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(generated from captions) Tonight - winning bid for the 2012 Olympics. Sydney set to benefit from London's awards after a daring beach rescue. Four police nominated for bravery And party time for the Blues,

Origin series win. after their history-making This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. dollars worth of Olympic contracts, Sydney will bid for billions of for the 2012 Games. after London was named host city celebrations in the British capital The announcement set off wild

for cities that missed out, and delivered intense disappointment especially arch-rival Paris. to open the envelope. It took an agonising 19 seconds of the 30th Olympiad in 2012 The games are awarded to the city of London. WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE was decided in the final stretch. The closest Olympic race in history

WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE and come out second best. Paris had gone in favourite London! London! London has won! Long live London! 54 votes to 50. The French were edged out The pain told on supporters' faces. So they get 12 of New York's votes.

the vote result was welcome, Australia's Olympic chiefs said

will now become a threat. but predict the British team

careful in terms of the 2012 Games. We're going to have to be very reckoned with at home They're going to be a force to be that they'll get. with all the extra funding is thinking. That is exactly what London WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Australia is already in his sights. Bid chief Lord Sebastian Coe told us over next seven years The big challenge on what you guys did in 2000, is to try and improve

and that is a big ask. # Celebrate good times, come on. # of a four-year campaign This was the end Australian expertise and identities. relying heavily on Ohhh! Amazing! a complete stranger. (laughs) I threw my arms around and all their supporters The London bid team here in Singapore, celebrated long into the night but that was nothing

back home in England. compared with what was going on WILD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE heartbreak. But for the four abandoned capitals - BOOING AND WHISTLING a youth focus, urban renewal, London's success hinged on and the use of celebrities, David Beckham. like man-on-the-move very happy with the result? REPORTER: David, you must be

Yeah, very happy, thank you.

What did it for London, do you think? Ah, the hard work that's been done. Our politicians are pleased, too. new business opportunities, saying Premier Bob Carr predicts planning, ticketing, we could help with even rail timetables. probably the best result for us I think London's and getting contracts. when it comes to getting in there $3 billion from the Beijing Games Local companies have made

similar deals from London. and will be looking for and will be looking for

recommended for bravery awards Four police officers are being from a beach south of Sydney. after rescuing two people washed away but say it was all in a day's work. They put their lives at risk to Shoalhaven Heads beach, They returned the reluctant heroes who could have been mourning today. and the father

I've got in regards to all of that. You can't imagine the emotions

It's been very bad. Just 24 hours earlier Sean Ryan had watched in horror became caught in a rip in rough seas. as his 13-year-old son, James, became caught in a rip in rough seas.

but was washed back to shore. He waded in to help He thought James had been, too. that James was in the water, I found out to my horror which was a bit hard to take,

as you can imagine. 150 metres. By now, James had been dragged out But help was close. We got our heads together. We got here. and executed that plan. Worked out our plan of attack and headed out, no hesitation. They borrowed surf and body boards We had to get him back to shore. whatever it took. That was pretty much it - Even if it meant stripping off.

so to speak. So I decided to take my clothes off, to get me a little more buoyant. Take my shirt and my pants off, just was also rescued A local man who tried to help and airlifted to hospital, James Ryan was treated for shock. His father is still shaken, too. how calm they were What strikes me most is and how professional they were.

and it was a good outcome. We did our roles For the first time have jobs more than 10 million Australians of just 5%. as unemployment hits a record low for the Howard Government The figures are a bright spot over industrial relations reform. as it takes a battering

should have guaranteed The employment figures a good news day for John Howard.

this country's employment history. They represent a new milestone in on his industrial relations reforms But his own history of guarantees bad. soon turned a good day Nobody can give a guarantee to be worse off in the future. that no single individual is going just before becoming Prime Minister. But he had done exactly that Government you cannot be worse off FILE FOOTAGE: Under a Howard

but you can be better off. this rock-solid guarantee. I give you Faced with the contradiction today, did not cover everyone. he said the rock-solid guarantee Nobody can sensibly do that at what I said in 1996, and if you look precisely I didn't say that either. This is precisely what he did say. Under no circumstances create a wages system will a Howard Government

of Australians to be cut. that will cause the take-home pay to give a guarantee He was quite happy the Alsatians and the balaclavas, when he had Peter Reith,

but he won't give a guarantee now. he won't give a guarantee now The reason

people will be worse off. is that he knows to counter the unions' attacks John Howard cut short his holidays to have set him further back. but this appears an advertising blitz at the weekend His government will now launch

to try to turn things around. against poverty The impact of a global campaign

will be tested today begin talks in Scotland. as the world's most powerful leaders Seven's Anna Coren is there. Anna, more violence is threatening to overshadow the G8 meeting? Ian, police have spent a day fighting running battles

with protesters in the streets and fields around Gleneagles Resort. As world leaders met the Queen, extra police were flown in to secure the venue. The protest of voice... ..quickly turning to violence. As a core regroup of anarchists tore down parts of the security perimeter fencing

protecting the world's eight most powerful men. WHISTLE BLOWS The majority of the 5,000 The majority of the 5,000 anti-G8 protesters had the right intentions. I'm very proud to be here among such a crowd of wonderful people that are standing up for justice. I believe it's in all of our interests to make this a fairer world and better world for everybody. But that certainly was not on the minds of these demonstrators.

This is the exact reason why police wanted to cancel today's protest. Organisers had promised a peaceful march however, there are some people here who determined to turn this protest violent. Police finally retaliated. YELLING The crowd dispersed into nearby fields where the clashes continued. Chinook helicopters flew in waves of riot police who refused to give these activists a second chance.

500 metres away, the G8 leaders attended a banquet with the Queen. They will spend the next two days discussing the key issues of global poverty and climate change. This is one of those occasions which I think those in positions of political leadership and those in positions of leadership in the campaigns have wanted to come together. They may be behind closed doors, but the world is still watching.

The environment will be the first issue on today's agenda. But there's already been some diplomatic cooling on global warming with US President George Bush refusing to give ground on his opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. Ian. Thank you, Anna Coren in Scotland. A potentially deadly chemical has been found in a home's water supply near a badly polluted Sydney industrial site.

Up to a few weeks ago, the householder was using the tainted water on her backyard vegetable patch. With Sydney's cutbacks, Kay Carpenter was happy to use bore water on her garden until officials arrived at her door.

Well, they just come down and said that we had, um... vinyl chlorine in the - in the bore. Botany residents have long been warned of a toxic plume below ground

that leaked from the Orica site decades ago. But the discovery of vinyl chloride has alarmed authorities. It is a nasty chemical, it's carcinogenic. Other bores in Dent Street did not contain vinyl chloride but tested positive to other dangerous compounds. Each time they've been tested, there's been an increase in the EDCs. New bores are now banned within the shaded area.

The central area, around the Orica site,

is not allowed to use bores at all. The vinyl chloride showed up just inside the western edge of that area. The vinyl chloride was detected in a residential bore, but it is clear that the park at the end of the street is still using the contaminated water. Orica is pumping out the polluted water, and says it would take a lifetime's exposure to cause cancer. But it could be 30 years before the ground water is safe.

We're treating this matter very seriously, though, and we are going to ensure we do things to help the family concerned. New South Wales has won Rugby League's State of Origin series comprehensively out-muscling Queensland in last night's deciding match. Matt, is this the best Blues side ever? Good question. The answer? they're very close. Well, if they are not the greatest,

makes them The Blues' 32-10 victory only the second New South Wales side to win a series from 1-0 down. scoring three tries. Winger Matt King was the star,

A sight rarely seen. Yeah, how ya going, mate? Yeah, bro! (laughs) celebrating with family and friends. Exclusive pictures of the Blues Can you get any better? scoreless until it was almost over. Six tries to two, Queensland Very good. How good was that?

it was better than good. For Matt King, the former garbo into an Origin hero. Last night's hat-trick turned was his mum. The first person he thanked and give my mum a kiss at the end To have them there tonight and go up was pretty special. Anthony Minichiello was again a key playmaker for the Blues. COMMENTATOR: Minichiello! He's away. Minichiello's over halfway. The Count named Player of the Series.

Wally Lewis handing over the award to me was a pretty proud moment. The team flew home today to a hero's welcome. We were pretty much blown away by the result and the way they played. in State of Origin's 25-year history It is only the second time from one game down to win the series, that a Blues team has come back prompting some to speculate that are the greatest Origin team ever. the 2005 Blues

and it's got to be right up there. It's a big achievement If anything, mentally toughest teams it's probably one of the most I've had something to do with.

Outstanding performance mentally.

We just the concleegz at the enof

the performance, but it is ato

others to judge. We own a little

others to judge. We own a little

origin history, one other team have

done that. Our league reporter was

dead right, they smashed them He

mail nailed it didn't he. this was his last Origin match. And Andrew Johns reveals whether Ahead in Seven News - more time to find witnesses. Schapelle Corby's lawyers plead for Also, taxi fares to go up amid claims it is drivers who are being ripped off. And the photo fuelling fears of giant cats in Sydney's suburbs.

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demonstrated outside Garden Island Antinuclear protesters have

three American warships. which is hosting blocking the entrance, It started with a father and daughter tying themselves to their car and a gate and demanding to know if the ships are carrying atomic weapons. Mr Howard, is Sydney sleeping with nuclear weapons in its midst tonight? As supporters looked on, police arrested the pair but decided against throwing the 11-year-old girl in the back of a paddy wagon.

Catching a Sydney cab is about to cost more - an extra 3% from this Sunday.

But one expert claims we are still not paying enough because taxidrivers are being short-changed by inaccurate meters. Taximeters that allegedly rip off drivers.

Passengers can hardly believe it. They're undercharging? REPORTER: What to do you think of that? I think it's bizarre.

You're joking! In the same cab two different makes of meters record conflicting fares. The one on the top is 30c to 40c more than a new model of meter introduced by Cabcharge. Drivers say the difference could cost them $100 a week.

That's a big issue. If they don't know, that's a rip-off. The claims have come from a rival manufacturer.

It says the Cabcharge meters start failing when speeds vary in heavy traffic.

The result - passengers win, drivers lose. They can lose as much as 15% of the fare. That means in a $20 fare they could be losing as much as $3 in a $20 fare. Hundreds of Sydney cabbies have Cabcharge meters. There'll be a lot of angry drivers and they will be trying to rip their meters out. Transport officials are investigating.

No-one wants taximeters operating in Sydney with any form of inaccuracy. Cabcharge stands by the accuracy of its meters and is threatening to sue. But regardless of the investigation, from this weekend all taxi passengers will pay more, anyway. From Sunday

Schapelle Corby's lawyers have asked Bali's High Court for more time to prepare for her reopened drug-smuggling trial. Chief Judge Linton Sirait today confirmed July 20 for the new hearing. But defence lawyers want an extra two weeks. And they have again called on the Australian government to help find witnesses. We will do anything we can to help her,

but we cannot generate witnesses that might not exist. Mr Howard says

he'll reply to a personal letter from Schapelle Corby in the next few days. A Sydney man has snapped photographs of a big cat prowling the backyards around Kenthurst.

Experts believe it is feral, but its appearance has revived talk about the legendary Lithgow panther.

It was about there, and then it came straight at me. Choo, choo, choo, choo. Wesley Kissell has had plenty of experience in the bush, but he has never seen anything like this. It strolled out of the scrub and into his yard. Not huge - but bizarre. I'm not an expert. I just know that it made me jump up and take photos. Some pictures show a powerful, muscular creature others, a curious face with enormous eyes and ears.

for about a week. Left me in a cold sweat for about a week.

Rex Gilroy has spent decades tracking strange animals. He is convinced this is a native marsupial cat. We're definitely dealing with a giant marsupial cat. But this, of course, is a young creature. I'm most impressed by those photos. Around Kenthurst there have been dozens of strange cat sightings over the years. One teenager even claimed he was attacked by one.

But there has never been any hard evidence. Cynics say the cats around here may be big and strange,

but they are probably just feral. Remember the Lithgow panther? The big-cat debate has raged for a long time.

The head in that shot does look big. And this specimen is not going to settle it. It's a domestic cat - it could be a feral cat. But there's no doubt that it's a cat.

The residents of the Hills District can sleep comfortably and safely in their beds tonight. Matt White is back again. Will Andrew Johns keep going?

Please, yes, yes, and if you are

watching Joe a after last night, you have to. Joey laughs off talk that he's played his last Origin. And sweet revenge for Robbie McEwen in the Tour de France.

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including Elmo Shout! Don't forget to tell your parents about the huge Toy Sale on now at Kmart. It is the kind of news Queensland would hate to hear. Andrew Johns says as long as he can. he will keep playing Origin footy as long as he can. After another five-star performance in game three, Johns has refuted talk he has played his last game for the Blues. Things are looking bright for the Blues.

Nice sunglasses, Pacino. Skipper Danny Buderus did not want to face anything today but straight after steering the Blues to a series win Andrew Johns dismissed suggestions he would quit State of Origin. No way in the world am I going to finish. Yeah - no, no. It's the best footy you can play in. It did not look great at the start. COMMENTATOR: And look at that. They're driving and driving! But the Blues withstood a mountain of pressure then exploded themselves.

Anasta is over! That was an arm wrestle that went for 29 tackles and we ended up winning it. Having cracked Queensland the Blues ran riot with three first-half tries. There's plenty of chases. They've got a try out of it! Queensland refused to lie down but they accused Ben Kennedy of doing just that. That's not part of our game

and most footballers aren't like that. The Queenslanders did not buy it.

I suppose, if he was injured, it was the wrong thing for me to do but my instincts were that he was faking it. There's no frigging way I would have laid down ever in a game, Up 18-0 Ricky Stuart warned his players not to relax. This could be the most embarrassing moment of your Rugby League career if they come back. They could not, and the Blues bolted clear to win their third series on the trot

with new club contracts the next thing to sign.

Now I can just focus on my future and decide as soon as possible, you know, where I'm going to go. And while skipper Darren Lockyer did not want to face up to it the future looks poor for Queensland. Coach Michael Hagan is not sure he will go on. a boost for rugby London's winning Olympic bid could be a boost for rugby with the IOC to decide tomorrow if any new sports will be added in 2012,

seven-a-side rugby seven-a-side rugby is said to be high on the list.

In Sydney today the focus was on the Mandela Challenge Plate - the coveted trophy on offer in a two-Test series against South Africa. They're physical, they're up-front and you've just got to meet them at their strengths. The Wallabies meet the Boks at Telstra Stadium on Saturday night. Lleyton Hewitt is back in Sydney,

joining the Davis Cup squad ahead of next week's tie with Argentina. Returning after his semifinal defeat at Wimbledon, Hewitt hit out with Victorians Peter Luczak and Chris Guccione. The quarterfinal begins on Friday. Sweet revenge for Aussie cyclist Robbie McEwen who has won stage five of the Tour de France just a few days after being penalised for rough riding. McEwen, in the white and gold, stalked Belgian sprint ace Tom Boonen

before overpowering him near the finish. COMMENTATOR: He's got the legs this time. Robbie McEwen is forced to the line and takes it! That's revenge for you. It's really satisfying. I mean, it's always great to win a stage in the tour but after, you know, what's gone past, I just had to keep my head screwed on, basically. Tour leader Lance Armstrong avoided a nasty pile-up in the peloton to retain the yellow jersey and a 55-second lead. They are itching for the Ashes to start

but Australia and England are back in one-day mode again tonight at Headingley. The Aussies did most of their training indoors ahead of the first game of a three-match series. And with the first Test still two weeks away Adam Gilchrist admits he cannot wait to finish the one-dayers. Personally, right at this moment I think it'd be a great time to be getting into first-class cricket. There's no doubt that the teams are closer together

than what they have been in previous Ashes build-ups. Full coverage of tonight's match is live on Seven from 7.30.

There is your night's viewing

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Good evening. I have ventured outside tonight in search of rain. There were a few spots this afternoon.

Mainly light drizzle from the cloud that has built up. But much more is on the way tomorrow and over the weekend. Today the cloud kept temperatures from reaching the forecast. across central Australia We can see the cloud streaming in and over our State,

and low pressure trough. thanks to a strengthening jetstream just near our coast, A small low is set to form the rain going over the weekend, and that's going to keep hopefully topping up dams. Interstate -

before the heavens open tomorrow. Cloudy but mostly fine tonight and continue for most of the day. It will start raining in the morning on Saturday and Sunday The rain will continue

when that low develops on the coast. Winds will also pick up, a wild weekend of weather. so we are in for around into next week. Still a few showers figures just in today show Before I go, last week's downpour gave us an extra two months water supply. Dam levels rose 3.4% to return to 41.3% capacity. Hopefully this next batch of rain will provide a handy follow up. Good news, in

Good news, in breaking news, an

explosion has rocked central London

in the fpbgs district. A number of

people have been injured, no word

yet on the cause but more details in updates later. I'm Ian Ross.