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This program is captioned live. Tonight, the next top cop - to make our streets safer. Andrew Scipione vows that we drive crime down. It's about making sure A stern warning for drink-driving. as radio's Steve Price is punished And growing resistance of Aboriginal communities. to John Howard's overhaul and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the environmental backlash Also tonight, huge desalination plant. against Sydney's

And he's leaving it all behind - star halfback Craig Gower. Penrith agrees to release

a new era for the NSW police force - But first this evening, has been appointed Deputy Commissioner Andrew Scipione 20th Police Commissioner, as the State's and corruption. pledging a crackdown on crime

the force's worst-kept secret - The Premier unveiling

the State's new top cop, Andrew Scipione. 49-year-old Deputy Commissioner

What will happen is a smooth transition to a new era

with Commissioner Scipione. no illusions about the task ahead, And the 27-year veteran has Ken Moroney, replacing retiring Commissioner who stands down on September 1. Where do I start? from the ground up. I'm going to have to start building

I welcome, personally and professionally, Andrew's appointment. a strong field Andrew Scipione defeated Terry Collins, that included Deputy Commissioner

of the counter-terrorism command Assistant Commissioner and the head Nick Kaldas, Deputy Commissioner, Simon Overland, and the Victorian the Melbourne gangland wars. a key figure in solving that we continue to fight crime. The only game in town is to ensure his first big test. He concedes APEC security will be We're as ready as we can be, to hone our skills. but we will continue you can't take your eye off the ball, On corruption, Andrew Scipione says eliminated altogether. but it's something that will never be but there's a long way to go. We have come a long way

for some criticism Andrew Scipione came in in the Cronulla riot report to a lack of operational experience, and his critics have pointed but his appointment has been welcomed and the police union. by the Opposition will generally welcome the fact Well, I think front-line police a home-grown commissioner. that the Government has selected

of someone By and large the appointment

of the NSW police from within the ranks is welcomed. Paul Mullins, Ten News.

A Sydney magistrate wants all drivers banned from drinking any alcohol, drunken celebrity off the road. after ordering another for six months Shock jock Steve Price disqualified over the limit. for riding his scooter Today was one day when radio star Steve Price wished he wasn't in the public glare, for mid-range drink-driving fined $1,000 for six months and ordered off the road caught him at 0.08 after a random breath test with his wife. riding home in April on his Vespa when I shouldn't have been. Look, I was stupid in driving

and I was over the limit. I had too much to drink

and two glasses of pinot He admits to two beers but told North Sydney Court they were standard drinks. he stupidly thought

I mean, how dumb's that? Now left to get around on foot to get to work, and using his pushbike and the bus the rules are too complicated. Price says Now, any restaurant that tried in a glass, to serve you 100ml of red wine and top your glass up. you'd ask the waiter to come back launched a scathing attack Magistrate Andrew George on drink-driving laws. and dozens of other drink drivers He says the reason Mr Price fill his courtroom is because they're getting the wrong message. for all drivers. He wants to see zero tolerance Price's case comes prepares to appeal as Seven News boss Peter Meakin his sentence of weekend detention drunk. for also getting behind the wheel the humiliation isn't worth the risk. Price says we were in the playground My 8-year-old, and she ran up and pointed at me "Daddy, you're a bloody idiot." Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. has shrugged off claims The State Government its desalination dream

environmental nightmare. will end up a power-guzzling it's not worth the risk, Green groups say

rapidly filling. especially with Sydney's dams Even the stormy weather can't cloud the State Government's long-term vision at Kurnell. for a $2 billion desalination plant the world's biggest dam, We're tapping into and it's on our doorstep. and that is the ocean, today dismissed claims Water Minister Nathan Rees an environmental disaster the project will become

as rubbish. isn't so sure. But the Kurnell community studies and management plans 21 out of the 22 environmental still haven't been completed. There's bound to be environmental damage. and we know there will be. There has to be environmental damage certainly thinks so. Dr Charles Esserly and government consultant says The former Sydney Water engineer being a huge energy drain, aside from the plant to more coastal pollution. it would also lead

from that desal plant, For every litre of water we produce

as raw sewage within 24 hours it'll be discharged

into the ocean outfalls. And, effectively, this desal plant beach pollution. is just going to increase All this at a time

when Sydney dams are the fullest they've been since 2004. we don't need a desalination plant Environment groups say that proves and residents of Kurnell say, at the very least,

the latest dam levels afford the Government more time to better research the project. Sutherland Council wants complete transparency. that he will take a breather and have a look at those studies and make sure we're not going to have an environmental disaster with this plant. But even dams at 50% won't slow the project down. That's either half full or half empty - the way you look at it. Danielle Isdale, Ten News, The first attempt to refloat the stranded 'Pasha Bulker' has been postponed for 24 hours. Salvage experts warn it may take more than one attempt to pull the carrier off the beach in Newcastle

and they won't rush the job. It is aimed for Thursday evening but if conditions and weather isn't right for Thursday evening, we will look at Friday, we will look at Saturday. We've said that this will be a long process. in case the hull leaks during the operation. It's claimed families fleeing Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory ahead of police and troops of bully-boy scare tactics. are victims The Government says some community leaders are deliberately trying to stir up trouble. are Aboriginal communities in central Australia suffering documented social breakdown. Mal Brough is sending police, social workers and health services in from tomorrow to scope the situation. The army is providing logistics and later, doctors and medics. People are putting around to take their children away, that the army is coming in to shoot the dogs, and the Government is going to take away their money and make them sit there and do as they're told. Dawn Bradbook from the Mutitjulu community

told the Minister the usual suspects are at work. Standover bully-boy tactics and lies upon their people for too long. And the Minister says Aborigines threatening to ban tourists from Uluru don't have the authority to do so. And he says the Government's not about a short-term election ploy. We are here for the long haul. You will demonstrate that over the next couple of weeks. On Cape York, Labor leader Kevin Rudd endorsed the tough-love approach championed by Noel Pearson and taken up by the Prime Minister. Mr Pearson says Aborigines themselves must show leadership on the ground. Kevin Rudd or John Howard will only be successful to the extent that we also share a determination to get on top of the problems. But in an open letter to the Government, fear Mal Brough's tactics will only make matters worse. Mal Brough is drawing too heavily on his military background to swoop into our communities and do a quick fix. There was a breakthrough today for the PM's plan

when two more States agreed to send police to the Territory - Tasmania, and finally Queensland came on board. But not before Premier Beattie extracted $12 million for police housing in his State. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Kevin Rudd's wife has been cleared of any wrongdoing over claims she deliberately underpaid staff. Last month it was revealed a firm bought by Therese Rein had underpaid 58 workers by as much as $70,000. The incident caused major embarrassment for the Opposition Leader and led to Ms Rein vowing to sell off the Australian arm of her business. Today the Office of Workplace Services found that while the company technically breached the law, the underpayments were accidental and each worker has since been repaid. A look at sport now with Tim Webster - and the Blues playing for pride in Origin III. Yes, the selectors have made only a couple of changes to the starting squad. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us, and one of those changes was forced on them by injury anyway? It is a remarkable show of faith by

selectors with the Blues having

already lost the series. They have

dropped bring Dwight and brave and

master because he was unavailable.

The and the new face is a lot The and the new face is a lot Paul Gammon. He got the news and was

very happy. He joins Brett, Morley

and Greg Bird from the sharks in the side.

Craig Gower has agreed to join a

French rugby union side. He got a

release from the last to use of his

Penrith contract. He has been unhappy

unhappy with off-field unhappy with off-field incidents and he's a fresh start. Also ahead, a wet start for Wimbledon - Alicia Molik the only Aussie to make it onto court in a rain-interrupted day, but she made the most of it and advanced to the second round. We'll hear from Alicia shortly. Also, first pics of Tiger Woods's baby, and the out-of-form Swans were told by a group of kids today "they suck". faces a Sydney court An American sailor accused of being a sexual predator - that story next. Plus, where's the charity?

Sacked workers take on St Vincent de Paul. And a sinister haul - Customs officers seize a terrifying shipment of weapons. If you need staff, I can help. Hospitality is one industry that can never find enough staff, which is why they turn to us. They sent Pam along for an interview. She was 56, had the right attitude. She just needed some on-the-job training. Mature-aged workers can bring a lot of experience to a job. And I find them to be very reliable. She's very competent and efficient. She's now working for me full-time. And, yeah, she's an important part of the team. Employers are often surprised by what's out there. The trick is not to pigeonhole people. If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit (Speaks Italian) delivers 200 kilowatts and class-leading 6-cylinder fuel economy. The game has changed. Make your move. This program is captioned live. Two charity workers are fighting to get their jobs back, claiming they've been unfairly sacked by Saint Vincent de Paul. They say they were fired after complaining about their boss. As trainers at St Vincent de Paul, Maria McNuff and David Patterson taught the volunteers who help Sydney's homeless and poor. But now they've been left without an income after being sacked by the charity two months ago. The pair claim they were fired after complaining about their supervisor. They cannot believe - they have been in shock that they've been terminated. Because it's not just the time they've worked for St Vincent de Paul, for the society for years. they've been volunteers Giving evidence at the Industrial Commission, Maria McNuff said her boss had been rude, unfair and had acted in a derogatory manner - even shredding emails which workers had written complaining about stress. Her team banded together, taking their concerns to management as a group. Management said, "No - you must deal with it as individuals," and when they refused to do so, they sacked them. The two trainers and compensation for lost earnings. According to the union, this case shows Vinnies has forgotten its own mission statement - "To strive for a more just and compassionate community." But the charity insists it's done nothing wrong. Certainly in this instance, we have done all we can - we've acted as fairly and as reasonably as we can. And we now place our trust in the Commission. The Vinnies boss says the charity needs

the best available workers to staff its operations. Maria McNuff and David Patterson hope they can again be part of that team. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. after a NSW paedophile sting is tonight awaiting release from jail. Petty Officer David Budd was picked up on Saturday, following a conversation he allegedly had with a police officer on the Internet who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. Commonwealth prosecutors today agreed to bail with strict conditions, one which states he's not to leave Australia. Budd was part of a US navy training exercise in Rockhampton that finished last week. He could be out of prison by tonight

if the navy meets all his bail requirements. Doctors have switched off the life support machine for a pedestrian run down in Chinatown on Saturday night.

Last night police charged the alleged driver with dangerous driving occasioning death.

The 30-year-old has already appeared in court on charges of drink-driving and driving without a licence after four pedestrians were hit on the corner of Hay and Sussex streets.

He's due in court again next month. Customs officials claim hundreds of swords and knives seized in Melbourne were destined for teenage gangs. concealed in a shipping container. A frightening haul of deadly weapons Customs officials claim was destined for our streets. This comes apart, so you could carry that down the street and somebody thinks you're just going for a stroll. You pull that out and you could do some serious damage. The illegal cache of swords and knives includes a lethal array of double-sided daggers, fantasy blades and concealed sabres, favoured by some teenage street gangs. They're sold usually to young kids on the street - young gangs who would rather have a weapon that looks ferocious rather than their mother's kitchen knife. More than 400 of the sinister objects were discovered by Customs at its Melbourne detection terminal, declared as harmless ornaments inside a shipping container which had arrived from China. The find led investigators to a south-east Melbourne home, where they seized another 500 weapons - the booty estimated to be worth $200,000. A lot of these goods come in as ornaments, they come as novelties, they come in sometimes disguised as legitimate knives rather than these sort of knives. Countering criticism only a handful of containers are inspected at the nation's ports, Customs says it's the 101st seizure of illegal weapons this year on top of several large hauls of drugs and contraband.

Gerard Scholten, Ten News.

And checking the weather week in

Bailey. That is a very wintry day.

He is a record with 500 mm of rain

in June - the most since 1950 - small storms coming for the south

coast - and a 4th East Coast load

in a month. The loan will moves

lower the south with torrential

rain expected and gale force winds

on the south coast up to 90

kilometres per hour. Absolutely

dangerous surf conditions. As far

as Sydney is concerned the good

news is will be 0 of his mind but

we will experience strong cold

winds and showery days tomorrow.

Let's have a look at the sky watch. This day was hit by the ugly stick.

Showers and heavy falls Nash the

city. Winds got up to around 57

kilometres per hour out. The Andy

Goode's Bott in tinned Bailey's day is your weather photograph.

A delightful photo. If you send a

photo you will be in the running

for a Sony MD can. Tomorrow will be

a grey, windy and showery day with

tops of 16 degrees and caution

needed on the south coast with that

line intensify fairly close to the coast line moving south, dangerous

surf, gale-force winds and torrential rain. Communities overwhelmed -

next, ferocious flames destroy hundreds of homes. And a helicopter door crashes down to earth, hurtling into a horrified crowd. Excuse me, sir. Are you the famous Colgate 360? Yes, I am. Is it true that you have a tongue cleaner? Actually, it's a cheek and tongue cleaner. You see, kid, 80% of bacteria are not on your teeth. Colgate 360 cleans: Removing more bacteria for a whole mouth clean. I want to have a cheek and tongue cleaner just like you. Colgate 360 is now available with the power of sonic vibrations.

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Let's check the traffic. Another miserable miserable night on the roads. A as

we welcome the rain band we are

welcoming a major traffic delays.

Look at that stretch of traffic that the motorists have to contend

with at to reset the. The delays

extend back to the airport and

Padstow and Campbelltown. It is a

horrible traffic drive home

westbound. The good news is known

major accidents or breakdowns -

just very heavy traffic. We will update you after sport. Outrage over a deal between and the woman at the centre of Melbourne's bloody CBD shooting spree. Victims of Crime groups are appalled, labelling any proceeds "blood money." From a suburban existence, the Douglas family thrust into celebrity status. Bunkering down amid revelations shooting victim aspiring model Kaera Douglas has enlisted the help of agent to the stars, Harry M. Miller. We're just making no comment at the moment. The agency has confirmed it was approached by the family four days after the tragic shooting in which father of three, lawyer Brendan Keilar lost his life coming to the aid of Ms Douglas, Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard also shot trying to help her. Victims of crime groups are outraged over the deal. We'd prefer to see these types of things,

where there's blood money involved, to be cut out some way or another. the Miller Group claims In a statement,

Ms Douglas wants any proceeds from her story to be donated to the Keilar family or to a charitable foundation. I think Harry M. Miller should be focusing on bimbos and soapies because he has expertise in that field, but victims' suffering he does not know. Mr Keilar's widow was too distressed to comment on the revelations. Kaera Douglas now in a stable condition at Royal Melbourne Hospital. The hospital has confirmed it was contacted by the Miller Group yesterday and told about the family's agreement. Ironically, the celebrity agency itself today declined an on-camera interview, saying there were just too many requests to talk. And another exclusive deal could be around the corner, a number of outlets are already vying for Mr de Waard's story. Allan Raskall, Ten News. 240 homes destroyed and counting - firefighters are still battling to contain a devastating bushfire in Calfornia. Hundreds more homes are being threatened by the flames that have razed at least 1,000 hectares. The area around Lake Tahoe is a popular holiday spot a disaster zone. Many people have been evacuated and are unsure when they'll be able to return to where their homes once stood. That really hurts. I mean, it's been a great part of our lives, and just to see it gone... Strong winds are fanning the flames and it's not expected they'll be contained for at least two more days. At least three people are dead and hundreds more are stranded as a killer deluge causes chaos in Britain. It's the wettest June day on record, with a month's downpour in a matter of hours.

England under water in the middle of summer - the north-east of the country has borne the brunt of the floods and tragedy. A 28-year-old man drowned while trying to clear a drain. He was trapped up to the neck for some hours, to save his life. but police divers were unable A 13-year-old boy was swept to his death when a river near his playground burst its banks. And a 68-year-old man died getting out of his car in fast-moving floodwater. A dramatic rescue in Sheffield - three Sea King helicopters winched stranded workers to safety. 200 were trapped in a mail distribution centre. a bit desperate now.

We've got no power, we've run out of food, so it's getting a bit critical. Elsewhere, major roads turned to raging rivers. Cars up to their wheel arches in water struggled through, local roads closed altogether and waterlogged cars abandoned. More than 200 homes have been evacuated. SIRENS WAIL Residents know the drill - it's the third time in four years they've been swamped. Emergency shelters swung into action as schools shut down. Rescuers saved 50 dogs stranded in a kennel while cattle came under threat as land already soaked was hit again. Already we look like smashing the all-time record since records began. In fact, some places have had a month's worth of rain in just one day. 20 severe flood warnings are in place with further downpours forecast. Emily Groves, Ten News. A former world champion wrestler and his family have been found dead in their home in the US. 40-year-old Chris Benoit was discovered along with his wife and 7-year-old son in different rooms of their multimillion-dollar mansion. Mr Benoit was located in a weight room and the minor child was located upstairs in a bedroom. Police say they're treating the deaths as a murder suicide. It's believed the wrestler killed his wife and child over the weekend, then himself on Monday. An air show accident in Ireland - a door falling off a helicopter, crashing on three spectators. The RAF chopper was attempting a manoeuvre over the beach when a side door sheared off and plunged into the crowd below. Three people were taken to hospital. None of the injuries were serious. The RAF is investigating how the accident happened. Paris Hilton freed from jail moments ago - we'll cross live to LA next. Also - the Redfern revival - how the troubled community is getting back on track. And case dismissed - the judge who wanted millions for his lost pants loses his lawsuit. Hot Wheels! Beat that! The Hot Wheels racing timer. It's time to find out who's fast and who's last. TIMER: Go! Now you can measure your time and your speed for almost any type of race. TIMER: Lane one - first place. Winning time. Go! Hot Wheels racing timer. Adult set-up required. Then, slip on the Vroom wrist covers and you'll hear the sound of speed. VROOM! VROOM! Batteries not included. Tonight's major stories - a new top cop for New South Wales. Deputy Commissioner Andrew Scipione appointed to the force's top job.. He'll take over from Ken Moroney on the first of September and is vowing to continue driving down crime. Six months off the road for radio's Steve Price. The 2UE announcer was caught over the limit while riding a Vespa with his wife as a pillion passenger. And claims that scaremongering in Northern Territory is prompting some families to flee. Police, social workers and health services

will start assessing the situation on the ground tomorrow. But the Government claims some community leaders are now trying to stir up trouble. Aboriginal leaders have urged the Prime Minister to learn from Redfern's experience before imposing change on other indigenous communities. The inner-city region was once crime-ridden. Now it's an example of what can be achieved through consultation. This is the image most Australians have of Redfern - a hotbed of crime and lawlessness. But three years on it's been transformed by a sense of community. It's sad that there's hardly any community centres out there in the bush. Free lunches draw people together each day at the local community centre while giving people a chance to learn skills in cooking and waiting. Elders first. In a room nearby others join discussions about how a multimillion-dollar park redevelopment should look. This is a seashell, so what I've done is taken these natural objects that are quite small - like this big - and then I've blown it up for a children's play area. and this is, like, the design It's all part of a culture of change that began in the wake of the riots. It's all because, I believe, of the inclusiveness that all levels of government and big business around the Redfern area has adopted.

It continued with a much-needed face-lift of run-down areas. On almost every street these days there's a project under way for housing, shops or recreational facilities. The changes are much more than physical - with each new development comes employment opportunities. There are so many here right now the locals are being joined by workers from the country

who can't get a job in the drought.

Cleaning up the place - it's starting to look like a decent place. People are coming and enjoy themselves without being harassed. There's a lot of work here for young people. As people are getting more and more jobs - the local people - domestic violence has gone down, assaults have gone down,

thefts have gone down. There's still more to be done

but elders say there's a lot to be applauded - and ask for John Howard to take note. Amber Muir, Ten News.

The Australian sharemarket has closed in the red following a poor lead from Wall Street. Jailbird Paris Hilton is out of prison. Ten reporter Nicole Strahan joins us from our LA bureau.

And Paris Hilton always attracts a

crowd are tonight she was greeted

by a very large welcoming party.

She certainly was. There were many

people from the media waiting all

day to see her released. But there

were also fans waiting to see her

walk float free from jail end it

was a very happy looking Paris

Hilton at the finally walk from the

prison to meet her parents who had been waiting for her to be released

and arrived at the jail a short time before she walked free. time before she walked free.

Extraordinary scenes there. I

understand a deal has been done for Paris Hilton to tell her Paris Hilton to tell her story?

Over the weekend there was a great

deal of speculation that the NBC

network was going to offer her $1

million for her story but that deal

has fallen from through and instead

she will speak to CNN's Larry King

tomorrow night here in the US and

that deal means she will not that deal means she will not be

paid for any interview. As it should be. A judge who sued a drycleaner for millions for losing his pants has now lost the case. It's a huge relief for the Chungs, who say they've spent more than because he claimed the drycleaner failed to live up to the slogan "satisfaction guaranteed". Not only have they had to deal with the cost of Mr Pearson's claims, but their business has financially suffered. Judge Pearson will also have to pay courts costs.

Team, some pretty wild conditions

on the way for the south coast. A

severe weather warning for the

south coast without for 4th East

Coast line in a months, the first

time since 1950. Tonight we're

expecting increasingly on short

Southeast winds with the low fairly

close to the south coast lined

moving south with torrential rain,

dangerous seas up to 5 metres, so

it is all happening again. The

Hunter cocked it and now it is the

South Coast turn. For Sydney

tomorrow a windy day. We are north

of the loan which means we will have strong blustery winds and

showers. Now let's look at the map.

Also we did low-pressure system

expecting blizzard conditions and

gale-force winds across the

Australian Alps. Sport now with Tim Webster - and the Blues get another show of faith.

Yes, no wholesale changes for Origin III. Ahead - the one new player attempting to stop a series whitewash, Craig Gower, to leave Penrith. And the out of form Swans told they suck by a group of kids. Also - the doting dad - first pictures of Tiger's newborn baby cub. And a solution at last to the cane toad plague. MAN: Shh! Something's coming. What? Listen and learn. Turbocharged. ENGINE PURRS Direct injected. Dynamic stability and traction control. WHOOSH! Sports car. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # Everything you love about a sports car and an SUV has come together. CX-7. $1.10. to make back how much we've spent looking for petrol. I call it the Annabel Principle. Genius. Huh? switch to AAMI Flexi-Premiums. Our new car insurance customers saved an average of $244. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # PHONE RINGS MAN: Hello? Oooh. That'll be for me. PHONE RINGS Yeah! Ah, that'll be for me. PHONE RINGS Oop! That'll be for me. never stop working. Small-business owners That's why the Commonwealth Bank Banking service has a new Local Business giving answers with small-business experts 24 hours, seven days a week... MEN: That'll be for me. PHONE RINGS you'll always get an answer. How can I help you? Hello. David Edwards. installed for free on getting FOXTEL best package for free and getting our This program is captioned live. pretty much the same side NSW selectors have named for Origin III. while Queensland remains intact for the Blues. Paul Gallen is the only new face Braith Anasta at five-eigth Greg Bird replaces the injured Brett White dropped.

and Kurt Gidley returns as a reserve. than just a dead rubber. Adam Hawse joins us. And the Blues will be very keen in over a decade? to avoid their first whitewash

It is all about pride. I have lost

count the number of times I have

heard that word today from players

and officials. To lose a State of

Origin series 3 Neil is

embarrassing so the Blues are keen

to avoid that that they have only

made 1 change and that is Sharks

enforce a Paul Gallen. He's the only new face for the Blues he felt welcome - and Brett Kimmorley made sure three Sharks for the Blues Paul Gallen making it and Greg Bird. alongside his club captain he won't be changing a thing. Gallen says for the Sharks any week, I don't change my style when I play in the papers or whatever. no matter what is said about me and that's what I've always done I just go out and play footy next Wednesday night. and that's what I'm going to do Bird the new five-eighth, halves combination in three games. making it the side's third

have won just two games from 16 Statistics revealing he and Kimmorley

as a halves pairing for the Sharks. with Noddy sort of consistently I haven't played five-eighth here

nearly four years. for three or four years now,

You know, that's a long time ago

is pretty ridiculous. and to bring those stats up not to make more changes. Selectors defending their decision

is go and start experimenting. If it backfires on you and it's 40-blot - then you look up at the scoreboard

doesn't do anyone any good. in both games We've only been beaten by one try wholesale sackings or changes. and I don't think there needed to be whitewash in 12 years Faced with their first series is motivation enough for NSW. Who wants to get beat 3-0? Well, it's pride. mate, we don't want to lose 3-0. The fact it's 2-0,

That's the simple way of putting it. 3-0's a fair drubbing. On the Gold Coast, by their major sponsor where Titans players were honoured after a flying start to the year, revenge is already in the air. in the press and the media Everyone's copped a bit of flak and from old former players, is what everyone's aiming for. so a bit of personal pride to take his place Petero Civoniceva free in an unchanged Maroons line-up, cleared of striking over the Wests Tigers last night. during Brisbane's big win an ankle injury, Team-mate Justin Hodges picking up of fellow Broncos, but as he checked out replica torsos of missing Origin III. he denied he's at risk

I've got some positive signs there in that there's no swelling.

The brace is just one of those precautions to take.

Another big name headed overseas

this time to run the union. And as

captain Craig Gower will leave the

Panthers to go to France. He had 2

more years on his contract that he

has had enough of the controversy

flagging his career. He asked the

Panthers Faure release yesterday and the clubs agreed. Craig has come to the stage of his career where he needs a change. He hasn't had the best of publicity over the last few years and him, his wife and his family, I think it'll be great for him.

Another player who has had his fair

share of dramas is Todd Carney from

Canberra who is backing first-grade.

Dragons half-back Matthew head is

going to England. And Paul Simpkins

has just been named referee for Origin 3. The Socceroos have employed a unique way to beat the heat during their training camp in Singapore - donning freezing-cold ice jackets. Harry Kewell and Lucas Neill looked like they'd be more at home at Perisher. Defender Brett Emerton says there's not much time to acclimatise, with some gruelling work planned over the next week. Like I say, we're going to have to be at our very best if we want to have a chance of winning this competition, and that's what we want to do. We were at the World Cup last year, I think we were the fittest teams in the competition and that's what we're hoping to achieve this time round. Emerton also named Carl Valeri as one of the talents to watch as the young guns push the established stars for starting spots. Swans co-captain Brett Kirk received a reality check when he and some of his team-mates visited the Children's Hospital at Randwick today. The young patients came up with a list of things the Swans need to do to start winning again. The kids gave me a hard time, that we sucked on the weekend, which is fair enough. So we brainstormed and these are some of the things the kids came up with - we need to improve on our marks, more tackling, we need to train more, we need to eat more spinach. Good advice. At Collingwood, Anthony Rocca has decided to contest the 1-week suspension handed down by the match review panel for his hit on Swan Sean Dempster. Australia's Alicia Molik has found time between rain delays to win through to the second round at Wimbledon. On a very wet opening day at the championship, the former world number eight defeated unseeded Russian Anastasia Rodionova in straight sets.

Her next opponent is 2-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams. She had a reasonably convincing win today. I know the first set was pretty close, so hopefully she's still a little bit rusty. In the men's draw Roger Federer made a stylish start to his quest for a fifth successive title. Watched by MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi, the world number one eased past Teimuraz Gabashvili in straight sets. The title hopes of Australia's world number two surfer, Taj Burrow, have suffered a major set back. He was eliminated at the Rip Curl event in Chili. Burrow lost to Brazilian wild card Bruno Santos,

but fellow title contender Mick Fanning made light work of Hawaiian wild card Kekoa Bacalso. Big guns Joel Parkinson, Andy Irons and Kelly Slater all advanced to the final 16. But it was a day to forget for Aussie Mick Lowe, who bore the full brunt of "South America's Pipeline". And first pictures released today

of the baby girl who has certainly tamed a Tiger. Of course we mean Sam Alexis Woods, born a week ago to the world's top golfer and his wife, Elin. The images provided by Tiger's website, and you can easily see how smitten he is by the tiny cub, so much so he won't defend his title at this weekend's buick Open.

His website tells us his next tournament is "to be announced.". That's all for now.

Later in Sports Tonight - some argy bargy at the weigh-in as Anthony Mundine prepares to defend his world title against Pablo Zamora Neivas.

You did well. Tricky names to with

the traffic. Some problems in case

you were. Unfortunately they are

all trying to get through this

traffic. He is raining and there

are delays all the way down to

Liverpool. There was a three-car

accident on the way at 2 Campbelltown. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather info next. Hello, George. Hello, Patrick. You said we could come around and use your broadband. Patrick, I just dropped in to see how you're going. Yes, we're, uh... Just got on to the Great Wall. Look, I'll leave you to get on with what you're doing. Thanks, George. (Plays bagpipes) We're definitely getting broadband at home. Broadband access from just: For eligible customers. For details, call 13POND or visit There are six good reasons to try the new Mazda 6 sports range. Outside - new spoiler, new colours and new alloys. Inside - new interior style, exhilarating performance that's still the benchmark in its class and great value, from just $28,990. Plus your choice of sedan, wagon or hatch. The 2007 Mazda 6 range. Now sporting even more. If you're over 50 and not working full time, APIA believes that you're a better insurance customer. So you deserve a better price. and choosing an excess that suits you. APIA doesn't charge you a fee for paying your premium by the month. If you're over 50 and not working full time, call 13 50 50 now for understanding, not just insurance. Tonight's weather report is brought to you by APIA. If you're a better insurance customer, This program is captioned live. An Australian scientist might have finally found the cure

to the relentless spread of cane toads. He's developed a household spray which knocks them out before killing them gently. For decades, the highly toxic cane toad has been leaping its way across northern Australia, destroying native animals and invading backyards. Scientist turned cane toad tycoon Dr David Dall has now developed an aerosol spray he says kills toads the nice way. We see no indication whatsoever of pain or distress in the animal. They simply take a few hops, then go to sleep where they stop. Called Hopstop, the spray works first as an anaesthetic. The remaining chemical compounds then act like a poison, killing the toad before it wakes. Give them a spray, go away and do something for another hour - go and have a cup of coffee, whatever - then wander back, pick them up,

dispose of the bodies in an appropriate manner. The spray isn't toxic and poses no threat to domestic animals. And it means there's an alternative to the old method of using golf clubs to kill the creatures. The company, Pestat, is now seeking financial backing as it negotiates federal approvals. Experts say it will be handy for households, but will do little to stop the march of hundreds of thousands of toads across the country. The CSIRO is working on a longer-term project aimed at identifying a gene which will either kill them or stop them breeding. Unless you can find an infectious agent like a virus or manipulate a virus in some way, then you're not going to be able to control them over the vast scale at which they operate.

Are Tim Bailey, another with a

whack for coastal New South Wales.

Yes it will be impacting the south coast tonight and tomorrow. Out for

low in a row for June - the first time since 1950. There is a sheet graziers morning for news that

Wales and the ACT and huge seas on

the south coast. Gale-force winds

65 to 90 kilometres an hour and

huge seas. Lizard conditions across

the Australian Alps. It looks like

torrential rain building tonight in

eastern Victoria and moving to the

south coast. An Asian wind warning

from the south coast up to Port

Macquarie. Sydney - a showery day

whiff wings mainly westerly. Strong

and cold with a top was 16. We will

miss most of the rain for action

Warlow south-western and western

New South Wales will have substantial rain. Let's get into

your backyard.

Extensive cloud over eastern

Queensland and news that Wells. A

jet stream is generating widespread jet stream is generating widespread

steady rain leading to a cold day.

Clouds spreading into eastern

Victoria as the load bring showers.

A deep low-pressure system tomorrow

will cause very strong winds and

heavy rain in south-east and is

that Wales and eastern Victoria. A

front will bring cold showery wings

to in their new South Wales and

possibly sleep to the Rangers. Cries of Lease will clear Cries of Lease will clear

Queensland and a front will bring

showers to the West. Tomorrow -

heavy rain on the New South Wales

south coast with showers extending

to western and northern New South

Wales with their chances lead on the

the Rangers. Rain in Victoria.

Blizzards in Alpine areas. Showers

in Western Tasmania and Western

Australia. Clearing in Queensland. in Western Tasmania and Western Australia. Clearing in Queensland.

All eyes on the south coast with

another weather event expected to

impact there tonight and tomorrow with gale-force winds and torrential

torrential rain. A day of caution

in the South Coast tomorrow. On the weekend temperatures will

get back up to 20 degrees. If he

mastic a lot of wind and sea

because thing ever gets a cold. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.