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(generated from captions) Leaving nothing to chance, the advice of government agencies. Security sources say its on began debating urgent legislation But as the recalled Senate to deal with the threat, not all are convinced. his own political interests here It's the PM that's advancing of urgency. by creating a false sense I say rubbish! Absolute rubbish! to Pakistani terror group But it is Australian links

Lashka-e-Taoiba, LET, that has our agencies concerned. Two Sydney men have been phone tapped about mounting an attack. talking to others in Melbourne Their main aim policy in relation to Iraq, is to try and change government

they think they can achieve that so that means the best way

against public transport. is by conducting a strike

LET's modus operandi That certainly is three years ago demonstrates. as this bus bombing in Kashmir stock exchange and a train station Other sources say the Melbourne

are other possible targets.

It's all in the very early stages, despite his urgency. something the PM admits to happen in the next few days. That doesn't mean something is going the terror legislation amendment Labor is backing of the PM going public. but questions the wisdom do raise a question The steps that have been taken matters have been compromised. about whether or not operational may have been tipped off The fear is the suspects under the new law. before they can be charged for the urgency. I had to give a reasons damned if you don't. You're damned if you do, the Attorney-General introduced Late afternoon, measures agreed with the States. the controversial anti-terror And in a concession to scrutiny, a 3-week Senate inquiry. there will be Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. fear persecution under the new laws. Many Australian Muslims using Ramadan celebrations today Islamic leaders to speak out against the legislation. the end of Ramadan, Australia's Muslims celebrating their holy month of fasting, during daylight hours, when they forego eating and drinking violence, anger, envy and greed. and are expected to refrain from But as the community celebrates, real target of new anti-terror laws, Islamic leaders insist they're the senior Islamic leader to speak out. prompting Australia's no good for our society. This law, I think, to the Lakemba mosque to worship, As 10,000 Muslims came could be mishandled they were told the terror laws especially the shoot-to-kill policy. by police and security services, are not used And to ensure that such laws to a particular faith or culture. to target those that belong they won't tolerate discrimination. Muslims say about ethnic profiling they're concerned

the community to debate the issues. and they're calling for more time for based on religion This discrimination is not acceptable or racial background in this Australian society. The Premier says community need to be strengthened. links between Muslims and the wider when those of the Muslim faith This is a time stand beside other Australians of violence as a weapon and reaffirm our total rejection disputes. of political and international John Hill, Ten News disp Bali bombers, Abu Bakar Bashir, The alleged spiritual leader of the

in his jail term has been refused a cut are blaming Australia. and his supporters win a remission on his sentence The Indonesian cleric was expected to but he's been knocked back. result of Australia's 'meddling'. A personal aide saying it's a direct not on death row But 18 Bali bombers by up to six weeks. have had their sentences cut celebrations The remissions are part of for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Only Muslims are eligible Schapelle Corby missed out. which means for an Australian man on death row. Another blow the sentence stands, Singapore's Foreign Minister says despite pleas for clemency. announcing Foreign Minister Alexander Downer in its pleas for clemency Australia has again failed for Melbourne man Van Nguyen for drug trafficking. on death row in Singapore We've been given no notification. to be imminent. We don't expect the execution in the next four or so weeks. We would expect it to be has written a letter saying, His Singaporean counterpart Adding: lawyers remain cautiously defiant. Though battered, his Australian in a very difficult situation, We are well and truly we're optimistic, and I am not going to pretend or that this isn't a setback. Of course it's a setback. on the Singapore government We're calling to make public its reasons at this decision. and how they arrived Visiting the family home,

campaign were today coy. the public faces of the support Can you respect my privacy, please. last hanging in 1967 A witness to Australia's saying it still haunts him. has described the act as barbaric,

I'd ever seen, It was the most horrendous thing put to death. to see a man deliberately

Nguyen's supporters, The setback hasn't deterred High Commission today. who gathered outside the Singapore's could actually take place It's not unlikely that the execution next Friday, that you are all here today. so it's really important and great

another blow, The campaign also suffering it can't intervene with Buckingham Palace announcing to spare the 25-year-old's life. direct to the Queen - It follows a plea from his mother without the approval the monarch refusing to act of the British Government. Rekhal Ebili, Ten News. has heard of strong DNA evidence The Falconio murder trial in Darwin accused of the killing. against the man who found it And the British scientist it could have been planted. says there's no way found Bradley John Murdoch's DNA This British scientist when Australian scientists couldn't. Dr Jonathon Whitaker tested swabs from the steering wheel in Peter Falconio's Kombi van. and gearstick

The amount of DNA collected was too small for NT biologists to make conclusive results,

but using his own specialist testing technique, Dr Whitaker was able to say one of the people in the vehicle was 19,000 times more likely to be Murdoch than another person. He also tested the handcuffs allegedly used on Joanne Lees. He looked deep into the inner layer of tape to find tiny amounts of DNA. And after testing several sections of it, he estimated it was 100 million times more likely to be Murdoch's than anyone else. Dr Whitaker is considered a leader in his field. The technique he developed for police in the UK multiplies small amounts of DNA until there is enough for an accurate profile. The defence has repeatedly suggested Murdoch's DNA was planted. But when asked by the judge if the handcuffs could have been deliberately contaminated with a cigarette butt, Dr Whitaker said: He said the contamination would have been obvious. It would blow out his results in the affected area and the quantity of DNA wouldn't match that found elsewhere. Joanne Lees looked happy and smiled as the expert occasionally baffled even Murdoch's feisty lawyers into silence.

In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. The battle over industrial changes is heading for the High Court, with the States defending their turf against a Commonwealth takeover. And the debate has sparked more stormy scenes in Federal Parliament. That statement was a lie! That statement was a lie! As day two of the parliamentary slanging match over industrial reforms saw a further seven Labor and one Government MP thrown out for misbehaviour, NSW Premier Morris Iemma announced a High Court challenge. He says Canberra's power grab will cost workers pay and entitlements. We are paying to launch the challenge to protect the rights of these hard-working professionals in our front line - like nurses, police and teachers. Queensland will also join the challenge. If you change jobs then any protections you have got goes, so you change jobs,

you're out there amongst the sharks. These changes are good for Australia and they are good for the working men and women of this country.

But Labor claim the changes would allow companies with over 100 workers to evade unfair dismissal laws

by sacking people under the guise of operational necessity.

Prime Minister, doesn't this now mean that unfair dismissal rights have effectively been abolished for all employees? Redundancy for a bona fide operational reasons

is not regarded as unfair dismissal. Labor claims the 1,200 pages of legislation have revealed new traps for workers. With the Government in control of the Senate, the fight over industrial relations is now certain to be taken here, to the High Court of Australia. There'll be a long drawn-out action with both sides funded by taxpayers. The new laws may be in place long before the court makes a ruling. Mr Howard exasperated by Labor's noisy resistance. I don't intend to try to give a reasonable answer through a cacophony of noise. I simply don't intend to do that. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. After the break - what a police robot saw when it went inside a block of flats teetering on the brink of collapse in Sydney. A new cigarette campaign delivers a dire new truth about a smoker's future. And later in the news - why a huge new copper-uranium find could be a goldmine for BHP Billiton

and create thousands of jobs. That's why we've put 100% natural fibre into a capsule. the convenient way to clean your insides. This program is captioned live. A robot equipped with a video camera has been sent into a block of flats that's teetering on the brink of collapse in Sydney.

What it saw inside was enough for structural engineers to assess when residents can go back to get their belongings. The back 12 units, we will be allowing the residents in there a floor at a time, escorted by rescue personnel starting from tomorrow morning.

180 truck-loads of concrete has been pumped into the hole, formed by a rock collapse in a road tunnel being built nearby. Professional thieves targeting luxury cars are costing ordinary motorists dearly. Despite a drop in the overall level of car theft, premiums are up. Across the country, a car is stolen every six minutes. A whopping 70% of them are 10 years or older and easy pickings. Insurance data suggests: And when it comes to new cars, Australian made can be a problem. Luxury and imported cars still do better in the main than Australian cars and that's disappointing. The best new car in terms of theft prevention is the Audi A6 at a cost of nearly $85,000. The best family car went to the locally made Mitsubishi 380. And the worst - the Mazda Bravo. Sometimes Australian drivers get models that are easier to steal than those available overseas. I call on Nissan and Honda in particular to integrate the same immobilisation systems in the models sold here as they do in the UK market. That would make a vast improvement to their score. And when it comes to the biggest new car-makers Ford, Holden and Toyota... They come around midway. However, that doesn't mean they are an ordinary car or easy to steal. Upgraded protection for older cars with an engine immobliser can cost from $150. Despite a reduction in car theft, the increase in luxury cars targeted has seen average premiums increase by 9% this year. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A new hard-hitting campaign has been launched to scare smokers into butting out. The message behind the graphic commercial is that every smoker has emphysema,

even if it's just the early stages of the illness. It's targeting younger smokers, who believe they will only get sick in their old age. The reality is that half of all smokers will die during middle age. 19,000 people die from smoking-related illness every year.

A single woman is going to extraordinary lengths to find a husband. She's selling her home and including herself in the package. For $600,000 you get three bedrooms, a spa and a wife. I thought, "I'm going to give this a try." Deborah Hale hatched the plan while preparing to sell her home over the Internet. Why not, she thought, throw herself in as well? What's a good way for me to get some exposure

to meet the man of my dreams. You can check out the merchandise at The home is in Denver, Colorado, it's 95 years old and comes fully furnished. The bride is a 48-year-old outgoing jewellery maker, once divorced, who's looking for a husband to make her laugh. Ideally I'd like for him to be between the ages of 40 and 60, I'd like for him to be intelligence, I really love intelligent men. Prospective husbands be warned, she's a thoroughly modern bride. I'm not a great cook. No deterrent to the over 100 bidders who've already replied. I'm not sure what will happen with it but I'm excited about it. The auction ends on Valentine's Day next year. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. After the break - why a huge new copper uranium find could be a goldmine for BHP Billiton and create thousands of jobs. Then in 'Sports Tonight'

how Ricky Ponting saved Australia in the first Test against the WIndies. It's the Jeep Drive Away Sale! Jeep Wrangler Sport with 6-speed manual, dual-range four-wheel drive, soft top and CD stereo, only $29,990 drive away. Jeep Cherokee Renegade with a V6 engine, Or Jeep Cherokee Limited with leather trim, Virgin Mobile in no way condones the recent spate of prank calls and texts to high-profile customer Jason Donovan. Please do not call or text the number currently onscreen. Enjoy our unusually low rates responsibly. This program is captioned live. A huge ore find at Roxby Downs in the South Australian outback is being compared to the Broken Hill discoveries. If all goes to plan, BHP-Billiton's Olympic Dam project will become the biggest open cut mine in the world and create thousands of jobs. 16 drill crews are working day and night trying to build up a picture of the enormous copper uranium deposit. We see about a 2-year study period from now. So we'd say late 2007 we'll have defined the size and shape of a project which we believe will be viable here at Olympic Dam. A proposed project costing $5 billion will create a mine 3km long and 1km deep. Well, here's a blast from the past. '80s fever is back with pop group the Bangles launching their first Australian concert tour

in Sydney tonight. They're the queens of '80s rock - the Bangles.

Never bigger than when this song hit number one around the world. (Sings) # Is this burning an eternal flame? # For Australian fans, it's been an eternal wait - 16 years after that hit, this is their first tour here. We had a tour planned, we were all very excied about it, and then it was 1989 in the summer and fall, and we chose that moment, for whatver reason, to go on hiatus, for 10 years.

That hiatus was in fact a bitter break-up, but the girls patched up their differences five years ago, deciding being friends was much more fun. They also discovered today's fans have a passion for '80s music. I think the sense of fun, acutally, to be honest, because so much of it is very goofy and silly and, god, we look back and are cringing at the clothes. The big hair. (Sings) # Walk like an Egyptian... # In fact, they had some huge fans over the years,

including Prince, who wrote their hit 'Manic Monday'. He got the song 'Manic Monday' to us on a little cassette.

Remember those? Cassette tapes. (Sings) # Just another manic Monday... # Also big fans - our own Hoodoo Gurus. The bands did two US tours together.

The guys are coming to the show tonight and, I think, in Perth, as well, and we're thrilled. We still stay in touch with them. We had such a good time with them.

Was there romance? We heard rumours... With our bass player, Michael Steele. The Bangles' national tour kicks off in Sydney tonight. Angela Bishop, Ten News. At Commsec tonight, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, the market was able to shrug off any concerns about a terrorist threat?

Well, that's true, because

Well, that's true, because yesterday the market fell. It was a

yesterday the market fell. It was a sharp response to the suggestions

sharp response to the suggestions sharp response to the suggestions of a credible terrorist threat.

Today was going to be an

Today was going to be an interesting measure as far as the

confidence of buyers was concerned.

confidence of buyers was concerned. It was a success. The market

closed close to its best levels of

closed close to its best levels of

closed close to its best levels of the day helped by the fact that the

the day helped by the fact that the Dow Jones has risen three times in

the last four days, driven largely

by the big four banks and big

mining stocks being helped by a

lower Aussie dollar. All the higher

petrol prices taking a toll on

consumer spending. It wasn't a

surprise to see low retail spending

prices for September given the fact

petrol rose by about 20 per cent

over the course of the preceding

month. Not much of an impact as far

as retailers are concerned. Coles

Myer up by 2 per cent on the back

of optimism surrounding the of optimism surrounding the selling of his Myer outlet. Commsec's Tom Piotrowski. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. Leigh - wow - what a week for the Freedman camp? Sandra, he can't go wrong can he? If the Cox Plate, the Derby and the Melbourne Cup weren't enough - he got the big four today just to rub it in. Serenade Rose the latest of Freedman's flyers to come home. RACE CALLER: Serenade Rose is racing away. Empress Lily runs on, but it's all Serenade Rose as she careers away to win the Oaks by three lengths. Serenade Rose the latest of Freedman's flyers to come home. And George Gregan ready for the record books. Oh, you're so busted! Franklins has price busted. 6-pack Quilton toilet tissue varieties: Look for this and other price busters. Only at Franklins. Now, if you just slow down and turn left here, that'll take us back to the dealership. Or you could just keep right on driving. MAN: Mazda will really do it for you with Tribute V6 from just $31,990 Plus fresh stock of Mazda3 and new Mazda6 for quick delivery. See your Mazda dealer and Mazda will do it for you.

Price busted! Franklins has price busted.

1kg Radiant concentrate laundry powder box varieties: Look for this and other price busters. Only at Franklins. This program is captioned live. A look at the weather now: A band of cloud is generating rain and storms across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. Cloud is also building across the NT and WA causing heavy thunderstorms. From the synoptic chart - A trough will trigger rain and storms through the NT to central NSW. A high will bring clearer skies in the southeast. Onshore winds will cause showers on the Queensland coast. A cocker spaniel saved from the pound has returned the favour to its owner, by raising the alarm when her master's life was on the line. Michael Bosch rescued Honey just a fortnight ago. And now Honey's returned the favour. Yeah, I know, you've had enough drama. The cocker spaniel was in the car with her new owner yesterday as he backed out of his driveway. With the sun in his eyes, Michael reversed too far, rolling nine metres down a ravine and becoming trapped out of sight in the forest. It was crushed pretty severely between the steering wheel, the stump that pierced the roof of the car and the dashboard. After seven hours, Michael managed to release Honey with instructions to get help. And that's exactly what she did, running almost a kilometre to a neighbour's house. She was bringing me here. She was directing me. Honey nervously paced the site as rescue crews finally pulled Michael from the wreckage. His pulse had been getting weaker by the minute and he's now in intensive care. But Honey can rest assured she's his best friend for life. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey is next. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the cricket season is officially here and what a way for the internationals to begin - Australia versus the Windies. RACE CALL: But it's all Serenade Rose! And Freedman's flyer - the trainer with the midas touch wins again. Hello everyone and welcome to Sports Tonight. I'm Leigh Diffey. Yes, the Lee Freedman dominance continued today in the VRC Oaks - we'll show you how he cleaned up again. And the Aussies' performance on Day 1 of the Test. COMMENTATOR: And Rickie Ponting brings up his 24th Test hundred. Our captain leads by example - what a tonne. Aussie Archie... First of all, focusing of Friday then Obviously thinking about the two matches after that. ..the only A-League player in the Socceroos.

Long term, I definitely want to be Formula One world champion, but that's quite a way away, I think. And - a new face for Formula 1, but you'll recognize the surname.

Cricket first up and concern continues to grow over the form of Michael Clarke and Simon Katich, with both failing to fire on Day 1 of the first Test against the West Indies. The visitor's captain Shivnarine Chanderpaul won the toss and boldly asked the Aussies to bat first.

A new cap for an old head with experienced WA opener Mike Hussey becoming Australia's 393rd Test cricketer. But even 30-year-olds make nervous starts to the big time, Hussey taking 13 deliveries to get off the mark before innings number one was all over. COMMENTATOR: They've got one, the West Indies,

Hussey's gone for 1. The start the Windies wanted after sending the Aussies in could have been a whole lot better if the skipper hadn't grassed a chance from Matthew Hayden in the same over. The rest of the session belonging to Hayden and Ricky Ponting. Oh, that's brilliant.

But from the comfort of 1/95 at lunch, a stunning collapse. LBW. 5 for Michael Clarke Hayden first to go on 37, and a duck for Simon Katich growing pressure in the middle order. doing nothing to relieve inspired spell from Corey Collymore. The Aussies losing 3/10 thanks to an Ponting just surviving the crash of the wreckage, and steering his side out

for the year and three figures. the captain passing 1,000 runs Nice way to do it - boundary - Greg Chappell on 24 Test hundreds. and that puts him level now with finding it hard to stick around. It was his partners Yes, he's given him out. Collymore's fourth victim. Adam Gilchrist lbw on 44, After coming to the crease at 1/9, saving the day for the Aussies. Ponting's blazing bat again to impress at number 7, Shane Watson blowing a big chance for 16, the Queenslander trapped in front on Brisbane soil. playing his first Test starting to show. Ponting's long day at the crease Chris Gayle's dropped it. ended just shy of 150. Dropped on 141, his lone hand Shane Warne and Brett Lee, Budding all-rounders, with the bat in the Ashes series - picking up where they left off and dangerous measures, Darren Powell resorting to desperate before stumps. trying to break a 46-run partnership Tania Armstrong, Ten News. moved him to fourth Ricky Ponting's 24th Test century of all-time leading runscorers. on Australia's list for the captain, And while the runs came easy it was a different story Michael Clarke and Simon Katich. for under-pressure pair you are talking about, I guess, Michael and Simon are the guys to have done better today. are the guys that would have liked coming into this game You know, their lead-up form has been exceptional so,

a second innings in this game but hopefully they'll get some time in the middle there and they can hopefully spend

and get on runs under their belt. My performance was alright. as a team game, But I always think of cricket and, you know, I think we needed to work as a team some more. you know, And the Ashes is long gone now,

since we returned from England it's maybe six weeks and, you know, and that's a long way behind us now on this series, we are obviously focussing

that we can through the summer, so. and playing the best cricket 100 today, Yeah, it's pleasing to get are 7/340. but more pleasing that the team etched his name in racing history Trainer Lee Freedman has in the VRC Oaks at Flemington. with Serenade Rose's easy victory the first trainer in 70 years The win makes him the Spring Carnival in the one year. to take out the big four races of ladies day It may have been officially of the Carnival, but just like the opening two days by one man. it promised to be dominated

to add to his Derby Lee Freedman looking

and Melbourne Cup successes more history by winning the Oaks. and move a step closer to creating on the Group One classic - Freedman with a two-pronged attack and third pick Empress Lily. hot-favourite Serenade Rose And as is so often the case, again rose to the occasion. the dominant filly of the spring Serenade Rose is racing away. RACE CALLER: but it's all Serenade Rose Empress Lily runs on, as she careers away to win the Oaks by three lengths. Look, the obvious was the obvious. She was the best filly all season won the Guineas and she probably should have nearly unbeaten. and other than that she'd have been today. She's won the Oaks and a canter since Hall-of-Famer Lou Robertson Freedman becoming the first trainer 70 years ago

to win the Cox Plate, Derby, Cup and Oaks in the one spring. It's a fantatsic thing. 3-year-old's where ordinary In a year when I thought my and the Oaks - I must be a fool. to end up winning the Derby The Carnival concludes on Saturday. with the Group One Emirates Stakes doesn't have a horse in the race. Unfortunately Freedman coming up on Sports Tonight - Stick around - Mark Webber's new team-mate we'll tell you all about

in the Williams Formula One Team. this weekend - And, Gregan's record run

moves into a special class. The Aussie skipper each other inside the circuit Unfortunately we don't like and he's a bit ignorant. A1 moves into Eastern Creek. And into the World Cup...

This is my job, really, outside of Socceroos. ..that's Archie Thompson's goal. This program is captioned live. To celebrate the release Wasteland' video game, of the new 'Tony Hawk's American are giving you and a friend Activision and Sports Tonight experience in LA - the chance to win an awesome the home of skateboarding. You'll receive two exclusive invites Entertainment Expo - to attend the Electronic on the planet, the hottest video games expo with celebrities you'll get to rub shoulders

latest games. and check out all of Activision's To enter: Enter now for your chance to win. The son of a Formula 1 gun of Mark Webber in 2006. will be hot on the heels has been picked to team with Webber 20-year-old Nico Rosberg

at Williams next season. It's a fresh young face,

to the Williams factory. but a familiar surname

a legend in these garages, 23 years after his dad became the same path as his old man. Nico Rosberg will now race down Formula One world champion, Long term, I definitely want to be I think, but that's quite a way away, a great first season. so, short term, I just want to have just do the best every where I can. I'm going to work very hard and comes at a tumultuous time The 20-year-old's signing for one of F1's former powerhouses. After a dismal season, unknown engine deal with Cosworth, Williams heads in to 2006 with a new and a new tyre deal with Bridgestone. They still have no title sponsor, that Keke's kid can impress. but the boss is confident was the best of them all, Liked what we saw, thought Nico that thinking his race results supported

and we offered him the drive. in the V8s. And a change of the guard At the tender age of just 26, Paul Wheel today announced he'd hang up his helmet at the end of the season, unsatisfied with his competitiveness. There's rumours that I've been pushed and all that sort of stuff, which is total rubbish, which is my decision, and I put my hand up and said, "I can't do it. I can't make that commitment " His place is set to be taken by Cameron McConville, who will partner Greg Murphy in '06. Tim Hodges, Ten News Two of motorsports most famous names will hit the track at this weekend's inaugural A1 Grand Prix at Eastern Creek in Sydney. Nelson Piquet Junior and Mathias Lauda are the sons of former Formula 1 world champions Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet. Their surnames put them straight in the spotlight but Nelson Piquet Junior and Matthias Lauda carry the extra pressure with ease. Both are relatively unfazed by their fathers' achievements, the ambitious duo out to make their own name in motor sport. What is your ultimate goal? Is it to be a Formula 1 world champion like your father? For sure. To be the best of the world in a few years. If one day I can get fine, I'm very happy about it. If one day I am professional, I'm driving Champ Car, or rally, or whatever, I'm also happy. Austrian Niki Lauda and Brazilian Nelson Piquet both won three Formula 1 world championships. 20-year-old Piquet Junior won the opening round of the A1 Grand Prix at Brands Hatch in England and he's already had F1 tests with BAR,

and the Williams and he aim to be racing F1 cars in 2007.

And even though their fathers are considered among the greats of Formula 1, these sons of champions realise it's a tough competitive route to get an F1 seat, no matter what your surname is.

It's hard.

I mean, it's... When you get into Formula 1 it doesn't matter really who you are, it only depends on results and also you need to know the right people and be at the right time at the right place, and it's very, very complicated. I know how hard it is to get to Formula 1. To get to Formula 1 there's a lot of pieces

to have to stick together to get to Formula 1. 24-year-old Lauda has only been racing cars for three years - initially his dad discouraged a career in motor sport.

My dad, in the beginning, always told me, "Oh, you have to live a normal life, go to school, "and racing a car is something for stupid people, "always going around in around and around in circles. "You have to do something different" Piquet Junior's friendship with Aussie A1 driver Will Davison won't count for anything on raceday Sunday. I knew Will very well, and this week I went up to him, like - and he's a nice guy, a nice friend - and inside the circuit it's all different, you know, unfortunately we don't like each other inside the circuit. The paceman who stopped Justin Langer in his tracks with a broken rib is set to resume his first-class career for Victoria

against Tasmania tomorrow. The Bushrangers are hoping Gerard Denton will rip through his former team at Bellerive Oval.

Gerard Denton is hoping to reinvigorate his career in a match of special significance for Tasmanian cricket, which will formally recognise former player the late Scott Mason. Denton, the Tasmanian-turned-Bushranger, played with Mason. Greg Shipperd used to coach him

and most of the Tasmanians were friends with the young cricketer who died in his prime in April. He was just terrific around the group, so I think it's...'s a great thing and I'm sure Scott's parents would be really honoured. The man of the match will be named after Mason. Denton likely to be included after tickling the ribs of Australian opener Justin Langer.

I guess it just hit him in the... well, I guess in the right spot,