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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Chilling video of terrorists the September 11 attacks. laughing as they plan Breast cancer breakthrough - worth $70,000 for just $30. patients given treatment send fans into a frenzy. And the bucking Broncos

Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. one-hour morning news, Welcome to Ten's I'm Tracey Spicer. America's controversial Jesus camps. Also today, children into making war for God. The preacher accused of brainwashing

First today, has emerged showing chilling new video laughing two of the September 11 hijackers the 2001 attacks. as they appear to be planning new clues The tape gives investigators as to how the attacks came about. with more. Rahni Sadler is in our US bureau What do we see in this tape?

A time stamp for January 2000 and Ziad Jarrah Two pilots - Mohammed Attar Osama bin Laden See the men laughing and talking and might be his own. talking to children - some of whom martyrdom letter The two pilots were reading don't know what they're saying. There is no sound on the tape, so we

waist Osama is wearing a dagger around his

attacks to show that they'd go ahead with the Trying to remind people theyre there.

Fears this morning Islamics and al-Qa'ida operatives a new alliance between radical in South-East Asia. is plotting fresh attacks Australian authorities the group's plight. are said to be closely monitoring The ferocity or terror the Philippines, Bali and Thailand. has already struck at the heart of a radical group of Islam converts Now, fresh fears more targets in the region, is plotting to attack including Western interests. Rajah Solaiman Philippines-based group highly educated and poised to strike. is said to be well financed, It has a relative low profile to al-Qa'ida leaders. and alleged links of the 2002 Bali bombing. in particular the mastermind Rajah Solaiman also accused

in Philippines in 2004. of carrying out another attack

are said to be concerned Australian authorities the group's activities. and closely monitoring That search won't be easy - conducting covert training camps Rajah Solaiman's said to be virtually impenetrable south. in Philippines' Luke Waters, Ten News. majority of Australians A new poll shows the overwhelming has reduced the threat of terror. don't believe the war in Iraq Lowe Institute, The study, by the highly respected the war has made us any safer. shows 84% of Australians don't think countries more cautious next time 85% think the war in Iraq will make to deal with rogue states. about using military force

for breast cancer sufferers. Some relief today The cancer drug Herceptin

the Pharmeceutical Benefits scheme, is offically on saving sufferes thousands of dollars.

Michelle Ward Joining me is breast cancer patient

I was first diagnosed in July

and I can function normally Minimal side effects with Herceptin Difference in day to day lives? treatment for minimal price. Much cheaper and access to the best Good luck with your treatment. has been launched today A $20 milliom advertising blitz to talk up the next sale of Telstra.

But just weeks out from the big day, are being warned to steer clear. mum and dad investors from today The T3 prospectus can be reserved at what $7.20 original, Yeah, we bought shares,

they're down to about $3.40 that they're heading upwards. and no sign

Not a good buy. for heaven's sake, don't invest. If you are a mum and dad investor,

in caption transmission. We apologise for the break around the country this morning No doubt there'll be a few sore heads

after last night's NRL Grand Final. is at Sydney airport Ten reporter Peter O'Dempsey the Brisbane Broncos, where the 2006 premiers, are about to head home. this morning? Peter, how is the team holding up

bed yet. Heavy heads as they haven't gone to their fans. Off to Redhill Base to meet and greet

a sporting win. There's a tradition of sickies after way. A lot of penalties went the Broncos' all night. The Broncos were celebrating on neutral territory The game might have been played nothing neutral about the fans. but interstate there was

they flocked to Federation Square. In Melbourne, The dress code purple. from Southbank's Suncorp Piazza. In Brisbane, they cheered creating a sea of maroon. Flags and jerseys who scored the first try, While it was Melbourne for Brisbane to spoil the party. it didn't take long Up 8-4 at half-time. Storm supporters unimpressed. But it was Shane Webcke's night. reduced to tears The big man of the game as his beloved Broncos galloped home. in caption transmission. We apologise for the break Worst game they played all year.

contaminate Australia's blood stocks, The new disease threatening to when the morning news returns. that story And 'Jesus Camp' - being taken the extraordinary measures to turn kids into religious soldiers.

(Speaks Swahili) MAN: Salome's life is like this Her life won't improve is carried out to change things. unless long-term work Sponsoring a child like Salome with the basics she needs will help to provide her Salome in urgent need of help. There are many children like

September 11 hijackers has emerged. a chilling video of two of the The Amy Gillet Foundation, cyclist killed in Germany, set up in memory of the Australian of a comprehensive study has released the results into cycling crashes involving cars.

Melinda Jacobsen from the foundation. And joining us live now is why was such a study conducted? And Melinda,

with Monash Uni. Amy Gilletr Foundation did research in bike accidents? Who's most likely to be involved More accidents with turning corners?

U turns. More incidents with cars doing A typhoon has slammed into Vietnam, and injuring up to 70 others. killing at least two people

have devastated the city of Danang, Wild winds and rains destroying nearly 1,000 homes, ripping up trees and causing widespread blackouts. Teams of soldiers and police have been brought into the region to help with the rescue effort. Authorities fear the rains could cause landslides and flooding in coming days.

There's to be a public inquiry into the fatal overpass collapse in Canada. It comes only two days after the roadway fell on unsuspecting motorists, killing five people. The Premier of Quebec has visited the site, thanking emergency services for their efforts. I want to say how much we appreciate what they have done on the site to help the victims, to work all night to dig out cars under the rubble. It's now believed

transport officials were warned of concrete falling off the overpass just an hour before it collapsed. An American preacher is being accused of brainwashing children into making war for God. A new documentary reveals the Jesus Camp where kids are urged to give up their lives for Christ. It's a boot camp for Christian soldiers

where children as young as six speak in tongues.

At her North Dakota Kids on Fire camp pastor Becky Fischer is unapologetically trying to create an army of Christian extremists. Take these prophecies and do what the apostle Paul said and make war with them. How many of you want to be those who give up their life for Jesus? She breaks them down by telling them how badly they're failing as disciples of the Lord. You're phony and you're a hypocrite. Come up here and get washed. Through hysterical tears, children publicly apologise for their shortcomings. (Screams) Jesus! They're reprimanded for enjoying contemporary culture. Had it been in the Old Testament 'Harry Potter' would have been put to death. And made to despair at what Fischer calls the decaying of moral values.

Lord, I just pray that you change the future of our nation Kindergarten kids receive lectures on drugs, divorce and abortion. You made a covenant with God tonight that you are going to pray to God to end abortion. Together they worship a cardboard cut-out of born-again Christian President George W. Bush. One nation under God. Fischer proudly compares her work to the indoctrination of young boys by extremist Muslims. I want to see more young people as committed to the cause of Jesus Christ as to Islam.

Since the trailer for 'Jesus Camp' began showing on the internet, Pastor Becky Fischer has received thousands of emails

accusing her of brainwashing innocent children and teaching them to become intolerant and close-minded. Evangelical Christian groups have disowned 'Jesus Camp' which they say gives them a bad name. But Pastor Fischer has no intention of closing down her Kids on Fire camp. The Holy Spirit is here. Feel his power. Feel his power.

After all, she says her Christian soldiers are making headway in the fight to take back America for Christ. Hi, God's just telling me that you're on his mind and he just wants to take you and he just wants to love you and he has special plans for your life. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Australian beauty queen Sabrina Houssami has taken third place at this year's Miss World competition. The 20-year-old Sydneysider was beaten by a teary Miss Czech Republic. Tatiana Kucharova fought off competitors from 103 countries to snag the title. The 18-year-old high school student hopes the win will help launch her modelling career. Around 2 billion people tuned in to watch the young women compete. We'll look at the day's finance news after the break, including the stoush that's putting the $8 billion T3 sale at risk. And the dangerous disease threatening Australia's blood supplies.


Visit Sydney Aquarium. It's like nothing on earth. This program is captioned live. Today's top stories - a chilling video of two of the September 11 hijackers has emerged.

Ringleader Mohammad Atta, who flew one of the planes into the World Trade Center, is seen laughing and chatting with Ziad Jarrah, who seized control of United Airlines flight 93. Osama bin Laden also features on the tape. A breakthrough for breast cancer patients - the drug Herceptin is now available on the Pharmeceutical Benefits scheme

saving sufferers thousands of dollars. The victorious Broncos are on their way to Brisbane

where thousands of fans are expected to greet the NRL Grand Final winners. Supporters celebrating the win over Melbourne into the wee hours of the morning.

To finance news now with Kathryn Robinson and union outrage as hundreds of local jobs set to go offshore. Yes, Tracey. Not long after American Express announced

it wanted to bring in 160 Japanese workers to fill australian jobs,

now St George, the NAB and Qantas are set to send hundreds of local jobs offshore. 90 collection office positions from St George are set to go to India. 70 back office jobs from the NAB also going to the subcontinent. Qantas also taking up the trend with 300 IT jobs to go offshore. The airline arguing

that Aussie workers don't have the skills to do the job. The Australian Services Union has refuted the claim and will no doubt fight to keep the jobs at home. And the stouch at Telstra escalates as the Prime Minister retains his option of issuing an unprecedented no confidence vote in two sitting directors. The retaliatory moves comes after the board rejected the Government's nominee Geoff Cousins. The conflict has the potential to further put the $8 billion sale at risk and coincides with the Government's $20 million advertising campaign

to spruik the share sale. To the property market now -

and auction rates across the country were mixed over the weekend with buyers flocking to the Sydney and Melbourne markets. Of the homes going under the hammer 51% sold in Sydney, up from 44% last week. Melbourne was even stronger. Auction clearance rates up 15%. Adelaide fell 5 from 69% to 64%. Brisbane the worst performer - its auction clearance rate down to just 40%. Now to the week ahead on the local calendar. The Reserve Bank meets on Tuesday to discuss interest rates. Consensus is for the cash rate to stay on hold for the time being. The most closely watched piece of local economic data will be retail trade for August. The numbers should provide a clear indication of just how the RBA's 25-point rate rise on August 2

is affecting the economy. To international markets. And a big week in the US with a number of key figures out which could test the bulls looking for the DOW to break its record high. Employment, manufacturing and construction are to come under the spotlight this week. To the markets now - the Australian share market has opened higher.

Australia's men have been getting mixed signals lately. First, Mark Latham accuses them of not being blokey enough, now they're being urged to spend more time raising their children.

Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno joins me now. Paul, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward still think families haven't got the balance right. These comments four years after PM said balance isn't right.

She says more fathers should stay at home.

She says emplyers need to know women can do "blokey jobs"

Now national weather for the rest of the day:

Next in Ten's morning news we'll talk to Ten's commentators about the thrilling AFL Grand Final that captivated 4 million viewers.

# Don't need no lover to see me through # There's just one thing # You can do # And that's the last thing # I'll ever want from you. # ELEGANT MUSIC

# Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Zoom, zoom, zoom... #

This program is captioned live. Terrorism fears are still casting a dark cloud over the holiday island of Bali one year on from last October's deadly attacks, which killed 20 people. Many Australian survivors have returned for the first anniversary. But locals are desperately encouraging more tourists to follow as Nicole Strahan reports. Australians once considered Bali a holiday paradise but terrorism has changed that for so many, leaving families to mourn the loss of loved ones. On the beach at Jimbaran Bay, Australians gathered to reflect on the year that's passed since the suicide bombers struck, killing four Australians and seriously injuring dozens more. My dad still suffers with depression and post-traumatic stress. It's constant every day. I still see the scars on Mum and Dad. Now we're here I feel we have got a chance of closure to put the bad experience behind us. In all, 20 people were killed in the attacks on Kuta's Raja's restaurant and at Jimbaran Bay. 15 of them were Indonesian.

We thought it was an electrical panel or a gas explosion but looked to my left and saw an exlosion..

When I was on the sand I saw an explosion not too far away from us.

Sherry Suryo lost her parents that night.

They'd travelled from Jakarta to visit their grandsons. I couldn't get my parents back. On the same table, Bali's Qantas manager. He lost his mother and nephew. I can never forget that night.

While survivors and their families try to find ways to get through the pain, Bali is fighting its own battle with the island's tourism industry devastated for a second time. After the first Bali bomb it wasn't so bad but the second killed Bali.

In the good times about 7,000 tourists arrived on the island each day, that figure has now nearly halved. The biggest loss is from Australian tourism.

In 2005, 190,000 holiday-makers flocked to the island. After the bombing the annual figure slumped to barely 80,000. We used to be known as the Aussie Hotel but no more.

The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia says Jemmah Islamiah has been weakened over the past year with the arrest of several key people involved in last year's attacks. But, still, he stands by the Australian Government's travel advice, warning Australians not to come to Bali.

It's based on intelligence. We make no apologies for the warnings.

There is still a threat. The Australians who've ignored the warnings don't share the concern. Bali is a safe place. It was unfortunate venue for the bomb,

I was kind of scared that it might happen but that is what they want you to think. The culprits of the first attack in 2002 are still awaiting execution, a sentence most Balinese believe should be carried out as soon as possible. With the defence still appealing against the sentence, it remains to be seen wether the death penalty will be enough to return. to encourage holiday-makers it will be well into next year Some tourist operators believe start to significantly improve, before visitor numbers of the victims but perhaps the stories should give them reason for optimism. I am now fully recovered after so many shrapnels in my body they cannot beat us. so it proves we win, In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. are fighting to protect Doctors and scientists

from a new disease threat. Australia's blood bank may seep into our essential supplies They fear blood-borne illnesses from overseas. We take them for granted. like plasma completely disease free Life-saving blood products whenever we need them. ready and waiting for us are claiming Now doctors and scientists face a new threat from overseas. Australia's plasma stores things like hepatitis, We're talking here mainly about

HIV. hepatitis C especially, hepatitis B,

that these life-threatening illnesses The experts fear may trickle into our blood banks

is taken offshore If Australia's plasma by international companies. for processing We are likely, certainly in the end, along with the blood. to introduce these diseases

pay for and process blood Those companies from South America, Asia and the US which has doctors worried. are paid to give blood In countries where people that those who are giving blood there is a greater risk have some transmissible diseases. will, in fact, in overseas labs Diseases which may lurk pristine plasma stocks and mingle with Australia's during offshore processing. our high levels of testing In Australia, since we've introduced and our donor screening programmes one case of HIV. we've not transmitted which cause us concern - There are, in fact, three issues quality, safety and security. Foreign companies half billion-dollar plasma market have been eyeing Australia's was signed. since the Free Trade Agreement for our blood work. Some have flagged they will tender from the Red Cross Blood Service Chiefs

to be interviewed. have declined with a special federal committee They're locked in talks our blood services. which is reviewing But they've already signalled emerging health issue for Australia. that they believe this is a major The Red Cross fighting to maintain and voluntary donor network. our stand-alone blood processing The Federal Government says with the Blood Review Committee. all health concerns should be raised

Sharon Marshall, Ten News. returned home to a hero's welcome. The West Coast Eagles have joins us now from Perth. Channel Ten reporter Tim Gossage at Subiaco Oval yesterday. And Tim, amazing scenes Unbelievable. airport but they did. Fans were told not to go to the warriers. They've been dubbed Woosha's

autographs Some safety concerns, so no then a street parade. Mad Monday for the players How did the game compare with others you've covered?

One I'll always remember. The Eagles looked like they might lose to the Swans. Daniel Chick dug deep and chased down Ted Richards Swans gallant in defeat. There can only be one winner, of course, for the Sydney Swans. which means disappointment

during the game. And Neil, you were boundary-riding What was the feeling like down there? Tension-packed/ Great rivalry between the teams.

the goal Swans trying to go forward to kick Adam Goodes absolutely distraught

They were all devastated.

they're still young The Swans are thinking and in their peak.

welcome. and certainly deserved their Everyone's still proud of the boys

valiant in defeat. They'll feel didsappointed but still stopped for West Coast fans - Well, the celebrations haven't when the morning news returns. we'll have more from Perth stretched their unbeaten run Also, how the Brisbane Broncos in grand finals. COMMENTATOR: Here's a a try!

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To the day in sport now to celebrations in Brisbane and the Broncos are on their way home NRL Grand Final record. after maintaining a perfect described the 15-8 win Broncos coach Wayne Bennett as his sweetest grand final victory. over minor premiers Melbourne

For the first time,

rugby league's grand final city a truly neutral venue.

for Melbourne, But this decider started in reverse

for stripping the ball. wrongly penalised He dead-set lost that. COMMENTATOR: He lost that. A gift 2 points for Brisbane. But the Storm replied with the first 4-pointer of the match. Turner has scored for Melbourne. with a miracle ball to Steve Turner Departing five-eighth Scott Hill but Brisbane replied with a try into half-time. to take an 8 points to 4 lead Justin Hodges scores! Hodges, Hodges!

with a high shot on Cameron Smith. Hodges conceding a penalty against a shot at goal. Melbourne opting as the Storm levelled the match. A decision soon proven right King scores for Melbourne! saw Brisbane go two ahead. Another controversial penalty The lead growing to 6 points handled twice when Broncos captain Darren Lockyer in the one devastating movement.

Brent Tate scores! against the Storm Perhaps another tough call by the video referee. when a Matt King try was disallowed snuffed out by a Lockyer 1-pointer. Any hope of a comeback all but Brisbane are the premiers. The season is over, shattered runners-up. The minor premiers the Clive Churchill medallist. Brisbane hooker Shaun Berrigan more than any other coach. Wayne Bennett's six premierships at the Broncos. Probably the sweetest one we've won No-one gave this team a chance. retiring with a 4th premiership win. And veteran prop Shane Webcke in the next couple of days I guess it'll sink in it doesn't feel quite real. but at the moment

Leanne West, Ten News. Wild celebrations in the West after the return of the 2006 AFL premiers. More than 20,000 fans savouring West Coast's dramatic Grand Final victory.

Twelve years between drinks, but the wait for the fans from the West was well worth it. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The third Premiership Cup delivered home to Subiaco, after Saturday's thrilling one-point win. Making a grand final is hard enough but to win a premiership is just the most amazing feeling you could ever imagine. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE 20,000 Eagle diehards crammed every home ground vantage point - Beatle-like mania for a very different kind of song. (All sing) # We're the Eagles flying high #

It really just shows how much it means. This is the main thing,

this is the reason I get up out of bed every morning. Further celebrations will come tomorrow afternoon with a street parade for the Premiers. On the other side of the country, the Swans were welcomed home. No Cup this year,

but the red and white army was still out in force. Obviously the result didn't go our way yesterday, and the sun's out and you could have easily gone down to the beach and forgotten about us, so we certainly really, really appreciate you guys coming out so thank you very much. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Michael Schumacher has taken lead in the Formula One World Championship after winning last night's Chinese Grand Prix. He's now equal with Fernando Alonso on points with two races left, but takes the top spot as he has more wins this year. Wet weather added another element to the championship battle and Fernando Alonso was struggling for grip. Michael Schumacher started sixth, and soon caught the front-running Renaults, but, the keenly anticipated dogfight with Alonso never eventuated, with the Spaniard's traction trouble making him an easy target. Alonso's team-mate, Giancarlo Fisichella, also unable to hold off Schumacher, the German taking his seventh win of the year from Alonso and Fisichella. Schumacher and Alonso level on point with two races to go.

It will be interesting. Aussie Troy Bayliss has won his second World Superbike Championship after taking one of the two race wins in Italy. Bayliss avoided the mayhem in Race 1, sealing the title with his fifth placing.

The Ducati rider capped a memorable day in style with victory in Race 2 at Imola. I'm happy for everyone. And success for Australia in the A1 Grand Prix race in the Netherlands with Ryan Briscoe taking third in the season opener behind Germany and the USA. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Tiger Woods has won the World Golf Championship by eight shots from Australia's Adam Scott at the Grove in England. The world number one fired a final round 67 for his sixth straight strokeplay victory. Woods fired five birdies on the final day to record his 72nd professional victory. Tiger has now led going into 41 final rounds of tournaments,

winning 38 of them. In the English Premier League

Tottenham scored an upset win over Portsmouth.

A dream start for Spurs scoring inside the first minute. Their second goal was controversial. Tottenham midfielder Didier Zokora appeared to take a dive earning a penalty. Jermaine Dafoe did the rest from the spot, giving the hosts their second. Kanu netted Portsmouth's only goal right on half-time. 2-1 Tottenham.

Stay with us, we'll check what the week has in store weather-wise when the Morning News returns.


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It's like nothing on earth.

This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $10 million. Recapping today's top stories - and a chilling video of two of the September 11 hijackers has emerged. Ringleader Mohammad Atta, who flew one of the planes into the World Trade Centre, is seen laughing and chatting with Ziad Jarrah, who seized control of United Airlines flight 93. Osama bin Laden also features on the tape. A breakthrough for breast cancer patients - the drug Herceptin is now available on the the Pharmaceutical Benefits scheme - saving sufferers thousands of dollars. And the victorious Broncos are on their way to Brisbane where thousands of fans are expected to greet the NRL Grand Final winners. Supporters celebrating the win over Melbourne into the wee hours of the morning. Now for a look at the national weather: Thousands of tourists have flocked to see China's new baby pandas. The nine cubs were on display in their cribs at the Chengdu Breeding Centre, where staff are caring for them. The centre's seen a sharp increase in the number of tourists since the cubs were born two months ago. It was a double celebration - China marking it's national holiday at the weekend. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning.