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The Prime Ministers' National Treasures -

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(generated from captions) the beginning of the friary, yeah. This is the right sort of date for or anything related... But we have no walls

with this sort of stuff. But they're not far away I think we have. Have we done what we set out to do? long shot, finding structures here. I mean this was always going to be a the beginning we'd be very lucky Remember, I said right at or timber slots or whatever. if we found post holes we actually reckoned with I don't think did we? the depth of stratification here, an awful lot to go as well. No, and there's still certainly the local archaeologists, And what this had told, archaeology here is there's a hell of a lot of just a blank space. in what appears to be So they're really please with this it's a rather grubby looking hole. even though his 3D virtual reconstruction Ray is now ready to show us superimposed over our live pictures. That's the view over the cloister. Oh, very nice. Isn't that great? with the tiles. Our building on the west side where our little chapel is? What about the river side

Anything there?

The excavation's at the back. if you put the... Let's see what happens That's great. There's the church.

the bulk of buildings. It really shows you Can we move round that now?

Is that possible. Oh, yes! you wouldn't be able to do in time. This is the one you were terrified You're just a panicker. I knew you'd be able to do it. I trusted you, That's great, isn't it? And what about Binnewith? Binnewith Island?

from the excavation. We've got a view The little building over the stream. And there's our church. Now can we see it all together? of the church So there's the east end over the stream. with the little building Up over the cloisters. the whole friary complex And then we're looking down over around it. on its island with the streams The whole complex. Excellent. Well done, all of you. just about enough tiles Beryl Hines and her team have rescued even it it's not a pattern. to make a small pavement, headmaster of St Peter's School. We're going to present this to the in Canterbury. We've had a wonderful three days

in Britain We found the first Franciscan friary on Tyler Hill. and uncovered a remarkable tile kiln of the Roman temple. We might have even caught a glimpse Andrew. who's looked after us wonderfully. Andrew's the headmaster of the school for all the pot washing you've done. Thank you. Thank you, children, thank you all the diggers especially. Thank you all the local people and this little pavement We'd like to give you as a memory of us being here. all very much indeed. Well, thank you Thank you. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Closed Captions provided by CSI

This program is not subtitled THEME MUSIC Aussie tradition, even for our PMs. Nicknames - they're a great Billy Hughes. There's The Little Digger, 'Pig Iron' Bob Menzies. 'Black Jack' McEwen.

Bob 'The Silver Bodgie' Hawke. And more recently, Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, And it all began with our first as 'Tosspot Toby'. affectionately known the odd glass, or six. You see, he liked from the fact that Barton, But that doesn't take away of our most important law-makers. a father of federation, was one treasure is here, Prime Minister Edmund Barton's in Canberra. at Old Parliament House for Velvet Soap. It's a billboard poster it's more than 100 years old. And it's in amazing nick considering Edmund Barton here, It's from the time our man and Richard O'Connor, along with Sir Samuel Griffith

three judges of our High Court. became one of the first was big news back then, Now, the new court decided to cash in on it. so advertisers, being advertisers,

you'd call topical humour. And I guess it's what It was meant to raise a smile. just a clever ad. This is more than There are stories hidden in it, became a High Court judge. and the first one is, how Barton 1901. So his government was flat out, Remember, Barton was our first PM in

colonies into one nation. turning six separate it was time to hand over the reins. After two years he reckoned didn't mean he was out of a job. So he resigned, but that was to set up this place - His last act as PM the High Court of Australia. became one of our top legal eagles. Two weeks later, Barton for the PM, doesn't it? Sounds a bit like jobs was perfect for the job. But the former barrister

got Federation across the line, It was Barton's determination that the constitution. and, he'd helped draft has another hidden story. But this ad "Washes linen snow white." Have a look at this - it is soap. Well, fair enough, a tongue-in-cheek reference But this is actually as Prime Minister, to Barton's time brought in what we now call when his protectionist government the White Australia policy. Old Parliament House's collection Michael Richards helps look after of Prime Ministerial memorabilia. called the White Australia policy, Michael, there was no one Act of laws, wasn't it? it was a series the Immigration Restriction Act, That's right. Beginning with to keep people out of Australia, which was designed were not British. who were not white, the Pacific Island Labourers Act, But there's also to expel people - which is designed and neighbouring regions, people from the Solomon Islands in the sugar fields, who were working and northern New South Wales, the cane fields of Queensland had been there for decades. Barton's first pieces of legislation, So even though this is one of for a long time, didn't it? it stuck around It lasted for many, many years, It did. to well after World War II. Although it's watered down slowly, the early 1970s. it's with us until Now, if you think linking a simple slogan to racial discrimination is a bit of a stretch, well, this wasn't the first Velvet Soap ad to use that line. Here's one from a couple of years earlier, 1901. And that's when Barton was pushing for a white Australia. There's a black woman washing her children until they're white. And this kid's already done,

and she's scrubbing the one on her lap. The slogan's the same, but take a look at the caption, which even refers to Barton. It makes you cringe now, but it's meant to be funny, just like the other ad. Back in 1901, just about everyone thought Sir Edmund Barton was the best man to lead our new nation. Among his many achievements, he left us with the White Australia policy, which, like it or not, shaped our culture for over seven decades. And, the High Court, the cornerstone of our legal system. "And the highest authorities agree," that's what makes this Velvet Soap ad a national treasure. Closed Captions by CSI *

CC Tonight - the case against why the Government cancelled Dr Haneef's visa. More rates pressure on Howard - a fine mess for us. - for parents of a sexual assault victim angry at a legal loop hole and the death of film genius Ingmar Haussegger. A chat room telephone calls in the wake of the London and Glasgow bombings. Immigration bombings. Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said they sufficient for him to form reasonable suspicion of a Haneef and the British attacks. Mr Andrews belatedly Mr Andrews belatedly made his reasons public in Sydney this evening. The Immigration Minister says the material he's