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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the secret mission Greenpeace try to stop to the US. to transport spent nuclear fuel for sufferers of osteoporosis. And cheaper drugs and more rebates Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. the bushfire threat in Victoria Cooler temperatures have helped ease

as an investigation begins firefighters were seriously hurt. into how volunteer New Zealand is also in hospital A bulldozer operator after being critically injured. to be rescued, After waiting three hours the 70-year-old bulldozer operator Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. arrives at constructing a fire control line The private contractor had been in the State's east, down a steep spur in Gippsland, trapping him upside down. when his machine rolled,

New Zealand firefighter Barry Hunt, He joins in hospital for serious burns who is being treated to his hands, face and airways. was also injured, Fellow crewmate John Tupara rushing to his bedside. his worried relatives so we'll just hold it together, We are a closeknit family for his sake too. We hope he's alright. became trapped 11 New Zealand firefighters spotted into a gully. when the Victorian bushfire is under way, An investigation into the cause but it's understood wearing protective hand gloves. the visiting firefighters were not

The cost of the fire is fast emerging have fallen victim. and not only people and property Animal carers rescuing orphaned joeys in artificial pouches, and placing them for burns. while koalas are being treated

And in Tasmania, for more than a week continue. fires that have been raging

Authorities now fear engulf the coastal town of Bicheno. a blaze in the north-east could Veronica Buck, Ten News. water churning in a Queensland town Generators have kicked in to keep hit by a freak weekend storm. are still without power. But as many as 6,000 Noosa homeowners tore roofs off dozens of properties, Winds up to 120km/h up to half a kilometre away. some hurled onto his power lines Threw it over our fence straight off at the house. and cut the power lines inundated with hail. The holiday location was also The local airstrip not spared. into the millions of dollars. The repair bill is expected to run is abuzz this morning with news The business world investing $50,000 each 2,500 pilots are considering of the Flying Kangaroo. to halt the $11 billion takeover The union-backed plan 9% of the company's shareholders would need the support of at least to block the bid.

the consortium takeover, Pilots and unions believe led by Macquarie Bank, at Qantas. would lead to a loss of jobs Later in the morning news, behind the proposal. we'll talk to the union leader Greenpeace protesters of spent nuclear fuel rods have attempted to stop a shipment to the United States. from being transported containers being loaded They tried to interrupt the to challenge the ship. before taking to the sea It was a major security operation, through Sydney's suburbs, but, as nuclear waste was moved Greenpeace was right behind it.

the convoy heavily guarded With the police helicopter overhead, sealed off, and the loading dock at Port Botany to take to the water, their best chance was for them. where the police were waiting with its plans If the Government pushes ahead in Australia, for nuclear power reactors will become commonplace these kinds of transports through Australian communities. Greenpeace is concerned an interest in this type of cargo. they're not the only group with are a magnet for terrorist groups. These kinds of transports The waste is prepared for shipment nuclear reactor. at Sydney's Lucas Heights

into a basket, Each spent fuel rod is loaded which is then sealed inside a casket ready for transportation. before being loaded onto a truck of Australia's nuclear medicine. The reactor produces 70% are tested rigorously The casks we use for such treatment very extreme events. so they can withstand The result of that there has never been an incident is that worldwide with a shipment of spent fuel rods. Tim Potter, Ten News. of Narangba Residents of the Queensland town Premier Peter Beattie's home. are threatening to march on They're demanding an explanation in their town, north of Brisbane, about a second chemical fire in just 16 months. late Saturday The blaze broke out at a factory from another chemical fire across the road which happened in August last year. they're terrified Community members say and want the factories moved. contamination from the recent fire The Premier says there's been no of the chemicals is minimal. and he's been advised the threat for sufferers of osteoporosis. There's some good news today

The bone-thinning condition affects 2 million Australian women, a staggering and often comes too late. but treatment is costly is reporter Jacqueline Maddock. Joining us from Canberra will now help sufferers Jacqui, the Federal Government with their medical bills. That is right. The changes mean

That is right. The changes mean that sufferers

that sufferers of the disease will

find treatment more affordable, but

it does signal a greater focus on

prevention. The Government will

spend $225 million and that will

see as many more as 40,000

Australians more eligible for

subsidised treatment under the

pharmaceutical benefit scheme. Bone

density tests are still the best

way to diagnose osteoporosis and

from April funded test will be

available from everybody over the

age of 70. Kevin Rudd Mark Latham legacy behind him today will attempt to put another with a visit to Tasmania. old growth forests on the Apple Isle Mark Latham's promise to protect outraged timber workers at the last election. and cost Labor two key seats is just a listening tour Mr Rudd says his visit today an assurance but timber unions are demanding that Mr Latham's promise will be abandoned. The Prime Minister says Mr Rudd and Mark Latham have a lot in common, accusing the new leader of trying to demonise his Government. The Navy will use more high-tech equipment in a bid to reach the army Black Hawk helicopter that crashed off the coast of Fiji last month. The news comes as the HMAS 'Kanimbla' returns home. It was a sombre homecoming for the HMAS 'Kanimbla', the support ship docking in Townsville yesterday, less than a month after the Black Hawk tragedy

that killed two defence personnel. Younger family members bringing joy to a sad occasion. There's Daddy on top. The 800 soldiers were on stand-by in waters off Fiji. The deployment marred by the death of a pilot and soldier during a helicopter landing mishap on November 29. Our thoughts, our best wishes, our sympathy and our support continue to go out to the families of Major Bingley and also to Trooper Porter. The task force commander praising his troops for their professionalism. I've got to say I'm extremely proud of them as all Australia should be of its defence force. They just got on with the job. Captain Mark Bingley's widow putting her grief aside

to welcome the ship's air crew home. Melissa and young Mitchell were there to meet the air crew and aircraft. She was very, very happy to see them get back and they were also happy that she took herself out there to see them. She's a remarkable lady, I must say. The 'Kanimbla's arrival comes as a signal from the Black Hawk's locator beacon is detected. That data now being used to consider a recovery operation. There's a bit more work to be done on a terrain analysis of the sea bed to see what has to be done and then it's going to be a decision for the CDF and Government as to what we do after that. The body of SAS trooper Josh Porter hasn't been found. Kate Donnison, Ten News.

The body of a Brisbane man killed in Iraq

will be returned home ahead of his funeral on Wednesday.

New Zealand-born, Steve Gilchrist, was killed instantly when a shell hit his armoured vehicle while he was working for a private security firm. The 33-year-old father of three moved to Queensland five years ago. He was exceptionally good at his job and he was out there giving life a really good shake. He survived the bombing of the Australian embassy in Iraq two years ago, before deciding to become a private contractor.

Police and rescue workers will today widen their search for a schoolboy missing for a week in the New South Wales Blue Mountains. Teenager David Iredale contacted 000 last Monday after becoming separated from two friends on a Duke of Edinborough trek, but hasn't been heard from since. A 100-strong search team has scoured an area, 16km around where the Sydney Grammar School student was last seen.

'The Daily Telegraph' says rescuers are baffled they've found no tracks, rubbish or equipment, pointing to David and fear he may have had an accident. The search will widen into a bigger area this morning. Nicole Kidman has played Santa for a group of sick kids hosting a special screening of her latest movie 'Happy Feet'. The dancing penguins and the glamorous star putting some big smiles on some little faces. Putting a smile on the faces of sick children has become something of a habit for Nicole Kidman, but this Christmas present

of an exclusive screening of her new movie 'Happy Feet' will be hard to top, New best friend and special guest 8-year-old Cooper Smeaton proving to be quite the gentleman. First of all winning her over with a gift of earrings and a bracelet. Yeah, and I forgot my earrings. And then an offer she couldn't refuse - I'll walk you to the cinema if you want. Yeah, well you definitely can. And so he did. He wore a tie for me today. And he also said he's got some cuffs on so he can chain me to the chair. That's not really true. Now he's taking it back. When I was making this film, I thought wouldn't it be lovely if I come back to Australia and screen it for you all, and here we are. 8-year-old Fatmata Bayoh thanking Nicole on behalf of all the patients at the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. When Nicole visited just before her wedding in June, Fatmata was paralysed from the neck down. When I saw your face, I knew I would walk and run again somehow and I am - look at me now. I live in this crazy world of movie-making and fantasy and I always get such an extraordinary sense of reality from all of you - you all inspire me. She'll fly back to the United States at the end of the week to spend her first Christmas with husband Keith Urban. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Another scandal threatens to engulf Mel Gibson. That story later in Ten's Morning news. And dob in a driver - road rage hits cyber space. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $10 million. CRASH! So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $10 million jackpot. There's nothing more important than our children's education, so after six months community consultation, the ACT Government has adopted a reform package that involves some tough decisions but also increased spending. Over the next four years, we've earmarked $90 million to improve our public schools - to upgrade teaching and learning environments, improve science labs, upgrade sports areas and more. Plus there's $54 million for a new school in Tuggeranong and another $20 million for information technology, including upgrading broadband links in every public school - an Australian first. It's more than an investment in our schools. It's an investment in our children and our future. This program is captioned live. More than 500 police are now tracking the final movements of the murdered Suffolk prostitutes.

They're pooling through hours of security footage

in the hunt for the Red-Light Ripper. This operation has now pulled in nearly 500 police officers, most of them from across the United Kingdom. Tonight, they're questioning passengers at the tiny railway junction of Manningtree. Yesterday's release of CCTV images has brought them here. For today, police learned that Anneli Alderton changed trains here just one week before her body was discovered and tonight, they're looking for passengers who might have seen her. These pictures of Anneli Alderton show her just one week before her body was found. Yesterday, police did not know where she was going or even which station she got off at. Today, they know a little more.

Completing the picture remains for now among their top priorities. The public have responded positively to our appeals and we are now confident that we can begin piecing together the jigsaw of Anneli's last movements. However, we still need to know where she was after the evening of December 3 and we need to find the clothing she was wearing in the CCTV footage. Gradually, the details of Anneli Alderton's last train journey are falling into place. This is what is now known.

She boarded the 5:53pm Colchester-bound train at Harwich but she got off half way at Manningtree shortly after 6:15pm. She waited 30 minutes before boarding another service from Manningtree back to Ipswich. Anneli Alderton walked through those doors and back into Ipswich on the evening of December 3. Two weeks ago tonight, her body was discovered on December 10. The intervening seven days remain a complete mystery. Nobody knows what she did or who she met.

The police don't even know which day she died. The relentless search for scraps of information goes on every night and into the night. Police comb the red-light district where the five dead women worked. Some clients, they say, have come forward voluntarily. Others, more wary, are being traced. For what Anneli Alderton did in the last days of her life is not the only gaping hole in what the police know. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has made an unexpected visit to Iraq. During a media conference with Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, Mr Blair urged the international community to ensure democracy is not defeated by terrorism.

The people that are spillling the blood of innocent people in Iraq today are terrorists, are former supporters of Saddam, are everyone who doesn't want to see democracy in this country. Mr Blair is scheduled to visit British troops serving in Basra. An alarming confession from former US secretary of state Colin Powell - America is losing the war in Iraq.

Mr Powell made the comments as the US considers temporarily boosting troop numbers in the troubled country. It's one of many considerations following the scathing attack by the Iraq Study Group. Speaking on a US chat show,

Mr Powell says the US is lacking direction in Iraq. Before I would add any additional troops or recommend it to a commander in chief, I'd want to make sure we have a clear understanding of what it is they're going for. He's also encouraging the Bush Administration

to maintain open talks with Syria and Iran. Palestinians are on the brink of a civil war threatening to throw the region into further turmoil. Gunmen from the ruling Hamas party clashed with their Fatah rivals on the streets of Gaza City, just a day after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called for an early election. A 19-year-old woman was killed in crossfire as militants fired mortars at government offices. A chance to remember the past and look to the future at New York's Ground Zero. Victim's families joined survivors of the September 11 attacks to see and sign the first steel beam for the new Freedom Tower. The 27-tonne column will form part of the foundation for the 541 metre skyscraper which will replace the fallen World Trade Center buildings. Freedom Tower will include office space, an observation deck, restaurants and a shopping centre. British police have warned Heather Mills-McCartney about a threat to her safety. There are rumours Liverpool underworld figures are planning to attack the former model because they're angry about her split with former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. Police have confirmed detectives visited the 38-year-old and told her the threat was non-specific and there was no imminent risk. They also spoke to Sir Paul but didn't reveal any details of the conversation. More troubles for Mel Gibson, this time over claims he fathered a love child nearly three decades ago. 29-year-old Carmel Sloane claims she was conceived on a one-night stand in the back of a car in Adelaide. Sloane says Gibson was a 21-year-old fruitpicker when he picked up her mother Marilyn who was hitch-hiking. Carmel's taken legal action ordering a paternity test. She says she's not trying to get money out of the Oscar winner she just wants to meet her dad.

Prince William's girlfriend has reportedly knocked back an invitation from the Queen. A British newspaper claims Kate Middleton was invited to spend Christmas with the Royal Family but turned it down telling friends she'll only join them if she's married to William.

The 24-year-old appeared at the Prince's graduation from the Sandhurst military academy on Friday fuelling speculation they were about to announce their engagement. But she's planning to spend Christmas with her family in Scotland. 'Little Britain' star Matt Lucas has married his boyfriend of three years, Kevin McGee in a civil ceremony in London. REPORTER: Matt, will you give him a kiss please?

The stand-up comedian and his TV producer partner celebrated their union with a pantomime-themed reception. The 500 guests were asked to turn up in costume. The Qantas workers using their own money to stop the company takeover - we talk to one of the organisers, next. And lipstick queen Poppy King makes a comeback eight years after losing it all. If you want to pay nothing to get FOXTEL Digital installed and get our best package for nothing for the first month as well, And what's more entertaining than having FOXTEL this summer? Correct. I think Santa certainly shops at Bunnings stores. has a look at what we've got, and then goes away. If you've been good, he'll look after you. Four-setting picnic set, only $19.98. Ozito rotary hammer drill kit, $69. Christmas Star poinsettia, just $8.98.

This program is captioned live. Containment lines are being built in fire-ravaged parts of Victoria as crews prepare for worsening conditions later in the week. A bulldozer operator has been critically injured while battling the blaze while an investigation is now under way

into how several New Zealand volunteers suffered serious burns. Greenpeace protesters have attempted to stop a shipment of spent nuclear fuel rods from being transported to the United States. They tried to interrupt the containers being loaded before taking to the sea to challenge the ship.

$225 million has been granted to extend the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to include drugs used to treat osteoporosis. Medicare will also be extended to cover bone density tests for sufferers over 70. To business news now with Kath Robinson, and pilots look to block the Qantas sale? 2,500 pilots are considering investing $50,000 each to halt Qantas's $11 billion takeover. Joining me now is Peter Somerville from the Australian and International Pilots Association. Peter, why do pilots want to do this and is it feasible?

The pilots want to do this because

they have significant concerns

about the offer and the uncertainty

surrounding the offer. We have not

been able to speak with the

consortium and as such we are very

concerned. Yes, it is a viable

option that we are looking at. We

have been contacted by other

interest in the finance and banking

industry and we are also interested

in including that small

shareholders in this as well, who

have their concerns about this

offer. Other concerns over safety

or jobs? We have a range of

concerns. Not being able to speak

to the consortium is one of them,

but there is no doubt that this

offer is loading up Qantas with a

lot of extra debt and the private

equity partners will be looking for

a return on that date. Any time that we have significant commercial

factors such as this they are bound

to be intentioned with high

professional standards of the

Qantas pilots. Qantas pilots want

to maintain their standards. The

pilots will only be buying 1% of

Qantas shares, well short of the 9%

needed to halt the sale. Where were

the other 8% come from? There is a

groundswell of Opposition from the

community so there will be some

small shareholders. They may be

other farms in interested in a

longer term view of Quantas and

certainly, as I said, we have had

contact from the banking and

finance industry as well. The

association is a meeting with the

government this week. What are they

hoping for? We have good relations

with the federal government and we

had been to build on those this

week, particularly on aviation

stairs. We're looking to have those

discussions in private on Wednesday,

so we will have those discussions first of all in private. Multiplex will be hit with a $100 million class action from investors in the new Wembley Stadium.

They're angry at having been left in the dark about construction problems surrounding the London stadium. Investors claim they've lost millions of dollars

as the stadium falls months behind schedule. It's believed troubles with the project came to light back in 2004 but Multiplex is accused of not passing on the news to investors. An American company

may soon be looking after more than 100 of Telstra's retail stores. The telecommunications company's CEO Sol Trujillo is believed to be in talks with a business connection to manage the Telstra Shops Network. The deal with Miami-based Brightstar would be the third with Telstra in 15 months. Reports today indicate the out-sourcing move would benefit both parties, Reports today indicate would benefit both parties, with Telsta's retail stores accounting for more than $2 billion a year in sales. Telstra denies any such deal is taking place. The Treasurer has shot down hopes of large pre-election tax cuts. Peter Costello says senior ministers are framing the Budget in an environment where "revenues are moderate". He says the drought and the levelling-off of the commodity price cycle has impacted on the economy, namely growth. Mr Costello concedes last year's $36 billion of forecast cuts don't come every year. Now for what's in store on the markets today, I'm joined by CommSec's chief economist, Craig James. Craig, the local market took a boost from Wall Street this morning?

They got wonderful inflation

figures in the US on Friday, it was

unchanged for the letters months.

That took the Dow Jones to record

highs. The Australian share market

is up in the order of 10 points.

The only sector weighing on the

market today is the resource sector.

The media budget review is out this

week. What is likely to be

revealed? Peter Costello is quite

downbeat about the economy's

prospects, with the trout weighing

on economic growth and also the

fact that the commodity price boom

has peaked. The Treasury is downplaying the prospect of

significant tax cuts. The

government wants to see interest

rate cuts before a likely election

in October. And Qantas pilots are

looking to block the sale. What

impact it is this likely to have on

shares this week? It is unlikely to

have too much impact on Qantas

shares, which are currently trading

at $5.30. There is really not a lot

that the pilots can do. 2 1/2 1000

pilots are hoping to get $50,000

each and get a 1% stake in the

country, but 9% of other

shareholders are those in

Opposition to the deal. A lot rests

on Peter Costello, who has the

ability to block the deal on

national interest grounds. A closer look at the markets now, and the Australian share market is trading in positive territory. Tracey, shares in OneSteel and the Smorgan Steel Group have been placed in trading halts this morning pending an announcement. The companies have been negotiating a $1.6 billion merger. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. Why it's actually a good idea to let your teenager sleep all day. That's next. Stay with us. If you want to pay nothing to get FOXTEL Digital installed and get our best package for nothing call FOXTEL and ask us about nothing.

And what's more entertaining than having FOXTEL this summer? Correct. (Children sing) # Na, na, na, na... # This program is captioned live. New research indicates there's actually a reason teenagers spend most of their time in bed. A study has found teens risk depression and academic failure if they get less than 10 hours sleep every night. It's recommended that teenagers get 9-10 hours of sleep a night but paediatrician Jennifer Tsu believes many of them don't even come close. At least 80% of teenagers don't get that much sleep. Almost half of teenagers don't even get 7 hours of sleep a night. Dr Tsu says a lot of teens are 9 hours,

staying up late and waking up early for school. Experts agree without enough sleep a person has trouble focusing and responding quickly. They might be hyperactive, they might be moody or grouchy, angry, there's also a better chance they might become depressed. Dr Shu recommends teens stick to a regular bed time and evening routine that includes activities as reading. Really try to keep a TV, computer and video games out of the bedroom

because those are activities that can get you excited. Dr Shu says if teens insist on using electronic gadgets, make sure they're turned off at least 30 minutes before bed time to give them time to wind down. Tired of putting up with the antics of bad drivers? Some enraged road users in the US have come up with a cyber ploy to publicly shame dangerous and annoying motorists. MAN: Look at that. Oh my gosh! That is amazing. Swung out of control, hit some trash cans there. Although high-speed chases often end up in the news with the bad guys crashing and getting caught, the dangerous drivers most of us encounter usually get away with it. These long-time friends, Mark and Luke, say they almost had five accidents because of bad drivers on one 17 mile commute in February.

As soon as we got on the highway we had to deal with a driver. We looked over, the guy was literally driving like this with one leg, in the back seat searching through a box of file folders

searching for a file. He actually ran us off the highway and when we got back on we were looking at him like, "What's going on?" and he starts yelling and flipping us the bird. The experience prompted Mark and Luke to found a site where drivers list the licence plate and react to other drivers they've encountered. The biggest thing that I've actually seen is people not using the left lane for passing. A lot of people use the left lane to travel in and it does get frustrating for other people that want to pass. It did for someone who posted an incident in California on Friday. "This inbreeder thinks it's a good idea to ride the left lane "and slow the flow of traffic in both lanes by not letting anyone pass. "Jerk." Fairfax Virginia, a green Buick. "This woman was actually watching a video on her phone "while attempting to merge." It's not all bad. You can leave a 'wink'. Fort Myers, Florida, a blue Subaru. "Very beautiful woman stopped at a traffic signal. "Beware of being love struck." It's a very clever idea. This Maryland state police sergeant says listing a grievance doesn't stop the danger. We urge anybody that observes the aggressive driving to call us immediately. We actually had a state trooper from the state of Washington. He prints out the local ones and he gives it to fellow officers to keep an eye on them. If nothing else, unleashing road rage on the anonymity of cyber space may cut down on fist fights in real life.

Failed lipstick queen and former young Australian of the Year Poppy King is making a comeback eight years after going bust. In her first interview, she's sat down with Ten's US correspondent, Leisa Goddard-Roles, to talk about what happened to her fortune. Poppy King has become the comeback queen, taking on New York. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. At 18, unable to find the perfect lipstick, she invented her own, becoming a self-made multimillionaire. At its peak, Poppy Industries had a $6 million turnover and sales were increasing at 1,200% a month. Her success was so great she was named Young Australian of the Year in 1995. But, in 1998, six years after starting out, she went bust. I did what I did with the best of intentions.

Her boom-and-bust story made headlines across Australia, but, she says, many of them were incorrect. It's not dealing with the criticism that's hard. It's dealing with the criticism when it's completely non-factual. And I don't mean subjective, I'm just talking non-factual. Of the $5.8 million she was said to owe, $3.5 million of that was money her partners had invested. The notion of people, sort of, feeling like the business went under at that point with $5 million owed to all these mum and pop operations all over Australia

is a very different picture to $1.5 million, which shows a business that is fairly standard in its level of creditors. Do you feel like you need to say sorry in Australia? No, it's not so much that I feel the need to apologise, but I would love to be able to explain, you know, "This is what happened." She says the company was growing so fast neither she nor her partners could agree on a way forward. It was just a complete collapse in communication and a loss of confidence on both sides. Now talking for the first time,

she denies claims she was irresponsible. The two things that, really, I find really stomach... ..stomach kind of churning when I see myself portrayed in the Australian media is not the fact that I messed up - I did, that goes without saying - but the fact that I somehow messed up

by being A - really irresponsible, or B - being like a shameless self-promoter. The woman who was once touted as a future prime minister and named one of 'Time' magazine's global leaders for the new millennium is enjoying the anonymity of New York.

She moved to Manhattan four years ago after Poppy Industries shut down to work for cosmetic giant Estee Lauder.

Business and the Poppy trademark was sold. In 2002, the business was wound up. There were no creditors, there were no staff owing money, nothing. A self-made millionaire at 23, she was broke at 30. I lost, literally, my ownership of the business and any wealth that was involved in that - I lost that. I lost, obviously, my reputation, a lot of my dignity. Four years on she's taken her nickname, 'the Lipstick Queen', and turned it into a label with a new line called Saints and Sinners. That looks fantastic. Just as she did in Melbourne, Poppy King is starting small, putting her lipsticks on sale in select boutiques. History is set to repeat itself in January when Poppy King launches her new line of lipsticks here at the upscale Barney's department store on Madison Avenue -

the same store which launched her onto the US market eight years ago. To say that it's in Barney's it's saying, "Oh, OK, this is good,

"this is quality, this is hot and new, "this is the trend." Word of her comeback on the Internet has seen demand already outstripping supply. The feedback I'm getting from Australian women is unbelievable. What's different this time around is that she had investors chasing her to bankroll the brand. So I actually ultimately ended up being in a position of choice around who my business partners were. Her business plan is to relaunch in Australia,

a country she still calls home, and as a founding member of the Australian Republican Movement one she still believes should be independent. I don't live in Australia anymore, so I feel like it would be incredibly presumptuous of me to try and ignite a debate from halfway across the world.

Should I ever live in Australia again, you bet. As Poppy King creates a new chapter in her life, she's put her past down on paper with a book due out in 2008. In New York, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Ahead, Australia pushes to wrap up the Ashes series in three Tests -

that's when Ten's morning News returns. And just how far this man leapt for bungee-jumping a building. to set a new world for bungy-jumping a building. It's Mitre 10's last-minute Christmas Super Buys. Ryobi petrol line trimmer, $149. This program is captioned live. Australia is on the verge of ending more than a year of cricket torment. Our Test team in the driver's seat to regain the Ashes in Perth today. England needs to stay at the crease or reach 557 to keep the series alive. Five wickets to go and the Ashes are returning down under.

We threw probably a couple of wickets away and, you know, if we can get them and get the last five wickets I think as soon as the last wicket falls hopefully at some stage tomorrow then we'll start celebrating and the Ashes will be back home. A day of toil in the field. Australia going unrewarded through the opening session as Alastair Cook and Ian Bell dug deep. COMMENTATOR: Great shot. Superb stroke. A fine young player this lad. Bell taking to Warne not always convincing, but effective until he scooped the great leggie to short cover on 87.

It's out! That's it. Just a little lapse in concentration. Cook continued to graft away. Stuart Clark taking Paul Collingwood out of the equation. But the young opener stood tall. His maiden Ashes ton up after almost six hours at the crease. What a moment!

His marathon innings ended by the new ball. That's out. Caught behind. McGrath with two in three balls when he knocked over nightwatchman Hoggard. Australia on the verge of an Ashes knock-out punch. We're still in there, still fighting hard and if we can get through the first hour, the first session like we did this morning then obviously we'll score a few runs because KP and Freddy don't hang about so, who knows? Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Life on the professional tour is becoming tougher for Aussie veteran Wayne Arthurs. The 35-year-old was yesterday bundled out of the Australian Open wild card play-offs and looks set to miss his home grand slam. He's the great survivor of Australian tennis, but it seems Wayne Arthurs' career is coming to an end. Yesterday the 35-year-old crashed out of the Aussie Open wild card play-off in just the second round. APPLAUSE The Victorian's ranking had already slipped to 161 in the world. Now he faces the prospect of missing his home grand slam. But there are some youngsters on the up. On Saturday, 16-year-old West Australian Brydan Klein knocked second seed Peter Luczak out of the tournament. Yesterday, he moved within sight of an Aussie Open berth after a 3-set win. In the women's draw, Alicia Molik cruised into the semi-finals. The former world number eight dropping just three games. I think the conditions probably suited me a bit more today. It's a bit warmer, so the ball was bouncing a little higher and I was probably getting a bit more kick on my serve, a bit more spin on the ball, but, um, I was pretty happy with that. Adam McNicol, Ten News. Rugby league, and St George Illawarra player Wes Naiqama is facing the sack after another alcohol-related incident over the weekend. The 24-year-old was questioned by police following a brawl in Sydney's Kings Cross and will meet with club officials this morning to decide his future. Naiqama's latest brush with the law comes just days after the winger pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified. Chelsea has closed to within two points of Manchester United in the race for the English Premier League title after an entertaining 3-2 win over Everton. While the home side scored early, Chelsea fought back, first with a stunning strike from Frank Lampard before Didier Drogba provided the winner. COMMENTATOR: Oh, sensational! That really is a champion's response.

Drogba now has 10 goals for the premiership season as his team chases down Man U.

The Reds suffered an upset 1-0 defeat at the hands of lowly West Ham, Nigel Reo-Coker sliding home the winner. The Melbourne Victory have clinched the A-League minor premiership thanks a 4-0 annihilation of troubled New Zealand. All four goals were scored in a 13-minute period of power before half-time with Danny Allsopp scoring a double. COMMENTATOR: Allsop! An exquisite finish. The win seals first place on the ladder with four games remaining, a double chance in the finals and qualification for the 2008 Asian Champions League. World number one Tiger Woods has capped off an incredible year with a 4-shot victory at the Target World Challenge. The tournament host started the day one stroke behind Geoff Ogilvy

but quickly accelerated past the Aussie, sinking five birdies over the front nine holes. Tiger finished the day with a near faultless 6 under 66, 16 under for the tournament. COMMENTATOR: He's so good it's unbelievable. Give me a break, boys. Woods etched his name on the Tiger trophy for the third time. This was his 11th PGA title for 2006. Geoff Ogilvy returned a 71 to finish runner-up with American Chris Dimarco third. NBA, and 10 players have been ejected following a wild brawl in New York. With 1 minute 15 secs remaining on the clock Knicks guard Mardy Collins sparked the fight with a flagrant foul on Denver's J.R. Smith. With players spilling into the Madison Square Garden stands, officials tried to keep the bench players at bay. But no-one could prevent NBA scoring leader Carmello Anthony taking aim at Collins. COMMENTATOR: Oh, another punch is thrown. Anthony and another player going at it. This is turning into some kind of disaster right now if they don't hold onto some of the players. Anthony's punch was so loud, you can hear it down here, folks and he is going to miss a lot of games because of that punch. When order was finally restored, both teams were forced to put five new players on the floor. As for the match, Denver won by 19 points. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to prove a point and break a world record.

Scaling the enormous Macau Tower, bungy enthusiast AJ Hackett leapt from the 233m building and rebounded just 34m from the ground. The Macau Tower is now the world's highest bungy facility. And the world records continue to tumble this time in the ocean. Free-diver Herbert Nitsch broke the world mark for constant weight diving in the Red Sea. The Austrian descending an incredible 111 metres using only fins and body weight all on a single breath. He then broke the world record for static apnea, laying submerged in a swimming pool for 9 minutes and 4 seconds. Stay with us. The national weather details are next.

for the first month as well, call FOXTEL and ask us about nothing. But hurry - this offer's closing very soon. And what's more entertaining than having FOXTEL this summer? Correct. This program is captioned live. Containment lines are being built in fire-ravaged parts of Victoria

as crews prepare for worsening conditions later in the week. A bulldozer operator has been critically injured while battling the blaze while an investigation is now under way into how several New Zealand volunteers suffered serious burns. Greenpeace protesters have attempted to stop a shipment of spent nuclear fuel rods from being transported to the United States. They tried to interrupt the containers being loaded before taking to the sea to challenge the ship. $225 million has been granted to extend the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to include drugs used to treat osteoporosis. Medicare will also be extended to cover bone density tests for sufferers over 70. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. You know it's the silly season when Santas start running through the streets in nothing but a pair of red Speedos.

There were no customary red robes to keep these runners warm as they braved the Boston winter in the skimpiest of swim wear. The budgie smugglers would be better suited to Bondi Beach than Boston, but it was all in a good cause, the mini-marathon raising money for children's charities. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.