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(generated from captions) down - and I would have too. Yes, after you broke my bedroom door I didn't shoot the boy. the trigger, but you know something. You might not have pulled Go home to your wife. What do you know, Stephanie? Who did this? Who set me up?! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, mortgage misery - to their highest level in a decade. Interest rates rise of moving and selling the house. who bashed a Sydney woman to death Sent packing - a violent killer is deported to Britain. Sydney invention And the revolutionary saving lives and limbs. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. attacked with acid, Also tonight, a Sydney high school disrupting trial HSC exams. in the big-store fashion wars. And the universal weapon interest rates hit a 10-year high - But first this evening, renters, credit card users the hike slugging home buyers,

and personal loans. where it hurts - It's also hit the Government the Prime Minister on the defence, to keep rates at record lows. denying he promised

for another interest rate hit Borrowers have been bracing for the past fortnight. At 9:30 this morning exchange confirmed their worst fears, the electronic board at the stock another 0.25% rise to a 10-year 8.3% high. bringing the variable rate will hurt some home buyers This decision

and we are conscious of that on some household budgets. and it will have an impact The truth is

affect practically all households. today's interest rate rise will promising to keep rates low, And despite his campaign lectern ever promised rates would not rise. the Prime Minister denies he

at records lows? would keep interest rates advertisements, and I remind... Liberal Party ran many SPEAKER: Order! Order! of the Opposition ..I remind the Leader of every interview he can scour every transcript campaigning that I gave during that election and he will find no such commitment. he gave to a heavily mortgaged family It's certainly not the impression during the last campaign. from other things You might think you get some benefit a small interest rate rise but if you get

it would more than wipe them out. and Labor is on the attack, Five small interest rate rises later, on interest rates. Mr Howard cannot be trusted carries the fight into cyberspace. Another YouTube advertisement undeliverable promise. It was an irresponsible, goes back almost 12 years Defending itself, the Government

to claim that even with today's rise, under it the average of interest rates is lower than under Labor, but in the end Mr Howard concedes who will be the judge of that. it will be today's voters Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Politics aside, to count the cost of today's rise, borrowers are now left push many beyond breaking point. and it's feared the hike will their modest home in Sydney's west Since Nick and Sam Scheeringa bought six years ago, nine interest rate rises in a row. they've faced to their repayments. It's added $350 a month every time, We have to redo our budget which...something has to give. But there's not much left to give - extravagance isn't an option. like many young home owners, If there's any more to come, difficult it will start to really make things our situation. and we might have to reassess

It's not an isolated story. and the need for larger loans Rate rises new mortgage repayment since 2002. have doubled the typical to be expensive for us. I think it's going and buying right now, We're in the process of selling

so we're dreading buying now. Today's 0.25% adds: to put off buying a new house, And it means they're going to look and that flows through to our industry,

the residential housing industry. And that means less supply, reducing affordability even further. pushing prices higher and As hard as this rate rise may be, the perfect opportunity it may well provide

to take stock of your finances, a range of strategies experts suggesting and into the future. to ease the pain now They say and other personal debt is critical, consolidating expensive credit card to fix all or part of your loan. and it may not be too late

on your individual circumstances It just really depends that pressure. and how much you're feeling If you're looking for certainty, some good fixed rates out there. there are still But some economists believe in holding down inflation, this rise will do the trick to rise again soon. meaning rates may not need on hold for an extended period. I think we're probably going to be

a bit of stress This rate hike is already causing around the major cities, out around the mortgage belts of a dampener on consumer spending. so that's going to act as a bit A reprieve many will savour. to the Treasurer And we'll be speaking directly later in the bulletin. in an exclusive interview and punched a woman to death A 'roid-rage killer who kicked tonight, is on his way home to Britain from a Sydney jail. deported after his release

was granted As soon as Steven DeSouza's release to the first flight out. he was taken under guard seeks to hide his identity Convicted killer Steven DeSouza in federal custody, as he leaves Silverwater Gaol heading for Sydney airport to his native Britain. and deportation He is evil to where he came from. and I'm happy that he's going back 34-year-old DeSouza,

as a defence for his crime, who used abuse of steroids to death kicked and punched Fiona Harvey

of a Kings Cross hotel in May 1994. in a stairwell earlier in the night He met the 21-year-old at a nearby nightclub. federal moves The NSW Government supports his permanent resident's visa. to revoke

who commit offences such as this People of this nature have no place here. The deportation has been welcomed by the Harvey family, who fought long and hard to keep DeSouza behind bars after his minimum 12-year sentence. As far as they are concerned, out of sight is out of mind. DeSouza may have been here from the age of 10, but there's no sympathy for his departure from the State Government, nor for his "'roid rage" defence to a brutal murder. I don't regard people who take drugs and alcohol and commit violent crimes like this

as in any way mitigating. In fact, I think it's aggravating.

Paul Mullins, Ten News. Two women have faced court charged with the brutal murder of a Sydney pensioner. 87-year-old Joseph Kelly was knocked to the floor of his Camperdown unit in October last year during a break-in. He later died in hospital from his injuries. A 44-year-old woman today appeared in Coffs Harbour Court, while her co-accused, a 35-year-old Dulwich Hill woman, entered no plea at Balmain Court. The case continues in October. Vandals with acid have attacked the same high school for the second time this year. Fire crews were called to Lambton High School in Newcastle after cleaners found smashed windows and classrooms doused with hydrochloric acid. The school's 1,100 students were told to stay home for the day, the closure affecting HSC trials. This is almost 50% of our HSC, so it's a big deal, so it's put us back a lot. So we don't know anything about when our exams are gonna be. It's just really disruptive to our Year 12 work. In March, vandals splashed acid on the school's outdoor areas. An Australian medical breakthrough

is set to save hundreds of thousands of people from amputation. The procedure has proven a success in trials

and could be performed in hospitals from next year. A year ago Malcolm Brown was about to lose his left leg.

Riddled with gangrene caused by a blood clot, doctors told Malcolm to prepare for amputation. He had no option and most don't have any option. Remember, the pain of gangrene is incredibly severe and people beg you to chop their leg off. But a world-first operation saved Malcolm's dying leg. Created in Australia, the device allows blood to bypass a clogged artery by pumping blood into smaller veins around the blockage. This external valve then allows doctors to control and monitor the blood flow. Within five days of surgery the pump was removed, and Malcolm Brown's leg had transformed from near dead to full of life. Basically it was instant with the warmth. I'm at a stage now where you can get around the house, do the washing, peg the washing up. After 12 months of intensive rehabilitation, Malcolm's confident his life is back on track. if it's possible, You know, I am not sure

but in the near future I'd like to return to work if I could. In just a few months this device could become commonplace surgery. It's then hoped it could be used to bypass other blood clots throughout the body. Doctors believe people including smokers, diabetics and those with high cholesterol could be saved by the procedure. for this type of technique The future really is very good because it is so simple. Royal North Shore Hospital is set to conduct a final trial of the device later this year. James Boyce, Ten News. The Olympic countdown is off and running - the Beijing Games beginning a year from today. There are still concerns about pollution, but the Chinese Government is adamant everything will be perfect. of the Beijing Olympics, One year out from the start the partying has well and truly begun - China's capital dotted with performances from belly dancing to Tai Chi, all coordinated with military precision. It's a taste of things to come, according to He's confident China will deliver even under a cloud of pollution. A very heavy humidity - some days 500m visibility. It was 1,750 when I was there.

Downtown is clearly a combination of humidity and smog. The host nation is doing what it can to curb concern, proudly showing off

chemical factories which have been shut down. It's also pledged to remove more than a million cars from the roads. But the AOC still thinks it's best to keep our athletes away until just a few days before competition. As an asthmatic it's definitely something that I have to think about and prepare for, but, at the end of the day, everyone's gonna be in the same boat. As the countdown begins to 08/08/2008, authorities have also cracked down on all negative publicity. The date is considered lucky in Chinese culture, but China's not taking any chances with its image. Six activists were reportedly detained the Great Wall after they abseiled down and unfurled a "Free Tibet" banner. And, at weekly press conferences, awkward questions are struck from the record to ensure nothing goes wrong, at least officially. Amber Muir, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and the odds are shortening for drug cheats in Beijing. Yes, ahead, why more cheats are likely to be caught. And the million-dollar catch - the fan who caught a piece of US baseball history. And we'll cross live to the judiciary for the NRL's infamous biting case, as a league great calls for compassion. A Sydney man dies on board a P&O cruise he won in a competiton - that's next. Also tonight, police continue their crackdown on hoons causing chaos on our roads. And pulling no punches - Jeff Fenech faces court for drink-driving.

RELAXING MUSIC ..with Freedom. and catalogue is out now. Our brand-new spring collection This program is captioned live. police threats to crush their cars, Despite a double fatality and with street racing. more Sydney drivers have been charged have also been confiscated A number of cars in a special police operation. has lost his vehicle An 18-year-old P-plater near Parramatta, after being caught doing doughnuts leaving big skid marks on the road. were pulled over, Several other drivers and a 28-year-old driver including a 22-year-old P-plater who were allegedly street racing. have also been seized. Both their cars Ram-raiders have destroyed a Paddington shopfront to steal designer clothes worth tens of thousands of dollars. A Subaru WRX was used to crash through the front of Zambelli early this morning. Three men in balaclavas grabbed the gear before driving off down Oxford Street. Forensic police are investigating. Punishment tonight for one of Australia's most famous boxers - Jeff Fenech fined and disqualified from driving after conceding he was behind the wheel of a car drunk.

He's one of our greatest fighters, didn't hold out in court - but Jeff Fenech's luck in the ring

knocked out the triple world boxing champ and six months off the road with a $500 fine at 0.095. for being caught behind the wheel I really didn't have the intention to drive that night, and I've done the wrong thing. but I was behind the wheel Mr Fenech went down fighting, But true to form, he did it to help his wife. telling the magistrate behind the wheel in Kings Cross: His lawyer saying he got

because he was worried - He'd parked illegally he was driving his friend's Bentley, so he didn't want to risk getting it scratched in a carpark. Because it was somebody else's car I just thought it would be best to get an $80 fine for a parking infringement and, you know, have the car safe.

He claims his wife was the designated driver, but he jumped in to help her out of a tight spot. Police were alerted to a loud crunch noise when he hit a pole. The court was told: The magistrate said Fenech's driving record packed a punch that didn't help him. I had some fast cars When I was a young kid

and I've enjoyed my life. and, hopefully, I'll make no more. I've made mistakes for assaulting a greengrocer Fenech has previously been fined for allegedly stealing watches. and is facing another trial Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Homicide police have been called in of a Sydney man after the mysterious death on board a P&O cruise ship. from Dulwich Hill The body of the 31-year-old on board the 'Pacific Sky'. was found in a public toilet and 18-month-old child The man was travelling with his wife after winning the holiday run by radio station 2GB. in a competition from Noumea on Saturday, The ship returns to Sydney

when there'll be an autopsy. to boycott services, Rail unions are threatening are being put at risk saying the lives of train drivers by unruly Bulldogs fans. It's not just scenes like this, but two nights ago a driver reported three Molotov cocktail attacks being hurled at trains near Bankstown. there's a big problem. The Police Minister denies from police Well, I don't have advice

that they have a specific group than others. that they believe are more unruly Any possible ban could affect travel on Sunday. to the Bulldogs-Canberra match tracking system proved useless claiming his expensive after his car was stolen at gunpoint. did its job, He says while the satellite device failed horribly. the people on the ground by a gang of four masked men The 49-year-old was ambushed late one night in May. as he checked his car alarm Gun in the stomach, throw your keys on the ground," "Give us your keys,

which I did, just threw them on the ground like that, and then, "Get on the ground." But when they took off with his Audi, a satellite system tracked them down. The tracking alarm turned out to be a bit of a lemon. Glen is furious it took almost half an hour before CARCOM answered his calls. Despite the emergency, when the operator finally answered the phone she was no help. She was inexperienced and her first words were, "I've never had an alert before." The satellite pin-pointed police the 2-month-old car, to where the thieves dumped but it was too late to catch them. It's disappointing. and they'll do it again, probably. These guys could have been caught a few hundred dollars compensation. CARCOM has offered Glen At the end of the day, successfully with the police force the operator worked very to locate where the vehicle was the vehicle recovery procedures, and to instigate being immobilised. which resulted in the vehicle The great irony in all this the satellite tracking system is that Glen only decided to install just a few weeks earlier. after a friend of his was car-jacked right outside her front door. She had her Porsche stolen this would help deter the thieves. And Glen had hoped Glen says he's afraid to take his car out at night and is generally a lot more cautious. Police hope forensic investigators will provide some leads in the case. Evan Batten, Ten News. Weather

Weather cheque, Tim Bailey, Weather cheque, Tim Bailey, I'm

seeing fruit tree blows oms,

clearly nature thinks spring has

sprung. A forecasting fact, there's

more sunny days in the month of

August than any other month of August than any other month of the

year, we are livering up to it. It

was more spring than winter, hence

the blows oms at your place, chilly

at Richmond, 1 degree, 23 in the

city. 4 degrees above average. Time

to rustle up a weather photo. When

I say rustle one up. ELane Russell.

This is a beauty, railway bridge in

Dubbo, the bridge peering through

the mist. Thanks for that. Harvey

Norman may well send you a Sony

dijy cam come Friday, thank you to

'em for sponsoring our segment.

Skywatch - pure blue skies, a

gorgeous day across Sydney as long

as you weren't looking for precipitation

precipitation in your dam or garden,

there wasn't any, none until Monday.

It's 21. Forecast tomorrow, what

you see is what you get, fine and

sunny, tops of 22. Mind you north-westerly north-westerly winds increasing

over the next 72 hours, and be a

bit of a nuisance across the

weekend. The next sign of any cloud

or maybe even a shower looks like

being Sunday and again on Monday.

Until then, fine and sunny, see you

again in around about 10. Chaos in a courtroom as a victim's father lashes out at his killer - that's next. And an unlikely hero - the 7-year-old girl who chased down an armed robber. The Skytrax World Airline Awards awards for airline excellence. are the world's most prestigious So you can imagine how proud we are voted the Best Cabin Crew And for our staff to have been and New Zealand. of any airline in Australia our wonderful staff and crew, So to all our customers, and especially to you, low-fares airline thank you for voting Australia's in the World. the Best Low-Cost Airline and businesses expanding, With the economy growing to get a head start on your career, there's never been a better time even if you're still at school.

are an exciting new concept Australian Technical Colleges that will allow students to complete years 11 and 12 while they begin a trade. 28 colleges are being established around Australia, with 21 open right now. For more information, call 13 38 73 or visit: This program is captioned live.

Time to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso, Vic is taking us to one

of Sydney's landmarks, it's the

Mecano set at Woodville Road. An

accident west of the Land site. We

have big delays. We'll zoom in to

the the Mecano set, Woodville Road in

the Hume Highway. Take a look at

the three traffic lanes, barely

moving. Unfortunately the delays

hedge back past Bass Hill towards

Yagoona, and an impact for traffic

down Henry Lawson Drive and Georges

Hall and Bankstown. Motorists - the

best way to aroid is stay with

Canterbury, avoid the Hume Canterbury, avoid the Hume Highway,

we'll check the motorways and bring

you an update later. of a missing British toddler The parents their daughter is still alive are clinging to the belief of traces of blood. despite the discovery have been trying Kate and Gerry McCann to keep 4-year-old Madeleine in the media spotlight since she disappeared from their hotel room in Portugal three months ago. We're not naive, but on numerous occasions the Portuguese police have assured us that they were looking for Madeleine alive and not Madeleine, you know, being murdered. Police have confirmed forensicftests are being carried out on blood specks found in the McCanns' hotel room during a search with specially trained sniffer dogs last week. Violent scenes in a US courtroom jumped over a courtroom table, The victim's father and started choking him. grabbed the defendant

to control the man, Court security took several minutes

from the court. eventually removing him to 33 years jail. The defendant was sentenced trapped in a coalmine in the US Rescuers trying to reach six men have suffered a major setback.

abandon the mine amid more tremors. Workers have been forced to before the men can be reached. It's now estimated it could be a week We're back to square one. We are at the same area that we were yesterday morning because of the unexpected seismic and tectonic activity. There's been no word from the men since the collapse almost two days ago. The latest foot-and-mouth outbreak in the United Kingdom has been linked to a vaccine laboratory.

Investigators are working on the theory

that a lab worker accidentally or deliberately carried the virus out. Authorities have also confirmed a second outbreak in Surrey. I just hope nobody else gets it. I feel annoyed that people dealing with such dangerous diseases got so careless. Footpaths around the two infected farms have now been closed to the public. A 7-year-old girl in the United States has proved you're never too young to be a hero. She chased an armed robber who threatened her mother. Showing courage beyond her years, 7-year-old Alisha jumped off the shop counter and pursued the armed robber. I said, "Hey, come back here!" I was thinking, "I'm gonna catch him,

"I'm gonna get that little fella." The robber's still on the run, so Alisha's a little worried about revealing her face. But she showed no fear when the man entered the convenience store where her mother works, brandishing a gun. As he helped himself to money in the cash register, Alisha fought back. I got off and under and I was pushing on him, like, "Back away, man", like that. telling him to back away, I didn't want him to hurt Mommy. She ran after him, but then the thief threatened her with the gun. He was doing like this. Fear finally catching up with her. I started crying, and I had my polka-dot blanky with me - that's my security blanket. As the police hunt goes on, about what should happen to him. Alisha has no doubts He should be locked up by his gills and towed to the police. I don't want him to come back. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. that's out of this world. A team of NASA-funded scientists has identified the largest planet in the universe.

Known as an exo-planet, it is 70% larger than Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in our solar system. It's believed the new planet consists mostly of gas. A toddler hit with a wheel lock during a vicious road rage attack - that's next. Also, putting on a brilliant display - a lava show erupts in Hawaii. And a universal approach in the big store fashion wars. This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - an Australian developed procedure could save hundreds of thousands of people from losing limbs. The external pump allows blood to bypass clogged arteries and flow to limbs at risk of amputation. It could be available in hospitals by next year. A British-born killer who kicked and punched a young woman to death has been deported after finishing his 12-year sentence today. Steven DeSouza was taken straight to the airport, the Government revoking his permanent residency visa.

And mortgage holders tonight are feeling the pinch. The Reserve Bank lifting interest rates by 0.25%. They're now at they're highest level since John Howard was elected in 1996. Today's interest rate rise is rare in an election year. For the fallout, politicial editor Paul Bongiorno is speaking with Treasurer Peter Costello.

Treasurer, thanks for joining us,

the car rate now is at its highest

level in 10 years, won't that have more impact on today's borrowers,

than 17 or 18 years ago.

The cash rate now is lower than it

was when the government was elected.

When you take into account that's

after 11 years of continuous growth

and 2.1 million jobs, it shows you

how far we have come. Now, of

course, the economy, according to

the bank, is picking up. It's cited

that as a reason for taking the

decision that it did. I acknowledge,

for home buyers, that will be an

additional cost. I acknowledge that.

Do you acknowledge there are people

out there that say they are under more mortgage stress now more mortgage stress now than

they've ever been.

I think there are some people that

have borrowed a lot of money, they'll feel the repayments as a

consequence. I would say it's

always important to build a buffer

into a mortgage. Rates can change,

you can get sick, you can lose your

job, but the important thing about the current economic climate

chances of losing your job are

less than they've been for 33 year,

that's the flip side the economy is strong.

strong. The Liberal Party

propositioned to keep rates at lows,

is that a broken promise,

is that a broken promise, five

rates later. We've had 19 cuts, 15

rises in the period I've been treasurer, interest rates are

lower than when the government was

elected, and this mortgage rate of

8.3 per cent is lower than it was

at any period... Lower than 11

years, higher than 10 years.

Lower than I inherited, and the

mortgage rate is lower than at any

time during Labour. The point is

the economy is much stronger, you

would nowhere have interest rate

rises on a strong economy, but when

you look at how far the economy has

strengthened, then this is still strengthened, then this is still a

rate which was below what it was

when the economy was in recession. when the economy was in recession.

A Reuters survey of 24 economists found 16 believed interest rates

will rise again probably by the end

of the year. Is that a warming sign

to keep a fairly tight rein on

election spending.

I think it is important that we

keep the budget in surplus. This

year we'll have another surplus,

it's our 10th, people say to me, it's our 10th, people say to me, why do you keep the budget in

surplus, one of the reasons is to keep pressure off interest rates...

U Do you think today's rise is necessary.

If we hadn't of done that, what you

would have seen in relation to

interest rates is more volatility

than this. Do you accept today's

rise was necessary? Look, I gave

the role to the independent Reserve

Bank to assess these things, its

assessment is the economy is strengthening, I respect the

decision. I note the evidence. But

the decision is made by the

independent Reserve Bank. Thank you very much. has surged, apparently taking a positive view of today's rate rise.

A shocking road rage attack in Perth - a toddler hit in the head with a steering wheel lock. The 2-year-old girl was in a car with her brother and mother when it was chased by two men following a minor traffic incident. After the woman stopped at a hotel, one of the men allegedly smashed the car windows, striking the child's head. Police have a charged a 32-year-old man. He just smashed the back window and then smashed the two front windows and then gone again, and then, all of a sudden, the car took off. He just reversed and took off. It was so quick and so cowardly. The baby has now undergone plastic surgery and is in a stable condition.

Let's look at the weather way gain

with Tim, you often make this job

look a lot easier than it really is.

is. We are making your job easier

with the weather. You could have

stuck fine and sunny on your fridge

on a post of it note Monday and I

could have taken the week off. If

you like fine and sunny, the

weather report is your honey,

another one tomorrow, and the one

before that, and before that, 22

fine and sunny. Looking at the

weather map of of NSW. This looks

like springtime more than winter.

Tomorrow at your place 22 degrees,

fine and sunny, the wind out of the

north-west will strengthen, a

couple of windy ones Thursday and

Friday. We'll see a bit of cloud,

maybe a shower late Sunday, until

then, fine and sunny, I sound like

a broken record. Are we paying him

for that.

I think we are. Sport now with Tim Webster, and what a night ahead at the judiciary. Yes, plenty of speculation over just how many weeks Brad Morrin will receive for biting, in his corner, but he's got one league great calling for compassion - more shortly as league starts celebrating its centenary.

And the historic home-run record that's made one fan in the stands. And later, Jennifer Hawkins ready to rock for Myer. Awesome Guy, do you want to be good? Yes. Look at me, I hate you. Come here. And here's yours. Oh, yes. Very happy. Thank you. See you later. for one that suits you better. This program is captioned live. Bulldogs forward Brad Morrin faces a long suspension tonight when he fronts the NRL judiciary on a biting charge. Leanne West is there, and, Leanne, how many weeks is he likely to get?

Tim, the word on the street is 8-10

weeks, the Bulldogs will be pushing

for less. Morin threw his hands up,

said he was guilty and apologised.

The Dogs are hoping that counts in

his favour. The last player rubbed his fapour. The last player rubbed

out for biting was Beattie in 2001,

copping a two-week suspension.

There'sst there's support from There'sst there's support from some

of the game's Old timers. Rugby league celebrating its 100th birthday today with a re-enactment of its formation in 1907. And we will call it rugby league! Tonight's case involving biting Bulldog Brad Morrin one of the more notorious in the code's history. But one of the game's toughest reckons the judiciary should be lenient. They all should have a little compassion, all the people that are gonna be talking to him about that. The NRL denying it wants Morrin rubbed out for a long period because of the damaging images screened to a massive audience. any other judiciary incident. It's just like The panel needs to look at it on its merits and not take into account or pay television. whether it was on free to air Players and officials, past and present, taking in lunch and a re-creation of the first game played in Australia. The day bringing out unbridled emotions. I love the game, I really have got a feeling for the game, almost like a feeling for a woman. Things not as lovey-dovey at Newcastle - captain Danny Buderus speaking out against personnel changes made by coach Brian Smith. Knights management hearing player concerns at a special meeting last night. But the CEO was today strongly behind the coach. I don't think whether it was Brian Smith or anyone else, you know, these changes would have probably happened. At the moment we're probably not fast enough, we're not strong enough and we don't have enough versatility across the park.

Tim, a couple of big signings,

Justin Hodges has done a four-year

deal with the Broncos worth $1.8

million, Paul Whatuira is off to million, Paul Whatuira is off to England, doing a 3-year Engl'n" doing a 3-year

England, doing a 3-year deal with

-udless field. All the news later

in Sports Tonight. After days without sleep, enduring forced marches and abseiling off cliffs, boot camp is over for the Wallabies. The Aussies hoping they'll be a tighter group in France after being pushed to the limit. The sun rises over Camp Wallaby, the rugby stars swapping 5-star hotels for hutchies in the Queensland bush, the comfort level low,

but at boot camp, the players are allowed minimal sleep anyway.

Little bit cold - I think it was about 11:00 we were woken up at to just stand out in the cold. They were gonna take us on a walk or make us believe we were going on a walk The day started with another 15km march, but first, punishment for not packing gear properly. What do you reckon it's worth? MAN: 30 push-ups. 30 push-ups. I reckon that's a good idea. Everybody face down. ALL: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

Packs on their backs, the Wallabies weaved through the bush, the gruelling trek punctuated by tests, like putting up tents, instructors forcing players to cross fences the hard way. But nothing compares to carting jerry cans uphill. One, two, three, four, five, six. The way back down seemed easy enough - abseiling off a sheer cliff. We've had pretty good success on the tent and the gate. A little bit slow on the abseiling, but I think we'll just jump off.

The last task was possibly the hardest - pushing a ute up a hill. The locals there for support. Come on - you've only got another 10 feet. First thing I'll do when I get home? I'll probably just put my feet up, have a beer. As we saw earlier in the news, the Beijing Olympics are now just a year away, and organisers are making sure it will be they most difficult ever for drug cheats. More than 4,500 blood and urine tests will be carried out on athletes in the lead-up to and during the Games, making it close to a 1 in 2 chance athletes will be tested. Olympics boss John Coates also confident the hosts will be on their best behaviour. I will be very surprised if the Chinese have any problems. They don't want the embarrassment the Greeks had. The step-up in drug testing will be an increase of more than 90% on the Sydney Games. There were no boos for Barry Bonds today as he broke Hank Aaron's 33-year record for the most career home runs at his home field in San Francisco. The record-breaking blow came in the fifth inning against the Washington Nationals. COMMENTATOR: Hits it deep. It is outta here! 756!

The record was celebrated with team-mates and family

but his achievement has been clouded by allegations of steroid use. But the man at the bottom of this scrum was almost as happy -

he scored the historic ball and was escorted out of the stadium by police. The fan from New York was on a stopover on his way to a holiday in Australia. Sweltering conditions ahead of golf's final Major, the US PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Phil Mickelson made the most of a giant fan as he tried to cool down in 38 degrees at Southern Hills. But the players are likely to be feeling the heat from Tiger Woods after his scorching win at the start of the week, the world number one keen to make sure he doesn't finish the year without another Major. we play in all year This is the deepest field and it's a great challenge.

It's fun.

I've been in a position before, and

haven't one won. John Hawkes,

champion racehorse trainer will

break ties with the Inglis family

at the end of the year. Another

look at the traffic. Vic is looking

at heavy traffic in Ryde. Traffic

all afternoon trying to get to West all afternoon trying to get to

Ryde has been struggling, there

was a minor accident near the

train line, traffic trying to

filter through - that's the within

run, extensive delays,

unfortunately peak hour traffic is

queued back towards Gladesville for

motorists going towards Parramatta.

A slow run out of Ryde. Another glorious day - to tell us if there's more to come. Tim Bailey's up next Nissan X-Trail is running out, See your Nissan dealer now. Hey, well, you know, that's why I put 'em all on one of these. You knock yourself out, hey? and you can save 50% on your personal effects premium. So if you're over 50 and not working full-time, call: It's a wise move to call:

This program is captioned live. Some breaking news - and we've just heard an elderly man has been rushed to hospital

in Sydney's CBD. after being hit by a bus just before 5:00pm The 85-year-old was struck near Martin Place. An ambulance spokeswoman says head injuries the man suffered serious and is in a critical condition. in the department store wars The second offensive gets underway in a couple of hours, leading the Myer team into battle with a former Miss Universe against David Jones -

the hearts and wallets The shows out to win around the country. of fashion customers Jennifer Hawkins Ever since Myer hired gale-force first lady Megan, to take on David Jones's the store wars have stepped up a notch. Who's on first can matter, and DJs took their Cote d'Azur-themed summer show down the catwalk last night.

Birthday girl Megan Gale not the only stunner strutting her stuff - four other Aussies currently blitzing it on overseas runways also came home for the event.

Among them, 19-year-old Catherine McNeil, said to be our next big thing. Also big, some of the shoes but if they weren't maxi, they were mini, without too much in between on offer. Tonight, of course, it's Myer's turn, into a battle this size and they're not about to go Michael Azzolini, of men in Speedos, and I'm doing it with a whole group so that's quite good. and I'm like, whoo-hoo! I walked past them a little tougher than it sounds, Jennifer Hawkins's job actually a little team-on-team battle. but the former cheerleader is up for

that sort of rivalry, I think it's good that they've got

and I think it's good. It's good for the industry. Otherwise, it'd be pretty boring with anything. if there was no rivalry anytime But she insists there's no personal petulance between her and Megan. I like her, so it's between Myer and DJs. I'm out of it. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Oh are dear, Tim Bailey, after

Megan Gail and Jennifer Hawkins, it

will be difficult to concentrate on what

what you have to say. The J Hawk,

how am I meant to concentrate.

Jennifer Hawkins legs are the same

height as a full Tim Bailey. What

have I got for you, I'm joking,

there's not much weather to talk

about other than fine and sunny, the

the three words I have been

uttering lately. August, it has

more sunny days, it's living up to

that reputation, fine and sunny,

cold . Morning, down to 1 degree at

Penrith, it will do it again

tomorrow. It will be windy tomorrow

and Friday, we have gale-force

north-westerlies giving the

south-east a bit of a lively old

time, and they've come across the Australian Alps this Australian Alps this afternoon

blasting to 12km an hour, it will

be a windy old north-wester filling

in Friday and Saturday in Sydney

town. Cloud on the increase on Sunday,

Sunday, and Monday some showers at

long last, we'll hit the radar .

Your backyard at the moment where

it's really pleasant out here. Mild everywhere you look.

A pod of dolphins I saw off

Narrabeen. 17 degrees. Satellite -

cloud crossing the south-east in strong north-westerly winds

bringing showers to coastal and

mountain districts of Tasmania,

Victoria and South Australia.

Tomorrow's weather map strong to

gale-force north-westerly winds,

the once we are just talking about maintaining a few showers over

Tassie, Victoria, South Australia

and the alpine areas of NSW. A cold

front approaching WA bringing

showers in the south-west corner.

The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, drips and

drops across rooftops and crops.

Showers for the south-east and west.

Everywhere except swaigs. Dry over

the interior, and most of NSW as we

have said, a few showers about the

tropical Queensland coast. So while tropical Queensland coast. So while

there's not much weather to talk

about, apart from the big blue

skyathon we are putting up with skyathon we are putting up with at

the moment. The community angle of

our first at five news, and Tim's

teams on Ten has a new sponsor,

Harvey Norman will give your team

$250, each and every week, all it

means is contacting us here at

Tim's Whether at Network 10. We'll

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from Harvey Norman, it's a deal.

from Harvey Norman, it's a deal. We

are coming to your place next are coming to your place next week,

get in your emails. Let's go:

Fine and sunny, that's the 50th

time I have said it this bull tip. Windy Friday and Saturday.

That's it from me, have a good one, see you tomorrow night live from the snow. a brilliant display in Hawaii. A volcano is putting on

from the Kilauea volcano The river of lava gushing is now almost 2km long. on Hawaii's Big Island The spectacular eruption started almost two weeks ago, to people or homes. but officials say there's no danger I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. Goodnight.