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(generated from captions) the $50,000. I think I've actually got Thank you, Candace. Ooh! Oh! $5. So, what do you think, Rae? Think you've got $10,000? I've got $10,000. I know it. Yep. Surely. Surely. Surely. Something green in 17? OK. $10,000 it is. I see. Well, let's pop those locks. Yeah! It's... Yeah! $500. straight down to the track. I reckon you take that $500 36 grand. Congratulations! You won't need it with your Mind you, look at that! Green, huh? let's see the honey with the money. She was a champion after all! Hey, for $36,000. Thank you, Monica. It's Miss Monnie with your cheque Thank you, Melissa. Thank you, Rae. everyone. Hey, thanks for being with us, and Dingee. Hello to everyone in Bendigo (IMITATES RACING CAR) Back in the saddle tomorrow. See you next time. This program is captioned live. Tonight - rejects responsibility the Roads Minister for nine hours of traffic chaos. a chook raffle. They couldn't organise of pushing his wife off a cliff. The secret life of a man accused premature boy born in a toilet bowl. The miracle survival of a And something to crow about - Russell gets a Hollywood star of his own. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is refusing to accept responsibility The Roads Minister

for the F3 debacle which trapped thousands in traffic chaos. Sarah Cumming is at Wahroonga. justify his position? Sarah, how does David Campbell squarely on the RTA. Chris, he's laid the blame he can't be held responsible David Campbell claims "operational matters", for what he calls at 1pm yesterday. despite hearing about the gridlock until midnight. Drivers were stuck in it at the Easter Show. The Gilfords spent yesterday

to drive home to the Central Coast It took them eight hours including 3-week-old Jasmine. with four children - and screaming She was really stressed and she doesn't normally cry at all. It was just insane. I've ever seen. It was just the biggest debacle in a 10km traffic nightmare Furious drivers were stranded just before midday. after a truck smash on the F3 Worst I've ever seen. in all my life. Haven't seen anything like it to empty the damaged tanker The truck sent didn't have the right pump. Despite the delays, to activate the contraflow system the RTA waited nine hours and divert traffic. we're still sitting doing nothing. 28 million for contraflow and Drivers ran out of fuel and children felt sick with no water, no food and no information. on the RTA website was 5:11 The last update that was issued nothing after that. and that was it - says he was not responsible. The minister responsible for roads for a minister It would be inappropriate and road safety operational people. to direct emergency service but blames the RTA. He was told about the crash at 1pm,

they provide us with a report. We've called the RTA and demanded the two previous contraflow bungles. Drivers demanded action after Same question, same answer. He deserves to be sacked.

to be sacked, as I hope it will. This government deserves about his own performance. The minister ignored questions Who is going to hold you to account? REPORTER: in this position then? How would you rate your performance

Roger? Again. They're hopeless. a chook raffle. They couldn't organise Sarah, they couldn't organise a feed either. police, the SES and the RTA, Apparently drivers were calling or at least some drinking water. begging for food They all said 'No'. Chris. A Sydney jury's been told a man accused of throwing his wealthy wife off a cliff had three girlfriends at the time. victim was in love with her husband Prosecutors say while the murder he was in love with her money. It was a lonely place to die. was an hour from help, Janet Campbell deep in the Royal National Park. she fell off a cliff. Her husband, Desmond, says He's accused of pushing her. Mr Campbell, did you kill Janet? Janet inherited $500,000 from her previous husband. the Crown prosecutor said: In his opening statement, The jury was told from her family Janet kept their marriage a secret she was a sheep. while he told friends But love WAS on Campbell's mind. he had three girlfriends The court heard Janet paid for in Otford and one of them stayed in the house the day before Janet moved in. and only moved out Campbell took his bride camping. Six days later, Their tent was pitched on spiky plants and opened onto a 50-metre drop. Janet's death was instant. a little longer to move on. It's alleged Campbell took Mr Campbell, did you love your wife? He skipped her funeral. with an internet dating site. Instead, signing up for an independent inquiry Pressure is mounting into crime figures revealed they were flawed. after a Seven News investigation The hotel industry says thousands of reported crimes police failure to investigate of statistics. is a scandalous manipulation and ordinary people consider When politicians, police alcohol-fuelled violence, how to tackle on official crime statistics. they rely

But now those numbers are looking rubbery. of this police data. This has destroyed all credibility some verified accurate data We need to find today. and that's not what we have on hand a Seven News investigation revealed Last night, crime reports, how police have been rejecting breaching their own procedures, underestimating the level of crime. Absolutely it's an integrity issue. they're to be judged on statistics. Police need to understand that is the figures. They ought not to manipulate for Dr Weatherburn's call Today, growing support for a full independent review. Until such time as we actually have an independent audit of the so-called changes that have been put in place to stop this occurring, then quite simply, we can't have any confidence. This is a problem that goes beyond dodgy crime statistics. The incorrect rejection of genuine crime can have a devastating and irreversible effect on the victims. One of the problems is if no-one takes them seriously

they started to question their own credibility or their own worth. Noticeably absent from the debate, New South Wales police. We were told the man responsible, Deputy Commissioner Dave Owens, is on holiday and no other senior officer wanted to be interviewed. Police Minister Michael Daly refused our invitations too.

If we're going to base our solutions on data, we need some independent verification and integrity of data. The Premier says she's still hopeful of reaching an agreement on hospital reform despite Victoria's John Brumby declaring it's no deal. Kevin Rudd is meeting one on one with Kristina Keneally tonight in a last-minute bid to lock in her support. Leaders digging in to unearth a new plan for health. (LAUGHTER) Kristina Keneally's not ready to bury the proposal, yet. That was very ambitious.

As she inspected the Liverpool Hospital expansion, her Victorian counterpart claimed Kevin Rudd was unfairly pressuring premiers. It's a long time ago that I can remember a government or section of the community being held to ransom. I appeal to all premiers and chief ministers to put aside local differences and support this. Despite the war of words, Ms Keneally remains hopeful of a deal. She's having dinner with the Prime Minister tonight

and will chair another phone hook-up with leaders on Friday ahead of next week's meeting. We are at the point where we do need to get into the detail as we lead up to Monday. Mr Rudd's targeted elective surgery, emergency departments and aged care this week.

But what's been left out is concerning critics. There's still no dental component, there's still no mental health component.

Experts are also shocked by those omissions. It has been absolutely staggering, inexplicable to us to see a whole process of health reform without mental health. Dental should be an essential part of any health reform.

The Foreign Affairs Department is checking whether any Australians were on a passenger plane that crashed today in Indonesia. More than 100 people were aboard the Merpati Airlines 737, which broke apart on landing in West Papua. No-one was killed, but around 20 people were injured. Extensive damage has been revealed after a Chinese coal carrier was refloated and towed to safety 11 days after running aground on the Great Barrier Reef. Divers have discovered a 3km long tear in the coral where the ship hit Douglas Shoal. The top of the shoal has been completely pulverised so all of the plants and animals have been killed. The 'Shen Neng 1' crew has been questioned, but not charged. A baby's being described as a miracle survivor after being born four months early and in a hospital toilet bowl.

He weighed just 695g and his mother says she didn't realise what had happened until she saw him and hit the panic button. At just three weeks old, Kian is already living up to his name. It means "warrior", so we went with that because he was fighting - fighting to stay inside and then when he came out he's been fighting to stay alive, basically. The mother-of-two didn't have the easiest pregnancy

but without warning and four months early,

Kian was born in the toilet of the Monash hospital which released details of the incident today. I went, "Gee, I really need to go to the bathroom," went to the bathroom and looked down and he was in his sack. I was pounding the emergency button like nobody's business. Medical staff raced in, cut the umbilical cord

and began resuscitating Kian for the next seven minutes.

At only 23 weeks, staff told Tamara it was touch and go. I saw his foot. That's all I could see, was his bright, bright pink foot sitting there. Kian is still in the humidicrib on the neonatal ward but his prognosis is good with brain scans showing no damage.

Kian has put up a great fight and for a baby at 23 weeks, he's been doing, really, very, very well.

But the littlest and newest Richmond Tigers member But he's inspiring. He definitely inspires us to get through every day. Russell Crowe has secured his place in Hollywood history

with his own star on the Walk of Fame. After knocking back the honour three times, Crowe finally accepted the accolade in front of family and some high-profile Souths supporters. This was perhaps the only Hollywood tribute that still remained for Russell Crowe. Woo hoo! Wife Danielle and his two sons proudly watched on as he received his star right outside the home of the Oscars - the Kodak Theater. Not that he dreamed of this moment when he first arrived here. I actually walked along here and looked at the stars and thought to myself "is this all it is?"

(LAUGHS) New Aussie star Sam Worthington joined some of the industry's biggest names to celebrate the achievement.

Forget all this movie crap! Rugby - that's where it is! Dozens of Aussies were also in the crowd. I'm real excited. We can't believe our luck! Russell's definitely an absolute legend. With many hit movies and an Oscar

some would say that Russell Crowe is long overdue

for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor revealed he had knocked back the honour three times before. Well, 'cause now I'm old and grey, you know? And you get to a point where "well, they may not keep asking you, mate, "so you might as well grab it". The 46-year-old is about to release his biggest movie for years - 'Robin Hood'. But his children walked out after only a few minutes. My eldest son, Charlie, just turns around and goes "Dad, next time you make a movie, why don't you just make a cartoon?" Still to come - a Sydney NRL star charged with drink driving. Also, the test for DNA evidence - is it putting innocent people in prison? And Taronga's big baby meets visitors for the first time.

A Manly Sea Eagles player has been charged with drink driving on the same day his team-mates were being taught how to avoid trouble. Tony Williams was stopped by police early this morning at Smithfield. He blew 0.106. Williams had his licence suspended. The club is still deciding what action it will take. The old-fashioned methods of a kick in the arse is what's required when something like this happens and it's absolutely inexcusable. Today, the rest of the team was learning how to avoid off-field fights by defusing a situation before it turns violent. New South Wales has launched a major review of the laws governing police use of DNA evidence. The Government says it's just a coincidence, but the review comes as the High Court prepares to decide whether DNA is putting innocent people behind bars. For 20 years, DNA evidence has helped convict thousands of Australian crooks including outback killer Bradley John Murdoch. It's transformed criminal investigation

as it used to be. Thanks to slick Hollywood cop shows, many believe DNA is an exact science. It's not. DNA samples only indicate the probability of matching identity. Now, a High Court challenge will seek to free a man convicted of sexual assault on DNA evidence. If successful, it could unleash a tidal wave of appeals. It's now time for the lawyers to take a very close look at this science, take a very close look at what's an acceptable standard and set the bar. Chris Nyst says the international standard for DNA matching is 9 out of 10 genetic markers. Critics claim our juries are accepting as few as 4 or 5 points. In New South Wales alone, 4,500 people have been convicted on DNA evidence in the past decade. The worry is, are some of them innocent? Police say they never rely on DNA alone - it's part of a stream of evidence. Time, date and place that you were in that location, and that coincides with the DNA sample that we located -

please explain? Now it's up to judges to explain when probability becomes proof.

Another Chinese father is copping criticism for alleged child abuse. He's trained his 3-year-old daughter to walk a tightrope with six Siberian tigers waiting below. All goes well, until the wind picks up. Luckily, her safety rope worked this time. She'd earlier told reporters she was scared.

The stunt follows the case of a Chinese father, who chained up his son to prevent him being abducted.

On the eve of its final day, the Royal Easter Show has been a hive of activity.

Thousands of busy workers made a beeline to the showgrounds producing some tasty treats. The food dome is always abuzz with activity full of hard working businesses. I've been a pudding lady-man for 30 years. I've been in the business of dipping strawberries for eight years now. But when it comes to productivity, no-one can beat these bees. There are 30,000 in the bee-zeebo. Bees have been making honey for 1 million years. We all have a jar in the pantry. But not everyone has a hive at home like Dubbo beekeeper Keiran Sunderland. I find it slightly ironic that I'm here fully covered and you're in short sleeves. Not just me - the whole crew. Looking the part for safety, of course.

Keiran's been stung so many times, he's used to it.

What's the best cure for a bee sting? Get the sting out as quickly as possible and use a bit of honey for the pain. The Sunderlands have 1 million bees. Make that 1 million and one. Each queen lays 1,500 eggs a day. If the queen's not doing her job, does she get bee-headed? She does. The racks are removed from the hive. heated up and broken down, ..loaded in the spinner. It flows thick and fast from here to the taps at the Easter Show. Where months of work take just one second to eat. A big bundle of joy has finally been unveiled in Dubbo with Taronga Western Plains Zoo putting its baby black rhinoceros on show for visitors. Almost two months old and 40kg, the unnamed calf stuck close to mum Bakhita.

The baby's been behaving very well. Both mum and calf are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. A competition will be held to name the rhino. Sport now with Alex Cullen and how about your team, Parramatta? Chris, a loss to Canberra last night has the Eels on their knees. We'll hear from them next. Plus Todd Carney marked for Origin before taking on his former club. And Gai puts on a brave face ahead of Saturday's Doncaster Mile. ANDIE: Did you know that over time, your hair loses keratin? It's a central component. New Excellence Creme from L'Oreal, the first revitalising non-drip hair colour with pro-keratin. It protects and visibly rejuvenates the hair.

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The Eels have named Nathan Hindmarsh as co-captain as they look to stop the slide against the Rabbitohs on Sunday. Parramatta's problems have gone from bad to worse with centre Joel Reddy suspended after the loss to the Raiders. Construction helmets from a new sponsor came in handy for the under-siege Eels today. Despite 1 win from 5, the Eels aren't panicking just yet. Now, yeah we're planning on having a run but starting a bit earlier than round 15, like we did last year. We'd like to start it this weekend. I suppose there's a little bit of frustration on everybody's part

but we're confident they can turn it round. Joel Reddy's striking charge won't help. He's surprised this elbow to Terry Campese has earnt him a 1-game suspension. COMMENTATOR: Oo-wee! I don't think I lashed out or anything.

I think I was just trying to get up and play the ball quickly. I thought he was a bit closer than he was. Daniel Anderson is defending his players

even stepping in to take the heat off Jarryd Hayne. Jarryd, what about those forward pass calls, specifically, the coach just mentioned? No, no. Look, there's no use probing Jarryd. He's not going to bite on a referee's thing. You ask me. The Raiders ended an 8-game losing streak on the road with the 24-14 win. After five rounds, the Dragons, Storm, Wests Tigers and Titans are tied at the top. While the Eels join the Bulldogs, Knights, Sharks and Broncos at the bottom. Todd Carney says there'll be no mixed emotions when he tackles Canberra on Saturday night. The Raiders sacked the one-time bad boy but the Blues State of Origin hopeful says he now wants to be a Rooster for life. Roosters fans love him and Todd Carney hopes he's here to stay. Yeah, I wanna be here for good. I hope the club's thinking the same. Red, white and blue are not Carney's only colours with the D for dad, Daryl, and mum Leanne now leaving a permanent mark. Yeah, new last night. I've got two love hearts with my parents' initials. Part of his heart remains a Raider even though he was sacked by Canberra who the Roosters play on Saturday. Emotions will be a lot different to playing against any other team.

It was my home for six years. If I'm given that opportunity, I'd hope I wouldn't disappoint and that I would handle it. At the Tigers, the question is who'll handle halfback with Tim Moltzon injured. You going for this, Gibbs?

No, I'm no chance. No interest. No, I only pass the ball once a game.

Blake Lazarus has been given the nod. Jockey's Tim Clark and Jay Ford thought they were in the race,

but the little men of the track weren't the ones who hit the takeover target. Oh. (LAUGHS) And it'll be props night at the judiciary tomorrow with Brent Kite and Dragon Michael Weyman fighting suspensions.

Typhoon Tracy remains favourite for Saturday's Doncaster Mile despite claiming barrier 14 in today's draw at Randwick. The Gai Waterhouse-trained Theseo will jump from gate 17. But he's still without a jockey after stewards ruled Nash Rawiller had to honour his ride on Rangirangdoo.

And the Melbourne Cup has set off on a 220-day world tour to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the big race.

Los Angeles, Tokyo, trying to reunite Phar Lap because his heart is in Canberra, his skeleton is in New Zealand and his hide is in Melbourne.

That is an interesting jigsaw to Good evening. I'm Matt White. Thanks for joining us. Checking finance now and the share market has been unable to maintain its 18-month high, reversing yesterday's gains. The ASX 200 lost 33 points. Sara's next with the weather and the fantastic school holiday weather continues. Chris, our cold morning turned into a gorgeous afternoon. I'll tell you how the rest of the week's looking, next in Seven News.

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A beautiful day across Sydney. Although still a bit cold to start with, temperatures dropping that little bit further. The city's low of 13 degrees was two below average and our coldest morning in six months. Right now it's 18 degrees, feeling closer to 15 out in the winds. Overnight temperatures fell as low as six degrees at Gosford and Richmond. Eight at Parramatta and 11 at Manly. Tops were more consistent, reaching 23 in most suburbs, 22 in the city. A combination of clear skies, low humidity and light winds brought a chilly morning right across the State. Charlotte Pass the coldest spot on -4. That pattern will continue tomorrow. Skies staying clear under this large high,

with early frosts about the southern and central ranges. A different story out west. the bureau tonight posting a severe weather warning for southern WA. Squally showers and storms for Perth tomorrow, but fine and cool across the southeast. Quite cool again tonight. Nine degrees at Penrith. 13 on the beaches. Warming up under blue skies tomorrow. Hitting 23 in the city, 24 at Parramatta

and 25 further west. A range of 5-18 degrees in the mountains. So a lovely day on the way tomorrow and then we might see a bit of cloud move in to the picture on Thursday. The weekend's looking mostly fine and slightly warmer, into the mid-20s for the city and coast. Western suburbs should see minimum temperatures on the rise from Thursday, up around 12-13 degrees. Pleasant afternoon tops of 24 to 25, reaching 27 by Sunday. There could be a few showers around early next week, but looking good for the rest of the school holidays. And that's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Good evening. I'm Matt White. Thanks for joining us.

Tonight - busting the rental Rambos.

30 people crammed into two homes, living like this. Faces burnt, bodies scarred. The hair removal industry putting lives at risk.

The new laser machines and the dangers. The mind games department stores and supermarkets play to make you buy what they want you to using psychologists to place products. Horror hamburgers. The most obscene takeaways you can buy. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with Matt White. But first, small suburban homes being turned into slum houses. With Australia in the grip of a rental crisis and the massive lift in permanent and temporary immigrants the desperation to find a home has never been greater and tenants have never been more exploited giving rise to a new wave of suburban slums. As Bryan Seymour discovered, even the owner may have no idea what's going on. This is shameful! This is Australia in 2010. Take a good look.

There's mosquitoes, flies, dead roaches and about 15-18 human beings living here. Neil, how bad is this? This is as bad as I've ever seen. Oh! Spider webs, cockroaches. How much do you pay? $160. $160 for one room? Yeah. Yep, that's all the rooms, seven rooms. $1,120 a week they make from this room. This house and the former doctor's surgery next door appear homely from the outside. Inside, it's filthy, unsafe and overcrowded and not even permitted to be used for residential purposes. Way across town,