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(generated from captions) Well, I'm not leaving. twist and turn things anymore. I'm not gonna let you I'm in control now. not of yourself. (Laughs) Well, clearly What did my mother ever do to you? right now She's lying in a hospital bed the rest of her life because of you! and may be that way believe me. It was an accident! No, not because of me. Now, please No, you don't! Stop lying. I know the truth! I've got an eyewitness! Donna saw you through the window. care what Donna THINKS that she saw. I don't care what Donna saw. I don't What did my mother say, huh? I know what happened! You wanted to shut her up for good. Something that bothered you. Stop. I mean, this is so ridiculous. Don't you run away from me! what you did to my mother. I won't let you walk away from Admit it to me! I cannot believe that you... Admit what you did! I've nothing to admit! I didn't! I didn't do anything to your mother! Tell me what you did! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the series of bungles Dianne Brimble's cruise ship death. made by the detective investigating Shark alert! after a string of sightings. Sydney beachgoers warned very big. It's big, yeah, definitely, And lust in space - to murder her love rival. a female astronaut's bizarre plot

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. on the back foot over climate change. Also tonight, the Prime Minister

And the newly single Kylie dazzles of her exhibition in London. at the opening bungling in the Dianne Brimble case. Damning allegations of police grilled at the inquest The so-called dancing detective

over slack procedures, some witnesses including claims he didn't interview because they were his friends. The Dianne Brimble investigation time on board the 'Pacific Sky'. wasn't Detective Erdinc Ozen's first a free cruise on the ship A year earlier he'd accepted several staff members. and got to know the officer was today questioned With that in mind,

a single ship worker on board about why he didn't interview while he probed the Brimble case. avoided questioning P&O employees The family's barrister claiming Ozen and an ongoing relationship. because of a prior relationship was Ann Taylor, One of those staff members the ship's night security manager. persons of interest, Mark Wilhelm, She counselled one of the eight Mrs Brimble's body was found. the night to interview her about it. But it took police four years Ozen claiming: a little difficult anyway - But interviews may have been he ran out of audio tapes on board. the officer admitting a water bottle found in the cabin Detective Ozen was also asked about was given the liquid drug fantasy. where it's claimed Mrs Brimble on the doors of other cabins Detective Ozen said he knocked in an effort to track down witnesses. But when pressed, he admitted two doors in either direction the police canvass only extended where Mrs Brimble's body was found. from the cabin partying in the ship's nightclub, Dubbed the 'dancing detective' after is being protected by the Coroner Detective Ozen's face he's suffering medical problems. because Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Sydney is on shark alert from Bondi to La Perouse. with reports of huge man-eaters and extra lifeguards put on duty Patrols have been stepped up as swimmers are warned to watch out. but staying close to shore. Swimmers were still on the beach, For the third day in a row, have spotted a large shark, locals at Frenchmans Bay just metres off the beach. uncomfortably close,

The size anywhere up to 15 feet long, a tiger shark or white pointer. believed to be I've seen dolphins here. the size of a dolphin. This is three times joined the Westpac helicopter Lifeguards from Maroubra this morning, to search waters around Botany Bay but failed to find the shark. returned to the same area every day. It was first seen on Monday, and has today. We're just staying right at the edge for us two, just to the shore. Not past my knees, that's it Surf lifesavers are concerned. The normally unpatrolled beaches here tomorrow will have several lifeguards on duty and a vessel patrolling the bay.

when they do go down to that beach Just be vigilant just contact the lifeguards. and if they do spot anything, a spike in sightings in Sydney Shark patrols say there's been over the last three weeks. to the warm water. They're being attracted in that time. It's risen from 14 to 20 degrees for a short time this morning Bondi Beach was also evacuated was raised there. after the shark alarm Authorities say it's a timely warning becomes more inviting as the sea temperature and people head into the water. Josh Murphy, Ten News. change have come back to haunt him John Howard's old views on climate

in Parliament. after an embarassing gaffe he got it wrong The Prime Minister admitting today amid taunts he's off his game. he is a believer - John Howard insists are contributing to climate change. carbon emissions the jury was out. Trouble is, yesterday he claimed Mr Speaker, I acknowledge again to this house, that I mistook the question.

about drought and climate change. I wrongly thought he was asking me The gaffe sure got people talking.

He didn't goof up. He did goof up.

is losing his grip. Labor claiming the Prime Minister is a very clever politician John Howard making mistakes like that. but two years ago you never saw him trying to regain the initiative. The Prime Minister today of one of his past views. He reminded Kevin Rudd to be leader the Labor party. He wasn't experienced enough

to be Prime Minister. Now he's experienced enough Lost in the fog of battle, could deal with carbon emissions. an issues paper on how best Australia and conservationists The Greens, Labor as too little, too late. derided the 9-page document agrees time is running out. Ironically, the task group itself to make polluters pay. The Prime Minister still reluctant We are not going to sacrifice the jobs of coalminers

in pursuit of some kind of knee-jerk reaction. Eight years ago, Mr Howard rejected three reports on carbon emissions and sacked the team working on it. Why should the Australians believe you on climate change for the future? Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A large storm is sweeping across Sydney, hammering parts of the city with rain, shaking it with thunder. A cluster of storm cells stretching from Goulburn across Warragamba Dam and as far north as the Central Coast rolled in from the west a short time ago. The bureau is warning that hail is a strong possibility in the Bankstown area within the next 15 minutes.

Sydney airport is also expecting some disruption to flights as a result of the wild weather. We'll keep you updated throughout the bulletin. Outrage over a leaked video revealing the errors that led to a friendly fire incident in Iraq. The cockpit footage shows the moment American pilots fired on a coalition convoy in 2003, killing a British soldier, and their reaction once they realised their mistake.

We'll have a full report on that story later this news hour. An astronaut in a bizarre love triangle is tonight on bail for attempted murder. Wearing a nappy and a wig, the mother of three drove halfway across America to kidnap and kill her love rival.

On 4 July last year, Lisa Marie Nowak was an American hero, part of the crew on board space shuttle 'Discovery'. Today she was in a prison uniform and shackles in court. MAN: Do you swear the information you are about to give is true and correct? Yes. Nowak is a married mother of three, but police say she fell in love with fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein only to learn there was another woman in his life, Air Force captain Colleen Shipman. What we have appears a desperate woman who wants to have a conversation with the other woman. To do that, Nowak drove 1,500km from Houston, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, wearing a nappy - just as she'd done on the space shuttle - to save time on toilet breaks. Obviously she wanted to make that trip as expeditiously as she could. She tracked Shipman to an airport carpark, and, when she refused to talk to her, attacked her with capsicum spray. Police records show the rocket scientist meant business. She had a steel mallet, a knife, a BB gun, garbage bags and gloves as well as love letters to Oefelein and directions to the woman's home. Having a talk with the other woman would be reasonable, and that is what she told them she was doing. But police believe she was planning to abduct and kill the other woman. Our primary concern is her health and wellbeing and safety, and we are down here supporting her like we would any employee. Nowak has been released on bail but must wear an anklet so authorities know her every move. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A Sydney teenager has been charged with murder over a vicious pub bashing that claimed the life of a Sudanese refugee. A court was told the victim hit his head on the footpath

after being punched in the face. A brawl outside the Collector Tavern in Parramatta in mid-December began as just another pub fight. But 26-year-old Sudanese refugee Geoffrey Taban was punched and hit his head on the footpath - a blow that led to his death in hospital a week later. Now detectives have arrested 18-year-old Julius Faleomo, charging him with Mr Taban's murder. Police alleged in court the victim fought with his ex-girlfriend on the dancefloor. Mr Taban and a friend were thrown out of the pub. Once on the street, a group of Islanders and Middle Eastern men emerged from the hotel,

allegedly attacking them. Prosecutor Craig Pullen claimed the violence was completely unprovoked. He said:

Faleomo's parents sat stunned as they heard allegations that Geoffrey Taban collapsed after being hit, smashing his head on the footpath,

fracturing his skull and suffering brain damage. In a record of interview, Faleomo allegedly told police his involvement in the brawl was restricted to defending himself from attack. His lawyer, Greg Willis, said alcohol was involved in the attack and it would be up to the Crown to prove that Faleomo threw the fatal punch. Geoffrey Taban's distraught family took his body home for burial in Sudan just before Christmas. John Hill, Ten News. An update now on our story from last night about the diggers turfed out of their Anzac Day reunion venue. Members of the RAAF 454 and 459 squadrons were told the pub where they've held their reunion for the last 25 years

wouldn't take their booking this year. After their story ran on Ten News last night, alternative offers started coming in - the Commercial Travellers' Club in Sydney's MLC Centre the first to offer their venue.

The management of the Glenmore Hotel has since backed down, saying the diggers can make the booking

as they've done in previous years. But the squadron members are considering whether, in light of the trouble, it might be time for a change. A third teenager dies after a horror car crash in the State's north - that's next. Also tonight, privacy concerns as debate begins on the Federal Government's 'smart card'. And Sydney's tourism boom - the Barmy Army helps a record year for visitors.

They were so fantastic. The business boomed, like, 100%. This program is captioned live.

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A third teenager has died after last week's horror ute crash. The ute crashed in Warialda, in the State's north-west, on Friday, being driven on a joy-ride by a 14-year-old girl with six other teenagers and a 32-year-old man on board. A 14-year-old girl who was being treated at Randwick Children's Hospital has now died. A 13-year-old girl died at the scene and a 13-year-old boy died in hospital on Saturday. The teenage driver has been interviewed by police. An assurance from Canberra tonight Australia's new smart card won't become an ID card by stealth. One Government MP warning it fails the "Nazi test". This is the card the Government says will stop Australian families from drowning in a sea of red tape.

Instead of sitting around that kitchen table, filling in endless forms, they may be able to go down to the local park and play with their kids for once. Medicare, Veterans Affairs, and Centrelink pension cards some of the 17 to be replaced by the new smart card due to be fully rolled out within three years. One step closer today

as the Government introduced the access card legislation despite ongoing privacy concerns from its own back bench. I haven't got my doubts about it but I'm nervous about it. Former minister Bronwyn Bishop expressed fears in the party room the card could be used to oppress some groups, linking it to the Nazi era. I asked the question, would it have assisted at that time the dreadful deeds being done, and I think that's for me an important test. The Government promises privacy safeguards with the power in the hands of the people - able to choose whether details such as date of birth are included. There is no reference and no need for any reference to your religion or to your ethnic background. The Minister has labelled the new access card an "anti-ID card" - pointing to penalties of five years jail for anyone who asks for the card to be produced as ID. Still, some are unconvinced because of the amount of information the card will hold. The biometric photo and the microchip will hold more information than was ever proposed with the Australia Card. The Government claims the information is essential to cutting fraudulent social services claims. Brad Hodson, Ten News. And Premier Morris Iemma has introduced the forgotten issue of the election campaign today - health,

with a tour of Westmead Hospital. The excuse for this election picture opportunity in the maternity ward? Meeting high school students enrolled in a hands-on work experience program for those interested in nursing, with credits awarded towards the HSC. It's a hands-on work experience program The Premier also re-announced a $2 billion redevelopment plan for five major hospitals, including Auburn and Liverpool. Sydney's tourism industry has risen from the Ashes. It's just notched up a record season, all thanks to the Barmy Army. Cafes are crowded, hotels are filling up, and there's barely enough room to walk. Tourism is booming in Sydney and the latest figures show it's all thanks to the Barmy Army.

They were so fantastic that business boomed, like, 100% and their joking and laughing of the cricket made the whole image a whole lot more better.

The red and white invasion has seen Sydney's tourism industry rise from the ashes, delivering a record end to 2006. Well, the Barmy Army didn't help the English cricket team but they certainly helped our economy and it looks like we've had a terrific January. The cricket-led recovery poured millions of dollars into local businesses, with most reporting a huge jump in turnover. Definitely the Barmy Army were, you know, they've got a good exchange rate

so they've got the money to spend. They're all happy. We've got sun here as well. The UK is still one of our biggest markets. Visitor numbers are up by more than 10% on last year. It's freezing cold back home

and it's great to go and get some sun. It's really good. You see and hear so much about Sydney, you just want to come here and experience it for yourself. With two of the world's largest cruise ships due to dock in the next couple of weeks, Sydney's bumper summer is expected to continue.

There'll be over 7,000 tourists arriving and they'll all be checking into hotels around the city. It's a positive trend and it's an opportunity now for the economy of Sydney to grow and we're certainly excited by the numbers that we're seeing.

Richard Davies, Ten News.

A it sounds like would be a way

around in the storm. Let's go

straight to the radar. There are

storms cells colouring in that

vision at the moment and, yes,

we're getting a lot of rain in the

upper areas of the catchment area.

We've between 20 mm and 40 mm

falling at the moment. It's going

as far north as the Central Coast.

Mainly they heavy rainfall is

across the Blue mountain's area and

the western areas of the Sydney

basin. In the next hour they'll

start in for Trade East End

hopefully dropped some rain across

all those areas as well. The good

news is for heavy rain in the upper

reaches of the catchment area in

the last hour. As far as Taylor is

concerned, there's somehow or west

of the Blue Mountains. There's 40

mm or 50 mm of rain out there as

well. Tomorrow and other day like

this with a southerly change in the afternoon.

Around 3 o'clock this afternoon the

boom crash opera started to move

across. It started infiltrator most

of the area south-west of Sydney

and the Blue Mountains. It's about

23 degrees now and there are

thunderstorms expected it right

across the Sydney basin. Residents knee-deep in water

as Cyclone Nelson hits Queensland's Far North -

Oh, Joan, Foxtel's going for quite the low price. Yes. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $12 million Powerball jackpot. You could spend the rest of your life.

This program is captioned live. Cyclone Nelson has lost strength after crossing the coast in Far North Queensland. Although it's been downgraded, there are now fears of a second destructive storm on the other side of the State. With memories of the past 12 months fresh in their minds, the people of Innisfail are being forced back into town to stock up on essentials. The problem is, the shelves are bare. There's nothing here for us to stock up on. There's no bread, there's no potatoes, no nothing. With all roads north cut off by the flooding being generated by ex-tropical cyclone Nelson,

the region is once again on its own. I really don't want to go through another one, so... if it comes, it comes, there's nothing you can do. The Innisfail community is back in familiar territory. Just came into town to get some tarps. Bit of a leaky roof, and it's nearly a cyclone again. Innisfail's emergency services committee bunkering down to prepare for the worst. We've also intentionally got people stood down at the moment to take a bit of a rest to consider what be happening in the next few days.

The SES doing what they can before the big rains come again. While today has been just another typical wet season day here in Innisfail,

forecasters are predicting up to 200mm of rain

to be dumped here overnight, and that could change everything. Everyone's is on tenderhooks. Just keeping an eye on this particular tropical cyclone event. A combined force of ex-tropical cyclone Nelson and a tropical low off the coast is pouring more moisture into an already saturated region. The area's banana growers pleading for an RAAF Hercules to airlift their first cash crop since Cyclone Larry

to a waiting market. Simon Hooper, Ten News. Prosecutors have outlined their case in Norfolk Island's historic murder trial. They say there can be no doubt the accused, Glenn McNeill, acted ferociously, intending to kill Sydney woman Janelle Patton. Sporting a fresh crewcut for his appearance before the jury, Glenn McNeill walks into court with trademark calm. His family among the first to arrive for the opening addresses. And for the first time since the case began, Carol Patton and her son Mark were committed to watch. Relieved it's under way, because it's been a very long wait through the week - we've been here a week. It proved a gruelling experience,

with prosecutors outlining Janelle Patton's violent final moments in 2002. Glenn McNeill claims he accidentally struck Janelle with his car while high on cannabis. He says he put her in his car's boot and took her home

but panicked when she regained consciousness. He heard her moaning, he could hear her in the boot and into the house, so he grabbed a fish-filleting knife and stabbed her just to make sure she was dead. Then he wrapped the body in plastic and drove right past the police station to a bushland reserve to dump it. McNeill allegedly kept the murder a secret until his arrest last year. McNeill's alleged confession to police

will be shown to the jury after the defence lost a fight to have it excluded. The taped admissions are expected to form a crucial part of the Crown case. But the defence points out they can only be accepted as admissions if there is evidence to support them. Until such a time, McNeill remains an innocent man. The case is now being heard by a jury of just 11 after a woman juror claimed she was medically unfit to serve.

On Norfolk Island, Amber Muir for Ten News. Another letter bomb has gone off near London, a day after a similar explosion caused panic in the city. Two office workers were slightly injured in the latest blast,

at an accountancy firm.

Police are investigating a possible link between the two incidents. Both companies worked with the police traffic unit and investigators believe the letter bombs could be the work of a disgruntled motorist. Graphic images on cigarette packets appear to be having the desired affect on smokers. A survey revealing the grim warnings about health hazards are making people change their habits. Once considered glamorous, the ugly side of smoking is now a burning issue. Lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, peripheral vascular disease. A survey of 15,000 smokers in four countries has showed graphic pictures on cigarette packets are proving most effective in influencing the behaviour of smokers.

While the study was conducted before images were made compulsory in Australia, local researchers say the replacement of written warnings is reaping rewards. Text-based warnings are noticed as much as graphic warnings but they're not processed by people, they don't get into people's heads in the same way graphic warnings do. Smokers were surveyed on their awareness of the messages, changes in their understanding of the risks of smoking, and asked what impact the images had on their behaviour.

These graphic health warnings are the right way to go. They're helping smokers to think more about quitting.

The survey showed warnings on cigarettes proved least effective in the United States.

The study noting messages there have not been updated since 1984. That, according to experts, means campaigns must continuously change, the current one receiving a mixed reception by smokers. Would that impact on your decision to smoke? It should, but it doesn't.

Actually, it does, yes.

I don't want to see myself like this. But you still have a cigarette in your hand. This is my last cigarette, then. Allan Raskall, Ten News. BHP shares boosted by an $8 billion half-year profit - that's next. Also, the leaked tape revealing the mistakes

which caused the friendly-fire death of a British soldier in Iraq. We're in jail, dude. And a newly single Kylie shines at the launch of her exhibition in London. Yeah, it's all good.

Don't forget Max. Morning, Max. Morning. OK, we're here, kids.

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This program is captioned live. The top stories we're following - Sydney is on shark alert, with reports of sightings from Bondi to La Perouse. Patrols have been stepped up and extra lifeguards put on duty. Damning allegations of police bungling in the Dianne Brimble case.

The so-called dancing detective grilled at the inquest over claims he didn't bother interviewing some witnesses he knew personally. And a female astronaut in a bizarre love triangle involving a fellow astronaut is on bail for the attempted murder of her love rival. It's alleged married mother of three Lisa Nowak drove halfway across America to kidnap and kill the other woman. More now on the leaking of a military video revealing American pilots opening fire on a British convoy in Iraq. The friendly-fire bungle killed a 25-year-old British soldier but the Pentagon tried to keep the cockpit recording under wraps. British troops pushing into Iraq were deeply worried about being bombed by the Americans. At the start of the invasion, more had been killed by US friendly fire than by the Iraqis. This tape, kept secret for years, exposes one such incident. Tragically, the American pilots misinterpret orange markings which should have identified vehicles on the ground as British.

The attack was pressed by A-10 tankbusters like these. The pilots, Air National Guardsmen from Idaho, with no previous combat experience. More importantly, perhaps, they'd been given little, if any, training on how to recognise British vehicles, even though the UK was one quarter of the ground force. The moment of attack. Lance Corporal Matty Hull, 25 years old, was killed, four of his comrades wounded. But, as the tape also makes clear, the pilots are devastated by what they have done.

While a coroner will now see this tape, there is zero chance the pilots themselves will be required to give evidence. A big day in finance, with interest rates kept on hold, bumper profits announced and yet another record for the share market.

It's business as usual for Kylie Minogue. A week after her spilt from boyfriend Olivier Martinez, she's put her personal issues aside, opening her own exhibition at London's prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In London, the first snap of a newly single Kylie could be worth a thousand pounds. The paparazzi have been chasing Kylie following her split with Olivier Martinez, her partner of four years. But tonight she put on a brave front. I'm just going to say that I'm here tonight and having a wonderful time, thinking about my friend also, and he's wished me all the best for tonight, so...yeah. It's all good. Kylie's no stranger to the paparazzi

and would have known that, tonight, interest in her would be frenzied but she insisted on opening this exhibition, which is dedicated to showcasing her

as one of the world's great fashion icons. The exhibition is a wardrobe of memories ranging from the denim overalls

Kylie wore as a teenager in 'Neighbours' to one of her most memorable outfits, those gold hotpants.

They're very confronting at this level. Organisers say the exhibition shows how Kylie has developed into one of the world's great style icons. The British public, though, love her for so much more than just her fashion sense. She's been adopted by England, really, although she's Australian, because her career really was formed here. I think people are glad to see her back and kind of being the showgirl that she is. In London, Rachel Smalley, Ten News.

The the storm clouds have certainly

ERM move team, bringing much-needed

rain. Yes, it looks like an for

showers and thunderstorms and

unsettled activity in the forecast

for the next six days. We've had

phone calls after mentioning with

Gala at just 10 minutes ago

receiving at hailed and right now

there are six mm pieces of hail

falling. Heavy rain in the upper

areas of the catchment and most of

the rain falling at the moment is

in the western half of the Sydney-

based him. The storm activity

expected in the next hour or two

should be moved east or north-east. There are lightning strikes across

the top of Darling Harbour. Right

now here are the temperatures for today.

I'll see you again at 5-6. Sport is next with Brad McEwan, and England won't rushing back batsman Kevin Petersen. No, a suddenly in-form England cricket team believe they won't need him to beat us in the one-day finals. More shortly. Also, Denmark hammers the Socceroos. And one-legged skiing champ Michael Milton switches to cycling with instant success.

This program is captioned live. The turmoil over the fate of Sydney FC coach Terry Butcher continues. The club is tonight refusing to confirm or deny reports they've already sacked Butcher. An undermanned Socceroos

have suffered their first-ever defeat in London, going down 3-1 to Denmark in an international friendly. Jon-Dahl Tomasson landed a double for the Danes, while the Socceroos had two first-half goals disallowed. The two teams meeting on neutral ground, but this international had all the hallmarks of a Socceroo home game. (All sing 'Advance Australia Fair')

The Aussie fans in full voice with Jimmy Barnes, but they were quickly silenced in the fifth minute. COMMENTATOR: A shot over the top of the goalkeeper and into the back of the net! And Denmark have the lead. A defensive mistake from Mile Sterjovski allowing Denmark to convert in superb fashion. A Josip Skoko free kick appeared to earn the Aussies the equaliser. And headed into the back of the net by Michael Thwaight. The goal controversially disallowed for a foul in the box, but there were no doubts about the Danes' second. It's a free header, and it's 2-0 for the Danes! And Australia's understrength and inexperienced defence looked on as spectators for Denmark's third. Man free, and that's three! Jon-Dahl Tomasson's second of the night. Exposing these younger players to international football, this is where they can learn by their mistakes. Australia's night of anguish continued - this time an offside ruling denying the Socceroos. Definitely at least one of the two was a goal. We heard after that they weren't offside. Sterjovski had a chance for redemption early in the second, but it took until the 85th minute for Australia to get on the board. It's Brett Emerton over the top and into the net. The stand-in skipper nailing a sensational late consolation goal. I thought Australia played well. We created our chances, but we just couldn't put them away. Andrew Brown, Ten News. England will resist the temptation to rush Kevin Pietersen back to Australia for the Tri-Series finals. The suddenly in-form English say they don't need their star batsman for Friday's opening one-dayer at the MCG. For the first time in a long summer, the English tails are up. Back-to-back wins have smiles wide and confidence high ahead of finals time. We've played some very, very good cricket. With a young side, what's the limit? What's the limit of this side? Like I keep saying, with a young side you never know what the limit is. There's a lot of growth in it. If there's a lot of growth, we could upset a lot of top sides. It just goes to show what winning a match does. They've played really well the last couple of games, England. So I'm sure that they'll be looking forward to Friday night as well. Concern still centres on skipper Michael Vaughan. His hamstring is again sore, but is expected to be right for Friday. He just felt it go a little bit, but Dean just wants to make sure it's not a problem that you can feel after you've torn it and gone back and played. But star batsman Kevin Peitersen's return has been put on ice, his broken rib still not up for an SOS down under. No, Kevin Peitersen's not coming down. I don't know where that came down from. Waiting to at last face England is Shane Watson. Back in the national team after a stalled Ashes, he's hopeful his brittle body remains intact.

Why do have to make the most of my

body - everything I put into it and

do with it's to make sure on right

to achieve the things I want to

achieve in my career. Last night, England registered win number three of their Aussie tour. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's got him! That's definitely out. Cruising towards victory, New Zealand self-destructed to book an early flight home. It was all enough to make a Kiwi cry. She's absolutely sobbing. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The NSW Waratahs have made two changes for Friday's Super 14 clash with the Sharks in Durban. Randwick's Adam Freier will start at hooker, while hard-hitting flanker Beau Robinson is set to make his Super 14 debut from the bench. Coach Ewen McKenzie is expecting an extremely physical contest. We think it's going to be definitely an 80-minute game that will need intensity for the full match, so we've picked guys that can give us that. Lote Tuqiri will celebrate his 50th NSW cap in the Round 2 match. American Natalie Gulbis says she needs to improve dramatically for the ANZ Ladies Masters starting tomorrow. The US glamour girl was a popular figure at today's pro-am at Royal Pines. She admits her high profile brings with it some pressure but not as much as she puts on herself. I think the most pressure is on myself. I mean, this is the beginning of my season, I've worked hard in the off season on my golf game and I have high goals for 2007 and what I want to achieve, so there's where the most pressure is. Tournament favourite Karrie Webb and defending champion Amy Yang also completed their preprations today. One-legged skiing champion Michael Milton has turned to track cycling, with instant success. The Winter Paralympics champion taking out the national 3,000m individual pursuit despite only taking up the event just six months ago. There's some strength in the old leg from all the training that I've been doing for skiing for years and years and from the bike riding I've been doing for the last six months, so all the hard work is certainly there, and I believe there's a lot more potential. Milton's now aiming for international cycling success but won't be giving up chasing world records in downhill speed skiing. Little-known Aussie surfer Mark Matthews has ridden the wave of his life at the Monster Energy Pro in Hawaii. The 24-year-old Sydneysider threading the thrilling 5m tubes of the Banzai Pipeline to score himself a perfect 10 points. His incredible tube already being described as one of the all-time great North Shore rides. The Pipeline swell continued to grow as the afternoon went on, resulting in four broken boards and just as many wipe-outs. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, the results of Jade North's A-League disciplinary hearing. Don't go away - Tim Bailey's full weather rundown is next. Actions always speak louder than words at ActewAGL and these days, we're very active. We provide life's essential services to Canberra and the region.

All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. We're always looking at ways to improve our products and provide savings in electricity, natural gas and Internet services by bundling. We're setting the benchmark with our website and customer service. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here and always will be.

And we were out of town, saw a house on a hill, fell in love, and it was like that. It was just meant to be ours. Fantastic. And it's wonderful. and enjoy that as well. Well, whether it's a sea change, tree change or just changing suburbs, it's a great time to call APIA on 13 50 50.

He's the latest on the wild weather.

A thunder and lightning, very, very

frightening. It's an active

afternoon for a weather watcher

like myself. There's a storm and a

shower in the forecast for the next

six or seven days in Sydney.

There's a cluster of storms moving

to the north-east. Most rainfall

fell in the western areas of the

Sydney-based and. The upper areas

of the catchment area or got a 30

mm or 40 mm. There was hail falling

or west of the Blue Mountains. You,

folks, Aarau best weather watchers,

our best at link and to what's

going on out there. Please send us

your photos. I love it when I cast

you to do my job for me. The tuna

what else we do? We like to squeeze

in the next big thing sometimes we

squeeze in a people who are up have

been deep and I going to be be

again. We did something together

about 10 years ago but we still

both got jobs. You've had a bubble

last year. Yes, I did. You were

always the one with the talent.

Right now NBL nine to perform a

song called She-Devil. They ate and

She-Devil and stole my heart for a

She Devil made me fall apart at

doesn't matter what you say. It

matters what you do. She-Devil in

the skies. They go sheets back and

that's what it looks like. Lovely

to see it. Let's hope we look the

same in 10 years' time. We're

keeping the are I lie on the storms.

In the next hour they should travel

out east. Tomorrow there will be

showers in the morning and a

southerly change and more

thunderstorms expected in the afternoon.

There will be at showers and storms

in Nice to NSW and Queensland. Here

is the predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across the rooftops.

drips and drops across the rooftops.

There are heavy falls possible in

northern Queensland. They be falls

across eastern Victoria and parts

of Western Australia. Showers in

the morning, a southerly change and

then up more shower activity.

Storms on Thursday and Friday.

Showers over the weekend and it

early next week. Look at that guy

behind me.

Don't forget all your weather

pictures are sent them to last. And

will put them on the telly. That's the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.