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This morning on 9am, spaceships,

magic and screaming. Should we

leave babies alone in their cots to

screech themselves to sleep or

should those parents who practice

controlled crying be locked up for

abuse? Is there a better way? James

Galea learnt his craft from a

professional con artist and card

shark. He's in today to remove

David's watch and wallet without

him noticing. It was cutting-edge

science fiction, costing $1 million

US an episode and the nerds still

can't get enough of it. Richard

Hatch was Captain Apollo in

'Battlestar Gallactica' and has

materialized this side of the

galaxy in order to join us here. A

Friday, hallelujah. Enough said.

Good morning and welcome. Good

morning to you. You too. Are you an

advocate of controlled crying with

advocate of controlled crying with

children? Did you do the attachment

method? I think we tried something

sort of reminisceants of controlled

crying for about eight seconds. It

just didn't work for us. Yes. It's

interesting. We were chatting a

whole heap of mummies yesterday

were standing around and we were

having a chat about do you or

don't you? I think the don't you? I think the thing

everyone came out with that

everyone or many people have done

it in some form but it's a matter

of what works for you and your baby.

I would think so. But people get very emotional about very emotional about this.

Extremely emotional as we'll find

out today. Before that, let's check

the top news stories. Scandals have

rocked the Defence Department with

Joel Fitzgibbon forced to apologise

for forgetting to mention two free

trips to China. There are also

claims senior officials accessed

private information on his computer.

Seven teenagers have been arrested

following a drunken brawl at a

Sydney shopping centre overnight.

Hundreds looked on as police used

dogs to break up the fight. A US

billionaire has made history as the

first space tourist to take two

trips, thundering into space aboard

a Russian rocket last night. The

flights are estimated to have cost

him $86 million. There you go. Wow.

Once in a lifetime experience. For

him, twice in a lifetime. Why so

expensive? They're trying to make

money out of him. He can afford it.

We'll have a full news update We'll have a full news update later

in the show. If you've got

something to tell us this morning

or you have any questions about

email us? items on today's show, why not

Young Tyrone simply won't sleep.

He's grumpy, grizzly, sobbing, you

pat him and rock him. Wrap imup pat him and rock him. Wrap imup and

hold him down until he's drowsy.

Then you creep out of the room.

Within seconds he lets out a howl.

You rush back in, do it all again

and same thing - will the crying

ever stop? When you become a ever stop? When you become a parent

it's rather overwhelming when every

single book has a different method

to settle your baby. Joining us

this morning to discuss controlled

crying is Amanda cox and Annemarie

Sansom. Good morning to you both.

Good morning. Let's start

Good morning. Let's start first

with what exactly controls crying

is. What is it? It's moved on a lot

over the last 50 years or so. The

current thing with controlled

crying is responsive settling where

you respond to the baby's cues. You

would put the baby down if the

child cries. You may or may not

leave it at that point but you'd

listen to the pitch of the cry. Is

it getting worse or better and go

back in and respond. Eight years

ago when I had my first, you did

the one minute, two minute, three

minute method. But now it's

responding to the baby and how is

the baby going and that sort of

thing? This is the method you'd

suggest works best? It works best

for me, but I know it doesn't for

everybody. It's responding to the

baby's cues, if that's the method

you're going to go, that's the way

you'd approach it, definitely. What

do you have to say about controlled

crying? We're completely against it.

It's something I was trained in

quite a few years ago. Didn't sit

well with me as a childcare worker.

But I still implemented that. But

once I had my own baby, I felt

really uncomfortable with that. And

we researched lots of different

methods to create a more gentle

approach, which does involve

attending to your baby's cues and

to them and their needs such as

when they make noise, which is

crying. They're having a need.

That's why we respond to them. Is

there a name that you'd put to your

approach? We just call it the

gentle settling techniques. We like

to work with the parent to allow

them to trust untheir own natural

instincts and to understand

children do have needs and when

they cry they're asking for our

attention, in whatever way it might

be. Just because a baby's having a

bit of a grizzle , isn't that part

of the biby calming itself down

before it goes to -- baby calming

itself down before it goes to

sleep? We do teach parents that babies make different sounds but

not to let them go to the point

where they're crying and becoming

distressed. You have to ask

yourself, "Why is the baby crying?

Are they too hot, too cold,

uncomfortable? They're in pain or

hungry," before you actually take

that step. We wouldn't advocate

letting the baby cry itself for a

period of time before attending to

its needs. You're shaking your head

in approval here. Is that the same

kind of approach? It's very similar.

My concern is that a lot of what

we're talking about with controlled

crying are methods that were done

in the 1950s. The extreme end of it.

Absolutely. Which is leaving your

baby to cry until it cries itself

out? Exactly. I totally agree that

if the baby is crying, you need to

check, nappies, hot, cold, all the

rest of it. Once all that's sorted,

then, "What's the problem?" I know

my 7-month-old getso overtired he

screams and the best thing I can do

is put him in his cot and walk out

because I get totally stresed and

within a minute he's gone. I keep

trying to settle him and he gets

worse. Is that something he's

learnt or has he always been like

that? He's always been like that.

You were very lucky then. My middle

one was very cuddly but I do use

the control crying as it was then,

or I prefer controlled settling

method with him. Part of the

argument here is about the degrees

to which people go to control cry.

And I think what the two of you are

agreeing on is that responding to

your baby's needs is

because obviously up until six

months of age, all the nurses say

to you if the baby cries you should

go to your baby. When people take

it to the extreme and will put a

6-week-old baby down at 8 o'clock

at night and let it cry. This is

what's causing you the distress,

isn't it? It is. Because we've

heard of people, even in the last

year who let the baby cry to the

point of it vomiting. It's become

so distressed it actually vomits

and the parent is told by a sleep

expert to leave the baby or clean

it up and walk away, instead of

attending to that baby's needs. I

find that completely disheartening

and can't believe people still do

that. The problem is it is

ingrained in society because it was

from such a long time ago, and we

have all of our grandmother's and

mother's clubs who have learnt those methods and continue to tell

their children who are then

pregnant they must do this, they

must do that. You must leave your

baby to cry. There's better ways of

doing things now. There's this

other method called the continuum

method where by the advice is that

you never put your very young baby

down. You're always there. It's

always off the floor, being cuddled.

Does that kind of method create a

dependency upon the mother in order

to get to sleep? I believe it does

and I have a lot of anecdotal

evidence it does with friends of

mine in mother's groups who have

tried that where they can't leave

it. I have a friend who has a

5-year-old whose husband is still

being kicked out of the bed at 3

o'clock in the morning. She can't

leave the house because there's

tantrums. It doesn't happen with

every child and it depends on the

amount of other contact they have

with other people. But it is

certainly something I think is

sabig risk, definitely. How

important do you think it is for

babepies to have this sense of

independence, -- babies to have

this sense of independence, as

opposed to being strapped to their

parents? For me it's very high. I'm

not a co-sleeper. It was the most

traumatic thing I did in my life

and we didn't have any of the kids

in the bedroom with us, they went

straight to their own cot with a

room opposite. I did the same thing.

I love my sleep too much, so does

my husband. Every little noise was

waking us up. We couldn't deal

with that and it wasn't good for

anybody. I really think it depends

on the family. I don't agree with

it. It's not something I understand.

It's not something I would suggest

anybody do. However, I would certainly support somebody if

that's what they chose. I just

don't get it. What do you think

about this continuum method, about

the answering baby's response when

the baby cries, you feed it and

pick it up? Well, obviously that's

the extreme opposite to the verity

method that was shown on that

program. I mean, it's not something

that we practice or encourage but

it is something that we feel it's

up to each individual family and

parents that we worked with, some

of them do follow attachment theory

with attachment parenting. And that

does involve that. I don't think it

is going to be traumatic or hard to

break that because we do believe

strongly in bonding and having the

child with you and having lots of

body contact to help develop that

so they don't get separation

anxiety later on in life. But, in

saying that, I think having to

carry your child around every day

for six months of its life is

pretty extreme. It's not something

I'd be practicing or preaching.

They're heavy little buggers as

well. Especially after you've had a

biby and you've got a dodgy back.

-- baby and you've gut a dodgy back.

How do parents -- got a dodgy back.

How do parents work out what's an

advanced grizzle and a cry that's

an indication of distress? I think

mothers need to learn to trust

their instinct and you know

instinctively. Dads, I'm not sure

about. Absolutely. There are those

mothers, I'm sure, that practice

this controlled crying where they

let child scream and scream and

close the door. How do they feel

about walking away? That must be

very distressful for a mother in particular. I know it was for a

father? I -- encourage mums to do

that if they're in the room crying

and Mum's not coping. If it's

distressing Mum, get in distressing Mum, get in there and

do what you need to do, but if -

Calm down. Walk out of the room.

Best thing you can do is walk out

of the room. The baby is in greater

danger with you being in the room

in that state than it is being in that state than it is being left

to cry. Do you believe it's abuse

as has been indicated in some areas

to let your baby cry like that with

controlled crying? I'm passionately

against the term abuse in this

respect because I've worked with a

lot of people who have been abused

and I'm very, very passionate about

this. I don't believe it's abuse. I

have seen instance where mums have

been bullied and abused because

they follow the controlled crying method and I think that's more

abusive than what the mother's

doing to the baby. My greatest

issue with it is that we're

referring to this thing that was

happening over half a decade ago

and it's the thing that keeps

coming up and coming up and coming

up. It's still being used.

Absolutely. The reason it's being

used is we're hearing other names,

we're not hearing Night Nannies or

Pinky McKay. A woman has a wall of

books at her and she goes, "Oh, my

goodness." I know that name. Any

publicity is good publicity. We're

getting what we know. Is it abuse?

I was quoted as saying that. You

were. When you leave a child to the

point of vomiting, it is a form of

abuse because you should not leave

your child to the point of vomiting

or where it's banging its head on

the cot. That's anxiety, the child

is obviously very, very distressed.

Emotionally it is a form of abuse.

In saying that, I'm not saying every parent that's practised

controlled crying is an abuser -

That's a good point you make.

There's an extreme. There's an

extreme. Before we go, you're both

experts in the field, how do you

get your child to sleep? I had a

non-sleeper for 18 months. Is it

routine, is that at the heart of

it? I'm a very, very big it? I'm a very, very big believer

in routine, not to the point where

there's no flexibility but I think

routine helps. We have a kind of

bathroom, boob routine. Can I say

it? You can say much more. Can't

say breast or tit. Are knockers OK?

So that certainly helps. We might

do a little story - I still talk

with my older kids. That certainly

helps. Consistency is a big key as

well. Consistency. Also trusting in

yourself as a parent. We get told

so many times we're wrong for doing

different things or trying

different things. We so do. Trust

in your own self and have

consistency, don't try something

for two days and I think it's

failed. Because you need to do it

for at least a week or more. It's

easy with the benefit of hindsight.

You go through so much stress and

your kids grow up and they sleep.

You can't wake 'em up. They do

eventually go to sleep. I think

women ought to let up on each other

and give each other the support

that they need to get through those

early stages, rather than making

every new mum out there feel like

these failing. It's hard enough.

Thank you so much. Good to talk to

you. Thank you. Arianne is in the

kitchen. A little bit of magic with

James Galea. Inside the envelope,

you can see it's sealed. Touch it

and feel it. I'm a sceptic. That's

good. I'm glad you are. What does

it feel like inside? Do you know

what that is Pack of cards. Yes.

What's inside is a prediction and

every sinal card in the deck is

face up except one card which is

face down. Believe it or not, it's

the card you're about to name. Is

it really? Judging from what you're

wearing and how you're standing and

been speaking to me, I can put

together a pretty good profile.

I'll say some words that I want you

to make the card I want you to say.

Pineapple, slurpy, T-shirt. Think

of a card? OK. Is there any way I

could know what it is It would be

impossible, right? Yes. What's the

card you're thinking of? Do I have

to tell you? Two of hearts. You

don't say the card, that's the

thing! The two of hearts. Hold that

for me. You'll notice how every

single card is face-up, except one

card which is face down. No chance.

What was the CHEERFUL MUSIC With its spacious and versatile interior,

Welcome to the kitchen. Good

morning, Arianne. What do you have?

A little salad today, lamb and

pomegranate. What is it? Fruit and

meat. That's fruit and meat. Some

people have a thing about it?

quite savoury. It's call it a

vegetable. A potato, lamb and

pomegranate salad. Lovely. I want

to show you something quickly.

These are both pomegranates. This

is from America, because their

season is earlier than ours. You

know I don't buy overseas. Imported

stuff. This is an Australian one,

beginning of the season. The

difference is, and you can see, as

the season goes on, the most

spectacular - they get redder as

the season goes on. Gorgeous.

There's not a huge amount of

difference. The Aussie one looks

anemic. By the end of the season,

they'll be the same. Will they? Yes.

They darken up as the season goes

on. Where they are they native to?

The Mediterranean area. Himalayas.

How bizarre is that. It's made its

way down. We were talking earlier.

I imagine our food with no

multiculturalism, what would we be

eating? Maybe just the lamb.

Kingswood Country, red and green

things, the capsicum. The

Australians refer to as capisicun.

I love food. I wonder what it would

be like without those influences of

all this. David, I want to get you

started on the dressing.

Pomegranate, one table spoon. This

beautiful olive oil. Two table

spoons and thegirlic please. Garlic.

-- garlic please.

-- garlic please. Garlic. You need

to deseed the pomegranate. You can

pull them out or do them in pull them out or do them in water

as well? What happens is the seeds

will sink and the piff will float.

The piff will float. Alright. How

do I get the piff out so it floats?

Break it open first of all and the

seeds will drop out. And the piff

floats. It's important to know. One

of these or two of these and one of

those? I'm going to put the lamb on

to cook which I've been marinating

in orGhana. -- organo. If I'm

popping some of these, am I ruining

them? You want to keep them intact

because you want the juice to be

intact. Why is it that every single

olive oil bottle has oil oil

dribbling down the sides? Always

little rings of olive oil doing

that? Why cant you pour it and not

make the mess. A little dish you

could use. Or we could wipe it off

after we use it? Perhaps. Any other

pearls of wisdom, Dave? Syrup is

thickened, sweetened with

pomegranate juice. Yeah. Who would

have thought? They used to use

tomatoesor colour before that

apparently. The piff is floating.

The seeds have sunk and the piff is

floating. Can you see that or

should I move a bit of a shot for

you? Can I tell you what I've got?

What have you got? I make myself

laugh. It's very multicultural

laugh. It's very multicultural this

dish. Everyone is a comedian on

Friday, aren't they? We're close to

the weekend. I've boiled them until

they were just tender. They're a

bit sour, aren't they? That's good

because you'll get the contrast. Do

I have to chuck the sticky globe in

there? Yes. You know what else

needs to go in, the lemon juice.

It's in the juicer. Thank you. I'm

trusting you, that could be

anything, couldn't it? It's lemon

juice. Kim, that's a great job.

Thank you. Would you like more

pomegranate facts? 100 millimetres

will give you 15% of adult vitamin

C. What else does it do? It

contains polyfenals which may have

free scavching properties. Arianne,

not to labour on a joke, how do I

get rid of the piff? With your

little scooper. I thought the

scooper was for my seeds at the

bottom. Somehow or other I've lost

my tongs but that's OK. I've put

spinach leaves in and the potatoes

are still slightly warm. I'll put

more spinach in there. You wouldn't

have liked this job. I'm dribbling

stuff. Look. Look. Nicely. Where do

you want me to put that? I've lost

my tongs. I've got lamb here that I

have rested. I've cooked and I have

rested it. Why is it important to

rest it? Because it reabsorbs some

of the juices and becomes way

juicier. There's a bit of piff in

there. Do you want all of this?

Whatever you think will be great?

That's groovy. The red ones are

prettier, aren't they? That's a bit

naughty, isn't it? At least I know

how to do it for next time. That

lamb I've cooked for about three

minutes on each side and had that

resting for probably a bit longer

than that. You can cook your meat a

bit longer? You can. Probably a bit

much. And then - some pomegranate

seeds. That is very, very pretty.

It is. You could use some of those

as well. Oh, that works, as well. Oh, that works, doesn't

it? The contrast works well. A

really healthy, we've had a healthy

week and they've been interesting

recipes. The healthy was an aside.

Didn't mean to do it, but, hey.

Love it. We'll find details of her

recipe for warm, lamb, potato and

pomegranate salad available for you

to download any time. 'Battlestar

Gallactica''s Captain Apollo and

his new mission to get geeks

through love. I'll do it as slow as

I can. I'll go very, very slow.

Place it in front of the one. Very

good. It's the wrong end. Sorry,

mate. It's over here. What the!

You're down 50. We'll give you

another chance. Watch very closely.

If you get to three before me, you

win the $50. Put the money in front.

You can change your mind. It's on

the right. Do the right one. OK.

It's not that hard a game, you've

got to keep your eye on the peas.

James Galea is a new school

magician. He's ditched the top hat

and the carrot muncher. But does

that mean he won't be sawing the

bikini babe in half either? He is

up close now. Where did the magic

thing come from? I know you went to

the Australian Theatre for Young

People? Yep. Did you go there as a

magician? As an actor. The story is

my parents didn't want me to be an

actor or a musician so magic was my

back-up plan. That's what it was. I

was reading in the research that

you actually learnt the naughty

skills from a card shark. How does

an upstanding young pillar of the

community... That's where you stop

right there. You're misinformed. I

did start like that. I started out

really magical. I met someone who I

thought was a magician. I found out

he's a professional con man two

years ago. I show you a couple of

things in a moment but he would

never give the watches back when he

would take them and cheat in

illegal high-stakes poker games. I

was learning naughty skills. How

many of these guys are playing in

the casinos? I'm not allowed the casinos? I'm not allowed to

tell you that. Are you allowed to

play? Not really. I wear a hat and

nobody really notices me. The

old-style of, the other style of

magicianship, where you saw the

women in half, you don't do any of

that? No. Started out, I look back

at old photos and started out

wearing the tux and top hat and

doing the things. It's not me. I

look back at photos and go, "Wow,

what was I thinking?" I got back

from a gig and had to tell my

friends, "Give me 10." I was taking

off a top hat. And the doves flew

out. Were you there? I changed it

up. People always think it's up

magician's sleeves. I didn't want

them to think that. Let's do it.

Nothing here. Let's get started.

This is pretty simple. The first

thing I want you to see is all the

cards are different. You don't

trust me, checking the box. It's a

normal pack of cards. Are they

separated or joined? The cards. You

can shuffle them if you want. Go

ahead. You did this funny. He's

done it before. It's my wrong hand.

Fantastic. Needless to say. OK.

I'll show you how it works. Thanks

for mixing those up for me. Here we

are. We're going to give them a

nice little mix. They're pretty

well fixed. You can see they're all

different. What I'm going to get

you to do is pull out a card for me.

Any card. Don't let me see.

Anywhere in the deck. Yep. Do you

want to change your mind. Up to

you? What I'm going to get you to

do. You want to change? Yep. Let me

know when you've got the one you

want. A 25-minute segment. Have you

done that? I'm going to turn around

and face the back. What I want you

to make that card different is to

sign your name on it, make sure

there's only one that looks like

yours. I promise I won't look. When

you're done, let me know. Mine as

well? I didn't leave you much room.

Have you done that? She's still

trying to work out how to spell it.

There wasn't enough room to write

the whole thing. He's not looking.

Have you done that? There's no way

I can know what the card is. There

was no monitor for him to see. We

didn't get close enough for you to

see. Remember your card? I'll find

it in a special way. Watch closely.

It will have the scribble on it.

Hold out your hand nice and flat.

Did you remember what the card was?

Yep. He's lying. Did you not put

your name on it. I stuffed it up.

What was your card? It's fun, What was your card? It's fun, isn't

it? King of clubs. Which one is

yours. I'll do it as slow as I can.

You can see your card's not on top

or the bottom. All I've got to or the bottom. All I've got to do

is flick it like this and palm.

Sometimes it goes too fast and your

card comes out on top. Push it card comes out on top. Push it in

for me. It will come back on top again. I'll do it again just in

case you missed it. Remember I was

telling you before most magicians

wear long sleeves. Because they did

stuff. All magicians need sleeves

for . 1, 2, 3. That's when it

changes. That took you a while. I

don't know if I told you at the

start, I keep a spare card inside

my pocket in case the tricks don't

work. I don't know how your name

gets on that. You're good. People

think magicians can't show anyone

how to do a trick but I'll teach

you thou to do one. You're able to

do it. Does it go against? Yes. But

it's OK. It's called palming. I'll

do it with a card. See how you

can't see the card from that annal

over there and I can deal cards out

like this and you can't see. I can

see. Of course you can. I could

have seen if you were doing it. You

didn't see me put it in my pocket

before. It looked like the card

went in and I pulled it out. If I

want to make it invisible I do that.

Do that again! I'll do it again for

you. Keep your eye on the king of

clubs. I can get to 45 degrees and

you shouldn't be able to see it. If

I want to make it completely

invisible I go like that. Remember

I said that start I keep my spare

card inside my pocket. But you

didn't put your hand in there? I

know. You are so good. Have a look.

That's where your card ends up.

Thank you very much.. How much

money have you won over the years?

I'm not allowed to say at all. It's

a lot of fun, isn't it? It is. My

show, 'I Hate Rabbits', we're

playing as part of the comedy

festival. It's a lot of fun. We

have a live HD cam which have a live HD cam which projects

the magic on to a cinema screen. My

hands are 6-feet tall. Everyone

feels Luke they are this close and

you can see everything. How many

magic tricks do you have to have to

fill an hour? Obviously people are

sceptical. Unlike you, sceptical. Unlike you, you're

really good. There are people who

come to the show who hate magic.

When you watch the little clips,

people will think they're rigged or

does as a camera edit. I want

people to think there's no way it

can happen. We have it there

throughout the whole show. It's all

slight of hand. We challenge the

sceptics. Do mind reading. You've

gut a quickie for us? Sure. I'll

show you another thing of how the

tricks work. How is that? There's a

thing we use, in fact, business

called a crimp. You can see there's

a little gap right through there.

It makes it a bit easier for you to

see. I'll put a really big bend in

it so you'll be able to see it from

a distance. That should be easy.

Can you see that or not? Yep. You

should be able to see the moment

the card pops up on top.

That's when the card pops up. That

wasn't there. I know. You're wasn't there. I know. You're a

witch. Yeah, I wish that I am. Do

that again? Can't do it again for

ya. Did you have a little fun? I'm

watching. Sorry. He's great. Lovely

to meet you. You're very good.

Thank you for watching. It's great

to be here. Great fun. Home

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How are you going there? I'm

having trouble. Are you? Just

shuffling? How sort of did that

part in his hands and did that and

then it looked really cool. Yeah. We'll have the latest news

headlines shortly but Duke Kartel

will lay down their rocking groove. VOICEOVER: Every cup of coffee sold at McDonald's and McCafe is made with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans. The Rainforest Alliance makes sure the beans are grown in a more sustainable way and conditions are better for workers and their families. It's helping to ensure a future for the rainforest, for coffee farmers and for the children. And the coffee is better. So everyone wins.

Grand Prix fever has taken over

Melbourne and the boys from Melbourne and the boys from Duke

Kartel are going to help kick it

off with a performance down by the

track at Albert Park. Duke Kartel

join us this morning to perform 'If

Only', the first single off

new album, 'Nowhere Left To Hide'.

(Sings) # Hey, I can hear you in stereo # Through the traffic

# Your voice is the only sound I know

# Do you notice when I walk in the room # Am I a liar

# Are you searching for the truth?

# All these fears will fade # While you play the game

# If only we'd live for the moment

# If only we learnt how to change

# I'm getting closer, to showing emotion

# You took what you want, but never again

# You're alone

# 'Cause you don't let anyone in

# You're good at finishing

# But do you know where to begin?

# Can you focus? Is your reality

blurred again? Do you listen? Or

will my words roll off your skin?

# All these fears will fade

# While you play the game

# If only we'd live for the

# If only we'd live for the moment

# If only we learnt how to change

# I'm getting closer to showing emotion

# You took what you want, but never again

# If only we'd live for the moment

# If only we learnt how to change

# I'm getting closer to showi

# I'm getting closer to showing emotion

# You took what you want, but never again

# If only we live for the moment

# If only we learnt how to change

# I'm getting closer to showing emotion #

But never again # If only

# If only

Susie joins us today with the ultimate solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

I like the sound of it already because I'm told it doesn't even hurt. Good morning. Good morning, Marianne. That's right, it's true. You can get that smooth silky skin and be rid of problem hairs forever without having to endure those traditional forms of hair removal that are so often messy and sometimes risky. Results are never perfect. Tell us how we can do this. Of course. It's called the Rio Salon Laser. Rio is the first to make permanent hair removal available in the home.

All the same advanced technology of an expensive salon machine is contained right here in this practical and neat carrying case and it fits neatly into a drawer for easy storage. Now, there's absolutely no need to spend time and money on expensive salon treatments because this high-tech method can be yours to use every day for a ridiculously low cost. Does laser hair removal produce lasting results?

That's right, it's true. With waxing you get 100% regrowth. Shaving, 100% regrowth. Depilating creams 100% regrowth plus all these methods are a hassle.

With the Rio Salon Laser, you'll achieve permanent hair reduction and this has been proven by a leading laboratory in England. The results were plain to see - unwanted hair simply disappeared

after treatment with the Rio salon laser. Have a look at these amazing results. OK, the upper lip area. That's a good problem area. Look at that difference. Quite dramatic results. Even the hand. And the chest. It's quite remarkable. Permanent removal there. So the salon laser can be used to treat hair anywhere on your face and body going by those photos and it doesn't hurt? That's right, yes. It's suitable for even the most sensitive areas, yet the face and bikini line in women, and yet it's powerful enough to remove stubborn back and chest hair for men. The only area to avoid for safety reasons is the skin directly around the eye. You can explain how the machine produces these results? Of course. The process known as photothermolysis uses energy from the laser to destroy the hair's root. It takes just four seconds. Laser treatment is most effective during the growth phase. If you're having treatments in the salon or at home a number of treatments are required to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Using it is easy. Ideally the targeted hair should be just above the skin's surface. If you have long or coarse hair, shaving one or two days before treatment will give you the best results. Avoid using any other hair removal products or the results won't be as effective. You point the tip at the hair and press the button. When the white line turns orange, move to the next hair. It takes four seconds. I notice there's a security lock on there. That's right. There's a key and four-digit security code so kids can't get into it. You've thought of everything. You've got a special offer for us today? We certainly do. Now have you a choice between two models. There's the regular Rio Salon Laser that I've shown you or if you want the Rolls-Royce of hair removal, you can upgrade to the scanning salon laser unit that automatically scans over a large area treating multiple hairs at a time for even faster results.

Get that irresistible soft, smooth skin you've always wanted for a ridiculously low introductory price especially for your viewers this morning when you call the number on your screen. So we've been talking about the Rio Salon Laser, the two models there they can ask the operators about. Let's give the number one more time. Thanks for telling us all about the Rio Salon Laser. Thanks, Marianne.

We'll have the news update just

after the break. A little

heart-warming incentive to check up on your neighbours.

Time now for a news update with the

sparkling Ron Wilson in the Ten

News centre. Good morning. Isn't it

interesting how we all have an

extra spring in our step on a

Friday morning? I suspect there are those already planning farewell

drinks for Joel Fitzgibbon today as Defence Minister after Kevin Rudd

weighed in to the row. Listen to

this from the PM? I'm disappointed

that he did not make these

declarations back then. I expect

better of Mr Fitzgibbon in the

future. It's entirely appropriate

that the Acting PM has demanded an

apology of him and he's rendered

that apology. What do you think?

Not the most convincing vote of

confidence I've ever heard. And

it's a massive distraction for the PM right in the middle of his showpiece visit to Washington and

New York. It looks like Sydney is

turning into the wild west. We had

the murderous bashing. Nightly

drive-by shootings almost. And

dozens of thugs leave late night

shoppers terrified. Look at this

blaze on the Gold Coast. A big old

Queenslander burnt to the ground.

The firies had to pump water out of

the pool to try to douse it. I know

David thinks he's the cutest thing

on morning television but I'm here

to prove him wrong. This is a

cloudy leopard and he's doing best

to save his entire species. The

reason they have a problem breeding

David is during the mating process

the male becomes so aggressive the

female is often killed. How

terrible is that? Join me for all

the details. Cute and terrible in

the same. You told me there was a

cute animal story. That wasn't.

That was the cute animal. The back

story is not cute. Dear, oh, dear.

Have a lovely weekend. See you next

Thursday. You certainly will. Thank

you. We've had lots of reaction,

not surprisingly, to our segment we

did on controlled crying. Do you

want to go first? "I'm expecting my

first child so my opinion may

change yet. But I'm currently going

to try the baby cry to settle first.

In training puppies or other

animals, we use the reward method

for good behaviour. Why not do a

sling children for thing? Might

help in reducing the later

tantrums." Monica is going to

reward the child? Yeah. When it

does the right thing. I reckon it's

got sense. I'd like Monica to write

back when she's got the child.

We'll see how things go then. That

will bethirsting. I remember Jodie

Foster, before she had her first

child, she said, "I'm going to

treat the baby like my dog - lots

of love and affection and teach it

where the boundaries are. Take it

for a walk with a lead and follow

it with a plastic bag. This one,

most of our emails haven't they

been overwhelmingly in favour of

controlled crying. I think at least

it's a woman's right to be able to

choose it as a method. Jenny says,

"I do not believe in this method of

leaving your baby and returning and

leaving and so on and so forth. I

think this confuses a new born and

can often distress him or her in to

an inconsolable state. I got myself

in to breastfeeding my daughter to

sleep because I all no idea. When

she eventually went to sleep, I was

not able to put her down because

she would wake up. Every mother's

group catch-up I was often -- I

often questioned my mothering

skills because their babies would

all fall asleep in the prams

without any fuss." She's got on to

a book called 'Save Our Sleep'.

There's so many books out there you

have to find a fish around. Horses

for courses. You have to find the

method that works for your child.

Not every method works on every

child, even in the same family. If you like the idea of less cellulite, a firmer body, improved strength and better muscle tone - and less stress -

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These images, taken with a thermal-sensitive camera, show just how the Power TX microvibrations stimulate muscle reaction. The proof is in the heat. On the left, cold muscles. On the right, the red area shows intense circulation and warming of the muscles, which increases flexibility and loosens tensions of the body tissue to break down fat cells. Because of its specially designed platform that sends concentrated rapid microvibrations through the whole body, the Power TX stimulates the muscles, stretching from head to toe, which tones and firms your shape with no effort at all. The Power TX is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be used at any time of the day. And 10 minutes is all you need to tone and shape your body.

Look at these amazing photos Power TX users have sent us. Clinical tests prove it. Stimulating circulation helps get rid of toxins. Detoxifying your system also breaks up and releases the pockets of fat,

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In the past seven years Neighbours

Day is now a national day of

awareness. We're joined by founder

Andrew Heslop. Good morning, guys.

What is, explain to us what

Neighbour Day is? It's a day on the

last Sunday of March every year to

develop relationships with the

people who live around you, live

across the word or if you live in

the bush on the next farm. It

started off in Melbourne in 2003

after the body of an elderly woman

was found in her home. She had been

dead for two years until her

neighbours worked out she had gone

missing from their community. There

are similar stories. There was a

couple in Sydney and one in Far

North Queensland where a similar

thing happened. It's staggering to

believe someone could go unnoticed.

That's right. Particularly in today,

when both parents are working and

we've developed a situation where

we've got fatter, we're not doing

enough exercise, we're eating the

wrong foods, I think we've lost the

opportunity to walk around opportunity to walk around our

suburbs and get to know the people

who live around us. So Neighbour

Day is about taking back those streets, developing those

relationships, not only for your

health but for the health of your

community. What difference does

knowing your neighbour bring to

them and to you? Well, I think them and to you? Well, I think wut

we saw in the bushfires in Victoria

most recent and the floods in North

Queensland and NSW, it was your

neighbours who were the most help

to you before the emergency

services arrived. Particularly

whether you live in the bush,

that's integral. In urban areas,

knowing who your neighbours are

gives you a sense of community. You

feel part of a community and begin

to care about it. When things go

wrong or something happens at home,

you've got someone who you can turn

to instantly for help. I was to instantly for help. I was going

to say, seeing the reaction from

the bushfires and floods, that

neighbourly spirit clearly exists.

It just seems to need something to

bring it out, doesn't it? You're

right. It's one of the things that

most came out of talkback radio,

not only just here in Sydney but

around the country, it give

Australians a wake up as to why

they should have good relations

with their neighbours. It just

reinforced the fact that security,

that knowledge, that help that's

always there can only come from

your neighbour. And I think if

there's one thing that's come out

of the bushfires and the tragedy

behind that is it's given

Australians a greater sense of celebrating their community.

Ann Maree Biggar has managed to

find a hot, pink painted star

lounge where modern manners are the

basis of discussion at the basis of discussion at the

Mercedes-Benz Ladies' Lunch.

You might think the Grand Prix is

secret men's business but here at

the Mercedes-Benz luncheon, the

girls are well and truly in pol girls are well and truly in poll

position trackside. -- position trackside. -- pole

position trackside. Wow, and that

noise? That noise is great. It

sends shivers down my spine.

I like sitting with you now. It is

perfect. I feel tiny when I talk to

you? I could be Dorothy. The lollies on the table, lollies on the table, I can't get

enough. You need to speak to Rhonda,

she's had two containers of them? I

just brought out a health book, so

I shouldn't be dipping in to them

as much as I can. You're Mr USA?

What does that mean? I've become a

professional schmoozer and I love

it. You're outnumbered. How have it. You're outnumbered. How have

you coped? The ratio is fantastic.

I'm not going to lie, 250 to 1.

Chances are pretty good. Look at

these people. It's amazing. Just

tell us how fast do you whip around

a race course? I drive a C

EMG in the German Touring Car

championship and get up to 300 championship and get up to 300

killopters an hour on the straight

-- kilometres an hour on thafpt How

does your mum think about it? My

dad has a bike shop in Scotland.

He's a fanatic. My mum never

watches the first lap of a race but

after that she gives me full support.

I'm having that much fun here, I

even get to race Susie. And just

quietly, I think - sorry... Do you

have a good panel beater? What's

the one thing that you'll take away

from the luncheon today? What I

have learned is how to get out of

an SL, it's the Mercedes

convertible which is really low to

the ground and it's not easy for someone as old as me. someone as old as me. It's all

about keeping the knees together to

get out. I can't wait to get out of

here and practice that. What about

the modern manners guru, have you

learnt anything? I've failed

dismally. I try to be decent but my

buttons keep popping. Oh, well. If

you're going to wear a hat, wear a

hat. You're not going to take it

off because you have hat hair. I

fail. Let's sit back and enjoy fail. Let's sit back and enjoy the lollies. Every morning you bring in something here and show us something fast and easy and apparently the H2O mop is no exception to that. Why does it look so easy when you do it? It's not me. It's the H2O steam mop. It's the power of steam and the microfibre pad that does all the work for you. The H2O steam mop also comes with its own carpet attachment.

You can clean, refresh and deodorise your carpets that quickly. Are you impressed so far? Have a look at this. Have a look at the black carpet here. I'm going to put honey on here. You're not. Normally you'd usually use a cloth or grab a mop and bucket. You'd probably call the carpet cleaner to try and get that off. Using steam, and the microfibre pad, you can pick up and remove dirt, grease, grime, bits and pieces from your carpet that quickly and that easily. How fantastic is that? That is impressive. I'm going to go straight from the carpet straight onto a hardwood floor. We've got paint here from the kids.

It could be scuff marks from the shoes, crayons. Have a look at how quickly and how easily you can clean that floor. The proof is in the bottom of the pad. You can see all the dirt underneath there. The H2O mop uses the power of steam and the reusable microfibre pads to go where other mops can't. It looks like the steam takes the effort out of the actual cleaning. All at the push of a button. No effort, no harsh chemicals and no more Mr Nice Guy to those marks on the floor. Call the number right now to secure your order. Only 30 seconds to heat up and it gives you 20 minutes of continuous steam using ordinary tap water. You can combine that with the incredible microfibre cover. Now you can clean all floors and remove scuff marks using one hand. It's so light. Call the number now and forget the mop and bucket.

H2O mop uses 1,500 watts of steam penetrating the dirt in the pores of the floor. The pressure loosens and cleans

while the microfibre pad just scrubs it away. And it's super-absorbent so your floors are dried at the same time. That's good. Fantastic, and it works with your favourite detergent. Remember, with a regular mop, even if it looks clean, it's not. With the H2O steam mop's microfibre pad, it's like cleaning with a new mop every single time. Absolutely, so you can erase stains and spills, deodorise and freshen all your carpets, rugs, mats

and high-traffic areas with this one machine. Designed for the toughest jobs, it comes with two free reusable microfibre pads. They're thick, they're super-absorbent with thousands of micro-pockets so they soak up spills and trap the dirt and the grime for the cleanest floors ever. I heard this product is so popular that you ran out of stock last time? We sell out of stock all the time so you've got to be quick.

We've got stock back. Call the number right now and try one in your own home.

The first 200 customers will get 10 disposable mop pads plus the two free reusable microfibre mop pads all for just four payments of just $49.95. And you get the 30-day money-back guarantee. Come down here and have a look at this. See on the floor here, even if it looks clean, it's not. Now, having a look at the floor here, it looks clean under the normal light.

We're going to turn down the lights in the studio and get you to turn on this blue light - it's like a CSI light - and it lets you see dirt and grime not seen by the human eye. Can you see that? The H2O mop removes - the steam uses and the microfibre pad - removes dirt and grime not seen by the human eye that quickly and that easily so, whatever your floor, it's not clean until it's H2O mop clean. Wow! Are you impressed so far? Yes, I am. I knew you would be. Remember, if the lines are busy, don't miss out - call the number or you can order at the website.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee. But you've got to be quick. Thanks, James.

From the streets of San Francisco

to the furtherest reaches of outer space,

space, Richard Hatch is with me after the break. In the news at 11:00 - a rap over the knuckles for Joel Fitzgibbon from the PM for not declaring two paid-for trips to China, as Mr Rudd is forced to publicly support his Defence Minister. Spectacular pictures as a Gold Coast mansion goes up in flames. D-Day for Nick D'Arcy - he'll learn his sentence today

for assaulting fellow swimmer Simon Cowley.

And how two cuties are helping save their species from extinction.

Join us for all the day's news at 11:00.

There are so many reasons to stick around and shop in Canberra this autumn and so many things to do. Why would you go anywhere else? Remember, every dollar you spend locally helps keep our economy humming.

In In the original 'Battlestar Gallactica', the Cylons were

invented by man. They rebeled,

evolved, there were many copies and

they had a plan. Last question. Do

you have any information on the

identity of the Fifth Cylons? To be

dead. But you're not sure? No, but

we believed she died some time

ago... She? How do you know it was

a woman. Can't believe I said it.

What was it about? Forget about it.

Cylons is out of the question. I

hope you both know that. It's not

your call? Is it yours? Are you the

President? I forget what your job

is. From a distant galaxy on a ship

bound for earth, Tom Zarek's bound for earth, Tom Zarek's alter

ego, Hatch, has made the jump ego, Hatch, has made the jump to

the planet. It's good to be here.

It was an extraordinary series.

Relatively short-lived but pretty

revolutionary and quite out there

for the time? Well, talking

the original or the new show? The

original. I think the problem was

we came on the heels of Star we came on the heels of Star Wars.

Back in that day networks were not

supportive of sci-fi but the

success of Star Wars opened the

door. There was no lead time to