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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - biggest psychiatric hospital. security under review at Melbourne's on the 'Oceanic Viking'. Decision time for Australia against domestic violence. And Rihanna speaks out Early News with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's Good morning. has ordered an inquiry into security Victoria's Mental Health Minister

psychiatric facilities at one of Melbourne's biggest after two patients were murdered. the Thomas Embling Hospital A fellow inmate at spent the night behind bars the gruesome crime. accused of committing Peko Lakovski is on suicide watch with two counts of murder. after being charged of a frenzied stabbing attack The 49-year-old is accused Thomas Embling Psychiatric Hospital inside Melbourne's on Wednesday night, and the patient next door. killing his room-mate on his bed Found the offender sitting still in possession of his knife he's changed his clothes. and it appears He'd cleaned the knife. when police arrived. The two victims were dead an argument with Raymond Splatt It's thought Lakovski had minutes before he attacked him. were considered quite friendly. The room-mate and the offender and leave and go fishing together. They would often go out on day pass ordered an immediate inquiry. Victoria's Mental Health Minister and his two victims The alleged attacker security wing, were living in the lowest with murder. despite previously being charged of 16 years in 2002. Lakovski killed his wife in a house fire in 2005. Paul Notas murdered his mother his mother in the 1980s. And Raymond Splatt also killed Now clearly in this case something has gone wrong. there has been at Thomas Embling has been cancelled The day-leave program until the investigation is complete. admits the leave assessment process Victoria's chief psychiatrist is not a perfect science. step-wise process It's a very gradual before independent living. to be interviewed by police today. Lakovski is expected the 'Oceanic Viking' Sri Lankan asylum seekers onboard offer of resettlement in Australia, have rejected a Federal Government or another country within a year. The Government made the offer a 3-week standoff. in the hope of ending

thrown off the Customs vessel But in a handwritten letter, to go back to Indonesia. asylum seekers refused to throw themselves overboard They're still threatening

if they are forced off the boat. to remain in Indonesian waters A deadline for the 'Oceanic Viking' expires today. for another extension. Australia has asked says Australia Reserve Bank boss Glenn Stevens back to prosperity is well and truly on the road will still be hard. but warned the recovery to the Melbourne Institute, In a speech Rudd Government's stimulus package he again applauded the from the global recession quicker and said Australia has emerged than other nations. and in better shape tough lessons need to be learned. But the RBA Governor says will inevitably occur, Even though downturns to do anything about their severity. we're not helpless We can make a difference. withholding land He warned State Governments will slow the economic recovery will continue to grow. and predicted the mining boom Tim Johnston Disgraced Firepower boss to surrender his passport has until midday or he could face jail. been ordered to stay in Australia The globetrotting businessman has the multimillion-dollar collapse while ASIC investigates of his fuel-additive company. It's quite devastating when you hear their life savings into Firepower. there are people who literally put Johnston moved to London last year

this week but has returned to the Gold Coast and was ordered to stay put. in case he tries to flee. Airports have been warned, has been extensively damaged A Gold Coast home by lightning last night. after being struck The force of the impact

the side of the house blew the power box off and caused the ceiling to cave in. had to be carried to safety. Three terrified residents they're not injured themselves The people inside are very lucky and, yeah, the huge shock the lightening hitting the house of obviously, would have been massive. will be on site this morning Structural engineers to check for major damage. in coming weeks, Qantas planes could be grounded

consider strike action. as professional engineers of failed negotiations After seven months over pay and conditions, in favour of industrial action. workers have voted are the only ones Professional engineers aircraft maintenance who can approve significant would cause huge flight disruptions. and any strike in Sydney and Melbourne today Members of the union will meet to decide how to proceed. to Fiji has left Suva. New Zealand's envoy left their official residence Todd Cleaver and his family and will return to Auckland. in the capital Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama At the same time,

in Fiji. is consolidating military rule a former army leader, One of his close allies, as the country's new president. has been sworn in Professor Brij Lal Expelled academic

last night, arrived back in Australia by Fiji officials. saying he'd been verbally abused more than half its staff The United Nations is pulling out from Afghanistan, in a pre-dawn attack last week. after several workers were killed authorities have stepped up the hunt Meanwhile,

for the Taliban gunman five British soldiers. responsible for shooting dead From the Grenadier Guard - Sergeant Major Darren Chant, Sergeant Matthew Telford, Guardsman Jimmy Major, From the military police - Corporal Nicholas Webster-Smith and Acting Corporal Steven Boote. they were trying to help - Murdered and betrayed by a man a trainee Afghan policeman. A man-hunt is underway for the gunmen, known as Gulbuddin. But this assassin could already be safe. The Taliban reportedly claiming he's back with them. (GUNFIRE) Armed Taliban attacks are becoming more common in Afghanistan. Last week in the relative safety of Kabul, five United Nations workers were killed in a dorm raid. Today the UN is withdrawing 600 foreign staff from the capital. That's half its workforce. We are simply doing what we have to do following the tragic event last week. To look after our workers in a difficult moment while ensuring that our operations in Afghanistan can continue. Rags Martel reporting. US singer Rihanna has broken her 9-month silence after being bashed by her former boyfriend Chris Brown. The 21-year-old says at first she felt ashamed

and regrets her decision to take Brown back. That's embarrassing - that that's the type of person I fell in love with.

She also had some tough words for other young women experiencing domestic violence. Don't react out of love. F love. Come out of the situation and look at it third-person for what it really is and then make your decision. Rihanna's interview coincides with the release of her new album.

Now for your first look at Friday's weather: Brisbane can expect showers today and right through the weekend. A shower or two for Sydney. Fine and sunny for Melbourne. Canberra will be partly cloudy. Fine in Hobart and Adelaide. Some late showers for Darwin. A brief shower in Perth. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - John Mayer performs live. But next on Seven Early News - new standards for Australian cab drivers. And, inmates come to the rescue of a US prison guard. Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Early News. Cab drivers will have to pass an English test before they can get work anywhere in Australia.

New national standards will be approved today, also requiring cabbies to demonstrate a good knowledge of local roads and landmarks in their State. The tough standards are already in place in Victoria,

but many taxi drivers have been taking easier tests in other States. Questions are being asked in the US state of Ohio about how police could have missed the warning signs that a serial killer was on the loose. Residents had reported a foul stench coming from this street for years. The bodies of 11 women have now been found. Knowing that my office actually called the health department in 2007 to say that one of my residents called in and said, "There is a foul odour across the street

"and it smells like a dead body." it makes you angry.

Suspect Anthony Sowell has been charged with rape and murder. One victim has been identified as a 53-year-old drug addict who disappeared a year ago. In Florida, a prison guard has been attacked by an inmate then saved by other inmates who came to his rescue. The video shows one prisoner using the guard's radio to call for help. It took several minutes before other guards responded and led the attacker away. Victorian Premier John Brumby has reignited a national debate on which State has Australia's most liveable city. He says new research shows Melbourne wins hands down. Whether it's entertainment, romance, fine food or all kinds of sport, John Brumby reckons it's a one-horse race. Melbourne is the liveability capital of Australia by a long, long way. A long way off the mark according to other premiers. Sydney wins hands down, I don't think that there's much doubt about that in the minds of Sydneysiders. I suppose if you're into smog and traffic jams, then Melbourne's probably your place. But our Premier is revved up about the national survey of 1,200 people which he says shows why Australians are coming to Melbourne in droves. Well, any number of international surveys have demonstrated the reverse. It's not to say that the others are bad but it is to say that Melbourne's got that edge. An edge in romance that makes other cities jealous. Not without a bridge, it doesn't. (LAUGHS) Mr Brumby says it's not just a question of pride. There's a lot of money at stake. Liveability is now a major driving competitive force in the success of cities. Melbourne versus Sydney rivalry's been a feature of Australia for more than 100 years, obviously. And will probably continue for another 100 years. Your first finance this Early News -

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Nelson's interview with Colin Firth. But next on Seven Early News - Robbie Deans revamps the Wallabies line-up

ahead of this weekend's Test against England. And all the thrilling action from an epic one-dayer between Australia and India. The stories we're following on the Early News - Victoria's Mental Health Minister has ordered an inquiry into security at one of Melbourne's biggest psychiatric facilities after two patients were murdered. Sri Lankan asylum seekers onboard the 'Oceanic Viking' have rejected a Federal Government offer of resettlement in Australia

or another country within a year. The Government made the offer in the hope of ending a 3-week standoff. And US Singer Rihanna has broken her 9-month silence after being bashed by her former boyfriend Chris Brown. The 21-year-old says at first she felt ashamed and regrets her decision to take Brown back. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Australia has won the fifth one-dayer against India in Hyderabad. despite one of the all-time great one-day innings from Sachin Tendulkar. The 'Little Master' blazed 175 to put India within sight of Australia's mammoth total of 4/350, but the visitors steadied to pull off an amazing victory. A crippling injury toll had Australia's backs against the wall so they came out swinging. COMMENTATOR: That's gone a long way. Shane Watson feasted on wayward Indian bowling scorching to a half century. Have a look at that for power. Shaun Marsh was starting to find his feet but Watson surrendered on 93 ending a 145-run opening stand. The skipper had no intention of slowing the run-rate

and by now, Marsh was ready to explode. Straight and very long. Ponting departed for a brisk 45 but there was no stopping the West Australian. That's his hundred. Over the moon he is. When Marsh eventually fell for 112, Cameron White morphed into India's worst nightmare. That was the big shot. The Victorian hammered 57 off 33 balls as the Aussies amassed a mammoth 4/350. Who could answer the call for India? Virender Sehwag looked ominous but fizzled out after a quickfire 38. And while Gautam Gambhir gave debutante Clint McKay a moment to savour... McKay has taken his first international wicket.

India can't be counted out while Sachin Tendulkar's at the crease. Terrific hitting from the little master. McKay combined with Adam Voges to get rid of Dhoni but Tendulkar was on another planet, adding another ton to his prolific record. 45 hundreds in one-day internationals. The Little Master powered past 150

but faltered with the finishing line in sight falling to McKay for 175. And taken. Tendulkar's dismissal was the catalyst for an Indian implosion. The home side lost 4 wickets in the space of 16 balls. to hand Australia a stunning 3-run victory. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has taken a massive gamble on untried centre pairing Digby Ioane and Quade Cooper

for this weekend's Test against England at Twickenham. Cooper played his way into a Test jersey with a spectacular performance in the mid-week tour match against Gloucester scoring a try and setting up four others. Winger Drew Mitchell also earned a recall after crossing for two tries in the same game.

Deans has made five positional changes to the side

that lost to the All Blacks last week and has recalled veteran flanker George Smith to starting side. Bart Cummings will be chasing his fourth Group One win

of the Spring Carnival in tomorrow's Emirates Stakes at Flemington. Cummings will saddle up Cox Plate winner So You Think and the 3-year-old is set to start a dominant favourite in the race. The training legend did it again yesterday with filly Faint Perfume taking out the VRC Oaks.

Faint Perfume got to Valdemoro at the 100m mark, and Faint Perfume - Bart's done it - Faint Perfume! She's a very good staying filly, only about 15 hands, but she's got a big heart and she stays very well. It's the ninth time Cummings has won the race. Reigning world road race champion Cadel Evans will go head-to-head with Lance Armstrong next year's Tour Down Under. Evans' new outfit Team BMC has been granted a wildcard into the January event. But he's not assured of a start in the Tour de France with his team yet to be issued an invitation. I will be

I will be surprised if we don't make it. I really believe in our ability

to s as a team to prove ourselves to

get there but once there is one step

back and two steps forward. Evans is back in the country to promote his new book. That's all for now, I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at Friday's weather forecast. 'Sunrise' is up soon. Nat, there's a call for shark nets to be removed from our beaches because they're taking a heavy toll on marine life. Is there a better way to manage the risk for swimmers?

This morning we'll hear from both sides of the issue. Also ahead, it's Mel's dream to drive a big rig. She got the chance, but how did she do? And could she lead a convoy? Not to be outdone, Kochie hits the road for a hot lap in a V8. He gets to christen a brand-new track.

Plus, two of the biggest sex symbols - John Mayer performs his new song live in the studio And actor Colin Firth talks to Nelson. But there was one thing he wouldn't discuss. It doesn't matter, we still love him.

See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country - Heavy showers and storms will develop over north-east NSW today from an upper trough. Temperatures will heat up across the interior with north-easterly winds. A trough will continue to bring unsettled weather to Western Australia. Around the capitals - Brisbane can expect showers today and right through the weekend. A shower or two for Sydney.

Fine and sunny for Melbourne. Canberra will be partly cloudy. Fine in Hobart and Adelaide. Some late showers for Darwin. A brief shower in Perth. And that's Seven Early News for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for 'Sunrise'.

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