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(generated from captions) and it's going to happen. I know that, anything get in our way, I'm not gonna let and that's my promise to you. I promise you that nothing or no-one of our happiness. will ever get in the way OK. OK? Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - tears of relief - a rock-throwing victim than I was seven months ago I'm a lot better when it first happened. Her attacker now behind bars. he was a law maker and breaker. Living a lie - a disgraced MP admits And parking rort -

to refund thousands in fines. why Sydney councils may be forced and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - head home 10 Australian travel agents after being held hostage in China. And fighting for his life - diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. the '80s heart-throb at least two years jail But heading Ten News - from a highway overpass, for a man who threw a rock almost killing a woman. during the sentencing. His victim cried fully recover from her head injuries. It's expected she'll never

and her family, For 22-year-old Nicole Miller for justice. today marks the end of a long wait than what I was seven months ago I'm a lot better when it first happened. whose self-confessed stupidity The man permanently changed her life was locked up for at least two years. this morning, As Peter Hodgkins arrived at court of freedom for a long time. he knew he'd enjoyed his last moment

to four years jail, The judge sentenced him eligible for parole in 2010. There's no winners out of it at all, that she's been injured this way. and I'm very sorry she gets better. I just hope that with trust and love that Peter Hodgkins threw The 1kg rock Nicole Miller was travelling in smashed the back window of the car last July. It crushed her skull, with serious head injuries leaving her that could have been fatal. against throwing the rock, Hodgkins's friend warned him but it didn't stop him. Nicole was in hospital for weeks. fitted inside her head. She now has a titanium plate told the court Nicole Miller's doctors of physiotherapy and other treatment that she faces up to three years the best possible outcome, before she achieves she will never be the same again. but either way her family knows any family have to suffer We don't really want to see for a very long time. the way that we'll be suffering a claim for victim's compensation, Nicole's family will now lodge but it's capped at $50,000. to meet their medical bills, It's not enough ever be able to work again. and they don't think Nicole will Evan Batten, Ten News. Milton Orkopoulos Disgraced former Labor minister

has admitted living a lie by smoking drugs, using amphetamines and having gay sex with teenagers.

Taking the stand for the first time, to possessing child pornography. he's also pleaded guilty A very public fall from grace. the stand, telling the court: The former minister took to his homosexual relations a secret Mr Orkopoulos said he kept on his marriage and political career. because he feared the impact The prosecution asked:

soon changed - But Mr Orkopoulos's reflective mood at questions by the prosecution. he began smirking the prosecution found During his time giving evidence on a number of occasions Mr Orkopoulos contradicted himself own lawyers for holes in his case. and at one point he even blamed his were dropped Earlier in the day three charges due to lack of evidence.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. are heading home Freed Australian hostages

after a terrifying siege in China in a bloody daylight execution. which ended the travel agents' bus A hijacker boarded tourist precinct turns to horror A day trip through a popular Chinese boards the vehicle. as a man laden with explosives visiting Xian 9 of the 10 Australian travel agents were progressively released. Rhiannon Dunkley Among them, 22-year-old Corowa woman minutes after escaping. who contacted her husband when she rang - She was a bit of a mess couldn't get much out of her. strapped around his waist The guy was saying he had a bomb and he was going to blow 'em up.

a call from the tour guide Rhiannon's shocked boss even fielded He was very calm. going on in the background, There was a lot of commotion a lot of yelling and stuff. "China's a pretty busy place." But I just thought, He was very calm. were held captive for several hours. The guide and a 48-year-old NSW woman sniper shot and killed the hijacker. Their ordeal ended when a police a shock to the Sydney-based operator. News of the ordeal and now this happen We arrange the tour for them but at the end everybody safe.

the lower end of travel advisories Despite the scare, China remains at ahead of the Beijing Olympics. and that's unlikely to change There's nothing at this stage this was at any way aimed at that would cause us to think the Australians concerned, at Australia, or Australians generally.

consular assistance and counselling All 10 hostages are receiving within 48 hours. and are expected back in Australia Probably be a few tears. Luke Waters, Ten News. have escaped the firing squad, Three of the Bali Nine to those still on death row. giving new hope after admitting their stupidity. They won a last-minute appeal They're known as the Melasti Three - in the Kuta Melasti Hotel, caught with heroin and sentenced to death. part of the Bali Nine has kept them alive. Now a final appeal but this is not, like, what we want. It's OK still on death row - For the three others Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran alleged ringleaders and drug mule Scott Rush - there's now a glimmer of hope. Mixed feelings. too much. We don't tend to get our hopes up and been floored. We've done that before meeting with legal teams, Mr Rush is already

planning to use a similar defence - pointing out Scott's remorse, youth, stupidity and his lower role in the plan, hoping it's enough to spare him. Former prisoner Kay Danes helped smooth the way for the Melasti appeal. I think he's got a better-than-average chance out of the other two. We just don't know the extent to which precedent might play a role over there, but we would expect it to. Lawyers expect to visit Scott within the month. are exhausted If all avenues of appeal and any of the Bali Nine remain on death row, the Rudd Government will still have one final shot - an appeal for clemency. I made it clear to the Indonesian Government in Indonesia as recently as last week

that we will be appealing for clemency. A prisoner exchange treaty is still to be finalised. He definitely needs to serve time for the crime but he doesn't deserve a bullet. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. The State Government could be forced to refund thousands of dollars in parking fines. Lawyers say they've been inundated with complaints after a Sydney motorist was fined even though she'd moved her car. Steering clear of a parking fine should be straightforward - dash out and move your car to the nearest available spot and buy a new ticket. for doing just that. who slugged a motorist $79 Where a parking area applies, that area will be named on the sign, and that is put in place by councils when they install the signs. The woman had moved her car from a park here on Darling Island Road at Pyrmont, to Fyfe Street, just around the corner. But Council says it was still within the same parking zone. Legal experts say she should never have been fined. There's a lot of confusion and chaos out there because motorists want to know where they stand.

What they should be aware of is that the actual council has made an error in this particular circumstance. He's urged drivers to pay attention to parking signs. If it's like this one and doesn't indicate an area, then you're free to move your car wherever you like. Motorists, though, are still confused and angry. I believe it's revenue-raising. I believe that moving your car 100m down the road and paying the extra few dollars and then getting charged $80, is not fair.

Lawyers fear thousands of motorists have been wrongly fined and expect the State Government will have to refund each and every one of them over the next few months. Sydney City Council and the State Debt Recovery Office

have declined to comment. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, it's almost kick-off time in the NRL. Yes, the NRL season will be officially launched tonight but the opening round will be without one of the game's stars. Adam Hawse joins us from the NRL launch,

and the Eels have acted on Jarryd Hayne?

That right. Jarryd Hayne has been

that stood down for the round one

match against the Bulldogs match against the Bulldogs and

fined $2,000 for his role in the

last Monday's King's Cross should

doubt. It's the same penalty for

his two team-mates. The deals are

cracking down on the or discipline. there will be further stand-downs

Standing them down with the threat should there be any further problems. That's the thing that will play on their mind at 10:00 or 11:00 at night or at midnight when they're deciding whether they kick on somewhere.

It to step back in time in the

centenary year there? The first

game was played here in 19 no

weight - she was a double header

and it cost sixpence to getting. We

are showing you a sneak peek of the

ad that is being launched it

features Clive Churchill and Darren

Lockyer. I wouldn't mind them in

Lockyer. I wouldn't mind them in my

team. More in sport later on. And shortly in sport, a jump goes wrong for a modern-day Evil Kneivel.

Robbie Maddison has jumped the length of a football field before but warming up in Melbourne to promote the Crusty Demons a gust of wind saw him lose control.

And north/south rivalry from the Melbourne coach. What it cost him, shortly. The Government scraps a plan to charge Sydneysiders for access to a public park - details next. Also tonight - down the drain - a burst pipe leaves businesses and traffic awash. for football personality Sam Newman And the outlook after cancer surgery. Drive the Holden Captiva diesel and you'll be captivated by its fuel efficiency. Its common-rail turbo diesel uses just 8.6 litres per 100 k's.

of five or seven seats. Go to new heights. This program is captioned live. A suburban watering hole was left awash after a high-pressure main burst in a major Sydney street. Botany Road was a river for most of this morning, as tens of thousands of litres were lost. Much of it flooded the cellar of a local pub.

It's also caused problems for the builders of an apartment complex as the site began filling with water. Authorities say the main was in good condition.

It's surprising to us that it's actually broken today but we'll go away, investigate it thoroughly

and try and remedy any particular issue we find. There could be a repeat of the peak-hour traffic chaos caused by the break if the RTA can't fix the road in time. Residents of Sydney's south-west must have had a feeling of deja vu today. The Premier has re-announced

a re-announcement of an old announcement, about a train line that's been promised 9 times in 10 years. No hospital disasters or council controversies to deal with here. Morris Iemma and his minders at a Glenfield coffee shop talking tactics. This was the outcome of those discussions. A modern, efficient rail system to deliver better services to the people of south-western Sydney. His details on a $1.3 billion south-west rail link sounded familiar. A new rail service to the south-west and an extra capacity for the CityRail network. The rail project was first flagged in 1998. Official announcements date back to 2004. The Government has since found ways to re-confirm it eight times. Re-announced in February 2006, again in May AND July.

Another media release in May 2007, September 2007, and then today. What progress has been made since, the Transport Minister wasn't sure, deflecting questions to a RailCorp bureaucrat. I might ask Chris from transport infrastructure, yeah, and Chris can give you the detail. Today we were told there'd be an extra 400 parking spots at Glenfield. This is a State Government that doesn't understand the needs of south-west Sydney. This is a State Government that sits around sipping lattes. While the reconfirmation of the original plan may be welcome news for passengers in this south-west corridor, no such luck for those in the north-western suburbs with the strongest hint yet the government may be about to change its original concept for that area. The European metro-style rail system is the kind of futuristic rail system for this city. That means a heavy train line for the north-west is more unlikely than ever.

The south-west link is due to begin some time next year. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A win for Sydneysiders - Premier Morris Iemma has overturned a plan to charge $5 to watch harbour powerboat racing from Mrs Macquarie's Point. There was outrage over the plan by the Royal Botanic Gardens Trust.

It blamed the fee on the need to cover its expenses for security and clean-up costs. of community concern with this, Given the amount we have stepped in to ensure that no fee will be charged. The Premier criticised the lack of consultation on the fee and its planned introduction at such short notice. Private health insurance premiums are on the rise again. Health Minister Nicola Roxon has signed off on the increases for all but one fund. She says she had to balance the viability of funds with the best interests of policy holders. So the average increase is 4.99%. We're very pleased that over 3 million Australians are going to be paying a smaller increase than they would have if the Rudd Government had not intervened. The Health Minister admits

some funds have had rises approved well above the 5% average. Football personality Sam Newman could learn as early as tomorrow if he stands a good chance in his fight for life. Friends are saluting his bravery for going public about his prostate cancer. As Sam Newman lay in a hospital bed recovering from yesterday's prostate operation, his friends were praising his fighting spirit in showing others his plight. If he does something there's nothing by halves. So hopefully what he does there with prostate cancer makes a lot of awareness. Knowing Sammy, if it's close to him he'll really go for it. His television colleagues said little. No, not here. No. But others who've been there said it all. I know exactly how you feel, Sam. I have great sympathy for that because I've been through it and I thought I was dead. His doctors say he's in good spirits with a good prognosis.

The Australian pioneer in his type of surgery

believes the star should pull through. This surgery has been curative. I would expect it's most likely. Robotic keyhole surgery

has revolutionised prostate cancer operations. It's the newest weapon against a cancer that affects 1 in 12 Australian men - a bigger killer than breast cancer. Luckily, with Sam's early detection and this machine the odds are in his favour, it boasts a 90% cure rate with 75% of patients regaining full sexual function and bladder control. All the more reason for Australian men to have the simple blood test

for cancer detection. don't wait for symptoms. Take another lesson from this - Be tested, particularly if your over 45. Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

The Kim Bailey - I

Setting sail for boys guys. This is

the only authentic tall ship in the only authentic tall ship in the Sydney Harbour. the only authentic tall ship in the Sydney Harbour. A glorious day

today - 26. Up, Up, up go the demo

levels. 65 %. Hang this on your

wall and call it art - it wall and call it art - it currently

24 degrees across Sydney. The weekend forecasting a 10. Next - John Howard finds his voice... (Sings 'Waltzing Matilda') ..away from the political limelight. And what not to wear - Australian women flock to find out their biggest fashion mistakes. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin has so many brilliant ideas you'll be dazzled. Visit this weekend - Nullarbor Ave off Flemington Rd. Light

Kicking the traffic now. A report Kicking the traffic now. A report

earlier about the burst water main

- is that problematic? A up

fortunately so - born on the road

and regions St - Botany road and

Regents Street. We can't be directly

directly over there to show you but

there are big traffic queues

heading to Victoria Road as a

result of an earlier accident. This result of an earlier accident. This

will hold up peak-hour traffic to

Parramatta. Late-night shoppers

will be delayed into Parramatta. We

will try to get to that of the city for our next update. The Prime Minister has gone to Papua New Guinea to fix problems with our nearest neighbour. The Prime Minister has gone to Papua New Guinea with our nearest neighbour. to fix problems A big sticking point is the Kokoda Track. Kevin Rudd's first official state visit and the locals couldn't be more excited. The Prime Minister arrived in Papua New Guinea to a traditional red carpet treatment. Australian flags have reportedly sold out, such was the anticipation of the visit. The disagreements of the past forgotten but some history still a sticking point - landowners along the Kokoda Track keen to express their disagreement on Australia's wishes for the trail to be heritage-listed, kept back from the official proceedings. We have been given really unfair treatment here and we are so disappointed in that. The two governments will discuss the issue at an upcoming ministerial summit. They did sign off on a new partnership to preserve rainforests. I thank you for your welcome. I thank you for the new page we can turn in our relationship as two countries which have known each other for a long, long time. Mr Rudd has released the Port Moresby Declaration, a pledge to respect the independence of Pacific nations and go forward together on common challenges. It's a significant departure from relations over the past years. There was no common understanding. Amicable understanding between the differences that we have and the differences previous Australian governments have. water under the bridge. But it is all We are talking about the new beginnings. just aren't negotiable. Some things, it seems, I follow the blue but I'll accept the... LAUGHTER Tomorrow the PM will visit Australian-funded aid projects. In Port Moresby, Brad Hodson, Ten News. Former prime minister John Howard has been honoured with a prestigious award in Washington. Conservative American power-brokers have praised him as one of the world's most successful politicians. Back in the limelight after his spectacular defeat last November, John Howard found his voice again with an Aussie favourite... (All sing 'Waltzing Matilda') ..followed by a more familiar tune for some of Washington's political power brokers, although Vice-President Dick Cheney wasn't among them, cancelling at the last minute. (All sing 'God Bless America') The sing-song over, Mr Howard accepted the American Enterprise Institute's Irving Kristol Award, the first foreign leader to receive the honour from the conservative think tank. And while he may have been forced out of Federal Parliament,

Mr Howard remains a politician. I'm disappointed that Australia's battle group will be withdrawing from southern Iraq in June as one of the new Labor Government's election commitments. He also had a dig at the Rudd Government's industrial relations changes during a wide-ranging speech. In particular, bringing back the old unfair dismissal laws will stifle employment growth in small business. In recognising Mr Howard with its highest award, the institute described him as one of the world's most successful democratic politicians and a friend of freedom. The praise was returned - Mr Howard describing the US as the ultimate source for good. In Washington, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. 'Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with cancer, actor only has five weeks to live. but his doctor has denied reports the Sawyze's publicist has confirmed the 55-year-old is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. His doctor says he's responding well, claiming reports about the "time frame"

are "absolutely untrue". The American tabloid, the 'National Enquirer', claims the cancer has spread to other organs and the actor has lost a lot of weight. Only 5% of patients with pancreatic cancer survive for five years after diagnosis. Two of the world's most fashionable women took on Sydney shoppers today. Trinny and Susannah say

many Australian women are committing the same faux-pas. It's a brave woman that steps into this bearpit, but a public mauling from style queens Trinny and Susannah had thousands queuing for hours. The lady with the blue top oh so needs help. Come on, darling. For 12 years, they've been telling the British what not to wear. Touring Australia, they've found women making the same big mistake. I think it's a universal one - that it's the wrong size bra. You shouldn't be able to get a whole hand under your bra - that's too loose. And as for the men... We're yet to see a well-dressed Australian man. I can say that hand on heart - I've yet to see a well-dressed Australian man. Luckily, charm gets you everywhere. You are very sexy for a 44-year-old. I'm not sure I love that! How old are you? 15. Oh, yes! Is that illegal in this country? And while we'd love to show you the transitions, unfortunately all cameras were banned from filming the show, and no wonder, given Susannah started by taking her underwear off on stage. that you're in a public place, You forget because there's such a tremendous bond with women and we feel that as soon as we come on. That's why, in a way, we're very tactile with women. without feeling her If we were to just tell someone I find it would be patronising. And there were certainly no complaints. I love the honesty, and that's why I'm here. Seriously, it's worth it. They're rock stars! Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Bill Gates bumped from the top of the world's rich list. Find out who beat him next.

Also, the music industry salutes our chart-toppers. And hey-ey-ye-ey - Sydney ready to 'Shout' for rock'n'roll's wild one. (Sings) # Shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout, shout. # At Ford... We build a range of cars that are small on the outside... But are very big on safety... Performance and comfort. So when you choose the Ford Fiesta, you'll enjoy a car... That's packed with safety features... Plus your choice of engines... 2007 Ford Fiesta LX 5 Door. From $15,990 drive away. Plus get 12 months free comprehensive insurance when you finance with Ford Credit. Because everyone's journey... Is different. This program is captioned live. A rare tribute today State parliamentary reporter for the longest-serving in the country, our own Paul Mullins. Mullos, as he's affectionately known, retires next week after 35 years reporting on politics, but not before a special farewell on the last sitting day he'll attend. Mr Speaker, after 9 premiers, 10 elections and probably 10,000 pieces to camera, it's time to say goodbye to an old friend - Paul Mullins, 'Mullos'. ALL: Hear, hear. And there is no more appropriate place to do it than here on the floor of this Parliament

because this place has been his whole life

and even though he never once sat here as an elected member -

but he nonetheless has been a central part of our democracy

for more than 30 years. Through his long tenure in this place, Mullos earnt affection and respect by the truckload and genuine regret and it is with genuine emotion that we say, "Goodbye, Mullos." You made a difference, you left your mark, you will be missed. As the Premier said, this is a bloke who from your first press conference in this place,

always addressed you as 'sir', no matter what he really thought about you at that given time.

And he is a man of great skill - he will always be part of the history of this place and he goes with our of goodwill and the goodwill of all those on our side of the House. Thank you. On behalf of the House I will be presenting to Mullo a certificate of service and congratulations on behalf of all members of the NSW Parliament. I present this to Paul Mullins. APPLAUSE To the BankWest finance report, and the local share market is back in the black. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has lost his title as the world's richest man after 13 years at the top. US investor Warren Buffett has taken over the lead spot. the 77-year-old is worth $66 billion. 'Forbes' magazine says With $62 billion, Gates has dropped to third place after Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu. The richest Australian is mining magnate Andrew Forrest. He's at number 145 with $7 billion, followed by James Packer at 173. Celebrations today for all the Aussie artists who made it to number one on the charts in the last year - ARIA handing out their annual number one awards to commemorate their achievements. Musicians and daylight hours aren't always a good mix, but if it means the chance to pick up an award,

you'll get the best of them, even if they leave their sunglasses on inside. It was definitely a surprise when it happened, expecting to happen every time. so it's not like something we're

Delta Goodrem celebrating with a song. (Sings) # Tonight I believe again... # The 22-year-old added another two gongs to her already substantial collection, and album. thanks to a number one single

I'm concerned about your mantelpiece. Can it hold these up? around the house, so we're safe. John Butler keen to thank those who hand over their hard-earned cash to buy his music. You can't go number one without an amazing family - literally my team and then the family of fans that make it happen. among this year's winners, when they hear that that single or album has gone to number one, they're still as excited as a kid. When we got the call we did all that.

We jumped up and down and we ran around the house. But Damien Leith, who had two number one albums last year, says having two small children stops him getting too big a head. Change a few nappies and that award just goes to one side. In all, 12 Australian artists made it to the top with a single, album or DVD - that figure slightly down on last year. Not that anyone's panicking. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sydney, it's time to get ready to 'Shout', with the premiere tonight of the hit musical based on the life of Johnny O'Keefe. The star cast provided a taste of what you can expect from the show, which opens in just over an hour's time.

(Sings) # Tell me what I say! # Opening night will be difficult for former 'Australian Idol' judge Mark Holden, who's in the production, after rumours he was pushed from his job on the singing quest. I categorically deny I was pushed out by the production company. This is something I have generated over the last year. Holden says his departure from 'Idol' was a mutual decision, and he'll be glad to put those touchdowns to bed.

You can go to bed tonight very

proud of the great day. Seamless

blue sky - it was a cracker. Sydney Harbour

Harbour week this week - what

better way than to get out on the

tall ship behind me and export the

Wonderland. Top temperatures:

The all-important weekend forecast

- what is on Friday and Saturday

and Sunday? There would be telling

- see you soon. Next in sport with Tim Webster, the NRL season is launched tonight.

Yes, it's almost upon us for another season, but Jarryd Hayne won't be there come kick-off. More shortly. Also, the losing NBL coach who stuck it to Sydney fans now forced to put his hands in his pockets. Ahead, how much he was fined. And a warm-up goes wrong for one of the famed Crusty Demons.

This program is captioned live. 100 years of rugby league is being celebrated tonight with the official launch of the NRL season. Adam Hawse is at the Australian birthplace of the game, but will Jarryd Hayne be there tonight?

No - Jarrad is a non starter and a

non-starter in that round one. He

has been it stood down and find

$2,000. Officials say their message gets

gets across to all players. Hopefully there's no further incidents, that the players of all 16 clubs get the message that you just cannot be going around being intoxicated late at night when you're an elite athlete.

There will be a fair bit of a

soldier tonight and you have two of

Leeds' icons. I do, the game is 100

years old. A i think the athletes

today are absolutely sensational -

their agility and the skills they

have and a fitness is unbelievable.

I'm very proud to be associated

with the game still and to see

these young blokes go round as they

do. That famous to embrace of the

two gentlemen after the Grand Final

that is on the trophy - doesn't

make you proud that people still

remember that image? It does now

and it always will - it is

something and do you do naturally

at the end of a grand final. The

embrace wasn't intentional. The

photograph was taken under notes to

last and it was just good to get

their game over. Come clean - who initiated the hard? I certainly

didn't - we got beaten so I didn't - we got beaten so I wasn't

happy. There was one of those

things, we came together and I said

well done and he said bad luck

little fellow and there was about

it. The light came down and the

bloke pulled the photo and from

there it has gone to an amazing

situation we have been involved in

ever since. Acquitted? I would go

for Melbourne best they were

streets ahead of any side and they

would do it again. If I have to

pick one I would agree with Arthur.

Thanks for joining us. Tim, back to you. A major setback for the Waratahs ahead of tomorrow's local derby against the Brumbies - star league recruit Timana Tahu has been ruled with a hamstring injury. 19-year-old Alfi Mafi will make his starting debut on the wing, becoming the third teenager in the Tahs' 22-man squad,

as they tackle the equally young Brumbies in the battle of the baby back lines. Someone told me an hour or two back the average age of our back line is actually younger now, so maybe we're the babies. Fullback Lachie Tuner has overcome a shoulder injury and will start the game. Tadhg Kennelly says he can't believe

the investigation into alleged match fixing by Swans coach Paul Roos has gone as far as it has. Kennelly and his team-ates are convinced there was nothing sinister in his comments. as long as he's been coach, Roosy has never said, "Go out and lose a game" or "Go out and throw a game" Roosy has never said, as long as he's been coach, "Go out and lose a game" or "Go out and throw a game" or "Don't do your best". The Irishman will make his first appearance for the Swans this year on Saturday against Brisbane in Canberra after recovering Leg-spinner Stuart Macgill is 100% confident he'll be called back into the Australian Test team for the upcoming tour of the West Indies. The 37-year-old makes his return from wrist surgery for NSW tomorrow in their Pura Cup match against South Australia. And despite playing grade cricket in recent weeks he's certain he will be included in the national side to tour the Carribean in May. I know that might sound a bit arrogant for me to just treat things as business as usual. Australia's first Test against the Windies is on May 22. Sprinter Patrick Johnson is appealing his omission from the Australian Athletic team for the Beijing Olympics. No male or female sprinters were selected for the Games, and Matt Shirvington says it's a wake-up call for them. The team won't be finalised till June 23, but it looks unlikely Australia will have any representatives in Beijing.

6-time national champion Matt Shirvington is devastated by the result. I'm feeling pretty gutted basically, because what we've been tried and tested on has been the last three months. I've been planning this for two years. Shirvington hasn't decided on whether he'll appeal his non-selection, but Patrick Johnson has - he wants to be given the chance to prove he has recovered from a hamstring strain he suffered during the 200m at last weekend's national titles. Selectors argue the criteria for inclusion in the team has not been a secret. The message we've been giving since we first wrote the criteria is get out and do it early, do it often, and take the selectors out of the equation. Olympic great Raelene Boyle thinks the selectors have got it right. The boys haven't put themselves in a position where you could justify selecting them. are unsuccessful, If the appeals against non-selection

there remains just one avenue to make it onto the plane for Beijing, and that is to run faster. To date, Shirvington, Johnson and rising star Otis Gowa are yet to run 'A' qualifying times, but could also make it into the team if a relay is selected. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The Sydney Kings have taken a 1-0 lead in the best-of-five grand final series against Melbourne. Tigers coach Al Westover was today fined for an obscene gesture directed at Sydney supporters. It was a Sydney slaughter that left Melbourne coach Al Westover fed up and letting fly with a double-finger salute. I probably should have ignored it, but, um, I was never going to take them all on. I had a few choice words for them anyway. The Kings fans baited Melbourne's bench all game long, provoking Westover to snap. Ah, it happens.

I am glad that the Kings fans have finally woken up and are out of their slumber. You can only take so much abuse, and then, after the game's over, if the stuff gets too personal, you know, I know I've responded myself at times. It's the second time in as many weeks Melbourne's used the gesture towards the crowd. Westover was today fined $2,000 for his actions, and another $1,000 for these words following the match. What's a foul nowadays? I don't know. If that was your first game of basketball or what a foul isn't. you wouldn't know what a foul is I don't know.

Brian Goorjian was today named NBL coach of the year. Game two is tomorrow night. Rob Canning, Ten News. Now to the rise and fall of a Crusty demon in the pursuit of a world record. Dubbed Australia's modern-day Evel Knievel, Robbie Madison was brought back to earth with a thud. A frightening example of how risky his chosen sport is. When we came here to set this up I said, "Hey let's set up "so the wind's a tail wind for me to make it safer." But they're, "No, no, we want the city in the shot." I guess I'm too easy. They push me around this time and they made it dangerous for me. Madison is hoping to go further than his world record 98m reached in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. Practice makes perfect,

but it will have to wait until the Crusty Demon recovers from today's thrills and spills. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight - of course more from the launch of the national rugby league for 2008 - its Centenary Year. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's up next with all the weather details. VOICEOVER: Are you ready to cross over? To go from where you are to somewhere entirely different? A place where you can enjoy sports car DNA and SUV practicality? Mazda CX-7. Spirited performance, innovative style, and it all comes back to... SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # It now has less than 1% added sugar. Now revealing new Yoplair Forme. Still no fat and with the same great taste.

Let's get the weather details with

Tim Bailey. What would Sydney

Harbour week be without a big blue

Bode to wrap it up in? It's

fantastic - magic picture to go

with a magic date. We had never

done this one - it is striking,

almost as good as the blue sky. The

tall ship behind me. The can jump

on 8th Sydney tall ship. She is the

only timber coal ship on a harbour.

1922 she was built in Denmark 1922 she was built in Denmark and

was the flagship of the bicentenary

recreation of the First Fleet. A

bit of history there. There are

pirates and everything. Another

great day coming tomorrow and it is

called Friday - I know you like

that talk. 27-31 degrees. Mainly

fine on the weekend and some clouds

on Saturday and mainly Sunni the

Sunday. Ind your backyard:

Clout across the tropics is causing

clouds and storms mainly around the

golf. Cloud spreading around South

Western WA. Tomorrow's match - wins

will generate storms on the

Queensland coast. Hot south

westerlies will persist over

Victoria and South Australia.

Predicted rainfall - isolated raid on

on the New South Wales South and

Central Coast. Showers and isolated

storms in Western Australia. There

football's Charity Classic is on

the on the Central Coast raising

money for suicide prevention -

Beyond Blue are involved. Peter

Sterling is bowling - raising money

for a very important subject. To

recall Country Club at 1pm tomorrow.

Be there to help out a good cause. Said the tall Ships .com That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30, and tune in for our Early News at 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.