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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, new violence on the streets of Dili. Political confusion sparks the State's most-wanted man. Sydney Police finally track down take on the USA. Todd Russell and Brant Webb We've made it to America. This is Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. Welcome to Seven News.

this morning Chaos has returned to Dili armed gangs terrorising the streets. with looters raiding rice stores and

over just who is running the country, It follows confusion Mari Alkatiri with embattled Prime Minister

of defence and national security denying he has handed control to President Xanana Gusmao. he is still No.1 Mari Alkatiri insists to resign. and has rejected growing calls

is not pressure for me. Pressure from some hundred peoples I represent more than hundreds of thousands of people

in this government. are still living in refugee camps, Around 70,000 people too scared to go home.

Geof Parry joins me now from Dili. of instability on the streets. Geof, more evidence this morning

Absolutely. They got going early

this morning. We keep telling you

about this area up around the

Australian embassy. It is the main

road between the city and the

airport. This is where a lot of

problems have been breaking out

because there are people from

eastern the western province or the

western province. They are trying

to find people from their fractions

and staging a fight. This is where

the serious machete attack was. The

Australian Army came in and threw

some tear gas and somebody threw

some crackers and then these

trouble-makers melt back into the

markets or into the back streets,

which are very narrow and very hard

for the soldiers to police How are

our soldiers coping with this tais

being of disarm onment It is I very

difficult task for them. A lot of

the weapons that some of them have

firearms, a lot of them are very

crude. This is a dart that is

fired out of a sling shot. That is

steel on the end there and that

goes into the sling shot and off it

goes. You see them firing these at

people and machete attacks and the

Army comes in and they search

people. When they show up, a lot of

the weapons are hidden and come

back and collect them later. If

they have machetes, they take them

and get another one How are the

military chiefs cope wing the toing

and froing that is going on? They

try to be even-handed. Brigadier

Slater said he was cooperating

with the Prime Minister and the

President. Gusmao gave the

indication that he had taken

control of the Army and the police.

Prime Minister Alkatiri says no he

hasn't and I am in the mix. Up in

the hills we have these 600 armed

rebel soldiers who say they won't

come down and there won't be a

settlement until Alkatiri is kicked

out of office. They blame him for

the death of the five people on the

28th. Take care. the most-wanted man in NSW Police have caught in Sydney's west overnight. in a series of drug raids was charged with a 2003 murder. 28-year-old Ramon Youmaran along with five others, He was arrested with drug offences. three of them have been charged Seven reporter Rob Ovadia has more. for some time. Ramon Youmaran has been on the run Just what was he wanted for?

Ramon Youmaran has been charged

with one count of murder, that is

with the shooting of the drug

dealer in Sydney's south-west. That

was nearly four years ago. Since

then Youmaran has been right ot the

top of the New South Wales hit list.

They allege he was the head of a

gang and he had been able to escape

authorities 10 times. He has been

charged with one count of murder

but please have wanted to question

him over a number of high-profile

shooting s which we can't go over

for legal reasons. He has not been

charged with those. Police are

happy with this outcome and we

spoke with the very successful

Middle Eastern crime squad Ken McKay. murder weapons, A search for firearms,

money and any booty we can find. as a matter of fact, drugs,

Was an organised police operation,

what exactly happened last night?

Very organised. Police carried out

simultaneous raids on five

properties last night and in the

early hours of this morning. There

were six arrests and four were

charged. Two men are still being

questioned. Police expect to charge

them with drug offences as well.

Police claim to have seized a

number of items and they pulled out,

we have been told, massive amounts

of cash and so much that internal

affairs has been called in to

oversee the operations. We will

morning. hear more when they face court this

Liberal and National parties The plan to merge Queensland's has been dumped.

have announced The leaders of the two parties with the plan they won't be going ahead and his deputy, Mark Vaile, because Prime Minister John Howard wouldn't support it. a mixed response in Canberra. The news has received for reincarnation as New Liberals. Some of the Nationals had hoped is reincarnation In fact, what they've achieved

where you come back as a hillbilly.

It will come up again. it will come up again. Sure as the sun rises,

have lousy government under Beattie Queenslanders are now more likely to

for another decade. they can do now I think the best thing of the Prime Minister is to take the advice and take Beattie on head-on. and form a close coalition will visit Queensland tomorrow Prime Minister Howard the Queensland party leaders. for talks with by Seven reporter Patrick Condren For the latest, we're joined at Kingaroy in Queensland. Good morning, Patrick. at last night's meeting? What happened

There were two meetings here last

night. Both the Nationals and the

liberals have separate party room

meetings. The MPs who had been

laboring under different ideas of

what a merger meant. They voiced

their complete and utter opposition

to it. Both Lawrence Springborg and

Bob quin were forced to back away

from the plan and it was decided

unanimously not to go ahead with

the merger. Of course on Monday,

just four days ago, it was decided

unanimously to go ahead. They are

out here for a shadow cabinet

meeting and it has special

significance being the home of the

former Premier. Lawrence Springborg

has finely shown some leadership

and decided to drop what many are

saying a hair-brained scheme into

they say that any merger would

have severely damaged the Federal

Coalition Absolutely correct. The

federal parties were - or the

federal MPs were against it from

the off. The State MPs who were

pushing this was they were being

told completely different things.

The Liberals they would take over

the Nationals and the nationals

were told nothing of the sort. It

has been a week of confusion in a

struggling coalition in Queensland

What is the next step fort the

party As you indicated in your

introduction, the Prime Minister is

coming here to show that we are

all - the Libs and the Nats are all

happy chats - chaps and it is one

great big love-in and there are

serious political implications.

Peter Beattie is having a field day with this. There's a maxim which is true.

If you can't govern yourself, then you can't govern Queensland, and there are really serious issues here. Both Mr Springborg and Mr Quinn not only lied to their colleagues, they lied to Queenslanders. They said they had a unanimous vote of their State colleagues.

There you have it. Peter Beattie

giving his view on the whole thing.

Of course we are going into an

election here in Queensland within

the next 12 months Peter Beattie

will deliver another big-spending

budget. It can only spell trouble

for a coalition which leaders are

in trouble at the moment. To the US now

where Beaconsfield miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb have arrived to spread their story of survival. Seven reporter Louise Pennell greeted them as they arrived at LA Airport. Louise, how were Todd and Brant this morning?

They may have thought they left

their celebrity status behind them

in Australia. But as Todd Russell

and Brant Webb and their wives

walked through customs, another

group of media were waiting for

them. They appeared relaxed and in

good spirits. After 14 hours on a

plane all they wanted to do was

have a cigarette. They were ushered

to board a plane for New York and

that is where they are scheduled

to appear on Good Morning America

on Friday. Although they are

fulfilling media commitments, they

said they are just looking forward

to - We seem to have a problem with

the audio going to Louise so we will move along. Stay with us.

Foxtel Digital puts you at the centre of a world of entertainment. You can enjoy Foxtel Digital from just: 25 world-class channels like Discovery or Nickelodeon. Now, picture building a package that's all about you. How about sport or something for the kids? Why not add some movies too? Call Foxtel Digital today. A team of 27 Australian emergency workers has begun treating causalities of Indonesia's earthquake after arriving in the devastated city of Yogyakarta. The death toll from the quake has risen to more than 6,000. The Australians have taken over 12 tonnes of emergency supplies and will concentrate on providing urgent medical relief. An Australian military vehicle has been damaged by a roadside bomb in southern Iraq. The light-armoured vehicle was part of a convey escorting Japanese engineers back to their base camp in Samawah. The bomb blew out two tyres on the truck and injured an Iraqi man but no troops were hurt. I'm very grateful and very thankful that there have been no injuries suffered by any of the Australian forces. Mr Howard says the incident is a reminder of the dangers of the Iraq mission. US President George W. Bush has spoken publicly for the first time, about the alleged slaying of Iraqi civilians by US Marines. of wrong-doing will be dealt with. If, in fact, the laws were broken there'll be punishment. The US is investigating the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in Hadithah. Bowel cancer is a disease that if detected early enough, is usually treatable. Unfortunately, too many people are too embarrassed to seek treatment until it's too late. Joining me now is Gillian Batt from the NSW Cancer Council. Good morning, Gillian. Bowel cancer doesn't seem to be a disease people like to talk about, despite being the most common cancer affecting men and women?

It is a real shame. People are

embarrassed to talk about bowel

cancer and there are nearly 13,000

Australians who are diagnosed with

bowel cancer. Here at the Cancer

Council hotline we are having a

call-in to get people aware I

understand 6,000 patients in New

South Wales have advanced bowel

cancer before it is diagnosed.

What are the early warning signs It

is tragic that nearly two-thirds

are diagnosed when it is advanced.

If it is found early, it can be

treated. The most common one is

blood in the stool but also feeling

tired, a little bit of bloating or

losing weight, that is another

sign and symptom. If anyone has

those sorts of symptoms, they

should see their doctor straight

away What can be done to encourage

early detection? The thing about

bowel cancer it is easily

detectable with a test that they

can get from their chemist. Anyone

over 60 should go to the chemist

and do a test and do it in their

own home and find out if they have

bowel cancer How can we reduce the

risk of bowel cancer? Having a

healthy diet, a lot of fruit, a lot

of vegetables and exercise will go

a long way to prevent bowel cancer Thank you very much. For more information on the bowel cancer phone in, go to our web site. To business and finance news now. Joining us is Kylie Macdonald from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Kylie. Wall Street gained ground just before the close. How did our market open today?

Wall Street closed at 73 points

overnight. The Dow lost about 1.7%

which is their biggest monthly

decline and the first monthly drop

so far this year. We bounced today.

The strength is across the board

gaining the 100 points we lost

yesterday What effect does the

stocks have on the market Base

metals finished down and muting

the gains on the Aussie stocks. BHP

has fallen about 10% and some of

the small to mid-sizeed stocks have

hit harder but they are stronger

today Stocks are pretty volatile.

How does the market compare to a

month ago The ASX hit recent highs

and bounced a lower 4970 late last

week. We are seeing more value ee

mother but markets will see

volatility until the US fed makes a

Next in Seven News, sport, including another win for Alicia Molik at the French Open. Alicia Molik has set up a date with Maria Sharapova

in the third round of the French Open, after she defeated Romanian Anda Perianu. Molik survived a second-set tie-breaker before taking the match in three.

Roger Federer is also through to the next round after a convincing win. Still with the French Open, A Sunday night AFL grand final is back on the table.

The Seven and Ten networks will be renewing their push for the grand final to be played in a prime time slot when they take over the coverage from next year. They are expected to request a 6.30pm start to the match. The NRL moved its grand final to a Sunday night in 2001. George Smith has been named Australia's Super 14 Player of the Year. The Brumbies flanker polled 35 votes to win the award, seven clear of four players on 28. The Waratahs' Ewen McKenzie won Coach of the Year. New South Wales prop Benn Robinson is Rookie of the Year. Aussie superstar Harry Kewell has trained with the Socceroos for the first time since suffering a groin injury last month. Kewell has been training by himself since the team arrived in Holland but joined his team-mates for a two-hour session today.

Coach Guus Hiddink says Kewell won't play against the Netherlands on Sunday, but is confident he will line up against Japan for Australia's World Cup opener. With just over a week to go before the World Cup kicks off in Germany, an England striker has re-written the rule book on goal celebrations, but Peter Crouch's antics also cast the spotlight on the right and the wrong way to rejoice.

He may not be seen as a goal

scoring machine but as a dancing

robot he is on his way. His

tongue-in-cheek antics delighted

his fellow players but left pund

its wandering whether he missed his

calling. Football has a hilarious tradition for goal celebrations.

The ever popular Elvis, the duck

walk certainly went down well. The

snort to cross the line but the

Rocca by baby. And Claude Davis is

in a league of his own. Crouch's

move is being called the Robocop.

At this dance studio the real

experts were analysing crouch's

moves. If I was on England

team-mate I would give him shtick

too He was inspired by his own

dancing at David Beckham's party.

If he keeps scoring in the World

Cup, we might see I a lot more of

this. It might catch on. Next in Seven News, we will take a look at the weather and the Brisbane taxi driver promoting racial harmony Renewable energy is vital for our future. We have a proud history at ActewAGL. But our focus is firmly on the future. We are always looking ahead, finding better ways to serve local communities and industry. ActewAGL leads the way with product innovation, energy, water and communications industries. Going forward with confidence is essential for any community. And at ActewAGL, we will continue to invest in the future.

VOICEOVER: ActewAGL has always been here and always will be. Let's take a look at the weather now. A low will generate cold, showery winds and a few storms across South Australia and cause a little rain in Victoria. Another low in the Tasman will maintain showers on the south-eastern coasts. A ridge of high pressure will keep much of the rest of the country cool and dry.

We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Finally, a Brisbane taxi driver is hoping to achieve international fame after releasing his own music video clip. Manjit Boparai wants his $70,000 production to send a positive message about Australia right around the world. Hop in taxi No.55, and this cabbie sings you a song. I'm a fair dinkum Aussie. He's done 60,000 individual Brisbane concerts in three years, but now there's a video clip. A slick production as the Black and White cab soars across the country. (BROKEN ENGLISH): It's the massive support from the public. They made me to sing this song. Cathy Freeman, plus 280 Brisbane people, gave up a day to star in the clip. Manjit hopes this song will unite the nation. I'm pretty sure this song will do the job. Cronulla riots never going to happen again. Manjit's next project? He's registered the name for a Brisbane restaurant called Curry Munchers' Paradise. We will open up the restaurant. Everyone will be munching curry there and all Aussies will be curry munchers, too!

That's Seven's Morning News to now. We will keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a lovely day. Captioned by Seven Network.