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(generated from captions) Hurricane Katrina, Four months ago, well before used them as well. Channel 7's 'Sunrise' program, ripped through the south-west of WA Earlier in the week some wild storms and Bunbury of course, Nat's home town our lovely adopted town of Bunbury, was affected. Now these are some photos - in by Geoff. we've got a series of them sent Aren't these just incredible? of Kansas or something They look like the cornfields Don't they? Yeah. out of a movie. They look like something You expect... I guess, building up. So that's the start of the tornado, a tornado. Yeah - what they called Some refer to it as a mini-tornado doesn't like that term but the weather bureau the impact. because they say it takes away

Look at the colours in that. the sky doing that you'd... Now if you were outside and you saw in the opposite direction. You'd be driving Geoff didn't. Geoff grabbed his camera they're just amazing. and we're really glad that he did,

he didn't take those photos But whoever Geoff is,

pictures of Bunbury and they're no more

Hurricane Katrina. than they are of website For months, the Museum of Hoaxes like this. has been flooded with postings The photos were actually taken and Iowa in 2002 and 2004, in the American states of Nebraska Mike Hollingshead, and the man who took them, is getting increasingly cranky. He put this on his website. You can check out the full set on his website: of Mike's amazing photos Mike told Media Watch: And by the way, Talking of amazing photos - check out the front page 10 days ago. of The 'Territory Times' photos is pretty scary too. The story that goes with these monster snake is still out there. And the scariest thing is that apparently irresponsible behaviour? So how does the army explain this

Kelly Cooper, told Media Watch: Their local PR manager, But Kelly's not too worried. that story and photo She also told us she'd been sent back in August. as an email joke urban legends website for months, The photos have been posted on an with local variations of the story. Times' told Media Watch The manager of the 'Territory just as they were going to press. they also got the story by email they took, And it's a risk Leanne was happy was a monster seller. because the monster snake issue the 'Northern Territory News' We figure this is why as front page news. also ran this nonsense from the monster snake What makes this story different and the 'Centralian Advocate' is that the 'NT News' woman's claims seriously. both pretended to take the young of the woman and her partner, The 'NT News' showed this photo alongside their front-page story.

there was nothing to the claims. But the paper already knew The NT police the day before: had issued this press release But the following day kept the story going, the 'Herald-Sun' Advocate's reporter and quoted the 'Centralian to the woman's claim. to give substance followed up the story as well. We're sorry to say the local ABC Where was the public benefit this deluded young woman on air? and what are the ethics of putting This was just voyeurism. for five days But the media sideshow ran

across the country. with stacks of stories in any of them. There was nothing of substance Media Watch: The Northern Territory police told But what does that matter? Azaria sells. Now, unusually for us, of musical interludes. the briefest (Plays Chopin's 'Nocturne') WILD APPLAUSE of a piano performance The closing bars 10 days ago, at Sydney Opera House ABC's 'Australian Story'. filmed by the The following day wrote this: the 'Sunday Telegraph's Sandra Lee is truly breathtaking, Aaron McMillan's courage managed to write but we're wondering how Sandra Lee to his performance. that stirring tribute the stage that night When McMillan did walk onto at being unable to play, it was to express his regret who'd played in his stead and to thank those wonderful musicians I just wanted to thank these for performing here tonight. to have their support It's just so fantastic I wasn't able to play, and obviously I'm disappointed but, wow... It's no so long ago colleague at the 'Sunday 'Tele', that Sandra Lee's Cindy Martin, her fabricated stories. resigned after we exposed phoney story So we can only think that Sandra's "breathtaking for its courage". was, to quote her own words, emergency landing Now did you watch the dramatic at LA Airport four days ago? of a loaded passenger jet on the news channels It was screened live Ray Haley and Sydney radio KGB's was watching as well up to date. and keeping his listeners George Davis CNN had called in pilot talk the viewers through it. to help their host Larry King and keep it as long as he can, Right now he's probably going to try required here. there's a lot of finesse

LARRY KING: He hasn't touched yet? He has touched, yes. He's holding the nose off. The nose has not touched? as he can. No - he's holding it off as long that when that nose touches There is a chance, Larry, of the runway. it may turn towards the length No, no, stop! That's not the way to do it. George may be a pilot, but when it comes to calling "live"

the true professional. Ray Hadley's Ray's listeners only had the magic of his words and the CNN vision together but we've put Ray for your viewing pleasure. a sport final) RAY: (In the manner of calling The hearts are in the mouths of the people watching across the globe

and listening as well. He comes in...he's just metres above the ground now. The captain brings it down very gently. The back wheels go down first. And now they're on the ground. They're about to touch. The nose wheel is about to come down now. Will it turn around? The back wheels go down. The puffs of smoke come out. The captain tries to slow it down. This is unbelievable! The A320 is on the ground. The nose wheel still hasn't touched yet. He's easing it down ever so gently...ever so gently. It touches now. The smoke comes up. The sparks fly. It hasn't straightened out

but somehow he's going to bring this aircraft to a stop! This is absolutely incredible! The A320 - it's still - the sparks come off it. Now a fireball comes out of the bottom of the nose wheel but it still doesn't straighten up. The rubber burns at the bottom. He brings it down slowly. Again the fire's there. It's going back towards the engine but no other part of the aircraft on fire yet. It's slowing down, almost to a stop.

This is an unbelievable emergency landing by the captain of this aircraft. The wheel's just there. It doesn't snap off. It stops now! He's done it! He's saved their lives! Sounds like Ray was a little overwhelmed by footy finals fever which is fine when you have a plane full of winners. We hate to think how it would've sounded if something had gone wrong - but something definitely did go wrong with the ABC's live cross

after the AFL final. And of course it has just been an amazing contest.

And let me put it into context - Sydney fans, I should say South Melbourne fans, have actually been waiting for this days for 72 years. Some people have actually died

hoping that they could get to see them win a grand final.

And for many of them they have missed that opportunity. People are gathered around me at the moment - they're still laughing, yahooing, carrying on. It's just been a fabulous day. Are we live? Yes, mate, it is live.

Until next week - good night. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International. they've rescued 34 people after a ferry capsized

in bad weather off Sulawesi Island. At least 15 people have drowned and three others are missing. And sticking points remain on the eve of the counter terror summit in Canberra. While all parties are expecting a broad agreement, the premiers are demanding checks and balances