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In ministerial sex scandal. John

Della Bosca it explains why he felt

compelled to quit. A resign because

I made some bad personal decisions.

A politician returns to

civilisation after two days lost in

the alpine wilderness. And one man the alpine wilderness. And one man

dead, another in custody after a

bungled Sydney robbery. Fears that

lenders are about to increase

interest rates and a wayward than interest rates and a wayward than

punished for a bizarre showdown

with a rugby league's team's mascot.

First tonight, the sex scandal that

has rocked the State Government.

Labor power-broker John Della Bosca

has been forced to quit as health

minister after admitting he had an

affair with the woman almost half

his age. The state's political

Reporter joins us now. 24 hours ago

John Della Bosca believed he was

premier material? This is in the

turnaround that no-one expected.

John Della Bosca made no secret he

was fine for the top job but any

prospect of that happening remains

in tatters tonight after the

admission that he has embarrassed his family and colleagues while

having an affair on the job. Lots

of the intimate details drop

overnight and his position was made

untenable. On the top Astaire his

public life, John Della Bosca face

this gamble head-on. I will answer

all your questions later on in the

morning. Arriving through the front

gates of the Parliament, explosive

allegations of came last night allegations of came last night

after a 26-year-old woman when

public over her affair with the

minister who is married to federal

MP for London meal. I told the MP for London meal. I told the

Premier that I would be resigning

today as minister. The woman

described him

: that led to allegations that he

missed work engagements to meet

with her but he denies that he ever

breached working duties. I resigned

because you have to take your

medicine if you make birth

designate -- it bad decisions. He

offered his resignation due to some

poor decisions he made. It was

tense back when they made their

last meeting together, with John

Della Bosca or rumoured to be

trying to get to be a premier. This

apparently some personal remarks

made that year, do believe that the

said? It doesn't matter, it is

immaterial. Do you think that you

were set up? There is no possible were set up? There is no possible

way in which anything that has

occurred could be described as a

set up. The editor of that paper

that broke the story insists that

the young woman came to them. She

is angry and she feels betrayed. He

was making no comment and their

family home is under police guard

as they try to put their private

life back behind closed doors. And life back behind closed doors. And

this is scandal that the Premier

didn't need but is he pleased to be

rid of one of his main rivals? It

interestingly, the premier made her

comment about the leadership

speculation saying that he thinks

it is likely that the speculation

will go away now. Betting agencies

suggest that francs are told will

now take over. One thing that is

for sure, Labor MPs are very

shocked about today's resignation. shocked about today's resignation.

After their caucus meeting became

the conventional, Sydney ministers

were clearly top -4 shock. It was a

tough meeting. It was fruitful. D

John Della Bosca it spent just a

few minutes inside revealing his

affair. His colleagues left half an

hour later, refusing to comment.

Some ministers were dismayed that

his private failings one now public.

I don't think that personal issue

should be on the front page of

newspapers at all. John was a

terrific health minister and I

think he has made a great

contribution to Government over his

years in Government. Ten News has

been told that he made a very

emotional speech to his colleagues.

He spoke of his embarrassment and

disappointment but was also keen to

impress on them his achievements as

minister. That a public life should

come to an end like this means come to an end like this means

sadness to him, real sadness for

his family and for the young woman

involved. This is the fourth party

to be claimed by a sex parties

since-sex scandal sense Nathan

raises came into power. One year

ago the Premier promised an end to

the soap opera but that has the soap opera but that has

continued, gotten worse and is

almost X-rated. That is

unacceptable for the community. The

premier is in crisis, he needs to

go and see the governor and talk

about an early election for the

people NSW. He says he will not

talk about an early election. The

position of John Della Bosca's

Minister will not be filled right

away. There isn't acting health

minister at the moment at waiting

for replacement to be found. The

question now is can John Della

Bosca or resurrect his career? We

find out a little lustre it --

again little later. Tim Holding has

been bound after spending days on a

mountain. He was spotted by the

media things to a space blanket. On

a rocky outcrop, Tim Holding Wake

so calmly to be rescued. The relief

on his face is visible from the air. on his face is visible from the air.

After spending two freezing nights

on Mount Feathertop, he-the water

minister for Victoria is the very

happy. What would any mum do? I had

the chance to give him a big hug.

It has been a rough couple of days.

We thought he would come out

because he is the strongest person

that we know. Despite his ordeal,

he suffered and the mild

hypothermia and a few cuts and

bruises, telling rescuers he became

disoriented on Sunday during police

have like conditions and slid 100

metres down mountain. On Sunday

morning he had a fall which took

him off the track and that led to

him being lost. An aircraft sighted

him overnight and the search

resumed at dawn. He was spotted by

helicopters around 10am this

morning. He was indicating with the

space blanket and that's how he was

sighted. The news quickly reached

his colleagues in Parliament. That

is fantastic news. We are you

related, delighted and that is an

understatement. Our hearts have

been in our mouths as we waited for

news in the past couple of days. It

has been an extraordinary toll on

his family. Authorities are careful

not to just does the Minister for

not for hiking the line. I'm not

saying that there was any

responsibility but people should be

very careful about what they should

do. The minister had time for a

joke. What you looking forward to

tonight? I'm not going hiking!

Homeowners are braced for higher

interest rate payments even though

the Reserve Bank has left official

rates on hold. Major lenders are expected to act independently,

putting a dent in household budgets.

The first Tuesday of every month

has many borrowers on edge as the

Reserve Bank reduce its interest

rate policy. At first sight they

won a reprieve today. The board set

and his hands, I'm convinced that

the economy has rebounded enough.

For they can be no room for

complacency in which-in the global

ourselves. environment in which we find

It giving nothing away about when

the next week will occur and

whether there will be a rate hike

Cory rate cut. That may not be

enough for banks and other lenders.

There are signs that they will not

wait until they raised their rates.

It is a possibility and perhaps a

probability that mortgage lenders

will raise interest rates. The

advice is to spring clean your

mortgage and shop around for a

better deal. It is clear that the

Reserve Bank is in no hurry to

raise rates from their current

emergency levels. The treasurer

says that they will rise eventually

but some economists are saying do

we will not see a shift until next

year. The opposition has already

blaming the Government. Of that

borrowing means one thing - higher

taxes and higher interest rates in

the years ahead. If Mr Turnbull had

his way, Australia would be in a technical recession mind now. The

Emerald takes action after a fight

but at least this one was on the

field! It certainly was. Ben Rogers

is facing up to five weeks for

attacking the UN Canberra winger.

He is also being charged for using

his knee. There are tears. Day one

of the US Open goes well for

Lleyton Hewitt and Samantha Stosur.

It did not go so well for Yelena

Dokic. The Wallabies make a heap of

changes, the young swan reported

for his impressive game against the

Brisbane minds. All the details

later. Still to come, fury over the

sentence imposed for a deadly trap

crash. Plus one or armed bandit

killed and another in custody after

a bungled Sydney robbery and the

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This program is captioned live.

An armed robbery at a Sydney hotel

has ended with a deadly gunfight.

Police opened fire after hostages were taken.

The end of a horrifying ordeal for

hotel patrons and staff, as

detectives arrested a 16-year-old

they say was one of the gunmen. It

was a harrowing ordeal for patrons

and police involved. Two men held

up the Canley Vale Hotel just after

midnight, demanding cash from

patrons and ransacking the poker machines. One terrified customer

hid in the toilet and called police,

who were quickly on the scene. When

the bandits realised there was no

way out, they dropped the cash and

took the bar manager hostage. A

shot was fired by police, the

hostage was able to escape. A

firearm was raised at police, and

at that time, an officer discharged

his firearm. That shot killed an

18-year-old man. Cameras outside

and in gave a clear picture of what

happened - from the robbery inside happened - from the robbery inside

that left patrons cowering in fear,

to the situation that confronted

officers outside, one drawing their

weapon and firing. An internal

investigation is now under way.

They worked within the operational

capacities. It's my belief that

they acted in a heroic manner. The

hotel manager was also full of

praise. I congratulate them for a

quick response. The 16-year-old is

expected to be charged tonight and

face court tomorrow. Investigators

believe they may be responsible for

a number of recent armed hold-ups.

The truck driver who triggered a

deadly tunnel crash in Melbourne

has been sentenced to five years

jail. 44-year-old David Kalwig will

serve at least two years and nine

months for causing the 2007

disaster that killed three people.

But victims' families say it's not

enough. There's just no justice in

it, no justice whatsoever. It's it, no justice whatsoever. It's

just ruined a lot of people's lives.

The judge described Kalwig's

actions as stupid and foolhardy.

Marine experts have freed a whale

trapped in a shark net off

Queensland's gold coast. The 8m

humpback was caught by the head and

tail for 4.5 hours. It was

distressed and other whales on

their annual migration appeared to

answer its calls, breaching nearby.

Staff from Seaworld and Queensland

Fisheries cut away the net, and the

humpback swam off, with no obvious injuries.

A Newcastle Knights fan has been

punished for beating up the Manly

mascot during a July game.

A new bushfire warning system is

about to be rolled out across New

South Wales. Starting in November,

it will send alerts to every mobile

phone and landline with a billing

address in areas threatened by fire.

The system is similar to one

recommended by Victoria's bushfire

royal commission. It looks like

spring will follow winter, it will

be above average in temperature. It

was the warmest August on record in

Australia. We got two m maximum of

37 degrees in Queensland, NSW and

Western Australian areas and also

the NT. The outlook for spring -

the warming Indian Ocean and

Pacific Ocean means the

temperatures will be very warm this

month. The could be in for a bit

more of this. Have a look at our

weather photograph. It shows fires

burning on the self- coast. Let us

hope we are not in for a big push hope we are not in for a big push

by a season because of the warming

temperatures. Tomorrow - increasing

cloud but a warm day, 22 degrees.

This day, cloudy, some early rain

on Thursday, the only way day of

the week. Friday, blue skies and

sunny. Saturday, 21, 22 degrees. I

will see you soon with some tap-

dancing Golden girls.

Next, efforts to repair relations

with India following attacks on


Also, bushfires destroy homes near

Los Angeles, but some people refuse

Los Angeles, but some people refuse to leave.

And Kate Middleton groomed for her

role as a royal. Your child's mouth is amazing. Teeth that will last a lifetime are right there from birth, ready to be tried and tested.

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Taking a look at the traffic. There

are some Proms tonight on the M

two? It is no good start for

trafficker into the north-west. The

traffic delays as we're zooming in

now is not good. It is pretty much

stationary for traffic leaving from

the Quarry Park. We're planning the

camera back to show you how far the

traffic is actually backed up. If

you know anyone heading into the M

two unfortunately they will be

delayed home this evening. Julia

Gillard has taken on a good

daunting challenge, condensing

India that Australia has zero tolerance for violence following

recent attacks on Indian students.

The Deputy Prime Minister's visit

to New Delhi is the first of a

series of visits from senior

ministers as Australia seeks to

rebuild its reputation. We care

zero tolerance of violence in Australia, zero tolerance for

violence against Indian students.

India also wants greater regulation

of Australian institutions to

ensure that foreign students are

not exploited. To the ING Direct

Finance Report. Some bad news for Australia's trade deficit?

Australia's can't account deficit

has blown out to $13.3 billion for

the second quarter of this year.

Economists had predicted a deficit

of $10.6 billion. Much of the blame

is being laid at the feet of our

coal industry which has seen

exports/by 70% during the global

financial crisis. I'm all contracts

for the same period have been cut

by 30%. Residential building

approvals have soared in July, up

7.7%, well above the market

prediction of 3.3%. Much of this is

due to the 49-year lower mortgage

rates which as you have heard it

have come untouched by the Reserve Bank.

At the then finance. Dozens of

homes have now been destroyed in

California as bush fires rage in

the hills around Los Angeles but

many residents are refusing to

leave. Around Los Angeles,

firefighters wage a desperate for

race but they are still not winning.

This is a desperate fight, it is

treacherous and I wish I could be

more optimistic. The firefighters

doubled in size, scorching

thousands of hate tears and 74

fires and buildings and claimed the

lives of two firemen. Every house

in the suburb of one was destroyed.

For it have a halo a writ or

something. I don't know. Mount

Wilson had a radio and television

towers that were threatened.

Families hid to save themselves. He

was probably around 2000 degrees

Fahrenheit it outside the house and

the storm was a tornado of flames

and embers. Spot fires continued to

threaten homes. A governor urged

people to leave. I want to urge

everyone to follow the decoration

orders. We read stories after

stories of people who do not

evacuate and people get into

trouble. Even those who are not in

direct part of the fires and

trouble. The smoke is choking Los

Angeles, San Francisco and even

Colorado. Weary crews are not

likely to get a break this week. He

has had a quadruple bypass and a

knee operation but it is not

stopping a British pensioner

resuming his career as a Spanish

bullfighter. The 67-year-old has to

come out of retirement to return to

life as a matter dock and a warning

that some viewers may be disturbed

by the following pictures.

Britain's one and only a matter

door chooses his balls. Frank Evans

retired four years ago after a 40-

year career but the son of a

butcher is back at the unlikely

bullfighting age of 67. In 1964 I

announced I wanted to be able

fighter and I have been trying to

be that ever since. At the Bull

Ring, top billing for the man known

simply has the Englishman. It is a

very dangerous sport isn't it? It

is not a sport, it is dangerous.

I'm just here to kill a bill --

kill Abel. He is hoping that the

crowd gets behind him and is hoping

that his body with stands the

rigours of the fight. Since he was

last here he has had major knee

surgery and a quadruple heart

bypass. As a butcher I was not as

upset. There's all those people to

say it is too violent. To suggest

that it is not fair - when the ball

goes to the slaughterhouse it is

not there. At least it gets a

chance here. We are in awe of him.

He is fantastic. The Spanish love

him because they like to see the

English get battered by the ball. I

can assure you are was working

overtime! Straight back out to face

another ball, Frank Evans tells me

he will carry on fighting until he

can no longer walk into the ring.

12 years since the death of

Princess Diana, a new princess in

Waiting is being groomed by

Buckingham Palace. Kate Middleton

is being taught to cope with the

media as speculation grows of

liberal engagement. When Princess

Diana died 12 years ago, it was

hard to imagine anybody could

compare to the woman known as the

People's Princess. But now, her

son's Yarck -- I long-time

girlfriend, Kate Milton, is girlfriend, Kate Milton, is

reported the bin current in her

footsteps to royalty. I don't think

the cake will have the shock that the cake will have the shock that

Diana had when she went straight

into the royal family. Sources say

that people are teaching Kate had

to be a princess. She is learning

things like the proper way to meet

heads of state, Creek guests at

social events and how to handle the

paparazzi. Critics wonder whether

the 27-year-old is too common to the 27-year-old is too common to

carry off the royal role. If they

get married, Kate Milton, Kate

middle class, is going to be the

Queen of England one day. Will run

as a buzz and that Prince William

may be getting ready to pop the

question after the couple spent a

romantic holiday at an exclusive

island resort. In the summer of

2010 and 2011 is clear. Either

could be potential dates for a

wedding. The country and the world

may been ready for a new princess

but the royal family seems

determined to make sure that

Princess will be ready. As we

consider the way forward for Kate,

is their way back for John Della

Bosca? We consider that after the

break. Also, the dementia epidemic

- people suffering as early as

their 50s. His speech went. And

stunning floral regiments herald

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One man dead, another in custody

following a bungled robbery in

Sydney's south-west. Officers

opened fire after hostages were

taken. Their actions have been

described as heroic. Every Tory

minister is resting up after

injuring two days lost in the

alpine wilderness. A helicopter

link-whinged Tim Holding to safety.

John Della Bosca submitted his

resignation today as NSW health minister after admitting to an

affair with a 26-year-old woman. He

owned up to making poor personal

decisions but denied that they

affected his performance at work.

So what of John Della Bosca's

future now? While he has resigned

his ministerial portfolio, some

believe his Parliamentary career is

far from over. When people describe

John Della Bosca they use words

like power broker and heavy hitter

but that is low point today, that

was gone. I think all of you know

that I worked very hard and was a

diligent Minister. When he was

elected to the ministership, his

had education and health. He had

safe hands here. Someone has to be

prepared to make the decisions. His

past was chequered with scandal as

well. He had to apologise for

swearing at a newspaper agent and

there was also ends the incident

with his wife where he was forced

to apologise for it worrying

behaviour. I approached the London

Neil and she yelled and me and

actually spat in my face. John

Della Bosca was seen as the key

plotter against the premier and

while Nathan raises may not like it,

his firm may not be gone for good.

I still intend to represent the

people of NSW. I wish to do the

best I can. In there is every

chance given the history of these

episodes in the past but he could

rehabilitate his image in comeback

in public life in some way. If that

is his plan, he may draw some

comfort from public sentiment at

over divided opinions whether he

should resign or not. If he's doing

his job well, it does not matter.

Someone who goes into a role like

that is required to uphold a

certain level of ethical standards.

There may be time to return to the

power that he is more used to. The

federal sports minister has been

forced to defend herself after

claimed she ran up a 200 dollar cab

bill for a 200 metre trip. Kate

Ellis has been accused of telling a

cab driver to wait for several

hours at a meeting in Port

Macquarie. The minister says the

taxi was arranged because there was

no local hire cars. As a report has

found Australia has been unprepared for

for how biggest and most expensive

health problem. Dementia patient

numbers are expected to top one

million as baby-boomers hit old age.

Looking far more frail than his 56

years, Stephen Jones gives insight

into the demands of looking after

an insight-Alzheimer's patient. His

wife, Rosemary, has been his full-

time care for four years. The kids

are older and we have time for

ourselves and you think they should

be are enjoyable state so we have

missed out on that. His speech was

first to go. The decline in his

physical and mental health rapidly

followed. His family are doing what

they can to stop him going into a

nursing home with patients in their

80s. It is important for us to keep

him at home for as long as we can.

And the weather wherever to do that

is because we are on a program to

get kerosene. Otherwise we would

not be coping any more. That is an

issue that many more of us will

have to face after a report found

that the number of dementia

patients will quadruple to more

than million patients in 2050. It

will be an epidemic due to the

ageing population. We do not yet

know how to stop a shocking disease

or how to cure it. The figures

indicate that within a lifetime

dementia will ever take heart

disease and cancer is the biggest

threat to us -- Australian health

and quality of life. It will cost

the community more than 10 % of

healthcare spending. How can you

prepare for 1.1 million people with

just one disease within 40 years?

Any system would be under-prepared

for that. The Jones family say that

nothing can prepare you until it

happens but awareness helps. A

Newcastle Knights fan has been

sentenced for - in and the's mass

court during the game. Feathers

flew when 24-year-old Brit attacked

the famous sea eagle. The

management said it they were fed up

with drunken behaviour and wanted

to send a message to other drunken

idiots. I did not set a good

example frenulum, did I? The judge

in thing sorry there. I have a

community sentence -- community

service order and I will have to

complete it. He was ordered to 150

hours. Others couple might holding

his hand because he is appalled of

it - Brett, Morley is out of

hospital? Hears recuperating. We

will hear from the player who was

trying to save his career. Plus the

young reader on the end of this

tells all about the attack. They

have come from absolute the

everywhere! And Lleyton Hewitt

begins his US Open quest. Darling! Quick, Sam's walking. (ALL COO) Win an exclusive invite to the Subway Daydream Island escape on January 7-10. Buy any sub and Coca-Cola drink before September 27, get your scratch card and enter at: ('I FEEL GOOD' PLAYS) SONG: # Hey! #

This program is captioned live.

Welcome to sport, everyone. New

Bulldogs halfback Daniel Holdsworth

is confident his finals experience

will prove invaluable when he fills

in for the injured Brett Kimmorley,

starting on Friday against the Wests Tigers. Kimmorley left

hospital this morning and was

understandably keen for some much-

needed rest following facial

surgery last night, while his

replacement is gearing up for the

finals. It is exciting, I can't

wait to get out there. I've played

a couple of semis before as Kev

said, so big crowd, looking forward

to it. It should be good.

Holdsworth playing for his future

because the Dogs can't offer him a

contract because of salary cap restrictions.

Newcastle five-eighth Ben Rogers'

season could be finished after he

was charged over a wild brawl in

last night's loss to Canberra. He's

facing a 5-match suspension. His

victim, Daniel Vidot, has also been

charged for his role and today he

taunted Rogers over his punching


Daniel Vidot in more serene

surrounds today - different story

last night when Ben Rogers used his

head as a punching bag. The young

Raider with this assessment of

Rogers' boxing ability. Don't

really call it a real punch, I

didn't really go down. I was a bit

surprised. I was just getting ready

for him to play the ball, a little

cheap elbow kind of ticked me off

and I gave him a little shove, then

all of a sudden, 'boom'! Moments

later Vidot appeared to retaliate

with a knee. He faces a 3-match ban.

I wasn't trying to knee him. I was

kind of pushed into it as well. The

part-time actor defending his

performance, suggesting he'd

retaliate again in the same

circumstances. Vidot, though, has

no doubt whether he's lover or a

fighter. Definitely a lover, but if

I have to fight - I have to fight.

You've got to defend yourself,

you've got to stand up for yourself

and not back down. But as he

unveiled the Toyota Cup under-20s unveiled the Toyota Cup under-20s

team of the year, David Gallop

doesn't want a repeat. You never

want to see that on the field, but

I'm comfortable with the Match

Review Committee dealing with it.

Not everyone offended, though. He

certainly got a couple of beauties

in, didn't he? Got him right on the

chin. Canberra's win saving

Penrith's season - for now. They'll

now play the Knights on Sunday. The

winner earning a place in the

finals. Fullback Jarrod Sammut

vowing to make amends after his

shocker against Parramatta when he

was eventually hooked by his coach.

I was trapped in quicksand, really.

The more I tried, the harder I

struggled, the more I sank.

AFL Rising Star nominee Jesse White

says he's ready to shoulder

Sydney's goal-kicking duties next

season. White signed a 2-year deal

to stay at the club earlier this

month and is the only Swan to earn

a nomination for the young talent

award this season. Have a really

good pre-season and get my fitness

up, now that Michael O'Loughlin's

going and Barry Hall is gone. White

played under-age basketball for

Australia and was offered a scholarship at Arizona State

College before concentrating on AFL.

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has

wielded the axe ahead of Saturday's

Tri-Nations Test against South

Africa in Brisbane. There's a new scum-half, Queenslander Will Genia

replacing Luke Burgess. Berrick

Barnes returns from injury and

flanker David Pocock gets his first

starting role. They're among five

changes to the team which lost to

the Spingboks by seven points last

weekend. We clearly believe in all

the blokes we've picked. This is by

no means tokenism. It'll be a tough

assignment for the new blood.

Australia is yet to win a Test in

this year's series, while South Africa remains undefeated.

Lleyton Hewitt has continued the

form that's seen him rocket up the

rankings - winning through to the

second round of the US Open.

But there was mixed news for our

Aussie women. Sam Stosur progressed

but Jelena Dokic's tournament is over. Hewitt defeated Brazil's

Thiago Alves in straight sets.

With his accustomed overseas

support, Hewitt quickly made up for

the disappointment of missing last

year's tournament with a hip injury.

The 2001 champion raced through the

opening set in just 22 minutes - he

was two sets up within an hour. The

Australian finishing off his

Brazilian opponent 6-4 in the third

to set up a second-round clash with

Argentine Juan Ignacio Chela. It is

going to be a long grind, I'm going

to have to dictate play. Should

Hewitt advance, Roger Federer looms

as his likely round 3 opponent. The

world number one comfortably

defeating local hope Devin Britton

to begin his quest for six

successive US Open titles. In the

women's draw Belgian Kirsten

Flipkins danced her way to victory

over Australia's Jelena Dokic. Sam Stosur survived, though, despite committing 58 unforced errors against her pregnant Japanese opponent, Ai Sugiyama. Hopefully,

now that I've got one down, I'll be

a little more relaxed in the second

round. If all goes to plan, Stosur

will meet Serena Williams in the

fourth round - the tournament

favourite defeating compatriot

Alexa Glatch in straight sets.

Sister Venus forced to overcome an

injured knee, and a much tougher

opponent. The third seed fighting

back to win in three sets. And in

her first match at Flushing Meadows

since winning the title in 2005,

Kim Clijsters continued her

comeback with a win over the Ukraine's Victoria Kutuzova.

Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale

will be fighting on the same card

next month but not against each

other. Mundine beat Geale in a

controversial fight in May and is

yet to set a date for a re-match.

There's only people out there that

are anti-Mundine that could see how

he was in the fight. Tasmanian

Geale will have plenty of

supporters with the bouts to be in

Launceston. The former IBO world Launceston. The former IBO world

middleweight champion will take on American Daniel Edouard.

In Sports Tonight at 9:30pm eastern

on ONE, a 2-match ban for an A-

league player charged with

assaulting a nightclub bouncer.

Football finals, I'm thinking about

that. Vic Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. Some problems around

the right area with a break down.

After the Ryde Bridge, there is a

breakdown in the right hand lane.

We have notified the charity. The

traffic is starting to build over

the Parramatta River. It will

remain build up for the next 20

minutes. Traffic approaching the

south-west has been struggling all

weekend after a broken-down truck.

That is towards Chatsworth. Tim

Bailey has all the weather details

after the break. MAN: Great Aussie snag - beef, pepper and spices - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. And what makes them taste even better is that every one we sell during our hospital appeal will help raise more money for kids' hospitals all over Australia. That'll be your fifth act of charity today,

wouldn't it, Rodney?

I believe so.

BOY: Please give generously Hospital Appeal, to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids and help us help sick kids. VOICEOVER: Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll? Ready to make a splash? Or even take the plunge? worth sharing, When something in life's

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Unknowingly they this to their

offspring, exceptional weather. He

is going to tap into all the

details from the bureau. I am

tapping into a great community

initiative - via the young golden

girls. Have a look at this. Had

they look at their legs. These are

67 to 70-year-old legs with

wonderful faces attached. These

women go around Nursing Times tap-

dancing. They entertain the elderly

and they have a wonderful time.

They fit this show perfectly. Let

us go over to the surround-sound.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Golden

girls. Look they can dance without

muzak! There are a wonderful mob.

They go around all the nursing

homes, what are you names? Rob them,

joy s, Robin, Pat C Marshall. What

a some great stories? We enjoy

everything and do all these great

things with people. It makes us

feel great when we come out. We had

an older gentleman in a wheelchair

with one leg, he said it, can I

dance on one leg. What about

marriage proposals? They like to

get up close and personal. We alive

from the Blacktown RSL. This mob

have the talent and the heart and

the tapping ability. They have a

bus but they need a bus driver. The

them have a call, the Blacktown RSL.

It is spring. I wonder where the

birds are. I think I've found the

birds today. There is day looks

like a rain day, Friday and the

weekend of fine and sunny.

Patchy cloud over coastal parts of

Tasmania and SA is triggering a few

showers. A high will dry up

northerly wind into the south east.

Predicted precipitation across

rooftops, a little light rain over

far western NSW.

She is 77 years of age.

They look so glamourous.

Finally, spring fashion is in full

bloom. David Jones is celebrating

the start of the new season with a

bright, floral display. More than

30,000 individual stems now adorn

the Elizabeth Street store. Not

only do the designs look beautiful,

the show is fragrant and free.

That's Ten News for now.Updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at