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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. wreaking havoc across the east coast. The bizarre weather conditions the disturbing phenomenon. What's behind Big waves spark tsunami warnings hits Japan. after a massive earthquake

prepare for inner-city riots. And Melbourne locked down as police Ten News with Natarsha Belling. of bizarre, unseasonal weather ahead There's still a few more days Good morning.

for parts of the nation. extreme conditions It follows yesterday's experience chilly temperatures which saw the east coast from bushfires to snow. and weather ranging Well, to find out what is going on,

from the Weather Company. Matthew Pearce joins me

Has been started by a couple of days ago if.

days ago if. Yesterday we saw

slowed to about if for 500 metres

across Victoria. Marbeuf best years

of scholars November days since

1994. 5th Tbilisi this cold spell

move up to ease any such wells.

Sydney if has had its coldest

November morning since 19 IFI if so.

Antarctic winds are causing that is

the right? If yes. The ESF. The

temperature is - those

temperature is - those were his

have brought temperatures which are

seasonal food June, July or August.

He is the issue sure? And there it He is the issue sure? And there it

is unusual. For those temperatures

a 10 degrees below what we normally

expect the style of beer. If we

would normally say it around the 16

or 17 degrees and this morning it

was a let eight degrees. We're

seeing crews battling bush fires

and the rest of severe. These call

France there earth offer for the

extra Airth try and heat ahead of

these fronts. We did receive a hot,

dry conditions across central

northern New South while slaving to

northern New South while slaving to

the push fires. 5th of West or

cricket ball sized hail and South

Queensland. Bidders are not unusual

have to see this extreme contrast

between hot hot and cold. What is

the forecast ahead? If the South

bars will continue to bear the

brunt of the cold southerly winds.

But top of 16 degrees. That war

move down to the Tasman Sea to Myra

and daytime temperatures will and daytime temperatures will

return near written or more. The

main thing we're keeping an eye on

to lie is the essential Fourth and

widespread frost a class floor than

Vittoria if then there is

definitely unusual for of November

and farmers and growers will be

keeping an eye on that many people

say this is a result of climate

change in the conditions. If this

as a result of climate change?

Climate change refers to the change

of time. in weather patterns over long heard

of time. Climate change may well

edifices Selva more frequent

extreme love it events like we have

been seeing Bailey. This particular

called up break is not that unusual.

We have seen it before. We may see

more of these extreme types of

weather and the future. One of

events by themselves does not

necessarily plugger climate change.

necessarily plugger climate change.

By early next week this colt Hector

more beef a distant memory. morning for the annual APEC summit. John Howard flies to Vietnam this one of the priorities, Climate change will be the US President to talk Iraq. but Mr Howard will also meet a close friendship The two leaders share on their Iraq strategy. and have long agreed

crushing election loss, Since last week's pressure to change his approach. the US President is under intense

from John Howard. But there'll be no movement the situation consistent I will be discussing with him over the past few weeks. with what I've been saying no withdrawal of troops. And that is there should be The Opposition says he's in denial. British governments comprehend that Both the United States and

and they're making adjustments. vigorously deeper in that hole The only fellow out there digging is John Howard. officially begins tomorrow, The Asia Pacific Economic Summit

for discussion is climate change. one of the major items up to involve China, APEC will be a key opportunity one of the world's big polluters, greenhouse gases. in talks about reducing One of the reasons John Howard has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol

and India. is because it doesn't involve China to discuss his new task force Mr Howard wants the summit global carbon trading scheme. which is looking at a new that includes everybody We need a new arrangement won't be disadvantaged. so that Australia and it's not going to change. That's my strategy Laurel Irving, Ten News. And later in the Morning News - what Australia is doing Ten's Charmaine Dragun looks at to wipe out global warming to help save the environment. and the steps you can take of Japan after a powerful earthquake. Two small tsunamis have hit parts to parts of Russia, The warning, which was also extended out of their homes. forced thousands of residents of any injuries. So far, there are no reports measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale, A massive quake off the Japanese coast, several hundred kilometres triggered an immediate warning.

issued a tsunami warning at 8:30pm. WOMAN: The meteorological agency has Emergency services were put on alert were moved to evacuation shelters and people in low-lying areas fearing the worst. Authorities were initially concerned and Russia's east coast could be hit Japan's northern island of two metres or above. by destructive waves

that the height of the tsunami The meteorological agency says which can be predicted can be several times the height depending on the location. a 40cm wave hit Japan Two hours after the warning, of injuries or damage. and there's been no reports have also been recorded. Several smaller waves the small tsunami has had It's not known what affect also under threat. on the isolated Russian islands

The tsunami comes almost two years triggered the devastating waves after a much larger quake in Asia. that killed more than 200,000 people

James Wakelin, Ten News. is locked down The centre of Melbourne ahead of this weekend's G20 meeting. as security is stepped up will gather in the city More than 280 delegates financial problems to discuss the world's of large protests, but with predictions police are taking no chances. the tough security arrangements, Joining us now to discuss

from Victoria Police. Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson streets have been blocked off Assistant Commissioner,

Wear be working very have since the

World economic Forum. We're trying World economic Forum. We're trying

to get the latest world this

practice to elegies and regard to

Crowther and has run and as far we

have introduced if here for cheek

20. When he sent people over to

Hong Kong and the United Kingdom

and we have introduced a new type

of area which separates for Lee's

film progresses. We are trying to

keep the ambience of Melbourne a

life. Thus any barrier will keep

that a life. The pro just

organisers claim their action will

be peaceful this time. What is a

response to that? If we would hope

so. We respect the public's

democratic right to protest and we

have of playing for every have of playing for every

contingency but a peaceful well-

conducted protest would be in our

interest and everyone else's

interest. This is one underlying

thing that we have through this thing that we have through this

whole operation and it has to be

fair for all, the delegates, the

treasurer per was conducting a very

important that initial meeting,

there has to be fair to the

protesters and also fed to the

police. What effect does terrorism

pose few at the moment?

pose few at the moment? Terrorism

is always a lingering concern end

the threat level in Australia it is

that medium. We have high profile

people from all over the world so

naturally terrorism and the

preparations to make sure that we

are fully prepared for any incident,

have really been at the forefront.

And you are feeling confident? We

think we have done all weekend. It

is a difficult environment. The

hotel for this forum is difficult

because 0 trams and traffic and

travellers and those of us that we travellers and those of us that we

have to if cater for. We think we

have done as much as we can at this

stage. This is said to cause some

destruction for people in the area?

For people to be aware that traffic

will be disrupted in a major way in

the centre of Melbourne for the

next three or four days and over

the weekend. There are 27 major

events on in the weekend here in

Melbourne so we urge people to use

public transport. There is some

disruption and that is a price we

pay for increasing the profile of Melbourne. A truck driver has died after his semi-trailer collided with a passenger train, west of Melbourne. The semi carrying large boulders was struck about 5:00 yesterday afternoon at a level crossing. The 120 passengers on board the Overlander train that travels between Melbourne and Perth were fortunate not to be hurt. The train, there was a judder and people saw debris flying down the left-hand side of the train. The intersection didn't have warning lights or bells. A female transit guard was among a group of people injured

in a vicious brawl on the streets of Perth overnight. She was hit across the back with a large pole while trying to break up the fight outside the city train station. Another man was kicked repeatedly and hit with the same pole

before his attackers fled the scene. It's expected police will view this tape as part of their investigation. Britain's real life James Bonds reveal

what it's really like to go undercover, that story when the morning news returns.

And the video game helping returned soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress.

This program is captioned live.

Kim Beazley has hit back at claims state scandals are indicative of a wider rot in the ALP. The Labor Leader forced to defend his colleagues despite suffering from the fallout. Despite a sharp drop in the latest Newspoll, Kim Beazley believes his election bid remains on track. The Federal Opposition Leader confirming he's standing by his frontbench. I'm pretty happy with the way in which we've been articulating

a positive alternative to this Government.

Labor governments in three States are dealing with major scandals. The worst being New South Wales where a former minister is facing child sex charges. His one-time campaign manager also appearing in court over similar allegations. The State's Opposition Leader hinting at yet another scandal. Will you tell the people of New South Wales if, besides ministers Tripodi and Orkopoulos, any other minister is the subject of an investigation by any law enforcement authority. Mr Beazley says the AWB Iraq bribery scandal is far worse than anything any State Labor government has done. He's also defended his friendship

with disgraced former WA premier Brian Burke but is vowing to cut ties until a corruption inquiry is completed. Queen Elizabeth has formally opened Britain's Parliament. In an ancient tradition, she arrived in Westminster in a horse-drawn carriage, before making a speech before Parliament. At the heart of my government's programme will be further action to provide

strong, secure and stable communities and to address the threat of terrorism Her address lays out the government's political agenda for the year. Arabic television news channel AlJazeera has finally launched its English language station. The Middle East news service will broadcast 24-hour news to more than 80 million homes around the world. AlJazeera came to prominence when it started accepting and broadcasting videos of Osama bin Laden and other al-Qa'ida leaders. Doctors in the US have designed a revolutionary new way to help treat war veterans suffering post-traumatic stress. Soldiers returning from Iraq are trialling a 3D battle ground simulator that helps them confront their fears.

RAPID GUNFIRE I was experiencing reality of war. RAPID GUNFIRE But in fact, it was virtual reality of war. Helpless, totally helpless and really, really scary because I thought I was going to die and I didn't want to die like that. I wasn't ready for what happen would it was perhaps unnerving as intense and as disturbing an experience as I could imagine. Every time I heard a new noise, I could feel my heart starting to pound

I can - I have a little bit of the shakes of my hands. Here at the Naval Medical Centre in San Diego therapists use video game technology to help Iraq vets overcome PTSD. They take the vest back virtually to the place where their trauma began. It's an electronic deja vu. They feel as if it's real. The sights, sounds, vibrations, even the smells of the Iraq war

but in a safe environment. WOMAN: What were you feeling at that point? Helpless, totally helpless and really, really scary because I thought I was going to die and I didn't want to die like that. I am very uncomfortable right now especially - I'm trying to get this thing to get us out of here as quickly as possible. Every time I hear a new noise, I can feel my heart starting to pound I can - I have a little bit of the shakes of my hands. What I would be doing also at this point is asking you to rate your level of anxiety on a scale from 0-100. 90. I don't feel good at all right now. I know it's only a simulation but my reaction was so powerful.

What I didn't show you was I went to that simulation two more times and I can't say that it ever got any easier but I did feel more in control.

and from what the psychologists tell me, that's the goal. Face your fears until you can control them, maybe even defeat them. They are Britain's real life James Bonds and now spies from London's MI6 headquarters

are revealing exactly what it's like to be an undercover agent. While they admit their jobs are glamorous, unlike 007 they don't have a license to kill. JAMES BOND THEME PLAYS The job's not as dramatic as in the Bond movies. But MI6, the secret intelligence service, does exist. It wants to recruit more widely so for the first time two officers have given interviews. And they've corrected a few inaccuracies. How the hell did you find out where I lived? The same way I found out your name. I thought 'M' was a randomly assigned letter,

I had no idea it stood for... Utter one more syllable and I'll have you killed. We don't have an M but we do have a C,

that's what the chief of the service has been called since it was established. We also have a Q whose team is responsible for innovative technology and gimmicks and gadgets and things like that. They have a great time, taking things apart and putting them back together again. They are officers, not secret agents and despite the new license to give interviews, there's no license to kill.

We work under UK law so there's absolutely no room in that for killing people. It's up to you Mr Bond. MI6 wants more people from ordinary backgrounds, so the tap on the shoulder at an Oxbridge college is now out. The woman officer says the job does involve plenty of adventure but she didn't mention high stakes poker. It is quite glamourous. You might find yourself one day in a middle of a tent talking to a whole load of tribal leaders in the middle of nowhere and 24 hours later you'll be in a different country talking to a high-powered financier. Until 12 years ago, MI6 didn't even officially exist.

Which makes it even more extraordinary

that now two serving officers have given interviews about what it's like to be a real life James Bond. A deer in search of some 'doe' has broken into a bank in America.

The animal triggered the burglar alarm after smashing through a glass window. When police arrived they quickly realised this break-and-enter was more of a job for a wildlife officer. But the deer was too quick-footed and fled the crime scene leaving only his mug shot behind. Next, Ten's Charmaine Dragun looks at climate change - what the Government is doing to stop it and what you can do to save the planet. Stay with us.

Making headlines today - the centre of Melbourne is locked down as security is stepped up ahead of this weekend's G20 meeting. More than 280 delegates will gather in the city to discuss the world's financial problems but with predictions of large protests, police are taking no chances. Two small tsunamis have hit parts of Japan after a powerful earthquake. A wave warning was also extended to parts of Russia. Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate. So far, there are no reports of any injuries. More days of bizarre, unseasonal weather is ahead for parts of the nation. It follows yesterday's extreme conditions which saw the east coast experience chilly temperatures

and weather ranging from bushfires to snow. The unseasonal weather also caused massive storms to sweep across parts of Queensland.

It's the kind of bizarre weather former US vice president Al Gore has been warning us about.

Snow near Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart, wild storms in Brisbane, and bushfires in the Blue Mountains.

In Sydney, it started like any other spring day. Going to the beach and have some waves going on. The Blue Mountains were ablaze, nothing new for November but nearby, snow storms proof something unusual was happening. So we see this clash of hot and cold and that's most vivid in October but sometimes it spills over into November as well. Cyclonic winds carved a path of destruction through Brisbane. Among the early victims - Channel Ten's tower-mounted sky camera. Wind gusts reached 110km/h tearing down trees and peppering the city with hail stones. Residents return to find what's left of their family home, the roof relocated. I've lost everything in my home, Everything is gone, everything is soaking wet and damaged. This inner-city church was also badly damaged, dealing with the aftermath just as difficult. Storms of a different kind down south. Snow in the Dandenongs and Falls Creek providing a playground of white. The MCG was just as icy. An enthusiastic groundsman joining in the fun.

The cold front, which originated in Antarctica, is expected to push through most of NSW and into southern Queensland. Kate Donnison, Ten News. In finance news, the Australian share market is marginally lower.

And the estate of the late stockbroker Rene Rivkin

has been placed in bankruptcy.

According to the 'Financial Review', the decision follows claims by the Tax Office Mr Rivkin owes around $30 million in back tax payments. Mr Rivkin's estate has total assets of just over $1 million

but liabilities in excess of $39 million,

most of those owed to the ATO. His son has reportedly instructed accountants to appoint a bankruptcy trustee. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

Well, as we've heard, wild and unusual weather is lashing parts of Australia raising questions about the dire effects climate change is having on the environment. The Federal Government has begun to take steps to wipe out global warming but many critics say it's too little too late. Ten's Charmaine Dragun has been trying to make sense of what this all means. Charmaine, Australia is looking at joining a carbon trading scheme to try to fight global warming. What is carbon trading?

England for if

Close karmic expose of the opinion

that it is getting hotter if it up

and it is because of the massive amount of carbon dioxide being

pumped into the atmosphere. The

bulk of the international community

has agreed to lower their

greenhouse gas emissions by placing

a cap that the term ballot nations

can be met. It is different

everywhere. Some countries find it

easier to lower their missions than

others. It allows countries that

that they will have to be easily

reduce the emissions further to

trade their mission savings with

countries that are struggling to

meet their targets due to demand. If he puts

If he puts a price on pollution and

forcing the biggest offenders to

pay for the cover they made. It is

hoping for the long run if in

countries developing cleaner the

air. News for us last has a scheme

like this at the moment. A lot of

Sydney Savas have been involved in

this coven trading programme and

some may not be aware of it.

Companies like this have been

giving out free packs and shower giving out free packs and shower

heads and the rules have recently

changed so they have to go into

their homes and made sure these

products are being installed. He is products are being installed. He is

how they explain the So when we're installing lights in a person's home, we get them to fill out a form and that becomes a carbon credit which we can then trade

primarily with the power companies in NSW their emissions who are made to reduce by a certain amount each year.

Most environmentally experts have

praised the gamut of New South

world's food reducing such as

skiing, many of them are saying is

not the real answer to reducing and

our global greenhouse gases. pulls putting a significant dent in

The cheap way is to sign up to the

curator of for a coffee and

gradually introduce reductions in

greenhouse gases over time of 20 or

30 years.

30 years. The un chief has warned

the world that the climate change

poses a serious threat to the

international community as

terrorism. John Howard is standing

firm against sending out to signing

perkier Tote protocol but he is set up a task force. and continued to be accused Although I have been accused

on the issue, of being somewhat of a sceptic the truth is I'm not that sceptical.

that damages Australia, We do not want a new Kyoto that includes Australia we need a new Kyoto but includes Australia

to our interests and our needs. on a basis which is appropriate

Climate campaigner Al Gore is in

the country and he has been very

vocal about this. The rare member

he was a a country a few months ago

on the publicity Chau for his

documentary if. He has come back to

Sydney to Pressley train up 85

people from around the country to

go out and deliver his climate

change lecture the IGC in the I'm going to train 1,000 people

in their own voices. to give my slideshow in the US We had the first group of 75 will be right here in Sydney. and the second group for 75 places We had 1,700 people apply in this training program and I was overwhelmed by that.

I can reveal there are some big names

names among this group. There are celebrities come entertainers,

doctors, business leaders and

environmentalists for volunteering

their time together at the other

communities over the next chair and

spread the word for climate change.

There is a fantastic programme. The

board team is playing a secret

squirrel on this. They're not telling us anything.

telling us anything. It is hoped

will get access for two people. The

air out there spreading the message.

wedding of the year. The countdown to the celebrity in her entertainment report, next. Angela Bishop has the latest

Sweet! Double? Whoppers for lunch? (Laughs) Yeah. Why not?

Oi! Extra cheese! No tomato! # You can have it your way... # Welcome to Hungry Jack's. # Yeah # That's the way I like it. # # OK

The meal was spectacular - the salad crisp and fresh, the meat tender and juicy, the vegetables firm and tasty. the tea towel was dirty, Unfortunately, the cutting board unwashed, and not cold enough, the fridge stacked incorrectly PERSON VOMITS which made the night... ..unforgettable.

is $9 million. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot ask for a Powerball Megapick. For more chances to win, You could: This program is captioned live. It's Thursday our weekly entertainment segment and that means it's time for with our showbiz guru Angela Bishop. 'Dr Phil' is coming to Ten.

And not only 'Dr Phil', but the US version of '60 minutes' with David Letterman'. and the 'Late Show It's all part of a deal we've signed with the CBS Network in America. the 'Joanne Lees Story' That's not all we've got in store

and reality series 'Teen Fat Camp' will be back - plus, the usual favourites 'Rove Live', 'Thank God You're Here' 'Australian Idol', 'Big Brother', all revealed at the 2007 program launch last night Shaun Micallef hosted by the ever-entertaining and joined by the Idol crew. goes inside an intensive care unit Plus '9am's Kim Watkins called 'Saving Babies'. for a new series is extraordinary. What happens in this hospital

Just as it was with my twin babies, is critical. every minute of every day in 2007. Just a snippet of what to expect the ivories in Sydney last night. Billy Joel was busy tickling

The six-time Grammy winner belted out plenty of old favourites, at the weekend. in the same vein as he did Melbourne

since 1998. It's Joel's first tour down-under glad to be back in the country The piano man

before posting hits in the US. where he became successful most anticipated celebrity wedding The countdown is on to the year's between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. the hotel where Tom is staying. Media have been camped outside It finally paid off, of the Hollywood couple catching their first glimpse together with baby Suri. The location is still a secret, is topping the rumour list. but an ancient castle near Rome

for outsiders to catch a glimpse. Built like Fort Knox it'll be tough

on the big occasion, Locals capitalising in neighbouring buildings. charging $1,600 for vantage points appeared back in a Manhattan court British supermodel Naomi Campbell has facing assault charges. The 360-year-old at her housekeeper's head. is accused of throwing a mobile phone Ana Scolavino claims Campbell flew into a rage over a missing pair of jeans. of seven years in prison, Despite the maximum sentence community service. Naomi Campbell is likely to face in January. Her court hearing will resume

has given an extraordinary interview OJ Simpson how he could have killed his wife. in which he outlines

of Nicole Brown Simpson 12 years after the death and her friend Ronald Goldman, book and an accompanying TV special OJ Simpson is releasing a tentatively titled 'If I Did It Here's How It Happened'.

of the murders in 1995 The 59-year-old was acquitted in a civil lawsuit. but later found liable calls his new book Nicole Brown's family of violence. the shameless commercialisation as if it needed any confirmation, It's official, has named George Clooney 'People' magazine for the second time. the Sexiest Man Alive The 45-year-old Oscar winner says will rile his pal Brad Pitt the announcement who's also won the title twice. Clooney has told the magazine on his vow never to marry again, he hasn't softened his position saying he's really happy. Sir Paul McCartney hasn't let recent personal troubles slow his career down. Sporting a new, clean-cut and freshly coloured hairdo

he met fans in New York this week.

The 64-year-old signed copies of his new classical CD

just days before divorce proceedings between he and his estranged wife Heather Mills begin in London. Given a warm welcome from American fans. Paul McCartney the husband, that's his private life I'm here about Paul McCartney the musician. I'm a big fan. Love his music. Love everything to do with it and I'm not interested in all the allegations. It appears people back home still feel the same way, included in a short-list of the country's greatest living icons. Taking a leaf out of Angelina Jolie's book ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been on a UN mission to Zambia. In her longstanding role as goodwill ambassador Halliwell went to raise awareness about maternal health care, using Madonna's recent adoption battle for a motherless boy to highlight her cause.

Why do children need adopting in the first place? And, basically, that's a symptom. Orphans are a symptom. If we look at the cause, if women didn't die in childbirth then that would improve the problem in the first place. The singer herself a mother to daughter Bluebell Madonna. A thriller for fallen King of Pop Michael Jackson. He's been honoured at the home of the 'Guinness Book of World Records' in London. The music icon has been recognised as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time. Meantime, he's getting used to life back in the public eye mobbed by well-wishers on the red carpet at the World Music Awards.

And while we're on Michael Jackson,

he's how he made his made his return in the dark of night

running London's tabloid press ragged to head this week's paparazzi files. Still terribly camera shy, the 48-year-old has come out of his reclusive life in Bahrain to launch his comeback bid. And to our old paparazzi fave, Lindsay Lohan, who's been ducking for cover after another bust-up over a boy with Paris Hilton. It came after reports she was involved in a car crash with pursuing photographers, reports she's denied. And by the look of her sporty Mercedes it seems to be going OK. Now, after you've been to a few red carpet events, they all seem to blend into one, but here's one with a difference. Five penguins have stolen the spotlight at the world premiere of 'Happy Feet', an animated musical comedy about a colony of singing penguins in Antarctica. The movie was made by Australian director George Miller and features the voices of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and Robin Williams. The Aussie stars were late cancellations for the big event. Jackman was promoting another movie and Kidman has been lying low since her husband, Keith Urban, went into rehab. 'Happy Feet' opens in Australia on Boxing Day.

Where could mow that perhaps those

Aussie stars will be here for the

his Italian premier. Those penguins at very cute. Ahead - all eyes on the skies for the Australian Open golf championship. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, Anthony Mundine makes a flashy entrance and a winning return to the ring.

COMMENTATOR: Best body shot he's ever thrown.

Gloomy weather and the threat of storms still hangs over the opening day play

at the Australian Open golf tournament. Anthony Goodridge is at Royal Sydney Golf course where play is under way. Yes, Natarsha. It was a nervous time for Australian Open organisers

Bowditch speaking out hoping to raise awareness for Beyond Blue, the national depression initiative. I can't stress how important it is to keep talking to people, get it out of you system. Also joining the drive two-time winner in the States this year, Stuart Appleby. I'll be donating $50,000 up front before the tournament and $2,000 a birdie for every event I play in Australia this summer. A country boy from Victoria, Appleby knows first hand the devastating effects of depression brought on by drought and isolation. His own struggle after losing his first wife in 1998 galvanising his cause. I just want to go out and make a lot of birdies for obvious reasons. There'll be a full update of progressive scores and highlights in tonight's news at 5:00 with a comprehensive wrap of the day's play in 'Sports Tonight'. Natarsha.

Australia's cricket selectors will name their Ashes Test squad today for next week's first test in Brisbane. England are training in Adelaide ahead of their final warm-up match against South Australia. They've called in Ed Joyce into their touring squad to replace Marcus Trescothick who's returned home to England suffering another bout of depression. AFL, and the pressure's already on for new St Kilda coach Ross Lyon.

The former Sydney assistant officially taking charge of the Saints

at the start of preseason training.

Footy is back in just three months. Ross Lyon facing a mountain of work to get the team ready.

It has not been a perfect scenario. There are definitely situations where I would love to have more time to start preparing from Round 11. The reality is I have come in on a short time frame. Ross Lyon already earmarking a change of roles for injury prone big man, Justin Koschitzke. At the Western Bulldogs, Jason Akermanis has been told to keep his mouth shut. After last week, aiming yet another spray at the Brisbane Lions. I think for Jason's sake he has just got to move on. He is not doing himself any favours at all really. Melbourne also kicked off its preseason in icy conditions.

Sydney Premiership star Paul Williams still getting used to life as an assistant coach. His former Swans team-mate Michael O'Loughlin has come face to face again with the West Coast fan Anthony Mundine has made a successful return to the ring, scoring a fourth round knockout against Argentina's Ruben Acosta

in Newcastle last night. Mundine rapped his way into battle, six months after defeating arch-rival Danny Green. The first three rounds were competitive, before the man made his move. Mundine will now fight for the vacant WBA super middle weight title early next year against either compatriot Sam Soliman or American Jeff Lacy.

Ian Thorpe hasn't swum for Australia in more than two years, but new research shows the Thorpedo is still our most marketable athlete. The latest Sweeney report reveals

some of our top sports stars are still earning big bucks At least Thorpe and third-ranked Grant Hackett are back in the swim. Recent success can also help, Socceroo Harry Kewell jumped to second with Tim Cahill and Mark Viduka also improving. Just two women made the top 20 - breast-stroke swimmer Leisel Jones and the retired Cathy Freeman. A stunning comeback by Adelaide continued the misery for NBL cellar dwellers, West Sydney, who crashed to their sixth straight loss last night. The Razorbacks led by as much as 19 in the game, before the 36ers mounted a 27-point turnaround. Import guard Willie Farley led all scorers with 33. Veteran Lanard Copeland chipped in for 20 of his own in the 8-point win.

The national weather details when the Morning News returns. SONG: # Just one bite # And I felt so I, I, # I'm in love... # VOICEOVER: From the rich chocolate in our choc chip cookies to our tender chicken that's ready to roast, 'You'll Love Coles' is all about quality and love at first bite. # That's all it took. #

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Making headlines today - more days of bizarre, unseasonal weather is ahead

for parts of the nation. It follows yesterday's extreme conditions which saw the east coast experience chilly temperatures and weather ranging from bushfires to snow. Two small tsunamis have hit parts of Japan after a powerful earthquake. A wave warning was also extended to parts of Russia. Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate. So far, there are no reports of any injuries. The centre of Melbourne is locked down as security is stepped up

ahead of this weekend's G20 meeting.

More than 280 delegates will gather in the city to discuss the world's financial problems but with predictions of large protests, police are taking no chances. Now national weather for the rest of the day.

An American stuntman has flown into to Sydney to set a new world eecord. But Texan man Steve Spalding isn't just any-old stuntman,

he's a grape stuntman because of his incredible knack of catching the small fruit in his mouth. To herald the start of the Aussie grape season the mouthy American managed to smash the current world record by catching 116 grapes in just three minutes. Steve said he developed the freakish talent when someone started throwing lollies at his head. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.