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(generated from captions) Rescue teams and aid agencies the worst hit areas. struggling to reach

from the Solomon Islands, As the first pictures begin to emerge disturbingly clear. the full extent of the damage becomes

of water 500m inland. The devastating tsunami sent a wall thousands left homeless. Entire villages washed away, with relief supplies We are planning to respond with shelter, food and water. to assist the people The Western Province the worst hit.

struggling to reach those in need. Rescue teams and aid agencies here is by sea. The only means of transportation for several hours. The Pacific region went on high alert

as the danger passed. Areas outside the Solomons downgraded all our documents We just come to collect

from this sort of area. and we're clearing out along the east coast of Australia. Confusion and panic also set in locals took to the hills. At Cooktown, north of Cairns, any information. No one seemed to be able to get You don't want to take any chances. they evacuated students. Schools so concerned, to Bondi told to leave the water. Beachgoers from the Gold Coast / tsunami warning from off-shore. We have had reports of a tidal wave also suspended, Sydney's ferry services

to head out to sea. container ships told

to Willis and Barrier Reef Islands, There is a possible tsunami threat and the Australian east coast Lord Howe, Norfolk to Spring Bay, Tasmania. from Cooktown registered on Australian shores, Fortunately, the tsunami barely the Prime Minister expressing relief. could be stood down Although fortunately the response it did indicate that after a short period of time, we could respond very effectively. if it were the real thing Not so says the Queensland Premier. warning buoys in the Pacific Ocean. He wants the PM to install early

in these things You can't operate blind and we need an early warning system. $2 million in aid. The Federal Government pledging Kate Donnison, Ten News. hit the Solomons this morning. And word just in another earthquake It reached 6 on the Richter scale. or injuries. There is no word of any new damage against Labor The Government is fighting back in the opinion polls, a 4% improvement for the Coalition. the latest Newspoll revealing But it still trails Labor badly. joins me now from Canberra. Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno

for Labor? Paul, is the honeymoon finally over

Well, it certainly isn't over. If

we can mix our metfores, what's

happened in the latest Newspoll is

support for Kevin Rudd and Labor

has stopped skyrocketing through

record levels and is beginning to

come back to more realistic terms.

In two-party preferred, the

National-Liberal Coalition is at

43% and Labor's 57%. If an election

would have been held last weekend,

Labor would have won in a massive

landslide on those figures. An

indication of how well Kevin Rudd

is going. The preferred PM shows

that John Howard has clawed back 2

percentage points to 38. Kevin Rudd

has lost 1 to 48. But he is

preferred PM by a hefty margin of

10%. And I guess what we can say in

the past two weeks since the last

Newspoll, the Government has looked

as bad. The PM hasn't had to sack

any Ministers and David Hicks, who

was causing a lot of problems for

the Government, there's an end in

sight to his detention. How have

both sides responded to the poll? I

think the Government is somewhat relieved. It's obviously better

figures to start going back the

other way. But no-one is under any

illusion that figures like this are

still bad news. Here's what the PM

said on radio this morning. We are

still a country mile behind. And we

still have a lot of hard work to do.

But polls, taken at this time of

the electoral cycle, are not

necessarily reflective of what

ultimately happens. And Kevin Rudd

somewhat agrees with that. He

believes come closer to election

day, the polls will be somewhat 51%

to say 49%. Obviously he'll be

hoping that Labor's stkpwaun%.

There's a way to go -- 51%. There's

a way to go in this election year.

Thank you, Paul. for Australian Senator Jeannie Ferris Tributes are flowing in

with ovarian cancer. who lost her battle Nick Minchin says Fellow South Australian Liberal and State with great distinction. Jeannie Ferris served her nation wheat exports She went to Baghdad to rescue her final chemotherapy session. just a week after undergoing in securing $1 million And she was instrumental for gynaecological cancers. to fund a centre her two sons and former husband. Senator Ferris is survived by al-Qua'ida informant David Hicks has turned from Guantanamo Bay. on the eve of his release his links to the terror network. The 31-year-old opening up about to Australia within the fortnight David Hicks is tipped to return get his first-hand take on al-Qa'ida but not before US interrogators and the terrorists behind it. Bay detainee on just what he knows They've been quizzing the Guantanamo between lawyers and prosecutors as part of the plea deal struck in Cuba last week. so he's proposing to do so. He's simply been asked to cooperate

as in the past? So will it take the same format this time. Hopefully without the torture will also interview the terrorist Australian investigators when he arrives in Adelaide of his sentence. to serve out the remainder Meantime, reports have emerged suggesting Hicks feared he'd be shot with American interrogators if he did not cooperate during his five years incarceration. he reportedly claims "ill treatment". In an affidavit for an English court, He cannot comment publicly his prison sentence. at least for a year after he's served And his father, Terry, claims of Foreign Affairs and Trade he's been told by the Department he has with his son to the media. not to outline conversations the Australian and US Governments Terry Hicks accusing of playing big brother on the issue. hitting back at claims Attorney-General Philip Ruddock between the two countries. the plea bargain was a political fix Veronica Buck, Ten News. Details of the allegations Paul Gibson which stopped New South Wales MP government's new Cabinet from being sworn into the police are investigating claims Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' says and minister Sandra Nori. Mr Gibson assaulted former lover The paper quotes sources furniture being thrown. alleging the 1991 incident involved in every possibly way I will cooperate with the police to get this matter cleared as quickly as possible. Premier Morris Iemma won't say if Mr Gibson will be allowed into Cabinet if cleared of the claims. A global investigation has been launched to find the person who leaked details of Ian Thorpe's irregular drug test. The five-time Olympic gold medallist has reportedly given his Australian legal council a blank cheque to hire the best European lawyers to find the culprit. Meanwhile, the World Anti-Doping Authority has vowed to investigate ways of strengthening confidentiality around doping tests, to ensure athlete's names are not divulged. A major medical breakthrough -

scientist growing part of a human heart - that's when the Morning News returns. And the man with one of the world's most famous dos wins a hair match.

Jamaican forensic teams have seized more evidence from Bob Woolmer's hotel room. Detectives are also looking into the possibility

the Pakistan cricket coach was poisoned and then strangled. The coroner has ordered his body stay in Jamaica until the inquiry is finished. In Jamaica, coronial inquests have been known to take as long as several years to complete. Iranian TV has shown more pictures of the 15 captured British sailors and marines including confessions from two that they were illegally in that country's waters. But, behind the scenes, diplomats say they're making progress. Today, some fleeting glimpses of more of the sailors and marines in captivity. Pictures which can both be heartening and agonising for their families and friends in Britain. It is quite upsetting when you see all these people particularly when you know one of the people that's there.

Iranians claim all 15 have now admitted entering their waters illegally. On the GPS they showed us that it's inside Iranian waters. But Iran also says it won't air more of the alleged confessions because Britain is showing a more positive attitude. So why the cautious optimism? Britain still insists the navy boats were well inside Iraqi waters but does seem ready to talk to Iran about reducing the risks of future misunderstanding and conflict in these divided, disputed waters. Our diplomats are good at this sort of thing and anything that can be done to show that we are willing to show flexibility has to be good news because saving face to people like the Iranians is amazingly important.

British scientists have grown a small part of human heart tissue. The scientists say if tests are successful, doctors could be using artificially grown heart components in transplants within five years. Taking shape inside these dishes are small strips of heart tissue grown from bone marrow stem cells. The tissue is stretched.

The aim, to shape it into heart valves. Thousands of patients need valves replaced each year. The team here think it will be around three to five years before they can progress from these strips of tissue to fully formed heart valves. The key to this work are stem cells found in the bone marrow which, once physically and chemically manipulated, can turn into many kinds of tissue. Our heart valves open and close three billion times in our lifetime but are a significant cause of heart disease.

I put it to the lead scientist that the idea of growing whole, replacement hearts was still a distant dream. It's not fantasy, it's in the future. I'm confident that within a 10-year period, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to make pieces of heart and then eventually, a whole heart. The potential benefits of tissue engineering are huge but there are no guarantees as yet that it will deliver the promised benefits to patients. The family of two British children poisoned by carbon monoxide in Corfu

have been speaking about the tragedy. They blame the company which organised the holiday, saying it should have made sure their hotel was safe. Hi, you two. Within 48 hours of this happy holiday video being filmed, Christie Shepherd and her brother Bobby were dead.

Look at that big smile. They were on holiday on Corfu with their father Neil and his girlfriend Ruth Beatson in October last year. All four were overwhelmed by carbon monoxide leaking into the room from this gas boiler. She just started crying, Christie, and I got hold and she just started to - just started being sick. And as I got up I just felt horrendously drunk. I knew there was something wrong but I couldn't understand what. But that wasn't me concern, my concern was me little daughter. The children's family employed a heating expert to inspect the boiler and he found a number of serious faults. Christie and Bobby's mother believes the holiday company let them down. I hold Thomas Cook totally and utterly responsible. They should have checked that the place they were sending their clients to was safe. Thomas Cook say it cannot comment while the Greek police investigation is ongoing. But they did say the health and safety of holiday-makers is paramount and is determined to ensure nothing like this happens again. Ahead - the Aussie contenders arrive at Augusta for the US Masters golf. And the much maligned Canberra Raiders run riot in the NRL. ENGINE ROARS The new Ford Falcon is available with dynamic stability control

Pantene is available in a new 200ml size at a recommended retail price of just $4.69. who voted Pantene No.1 for salon-quality hair. # Shine! # This program is captioned live.

Homebuyers are anxiously awaiting the outcome of today's Reserve Bank meeting. Economists tipping interest rates will rise. In other finance news -

the Australian share market has surged ahead. Music label EMI has announced a deal with Apple's i-Tunes to sell its music catalogue online without anti-piracy protection. That means songs acquired on the net can be copied and shared with other online users - legally.

It's been the industry's biggest weapon against illegal copying but at a musical press conference today two big players announced they were going to sell digital tracks from bands like this without anti-piracy software. Apple and EMI now plan to offer tracks at a higher quality free and DRM, as the copy projection software is known. The catch is you'll pay an extra 20 pence a track. We've taken the view that most consumers are honest. Right now, honest consumers are being inconvenienced

so we've taken the view that we should trust consumers. In the end though,

they're going to tell us by what choice they make. If they don't think it's very important, if they don't think the higher audio quality is very important, then they'll just continue buying what they've been buying at 79 pence. Adelaide captain Mark Ricciuto is career threatening. has denied his back injury

The 31-year-old is recovering from a small tear in a disc but remains optimistic he can return within four weeks. I have done a hell of a lot of training for a couple of months so it will be unlikely it will be less than a month from now. St Kilda yesterday confirmed Matt Maguire has suffered a stress fracture in his left foot while Geelong captain Tom Harley will be sidelined for six weeks

after undergoing surgery to mend a tendon in a finger. The Raiders have stunned Newcastle in their round three clash at Canberra Stadium. The return of Knights skipper Andrew Johns not enough to stop the Green onslaught, the Raiders with a 30-point win. A young Raiders side clearly out to prove those who've touted them wooden-spoon contenders wrong. William Zillman at the back, three tries. Fantastic for him. He's only played a handful of first grade games.

Dane Tisle the same playing against his old club, bit of emotion there. Canberra having a field day against the Knights. COMMENTATOR: Carney goes wider still. Short ball to the corner. Skipper Andrew Johns's return not enough. There's plenty of positives out of our season so far but we just didn't have enough of those things tonight to really mount enough pressure. It looked good for the Knights early. But the Raiders took control piling on five unanswered tries to round out the match. The wonder kid in green! William Zillman with a hat-trick to seal the match 48-18. The Raiders with their first win of the year. Neil Henry with his first as coach. I'm very happy for the boys more so because it's a young team and I think they'll gain a lot of confidence. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. If Adam Scott's win at the weekend in Houston wasn't enough to make you think it, now Geoff Ogilvy has said it - an Aussie can win the US Masters. Today was the first practice day and Ogilvy is optimistic. Relaxed and ready. That's the simplest way to describe Geoff Ogilvy's mood at Augusta today. The most recent Australian to win a major predicts good things for the seven Aussies in this year's Masters field. You'd be less surprised if Tiger won, but I wouldn't be surprised if any of the Aussies here won I mean, Adam won here last week, Stuart's playing good, Rob's been playing good all year, Badds is top five or six on the playing list. And not to forget about Nick O'Hern and Rod Pampling.

The Queenslander finished fifth two years ago, the highest at the Masters any of this year's Australian contenders. If you do things well, you can certainly get your way around here but at the end, it comes down to putting. You still have to putt well and that's the key. There's a lovely relaxed feeling here at Augusta on the opening practice day but the fan's enthusiasm for a glimpse of the world's best players really is something else. Who would you like to see? Tiger Woods. I like Adam Scott.

Yeah, I think he's probably out of the 7 right now that probably has the best game. In addition to Scott, Ogilvy is also in the world's top 10. He comes to Augusta a different player to when he made his Masters debut a year ago. You're not quite sure if you're good enough or to even contend but if you actually win one, you stand on the first tee saying "Hey, I can win one of these big tournaments." Which, at the Masters, no Australian has achieved perhaps, until now. Leigh Diffey, Ten News.

New Zealand has comfortably accounted for Bangladesh

in their Super Eights match at the World Cup.

The Black Caps passing Bangladesh's total with nine wickets in hand. Kiwi all-rounder Scott Styris

ripped through the Bangladesh batting line-up. The medium pacer claming four wickets and restricting their opponents to just 174 runs. COMMENTATOR: Another bowled, once again off the cutter. In reply, skipper Stephen Fleming led New Zealand's run chase with an unbeaten 102. Injured Australian all-rounder Shane Watson

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. Donald Trump has proven he'll fight to protect his famous hairdo even if it means climbing into a wrestling ring. In a publicity stunt dubbed Battle of the Billionaires, Trump and world wrestling owner Vince McMahon agreed to get into the ring with the loser losing his hair. I've seen better hair on a mouldy bread

Both men had professional wrestlers fight on their behalf but the Don couldn't help himself taking matters into his own hands. McMahon came out the loser on both counts but it was Trump who ended up on his back. The referee taking him out for gloating. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.