioned live. Tomorrow at 5:00 - the sluggish NSW economy. As we approach the State election, we reveal those hardest-hit. There is, perhaps, a class of people who aren't better off. Ten's State campaign coverage, tomorrow at 5:00. Top stories this news hour - a terrifying car-jacking for a Sydney doctor. He was robbed and threatened with hammers before being locked inside the boot of his own car as his attackers set it alight. The doctor was on a late-night call-out when two men posing as police officers pulled him over. And a consumer watchdog study has revealed fresh is not always best when it comes to vegetables. The 'Choice' report found many outlets store food for weeks, even months at a time, and snap-frozen vegetables can be healthier. Tonight, our election focus turns to one of Sydney's biggest frustrations - roads and transport.

Experts say the basics are there - we just don't use them properly. It's a fundamental role of State Government -

getting people from A to B. The problem is, whether you're on public transport or in your car, it can be a slow road to home. Had enough, had enough of Iemma's Government. They took two hours of my life and I want them back! Peak-hour traffic snarls, trains running late and buses that never arrive. Even so, the Government is giving itself a tick. People are coming back to public transport and that shows their impression of it is changing, their experience of it is changing. The Coalition sees transport as a Labor weak spot, arguing a train arriving five minutes before or after it's due should not be considered on time. We have less people catching trains today than we did in 1999. Transport analysts Chris Stapleton and Ken Dobinson say we have enough roads, we just don't know how to use them. They recommend a better integrated system of buses, light and heavy rail.

We need to get it so that people making all journeys have a choice in public transport. At the moment they can get to the city, they can maybe get to their local station, but they can't get around easily. A report has revealed

motorists coming in from the north-west

spend almost two hours more a week in gridlock than they did a decade ago. Not so, according to the Roads Minister. There's a million extra vehicles on our roads but travel times have remained, basically, static over the last decade. And with the advent of several motorways and tunnels across our city, the cost of getting around the road network is, unquestionably, a major election issue.

The Lane Cove Tunnel opens the day after the election and again it's residents of north-western suburbs who'll cop it, some paying up to $23 a day to get into the city and back. And not only are they paying more on toll roads, but those who actually remain on the public transport system

are paying higher fares. No promises the tunnel vision is about to end. That would be an issue for the future in debate with the community. We learnt that lesson, and we'll move forward to develop the roads that are required. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A fair day for the stock market, spurred by takeover talk.

$1.23 the average price of regular unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight, down 4 cents since Friday. Seen as low as $1.17 at South Strathfield. Dolphin rescuers are hoping

time and tide will help free a pod of dolphins trapped in a weir. The mother and her two calves were separated when the boat lock closed. Authorities were concerned for the younger dolphin, which still relies on its mother, and tried to coax Mum out to sea. Instead, the baby swam to her, leaving all three trapped in the harbour. Boats attempted to guide them out without success. During separation, when the two were on each side, there might have been some cause for alarm, but once reunited there's no problem at all. It's hoped the pod will find their own way out to sea at high tide.

Mimi Macpherson has done it again - today disqualified from driving for a third time. She's been ordered off the roads after being caught driving with a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. Miriam Francis Gowe, best known as Mimi Macpherson, will have to get used to being a passenger for the next nine months. The whale activist has been convicted of drink-driving, again. Gold Coast police pulled her over in the same grey Mazda in November last year for driving without headlights on. Her blood alcohol reading was 0.147, almost three times the legal limit. Six years ago in NSW she was also found guilty of drink-driving, receiving a fine and disqualification. She was caught doing the same thing in Hervey Bay in 1995.

In court today the police prosecutor said: Supermodel Elle Macpherson's sister was keen to avoid today's media attention. A man she was with tried to lock journalists out of the open court room. After pleading guilty to the charge, Ms Macpherson said she was very sorry and realised it was a serious matter, but she said a similar thing after the last case.

Drink-driving is a very serious thing and I made an error of judgment. Today, she remained tight-lipped outside court. Do you have anything to say at all, Mimi? She was also fined $1,050. If she doesn't pay could spend 21 days in jail. Summer Burke, Ten News. In

In an it's a bit grey out there all

day today. Bits out our favourite

place of great - wouldn't have it

any other way. A few showers

falling at the moment. Across the

weekend it got reasonably heavy but

hardly the places we wanted it

falling. There were some out west

and some storms west of the Rangers.

Tomorrow as sticky one at your

place. There will be more blue-sky

but cloudy periods as well.

This time next week will be

broadcasting from the back of the

hotel. It will be a great rip and I

planned a have a good time. Sport now with Tim Webster,

and cricket's world cup rocked by the death of Pakistan's coach. Yes - ahead, a tribute from the Aussie team to mark Bob Woolmer's sad passing. Plus, we'll cross live for the start of Monday night football. Also, why Joey Johns was happy to accept an apology from Sonny Bill Williams

for a knockout blow. And Brad Hodge cracks his first international one-day ton as the Aussies down the Dutch.

In 18 months, I've been working to improve services for families.

We're opening trade schools so young people can start an apprenticeship at school, setting up after-hour GP centres to cut emergency waiting times. We've trained 750 new police with another 750 on their way. There's more to do, so on Saturday, I'm asking for your support to get back to work and see these plans through.

CRASH! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's

This program is captioned live. League's revamped season takes on a new look tonight with the return of Monday night football. Adam Hawse is out at Aussie Stadium, and what could be better - the Roosters versus Souths local derby.

Be in has been a decade since we

saw Monday-night 40 on a regular

basis. The jury is out on whether

it will be a success this year but

the fans are rolling in and

respecting 20,000 despite some rain.

Askance late today clear to Johns

of any facial fractures though it

is very doubtful of him playing on

the weekend. He was looking groggy

today. Williams has been charged

with a year upgraded to a reckless high tackle. Johns arrived at Knights headquarters with scans and an almighty headache. Sonny Bill Williams gave Joey and himself an early finish to yesterday's showdown in Newcastle. Just a bit groggy. Can't really remember much of yesterday. Just really tired and lethargic. I just felt like sleeping.

I went home last night and slept all night. Yeah, just felt pretty ordinary. Johns revealed he feared a broken cheekbone and a long stint on the sidelines. Williams, meantime, hit the sand during a Bulldogs recovery session.

The big Kiwi phoned Johns last night, relieved he'd escaped serious injury. There was no malice in it and, as I said, I spoke to him yesterday and he said he's sweet and there's no hard feelings. I've known him for a while and he said it was an accident and I take his word for that. He's not that sort of player

and I think he was pretty shaken up by it too. The game's greatest player telling coach Brian Smith he still wants to be considered for Friday's match with the Dragons. The Bulldogs maintaining Williams didn't deserve to be sent off, and issuing a warning if that's the benchmark for dismissals... Yeah, the judiciary's going to be very busy, I would think. The judiciary won't be busy with Tonie Carroll. The veteran Bronco has been cleared of eye-gouging due to a lack of video evidence. But his captain Darren Lockyer is out for four weeks with an ankle injury.

The premiers sent to the sandpit after losing to the Cowboys, Brent Tate leading the way.

Up there and at the South Sydney

have a new look at. Yes they have

splashed out on new suits. They

left it with their new $1,000 suits

on and they look pretty flash. They

have overtaken the Roosters as the

glamour boy is of all we get there. As we reported earlier, the cricket World Cup has been rocked by the sudden death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer just hours after their upset loss to Ireland.

Teams will wear black armbands during their next matches as a mark of respect. Aussie coach John Buchanan says

the game has lost one of the great innovators. From a coaching perspective,

I think he's certainly left a huge legacy that we could all follow. Inzamam-ul-Haq has also called an end to his one-day career

and quit as Test captain after the team's humiliating exit from the tournament. More World Cup drama - England vice-captain Andrew Flintoff has been sacked over a night out drinking with his team-mates. Much smoother sailing for the Australians, with a big win over the Netherlands, and the first team to win consecutive one-day internationals by more than 200 runs. Dutch courage was never going to be enough against the world champions -

the Australians ruthless and crowd-pleasing. COMMENTATOR: Have a look at this! It's Aussie Rules style. They fly for it. The Dutch fielding alternately abominable... Oh, he dropped it. ..and brilliant. Ricky Ponting's sharp dismissal the cue for Brad Hodge. There he goes. And there it goes. Andrew Symonds a more than interested spectator as the player who took his spot did his best to hold onto it -

Hodge belting seven sixes in his maiden one-day international ton. Twice before he'd been stranded in the 90s. You think that a 99 and a 97 not out, just running out of time. You think you may never get there again. Hodge and Michael Clarke putting on a World Cup record fourth wicket stand of 204, the Aussies losing just five wickets,

setting mission impossible for the Netherlands. And it's in the air and the Australians have got a wicket. Brad Hogg bagging four wickets, Glenn McGrath became just the second bowler to claim 50 World Cup scalps. A handy warm-up for the big one against South Africa. When you see us take the field on Saturday it'll be all guns blazing and us out to play the best game of cricket we've played in a long time. England scored an unimpressive 51-run win over the enthusiastic Canadians without Andrew Flintoff, the all-rounder dropped from the match and sacked from the vice-captaincy over a drunken night out, reportedly rescued after falling from a pedal boat. Five of his team-mates were also reprimanded.

It was a big mistake and a bad mistake, but I don't see any drinking culture within the England cricket team.

Leanne West, Ten News.

A fine bowling performance by Doug Bollinger has sparked NSW's bid to claim the Pura Cup final against Tasmania. Tassie were 7/283 at stumps. Bollinger ripped through the Tigers' top order.

He grabbed five wickets, including opener Tim Paine for a duck. Tasmania only need a draw to win their maiden Pura Cup title, while NSW must win outright to claim their 45th. Lote Tuqiri believes it's up to the senior players

to help snap the Waratahs' streak of five games without a win when they take on the Blues in Auckland on Friday night. Second from the bottom of the Super 14 ladder,

the Tahs face a mammoth task against the second-placed Blues, who welcome back their All Blacks players. But Tuqiri says all it will take is a bit of confidence, communication and some midfield selfishness. I've got to get back to playing when I want the ball I've got to get the ball in my hands, being a bit selfish when I do want it and need it. And Brumbies skipper Stirling Mortlock touched down in Sydney this afternoon nursing two fractured bones in his hand. It's the third time the big centre has been forced out this season, and this time he could be missing for up to six weeks. As the Grand Prix roadshow moves on from Melbourne, some key figures are playing down talk of a night race. Kimi Raikkonen's winning Ferrari was back under wraps during the big clean-up at Albert Park. The cold hard light of day fuelled more speculation about a night Grand Prix, especially after the event's third lowest crowd figures in 12 years. We will be working on building attendance and I'm not sure a night race will turn out to be the key to that. The Victorian Government is also becoming more cautious, saying the revenue would have to outweigh the costs

to get the green light. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, Wellington gets the A-League franchise for New Zealand, plus all the action and reaction from tonight's Roosters-Rabbitohs clash.

There are not many options for

drivers in banks town tonight. I

can't offer any suggestions. There

is a really bad smash on the M5.

Here is Canterbury Road it. There

is no relief. The M5 smashes

causing all sorts of

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and choosing an excess that suits you. And on top of that, unlike most others, for understanding, not just insurance.

Time to get all the weather details.

We have had a few calls from

viewers about what you're wearing.

Bayadere. Telling me about fashion.

It must have been a big day Es and

a because she still looks a over -

hung over Harbour. Send a card and

you are so called because you know

what it's like when you have a

birthday party on the weekend. We

have a few showers right now.

Tomorrow it will be this sunnier

and 31 degrees. I need to tell you

about and hand it to hold. They are

a family group and one of their own

is 15 and he has leukaemia or

another they are raising money for

the Starlight Foundation. On Friday

night they're having a big bash at

Terrey Hills. They have lots of

items signed by favour famous

sports papal and a guitar signed by

the Rolling Stones. All the money

will go to the Starlight Foundation.

Let's get in your backyard right

now. It's a bit soggy but not a lot falling from the sky.

A thick cloud band over South

Australia and North and Victoria

and southern New South Wales is

being fed by next tropical moister

and producing the rain and thunder.

Tomorrow that moisture will

continue to interact with the jet

stream to cause rain across South

Australia Victoria and inland New

South Wales. There will be patchy

rain and thunderstorms for South

Australia, Victoria and southern

New South Wales. Widespread showers

across tropical. We are going on

tour. This time next week will be

out the back of Burke, broadcasting

from the back of Burke hotel. Will

go to my crew Lightning Ridge one week to go.

Happy 75th birthday to the old lady

of Sydney. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Sandra Sully will have the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.