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Tonight - the death of Kerry Packer. at his Bellevue Hill home. Australia's richest man passes away He was a larger-than-life character. He was a great Australian. on the magnate's turbulent journey. Friends and rivals reflect at his TV stations. Flags at half-mast The nation paying its respects.

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods

the end of a remarkable life. But first, the nation's richest man, Kerry Packer, in his eastern suburbs mansion. passing away peacefully overnight television, publishing and sport The man who revolutionised while amassing a $7 billion fortune had cheated death many times before. on Christmas Day, But after reportedly falling ill James and Gretel by his side. he died with wife Ros and children

battled major health problems. For almost a decade, Kerry Packer overnight when he died in his sleep. That fight ending peacefully and daughter Gretel saying today: His wife, Ros, son James Nine television network The business tycoon's passing on the solemn news. and her children, James and Gretel, Mrs Kerry Packer last evening sadly report the passing Kerry. of her husband and their father, with his family at his bedside. He died peacefully at home had diced with death several times In recent years, Kerry Packer and a kidney transplant. after a heart attack, two bypasses God help anyone who gets mine. I've marked it on my licence - LAUGHTER he wasn't afraid of the afterlife And he let it be known there was one. because he didn't think or the bad news? Do you want the good news RAY MARTIN: Give us the good news.

The good news is there's no devil. The bad news is there's no heaven. residents of the exclusive street. The 68-year-old's death shocking I'll always remember him and things in the ambulances for putting defibrillators thing to do. and I think that was an amazing

to the house today - There were few visitors another neighbour with flowers

plans for a memorial service. and a funeral director to discuss was a larger-than-life figure, To his many admirers, Kerry Packer as tough as he was smart. from across the nation and overseas. Tributes to him flowing

at the MCG There was a minute's silence in the second Test. before play resumed noting Kerry Packer's passing. Politicians from the PM down, I regarded him as a friend. who was intensely loyal. He was a person

loses just that little bit. When a patriot goes, the nation the media magnate's work. Staff at Nine also praising like a colossus, He bestrode this industry

and that's a cliche, it's true in Kerry Packer's case. but sometimes cliches are true and 20 years ahead of anybody else, He was a guy who saw things along the way who copped all the flak

and ultimately was proven correct. but was single-minded in his purpose described him Fellow medial mogul Rupert Murdoch best-ever broadcaster: as the nation's Flags now flying half-mast across the country. at television stations Harry Potter, Ten News. of extreme highs and lows, Kerry Packer lived a life scrutiny while battling poor health. living and working under intense in the shadow of his father, In the early years, he lived a powerful newspaper magnate. he was Australia's richest man, Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer - with a larger-than-life presence. an iconic figure and privilege, Born into a world of wealth of legendary newspaper proprietor he was the younger son Sir Frank Packer, business figure a tough and uncompromising who brought his son up the hard way. of him. KERRY PACKER: I was a bit scared I mean, I got a lot of hidings I was and the sort he was. because that was the sort of person

I didn't deserve. I don't ever remember getting one His was an unhappy childhood -

from the age of six, away at boarding school and suffered from dyslexia. he was a poor performer in class

by polio and rheumatic fever In 1945, young Kerry was struck down

and spent months in an iron lung. a strong interest in sport, He recovered to develop

a lifelong passion. which was to become for his father In 1956, Kerry Packer went to work at Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' in the machine room and the 'Women's Weekly', from the ground up. learning the family business It was the same year extended to television. his father's business interests a big gambler and a hard drinker, Packer, by all accounts, was already a lifelong teetotaller. but later would become a doctor's daughter. In 1963, he married Roslyn Weedon, They had two children - and son Jamie a year later. Gretel was born in 1966 The Packers were already running up emerging media mogul - against another the 'Daily Telegraph' in 1972. the young Rupert Murdoch taking over

Sir Frank died in 1974, of the company, Consolidated Press, Kerry Packer taking full control nine months later. that 'KP', as he was known, It was during the '70s

with World Series Cricket. came into his own a dispute over TV broadcast rights - He launched the rival series after one-day internationals the colourful uniforms, revolutionising the game. and cricket under lights only with the players. He was concerned in a sense, financially downtrodden, He knew that the players were being, and it was his job to put it right, and put it right he did. Mr Packer was always a colourful and controversial figure, mixing easily with politicians who courted his friendship. But his reputation was dragged through the mud during the Costigan Royal Commission, Packer denying he was the man codenamed Goanna involved in tax evasion, drug importation and corporate fraud. His anger over the issue exploding during a Senate inquiry in 1991. You're sitting here, under parliamentary privilege, dragging that up again, having been exonerated by the Parliament of this country. I think you've got a damn hide. As loud and aggressive as he could be, he inspired people to do better than what they'd think they could. In October 1990, Mr Packer collapsed with heart problems after a polo match and was clinically dead for eight minutes - his life saved because a passing ambulance had an electronic heart starter. Mr Packer's last years were spent battling problems with his kidneys and heart and cancer. In November 2000, Kerry Packer's life was saved by an act of generosity from friend and helicopter pilot Nick Ross, who donated a kidney. For someone to be generous enough to say, "I'd take it out of my body and have a go at it" is the most precious gift anyone can give you. John Hill, Ten News. The death of Australia's richest man means his son will take control of his media empire, Publishing and Broadcasting. James Packer has been carefully groomed to run the company.

But questions remain about his business skills, especially after the One.Tel debacle. His father's death has thrust the 38-year-old into the limelight. James Packer took over as chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting in 1998, but his career has been dominated by one issue -

his fated decision to invest over $300 million in One.Tel. I think James was embarrassed, I think James had felt he failed himself, failed his father, and he did - he made a fool of himself. One of Kerry Packer's most famous windfalls came from the $1 billion sale of his TV assets to Alan Bond. But today, the disgraced businessman offered his support. I think it will transfer quite convincingly to James. James Packer will now have to decide on PBL's future. Among its key assets is the Nine television network, as well as Australia's largest stable of magazines. There are various other people at PBL,

such as John Alexander and people that run other divisions,

who are now going to have to get used to the fact

that James is the number one person, not Kerry, and only time will tell how that works out. In recent years, PBL has expanded heavily into gambling, buying Melbourne's Crown Casino, the Burswood Casino in Perth, as well as others in Asia. Analysts now questioning whether we'll soon see a fire sale of the company's media assets. Some people are speculating that this might mean the break-up of PBL, Channel Nine being sold, possibly ACP. PBL's rise in fortunes has been closely tied to its sporting links. Last week, it moved closer to clinching Australia's richest sports deal

after the AFL accepted its $780 million broadcasting offer. Tomorrow will be the most testing day in PBL's history. Investors will have their say on the death of Australia's richest man and the company he shaped when the stock market reopens. Investors don't like uncertainty. The share price is likely to fall,

as to predict how far it's going to fall, we don't have much guidance there. It may fall 5% or 10%. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. And we'll have more on the life and times of Kerry Packer later in the bulletin, including his incredible impact on Australian sport.

A fatal dog attack on a 2-year-old girl has shocked a small town near Eden on the far South Coast. Reporter Kathryn Robinson has more from Pambula Hospital.

Thank you, and yes, a tragic end to Christmas festivities for a South Coast family when their 2-year-old girl was mauled to death

by the family dog. The attack occurred shortly before midday when the toddler was playing in the rear yard of their Nullica home when the dingo crossbreed bit her in the neck. Ambulance officers arrived shortly after the 000 call was made.

The little girl was found unconscious. She was then rushed 40 minutes away here to Pambula Hospital. Paramedics tried to revive her along the way, but the doctors here at Pambula Hospital pronounced her dead on arrival. The dog has since been destroyed. So a tragic set of circumstances for a South Coast family. Back to you. Kathryn Robinson at Pambula Hospital. The decision to delay post-Christmas sales by a day has proved a big hit for Sydney retailers - thousands of extra bargain hunters joining the annual rush this year. Sydney's bargain hunters had all Boxing Day to plan for this,

so when the doors finally opened, they were bursting to spend. The annual sales kicked off at 7am. The most keen - those who'd saved especially for a once-a-year splurge. I did spend less for Christmas just for this. I had already tried them on before the sale. Others happy to raid the piggy bank for their heart's desire. Don't have much more money to spend but it's been pretty good.

Menswear, shoes and ladies' fashions always popular departments. And for some, it's always Christmas. This woman spending more than $1,000 on decorations.

You open up the doors and then they play all inside the whole lot so yeah, I'm like a big kid in a little shop. The queues as numerous as the bargain bins. After waiting to get in, shoppers waited again to try clothes on. REPORTER: Do you think it's good value? Yeah, of course. Definitely.

That's why we got up at 5:00 in morning and lined up outside. And then, of course, waited to pay. CASH REGISTER BEEPS That sound music to retailer ears on what will be their biggest day of trade all year - more than 1,000 transactions each minute and $4 billion spent in the entire period. With Christmas gifts out of the way, now is the time for bargain hunters to buy something for themselves. And they've clearly got a long list of must-haves with spending way up on previous sales.

Much bigger than last year. and, for those Sydneysiders who care about this, bigger than Melbourne yesterday as well. The sales run until mid-January. Amber Muir, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster, and magnificent Mike does it again. Yes, Mike Hussey has scored another century to lead Australia's recovery on day two of the second Test against South Africa in Melbourne. Hussey smashed 122 in a record 10th wicket partnership with Glenn McGrath. He's now scored 564 runs at an average of 94 in five matches since making his Test debut last month. And a gale warning for Bass Strait has re-ignited hopes of a race record in the Sydney to Hobart. Australian supermaxi 'Wild Oats' leads 'Alfa Romeo' by 13 nautical miles. 'Skandia' is 25 miles further back in third. 'Wild Oats' is a bit over halfway across Bass Strait and has to finish by 9:00 tomorrow morning to beat the record. Also later, a welcome return to form for Harry Kewell in the Premier League. The holiday road toll jumps sharply. The devastation on our highways next. Plus, tearful tributes to the tsunami victims. Services in Thailand one year on. And a fiery emergency - lightning starts a wild blaze on a front yard fence.

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This program is captioned live. A new code of behaviour for all imams in Australia may be introduced in a bid to rein in extremist Muslim clerics.

The Prime Minister's Muslim Advisory Council will recommend a national register be created, as well as a sermon-monitoring program, to ensure no incitement of violence is preached. Many moderate Muslim leaders are backing the move, concerned about self-appointed backyard clerics. But Melbourne's Sheik Mohammed Omran is not among them - he's infuriated by talk of regulation. The Christmas holiday road toll has risen to 21.

Six people killed in three States overnight. All the victims in NSW lost their lives in crashes involving four-wheel drive vehicles. The scene of the latest deadly accident on our roads.

Six people were travelling in this four-wheel drive south of Tamworth early this morning when it left the road.

The vehicle has lost control, it's rolled, and then rolled over an embankment about 3m in depth.

The female driver and a teenage male passenger died at the scene. Two female passengers were airlifted to Tamworth Base Hospital both in a critical condition. Two other males suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. A 12-year-old boy was the State's first holiday victim, killed on Christmas night when the family's four-wheel drive ran off the new M7 motorway. In Melbourne, three men were killed and another three injured when their wagon veered off the road late last night. The four-wheel drive sliding on gravel, rolling and then landing on its wheels before being struck by a second car.

Two passengers were thrown from the vehicle and were taken to hospital suffering head and chest injuries. At this stage, fatigue appears to have been a possible cause, and it would be a message to most people during this holiday period to be careful of the three main things - fatigue, alcohol and speed. And tragedy for a Brisbane family this morning -

their 5-year-old boy killed after being hit by a garbage truck while riding a motorised scooter just outside his home.

Tim Potter, Ten News. A fire at a shopping centre in Sydney's west

has destroyed two shops and damaged up to five more. The blaze started in a restaurant within the Green Valley shopping centre and quickly spread to neighbouring shops and the roof of the complex. Firefighters were forced to climb onto the roof and cut their way inside to contain the blaze. While they were doing that, there were crews working internally wearing air cylinders to attack the fire inside.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. More than 40 fires have broken out across South Australia. All the blazes were sparked by an electrical storm as lightning lit up the skies and then ignited fires below. One near-city home was almost destroyed after a palm tree was struck and exploded into flames. Valiant efforts by residents stopped it spreading to neighbouring homes, but it wasn't put out until fire crews arrived. The stormy weather also sparked fires on the Eyre Peninsula, where nine people died in a bushfire in January.

The blazes have now been contained. Time to

Time to check the weather in Sydney

with Frank Coletta, who's at one of

the hot spots for the upcoming New

Year's Eve celebrations. Bill, you

are so close to the truth. Hot spot

Darling Point, this weekend, will

be so right. About 34-36 degrees

over the weekend, so if you're here

for the new year's celebrations, it

is going to be truly one of the

warm spots in Sydney. But very

exclusive all the same. William

McCell, one of our former premiers

and Governor-General of Australia,

this was named after him. Current

conditions - I can tell you that on

top of the Ten News centre, the day

started off with grey clouds

clearing after 1:30. Some clouds

rolling in again just now, a top of

28 degrees, currently 20. Low

pollution levels right across the

pollution levels right across the Sydney basin. More weather on Ten in around about 10. The Pope's crusade against religious persecution.

His push for freedom next. And thumbing their nose at the law - thousands take part in Britain's illegal fox hunts.

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Time to check this holiday traffic,

though not everyone is on holiday

right now, and Peter Clay is one of

them in the Mix 106.5 traffic

helicopter. We're actually over

Bondi beach at the moment, because

all of Sydney's roads are Bondi beach at the moment, because all of Sydney's roads are running

exceptionally smooth. Bondi beach

full of traffic and people. To

avoid the traffic on Bondi Road,

head up on Rose Bay. We'll check

other conditions at 5:50 with Deb. Thank you!

A full day of solemn memorials in Thailand have marked the first anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami.

At Khao Lak Beach, paper lanterns were released into the sky - a gentle tribute to the 5,500 who died there and the 3,000 still missing. Organised by the locals, the ceremony became the focus point for tourists and Thais touched by the tragedy. Among them, British schoolgirl Tilly Smith, who saw the ocean's warning signs and urged people to leave the beach. It was not tragedy nor despair that prevailed but the human courage that shone more golden than the golden sun and the human heart, far deeper than all the waters of the world. Thailand's princess was among those attending. She lost her son when the wave struck. All faiths joining together to offer comfort. Thousands of ceremonies have been held around the Indian Ocean wherever people were affected by the Boxing Day tsunamis. In the worst hit area of Aceh in Indonesia almost every beach held some form of remembrance service. While President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono led the ritual for thousands at Ulee Laceh, others sought solace in the arms of close friends as they released kratongs to drift on the tide. In this Sri Lankan village, which lost more than 2,000 people, the names of victims were written on flags strung over the main street. Hundreds came from around the district for a ceremony to light special oil lamps in memory of the missing. Two gunmen have opened fire on a busy Toronto street, killing a young woman and wounding six others. Police believe the shooting may have been gang related, some of the victims shot accidentally.

It is quite dramatic, in a sense, that it is a very busy day today, as everyone knows, with Boxing Day, and I think we're very thankful that this didn't get out of hand and include a number of innocent bystanders. Two suspects were arrested and a gun was found at a nearby subway station.

The busy downtown area, popular with tourists, was the site of two other shootings this year. The bloodshed in Iraq hasn't eased over Christmas, with police and soldiers still the major targets. Five blasts rocked the capital, leaving eight dead and scores injured. One person died when a mortar round hit vehicles in central Baghdad, sparking a fire that badly damaged several shops. At a busy market nearby, a motorcycle laden with explosives was detonated as a Shi'ite funeral procession passed, killing 2 and hospitalising 30. Later, at least five police were killed and several wounded when gunmen peppered their patrol with automatic gunfire. Thousands have turned out for traditional Boxing Day fox hunts across Britain

despite the ban on hunting with hounds. Supporters say more fans than ever are attending hunts while police say they need more powers to enforce the new laws. Hounds and horses are still being dragged through the thicket, but now they should be following a hand-laid scent, not the smell of a live fox. They should be chasing this - a rag soaked in fox urine.

But there are accidents. Seconds before these shots were filmed, I saw the hounds chasing a live fox.

There's no evidence it's what the huntsmen intended, but it's difficult for me, or the police, to judge that from the tarmac. At the moment, the police are rather limited to policing this law from this - the road.

What they want is permission to go onto private land to check the law isn't being broken. But that would require legislation,

and the political will appears to be lacking. Meanwhile, the hunters are buoyed by their ability to bend the law and public interest in the sport. There were more followers than ever here in Warwickshire. And thank you all very, very much indeed for coming and supporting what is right in the countryside and what is right for this country. Thank you all very much indeed, till hunting is legalised again! CHEERING The climate for hunting has definitely changed, but they appear to be adapting to survive. Almost 80 people were rushed to hospital after toxic gas was released in a Russian supermarket. Police have discounted a terror attack, saying it was a criminal act by a rival hardware and household goods chain. Canisters of a still-unidentified gas connected to timing devices were planted in several stores in Russia's second city,

but they only activated in one shop. Customers and staff were treated for breathing difficulties, vomiting and coughing attacks but were released within a few hours. At least 26 people are dead after fire roared through an unlicensed bar in southern China.

City officials say the 2-storey bar was packed with people celebrating Christmas when the blaze broke out shortly before midnight. Most of the victims were trapped on the upper floor.

About a dozen others suffered various injuries fleeing the burning building. In his traditional blessing after Christmas, Pope Benedict noted that Christians were still persecuted for their faith in some parts of the world. Marking the feast of Christianity's first martyr, the Pontiff didn't name specific countries, but in the past the Vatican's expressed concern about religious freedom in several nations, particularly Iraq and China.

Pope Benedict also greeted thousands of pilgrims attending the celebration of the Angelus prayer, wishing them the joy of Christmas in several languages. The sporting revolution pushed through by the late Kerry Packer. Also, a very impatient baby - little Charlotte born beside a busy road. And a bizarre Christmas mystery - thieves taking off with the bun many believe looks like the world's most famous nun.

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Time for a check of the weather

with Frank Coletta. Frank, it is a

gorgeous weekend, mild conditions

here, but it will get hoter? Deb,

here, but it will get hoter? Deb, the message is quite clear - today,

the message is quite clear - today, fine and mild. Enjoy it while you

can. Because a scorcher is on the

way tomorrow. So lap this up while

you can. We're at Darling Point,

you can. We're at Darling Point, McKell Park, one of the scenic

places with a big old coat hanger

places with a big old coat hanger

places with a big old coat hanger behind me. One of the places - I

behind me. One of the places - I suppose you'd want to be on the

weekend, come the new year's

celebrations. But varwarm

conditions coming up. We'll talk

about those later.

We'll have all the details when it

comes to where to watch in comfort

the new year's celebrations, coming

up at 5:55. Today's major stories - the decision to delay post-Christmas sales by a day proves a big hit for Sydney retailers. Thousands of extra bargain hunters joined the rush this year, but they did have to deal with some lengthy queues. A South Coast family devastated after a fatal dog attack. A 2-year-old girl died after being mauled by the family pet, a dingo crossbreed, near Eden. The animal, which was chained up at the time, has been destroyed. And the end of a remarkable life - Kerry Packer, the nation's richest man,

passing away peacefully in his eastern suburbs mansion. The man who revolutionised television, publishing and sport while amassing a $7 billion fortune

died with wife Ros and children James and Gretel by his side. The families of two impatient newborns are celebrating

after separate surprise deliveries. Both mothers giving birth before they could make it to hospital. In the comfort of their hospital room, the Tarabenes can laugh about this morning's excitement.

But when little Charlot started making her way into the world - and fast - it was a far more serious scene. I was just scared she was going to come out without anyone being there. Within minutes of waking, Grace knew her baby was coming, ready or not. Paramedics did their best to get the anxious couple to hospital but soon it was clear someone had other ideas. All of a sudden he said "pull over" and I said "Yeah, you'd better.

"She's on her way." It wasn't how mum and dad expected it, but little Charlot couldn't wait, coming into the world here by the roadside, nine days early. The unconventional delivery involving everyone onboard. They prepared it, clamps, gave me the scissors and said "you go for the honour" and I thought "beauty!"

At the same time, on the other side of town, Jeciline Chikarate was going into labour at home, alone. He was like "OK, mum, let's do it today." "We're not gonna waste any time." Paramedics arriving just in time to help deliver little Bailey in her living room. That's where I was sitting, on the couch, with my legs on the table. I don't think many people will want to eat from that table. Both of the healthy newborns unfazed by their dramatic debuts.

Little impatient one. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. A bizarre Christmas mystery in the United States. Police are hunting thieves who stole a baked treat some believe looks like a famous religious figure. Some see a 9-year-old cinnamon bun. To others, it's a dead ringer for Mother Teresa.

It's like looking at something in the clouds, you know? But obviously other people saw the same thing I did. It's pretty distinct. Featured prominently in Nashville's Bongo Java cafe, the nun bun has drawn thousands of the curious over the years.

People came from all over the world to see. But on Christmas night, someone broke in and stole the roll, leaving behind a jar of change and a full piggy bank. It was a very deliberate break-in. Ryan Finney reckons it's a devastating loss for Christianity. Whoever stole it, they didn't just steal it from us,

they stole it from everybody who enjoyed seeing something like that.

But some Catholics believe the theft was an act of divine intervention.

Mother Teresa never liked her baked-good likeness. Nine years ago she had her lawyers stop Bongo Java from promoting the bun as some kind of miracle. The cafe's owners claim Mother Teresa softened her position in the weeks before her death. Asked by her lawyers what she wanted to do about the problematic bun, they claim she pointed at her successor and told them to find a roll that looks like her.

In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster, and some Hussey heroics in the second Test. He's done it again with a century in the second Test against South Africa. Hussey steered the home side out of trouble with an unlikely ally. And why a gale warning is good news

for the Sydney to Hobart maxi 'Wild Oats'.

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This program is captioned live. A spectacular innings from Mike Hussey has lifted Australia's hopes on day two of the second Test against South Africa at the MCG.

Hussey shared a record-breaking 10th wicket partnership with Glenn McGrath, taking Australia's first innings total to 355. The visitors are 2 down in reply. A cricket tribute to the late Kerry Packer - a figure of rare importance in the modern game. A few of our guys in the side knew him a lot better than I did Shane Warne being one of those and Shane was a pretty close friend of Kerry's so an extremely sad day and it's a huge loss to the cricket community. Once play began, Mick Hussey quickly lost the back-pedalling MacGill... COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's gone! ..and on 27, should have been caught himself. That one's gone. Two second slip and onto the deck. The Kallis clanger would be disastrous. Hussey again showed expertise, batting with the tail, Bang, big hit - strong, brings up 50. And then smashed Andre Nel, a close friend, over cover... Oh, he's hit that one beautifully. It's going way down the ground. It's a 6! ..not once, but twice. The pair's 50 partnership putting Australia over 300.

Another 6! Hussey then set his sights on another Test century -

the quick way. That's a wonderful strike and it's very big too. With McGrath rock solid, he got there on the stroke of lunch. 100 for Michael Hussey and a magnificent 100 it is too. The West Australian's third century made in just five Tests. He celebrated with a fourth six, as the pair neared a century stand. He's gone massive. They put on 107 for the last wicket.

And that brings up the 100 partnership. Before Hussey's brilliant innings ended on 122, the Aussies all out 355. Got him! Brett Lee would get the break through on 36. That's it got him yes, that's out! After talking the talk, Smith forced to take the long walk, out for 22. An injury to Stuart MacGill would worry the Aussies. He left the field after tweaking an ankle. South Africa struggled but survived a number of close calls. Gibbs and De Villiers rode their luck but the total grew. De Villiers' 50 not pretty but very valuable.

But Glenn McGrath got his man for 61. It's great bowling from McGrath. The Test still in the balance after two days. Rob Waters, Ten News. Cricket was one of Kerry Packer's loves, and today tributes flowed in for the man credited with changing the face of the sport. He was a man who usually got what he wanted, and 28 years ago it was the rights to broadcast cricket on his Nine Network. When he couldn't get them, he started his own competition - World Series Cricket. I'm sure all the cricketers around the world today will be saying this is a very sad day for them, because Kerry Packer has changed cricket forever and for the better. With innovations like coloured clothing, day-night games and helmets for batsmen, he contracted 50 of the world's best players to join his revolution. He was concerned only with the players.

He knew the players were being, in a sense, financially downtrodden and it was his job to put it right, and put it right he did. Faced with an ever-growing enemy, cricket officials backed down to compromise with Packer. We started off having a war with the cricket board. We ended up being friends with them, and between them and us I think we've ended up doing a service for cricket. Packer's love of sport was not limited to the bat and ball. His passion for rugby league also led him to secure the television rights. I want it forever. I reckon rugby league and cricket, as far as I'm concerned,

are the two great sports in Australia.

Ironically, Packer's next sporting battle was fighting a rebel competition from starting in rugby league. He spent millions to stop the game's top players

defecting to the News Limited-backed Super League in 1995. During the Super League war, he was a tower of strength for a long time.

Showing his passion for sport right to the end, he signed off on Nine's record $780 million bid for the AFL rights.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. A gale warning for Bass Strait has revived hopes of a race record in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. 'Wild Oats' has maintained its lead over 'Alfa Romeo' as the fleet cross Bass Strait.

'Wild Oats' is on target to break the race record set by 'Nokia' in 1999. The leader's quest will be helped by strong north-easterly winds of up to 40 knots forecast for tonight.

The NSW supermaxi must finish before 9:08 tomorrow morning to set a new record. 'Wild Oats' is currently sailing at around 17 knots and needs to average 15 knots to beat 'Nokia's record. Overnight conditions slowed the fleet and 'Wild Oats's tactic to stay closer to shore paid off when she took the lead off 'Alfa Romeo' early this morning. Second-placed 'Alfa Romeo' now playing catch-up.

MAN: A little bit more pressure would be good. I think it's just going to build a little bit and just stay in the north for a while. An impressive comeback for 'Skandia'. The 2003 Sydney to Hobart line honours winner

was rebuilt after capsizing during last year's race and is in third place. It looks like it's just spinning out for the next 24 hours so we're going to hang in here and just stick close to these guys

and close enough to make a jump when something changes. An early return to Sydney for 'Conergy',

the only retirement in the 85-strong field. The German yacht suffered rudder damage that ripped a hole in the stern. I'm not too disappointed but I think the rest of the crew are a bit sad. They've come all the way from Germany. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Reigning Australian Open champion Marat Safin has been forced to pull out of the Hopman Cup in Perth. Safin's withdrawal is due to a longer than expected recuperation period for tendonitis of the right knee. The headaches are mounting for Paul McNamee - Sharapova's under a cloud, Nadal is struggling, Agassi's a concern and now the defending champ is in serious trouble. Marat Safin isn't heading to Perth and he's an unlikely starter at Melbourne Park.

It certainly puts him behind the eight ball, so there's certainly a question mark there, a big question mark. The former world No.1 has battled tendonitis in his right knee for several months. His recovery taking a lot longer than expected. You know, it's disappointing given what he did in Australia last year, but, you know, we hope he just gets better. Excitement machine Raphael Nadal has pulled out of the Chennai Open

in India. The world No.2 hasn't picked up a racquet since injuring his foot at the Madrid Masters in October. There's no more information other than he's pulled out of Chennai and he's still obviously hoping to come down to play Sydney and Melbourne, so I think what happens with Sydney would probably be relevant for him but fingers crossed there. And Andre Agassi is still to confirm his place in the draw.

The four-time champion is battling an ankle injury, but organisers remain confident he'll commit to another campaign down under. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Harry Kewell has led Liverpool to a strong win in this morning's bumper Boxing Day Premier League round. The Reds were too good for Newcastle, winning 2-0.

Arsenal got back on the winners' list. Chelsea continued their good form, as did Manchester United.

Mark Schwarzer had a shocker in his 250th match, Middlesbrough losing 2-0 to Blackburn in the full festive round of matches. In just his fourth premiership start of the season, Socceroo Harry Kewell wasted no time getting amongst the action. Keeper Shay Given denying the Reds from taking the early advantage but they didn't have to wait long. COMMENTATOR: Steven Gerrard! 1-0 Liverpool. Only N'Zogbia troubled Jose Reina in a first half of slim pickings for Newcastle while Peter Crouch helped Liverpool to a 2-nil half-time lead.

There's Crouch! It has crept in. It was definitely over the line. Given unlucky referee Mike Halsey ruled an own goal

after deflecting the ball onto the post. The match erupting midway through the second half after Lee Bowyer's challenge on Xabi Alonso. Oh, and Cabayaro hurling himself in and Bowyer with the follow up.

Bowyer copping his second red card in as many appearances against Liverpool. Crouch lucky to stay on the pitch after his reaction. Chelsea has retained its 9-point lead at the top of the premiership going ahead after just three minutes against Fulham. Huth gets the hearder in and it's turned in! Skipper Frank Lampard netting his 12th of the season while Hernan Crespo's brilliant finish completed a 3-2 win.

And the pressure on Everton manager David Moyes continues to mount. His side thrashed 4-0 by Aston Villa. Glen Lauder, Ten News. That's the day in sport. Later on Sports Tonight with Rob Canning, the NBL All-Star game, and the Aussie-born goalkeeper set to play against the Socceroos at the World Cup.

Thank you, Tim! Time for a check of

the traffic with Peter Clay. It's

been fairly quithont roads. How are

conditions tonight on the M2? It's

still quiet. We're over Macquarie

Park at the moment. The M2 - a

great run through the toll booths.

The M4 and princess Highway another

The M4 and princess Highway another quiet run on Sydney's roads. Thank

you! Frank Coletta with all the weather next.

Time to check the weather. If you

are on holidays, it sounds like

there will be plenty of

there will be plenty of opportunities to get outside. Frank,

opportunities to get outside. Frank, opportunities to get outside. Frank, it will get more and more heated as

it will get more and more heated as the days go on? Absolutely, Bill.

I'd strongly urge anyone coming up

to this weekend, if you can, get to

a beachside suburb or certainly to

the harbour-side, because the

the harbour-side, because the temperatures are skyrocketing. New

Year's Eve, we're expecting mid-30s,

but that's nothing compared to New

Year's Day in the greater west -

Year's Day in the greater west - the air con turned up to the max -

expecting 40 degrees in the greater

west. Around 27 degrees at Darling

west. Around 27 degrees at Darling Point right now.

Satellite - cloud is building up in

Satellite - cloud is building up in north-east NSW in a trough causing

possibly some severe storms. Skies

are mostly clear over southern

parts of our State and also

Victoria in hot, north-westerly

winds. Tomorrow - a front will

cross the south-east, preceded by

cross the south-east, preceded by those hot, north-westerly winds. It

those hot, north-westerly winds. It will cause mostly early showers and

will cause mostly early showers and some storms over Tasmania, Victoria

some storms over Tasmania, Victoria and southern parts of our State. A

trough will trigger storm overs

inland Queensland and northern NSW.

inland Queensland and northern NSW. Rainfall for tomorrow - afternoon

showers and storms in north-east

NSW and south-east Queensland. Some

showers is and isolated storms

showers is and isolated storms across Tasmania, Victoria and

southern NSW. Thursday - hot across

the southern and eastern States as

northerly winds develop, westerly

northerly winds develop, westerly winds will maintain across Tasmania,

winds will maintain across Tasmania, especially in the west. We're at

especially in the west. We're at McKell Park at Darling Point, named

after Sir William McCel, the former

NSW Governor-General of Australia

and premier. It was opened about 20

and premier. It was opened about 20 years ago. That's in Sydney.


Bill and Deb, I suggest you find

Bill and Deb, I suggest you find yourselves a very cool place. Take

care in that hot weather in the coming days. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. I'll be back with the Late News at 10:30. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.