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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a paedophile's fury. as he faces child porn charges. Lashing out in Lebanon Claims people fleeing the war special welfare treatment. are enjoying

And new health concerns

anti-inflammatory drugs. about widely used and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. of the Steve Irwin memorial service. Also tonight, details

And surfing up a storm - by a ferocious typhoon. wild waves whipped up tensions flare outside a Sydney court But first this evening,

at the cameras. as a convicted paedophile lashes out several child pornography charges, Geoffrey Leonard is facing

to prey on his victims a second time. accused of using the Internet Arriving to face court this morning, clear, and he didn't hold back. Geoffrey Leonard made his feelings Yes, yes. yes,

to calm the 72-year-old down Police having to step in

before proceedings began. depicting child sex abuse He's charged with posting material on the Internet, of child pornography. as well as possessing images The court was told and victim statements the case centres around witness sex convictions. that detail his prior were used as evidence Police allege the victim statements in 1990. in court proceedings against Leonard and go into graphic detail, They were posted on his own web site

with two young boys. describing his sex acts Leonard told the court: Representing himself,

His web site was shut down

his Hornsby home earlier this year. after Federal Police raided child pornography images They also found several on his computer hard drive. Leonard defended his actions saying:

removing the age of sexual consent, He says he's a campaigner for and denies all the charges. to the District Court for trial. The case will now go Richard Davies, Ten News. There's outrage over claims from the Middle East war zone Lebanese Australians evacuated

back home. are jumping the queue for welfare

anyone is receiving special treatment But the Premier denies because of race or religion. trying to escape the Lebanese war. They're Australian citizens Now our governments, to help them, condemned for not doing enough are being accused of doing too much. has already admitted Well, the Government they jumped the queue. of the Opposition Leader's anger The target at Rockdale Town Hall, is a special welfare forum held last night.

Government agencies, Federal and State including Centrelink and Housing, the Lebanese war briefed those who escaped on their entitlements. The Government admitted this morning received housing that people have actually highly-paid bureaucrats last night. and they've also had access to The Premier denies have been given any advantage. Lebanese Australians being given There's no special consideration

or their religion. because of their Lebanese origin

Keysar Trad admits it's probable But Lebanese community leader

priority public housing. some war victims will be given will qualify, It's likely that some people because, let's not forget that would have lost their homes many of these people as a result of Israeli shellings. this was an information night, The Government insists not a welfare workshop. The Opposition says

on teaching people English. the emphasis should have been Organisers say wasn't an English speaker. only one person at the forum we have to ask Australians, The implication is "Are you of Lebanese background?" we are going to say to them, And if they say 'yes'

"You go to the back of the queue." Paul Mullins, Ten News. to uphold Australian values A plan to make new arrivals pledge from the Prime Minister. has come under fire it smacks of policy on the run. John Howard says

at the time. It must have seemed like a good idea a statement Why not include on visa forms Australian values and laws? that you will uphold

at one of Australia's gateways. A mixed reaction I agree totally. that couldn't possibly work. I think it's an idea has ruffled some Labor feathers Kim Beazley's proposal initially said and while the Prime Minister he'd consider the idea,

he now thinks it's a thought bubble. put together on the run. Sounds as though it's been hastily also reportedly critical, but now... Ex-party president Carmen Lawrence I think there's nothing to be lost make such a commitment by having people

if they intend to be citizens. especially

in our citizenship pledge. We, after all, have that already The trouble is, new arrivals the proposal would not only affect intending to stay permanently,

but also tourists, who met the PM today. such as these visitors from Indonesia I visit a lot of countries I wouldn't sign on to that have values in a month of Sundays. was comparatively calm - The visa values debate calm, that is, compared with in the Senate an outbreak of hostilities Ian Campbell when Environment Minister by Greens Leader Bob Brown. interjected during a speech Who would have expected such heat for plantation forests? about tax concessions

says I've lost it, The Minister for the Environment

Acting Deputy President. Order! Senator Campbell! You have been interjecting... Be quiet!

And that's an order! Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

There are fears pain-killer could prove deadly. a popular over-the-counter A new study shows

Voltaren can double the risk of stroke and heart attack

in some users by 40%. For decades it's been one of the most popular anti-inflammatory pain-killers available. Almost a million Australians are prescribed Voltaren, and other brands of diclofenac, each year, often to relieve chronic arthritis, but it's also sold over the counter. It could be something like period pain, dental pain

or a sports injury. Now a new study has shown it increases the risk of stroke and heart attacks in the elderly or those with a history of heart problems. Because the drugs are not disease-modifying - they're symptom-relieving - because there are safer alternatives,

they should clearly choose or discuss with their doctor or pharmacist the choice of a drug which does have not include this increased risk. Two years ago another anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx,

was pulled off the market. This study recommends a review of diclofenac's regulatory status.

But the Therapeutic Goods Administration is already reviewing a number of anti-inflammatory drugs, including diclofenac, saying its bigger picture so far isn't showing the level of risk Dr Henry's study has highlighted. There's no suggestion the drug should be pulled from the shelves. It is a real overreaction.

Voltaren/Diclofenac has been in use for 20-plus years. It's probably the most widely used anti-inflammatory in the world. Pharmacist John Bell is still happy to supply it, but, as he always explains... With every medicine there is a risk. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. More memory problems today as another man of interest in the Dianne Brimble cruise ship inquest took the stand.

Petar Pantic couldn't remember much of what happened, especially about photographs of the Brisbane mother having sex with one of his friends. Petar Pantic is not among the group of four men of most concern to the Coroner at the Dianne Brimble inquest, but he remains a crucial witness as a voyeur at events surrounding her death. How do you like getting your picture taken? It's believed Pantic took the photos of Mrs Brimble with his friends, revealing to investigators their connection

and the Brisbane mother's final hours, but the incident seems little more than a hazy memory for the Adelaide man.

He remembers walking into his cabin and seeing her having sex with his friend Mark Wilhelm. But he still can't recall who photographed the couple.

Within minutes of him taking to the stand, his lawyer slowed the pace of questioning,

lodging five objections. At one point, the Coroner chastised Pantic's lawyer for making an off-the-cuff remark about his client's time on the cruise. She reminded him of the tragedy it represents for the Brimble family.

He responded by saying it had had a tragic impact on his client as well. As Pantic began his evidence, Kuchel tried to make a low-key escape. Is there anything else you're going to make up? The pair had little contact inside the court. But amid the horror of the graphic nature of proceedings this week, a sign of kindness, an unknown passer-by delivered flowers for both Dianne's mother and sister because he was so moved by their plight

of hearing such detail. Amber Muir, Ten News.

A not guilty plea from a rugby league star charged with assault. Manly centre Steve Matai allegedly grabbed and headbutted a man as he entered a northern beaches hotel in June. His alleged victim claims the attack left him with facial cuts, bruising and swelling. Matai briefly fronted Manly Court, pleading not guilty to two assault charges. The case will be back in court next month,

but the Sea Eagles star has been excused from attending

and remains on conditional bail. Tim Webster with sport, and Mat Rogers is back where he started. Yes, he will turn his back on rugby to sign up with new NRL club the Gold Coast Titans from 2008. And he might not be the only player to quit the 15-a-side game. No smoke and mirrors here, it's back to the future for Mat Rogers, returning to the code where he made his name,

signing today for rugby league's new franchise, the Gold Coast Titans, and Rogers wants to go out in style. We have a Super 14 title to try and win the with Waratahs and then a World Cup, hopefully, so it'd be good to finish with a bang and then I can move on knowing that I have achieved everything. He's taking a big pay cut to join the Titans. Some critics say even at $200,000 a season, that sort of money for a 32-year-old will still be a waste. The Titans coach is not one of them.

Just walking down the street this morning to get the paper there wasn't one person that didn't pass me who have something positive to say about it.

It's not about the age of the person, it's about the miles that are in the legs, and Mat Rogers hasn't had a lot of football in the past couple of years. It's a rare win of late for league in an often bitter tug of war. It's always significant when star players move, either way, so it's certainly a nice bonus for us. And of Rogers's wish to go out on top next season,

rugby officials promise he won't be on the outer. Certainly he remains an integral part of our strategy moving forward to France in 2007. With painful memories of his father's death still on his mind, Rogers admits going home to the Gold Coast was his only option. It was a big thing to get away from Sydney and, you know, have a fresh start and I don't feel I could have done that down there. And Rogers may not be the only one to return -

rumours continue to suggest Lote Tuquiri may be next. Frank Coletta, Ten News. And the Knights' Danny Buderus about to learn his finals fate. He's arrived at the judiciary, where he's getting ready to contest a spear tackle charge that could end his season. And we'll also have the outburst that has Ricky Ponting in trouble, plus the queues set to make the Swans final tickets the hottest in town. A 70-year-old widow taking on one of Australia's financial giants -

that's next. Plus, left for dead - a shocking hit-and-run crash in western Sydney. And with a little help from their friends, the Wiggles celebrate a magnificent milestone.

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This program is captioned live. Police are appealing for witnesses to a hit-run that killed a Wetherill Park dad. 51-year-old Vladimir Vergara suffered terrible head injuries when struck by a car as he walked along Polding Street around 7pm last night. He was found in the gutter, surrounded by broken glass. Mr Vergara died later in hospital.

Police have seized a Ford Laser that failed to stop following the accident. They've interviewed the 31-year-old driver after he turned up at Fairfield Police Station. The State Government has ordered an inquiry

into the removal of a toddler from her foster parents. The Department of Community Services says the decision was made after the child was examined for sexual abuse without permission.

Alannah and Gavan Rose say they strive to be model citizens. Of indigenous background, they run a successful Aboriginal art shop and gallery, and yet they've had two foster children taken out of their care. It just about destroyed us as a family. My spirit was just almost broken. In 2003, a toddler was handed to them by the Department of Community Services. She was already ill and Alannah was concerned the youngster had been sexually assaulted. But after the couple sought medical help, the child was taken away on the grounds they didn't receive permission from the department. If you have a child in your care that's sick, and you don't give them medical attention, then you're neglecting the child. The Roses say the second child was removed

because they expressed hope she would attend university, like their two adult children. These allegations really are quite illogical. We select foster parents on their ability to provide

a nurturing and supportive environment. The Rose couple questions why they were considered unfit foster parents, considering the Department of Community Services is constantly calling for carers, particularly those with different cultural backgrounds.

A State Government inquiry into the case is expected to take a week. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Furious investors are suing a financial services giant to recoup millions of dollars. A class action has been launched against Challenger, an investment company part-owned by James Packer. Barbara O'Sullivan is a widow and grandmother, hardly the typical legal warrior

taking on a blue-chip financial giant. But she's spearheading a multimullion-dollar class action prompted by her own losses in a failed investment. $70,000 so far, and it's my family's inheritance that I'm losing, my children and grandchildren. So I'm not very happy about it at all. She was one of 1,600 people who invested more than $20 million with Challenger.

The fund purchased the Penrith Mega Homemaker Centre,

which it was forced to sell two months ago, losing more than $10 million. Investors also lost another $6 million in fees. But Barbara says there were no alarm bells. It all read very well, the whole prospectus, and the return of 8%, or a little bit over that, which wasn't too good to be true. Investors say Challenger failed to warn them

of some of the very significant risks associated with this centre. Risks like restrictions on the size and types of businesses able to be tenants and the centre's lack of visibility to passing traffic. Challenger is 20% owned by James Packer's Consolidated Press. For its part, Challenger says it's simply too early to make any detailed comment on this case, but, in a brief statement, says it strongly believes

it acted in the best interest of investors at all times. 31 investors have joined Barbara in the class action. Others who lost money are urged to come forward. The case returns to court next month.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The long-awaited $145 million redevelopment of Auburn Hospital has been given the go-ahead five years after it was promised. Premier Morris Iemma says the facelift will include upgraded maternity facilities,

including paediatric networking with the Children's Hospital at Westmead. It will also be promoted as a centre of excellence for elective surgery. The Premier blames the delays on the plans getting bigger. We are building a new hospital. We're proud to say that. This is a new hospital, not a refurbishment of a part. This is the sixth year in a row that the Government has announced the upgrade of Auburn Hospital. Construction will start early next year,

and the hospital should be finished by mid-2009.

Checking the weather, Tim Bailey,

it wasn't a bad sort of day really,

was it. Spring has sprung. The

was it. Spring has sprung. The grass has risen. I wonder where the

weatherman is, nature on your

television. We've lobbed out to

Liverpool where we'll bring you

Liverpool where we'll bring you

Tim's Team on Ten. Foot sal, FIFA

side indoor, the kids in between

Blacktown and a few other areas,

it's given them amazing things to

do. What about the day. Ron Wilson

has it easy, the news happens, he

brings it to you, I have to predict

the weather 24 hours out. Last

night I said increasing sunshine,

night I said increasing sunshine,

today, increasing sunshine. It's

looking beautiful. Blew sunshine

nor the next 24 hours. We take your

pic, and put it on the television. Tonight:

He's in the running for a Fuji

digital camera thanks to Harvey

Norman. Looking at Skywatch - the

cloud came and disappeared around

cloud came and disappeared around

about sandwich time and the

increasing sunshine lobbed.

increasing sunshine lobbed. Currently 18. Pollution levels not

a problem. See you again live from

a problem. See you again live from Liverpool in around about 10.

A venue chosen for the public Steve Irwin memorial service -

details next. And a star's heartache - Anna Nicole Smith learns the most likely cause of her son's death.

Actions always speak louder than words at ActewAGL and these days, we're very active. We provide life's essential services to Canberra and the region. All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. We're always looking at ways to improve our products and provide savings in electricity, natural gas and Internet services by bundling. We're setting the benchmark with our website and customer service.

ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here and always will be.

This let's take a look at the

traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix

106.5 helicopter, a problem outside

on the Anzac Bridge.

The accident caused by a sun glare,

a beautiful day over Sydney, this

is a run towards Anzac Bridge, this

is the Western Distributor, three

cars colliding opposite the

studios for Network 10, delays going into the

going into the CBD. It will be a

slow run via the Western

Distributor. Thanks, Vic. The public memorial service for Steve Irwin will be held at Australia Zoo next Wednesday. 3,000 free tickets will be made available to his fans

so they can help give him a true Aussie send-off. Steve Irwin loved his Crocoseum and, fittingly, it's where people will gather next week to honour an extraordinary life.

It will probably be 40 minutes long and it will be a tribute to Steve in the way that he would have enjoyed it. Bob Irwin read a statement from Terri Irwin, The multimillion-dollar Australia Zoo showpiece is where Steve Irwin entertained like no other. Next Wednesday morning it'll be the centre for a memorial service headlined by the Croc Hunter's favourite singer-songwriter.

Plans to hold the service at Suncorp Stadium and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre were shelved this morning.

Because so many now won't be able to attend the service, there are plans to erect giant screens, both here at the zoo and in Brisbane. The service will be beamed live into Asia and the United States.

3,000 tickets will be released free of charge on Friday morning

through Ticketek and Australia Zoo. Jamie Rule, Ten News. Washington has thanked Syria for foiling a terrorist attack on the US Embassy. Islamic extremists tried to blow up two cars packed with explosives outside the compound in the capital, Damascus. Three gunmen were killed and a fourth captured. I do think that the Syrians reacted to this attack in a way that helped us secure our people,

and we very much appreciate that. Syria is calling on the US to review its policies in the Middle East, accusing it of fuelling extremism. The relationship between Australia and the Solomon Islands

has reached crisis point. Our Government is defying Honiara's decision to expel our High Commissioner, accusing the Pacific nation of corruption. High Commissioner Patrick Cole is accused of meddling in the country's political affairs

by criticising the inquiry into the April riots.

The Australian Government fears that inquiry could undermine court cases against two Solomons MPs accused of inciting the riots, and shift blame onto police, including Australians. I spoke to the Solomon Islands Prime Minister on Monday morning. He rang me to ask me to pull Mr Cole out and I said I wouldn't because Mr Cole hadn't done anything wrong.

The Foreign Minister blames government corruption for the sudden expulsion. This decision by the Solomon Islands Government is both eccentric and outrageous. Long-time expat and local member Danny Kennedy agrees corruption reigns.

They weren't prone to bribery and corruption and that's changed the nation as a whole for the worst, unfortunately.

The dispute threatens to undermine the international rebuilding mission, RAMSI, which includes nearly 300 Australian troops and police. We haven't come here in any way to replace the government or to work as a shadow government. It is a genuine working partnership. And that's acknowledged by the government. This country just cannot do things by itself.

Financially this country is broke. Local business leaders agree. This country has no future. That's what I can see. Late today, during heated crisis talks in Honiara, a special envoy from Canberra told the Solomons Prime Minister that the High Commissioner would not be recalled. Margie McLew, Ten News. There are reports Anna Nicole Smith's son died from a drug overdose. 20-year-old Daniel Smith was found dead

in his mother's Bahamas hospital room three days after she gave birth to a daughter. A local reporter says investigators have contradicted the star's claims that her son was drug-free. Anti-depressants and other drugs were found in his system. They said that that was probably the cause of his death. There are also reports that Daniel was vomiting uncontrollably before his death. Results of the autopsy are due out on Friday.

Another baby for controversial mum Britney Spears - that story next. Also, forget being a petrol head - this car could finally beat our addiction to oil. And the nominations are in - rock is set to rule at the ARIA awards.

The best drama happens on the field and you can catch it all on Fox Sports. Hurry.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's top stories - tensions flare outside a Sydney court, as a convicted paedophile lashes out at the cameras. Geoffrey Leonard is facing several child pornography charges, accused of posting witness and victim statements about his prior convictions on the Internet.

Outrage over claims Lebanese Australians evacuated from the Middle East war zone are jumping the queue for welfare here at home. But the Premier denies anyone is receiving special treatment because of race or religion. And new health concerns emerge about a a popular

over-the-counter pain-killer. A study shows Voltaren can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack in some users, primarily the elderly or those with a history of heart problems,

but it will stay on the shelves. One of the world's most advanced cars has been unveiled in the US. It runs on liquid hydrogen and doesn't pollute the air,

but it may never be seen on Australian roads. Unveiled after years of research, it's General Motors' billion-dollar answer to America's addiction to oil. It feels like a normal car, I mean, the one big difference being it's so quiet.

The Sequel doesn't require petrol - it runs on liquid hydrogen, which is turned into electricity by a high-tech fuel cell. It's environmentally friendly because it has zero carbon emissions and manufacturers claim it will cost half as much to run as petrol-powered cars. And, unlike GM's dumped electric car, which had to be powered up after just 100km, the Sequel can do 480km on a single tank.

You're looking at a whole new DNA for the automobile, we think a DNA that's going to serve the next 100 years of automobile transportation very well. A spokeswoman for General Motors says the Sequel could be mass-produced affordably within a decade, but that will require a lot of government and industry help to help create a system to distribute the hydrogen. Australian experts say

that's where the new technology falls down, because

storing and transporting hydrogen is difficult and expensive. There'll be a very big time lag between the current infrastructure available globally and the infrastructure required so that people can use it on a day-to-day basis. Engineer Mathew Low says breaking down hydrogen into liquid requires so much energy it outweighs any environmental benefits. He believes General Motors could have better spent its billion research dollars. A battery electric vehicle would be a much more suitable technology, I think.

In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The share market has clawed back some of this week's losses.

regular unleaded in Sydney tonight - that's up 1 cent. Seen as high as $1.40

and as low as $1.15 in St Marys, Vineyard, Penrith and Camden. Britney Spears has done it again, reportedly giving birth to a second son. According to US media reports,

the pop star had a caesarian in a Los Angeles hospital overnight. Her husband, Kevin Federline, mother, Lynn, and sister Jamie Lynn were by her side. The 24-year-old reportedly planned to have the baby tomorrow

so it would share the same birthday as her first son, Sean Preston, but was talked out of it by her husband. There's no word yet on the baby boy's name. Australia's biggest rock acts will battle it out for top honours at this year's ARIA Awards. The nominations were out today - a mix of old favourites and barnstorming newcomers. It's being hailed as the return of rock. Topping the list with five nods,

plus two behind-the-scenes awards already in the can, is Eskimo Joe. They're up for 'Best Group', 'Best Rock Album',

'Single of the Year' and 'Album of the Year'. It's still pretty surreal for us at this stage because it's two hours behind, so in about an hour we're going to go, "Oh, OK. I didn't realise."

Yeah, we're from Perth so we're two hours behind.

Fellow rockers Wolfmother also scored five nominations, as did hip-hop heroes Hilltop Hoods and Bernard Fanning. # I just want to wish you well # Human Nature are a bit sceptical about their two nods for the Motown album. Oh, it's great, I mean, 2 more nominations means 14 in total without a win. It only took Powderfinger eight nominations without a win to be told, oh, it must be their year.

Youth Group were surprised by theirs.

Flabbergasted. Stoked. Country's Cathrine Britt and R&B singer Jade Macrae are among the few girls up for gongs this year. We're here. We did feel a bit outnumbered up there with all the boys there but I think we make up in quality what we lack in numbers. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Aria Awards and the ceremony, on Sunday October 29,

promises to be the kind of extravaganza you'd expect to celebrate such a milestone. With plenty of big names in town at that time - from U2 to Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban and Billy Joel - you never know who might show up. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather

with Tim. I'm intrigue the

with Tim. I'm intrigue the by the

sport you have on your Tim's Team

on 10 today. That was a mouthful.

It's a tongue tier. Footsal,

five-a-side indoor soccer. Hello everybody.

ALL: Hi. You keep them away from

the camera, we are at Liverpool,

Liverpool Fusion. A great

initiative. A lot of kids,

initiative. A lot of kids, 70-80

play, in between Campbelltown and

Fairfield there wasn't a lot to do.

They started up footsal, they are

having a great time. If you want to

be in the draw for Rebel Sports

$500 worth of gear Tim's weather at

Network 10. I'm smiling because I

had one right. I feel like I was living in London,

living in London, wasn't that a

grey old period to get out of the

way. Today beautiful. The blue sky

lobbed about 1:00. 20 degrees. I'll

give the boys their ball, I'm that

sort of bloke. Let's look at the

map of NSW. I'm running over time

and Paul Lamond my tolerant news

producer grits his teeth and bears it.

As I throw you back to the desk

have you noticed how Paul Lamond

gets angry when you do that to him. Sport is next and, Tim, Newcastle's finals hopes face a test tonight. Yes, his judiciary case could be the key to their season. We'll cross live. Plus, one of league's most famous jerseys gets a makeover. Also, losing his cool -

Ricky Ponting regrets his outburst at an umpire.

And some of the world's top surfers battle waves generated by a typhoon. Those who stayed on and those who didn't, next.

For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $8 million Powerball jackpot. the rest of your life.

This program is captioned live. Newcastle hooker Danny Buderus is about to front the NRL judiciary, fighting to keep his finals campaign alive Adam Hawse joins us, and has he got any chance at all of getting a downgrade?

The consensus out here is he has no

chance at all. If he's to play

again this season he needs a double

downgrade. That has never ever

happened before, the video evidence

happened before, the video evidence obviously isn't helpful. Buderus

looked confident when he arrived

about an hour ago. I'm sure all the

Knights fans are hoping for the Knights fans are hoping for the downgrade. If the judiciary rejects Buderus's plea for a downgrade,

few willing to tip a Knights premiership without their match-winning number nine. It will make it very difficult to. I'm not saying they can't, but it will make it hard. They might be able to get through this week without him, but if they didn't have him for the remainder of the year, it would probably be really difficult for them to win three games in a row without him. In his first function as Souths coach Taylor all ears - Peter Holmes a Court unveiling his plan for the future to commemorate 100 days of new ownership,

even turning fashion guru in explaining changes to the traditional Rabbitohs jersey.

All we've done is put a thin stripe in that allows the garments to gather and be tighter on the players. The Kangaroos train-on squad coming together.

Coach Ricky Stuart still looking for a club job but won't be searching overseas. No, no, I'm not interested in going to England. I'm too young, I'm at the start of my coaching career.

I'm very honoured to be able to coach Australia and I don't want to give that up. Mat Rogers' stunning return to league welcomed by the former rugby halfback. It's good for rugby league. He's a great talent and he belongs in our game.

Tim, I can tell you NRL boss David

Gallop has been working behind the

scenes with the Titans, and has

offered to help any club that wants

to get Lote Tuqiri. Buderus' camp

suffered a blow with his victim Michael Robinson declining to

write a letter of support on his

behalf. The final results in Sports Swans co-captain Leo Barry has called on Sydney fans Tonight. has called on Sydney fans to make Telstra Stadium a hostile environment for the visiting team at next week's preliminary final.

Early projections suggest

the possibility of a record crowd in excess of 72,000. Can the Swans win through to their second successive Grand Final? Today 30,000-plus members were prepared to buy tickets to see if they can. Many purchased via the Internet. but some preferred the old-fashioned way, queuing for hours this morning. And after the unfriendly reception the Swans recieved in Perth, Sydney's players believe it's time for some payback when the red and white army invade Telstra Stadium on Friday week.

It definitely plays on opposition teams' minds and also if you are able to get a bit of a run on the crowd and the atmosphere it creates definitely for the players, and we certainly notice the Sydney crowds when they come to support us. The Swans had a light training run at the SCG this afternoon. Traditionally underdogs, they must now deal with the pressure of suddenly becoming favourites for this year's flag. It doesn't faze us one little bit because we go out there

doing our job, knowing the role we've got to do. We've got the faith in Roosy and the game plan,

what people think. Tickets for the general public will go on sale on Friday. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Ponting has apologised for his outburst at an umpire during a one-day match against the West Indies in Malaysia. He says it was a serious error of judgment. Ponting's fine for dissent a sour end to the Aussies' remarkable win over the Windies.

Ponting's outburst coming after he challenged a wide called by umpire Asad Rauf late in the West Indies innings.

He was fined his full match fee because it was his second dissent charge in 12 months. COMMENTATOR: Ponting not very happy with that late call. The skipper's apology coming the morning after. The amount of money is irrevelant. I think at the end of the day, as Ricky's shown, he's admitted he's made a mistake.

He's apologised and I think that's full credit to him. Chasing 280 for victory, the Windies were in a commanding position after an explosive 136-run opening partnership between Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Chris Gayle. Oh, he's hit that beautifully. That is a magnificent shot. The shot of the day. Shane Watson sparking an Australian victory with four wickets.

The Windies losing their last nine wickets for just 29 runs. Bowled him, cleaned bowled him. Right up in the block hole. Veteran Glenn McGrath didn't have as much success in his comeback after eight months out of the game, taking just the one wicket. Clarke top-scored for the Aussies with 81 from only 79 balls. The situation we were in and to win as easily as we've had The situation we are

has been terrific.

in, and to win

as easily as we have has Meanwhile, in London, a surprise selection with the England captaincy been a terrific Meanwhile, in London, a surprise selection with the England captaincy going to Ashes hero Andrew Flintoff ahead of favourite Andrew Strauss. I was pleased, I was proud and excited, to be honest. I did think that Strauss would get the nod, yeah. To be honest, for it not to go the other way, I don't know why.

And now here's proof for surfing fans that waiting for the perfect wave can pay off, especially when the wave comes from the perfect storm - a typhoon off the coast of Japan. Far from the safety of the Wakayama shoreline, these big-barrel hunters took their lives in their hands in the quest to tame a break never surfed before. One jet-ski driver who towed the surfers through the swell unable to bail out in time. We felt like kamikaze today, you know? Every wave, it was kind of new, all different,

so many steps and bumps on the waves. It was survival. Brazilian Carlos Burle among a handful of surfers who'd sat by their phones for six weeks waiting for the perfect conditions to produce these monsters.

Typhoon Loke providing the push to generate waves up to 7m tall,

one mistake making for a long, watery tumble. The enormous walls impressing Aussie surfing icon and former world champion Tom Carroll.

That was the biggest wave - that one, the big one. That was the biggest wave I've ever ridden, for sure. Mother Nature at times taking the upper hand, though these surfers promise to continue their mission to hunt down and conquer the world's least-known big breaks. We found two new waves and they were quality waves, which was really satisfying. That was the most satisfying thing. It's a piece of Earth that no-one's actually surfed.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. And later in Sports Tonight, more of those amazing waves in Japan in California. Tim Bailey next with the weather.


Hot looks. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda3 SP23. # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # It's a top score.

Checking all the weather details.

Tim, I am not surprised it was a

good day. The moment you promised

to put your money on the bar, you

are going to get it right. Did I

use those words "increasing

sunshine", yes, I got it right,

sunshine", yes, I got it right, 20

degrees, your shout next time. It's

Tim's Teams on Ten having fun

travelling over Sydney putting

winning community sporting teams on

the television. Hello everybody.

ALL: Hello, Tim. Can we have a

round of applause for the players. APPLAUSE

And now can we have a big round of

applause from the players to the

people that run them around each

and every day, do all the

and every day, do all the hard work,

they are called mums and dads,

ladies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE

Now this fellow is going to come

out. He's gone to an enormous

amount of trouble with his hair and

tie, the whole bit. Can we give

Arnie a clap. Arnie is the vice

President of indoor fusal. It's

five-a-side. it's booming .

It is. We were feeling the void.

There were teams in Campbelltown

there was nothing in Liverpool. The

city was begging for it, we started

it, it's gone through the roof. How

many players and people are

involved. We have 70 players in the

club and growing. Imagine how good

the club could be if it had a

proper vice-president, ladies and

gentlemen. Have a look at him.

Congratulations your

Congratulations your skill level is

fantastic. I have a $500 voucher

from Rebel Sport. Fill up a bag of

Rebel Sport gear, knew uniforms,

baugs, well done for running this,

it's a great initiative keeping

kids off the strength. On behalf of

Liverpool fusion I want to thank you, Channel

you, Channel 10 and Rebel Sport.

You haven't won the medal, you

don't have to make a speech. I like

a person like this, looks like a

used car person. Then I ooze

credibility as a weatherman I have

never looked better on the TV than

never looked better on the TV than I do now. Ladies and gentlemen,

I do now. Ladies and gentlemen,

Arnie. Can you go that way. This is

about me, not you. What have we got

for you. 22 and a blue sky

for you. 22 and a blue sky at your

place tomorrow. Fine and sunny

weather through to around about weather through to around about

Saturday, light showers, Sunday,

Monday, Tuesday, looking to be 27 degrees .

Your backyard if you don't mind.

Extensive cloud crossing the coast

ahead of the trough. Tomorrow's

weather map dances on to your TV. A

weak front bringing light showers

and cool changes. A Tasman high

keeping NSW high. Rainfall -

scattered showers along the

Queensland coast, nothing for NSW.

If you want to be involved, get

If you want to be involved, get

your hands on the Rebel Sport $500

worth of gear, it's an easy one:

I'm under the pump, Arnie has thrown me.

High cloud tomorrow.

That's it from me, more importantly,

the Liverpool fusion. And Arnie.

Yeah. How excited to see that. It's fantastic.

They're still wiggling after all these years. The Wiggles celebrated their 15th birthday today, putting on a special performance for their homegrown fans. Back from their latest tour of the UK, they came to celebrate the big 1-5 at home, and there to wish the Wiggles a happy birthday, 1,000 tiny fans and more than a few big ones. I'm surprised they're here, seeing people before the show, because me, before a show, I'm too nervous, but I guess they've done it so many times they're not too nervous. They're great for Australia. I think they'll go for another 50 years. They're fantastic. Now a household name all over the world, even The Wiggles can't believe they've made it this far. When we started off it was really just a hobby. We thought we'd just do one album of music for kids and that'd be it and 15 years later - it's just snowballed and we travel the world. It's just been a great ride. Since they began, the group has sold more than 21 million DVDs and videos, enough to buy lots of big red cars. There's never time to rest - their next stop, the US, before returning home for their Australian tour at the end of the year. We're really happy people are still coming out to enjoy the old "Toot, toot, chugga, chugga." 15 years on and The Wiggles are as popular as ever. Their performances continue to be a sell-out. So far this year they've already sold 1.1 million tickets to their shows worldwide. They've still got the moves now.

(All sing) # Lights camera action Wiggles! #

But the question is, how long can Jeff stay awake? Another 15 years and I'll be 68! (snores) (All laugh) Wake up, Jeff! (Henry the Octopus sings) # Happy birthday to you. # Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening and the Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Goodnight.