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(generated from captions) Indiana, Governor, maybe Rob

port man of Ohio. I do not

expect a surprising hail Mary

pick from Mitt Romney. I think

he's going to double down on

his strengths. I don't think

Paul Ryan, but someone of the

same economic management resume

that he has. Michael Duffy

you've got a pretty good

record. We will have a look

at those possibilities. Thank

you very much for joining us

tonight. Thank you. A leading

figure in an international

paedophile ring has been

sentenced to 21 years prison in

NSW. In all, 7 Australians are

facing charges related to child

sex and child pornography. Dozens of others have either

been jailed or are being investigated overseas. A

50-year-old man appeared today

for sentencing over the

systematic abuse of his children which at times he

streamed live on the web.

Reporter Laetitia Lemke was in

court and a warning, her story

contains some disturbing

material. The evidence was

distressing in the extreme as

the judge read out a statement

of facts members of the media

and the public went openly. The

judge said not content with

sexually abusing children's

himself, he involved his wife

and a friend. The 50-year-old

father and his 30-year-old wife

pleaded guilty to a string of

charges related to the sexual

abuse of their 11-year-old

daughter and 12-year-old son.

The abuse which often happened

in the company of others, was

recorded uploaded to the

internet and at times streamed

live via webcam. In a self

inDulmatin indulgence and pitly

less he took their innocence.


The court heard the accused

was involved in an internet

chat room where he canvassed

his abuse and encouraged other

parents to sexually abuse their

children. The judge said it

showed the accused was completely unrepentant. The

50-year-old sat silently in

court as his sentence was read

out. He'll face 21 years in

jail, but will be eligible for

parole after 15 years.

Advocacy groups say that

sentence isn't strong enough.

It sends the message that if

you access child pornography,

you will get caught and you

will go to jail and 21 years is

a lengthy sentence, but in this

particular case these were his children. The children's mother

will be sentenced next week

over similar charges, along

with a 43-year-old family

friend who also sexually abused

the children with their

parent's permission. Football

clubs from three codes in

Melbourne have dumped a major

sponsor after the company's CEO

was found to have posted a

litany of racist and sexist

comments on FaceBook. It's

been revealed Ben Polis posted

the offensive comments. Late

today rugby union club the

rebels rebels and soccer club

Melbourne Victory followed the

lead of the Melbourne AFL club

to sever ties with the Energy

Watch Power Brokerage. Amy

Bainbridge reports. The

Melbourne Demons are now two

million dollars a year poor are

after severing their three-year

deal with the club's major

sponsor, Energy Watch. The

club says strapping the deal

will hurt financially. But it

is the right decision.

Obviously finance and the money

comes into this in the context

what we have to deal with now,

but at no point were we

prepared to compromise our integrity, compromise our own relationships and it was one of

those decisions that was made

literally within minutes. Melbourne Victory and

the rebels rebels have followed

the Demons' lead. Both clubs

have terminated their

association with Energy Watch. Early morning I asked

how long it would take to

remove anything from the sleeve

of one of our jerseys. Not

very long is the answer. The

torrent of racial and sexist

slurs posted by Ben Polis on

his personal FaceBook page

targetted among other things

indigenous Australians,

Muslims, Asians, Jews and the

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

To see someone associated

with request one of the great

football clubs making comments

like that is really deeply disappointing. It has been

revealed that polis had sledged

deem month indigenous player

Liam Jurrah following his

arrest last month over a

machete attack. Energy Watch

has dumped Ben Polis and

reached an agreement with him

to relinquish his shareholding.

The company says it under

reservedly apologises for the

remarks. Power providers

TruEnergy and Momentum Energy have suspended business with

the firm. The controversy

comes just weeks after another

AFL race row in which an

Adelaide club official resigned

after allegedly saying he

wouldn't recruit Aboriginal

players unless they had a white

parent. And the Demons have

been dealing with their own

racial issue after a false

story was spread about coach

Mark Neeld's treatment of

indigenous players. Amy

Bainbridge, Lateline. The

United States says it will ease

sanctions on Burma and send an

ambassador following successful

by-elections on Sunday which saw Opposition Leader Aung San

Suu Kyi elected to Parliament.

As Burma emerges from political

says sietion there's been an

explosion of artistic

expression in the country

particularly in the form of

music. Previously subjected to

strict controls on costumes and

lyrics, musicians are seeing a

gradual relaxation of rules and

they're changing country is

providing them with plenty of

inspiration. This report from

South-East Asia correspondent

Zoe Daniel in Rangoon. They've

all grown-up under military

rule. Barely important when

Aung San Suu Kyi was first

placed unhouft arrest they've

never had a taste of freedom.

Now it's within reach, they

want it. (Sings) # Like any

other girls in the world. The

Me N Ma Girls girls reflecting

the official known of the

country known as burr have been

a girl band for two years.

Australian manager singer and

dance he Nikki May based in

Rangoon brought them together

to sing pop and R and B.

They have never sung about

politics until now. The space

for artistic expression has

suddenly opened with political

reform. This is the first

time we saw the crowd. So many

people crowded and they shouted

and she waved. Such a short

time ago scenes like this were

beyond the wildest dreams of

the Burmese. For young people particularly Aung San Suu Kyi

was a mythical figure held

behind closed doors by the

junta. Now she's a politician

elected by the people. We

hope this will be the beginning

of a new era where there will

be more emphasis on the rule of

the people in the every day

politics of our country. Having avoided politics altogether

before due to sensor ship and

even possible jail, the Me N Ma

Girls are developing new

awareness and they've found a

voice they didn't even know

they had. I don't like the

country as closed and which is

not open minded and which has

been under someone's rules and

we can't create other things

about freedom is really the

first time of us, all the

things. We feel really

surprised by that. The group

reflects the diversity of the a

country wracked by constant

conflict between ethnic groups

and the Burmese military.

Something that has yet to be

solved, but here there's unity.

They're from a really broad

second Trump. Three

differentrel gons, four

different the Nick groups, five

different socio-economic backgrounds. Surprisingly, the

group is more popular outside

the country than inside, a reflection of conservative

tastes due to the closed nature

of society up until now.

There's a role to play outside

too. Nothing's confirmed yet.

We're getting requests from

America and Singapore and

Thailand. Not Australia yet.

To come and perform. There's

so many Burmese scattered

throughout the world that I

think they could really lift

some spirits globally and yeah,

promote a different voice. And

now they have a new song.

(Sings) # Come back

home. About five and a half

million Burmese people, about

10% of the population, have

left Burma due to repression

and poverty. It is early days

in the reform process, but the

Me N Ma Girls want to bring

them back. Please come back to

our country because this is a

changing time and support our

country to build itself up as a

lovely country. (Sings) #

Everyone is watching us, they

don't know what we've got.

Don't be silent any more. We

can build the gold golden

network. All we need is

freedom. It is a simple song

but even a year ago they

couldn't have sung it. Zoe

Daniel, Lateline. A quick look at the weather:

That's all from us. You'd

like to look at tonight's

interview with Michael Duffy or

view any of Lateline's stories

or transcripts visit our

website and follow us on Twitter and FaceBook. Business

is coming up with Ticky Fullerton. No Lateline tomorrow night but Emma

Alberici will be back here on

Monday. Enjoy the Easter

weekend. Goodnight. Closed

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Tonight, more euro pain

in Spain. World markets slide

on debt fears as a Spanish

Government bond auction is

hammered. I'm Ticky Fullerton and you're watching The Business. This Program is hammered.

Captioned Live. Big problems

ignite bailout worries over the Oruzghan's fourth largest

economy. A shaky European

recovery in doubt as Spain

fails to win investor

confidence. Who will deliver

the new digital mailbox, anion

Lynne rival takes on Australia

post. And pedal to the metal,

car sharing is the business driving driving commuter change across the country. A quick look at

the markets. The Eurozone

Cassandras were back scaring

investors. The All Ordinaries

closed weaker as resources led the

the market down. Global markets

are jetting jittery about

Europe again with the spotlight

falling back on Spain. After

weeks of relative calm a

disappointing Spanish bond sale

has Rekindled fears the

European debt crisis might be

far from over. Andrew

Robertson reports. Just when financial markets were starting

to feel better about the ute

look for Europe Spain has

thrown a spanner in the works.

Its latest bonds sale was a

fizzer as investors baulked at

the possible risk of not

getting their money back. Its

TRANSLATION: The Government

is absolutely aware of the

environment that there's an

atmosphere of nervousness that

in addition it is made worse by

the per seption of a slow down

in Europe. With unemployment

soaring as the Spanish

Government splashes spending to

meet European Union imposed

deficit target that deficit target that perception

of a slow down is very much

reality. It is rekindled fears

that Spain may yet join disgrooes,

disgrooes, Ireland and Portugal in

in seeking a bailout. The risk

is that these austerity

measures are going to reduce economic activities by more

than 2% in 2012. Then the

Spanish Government has to go

out and again increase tax and

reduce expenditure to bring the

deficit GDP ratio down. deficit GDP ratio down. I

think if they continue this

policy it will be - we could be

in a position where we create a

vicious sire Kell in the same

way that Greece ended up having

the second bailout. According

to Professor Fariborz

Moshirian, what Spain and in

fact the whole of Europe needs

is not fiscal tightening but

spending. 7 out of 17 member

countries are already in

recession, but the main issue

here is whether the Eurozone

policy makers will be in a

position to come with the

stimulus package in the second

quarter and third-quarter of

2012 to ensure that the

Eurozone recession is not going

to be a deep one, but rather a

shallow one. The European

central banks agrees with that

assessment keep its benchmark

interest rate at a record low

of 1%. The remaining tensions

in the Eurozone sovereign

detective markets and their

impact on credit conditions as

well as the process of balance

sheet adjustment in the

financial and non-financial

sectors and high unemployment

in parts of the euro area, are

expected to continue to dampen

the underlying growth

momentum. Mr Draghi made that

statement in the ECB

headquarters in the German city

of Frankfurt where just up the

road Germany's central bank,

the Bundesbank has been urging

him to start returning monetary

policy settings to moral levels. Given the present

conditions of unemployment

which sat historical high, any

exit strategy talk for the time

being is premature. Judging by the reaction of global

financial markets over the last

24 hours or so, investors

agree, but the University of

NSW Professor Fariborz Moshirian believes there are

reasons to be hopeful about

Europe. The Eurozone is going

in the right direction, albeit

fairly slowly, simply because the

the Eurozone is embarking on

major austerity measures to

create efficiency in public

sector and in Government

itself. In Greece, where

Government spending cuts have

been toughest, the people don't

see any improvement. They're

continuing to vents their anger. Let's

anger. Let's cross to London

now. I'm joined by David Buik

at GGC partners. Welcome.

Happy Easter to you.

Greetings. Big slums in markets

across Europe overnight your

time. Is there latest Spanish

scare really significant in the

scheme of things? It is just,

how can I put it to you,

another carbuncle on financial

society really. It's been

swept under the carpet. Cynics

like myself are not really the

people to talk to go you're

looking for an upbeat

statement. I'm afraid none of us statement. I'm afraid none

us believe any of it. The fact

remains the European Union was

obliged regardless of anything,

to hold the European Union

together. As long as night

follows day, there's no way

that countries such as Greece,

Portugal, Spain and Ireland can

deliver the wholly necessary

austerity measures and deliver

growth. Some of these

countries - sorry I beg your

pardon. I was going to say here

we have Mario Draghi saying the

judgment in Spanish and Italian

borrowing costs were markets

asking these government to

deliver on austerity. It seems

crazy that that could actually

happen now. I don't think it

really is. The fact is that they're not prepared to deliver

or are unable to deliver these

austerity measures. I think

they've been extremely

aggressive, Italy and Spain in getting their paper area way.

The The trouble is when they resort

to the short end of the

market,ism E five years or

less, people are very cynical

because what they're saying is

they haven't got a balance

where borrowing. They should where borrowing.

be borrowing much Loner. The

fact they can't, they can't get

their paper away, so just

taking Spain, we've seen the

yield go up from about 5.35 to

about 5.70 in one week. People

will say that's not that much.

When you're costing the cost of borrowing, that's more news

when Germany pays 1.8% for its

10-year notes and the UK about

2.5% and here we have Spain at

5.7%. It is an as momcal sum

of money. What the market is

telling us sorry thanks for all

the wonderful rhetoric. We

don't believe any of it. I see

protests of course again

overnight in Greece and Olley

reign, the Europe's economic

Commissioner warning of a

further bailout for Portugal on

the cards within 12 months. I

think it is highly likely even

though I would like to bracket

Portugal which again is a small

population like Ireland has in

comparison to other European

countries, are making a really

fantastic effort to implement

the austerity measures, even

thof's had political unrest and

difficulty having a Government

that is unified behind the

thought process. The fact

remains it is very unlikely

they won't need some kind of a

bail out I would be more in the

mood to trust Portugal over a

period of five to 10 years that

they could service debt, repay

they it and grow their economy than

I would many other countries,

particularly Spain. We've had

the ANZ chief here saying today

that one of the problems is that

there are so many different

timetable and so many different

pieces of regulation, because

everybody is wanting to be seen

to be doing something, that

this around the world, has been Council Council incredibly Council counter

counter plod tiff

productive. It has been an

absolute mess with no

orchestration in terms of how

its delivered. The intaks nub

of the problem is labour costs

which have been allowed to get

wholly out of hand even though

people are crying poverty with some justification against the some

cost of living in their

specific countries. Labour

costs are far, far too high and

until there's a plan over the

next five years to get those labour

labour costs down and believe

me, it will be absolute penry

for some people, this situation

is not going to improve.

Therefore, I hope that the

European politicians who have

been running around like

headless chickens in terms of

having a solution to the

problem, have contingency plans

of how they're going to deliver

either a two tier European

Union, whether they're going to

have certain people, members of the have certain people,

the euro or not, whether it is

going to be down over a three to five-year period, at the

moment all we are getting is

platitudes. Can I take you to

the Murdoch empire. You

may. James Murdoch has of

course resigned as chair of

BSkyB. Some suggestion that

that might be enough for News

Corp to look at another tilt at

BSkyB in 12 months time. Let me

be candid but, I'm an unabashed

fan of News Corporation and fan

of BSkyB. I'm not a fan of

hacking. I think it is

disgraceful. I think James

Murdoch's handling of it was

not good. He's not a newspaper

man like his old man is who is

over here making sure the sun

on Sunday is getting off to a

good start. He's a brilliant

TV man. Very every reason to

believe if we can get over

these hacking situations which not good.

of course there appears in this

country are having a field day

and making an absolute nonsense

and of some of it anyway, nobody

con Deans dons any kind of

hacking, I believe that BSkyB

say sensational opportunity

people think that the Murdoch over the next five years. If

family are going to give up the ghost

ghost on this dream on.

They're absolutely up for the

fight. They may only have 39%

of BSkyB, but you can imagine

if they got sky plus in a

country like Germany, their

earnings would be absolutely

brilliant. I have every brilliant. I have every reason

to believe when the dust

settles, the clan will be back

for the balance. David Buik,

happy Easter. And you too. To

some key stocks on the local

sharemarket now. Miners were

the biggest crag on the market

with Rio Tinto noticeably

weaker. Amcor was up 1%. The

company is buying a tobacco

company in Mexico for $40

millionment central shares were

steady as the company named a

new financial officer. Turning

to currencies markets. The

Australian dollar rallied from

a 12 week low N commodities in

New New York oil slumped overnight

with a surge in US crude

stockpiles. Gold edged down.

the corporate regulator has

denied a request by billionaire

reason ring's price company to

be ex tempt from lodging financial report. The

Australian security and

investments commission has

revealed that in late 2011 denied

Hancock Prospecting asked to be

relieved from lodging the reports including company accounts as required under the Hancock

Corporations Act. Hancock has

appealed against the decision

to the Administrative Appeals

Tribunal. The companies is

developing the Roy Hill and

Hope Downs iron ore project in

WA's Pilbara region. Ever get

overwhelmed with those 21 logs

in and passwords to pay for

pleth Ralph billions line? How

would you like a slick new free

digital mailbox that is secure

and sorts out your domestic

invoices, finances tax et

cetera? At least two rival cetera? At least two

offers are coming your way this

year. Digital post Australia,

a consortium of Computershare,

sat mat and US company Zoom Box

is offering one and Australia

post the other. That's already

a stoush over branding. I

spoke earlier to David Hynes,

chairman of the digital post

Australia. David Hynes, welcome

to the program. Thank

you. Pretty exciting time for

you fellows. It is quite a

small market here in Australia

you fellows.

and I just wondered whether you

felt it was big enough for the

two of you. You and a big

guerrilla like Australia

post. I suppose it is about

first to market in some ways.

The market here is an exciting

market. It is a fully

outsourced market where most of

the major centres outsource

their communications through service

service bureaus like Salmat,

Computershare communications services

services and other bureaus and

I think consumers in this part


of the world are quite savvy.

We have all got IPads,

I-phones, Australia is renowned

for being up there with the

latest technologies. Tell me

what exactly are you offering?

Is it a game changer? I think what

it is a game changer. I

suppose we're offering what is

equivalent to a physical

mailbox but it's online. You

go out to the front of your

mailbox and open up your physical mail list, it will tell you when your mail is physical mail

there. You log in and up see

your physical mail, it will appear

appear on the screen as

envelopes, you'll click on envelopes, you'll click on them

and open them and up at content envelopes,

will be there. The subsequent

functions, like making payments

or completing some sort of call

to action are all available

online. I suppose the main thing thing is it is also available

when you wants to get to it.

How do you know when you go

into those sites that document you

you need for your taxman is

going to be here. Whereas here

you've got that control and you

can store it in the way you

like for as long as you like

and it is a free service. Of

course, you've upset Australia

post because of your choice of

name a bit. No-one has taken

away the fact you've won the away

first round legal I with a

Federal Court judge finding

Australia post has a weak case.

When I look you up on join

line, digital AU and

Australia post's URL is

Australia digital

post. My mail not confused, I

have to say. Avenue's cheese

send the name because it

describes the service. It was

pretty deliberate the process we

we went through, the consumer

research, and coming one that

name was very deliberate

position in terms of describing

the service. Australia post I'm

sure would say it is very deliberate because it is

actually riding on their brand

and their reputation. I

suspect that's what's going to

be at the heart of the

trial. Clearly, we are making

it very clear that we're a

point joint venture and we con

set train on bringing the

product to the market. It in

the US where this product is up

and running, how quickly was

the take up? It is a different

market over there. It is hard

to comment about the US and as

it would relate to Australia. What

What we took the most from the

market was the product, the


Zoom Box, the fact it was

operational, the fact it was

created for consumer experience

so it was created that that's

what consumers wanted in an

online version of mail. It is

not probably fair to draw a

line with America with just

they've got 10,000 banks just

to give euro idea. We've got

four to six major banks and you

get a lot of people on board

with that. The model that you

have of course is that it have of course is that it is

free for customers and you get paid

paid by the businesses that

presumably want to make contact

with those customers. You've

actually got to pull in both

sides, haven't you, customers

and businesses? Yes,

absolutely. Our program is to sign

sign up those senders who get

the benefit of the savings and

in turn they create the density

or the mail in the box. It has

all the benefits,

environmental, it saves them 50

and probably closer to 70% of

their costs associated with

post continual postage saves post continual postage and saves them material. If the

consumers want that I really

should support that. You talk

about the importance of being

first to market. Australia

post of course has not been

known for its speed. They

reckon they've been working on

this since 2005. It does have

big pockets, that business.

One of the things it could do

is buy market share. Are you

worried about that? No. We're

really concentrating on what we

need to do. We want it to be

easy, we want it to be able to be reconciled with the other

channels and that's why the

consortium of having

Computershare, Salmat and Zoom

Box and people are used to

taking data and sending it and

reconciling it and all the rest

of it. We feel we're perfectly

positioned to get the senders

on board quickly, easily, provide them the savings and

the benefits, and then in turn

get the density we need to make the

the consumer experience. David

Hynes, so long as you don't

kill my local letterbox I wish

you lots of luck. Thank

you. Australia's government

owned nuclear agency says it

will carefully consider a

report accusing it of unfairly

usingist public owner hip to

win a lucrative contract.

ANSTO beat a small publicly

listed company Cyclopharm to

win a contract to supply cancer medicines to NSW hospitals. In

a scathing report the

Productivity Commission found

that an ANSTO subsidiary quoted

prices that didn't reflect

actual costs. Cyclopharm has

welcomed the reports finds and

called for a shake up at ANSTO

to ensure small companies are

able to complete on a level

playing field with government.

A much anticipated decision on

pay TV provider Foxtel's

takeover of regional rival

Austar is sect expected tokt

next. Austar says the competition watchdog will make next.

the announcement on the $2 billion take

billion take over on Tuesday if

the ACCC and Federal Court give

the green light the deal will

be sealed within days.

Insurance Australia Group has

won approval for its takeover

of New Zealand's AMI Insurance.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

has given the final nod for the

$300 million deal. AMI was

bailed out by the New Zealand

government after a jump of

insurance costs of more than

$1.5 billion billion following

the Christchurch earthquakes.

In the US, set to ease

restrictions on investment in

Myanmar. The policy shift

which ends decades of economic

isolation is expected to create

opportunities in

telecommunications, tourism and

agriculture. US Secretary of

State Hilary Clinton made the

announcement in response to

elections that saw democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi agriculture.

elected to Parliament. But Mrs

Clinton says sanctions will be

kept on individuals and

institutions which remain "on

the wrong side of history". Slowly but surely a

growing business is changing

the shape of transport in

cities across Australia. Car

sharing where users pay a

membership fee and then an

hourly rate provide as

alternative to owning a car.

Because of its environment and

financial benefits it is

increasing popularity. We're

hear in South Bank a highly financial populated area in the city of

Melbourne. Residents have many

options for getting around.

But a growing number of them

are turning to sharing cars

rather than owning them. Bruce

Jeffreys founded GoGet in 2003

with just three cars and 12

members. It has since grown to

a fleet of 800 and 18,000

members. It is still a

relatively new industry and as

it grows, we see it it grows, we see it servicing

more and more parts of our cities. Suits literacy living.

I think we worked out owning a

car through petrol,

maintenance, parking, even

having a garaging it was quite

difficult. This was a really

good alternative for us. Car

shares took off around 20 years

ago in Germany and Switzerland

but it's since spread around

the world. I think it is a

question of money. It is a

high investment you have to

take if you want an own car,

but if you take a look at

Freiburg where I come from, we

have almost one third cyclists

and a lot of them don't need a

car. They cycle to work and

everywhere and once they want

to go somewhere else with their family

family they rent a car, but

it's cheaper if you do car sharing. Public-private

partnerships are key to the

success of the three car

sharing companies that operate

in Australia. Local councils

provide the car spaces on the

street and in carparks and

central business district these

car parks can be worth tens of

thousands of dollars a year. We support car sharing because it

is an alternative to owning

cars and congestion is a big

issue in big cities and it is

tps in the city of Melbourne

and anything we could to to reduce the number of cars in our our streets is really

important. Planning developments encourage developments to build smaller developments to

car parks and include car spaces for car sharing

companies instead. We

conducted research with people

who had taken up car sharing or

had used car sharing and the

evidence showed that I think it

was about 19% or almost 20% of

people who used car share

ditched or sold their first car

and I think it was almost 10%

sold their second car as

well. In Germany they're

simplifying the process to mix

and match different types of

transport. We tried to

combine them, the car sharing

with a sort of mobility tickets

so you get one ticket and you can

can choose what you want to do, like

like rent a car or take the

train or rent a says Kell. It

seems surprising that a country

that loves its cars would

embrace a transport option that

reduces the number of cars on

the road. Change and the way

of thinking happens 10 or 20

years ago, so now car sharing

or cycling are no longer the

enemies of the cars or the car

companies. Fast making friends

here. Certainly it means that

the streets aren't cluttered with other vehicles when they don't

don't need to be. And parking

is never an issue. Let me is never an issue. Let me show

you one car I'd quite like to

share a drive in the United

States. A prototype of flying

car has been the star attraction at the New York

international auto show.

Dubbed The Transition it can

cruise as 400 metres high but

don't expect to beat traffic

jams because it needs a runway to take to take off. Manufacturers

were out in force in a new show

of optimism about the market.

Remember going to the shows

three years ago. It was like walking into a funeral walking into a funeral parlour.

It was not about the cars. It

was about trying to figure out whether

whether this company will be in

business in a few months. One

of the drawcard this is year is

the BMW I Series boasting

carbon fibre reinforced plastic

and zero emissions. And now to walking into newspapers around the country. 'The Wall Street Journal' says

fears that the sentence

central banks of Europe and the

US may end efforts to support

financial markets as well as

fresh concerns about the health

of Europe's weakest countries drove down stock March kerts

around the world. Britain's

'Daily Telegraph' says Britain

is almost certain to avoid a

double-dip after strong activity in the done

dre'spowerhouse services sector

put the economy on-course to

grew as much as 0.5% in the

first quarter of the year. On