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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - highrise terror. weathers a wild storm A stranded window cleaner in a city's tallest building. its Sea King helicopters. Why the Navy has grounded hostages pleading for their lives. And chilling video of Western we can all be freed The only way that soldiers to leave Iraq. is for the American and British Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News.

I'm Sandra Sully. Also tonight - Vanuatu island on evacuation alert. an erupting volcano puts an entire And - XYLOPHONE CHIMES toys this Christmas. The wraps come off the most dangerous to get to safety First - a race against time on two window cleaners as a ferocious storm closed in of a high-rise. in a ganty near the top in driving rain and wild winds The workers were left clinging before they could be rescued. a gantry outside a skyscraper Two workers were left gripping about to beat Brisbane. with a super storm of the window-cleaning platform, Menacing winds snarled the ropes tallest high-rise. stranding it on the city's with abseiling gear. Workmates rescued one seeing the situation up there, Concerned, naturally, but after it's all pretty stable. concerned as parents should be. We're not unduly worried but we're with the second cleaner But another rescuer became trapped as the storm struck. LIGHTNING CRASHES left to ride it out. The terrified pair It would have been very horrifying, right at the start of the storm. given the winds we had here

removed a window to reach the pair. As the weather eased, rescuers we do this all the time. They're fine,

though. Not in the middle of a storm, the window has to be taken out Extremely dangerous given that

it can't be removed inwards. inside the building, unscathed. The workmates were finally hauled on others. But the storm took a terrible toll A Kingscliffe woman

was hit by lightning A Kingscliffe man

as he watched the wild weather. He's in a critical condition. was also struck And an electrical contractor Q1 building on the Gold Coast while working at the landmark after it too took a lightning bolt. Brisbane's south, The stormfront ripped through sending trees crashing through homes. south-east were blacked out. Thousands of homes in Queensland's across suburban streets. Live wires left strewn It just came so fast, and that was it. and all of a sudden the tree went the night to clean up Emergency crews will work through and restore power. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. were grounded tonight. The Navy's Sea King helicopters a fault was found The Defence Department says inspection last month. during a routine maintenance is the type of helicopter The Sea King in Indonesia that crashed on a remote island service personnel. killing nine Australian 40 wounded in a bus bombing 30 people are dead and at least in Baghdad tonight. vehicle that was at a bus station, This is all that's left of the

We'll try and get the pictures to

can. you. Let me just confirm that we

Returning to another story. have been marred The PM's Christmas celebrations breaking ranks again. with rebel Senator Barnaby Joyce But he won't be too disappointed - was rammed through most of the Government's legislation before the final sitting day was out. Unlike Midnight Oil doesn't have the power Labor's IR bill-bashing band but it does have the passion. of Christmas my PM gave to me (All sing) # On the seventh day normal penalties # many bosses sacking, # no rights at all # The scheduled final sitting day

stunt-fest. became a cheesy Opposition getting guillotined - Senator Chris Evans on a number of big ticket bills. just like Senate debate has this week It's the death of democracy. and industrial relations laws Anti-terror, welfare-to-work have all been rammed through hasn't gotten its way but the Government compulsory student union fees. with the bill banning is refusing to back it Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce the legislation's in limbo. and until amendments are agreed to It wouldn't surprise you to know supporting the amendment that the Government would not be which Senator Joyce has proposed. throughout the day A series of meetings attempted to break the deadlock. in both houses It's been a fiery fortnight with the President and Speaker interjections. forced to shout down countless his valedictory address But tonight, as John Howard gave

tothe lower house, who disrupted him. it was the Speaker himself And so to conclude my remarks... MOBILE PHONE RINGS So I say thank you. PHONE RINGS LAUGHTER I can't beat that. Cabinet reshuffle certainly would Announcing a Christmas but... contemplating a reshuffle. I'm not currently Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

To our breaking story from Baghdad. 40 wounded in a bus bombing 30 people are dead and at least in Baghdad tonight. vehicle that was at a bus station, This is all that's left of the and ready to leave. packed with people a suicide bomber got out of a car, Witnesses say and blew himself up. climbed on the bus Fire then engulfed the bus, of getting out alive. leaving no one with any hope were on the bus, Most of the 30 killed

at a nearby food stall. others were killed are braced for more attacks Security forces in Iraq a week away. before critical national elections another chilling video Terrorists have released being held hostage in Iraq. of Western peace activists On the video the hostages say the only way they'll get out alive withdraws its troops. is if the Coalition and their eyes covered, Hands shackled plead for their lives. the latest hostage victims in Iraq I have been opposed to this war, Mr Blair's war, since the very beginning, but I ask him now and the British government to do all that they can to work for my release and the release of the Iraqi people from oppression. Briton Norman Kember is one of four hostages taken by an Iraqi militant group in Baghdad two weeks ago. The group, which calls itself the Swords of Righteousness, has extended the deadline for their execution until Saturday. The families waiting in fear, the future unknown. We'd like to express our compassion and support for all families who are facing similar circumstances. It's nice to have a word hope, otherwise you don't have anything to grasp at. American Tom Fox also filmed appealing for troop withdrawal. I would ask the American people to do what they can to free us all from this captivity. Their pleas come as government officials demand the hostages be released and urge the kidnappers to get in contact. Norman Kember and his colleagues are campaigners for peace. We ask for their release.

The group were taken while working for the Christian Peacemaker Team. It's hoped the religious organisation's anti-war stance will help achieve their release. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Police are investigating how a suspected drink spiking incident involving a premier's son was made public. Seen here four years ago with his father, 18-year-old Nicholas Bracks told police the incident happened during Schoolies' celebrations last week. He lost control, if you like, of what was happening for three hours and he woke up and then he went back to the house that he was staying at. The youth is regarded as level-headed and mature.

An inquiry into how the incident became public is under way into the police Security Intelligence Group in Victoria, responsible for looking after politicians and their families. I've spoken to the group today and they are dealing with it. I'm not sure where the leak came from, if indeed there was one. It's estimated there are 4,000 drink spiking incidents in Australia each year. Separated fathers are calling it their biggest win in decades, but single mothers say custody changes giving divorced dads equal time with children could increase domestic violence. Barry Williams has been battling the system for almost 30 years, from the pain of his own separation to helping other men deal with the heartache of a break-up through the Lone Fathers Association. He says Christmas is the hardest time of the year for them. Today's proposed changes to the Family Law Act seen as perfect timing. This is a big win for children, not for fathers, as people are saying, but a big win for the children. Mr Williams playing down fears that children will be bounced from parent to parent. But advocates for single mothers don't agree. How are they going to know who will be giving them their pocket money, who will be taking them to school, where will their homework be, where will their friendship circles be? It will be very confusing, disruptive and destabilising. Under the proposed amendments:

Mothers have also voiced concerns about being properly protected. I see the stakes as being incredibly high for women and children who are affected by violence and I'm fearful that the homicide rate will continue to climb. And these changes won't necessarily be the end of the overhaul - the system of child support payments is also in review. Many fathers insisting there should be tighter controls on just where their money goes. Experts fear the changes will spark even more legal battles. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Dangerous Christmas toys on the market this year have shocked the experts. Dozens have been banned because they could easily cause injury or even death. This is what not to ask Santa for. To little eyes they look like Christmas goodies, but they're 76 of the most dangerous gifts you could give. It is actually a really bad choking device and also these little nobs are easily detachable if you pull on them. Some look like safety equipment - problem is, you can bend this helmet.

One touch of a finger can crush the foam inside. This would offer no protection to a young person on a bike. This life vest could become a death trap in the pool. Falls apart, this toy. These things can rip off if somebody tugs on them. And how's this for a stationery set? Complete with a box cutter knife. In fact, the officer of Fair Trading who found this followed a pool of blood to a young person who had indeed cut himself. All of these are now banned after a Fair Trading swoop on 400 stores. Similar types of toys have caused death and injury to children. Most are cheap imports found in $2 shops or markets. But watch for imitations. One of these is a good Fisher Price, the other a dangerous rip-off that pulls apart This toy gun could choke a child or take out an eye.

It can even fire real nails. But what concerns Fair Trading is that there are still more dangerous items just like this one, still on our shelves and that's why parents are being told to remain particularly vigilant.

From what I've seen today, it's really quite scary. Retailers are being warned of on-the-spot fines or prosecution

for selling what could become a Christmas tragedy. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. When the Late News continues - the locust plague costing farmers millions of dollars in lost crops. They're in the crops, they're everywhere. I had them marching back to the house one day - it looked like war zone. And the medical problem that grounded one of the Wiggles. # Everybody clap # The great Australian road trip should have no destination. The windows should always be down. (Shouts) The stereo should be set to 11!

You should always respect the locals.

And when it's so fricking hot the dashboard wants to melt, you should pull over and fill 'er up. But there should be no little sips, no pinky extensions.

There should just be one glug after the other. And as you feel that icy burn slither through your chest, you should sit back, put your feet up and sigh, knowing full well this is summer as it should be. with 30% off manchester. Excludes nursery manchester. That's beach towels, sheets, quilts, pillows and more This program is captioned live. Farmers face a damage bill in the millions as crops are hit by Victoria's worst locust plague in more than 30 years. The destruction is obvious and expensive, lucerne crops stripped bare. They're in the crops, they're everywhere. I had them marching back up to the house one day - just looked like war zone. A major spraying operation is under way and it's having some success. I think we've reduced the hoppers by 50% and with luck we'll reduce them by another 20% to 50%. But farmers say breeding conditions are ideal at the moment and the situation could get worse. There's another major advance in the treatment of burns. Two Australian doctors are testing a new drug that has the potential to speed up the healing process and reduce scarring.

Their efforts saw them crowned

Australians of the Year, thousand

they're working to give burns

patients a new lease on life.

Doctor Fiona Woods rose to

prominence through the creation of

spray-on skin, and Dr Stanley

worked for child research. Now

they're looking at a new

protein-based drug . Early results

look promising. It seems they're

able to block the inflammatory

process that causes the problems. If you can control that secondary effect, If then you can potentially reduce the overall level of damage

you can control the secondary effect, and then give a better-quality scar outcome. Official results won't be known until the end of next year, so it will be some time before the drug is trialled on humans. If successful, it may take up to 10 years

for the drug to be placed on the market. Burns patients are not the only ones set to benefit from the protein-based drug. It also has the potential to help people suffering from diseases where inflammation is a major factor, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and stroke. It's never going to be a single magic bullet, it's going to be a series of processes, and if we can influence those series of processes from the point of injury to the point of complete rehabilitation, then we've solved the problem. Jane Bootle, Ten News.

Illness has hit a super group at the start of their national tour, so the performers have brought in a substitute. Wiggles fans, take a close look. (Sings) # Everybody clap... # As they say, one of these things isn't like the others. Greg's out, forced off stage in the US three weeks ago by a mysterious complaint. He'd actually be there like that, because he stopped wiggling. He stopped, he lost his wiggle. In non-Wiggle speak, that's a double hernia. So back-up dancer Brett Clarke has pulled on the yellow skivvy to save the day. Our schedule is so tight, if someone does get sick we don't want to let the kids down by cancelling shows, so it's great that we can do that. He's already handling the big jobs. Wake up, Jeff! And while Jeff's up, the news isn't so good for Greg. He's not likely to be back on stage until early next year, meaning he'll miss the entire Australian tour. Getting the big boost from back-up dancer to Yellow Wiggle actually comes with its privileges. It's hot down here, but when you're a Yellow Wiggle you don't even have to walk anymore.

The rest of the group is determined nothing will make them miss the home tour. No, no! We can't do it, we can't do that! No matter what, I'm going to be on stage. As for Brett's chances of keeping the yellow skivvy... Very slim to none, I think, but we're looking forward to Greg coming back, as long as he's better. Daniel Barty, Ten News. Stay on Ten. After the break -

an erupting volcano puts an entire Vanuatu island on evacuation alert. And in 'Sports Tonight',

Mitchell Johnson the latest new face

in the Australian one-day cricket team. This program is captioned live. One of the world's most dangerous volcanoes is threatening to force the evacuation of an entire Vanuatu island. Four ships are on stand by to take 10,000 residents to safety. For the past 10 days, low-level, underground tremors have been spewing plumes of ash and smoke 3,000m into the sky above the island of Ambae. Fears of a massive eruption are being fuelled by rising temperatures and water levels in Mount Manaro's crater lake, which is also emitting toxic sulphuric fumes. The island's 10,000-strong population braced for the worst. We were very frightened. So we're feeling very sad, but we must get ready to move out from our own village. Vulcanologists monitoring the escalating seismic activity say they still can't predict whether the volcano's going to explode. But local officials are taking no chances, relocating half the island's residents from the 'red zone' in greatest danger. There has been precautionary evacuation started from villages that are in the red zone and some on the margin of the red zone and yellow zone. Evacuation of those people has already started, been under way and some have already moved. A break in the wall surrounding the crater lake would trigger a huge eruption and send streams of hot lava down the mountain side, threatening at least 15 villages. Australia has already sent tents and water containers to the remote island, promising more aid when it's requested. Andrew Lane, Ten News. At Commsec tonight, Donahue D'Souza. Donahue, good news on the jobs front?

Certainly was. Just over 48,000

jobs were added and the

unemployment rate fell back to 5.1%,

just above the 29-year lows. WA and

Queensland continuing to impress.

Businesses complaining of staff

shortages. Unemployment rate of

4.5% by mid 2006 is not out of the question. New Zealand's

unemployment rate is 3.5% and in

the UK and Ireland is 4.5%. A

dismalday on the share market

though? Yes. After a strong gain in

the month of November, the All

Ordinaries struggling to gain

traction in the month of December.

Despite the losses, local gold

miners continued to shine.

Speaking of the markets, stocks

were weaker across the board. The

All Ordinaries thumped 35 points. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods and the Australian Masters teed off today. Sandra, a course record on the first day and another rare feat is also possible.

Robert Allenby in contention and in line for a treble. The Test team will soon be announced. The middle order puzzle continues.

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Tomorrow, a weakening trough in the east will trigger a few afternoon storms in Queensland while a high over the south-east will keep New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia dry.

Westerly winds will maintain showers across Tasmania and southern parts of Western Australia. Tomorrow, mostly sunny in Cairns with a top of 34 degrees. A late thunderstorm for Brisbane. Sunny in Sydney and Canberra. A mostly fine day in Melbourne with a top of 26 degrees. A late shower for Hobart. Sunny in Adelaide. Showers to clear in Perth and 23 degrees. A late thunderstorm for Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods is next.

I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Tonight - a tight game in New Zealand but who'll run out winners in the Test squad. Allenby makes his approach to a golfing treble. And these guys don't need mouth guards - they need ear muffs. We all know Chocks isn't that intelligent, Hello. I'm Bill Woods. This is Sports Tonight. This is where the big names face their future. A raft of deals going down in Newcastle. Hopefully they'll get a decision done sooner rather than later so we can get on with things. Surf's up in Hawaii but these guys aren't scared. I'm a little more free to attack, take a few more risks. And Alisa's uphill battle to be at the Games. It's not ideal to be preparing for Olympics, A knee reconstruction is not something to be taken lightly. Brett Lee has returned from New Zealand early but will be OK for next week's first Test against South Africa. Lee had a nasal problem which caused breathing difficulties in last night's one-day series winner.

Queensland Mitchell Johnson will take his place. Brett Lee's back from New Zealand without winning any more friends across the Tasman - another controversial beamer in an ongoing battle with Brendan McCullum. COMMENTATOR: I do stress this is never intentional. A quick apology with dewy conditions blamed for the wayward delivery. He's had a lot of trouble here before, Brett, with slipping on that front line. That was the first thing he said - "Happened again tonight." After Lee conceded 18 runs in his final over, first-gamer Mick Lewis bowled the last with the Kiwis just six runs from victory. With the Aussies about to lose the impossible, up stepped Michael Clarke. Got to be direct, it is. That is an unbelievable throw, Michael Clarke.

A stunning direct hit from 30m turning the match. He threw, he aimed and he hit and he's run McCullum out. Used to bowling at the death for the Vics, Lewis was cool in a crisis. Mick Lewis under pressure. He's got it! He's won this for Australia! I didn't want to throw the ball at the stumps till I had it clearly in my hands. I think that's why everyone was saying I took so long. Looks like I took five minutes to throw it. After watching the finish, 24-year-old Queensland left-armer Mitchell Johnson never dreamed he'd receive this call to join the team. I didn't think that I'd be picked now, no. And I was hoping down the track some time, but definitely not now, it's definitely a big surprise. Both sides arrived in Christchurch well aware Saturday's third game could have been deciding the series. New Zealand played very well and probably should have won the game. We just missed out on a game we should've won. I suppose that's the most disappointing thing. Meanwhile Andrew Symonds' huge one-day innings might have won him another Test cap, at the expense of Michael Clarke. Tomorrow morning selectors will announce the team for next week's opening match against South Africa in Perth. As ever when Test time approaches, there are many issues to consider for the national selectors. The biggest headache for next Friday's first Test at the WACA is on a batting line-up. Andrew Symonds's blistering innings in Wellington showed why he's worth retaining despite modest returns in his brief Test career.

There's argument there that he could play. There's also argument there that Michael Clarke's back in form with his 83. We all know there's only 12 can be selected for the Perth Test match and that's going to be selected tonight. Michael Clarke has done nothing but impress since his Test axing, knocking a maiden first-class double century. Shane Warne leading the charge for a Clarke return. I don't think he was ever out of form. I think it was just the way he was approaching his innings in Test cricket. Look, Michael Clarke, whether he's back in Perth or whenever that may be, he'll be ready. The pacy WACA pitch may also send Stuart MacGill back to his customary role of drinks carrier. I'd say it would be pretty doubtful to play two spinners there. If we do - it doesn't say it wouldn't work - but I don't think we probably will. Paceman Nathan Bracken the most likely to be recalled for Perth at MacGill's expense, to join McGrath and Lee. The South Africans have talked the talk more than walk the walk so far in Australia. The world's number one leg spinner savouring the chance to take on an old rival. Yeah, well, the proof will be in the way they play rather than talking and that sort of stuff. Let's just see how they play. In the Pura Cup, Victoria is poised to secure first innings points in their rain-affected match against New South Wales. All but one of the Bushrangers' top order scored a half-century and they need just another 24 runs to claim the two points with one day remaining. West Australian left-hander Nick O'Hern has set a new course record on day one of the Australian Masters at Huntingdale. It was a different story for Adam Scott, who'll be fighting to stay in the event tomorrow. In blustery conditions Nick O'Hern made a flying start,

attempting to break his 6-year winless streak in Australia. He made light work of Huntingdale, two eagles setting up a brilliant opening round. from Nick O'Hern. The putts were dropping and he went desperately close to a 9-under 63,

but had to settle for a course record 64. He thought he had that. Adam Scott's bid for a first Australian win began disastrously, a triple bogey on the par three 5th ruined his round. He recovered to finish four over, but is 12 off the pace and battling to make the cut. No such problems for Robert Allenby. After winning the Open and PGA, his bid for Australian golf's triple crown is on track after an opening 67. He topped it with an eagle on his first hole and tailed it with another brilliant finish on the last. He says he's riding a wave of hot form and has no intention of jumping off. I'm very happy with 5 under. I mean, it wasn't easy out there. I think Nick O'Hern was playing on a different golf course. Scoring became tougher in the afternoon as the wind blew

Englishmen Paul Casey set off after O'Hern but Brett Rumford made it look easy on the second in the fluky winds. A fine looking shot. It was a case of hanging on and Jarrod Mosely was making a fair fist of it, helped by a bit of imagination when in strife. Absolutely brilliant shot. At the ninth he found a more conventional way to score and was three under by the turn. He found trouble late hitting a fridge on the 18th fairway to finish even par. O'Hern finished his round 8-under, three shots ahead of four players, including Allenby.

Defending champ Richard Green is nine shots off the pace. This is Sports Tonight and when we come back we'll look at a different kind of action involving clubs. The players are in white water. The club is in the black. The Kings on the edge of a club record in sight of a league record. It has started to creep in a little bit.

We just trying to focus on ending the season. And talking the talk - nobody does it better than these guys. You can't teach a guy that's pretty much robotic My response would be, come fight time, I'll have a couple of extra recharge batteries in the backpack How are kids supposed to learn if they can't afford books? 500,000 Australian children live below the poverty line. You can help them learn. Just call Open Family on... pledge a tax-deductible donation today. Sports Tonight and Rebel Sport are playing Santa and you'll think all your Christmases have come at once. Have a ripper Rebel Christmas and stuff your stocking with free stuff. $5,000 worth of free Chrissy presents thanks to Rebel Sport and the Rebel runners. And there's five runner-up prizes of $500 Rebel gift vouchers plus a copy of the AFL playstation game. Enter - just SMS: and answer the following question: We're playing Santa

and you're having a ripper Rebel Christmas. Newcastle Knights players are calling for a quick outcome

in the ongoing saga that is Michael Hagan's future. While Hagan was mingling with Parramatta CEO Denis Fitzgerald at today's NRL conference, his squad was cooling off in the summer heat. The Knights may have been without a paddle this season but already a rapid rise up the ladder is being predicted in 2006. Some people might laugh at the fact of that statment

but I honestly believe we're going to have a really strong pack and if it's not the best pack in the company, it'll certainly be close to it. The club's coaching staff has previously complained about a lack of resources but changes are being made. 6-time Queensland Cup winning coach Rick Stone brought in

as an understudy to Michael Hagan. You know this is my first involvement in an NRL side at the moment and my first priority is obviously to Michael this year and then see what pans out after that. With Hagan strongly linked to the Parramatta coaching role in 2007,

Stone could be a ready-made replacement. Hopefully they'll get a decision done sooner rather than later so we can get on with things.

But the Eels are keeping quiet on any impending decision. It could well be a secret as far as I'm concerned. I'm neither confirming nor denying any meeting took place so I'm not talking about any future coaches until such time as when

we have someone signed on the dotted line. Hagan more open about the possibility after speaking with Fitzgerald on day two of the NRL's annual conference. They've been a very professional club for a long time

and they obvioudsly throw a lot of resources at their football team. I guess any coach,

that's what you want, the best resources set up you can find. Those present playing down the fact seven club captains and five head coaches failed to show today, as refereeing dominated the agenda.

The NRL will employ up to 12 full-time whistleblowers in 2006. Tim Mander won't be part of that group. He's announced his retirement after 12 seasons in the middle. Dilip Kumar has stepped down as the Chairman of the Australian Rugby Union, but he will remain on the board. Kumar had been criticised when the ARU supported Japan's bid for the 2011 World Cup.

But he will remain on the board. Meanwhile, Queensland rugby greats are leading a push for former Reds coach John Connolly to take over the Wallabies. But they admit it will be a hard fight, with Ewan McKenzie being backed by New South Wales. Rugby legends gathered today to push World Cup tours, but they ended up pushing John Connolly's Wallaby claims. You're looking at the numbers and the numbers over the years for Connolly in terms of success are well above anybody else. The former Reds mentor is a long shot to coach Australia, but those who played under him have no doubt he's the best man for the job. One thing's for sure, anyone who did play under him knows his intentions and it will be to win every game. Maybe that's a good thing, you know. His focus will be wholly and solely on, if he gets the job, will be winning the World Cup. He really should have been coach in '96 when Greg Smith got the job, and that was politics and that was unfortunate and that was probably his time. Now might not be his time but he's probably the best candidate. Politics could be the key. Waratahs coach Ewan McKenzie the red-hot favourite to replace Eddie Jones with the likely backing of New South Wales. Who's the Randwick coach? Who's the Randwick reserve coach? You'd like to think we're beyond that now, maybe are, but Ewan McKenzie would be favourite. One thing is for sure - no-one wants former England coach Clive Woodward after overnight reports he could apply for the job. I wouldn't be overly bothered by the birthplace of the coach. I'd be overly bothered if Clive Woodward was the coach, though. Auckland-based David Nucifora is a strong Wallaby candidate, his sacking from the Brumbies will work against him. Danny Green and Anthony Mundine aren't fighting each other on Sunday but you wouldn't have known that today. While the pair avoided each other at all costs and held separate news conferences, they jabbed each other with insults. I'll be talking to him all night why I'm the best. I just feel like I'm going to play with him that night and I want to show everyone why I'm the best.