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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. in a snowmobile accident in Canada. Two Australians killed They're great employees have a love of life and like all Australians

the mountain. and they really enjoyed after being left for dead on Everest. Lincoln Hall finally returns home snub their German hosts. And the Socceroos

Good morning. have been killed First today, two young Australians

on a Canadian mountain. in a tragic accident

The men, both in their early 20s, at Whistler resort were driving a snowmobile when they crashed into a tree. to these mountains every year Hundreds of young Australians flock to work, ski and have fun. from Western Australia But for 24-year-old Ben Countour from New South Wales and 22-year-old Joshua Bradford that was to end in tragedy. it was a trip of a lifetime

Both men were killed instantly

crashed into a tree. when their snowmobile

and worked for the day Josh and Ben went out and apparently they hit a rock and they were coming back on a skido and fell down a ravine. lift operators on Blackcomb Mountain The men were working for and had just finished their shift

the exact cause of the accident Coroners are investigating while workers at the resort with the tragedy. are struggling to come to terms in January this winter Josh began working with us and Ben in February.

They're great employees have a love of life and like all Australians the mountain. and they really enjoyed

a memorial service at the resort. Friends and colleagues are planning Hugo Ward, Ten News. of Mount Everest From the cold and frost to the cold and wet of Sydney. is finally back on home soil. Mountain climber Lincoln Hall capping off a torrid fortnight. The 50-year-old's airport arrival the enormous support I've received I want to thank the people for

since I came down off the mountain. Last month Hall was declared dead

way down from the mountain's summit. after becoming disorientated on his He was found alive the next day for medical treatment. and taken to base camp He could still lose his fingers. from the Prime Minister's decision Damaging fallout today into nuclear energy. to order an inquiry

Mr Howard's fending off claims in favour of the nuclear industry. his task force is stacked coming to a suburb near you. A nuclear reactor That's the sort of image is negative and premature. the Prime Minister thinks negatively just should calm down I think the people who are reacting to have a secure energy future and understand that if we are we should look at all the options.

of stacking his 6-month review Mr Howard's also being accused

of uranium for energy. of the mining, processing and use former Telstra boss Ziggy Switkowski The task force chair is who's also a nuclear physicist. to come up with a pretty rosy report It's odds on they're going on nuclear power, which is very concerning to us. The credibility of the examination people carrying out the examination, depends upon the quality of the

who know something about it, so you start with people like nuclear physicists. of the task force The remaining three members are expected to be named today. any of the members has a background Observers keen to see if or alternative energy sources. in environment and conservation Minister's inquiry is too narrow. The Opposition says the Prime renewables not reactors. The whole debate should be about is open. Mr Howard senses the public's mind

a fundamental change In my bones, I think there's been but I want to see the evidence. we have looked at the facts again As far as Greenpeace is concerned, it's dirty and it's dangerous. and nuclear power is very expensive, for Australia to go. It's not the way your bones are leading you astray. I'm sorry, Mr Prime Minister,

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. has stood down A senior member of the ACT Government

after being caught drink-driving. to his Chief Minister Just hours after listening yesterday afternoon, deliver a horror Budget John Hargreaves was pulled over former police minister

and blew 0.09.

he is mortified He's told the Assembly and will resign immediately. to the Stanhope Government It's a blow to sell its decision which is struggling and raise rates by almost 10%. to close 37 schools

is under way in Queensland A murder and arson investigation in a burning unit overnight. after the discovery of a woman's body the victim. Fire crews failed to revive Police say she'd been stabbed. just after 1:00 this morning. Fire crews rushed to the scene SIRENS WAIL well alight by the time they arrived. The eighth floor apartment

Crews accessed the eighth level with fire attack and they went into action and primary search and rescue, discovering one female in the unit. when a mattress caught on fire It's thought the blaze started in the woman's apartment. to one unit. Crews able to contain the flames Around 100 people, and holidaymakers, including residents

were evacuated building to shelter from the cold. before being moved to a nearby and this alarm was ringing. We were in bed asleep but this is the first one this bad. We get a lot of fire alerts

to return to their apartments. Some have been unable The crime scene sealed off investigation is now under way. because a murder and arson the victim had been stabbed. Police revealing

Kate Donnison, Ten News. Controversy has struck the Socceroos World Cup campaign in Germany. just two days into their an official reception by their hosts, The squad accused of snubbing in the place of established stars. sending junior fringe players It'd been months in planning. the praises of their new heroes, Oehringen has been singing for a civic reception but with the town out in force anywhere in sight. there was no Socceroo star Mark Viduka and coach Guus Hiddink. There'd been the promise of captain were ready for autographs The band played and the children only to be bitterly disappointed. with unknowns. An all-star line-up had been replaced Neil Kilkenny and Kaz Patafta Train-on juniors Kristian Sarkies, joining fringe player Luke Wilkshire. Young fans devastated when even the substitutes were ushered past them.

That's not good but I hope I see they at training.

It's a little bit bad. I think so. Australian fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite footballers were seething. The international media equally unimpressed. Yeah, we were all surprised about that and we hope we can see tomorrow. We heard Mark Viduka will come but he don't come to this place here

and I'm a little bit surprised over it. After so much goodwill Australian officials deny they dropped the ball. We're not snubbing Oehringen. We're absolutely thrilled that we're here in Oehringen and able to be part of the party that they're putting on. If he was upset,

the Mayor of Oehringen was doing his best not to show it. No, they had other meetings, they told us, so it's OK.

No, they had other meetings, they told us, so it's OK. The non-appearance of the Socceroos' famous faces has failed to put a dampener on the day for at least two Australian fans, Paul and Annette. The couple from the NSW Central Coast getting caught up with World Cup fever,

deciding at the last minute to tie the knot here after winning a German holiday.

The groom admitting he'd been the envy of every red-blooded Aussie male

after Annette had agreed to marry him at the greatest show on earth. Yeah, they've got a lot to live up to. In Oehringen, Germany, Frank Coletta, Ten News. Astronauts leave nothing to chance as they prepare for their next space mission - that story when the morning news returns.

And the runaway emu that crashed a kindergarten graduation.

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This program is captioned live. Pressure is mounting on East Timor's Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, to resign. Thousands of protesters who converged on Dili are warning more marches will follow if the beseiged leader doesn't stand down. Flanked by Australian troops and crammed onto trucks and motorbikes, the East Timorese protesters take to the streets of Dili.

They blame Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri for the unrest that has crippled the fledgling democracy and want him to step down. In the chaotic city President Xanana Gusmao spoke to the group and again called for calm but he has also withdrawn his support for the nation's first PM.

The protesters are also threatening to hold larger rallies if Mr Alkatiri doesn't go by tomorrow night.

While two ministers have resigned, the Prime Minister appears strong in his resolve to stay. Elsewhere, violence continues to flare but international forces and Australian troops keep the peace in much of the city. Without there presence Dili would have been destroyed.

However, there are concerns amongst aid organisations in East Timor that they're ill-equipped for this type of conflict. They are under-resourced and under equipped to do this sort of operation. It's suggested a full-time peacekeeping force be trained in Australia to deal with similar conflicts in other neighbouring countries. James Wakelin, Ten News. Convicted Bali Nine drug courier Martin Stephens

is heading back to court to fight against his life sentence. In an appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court he claims disparity between his term and those of the other Aussie mules. Stephens says he too should have had his sentence reduced to 20 years. The private investigator

New evidence this morning bloodshed on the streets of Baghdad is reaching horrific new highs. Leaked figures from Iraq's Ministry of Health reveal 6,000 people have been killed this year in the capital alone. "Where is the government?" she cries. "Where is Bush? Why do they kill us?" Broken by grief this woman has come to the Baghdad morgue hoping to find a relative. It's a scene repeated day after day as the violence grows and more and more bodies are brought here.

Often the corpses are dumped on the streets. Many tortured before they died. Everyone is scared. TRANSLATION: I am afraid for my son when I go out. There are car bombs, killings - it affects everybody. It affects our lives. Since the start of the year Baghdad's morgue has received 6,000 bodies.

Most have died violently. And officials say up to 20 bodies a day are never claimed. Even the mundane invite intimidation. This ice seller has been threatened with death on the the grounds that using ice is un-Islamic TRANSLATION: If it gets worse I will shut down and go but how am I am going to provide for my family? And every day the violence seems to find new depths. In this box are the severed heads of nine men found dumped at a roadside north of Baghdad. Another statistic to add to Iraq's already gruesome tally. Animal rights activists at the centre of a jumbo row with Australian zoos say they'll keep up their blockade to stop eight Asian elephants leaving Thailand.

The convoy of beasts is scheduled to continue its journey this morning, despite protesters blocking the route. It's a big insult to all of us here in Thailand that other people say they could take better care of our national symbol better than we do. The elephants are headed for Sydney's Taronga Zoo and Melbourne Zoo.

There's just one month to go before NASA's next space shuttle test flight.

Astronauts are leaving nothing to chance but it's make or break for the crew with the 'Columbia' disaster fresh in their minds. Like any other dad there is no end of home repairs to be done. But there is just never enough time. Especially when your day job is, well, out of this world.

NASA astronaut by trade. But it's not all glamour. Just getting into the space suit is a challenge. It's finally time to take a dip. Going underwater is the closest you get to simulating the weightlessness of space. Submerged below are parts of the space shuttle and a full-scale model of the International Space Station.

With divers on hand for safety, every manoeuvre to be carried out in space is tested here first. The mission will be only the second shuttle flight since the 'Columbia' disaster over three years ago. It's a dangerous business and it always has been. I don't think any of us are under any illusions.

But NASA is hoping no repairs will be needed. Any serious glitches and the shuttle might never fly again. Ahead - wins at the AFL tribunal for two players. Plus, yet another setback for the Queensland State of Origin team. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, Oehringen's other favourite team as the German locals turn out in force for Socceroos training.

This program is captioned live. New laws allowing gay civil unions in the national capital

are under siege. The ACT Government has passed the laws after originally wanting to introduce gay marriage, which was rejected by the Commonwealth. The Federal Attorney-General says civil unions have the hallmarks of gay marriage. The Governor-General on advice will be asked to disallow the ACT enactment within six months of its passing.

Mr Ruddock says federal law makes it clear marriage can only be a union between a man and a woman. In finance news, the Australian share market is trading in negative territory.

As you may have seen earlier in the bulletin, the Socceroos have been accused of snubbing a public reception in the German town of Oehringen. But as coach Guus Hiddink kept the team's mind firmly on the Cup opener against Japan, the team's popularity with the locals remained high.

In his last two trips to the World Cup, the Socceroos coach reached the semifinals stage. While none of the players are thinking past the first game against Japan, they're clearly here to make an impression. I've obviously been involved with the national team for a long time

without playing on the biggest stage, which is the World Cup. We now have this opportunity and we're gonna take full advantage of it.

That ambition to do well controlled and nurtured by a man whose name alone carries enormous weight. Before you even walk out on the pitch

it instills a confidence in the players that we've got someone like that behind us, but also for the other manager and their players. One of his greatest motivational tools - keeping the players on their toes. As we come out to every game, it's about getting your confidence and putting your feelings in the boss's mind, to let him know that you could be the guy that's gonna do the job. While the Socceroos officials may have dropped the ball today at the civic reception, it hasn't deterred the locals from turning out in force. Socceroos players over the moon with the reception. The biggest cheers from the crowd of more than 5,000 were for a player with German heritage - goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.

Today's just shown that the whole village has really got behind us and the whole area and that's been fantastic. It's obviously nice when you've got that German heritage and people acknowledge that. And I played in Germany for 2.5 years. Well, I was here for 2.5 years. I played for 4 games, no, 6 games. It's nice to have that.

Schwarzer, like everyone else, is unsure just who will line up in tomorrow's match

against Liechtenstein. Good question. You're asking the wrong person. Neil Cordy in Oehringen for Ten News. In rugby league, Queensland has started the day by being forced to make another change for next week's second State of Origin match against NSW. Former rodeo rider Jacob 'Bull' Lillyman making his interstate debut, replacing injured forward Tonie Carroll. Raiders winger Adam Mogg was only rushed into the team last night.

It's awesome, mate. I can't really say much more than that. It's a dream. Mogg replacing another Origin rookie, Greg Inglis, who feared more serious problems if forced to play with an injury. It's a back injury. I don't want to wind up in a wheelchair. One bad knock and I could, you know, be out for three years. Meanwhile, Melbourne's Billy Slater and New Zealand's Ruben Wiki

will both contest charges at the NRL judiciary tonight. It was a win for the Dockers and the Cats at the AFL Tribunal last night. Key on-ballers Des Headland and Gary Ablett Junior both walked free after successfully defending their cases. A nervous couple of nights led to the AFL Tribunal for Des Headland. The Docker fighting a two-match ban for a strike that never landed.

COMMENTATOR: I'd call that a windie. That's an attempted strike.

And Freo was successful in their case with no punch landing. Headland's ban was scrapped. He's able to play on Sunday against the Dogs. Obviously the right thing was done and I never had an intention to hit him at all.

I just want to get back on on the field and play my sport in the zone. The fact that he even had to front for an attempted strike

miffed many who are fast losing faith in the AFL's Tribunal process. We've got some issues, I think we have to start again. I don't think the players know what's going on now.

The administrators don't know what's going on. Let's have look at it at the end of the year.

Also in the clear is Cat Gary Ablett. His reprimand thrown out for this shirt-front. COMMENTATOR: Ooooh. Bang goes Ablett. Good hard stuff!

Many of the game's greats thankful a bump is still a legal part of the game. There's a fine line. You still want to keep that physicality in the game and some mums aren't going to like that

but at the end of the day we still play a contact sport. Tim Hodges, Ten News. At the French Open,

Roger Federer has kept alive his dream of winning all four Grand Slam titles. The world number one has made it through to the semifinals

after thrashing Mario Ancic 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. The win inches Federer ever closer to a final clash with Spaniard Rafael Nadal. In the women's quarterfinals Kim Clijsters has stopped Martina Hingis in her tracks, out-hitting the Swiss miss 7-6, 6-1. The win sets up an all Belgian semifinal

between Clijsters and defending champion Justine Henin-Hardenne. And Czech teenager Nicole Vaidisova is fast becoming the tournament's giant killer, continuing her remarkable run with a 6-7, 6-1, 6-3 victory over Venus Williams to storm into her first Grand Slam semifinal. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather:

A run away emu is back behind bars after leading captors on a wild goose chase for the past two days. The big bird raised eyebrows

after escaping from a nearby zoo in America. Was it scary? What was it? An ostrich?

Identification proved a mystery but the fleet-footed emu was too quick for would be captors. she gathered a few bumps and bruises. But on the way her neighbourhood walks. Edwina obviously enjoys she jumped her fence and escaped. This was the third time with all the news. That brings you up to date

I'm Kath Robinson. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions