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(generated from captions) Tonight - of Private Kovco's widow deny Exclusive - the parents she was having an affair. Two victims in a serious condition into a showground crowd. after a car reverses And a hospital visit from his wife falls out of a tree. after Rolling Stone Keith Richards

with Samantha Armytage VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of Private Jake Kovco's widow The parents over rumours of a marriage rift have spoken out and the fallen soldier. between their daughter They've exclusively told Seven News is causing unnecessary grief widespread speculation of an affair and is just plain wrong. Shelley The family of Private Kovco's widow has remained silent until now, of his body to Australia focusing on the safe return after the initial disastrous bungle. Amid funeral preparations, today set the record straight Shelley Kovco's parents very public ordeal about their daughter's there was a rift in the marriage. and rumours Australian word, 'bullshit'. John Howard's got a good

we know they were happy. They were very happy, on the phone I've listened to him talk to Tyrie or during the day. of a nighttime when he's called him They were happy, really happy. head to Kuwait tonight As military investigators about the shooting, to gather information the length of the investigation, the Federal Government has defended which could take up to six months. senior Army officer Mal Brough says Family Services Minister and former the inquiry must be thorough. People have to have faith is dealt with that whatever comes out of it and that it doesn't happen again. It better not happen. happen again. I don't think Australia would let it

another family I would not like to see through - never. go through what we've been going of Briagolong In Private Kovco's home town to the local cenotaph, the RSL plans to add his name emotional Anzac ceremony. the scene of last week's He was a soldier,

to be on the cenotaph. he definitely deserves, I think, to Briagolong And hundreds are expected to return at his funeral to farewell Private Kovco which will be held at the town hall. Wholeheartedly. and he deserves more. He deserves that in a serious condition in hospital An elderly man and a young boy remain at the Bathurst Show yesterday. after a car reversed into a crowd some with broken bones. A total of 10 people were injured, Four were children. the car seemed to come from nowhere. Horrified witnesses say towards the showring, Parked pointing in and it took off in reverse, the engine revved loudly ploughing into show-goers. with my grandson. I jumped out of the way It just missed us. hit a little boy, Then it sort of turned backwards,

and then hit an elderly man. went right over the top of him was an 82-year-old woman. Behind the wheel spun as it hit a gutter, The car reversed across a road, slamming into a four-wheel drive. careered back across the road, before 10 people were struck, In a few seconds, including four children. I thought, oh, no, it's my son. it wasn't, and still helped out. And I ran straight up and seen

injuries was airlifted to Westmead A 75-year-old Cowra man with head and is critical. rushed to the Children's Hospital. A five-year-old Lithgow boy was Doctors are fighting to save his leg. It could have been worse. wasn't even more seriously hurt It's just amazing that someone than the ones that we've had,

at the scene. let alone killed outright their heads, Today, locals were still shaking witnesses shocked. ninepins and running over them. Just bumping into people like

of them being run over. You could hear the thud Stallholders here say for a Sunday morning at the show it's a little quiet organisers have reacted quickly, but after this terrible accident right around the arena. banning parking the elderly driver. Police are yet to interview She's been breath-tested. as a tragic accident. At this stage it's being treated understandably, The 82-year-old driver is, by what occurred. extremely distressed Top racing driver Peter Brock of international competitors has called for a licence review at the Targa Tasmania. after yesterday's crash Three people remain in hospital after a Japanese competitor lost control and ran into spectators.

It was a demonstration stage it just didn't make sense at all. and where they went off, to look at, So maybe that's an aspect

the spectator safety. as well as, of course, licence standards Brock says international motor racing as they are in Australia. need to be as strict have been rescued Four would-be mountain climbers in Queensland. after getting stuck on a cliff one of the Glasshouse Mountains The men tried to scale

in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland without ropes or safety equipment. they were forced to call for help. Halfway up, equipment-wise They really weren't prepared to be able to get back down. One by one, by helicopter - they were winched to safety close to the rock face. a hazardous operation, to discuss the ordeal - The men were reluctant to climb the mountain one describing their attempt

as "ridiculously stupid." on drugs, alcohol and gambling Parents who blow welfare payments for household bills. could be forced to save money is considering the plan The Federal Government of welfare benefits set aside. which could see up to 30%

The Federal Government says

on welfare do the right thing, while the majority of families a small number don't - and it's the children who suffer. throughout the Australian community, There is,

who are often drug dependent, small numbers of people way beyond their means, gambling far too much, whose children don't go to school, for the appropriate purposes. who don't use this money In extreme cases, some families could be forced to have up to 30% of their Centrelink payments automatically set aside for household bills.

That money being able to only be spent on things that will benefit the child. So things like cigarettes and alcohol would be excluded from the purchasing of these families. Labor wants to see more detail on the proposal, but doesn't believe many people will support it. Australians don't want a nanny State and they don't want Peter Costello, John Howard or Mal Brough in their lounge rooms telling them what to do. Mal Brough's idea, at this stage, is just that - an idea. And it comes as the Federal Government flags broader tax relief,

aiming for a family-friendly budget next month. Raising of the kids is the future of our society. In an ageing society, we need more kids! As of tomorrow, if you don't have smoke alarms in your home

you'll be breaking the law. The life-saving devices are mandatory for all residential premises from May 1. That includes houses, flats, hotels - any place where people sleep. It was after that terrible fortnight last year where 13 people died in house fires. The government decided everyone had to have a smoke alarm. Hundreds of thousands of homes still don't. Lots of people seem to have the attitude that it won't happen to them but 4,500 households as a minimum in New South Wales experience a fire. It happened to Julie Waters in January. It was one o'clock in the morning. I woke up to a high pitched wail. I assumed it was the burglar alarm. I've never heard a smoke detector. Daughter Mimi's bed lamp had caught alight and soon, her room. And then I can actually remember my brother coming in and dragging me along the floor to get me. They all got out. Julie says it's because they had these. BEEPING 100%, without the smoke detector

because I sleep on a different floor to the children. The children would have burned and I would have been unaware of it until it was far, far too late. And if you've already got them, the message is get them checked. The Fire Service tells us every year people die in house fires where smoke alarms were installed but were faulty or the batteries had gone flat. Getting hard-wired alarms is recommended. Authorities also say to have an evacuation plan.

What nobody understands until they're in that situation is the speed in which things happen, that you think I'll get a hose, I'll do this, I'll do that. You won't. There's no time to do anything.

The State Government has unveiled its plan to create more affordable housing for the elderly. It will spend $400 million over five years. But critics say billions of dollars are needed to even come close to meeting demand. Morning tea with the Premier as the Government announces its first funding increase for elderly housing in 10 years. $420 million to acquire nearly 3,000 aged houses over the next five years. That's what the extra money is for, is to do more of that because it works and it helps you and supports you. It does.

New properties will have elderly-specific services while existing public housing will undergo a $75 million makeover. New kitchens, new bathrooms and safety measures like handrails. The money was going to young families. Now it has to be reconfigured to meet the needs of an ageing population. But welfare groups says meeting that need requires billions, not millions. We'd probably need five or six times that amount to get on top of the current problem for older people. That need for public housing for the elderly

is only going to increase with the number of people aged 65 and over set to double by 2030. More than 70,000 others are still waiting for public housing. Some have been on the list for 10 years. The Opposition says instead of building more public housing

tenants could be moved into the private sector. We'll help them. We'll subsidise that housing but we'll do it by renting from the private market. Rolling Stone Keith Richards remains in a New Zealand hospital tonight after falling out of a tree. The 62-year-old guitarist was holidaying in Fiji last week when he and fellow Stone Ron Wood decided to climb a coconut palm. Keith fell down, hit his head and suffered mild concussion. He was airlifted to Auckland's Ascot Hospital where his wife Patti Hansen visited him today. There's no official report on his condition, but Keith is said to be "conscious and mobile." Ahead in Seven News - George Bush meets his match. Also, a new Titan of the oceans about to cross the Atlantic. And top Aussie designers tip their hat to fashion victims. An uneasy calm has returned to the streets of Dili, East Timor, following Friday's riots. Some people have gone back to work and their homes but others worry there could be further outbreaks of violence.

These people are refugees in their

oncity, thousands of them, living

under the gun and scrambling for

handouts. The memories of this are

still fresh in their minds - a

serious split in the ranks of the

East Timorese army unleashed a riot

of killing and destruction. It's

been blamed on criminals and

opportunist, but it's ordinary

people whose live lie hoods went up

in flames. While the burning and

looting has stopped, the killing

has not. They are not safe, they

are shooting one another at night.

What is safe? Thousands have sought

safety in the hills, thousands more

have put their trust in the church,

hoping it will save them. They sit

around all day and night wondering

what the next day will bring.

Independence in East Timor has had

a miserable childhood.Ment dream of

peace and stability is still just a

agreement, the reality is a

nightmare. Some people have been

forced back to work out of sheer

economic necessity. The need to

make money is a powerful motivateor

in an impoverished country. Still,

many have stayed away. This woman

tells me, people are suffering.

It's up to the government to fix

the problems so we can get on with

our lives. Suffering they are,

while the army guards the streets

and the threat that 600 dissident

former soldiers will return and

bring their guns with them. "It's

not safe and there's no end in sight." US President George W Bush has met his match at a dinner for White House correspondents. The special guest was look-alike comic Steve Bridges who was invited to play the President's double. Okay, here it comes: nuclear proliferation...

nuclear proliferation. Nukier proliberation. Bush was also hailed as a man who believes on Wednesday what he believed on Monday, despite what happened on Tuesday. The world's biggest passenger ship has docked in England ahead of its first transatlantic voyage. The 'Freedom of the Seas' can carry more than 4,000 passengers in 1,800 rooms on 15 decks. She's almost as tall as one of the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Among the on-board comforts - a whole street of shops, a huge concert hall - even a climbing wall. The ship will cruise the Caribbean out of Miami. The annual splash of colour and creativity known as Australian Fashion Week is drawing to a close. But designers kept some of their best 'til last including one parade that seemed to pay homage to fashion victims. English roses in the Orient. UPBEAT MUSIC Leona Edmiston's cool cotton sun dresses, belted at the waist, wrapped up the big names at Fashion Week. Ruffles and bold prints with matching umbrellas, romantic ruby and chiffon and lovely lilac layers. # Oooh, oh! # There were fashion victims in the men's ready-to-wear parade. Intensive care models made the audience gasp for oxygen. Although there were some definite crowd pleasers by designers Nicole and Aaron. CHEERING New swimwear label Anna and Boy made a splash at the Opera House. But the last day of Fashion Week is all about the upcoming talent. Young Designer Syaiful came all the way from Malaysia to break into the Australian fashion scene - a modern Alice in Wonderland with a twist. You can see the double-frilled skirt as in Alice, the queen, Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat. Melbourne-based label Olive showed beautiful print dresses with lace detail - the virgin... ..and the gypsy. We were really excited we really got scared! and then when we got here today

(laughs) It's been exhausting but Fashion Week has hung up its heels for another year.

that never really ends. But, of course, it's an industry Time for sport with Nick McArdle, for next week's league Test and the team's announced in Brisbane. just a few moments ago. Yep, they named those We'll have those for you next. Also tonight, to win a thriller against the Eels. Manly has come from behind after this crash in Tennessee. And an amazing story for survival

has just been announced The Australian Rugby League Test side as captain and five-eighth. and Darren Lockyer has been retained his Test farewell in Brisbane As expected, Andrew Johns will make will make his debut for the Kangaroos while heir-apparent Jonathon Thurston

off the bench. Form's picked the side are in great form. and all those players to repeat myself again - And I don't want

it's a very good football side a terrific job in picking the team. and I think the selectors have done Injuries and possible suspensions a 19-man squad have forced the Kiwis to name Sydney rookie David Fyalogo which includes Benji Marshall, South Williams. and Bulldogs sensation Sonny Bill for Parramatta - It's becoming a major problem loss to Manly this afternoon. another second half collapse in their The Bulldogs beat the Warriors. In other results -

over the Rabbitohs The Knights' 6-point winners by an Eagles field goal. while the Eels were sent packing

premiership side were there Sea Eagles stars from the '76 Manly returned to the SCG. as, 30 years on, But this time the Eels got the jump. is great for Parramatta. COMMENTATOR: Oh, the bounce They led 16-0 with two quick tries then Manly came to life the Eels snuck away. before, yet again, Comment they score. before big Brent Kite tied it up. Steve Bell helped cut the lead to six score. COMMENTATOR: Still going, they

Golden point on the cards Matt Orford, struck. until Manly's mighty mouse,

He snaps a shot, he takes the shot, he's got the field goal! on deck. Newcastle had Andrew Johns back South's Joe Galuvao And while the skipper couldn't stop out of first gear. he did get the side Here's Johns to Thaiday. Adam MacDougall helped tie it up. They led 18-6 before former Knight Here's Johns going. finally got the cash. But the big punters who'd backed Joey for Newcastle. That might just win it In Auckland, and paid the price. He's on report, and not alone.

one of his team's five tries Willie Tonga scored for this tackle on Grant Rovelli. but is in trouble That's nasty. If that was nasty, this was nice. 80 minutes from Sonny Bill, second in a solid win. and this ball for Hazem El Masri's No test spot, after being put on report but Luke Bailey faces an anxious wait last night. in the Dragons' loss to the Storm back-to-back losses the Roosters gave the Cowboys In other games,

to beat the Raiders. and the Broncos came back Melbourne 14-point winners on an ordinary night for the Dragons. Luke Bailey was all ears as he got back from Melbourne.

it might've been a little bit high. I'm not sure if it was late, it was late. I definitely don't think

or not at the time. It's just whether my arm was up

for the Dragons Mark Gasnier set up the first try Last night,

but it was all Melbourne after that. with a first-half double. Jake Webster the top to Webster. COMMENTATOR: Inglis...over

Dragons half Matt Head with his dodgy knee missed the second half and the Storm were never threatened. Back and try. on their minds Plenty of Cowboys had the Test match

against Ricky Stuart's Roosters. before Matt Bowen's bust. They trailed 10-0 Johnathan Thurston the scorer. inside...Robert's slipped over. Thurston back on the But halfback Brett Finch and a winning lead led the Roosters to two tries before offering some advice. All those critics Roosters fans - and also those so-called kiss our arse. Jason Croker was one of the scorers In his 300th game, over the Broncos. as Canberra took an 18-0 lead In game 300, can he get there? about this tackle, Justin Hodges could hear more

but after the break, for the Broncos. four tries in 14 minutes Karmichael Hunt had two. They're gonna be in front. before Hodges got the winner. Canberra took the lead again Hodges. Short ball into a yawning gap, Cowboys in front on percentage On the ladder - it's still the and Knights. followed by the Storm, Broncos and Sharks round out the eight. The Eagles, Bulldogs, Roosters

of the Super 14 table The Waratahs are on top

after the Crusaders were beaten so far. in the biggest upset of the season over the Crusaders in Cape Town. It was the Stormers by 11

the Brumbies 36-0 over the Reds And in Canberra,

aggravating his shoulder injury. with Stirling Mortlock The Swans have revealed a series of heated team meetings gave them a much-needed wake-up call last night. for the game against Geelong by the Premiers, And it was a better effort the win by 22 points.

Could have been more if they'd kicked straight. Pats on the back for a job well done.

The Swans second win of the season, their first at home, but only after a few meetings with each other. where players were brutally honest I suppose, It was a bit fiery at times, you don't like hearing and some things and need to be brought out. but they need to be said on to the field. Barry Hall took the same fire last night. He was one of the Swans' best was a problem once again, But inaccurate kicking especially for Michael O'Loughlin. we'll be really happy with him. If he gets his kicking straight, at quarter time Geelong led by six points but mistakes opened up the gates for the Swans. COMMENTATOR: That is a goal. That'll hurt Matthew Scarlett and Geelong. At half time, Sydney were 20 points ahead. Then they really kicked on.

Floating down...Bolton Craig. He likes it, he loves it!! But Geelong stayed in it thanks to gifts like this from Lewis Roberts-Thomson. And it inches and inches towards goal and it's gone through!!

He's gone straight by the ball!

What's he doing? The Cats edged to within two goals in the final quarter. He's got it back enough - ooh, they're in it now!! But Hall was just as spectacular. Hall has another go... Left foot snap from Hall - magnificent!! Adam Schneider's fourth sealed the win. Also today, St Kilda and Fremantle finished with a controversial draw, Collingwood beat Port Adelaide and Hawthorn pipped Essendon by a point. And last night, the West Coast Eagles continued Brisbane's horror season - an easy win by almost 10 goals. So West Coast are undefeated at the top of the ladder, Adelaide, Collingwood, the Bulldogs and Hawthorn are all on 16 points. Sydney is just out of the eight on percentage. Australia's one-day cricketers arrived home early this morning more than ready to begin a five-month break. Time to catch up with loved ones before their next stint which for some will include the Champions Trophy, the Ashes and the World Cup. After one of the most hectic periods of his career, Ricky Ponting has again pleaded for some common sense in the scheduling. I think the amount is about right. It's the way that we're playing it.

You know, it's - we need to have slightly longer breaks between the Test matches. And if we do that, I don't think you'll see us complaining too much. Ponting believes the five-month break will be an edge over England in the Ashes series. And it's Chelsea again in the English Premier League. They've won their second consecutive title in what was a horror game for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.

Rooney broke a bone in his foot and he's set to miss at least six weeks - a massive blow to England's World Cup hopes. It was Chelsea 3-0 in yet another dominant display, proving once again money can buy football happiness. And how's this for a souvenir? Manager Jose Mourinho threw his premiership medal to the fans - said he didn't need two. And if you reckon your weekend hasn't gone so well, it probably wasn't as bad as this bloke's.

This is a crash during qualifying at a drag meet in Tennessee. Corey McClenethan started to lose control, and his car just folded. The engine separated from the driver's safety pod which slammed into a concrete barrier. Pieces of the car still crossed the finish line

at 433km/h.

Amazingly, Corey survived and was airlifted to hospital.

Even more amazingly, he checked

himself out, he's got a new car and

will drive tonight. Unbelievable. Still to come, the weather details. We'll have the seven day forecast right after this break.

To make sure our clothes survive your kids, first they must pass challenging quality tests. We test them for wash-and-wear. We test them for fading. And most importantly, we test them for durability. then and only then are they ready to face the biggest challenge of all - your kids. We woke to a fine and sunny day. But cloud moved in throughout the afternoon and created some light showers. The mercury rose to 24 degrees in the city, 23 at Gosford, Parramatta and Liverpool. 22 at Richmond and Campbelltown. Just 15 in the mountains.