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(generated from captions) You did too. I just had them lined up. We went out to dinner last night, a bunch of us. A bunch of us people from work. It was very Thank you very much, Tim. Tim, for people from work. It was very nice.

your generosity. Yes, it's always surprising when the person comes out and says "You'll enjoy this, it's one of only three bottles the country, and it's from 1970" or something. My eyes lit up. "Oh, that's obviously expensive." Very nice dinner at the Press Club. I left before you did, and I wasn't in bed until midnight. So I'm struggling this morning. You're what? I'm struggling. I'm tired and emotional. I'm tired and emotional too. Why am I so grey? It's not lifting my mood at all. Anyway. No, but it's a nice shirt, though. Thank you very much. But we'll pick up the vibe. We'll try to get on it. Starting recently described him an exceptional sense of humour". as a "man with a mighty pen and Extraordinarily prolific author, latest book Tom Keneally joins us to discuss his and the need to write as a woman. exceptional sense of humour? Is it all part of his It's going to be one of those is revving up The Australian Grand Prix and we'll speak with Leanne Tander, on the podium this weekend. a woman who's determined to be And although it's Tuesday, of the week is Wednesday. we'll find out why her favourite day Do you know? No. And she's here, so we can ask and sophisticated. Also smooth, subtle, soulful guitarist Eric Bibb, will join us Blues singer, songwriter and for a chat and a song. and sophisticated And speaking of smooth, subtle will be here. the fabulous Adam Richard a 7-night trip for two to Paris. Plus your chance to win and substance for you this morning, So there's plenty of style all right here on 9am. This program is captioned live. Here's one for you. Can you talk today? I can't talk. Can you do all the talking? Don't you hate it when you have those days? You need put your dentagluin. Why is that? you have those days? You need to

Because we had a late night, I suppose. I guess so. But we're up reasonably early. Reasonably early? Way too early. Other people are up earlier, though. Are there? Aside from us. Fairly vacuous statement. Can you name them? No. Don't any sense to come out of me today. Can you name them? No. Don't expect

That's why I'm reading. "For long-term happiness, don't get divorced or fired. Forget the old adage, researchers say, when it comes to the old adage, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never lost at all. A Michigan State - they had nobody specifically looked at the impact of big life changes like marriage Marriage buoys the spirits for only changes like marriage and divorce.

about two years, after which the cup sl no happier than they were single. Divorce could plunge you emotionally into the dumps. Not so much that marriage makes you happy, but that happy people are more likely to get married." So are no happy divorce people out likely to get married." So there

there? I bet there are. I don't know. Let us know. This day is the 72nd day of 2007. There are 293 days left in the year. Stop it. 72nd day of 2007. There are only

I don't know why I want it to go so quickly. Why are you wishing away your life? I don't know. You shouldn't wish your life away. I'm not, I'm not. If you're looking forward to tomorrow, in the next day and the next day, you're not living and enjoying today. You're very fill sfical after all that wine, aren't you? 1781 - how's this? I didn't drink as much as some. Sir William Hershel discovered the planet your anus, named after the Greek god of the sky, the Greek word for 'heaven'. In this day in 1930... Bono was born. Oh, not in 1930. It was announced... Go on, educate me. I'm going to go! It was announced that the planet butte plueto had been discovered by scientist Clyde Tom Bour. It's now a dwarf planet. On the same day, though, two planets. It's got a haphazard orbit. Not regarded as a planet now. Is that why? And it's small and insignificant? It wasn't 'haphazard', but a word like 150 years later, on the same day. 'haphazard', but a word like that.

Isn't that amazing? Maybe that particular time of the year, planets are aligned? Or... maybe... particular time of the year, the

during a particular time year, there's less during a particular time of the

sky? And it's easier to see them. year, there's less cloud in the

No, that makes sense. Doesn't Also this morning: You missed one. No, that makes sense. Doesn't it?

Look, I'm over it now. An assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler failed. True. I to be here today, do I? What? I Hitler failed. True. I don't need

don't need to be here today. No. You told me you were coming in tomorrow. Yeah. Don't let me interrupt you though. in a cook off as Anthony Telford becomes embroiled between a couple of French chefs as they prepare scampi, to as langoustine, which the French would probably refer they were Irish French, unless, of course, then it'd be the Dublin Bay prawn the Norway lobster. or Norwegian French who'd call it Isn't it just a yaby? Or if kim, it's Isn't it just a yaby? Or if you're

little flippers have propelled it But before we realise that it's meet it's untimely end here with us, through vast international waters to this morning? Kim, what's on the front page with Japan later today. John Howard will sign a security pact The historic agreement closest defence ally after the US. making the former enemy Australia's More than 60 years have passed attempted to invade Australia since Japanese troops it's time to look to the future. and John Howard says Japan's current constitution. Given the sensitivities flowing from From former foe to defence ally, in Tokyo this evening the landmark agreement will be signed alongside Australians allowing Japanese forces to train and peace-keeping operations. for disaster relief is aimed at containing China. Both countries deny the declaration The PM discussing the issue foreign minister. in a meeting with the Japanese to become a full blown treaty. Mr Howard keen for the pact I think it's pretty sensible. I don't know. of women forced into prostitution The PM also vowing to raise the issue during World War II. for Japanese soldiers Kate Donnison, Ten News. A billionaire mining magnate Australia's three cyclone deaths. has taken the wrap for two of Western failed to evacuate workers Investigations revealing his company despite being given 17 hours notice. down the hatches As Port Hedland residents battered in the face Cyclone Jacob, preparing for a legal storm. mining boss Andrew Forrest was also I am deeply shaken by this tragedy. I don't know how else to state it. who was crushed to death in Cyclone George, are threatening court action against Fortescue Metals Group after its billionaire boss took full responsibility. She was one of two people killed at the company's camp site near Port Hedland. To me, this isn't a safe working environment 'cause we don't have a mother anymore. The AWU also says it has proof the camp site's huts weren't properly secured for a Category Four storm. lapped up a visit from the Premier. Mr Carpenter! Yeah? Alan, how are ya? Good thanks. Don't let me unplug anything. Nah, not unless you wanna plug a beer in somewhere. Relief shared across the region as Cyclone Jacob passed without the ferocity many had been expecting. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Yes, Kath. Two key institutional investors are digging in their heels refusing to accept the $5.45 a share bid. UBS Global Asset Management and Balanced Asset Management, which collectively hold 9% of shares, say that bid undervalues the carrier and have once again demanded more money. Airline Partners Australia has ruled out sweetening the offer despite speculation to the contrary. Meantime, the latest AC Nielsen poll has found 56% of Australians surveyed disapprove of the Government's decision last week not to block the $11 billion takeover. Qantas is facing a union-backed sexual discrimination claim. Six women women will allege in the human rights and equal opportunity commission the company reneged on a four-day working week on their return from maternity leave. I think it's very embarrassing for the company that they couldn't have sorted this out. The women, all long-term employees, don't want to be identified for fear their predicament could get worse. Consumers have been warned to expect a massive jump in the price of milk and other dairy products over the next 12 months. The industry claims the drought is too blame. Another victim of the never-ending drought - milk production has dropped over 10% in the last year, leaving us in the grips of a national shortage. Around 50% of Australia's milk is exported as dairy products. The domestic market gets the rest. Strong international demand combined with low supplies is tipped to push world prices up between 20%-50% over the next few months. We have seen about a 1% reduction in milk in the European Union exporter production hasn't been growing that strongly. It's not just our trade partners who will have to pay more. Australian families also set to feel the squeeze with local milk prices forecast to rise by almost 35 cents a litre in the next 12 months. There's no relief expected until 2009. We're expecting milk production to be down about another 3% to 8.8 billion litres next year. Amelia Charlton, Ten News. More on those stories in the Morning News Those hoping that Sylvester Stallone would come back into the country for his court case - very disappointed today. He's been excused, aparently, for attending a Sydney court over charged to deal with a -- importation of alleged substances believed to be body building drugs. That's the word 'alleged' twice there. We'll make sure we say it one more time in case. in the Morning News plus a full wrap in Ten's News at 5:00. Tom Keneally refers to his father as, "a known story teller, "a maker of improbable rhymes and rather profane", who would, as a sergeant in World War Two, often borrow an officer's jacket and sneak into an officer's-only bar to create havoc with the British. War stories and war heroes. All heady stuff of legend. But what about the women and mothers who remain behind? Tom Keneally's new book explores the myth of the wartime hero and raises the issue of women being the unrecognised victims of war and Tom joins us this morning. Good morning. How are you? Good, thank you. Very well, thanks. It's a bold man who decides to write as a woman. Oh, yes, I've done it before, and I think it's the great challenge - I wouldn't have been able to do it if I hadn't been whipped into shape for 40 years by my wife. (Laughs) So I got to know how women think. I wouldn't have been able to do it if I had not had daughters, because I tended to grow up in a males' camp, a men's camp, to use that Aboriginal term. But I've found myself fascinated with women's business and, in a way, I have been, since childhood, because during World War II, when during World War II, when my father was away for three years, I lived amongst women. Amongst soldiers' women, amongst women whose husbands were away on manpower - they'd been sent to work somewhere. It was sent to work somewhere. It was a woman's community. You know, there are pictures of Sydney, where I come from, and probably of Melbourne, during World War Melbourne, during World War II - and the streets are full, predominantly, of women - predominantly, of women - there's so many men away. The so many men away. The fascinating thing about this book is, throughout it, I kept wanting to throughout it, I kept wanting to go on the fold boats. I kept wanting to be in the harbour of Singapore. Then towards the end, I realised that that would have denied the greater heartache, which is right at the point of this story. It's an extraordinary heartache, and a never-ending heartache, it seems, that these women have to endure. There's a story this morning There's a story this morning which you fella just ran about the women who were misused by the Japanese militarists in World War II. That's not the fault of the Japanese of today, although I think the Prime Minister of Japan could be more forthcoming , but things that were done in 1945 are still reverberating for the people to whom they happened. And what happens to Grace, the central kaerbgt in this book who is 25, kaerbgt in this book who is 25, -- central character in this book central character in this book who is 25, is her husband is beheaded is 25, is her husband is beheaded a year before the war. And she year before the war. And she spends the rest of her life, to about the year 2000, adjusting to that - hearing different versions of hearing different versions of it. It's just extraordinarily... sad and ongoing, isn't it? She doesn't want to hear these stories, necessarily. They just keep coming her way. She's also isolated too, isn't she, in a sense? Perhaps that was more indicative of the times than anything necessarily he than anything necessarily he did wrong. When the... absolutely. He was a patriot. The young man, Leo - he was a hero. Gorgeous. Or was he was a hero. Gorgeous. Or was he a victim? You see, I remember the blokes coming back at the end of -- end of World War II, and they were supposed to take up where they left off with their wives and kids, put on a suit, go to work the next day, and it was all supposed to be a domestic ideal. But many of them brought too much luggage home brought too much luggage home with them - too much them - too much psychological luggage. And many of them found it very difficult to settle in very difficult to settle in again. And the widows were on their own - suddenly, the brave new world was starting in 1945, the dead - how bitter must have been victory over Japan day in 1995 for women like Grace, whose husband had been executed a month before. The book raises the whole issue about men and their pursuit of... glory is perhaps not the right word. perhaps not the right word. They want to be heroes, don't they? I think 'glory' is the right word. It's more important to them in this situation to pursue glory than is their family or their wife or their marriage, or love. It's quite selfish! That's the proposition that I find fascinating - that, for example, I knew a woman example, I knew a woman whose husband was wealthy and bought a British soccer team. And she British soccer team. And she said "While a man -- why will a man give up, neglect his marriage, for the sake of being called 'mate' by a dumb centre-forward?"? And it's a good question. Why will men say "I love you deathlessly, darling, but first I've got to go off with Bluey and make sure he's OK"? It was important not to expose those flaws, though. I found it interesting though. I found it interesting in the book that it was accepted secret men's business, and secret men's business, and the women were tonight ask or pry or women were tonight ask or pry or to question. That's right. They were encouraged not to pry. And of course, we were in danger of invasion. So it was definitely invasion. So it was definitely as far as the far as the whole Australian was concerned, accept the most dedicate -- except the most dedicated pacifist, it was the just war pacifist, it was the just war of all just wars. And so it was all just wars. And so it was hard for a woman to say "Darling I wish you'd pull out of that coming secret operation, because I think your boss is a nutter." Which is the case in this book! There seem to be so many nutters as bosses. Historically, too. The more I read about Australia's involvement in wars in general, they seem to wars in general, they seem to be... done in by... dubious bosses, don't they? Yes - at Gallipoli, in Singapore, General Percival was very weak and very unprofessional, I'd say. Well, it's easy behindset to say that. There are questions about blaming, McArthur, definitely, weren't there? Of course, the interesting thing that Grace finds outidary her husband is a certified hero, but he is he a victim? American intelligence knew these men were in trouble and, for a variety of reasons, val skpud invalid, they didn't do anything. Show sew there was not only a Show sew there was not only a fight between the Australians, British and Japanese, but a fight and Japanese, but a fight between the Australians and the Americans going going on within the secret operations community. You were saying earlier that you kept wanting to be back in the long boats. I kept wanting to be bab in Australia to see how Grace was coping. It was interesting, that different perspective from different perspective from reading it. There must have been the temptation to go in the long boats with the story. There must have been the temptation to go further into the harbour. Yes. But the more the book unfolds, the more you realise your decision to follow - to realise what happened. She becomes a tragic figure, doesn't she?, To an extent. And she emerges intact at the end. But she's in her 80s by then. And she's had to deal for such a long time. To what extent is it historically accurate? Well, it's based on two heroic raids. At the Maritime Museum in Sydney, there's a little Japanese fishing boat called 'TheKrite' on display. And these fellas display. And these fellas on whom this novel was based, sailed this novel was based, sailed the Krite in 1943 from Sydney, near Pittwater where I I live, to Singapore. The following year, Singapore. The following year, they came back the tinking they could do it even better and bigger with better equipment. It and it was a catastrophe, and they were all kill skpwhrd. I'm wondering, who skpwhrd. I'm wondering, who then - your experiences with your mum your experiences with your mum that you base the character Grace on? you base the character Grace on? Or

is it a mixture? It's base odan slightly younger woman - a woman about four years younger. And of course my old man came home. And she had to deal with him for the next - he didn't die till he was 92. She had to deal will with him! She had to deal will with him! And he was a character, but he was... he was a character, but he was... I remember saying to him, those - I said "You're entitled to Meals on Wheels" - there this stuff as a veteran which he never used. And you'd organised his intite alments - nurses to come in and help him out and so on. You'd say "How's that women that comes in going?" And he said, "Oh, I bloody sacked her. She was no bloody good." So they were a tough generation, but yeah, it's based on women of that period who did get the telegram, and all they had was an ice chest ... Of memories. And no in-house phone. If they wanted to phone. If they wanted to contact the Department of Defence, they had to take tuppence down to the corner and there was no current-affair and there was no current-affair to write to and say "I'm being dudded, they're not telling me the full truth." Tom, we have to go. Lovely to talk to you. One last question - do you ever ponder what it is about your writing that wins you so many awards? Oh, I don't think I win enough, actually! And I don't think Spielberg has made enough of them! He's made one miserable book. He's made one miserable book. He could make them all!! Surely there are a few more in there! You've won a couple of Miles Franklins, a Booker. And a recent one today. Yes. Are you aware why? Why is it that you bring to a novel or a book that makes it so good? I am makes it so good? I am not conscious of it. It's like... you know how you interview footballers after a game and you send them down, do something madge -- you've seen them do something madge, and they can't splaen themselves how it happened, and they're quite incosheerpbt and they're mumbling, and yet what they did on and yet what they did on the paddock was full of grace and magic. And you can't recapture why you've got a gift for something. But got a gift for something. But I would just say thank God I'm good at this, because I can't change fuses, I would make a rotten automechanic, and I'm hopeless at nearly everything else! They say everyone is good at something. Yes. So urgood at lots of things. I'm still searching! Lovely to meet you, Tom. Thank you very When we come back we'll meet a woman whose office corners, like it's on rails. Race car driver Leanne Tander is next. Stay with us. Motor racing is one of the few sports where men and women compete directly against each other on a level playing field. You see it's not about brute strength, it's a physical sport that requires stamina, sharp focus and even sharper reflexes. And taking on the men once again at this year's Grand Prix will be Leanne Tander whom I'm sure wishes the race was on Wednesday. Good morning. Hi. What's with Wednesday? It actually stems from a long time ago. I used to be a gymnast. Towards the end of that, when I was sick of it, Wednesday was the only day I didn't train. So that actually was my favourite day. Now, Wednesday is sort of like my weekend - it's the day before we head off to the race track in the truck and all that. It's sort of my chill-out You've got a background of gymnastics, which means you're flexable and strong - you've got good core strength. How important is all of that as a background to motor racing? It's very important. It really helps to get you started when you're younger, because boys, I guess, are naturally stronger, so it has given me a really good foundation. It means that I'd still have to work hard on my fitness have to work hard on my fitness and strength, but it's sort of already there - it's not as hard for me to get. And even though people get. And even though people think that racing is not all about strength, which it's not - you have to have a sharp mind. You can't get tired, otherwise your mistake tired, otherwise your mistake could cost you a whole car in the wall. Given that women are so coning and aggressive, how come there aren't

more of them in motor sport? I'm not sure. I think it starts when you're younger - girls aren't as interest in cars and motor sport. When they start, there's fewer When they start, there's fewer of them than guys. When you get to the top levels, the ones that have dropped out means there's only a handful left. We spoke to you handful left. We spoke to you last year and found out you were racing Formula 3, which for people who doesn't know what that's like, it's kind of like littlefirmen withs. And And they fly! -- Formula 1s. We get up to 250km/h on Phillip Island, and go flat out into braking, and it goes 2Gs around the corners. They're amazing cars - they're fantastic. This is the bleeding ground for formula 1 drivers, isn't it? Absolutely. A vast majority of the drivers in this year's the drivers in this year's Grand Prix would have competed in the Formula 3. You're racing at the Grand Prix this year in the Formula 3. Will there be Formula One scouts there looking for potential drivers? I doubt it, purely because I think they get most of their drivers from the European and British series. Why? Which is probably the strongest Formula 3 series in the world. It's just so competitive - you're already over in Europe, where the teams are. The kids in Australia use Australian F3 as a stepping stone to as a stepping stone to get to the British Formula 3 or European Formula 3, and hopefully meet Formula 3, and hopefully meet the right people over there. What is right people over there. What is it about Formula 3 and V8s? There is at least a very well-established V8 supersuperker championship supersuperker championship racing circuit inase Australia. Yep. And the Formulas 3s justant as popular, are they? No, it's growing. It's been in the country for a few years. Now Australia has just been a sedan-loving country and they just love the Ford-Holden rivalry. I don't think you'll ever get rid of that. It will always be that that. It will always be that way. But Formula 3 Australia are probably trying to be the next probably trying to be the next one underneath, the one where the underneath, the one where the great drivers come from for both Supercars and the international racing careers. Is it going to be a career for you? A full-time career? It is full-time for me at the moment. I did give up my job at the end of 2005 so I could focus 100% on my racing. I don't money from it, but it is money from it, but it is my full-time pursuit and, I am hoping that, in a couple of years, I can earn money from it. How codo you earn money? Sponsorship? It's extraordinarily expensive, isn't it? There's only a handful of it? There's only a handful of paid drivers in the country, and they're all in V8 Supercars. You have to go there or, if you're fortunate enough to get enough sponsors, enough to get enough sponsors, they can pay for your racing and that little bit more to keep you alive. Is that what happens to you? My husband, Garth, races in the Supercars. Basically, all sponsorship money just goes into a pool that we use for racing and living. Are you hoping to make living. Are you hoping to make a step to Formula One? Or have you accepted, really, that at 26, you're completely over the hill and you've got no chance now? Pretty much. It's a bit like that, much. It's a bit like that, isn't it? It is. And the lack of funding means - for me, it would be a couple of years before I even had the chance to look at Formula One. I'd have to go overseas to race for a year or two. I'll be 30 in a year or two. I'll be 30 in a couple of years. How depressing. And it's old for a Formula One race driver? It is. Each time you put the car on the track, it must burn up money. Yes sp. Do you get to train in your car? To try and keep costs down, we have costs down, we have testing restrictions, so we're only allowed to test eight days a year, which does help save money but it does mean that you don't have much race time. You've got to do what else you can - running and cycling and whatever. Eight days only? whatever. Eight days only? That's right, and it's spread throughout the year. How do you hone your driving skills? Nintendo or something? I've been pretty lucky something? I've been pretty lucky - I've raced three races over in New Zealand over the last year in Zealand over the last year in an open-wheeler category, which means I've been able to keep my driving skills up before this weekend. How different are the skills between open wheelers and the Supercars? Quite different. Before I get I got to Formula 3, I was in sedan-based formula. When I got the to Formula 3, I had to get out of a whole lot of bad habits of how to get a car around the corner. F3 is so around the corner. F3 is so much more precise. You can't just more precise. You can't just slide it in? No, it's a completely different vehicle. You just have to drive it that way. Very interesting. As we said, you're racing at the Grand Prix, Albert Park, this Thank you for your time this morning. We might remind people that the Grand Prix is, of course, televiz by Network Ten, televiz by Network Ten, Saturday and Sunday. Check your local guides. Thanks for joining us. Good luck. Thank Coming up - blues troubadour Eric Bibb. But after the break - Anthony Telford, two French chefs and a tiny crustacean. To celebrate sponsorship of the ING Renault F1 Team, Find out how at:

The 9am kitchen is little bare today because Anthony Telford is by the banks of Melbourne's Yarra River refereeing some Fine French Rivalry. Good morning, Telf. Good morning, guys. How are you? Very well, thank you. It looks beautiful down there. It's stunning on the Sunnybanks of the Yarra River in what we'll get the Yarra River in what we'll get a taste of - a little bit of a taste of - a little bit of a Franco food fight, which is... Do they know that? They know that. It's actually part of the Melbourne food and wine festival, which runs from March 16-30. A sensational array of program has been lined up - we'll get a taste of that this morning. We should head over and meet our French contestants, so to speak. And with me this morning on my left - we have Patrice spaet Rapalin. Good morning. He is from Coots restaurant in Kooyong. Which region are you from in France? Really close to Chamonie. An hour's drive from Geneva to Switzerland. So you're a skier? Very much so, I love it. That region is known for its cheese and fondue and particular foods like that? That's right. Fondue cheese and also, actually, we do trouts in the lake and a lot of fish which are very fine and beautiful. fine and beautiful. Stunning. Stunning. And his nemesis and Stunning. And his nemesis and arch rival for this particular event will be Gabriel Martan. Good morning, how are you? I am very impressed with your French. We one word. Are both you gentlemen involved with the Melbourne food and wine festival? Yes, we want to show to the public that French food is not only steak and fry and beef . And we're coming from a traditional region. Every area in France region. Every area in France has this specially - we want to showcase the products, of course, and what we can do. And there's a little bit reverberated between little bit reverberated between us. It should be a lot of fun. To It should be a lot of fun. To make sure we've got the best region. I understand a poor little scampi will be the victim today? That's it. It's sort of an iron-chef style cook-off. The main ingredient is this fellow here, scampi. And for any one of you that doesn't know what a scampi is, it's sort of a cross between a prawn, and I cross between a prawn, and I guess, a crayfish. A prawn and a yabby maybe? Or even a yabby, if you like. Prawns could be, - So an amazing event, the Melbourne food event, the Melbourne food and wine festival. Some of the top events - I have a passion for the world's longest lunch, because I actually cooked for one once. And it was 750 people on one long table. But this year, it's an astounding 1500 people will sit on one long people will sit on one long table on the grounds of Telstra Dome. So that's amazing. Is that a Guinness world record? I'm not sure if it's a world record as much as it's just an amazing event of great food with one very long table. In conjunction with that, there will be 3,500 more people in country Victoria from Mildura to Red Hill and 15 other towns who will also celebrate towns who will also celebrate the world's longest lunch, as well as, for the first time in ever, in conjunction with RSVP Australia program, an event in Singapore with 1500 people at a table. It's an amazing time to be in Victoria. Everywhere Everywhere you go in Melbourne, there's something to do at the there's something to do at the wine and food festival. There certainly is. One of the great ones is the wicked Sunday, which will be on March 25. You can head down March 25. You can head down to Federation Square where, between 11:00am and 7:00pm, the most decadent and overindulged people can enjoy some of the finest produce that Victoria has to offer. Patrice, why have you left the antenna on a couple of your scampi there? You've pulled the heads off some and left others? Because, you ago, personally, I like that ago, personally, I like that part of the scampi which is fantastic. Actually, I think it looks good at the same time. I thought, also for presentation. If you have just presentation. If you have just a tail and keep the head for a couple for the others, it's good presentation on the plate also. I like to eat everything. He likes what looks good. I like what tastes good. That's the difference. Yeah, sure, sure. So are you a prawn-head sucker? Certainly Patrice is. Anthony, maybe you could explain

the difference between the dishes. Other than the main ingredient, scampi, the difference from the reej wherein Gabriel is reej wherein Gabriel is from, there's a foresty, laky, and game area. What he's also using is - putting in the pan now, an putting in the pan now, an apple brandy, as well as his, to match with that, he'll be using salaryacc, which is sort of an ugly type of up toa, related to the celery family. You've got the first ones You've got the first ones out of Victoria. We recommend to Victoria. We recommend to not buy them too big. In the middle, the flesh can become very spongy. OK. So basically, a smaller sal reacis what he's asking. He's cut them into chips here. Drop in the into chips here. Drop in the water for two minutes before. This is quite hot as well. He's got glassic favours of apple brandy, walnuts and apple celery. Patrice is using a small dice of garlic, onion, tomato. And fennel. Parsley. And, yes... Pirno. You've got me now. Pirno scampi You've got me now. Pirno scampi - that's the winner, I think Come She knows it's fantastic! Look She knows it's fantastic! Look at this. Get them apart, would you, Anthony? Yours is really nice too, Gabriel. Sorry! Look at that. Fantastic. I wish Look at that. Fantastic. I wish you could smell that. Excellent. It looks good. Will you send it back in a cab so we can eat it? No, I'll be just be eating it all here, thanks, Kim. We've run out of time. Perhaps you'd give us the Perhaps you'd give us the taste test. You bet. Look at the colour of that. Look at them elbowing each other! I'm going to finish with a little bit of walnut oil. Excellent. Use your fingers, Telf. Say Say it, it's the best. The winner is, these guys here! I see. Give me a kiss. Give me Thank you so much. Gentlemen, Thank you so much. Gentlemen, thank you all. Very entertaining. Thanks, guys. Thank you very much. I could go a bit of pirno scampi right about now. Anyway, we'll be about now. Anyway, we'll be right back after this. Are you happy with your abs, your waistline and your midsection? Well, take a look at this, because Mel from Global Shop joins us and she might know how we can flatten our stomach in days and not months. Thanks, Ann-Maree! That's right, we are talking abs. Welcome to a breakthrough. It's called the Ab King Pro. Imagine this - now you can get those flat, sexy, rock-hard abs you've always dreamed of faster and easier than ever before, and today we're going to let you try it before you buy it now in your own home on a risk-free trial for 30 days. All you pay is $19.95 delivery. It's so easy to call now on: Working out with the Ab King Pro is a great way to maintain healthy, fit abs, plus regular exercise is a brilliant way to boost your energy levels. I, like you, know strong abs can be the key to reduced lower back pain, and it's certainly the ticket to a super-sexy body. 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The year should have been 1964." Oh, bless! Oh, it says '74! I shake my head ipdisbelief. What bottle is she drinking from? Let us in kpwon the secret. It actually says "What fountain is she drinking from?" "Wish every day was my day off. OI only get to watch 9am on Mondays and Tuesdays." Nice. Bet all the me read one about you. Shame. That was funny. Yfrplgts know. A I crack a funny Natarsha Belling will have the latest news headlines shortly. But after the break - you've often wondered why your cat refuses to give affection and makes that extraordinary smell and then you notice the couch ripped to smithereens by the little feline. Dr Julie Summerfield offers one last piece of advice before you do something drastic and quite possibly illegal, after this. Hello. There's been a revolution in yoghurt. New formula Yoplait has a special blend of three active cultures with...'THE FORMULA'. Yoplait has set a new benchmark ..'THE FORMULA'. Not all yoghurts have

VOICEOVER: New Yoplait You could always buy a concrete lounge suite or perhaps remove your cat's claws, one by one. Regardless, I'm sure it'll still manage to find a way to rip your Chesterfield to shreds. An understanding and humane, Dr Julie Summerfield believes there is, in fact, a way to get your maniacal moggie from obliterating the family home. Good morning, Julie. Good morning. She's not really into the spider. This is tell vision debut. Panda is a little worried. You're a little worried. You're hardly helping! Here you go, Panda. Look at that? No, it's not working. There are alternatives to concrete lounges. And declawing... People actually do that? Look, some people do. That would be awfully inhumane, wouldn't it? Look, it's not a solution to the problem. The solution to the problem. The AV aplt only agree with that if there's no other way you can deal with the problem. Who are the AVA, sorry? The Australian Veterinary Association. It's not illegal, Association. It's not illegal, but it's not something that many vets will do. It's a common problem. Cats do want to scratch the Cats do want to scratch the lounge suite. We had an emale from Ada who said she bought one of these things that is beside you, but it didn't actually work for her. It's not a matter of it not working - you've got to train the cat to use. It scratching is a very natural behaviour to cats. They have behaviour to cats. They have to do it. If they're confined inside, which a lot of cats, are they which a lot of cats, are they don't can't exhibit those normal behaviours - they would scratch trees or fences and things outside. What they're doing - we see What they're doing - we see the visual cue, but they're actually marking with scent glands marking with scent glands in between their toes. Marking their territory? They're not spraying, are they? No, urine spraying is a different territory-marking behaviour. She can have a wander. There we go. They're leaving a scent mark. We know scent is really important to dogs and cats, and their world is very much their world is very much more scent-driven. So they often, if you have a problem with cat scratching, it's usually around doorways or windows where their territory - strangers are coming in and out of the territory, and they can smell all of that. So that can be a problem. It can also indicate an anxiety problem. So that would be the first thing that I would say to Ada is that you need to make sure this cat is not really anxious. How would you necessarily know aside from the scratching? I mean, behaviour can suggest it. Is if she's not sure... Smoking. Drinking. Just having a history taken - sometimes you don't know that they're anxious. Other medications might be needed or faur moan sprays are a good one. That's are a good one. That's if it's an ian zity tae problem. ian zity tae problem. Other than that, it's a normal behaviour. They like vertical surfaces. You've got to provide them with an alternative. The trouble is that you need to get them used to, it preferably from a young age, and actually physically get their little claws into it to get them start. We're talking about this post/pole thingy. Look, you can get some really flash ones. It doesn't have to be flash. If you're handy, you can make one with a tree stump or some wood or whatever. It needs to be stable so they're not frightened of it. It needs to be high enough that an adult cat high enough that an adult cat can stretch right up to the top. So they're the things to bear in mind. Also, getting them used to using it... What's going on?! You right over there, gentlemen? They're chasing the cat. The cat has now disappeared into the back of disappeared into the back of the set. We're a little bit confused about where it is at the moment. Is Panda exhibiting stress, anxiousness? She hasn't been on TV before, and lights, cameras, lots of different people around. It is a little bit stressful. If you can't train, as a viewer has suggested, your cat onto these posts, is your cat onto these posts, is there an alternative? There. Is but finishing off on that, finishing off on that, spraying with cat-nip spray, feeding them little treats if they've got a platform like this, you can really associate positive things with using the scratch post. using the scratch post. They love cat nip, don't they? They love cat nip. You can have toys off them and all sorts of things to make it a game and get them interested. This is another toy... What's this here? That's cat nip. You're That's cat nip. You're not suggesting that they roll up a little... little feline joint there? You stick it in there. It's got holes and you can stick it in. They love to get their claws in it. It's a tex tural thing. They love to get their claws into carpets, bark, anything like that. To answer your question - if you don't have any luck with that first up, any luck with that first up, you need to redirect the behaviour. You need to cover where the... where the scratching is going on with something completely different to redirect the - and change the preference. Like tin foil or something? Yeah. And the other thing is to make where they're scratching unpleasant. Double-sided sticky tape is a fantastic one. That would be fun, too, wouldn't it? Cats don't like that plastic kind of feel under they their paws. Anything to maketop uncomfortable. Even using that remote version of squirting with a water sprayer if you catch them in the act. Anything to associate that behaviour with something unpleasant, without obviously hurting them. Sure. Is likely to change the behaviour. Yeah, but if they're kind of unaware and scratch and you give them a quick little squirt... They think "Hang on a minute, that's not very pleasant." It to does take some time. It's probably the most common behaviour problem that we see in cats. So the advice is see in cats. So the advice is in early and get them used to scratching that before the lounge. Or a water pistol! Thank you. Or a water pistol! Thank you. More of Janelle Monroe is back with a Daily Deal. Good morning, Janelle. Good morning, Marianne. Daily Deals is excited to present our powerful super filtration JetForce 2000 bagless vacuum system. The more powerful the vacuum the more dust, dirt and allergens it will pick up. JetForce has a 2,000-watt motor, making it one of the most powerful bagless vacs in the market. Have a look at this - here I'm using my old 1,600-watt vac. It look like it's having no trouble picking up things like lollies, a bit of surface dirt, even some sand. The carpet looked like it had been cleaned, but was it really? Watch what happened when we used the new 2,000-watt JetForce. Look at the large amount of sand and dust in the demonstration canister, left behind by the old vac. The powerful motor of the JetForce penetrated deeper into the carpet fibres to remove the stubborn particles within the carpet, left behind by the old lower-powered vac, so you could imagine the dust mites and allergens left deep down in that carpet. Indeed. What are some of the other features of the JetForce 2000? Well, JetForce is bagless, so you're not spreading dust and allergens in your home, and you're not wasting time constantly replacing expensive bags. To remove and clear the canister it's just the push of a button - clean and simple. It's also one of the only vacs on the market with small wheels underneath the head, allowing you to move from carpet to a smooth surface like tiles without disrupting its rhythm - and it's a lot less effort. Alright. Well, are there any other features the viewers can be aware of? Exactly. JetForce 2000 also has a durable, stainless-steel adjustable telescopic rod, handy attachments to suit all areas of the house, a power control level so you control the suction, an an extra long 2.5m hose that's completely crushless - it's longer and it's tougher than the average hose - an extra-long power chord, adjustable floor and carpet brush, rubber wheels that are built to last, a full 360-degree swivel motion for easy manoeuvring and, most importantly, a 6-to-7-stage Hepa hospital-grade filtration system that can remove up to 99.97% of allergy-causing dust, pollen, mould and bacteria. Let's have a look once more at the enormous power of this vacuum. Have you ever seen a vacuum cleaner do this before? Some companies brag about being able to lift one bowling ball with their vac. But the power of the JetForce is so strong, it had absolutely no problems picking up eight heavy bowling balls! My goodness! So Janelle, do you have a special offer, then, for the 9am viewers today? Well, Marianne, a vacuum cleaner with all this power and these features you'd think would cost you hundreds of dollars, but today we're offering 9am viewers the chance to purchase the JetForce 2000 for only $99. That's right, only $99 plus $24.95 postage and handling. This deal is not available in stores. It is exclusive to Daily Deals and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, excluding postage and handling, plus the first 100 callers to pay by credit card will also receive, absolutely free, the smart-spin Turbo Head, valued at $29.95. This high-powered spinning brush picks up stubborn dirt quickly and easily. It's fantastic if you have pets and it's a great attachment for cleaning your car. It's yours free when you pay by credit card today. Just when you thought this cannot get any better, it does. The first 100 callers paying by credit card today can purchase a second JetForce with all the accessories and the bonus mini Turbo Head plus postage and handling. So call us now or go to the website. It's just $99 plus postage and handling for the 2,000-watt JetForce and all the accessories plus the bonus mini Turbo Head for the first 100 callers to pay by credit card, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, excluding postage and handling. Don't forget, the first 100 callers to pay by credit card can also purchase a second vac for only $75 plus postage and handling. Get on the phone right now - this is a hot-selling item and it will not last long at this price - in fact, it's a red-hot-selling item. The number again is: Or go to the website. It's a great deal. Sounds like it very much, Janelle. The number once more for our viewers to call? This is a red-hot offer, it's the JetForce 2000. Thanks very much Janelle from Daily Deals. Thanks, Marianne. Coming up - your chance to win a sensational prize thanks to 9am and Pringles. It's the Pringles Everlasting Love Competition and a seven-night trip to Paris for two could be yours. More on that a little later, so stick around but after the break - Natarsha Belling is standing by in the Ten News Centre with the latest news. ENGINE ROARS EXCITING ROCK MUSIC The new Ford Falcon is available with dynamic stability control What's that squeaky bit? What What's that squeaky bit? What do you call that? How do they do that?

How does it go again? Really, I want. To.. No, no. with Natarsha Belling. Good morning 'Tarsh. How's it go again, Making news this morning - Opposition leader Kevin Rudd has warned Australia needs to be wary about signing a new security pact with Japan. John Howard will sign the landmark agreement in Tokyo tonight which could see Japanese soldiers train on Australian soil. Another story we are following this morning is the surprising new candidate considering running for US president. Yesterday, we mentioned the new trend in the campaign for the White House and that is the so called confession. Well, today actor Fred Thompson who plays district attorney Arthur Branch on the drama TVshow 'Law & Order' has confirmed he is considering running as a Republican candidate. And we're also covering the continuing mayhem in Target stores across the country as thousands of fashion fans try and grab a piece of designer gear Stella McCartney's budget range continues to sell out. Yesterday, we saw incredible scenes as shoppers swamped stores in Melbourne and Sydney, now Adelaide is releasing their range today. And also it seems thousands of Stella items are popping up on ebay. Savvy shoppers hoping to make a profit, selling to the many dissapointed shoppers who may have missed out or want more. I understand the police moved in-- one store?Ly they were called tine break up some very keen break up some very keen shoppers. They went shopping. They were after the trench coat. Speaking of clothing, Tarsh, does your come in purple? It's subtle, isn't it? Looks very nice on you too. Thank you so much, Tarsh. See you at 11:00. Have a great day. Now, we've had an email, David, we've had an email, David, from Tess. "I didn't want David to feel unloved, so I thought I'd unloved, so I thought I'd send something nice for him." Thank you, Tess. Thank you . " Um... ah.: Kim, I love the dress you wore yesterday, and the way you're always happy to is nice to see. Oh, that's right, this is about David. Mmm... ahhh... that reminds me, my baby's nappy needs changing. Have a good day. Love, Tess." That's it? From Tess? What have I done? You're just fun to tease. I'm a really nice guy. You are. He doesn't like being called 'Dave', by the way. I don't like 'Dave'. I allow you to call me Big Dave. Not a fan of Dave. I don't mind Davo. I some people call me Davo - I don't mind that. Davoid? I didn't mean that to sound... plenty more of 9am on the way. Stay with Here's a question. Are you happy with your abs, your waistline, your midsection, your whole body? Or are you secretly envious of all those celebrities with great bodies? I think I know how you can tone and flatten your stomach in days and not months. Welcome to a breakthrough. It is one of America's most popular pieces of home fitness equipment and it's now available in Australia. It's called the Total Gym. 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This amazing one piece of equipment will do almost all of the exercises you'll find in your local gym. And the great thing is, it's only going to cost you a fraction of most annual gym membership fees. Call now, or go online to our website. Your only commitment is a few minutes a day. except the kilos. But after the break - an American living in London who moved to Sweden to immerse himself in the Blues. Eric Bibb will be in. (Grunts) That's amazing. Surprisingly convenient. DRAMATIC MUSIC (Laughs maniacally) (Roars) Arrgghh! (Roars) Scores of Australian women can't be wrong. asking their favourite for salon-quality hair, wasn't a designer or even a salon brand. The winner was Pantene Pro-V. The number 1 choice of Australian women. (Woman whispers) Shine. Eric Bibb's youth was spent amongst some of the most influential New York musicians and a family steeped in the tradition of folk, gospel and jazz, but clearly young Eric was a melancholy lad for he chose to pursue the blues. He was given his first guitar at seven and by 11 years of age was receiving advice from the likes of Bob Dylan. I'm not sure what Bob taught him about the guitar but it seems he's forever indebted to the G7th capo. Good morning, Eric. How are you? Lovely to meet you. What's so special about the G7th capo? Somebody came up to me said and said "Try this out." I said "Try this out." I tried it, and it's like a 1-move capo. I use it quite a lot. So it quite a lot. So you're forgetting, music novice here. Capo - it's a clamp, basically, that goes on the neck of a guitar so that you can actually change the length of the neck. You can play the same chord but move it up the same chord but move it up or down the capo. If I've worked out a song in a certain key and it's a good good atar part but I decided I want to sing ito higher or lower, want to sing ito higher or lower, I just have to shift the capo. So it puts it in the band of G7? No, that's just a brand name. Does it clamp down a G7 chord, I thought? What's its correct name? Copyduster. Italian? Yes. Like everything. What's what was it like growing up in New York during that amaze time? It must beivist -- must have been an extraordinarily inspirational time. It was. It was. I'm privileged that I grew up in a family of musicians who family of musicians who were associated with some of the legends of both folk music and jazz. My uncle was a famous musician, John Lewis, from the Modern Jazz Quartet. My Dad introduced me to people like Pete Seger, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie. Very folky. Yeah. Well, this was the New York folk-city revival era, you know? This revival era, you know? This is where folk music came back with a vengeance. You could -- vengeance, you could say, and became a real marketable commodity. My Dad was on TV a lot. Some people weren't on TV a lot. That's another story. But I had a chance to meet some real heavyweights in the whole folk-music world. Why did you move to Europe? How did you find yourself to be in Paris? Well, I was there as a youngster - my parents took me and 23 my two sisters on a trip to Europe when I was 12. So I spent my 13th birthday in Kiev. On the way back, after having been in France and Italy for a good part of the summer, we were in the Soviet Union for a 30-day tour. Back then? Yeah, back then. My Dad was a guest of the Soviet state, the ministry of culture wanted him to perform. Wow! wanted him to perform. Wow! Quite an eye-opening trip for a 13-year-old. Especially then. 13-year-old. Especially then. In the mid-60s, yeah. That was great. On the way back, we stayed On the way back, we stayed in Sweden. But Paris, because I wanted to see the world again as a to see the world again as a young adult on my own terms. I wanted to do that starving -artist-in-Paris trip. I've never heard the term before - new-world blues. Is that where that came about oh is that later? That's a kind of, not inaccurate label that kind of describes what I'm doing. There's blues in the mix for sure, big time, but it's also been influenced by but it's also been influenced by a lot of world-music sounds that I've been inspired by through the year. I call myself a bluesy troupedore. In order to do the blues justice, shouldn't you have picked cotton? Shouldn't you have sold your soul at the crossroads? Well, that's a bit of a misconception. To me, bit of a misconception. To me, the blues goes way back, and of course it's associated with share cropping and a lot of my heroes were, you know, people who picked copper know, people who picked copper for a living, before they were able to be successful as musicians. But it's a beautiful language that has gone on and been carried on for decades. And I think you don't really need to pretend to really need to pretend to be something you're not. It's an honest language. You just need honest language. You just need to be yourself and it's an honest language. Does it surprise you that - modern blues music is still really, really rootsy, isn't it? Does it surprise you that it's retained its heritage to such an extent, perhaps more than any other genre of music? Very good question. I think it's a testament to that honesty, that beautiful, earthy place that the blues comes from that it's survived an era of hypertechnology. We want hypertechnology. We want something that's connected to our roots, to the earth to the land. You know, we've been highly technological for a short period of time, but we've been farming, as a group of been farming, as a group of people - all of us - for a long, long time. And we need that connection, you know? So is that kind of connection, I presume, handed down three through families. What, then, was it like doing an album with your Dad? Great. I've done two Dad? Great. I've done two albums with my Dad to date. He was my introduction to this wonderful world of music that I inhabit. I think I know his voice better than anybody else, because I've grown up with it and loved it. It was with it and loved it. It was just a beautiful bonding experience, you know? Eric, it's lovely to meet you. As I said, Eric's latest CD is called - it's a beauty, called 'Diamond Days'. As Eric gets set to play us a Danny Thompson will join Right here, right now, Right here, right now, with 'DestAny Blues' from the 'Diamond Days' CD, Eric Bibb, accompanied Days' CD, Eric Bibb, accompanied by Danny # 5:00 in the morning # Baby, I # Without a warning # Blues took my soul so deep # Sometimes, baby, by destiny -- my destiny feels like such a mystery to me # Sitting here thinking # Can't tell you what about # Wish I could speak my mind # But the words won't # But the words won't come out # It's like the kitchen is full of food # Still I'm hungry all the time # I know God's on my side # So I'm waiting for another sign # Sometimes, baby, my destiny # Feels like such a mystery to # My soul craves the water # But my heart # But my heart wants wine # Standing at # Standing at the crossroads # Wondering which way is # Oh, life is winding

# You can't see around the bend # And when the blues takes you # And when the blues takes you down # Feels like a dead end # Just like a dead end # Dreamed I was walking down Broadway # Could have been # Could have been Fanning Street # Lead belly's voice in my head # Feet skimming to his beat # Now there was a # Now there was a man # Who had a story # Who had a story to tell # Oh, yeah # Bringing us pure water # From deep down in the # From deep down in the well # Deep down # Sometimes, baby # My destiny # Feels like such a mystery to me

Good morning. PM John Howard will sign a landmark security pact with Japan today which would allow the former enemy to train on Australian soil. Customs charges against actor Sylvester Stallone will be heard in a Sydney court today. Hundreds of million-dollar homes are under threat from wildfire roaring through parts of southern California. And the clever cat who found his way home after a 900km journey. Details at 11:00. (Grunts) Excuse me, sir. Is that legal? Yes, it is. That's amazing. Surprisingly convenient. Miles says "That last email was a bit unfair." We couldn't find something nice to say about David. So we've got a few. You didn't have to! That one says something nice about me too. Megan. Megan says "I just wanted to let you know how much of a fan I am of David's. I really believe he's the best male personality on daytime television. She's" she's on maternity leave and says between changing nappies, cheening, washing, and all the other daily hobbies, she looks forward to watching our show. "Not only are you smart, but she finds herself agreeing with you on most things." Clearly smart herself. And, she says, "You're not bad-looking, either, for a good bloke. Anyway, Kim, I think you're quite pretty." You made that up! I de did not! See? It says nothing. His and her bedrooms. "Master bedrooms on bedrooms. "Master bedrooms on the way out. These days sthrai, two. US house builders say it's nothing to do with marital problems and everything to do with a night's sleep." Ear plug. It's not something people like to talk about - they fear people will think there's something wrong with the marriage. What do you reckon? marriage. What do you reckon? I couldn't bear to be in a different bed to my husband. Even bed to my husband. Even though he snores and I have to wear ear plugs. What about you? You couldn't What about you? You couldn't bear to be away efrom Carina?... no. I rescue you from so much trouble at home. There were those times when, perhaps, you know, you might get a better night's sleep, you know, if someone is not well, perhaps. OK. Here we go with your chance spend seven nights in the city of love thanks to 9am and Pringles. Get your teeth into this prize. 9am, together with Pringles, have created a chance to fall in love with that first bite all over again. With the relaunch of one of the world's favourite snacks, world's favourite snacks, we're giving you the chance to giving you the chance to spend seven romantic nights in unforgettable Paris. You and your special someone can experience ever-lasting love in the city that was created to take your breath away. You will also have $2