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This program is captioned live. Tonight - swine flu spreads. as fears grow of a global pandemic. More than 100 dead in Australia. Potentially we'll see swine flu pensioners to lose out, Budget blues -

but the pollies get their pay rise. for them to have a rise If it's good enough for the pensioners. then it's good enough in the latest high seas pirate drama. And the Aussie tourists caught up Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully. And I'm Bill Woods. denying he assaulted his girlfriend. Also tonight - Greg Bird faces court,

And going galactic - for a journey out of this world. the lucky Australians preparing

in my lifetime, it's a dream. I never thought it would happen But first -

authorities fear may have already hit Australia. the deadly swine flu pandemic more than 100 lives in Mexico. The bug has claimed are testing for potential outbreaks. The US, Europe and New Zealand from Auckland As many as 40 students and teachers the virus are believed to have contracted

on a high-school trip to Mexico. are bracing New Zealand health authorities of the new influenza strain for further cases being placed in isolation. that's led to the high school groups to trace hundreds of passengers Officials are now desperately trying their return flights home. who were on we should consider it probable The advice from officials is that and that's how we are proceeding. that it is swine flu conducted on five people In New South Wales tests are being from the US and Central America. who recently returned It should be known tomorrow the new H1N1 influenza strain. if they have contracted

with information to stay at home, Those persons will be provided about respiratory hygiene to stay isolated, given advice to prevent infection of others. around the world, But as the virus spreads it can be brought under control health authorities hope

into a global pandemic. before developing Aside from the deaths in Mexico, in the US and Europe, and the 1,600 infected the virus, resembling a bad cold. some people have milder version of

coughing, headaches and fatigue. The symptoms include a high fever, of human and bird flu The flu is thought to be a mix that has first broke out in pigs. if we get a virus The real concern is

characteristics of a bird flu, that has the very nasty that it kills a lot of people from person to person and the ability to spread which some of the swine flus can.

From midnight, to notify health authorities here airlines will be required if they are carrying sick passengers. are advised to see doctors. Airline passengers Australia is prepared Federal and State governments say to deal with an influenza pandemic. of the Tamiflu and Rolenza drugs We have nearly nine million doses effective overseas. which have so far shown to be outbreaks Previous SARS and avian influenza continues to rise, As the Mexican death toll is getting edgy. it's nearest neighbour, the US, a public health emergency. Officials there have already declared

handed out by the military, Wearing masks try to protect themselves Mexico City residents of the flu virus. against a deadly new strain 100 deaths in less than two weeks So far it's being blamed for at least

about 1,300 others, and has possibly infected church services to be cancelled forcing from football games. and spectators to be banned our assessment of the situation It's fair to characterise is serious. is spreading. Serious because the swine flu in the US, So far 20 cases have been confirmed

as well as several other countries. And given the reports out of Mexico, I would expect that over time severe disease in this country. we're going to see more students from a New York high school, The largest infected group are to Mexico. who just returned from a trip as a precaution, The school has been shut down in Texas a measure that's also been taken where three teenagers are recovering. has required hospital care Only one US patient from the virus and all of the sick have recovered such as Tamiflu or Relenza. without the need for flu treatments the concern is so great, Nevertheless, a public health emergency. the US has declared

aren't taking any risks, Japanese health authorities who arrive on flights from Mexico screening all passengers for signs of the deadly virus. it is a natural mutation But authorities are confident

and not something more sinister. Right now we have no evidence at all bioterrorist action. to suggest that we are dealing with Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, they need a $90-a-week pay rise Federal politicians say and electorate functions. to pay for raffle tickets

the increase be scrapped But the Greens are demanding for a rise in the pension. to help pay the Government may renege Weekend reports

in the Budget on a $30-a-week pension increase was bad enough. just fuelled the anger. The boost in pollies' perks What do you think of that? Not much at all. Outrageous.

Is that correct? The devil looks after his own. to have a rise If it's good enough for them to stay where they are then it's good enough for pensioners or get a better one. Bob Brown agrees. doesn't act on this If the Prime Minister I'll move a disallowance motion.

He'll be a lone voice. for MPs as such. This is not a pay rise in the electorates. This is money that will be spent I'm going to agree with Mark. independently of the politicians. Tony Abbott says the decision is made the $900 tax bonus handout. He likens it to I don't begrudge people the money, While I'm not sure it's good policy,

are doing it tough at the moment. because a lot of people in electorate allowance The almost $5,000 a year boost

mostly goes to things like fundraisers for little leagues and the endless chook raffles and Lamington drives. REPORTER: You're making it sound like a slush fund.

Oh, come on, seriously.

Kevin Rudd won't be vetoing the increase this time, but he is promising to look after pensioners, even though the Treasurer is not commenting on that report

that says he will dock $10 from the expected pension increase to pay for a boost in unemployment benefits. That would be a breach of faith, according to pensioners. How much longer are we going to allow people in this situation, our oldest and most vulnerable, to continue to go without?

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Australian tourists have told how they narrowly avoided being shot by Somali pirates who tried to hijack their ship. came under machinegun fire Their luxury liner came under machine-gun fire as it sailed up the east coast of Africa. Passengers aboard 'MSC Melody'

were enjoying a classical concert when it was attacked by pirates. One Australian woman thought the gunfire was actually firecrackers.

There was this pop-pop-pop-pop and this woman came screaming through the deck. Passengers took matters into their own hands to prevent the pirates from boarding.

And another man tried throwing plastic chairs at them. They fired shots and they broke windows in the ship

so we have shattered windows with big bullet holes in them.

The 'MSC Melody' was on a 22-day cruise from South Africa to Italy when it was attacked, just north of the Seychelles. The pirates fled when security guards fired on them. 84 Australians are on board the 'Melody'. They include Brenda Cahill and her husband Tony from Sydney.

The paratrooper was a lot The paratrooper was a lot of

gunfire at one point and they were

able to keep swerving to get out of the area. The Cahills are leading a group of 20 Australians on the voyage,

several of them friends. The attempted hijacking is the latest attack by Somali pirates

This was a wedding anniversary

cruise. They decided to go. The attempted hijacking is the latest attack by Somali pirates but the first time gun fire has been exchanged with a non-military ship. No passengers were injured. The Melody is currently under escort by the US Navy, 400 nautical miles off its original course. Cronulla Sharks footballer Greg Bird Former Cronulla Sharks footballer Greg Bird has pleaded guilty to public mischief, but still denies assaulting his girlfriend. The 24-year-old Australian representative is accused of attacking his girlfriend, Katie Milligan, with a glass in August last year. Bird is still in a relationship with Ms Milligan, who has not made a police statement about the alleged assault. The case returns to court tomorrow. Headlines in sport with Brad McEwan. Brad, two Broncos players in trouble now over weekend incidents? The Broncos say they've taken internal action over drunken behaviour at Byron Bay. Steve Michaels was warned by police after kicking a car when he'd blocked a motorist.

The second player who was also warned was forward Nick Kenny, who was caught urinating on a wall. Just days ago, Kenny, who's a physiotherapist, was publicly hailed by the NRL and ARL for taking out league's 'Nice Guy of the Month' award for April for his work with charity and community groups. Shortly in sport, the NRL judiciary charges that are set to cause a real stir. And one driver's frightening take off at the famed Talladega speedway.

But it's doesn't end here -

there's a surprise when he finally gets out of the car. Eamon Sullivan loses his last world record. All and that more coming up in sport. Banks urged to show compassion for tenants caught out by foreclosure -

that's next. Also tonight - a close call for pedestrians

as police force a suspect off the road and into a wall. And a suspicious fire rips through a Sydney warehouse, threatening nearby buildings.

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Reality is finally dawning on Lia Copson - hope she and her family would be able to return to their rented home was dashed, the Commonwealth Bank confirming today their eviction would stand. It devastates me and my husband to have to tell them what's going on and why they can't go in their own house and play their own games. My son's telling me, "I want to go home, Mum, I want to go home." I just... It's hard. The family was evicted on Friday after their landlord hit financial problems - the locks were changed, their belongings trapped inside. This morning an added burdern - the bank refused to allow the couple back to pack their own things, requiring a third party to do it instead. It was only after Ten News got involved on behalf of the family that the Commonwealth Bank relaxed its policies. It will now allow Jamie and Lia to and pack their own things

and it's even offered to help with removal costs. But this is not standard practice. The Fair Trading Minister is considering situations like this as part of proposed reforms. It's a very troubling issue. I have great concern and sympathy for these people and I do call on the banks to show some compassion and step up to the mark. notice to vacate, The bank says it did give two weeks notice to vacate. Housing NSW is helping with emergency motel accommodation - this just one of many families asking for help for the first time. households more a year In fact, about 7,000 people than we would have seen in the past. So the rental squeeze, the economic circumstances, unemployment have all come together to make this quite a housing crisis. A crisis this family is meeting head-on. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Criminal charges have been dropped against billionaire Richard Pratt. The cardboard packaging tycoon is believed to be close to death with prostate cancer. The Commonwealth DPP announced late this afternoon charges against him would be withdrawn because of his ill health.

The 74-year-old, who's wealth is estimated at more than $5 billion,

was last year fined more than $30 million after admitting price fixing. Former Test cricketer Greg Matthews

has been ordered to perform community service after being convicted of drink-driving.

It's the third drink-driving offence for Matthews, who blew 0.113 when he was pulled over at Rushcutters Bay in March. The magistrate described it as a crime of selfishness and ordered him to perform 200 hours of community service.

He also had his licence suspended for one year. Mark Catchpole, the son of Wallabies legend Ken Catchpole, has been sentenced to at least five months behind bars on periodic detention for drugs and firearms offences. Catchpole, with the support of his famous father, has already lodged an appeal. 41-year-old Mark Catchpole came to court to hear his punishment. In April last year, he and Olympic silver medallist star Scott Miller were charged after police found a loaded gun, drugs and a pill press in a storage unit at Brookvale. In February, Catchpole pleaded guilty to three firearm and two drugs offences. Today he was sentenced to a maximum of almost 10 months periodic detention, with a non-parole of 5 months. As you can imagine,

my client, his family and supporters are all shattered by the sentence which was given today. In sentencing, the magistrate acknowledged Catchpole suffered anxiety and depression after being caught. He noted the intense media interest in the case,

with Mark's father Ken considered an Australian rugby league legend. Mark, a disappointing sentence? Yeah, well, we're appealing, yeah. Inside the courtroom, Mark Catchpole sat between his father and stepmother. As the sentence was handed down, When the sentence was handed down, his father looked shocked and sat with his head between his hands. His stepmother wept. Catchpole's appeal will be heard in June. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. West Australian police have come under fire after footage was released showing an officer using a stun gun on a teenager while he was driving.

Police were chasing the stolen van through a town in the State's north-west last night, taking the drastic action when the 17-year-old driver refused to stop. After police tasered the teenager, he lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a nightclub. No-one was injured. Police will conduct an internal review of the incident.

A woman in her 60s is under investigation for animal cruelty after her dog was dragged along by a van for almost 30 metres. The German shepherd suffered cuts and a suspected broken tail in the incident at Mascot. Police say the dog's tail became trapped in the van door before the vehicle was driven along the street. Neighbours called police when they heard the animal yelp. The RSPCA is now caring for the dog, which also appears malnourished.

He had a lot of live fleas on the skin and he's also missing a fair amount of hair off the back end here so he's in quite a poor state. Police hope to interview the dog's owner tonight. Fire has destroyed a food import business in Sydney's west overnight. The blaze broke out in Berry Street, Granville, just after 1:00am and sent flames and thick black smoke billowing dangerously close to surrounding buildings. Fire crews worked throughout the night to contain the fire. It was finally extinguished just before dawn.

Police are treating the blaze as suspicious. An investigation is now under way.

Time to check the weather. Winter

isn't meant to start for a couple

of months but there has been a

chill in the air! Wild, wintry

gales across the weekend. His

winter coming a bit early? If

you're in the Victorian and NSW ski

resorts you would think yes, the

gales bringing 15 gales bringing 15 centimetres in

Thredbo. These pictures are from

Matt Hoffman and Halls Creek in

Victoria. Out of them.

Kohl in NSW - contender had a nine

degrees today. Contender. Some

areas in NSW were 14 degrees below

average. There is a beautiful average. There is a beautiful

sunset on Sydney Harbour and

another good wintry day tomorrow,

tops of about 90 degrees. I'll see

you later. Up to 20,000 jobs at risk in the restaurant trade. We'll tell you why next. Also - love sparked from tragedy - a mass wedding for survivors of the China earthquake. And dressed to impress - Sydney fashionistas tell us what's hot on a budget this season.

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A school children are back at yet

but it has checked the traffic. A

nasty three-car accident occurred

year just before three o'clock.

Take a look at the delays. This is

the traffic heading west. It goes

all the way back to Prospect.

Significant traffic queues all the

way back to great stained and

Parramatta on the M4. Up to 20,000 jobs could be lost in the restaurant industry

if a plan to reform award rates goes ahead. The Industrial Relations Commission has suggested introducing penalties after 7:00pm on weekdays and higher weekend rates. But owners say it would have a crippling effect. You're talking about a 25%-30% surcharge on top of what you're paying already to dine out on the weekend and meet these new award conditions. Discussions are continuing. ING Direct's finance report with Amber Muir. Amber, there are signs the swine flu is starting to infect our market? It is, indeed, with airline shares down and the drug company Biota the new stock of choice. It's the developer of one of two anti-flu drugs

that are being stockpiled by governments around the world in the case of a flu pandemic. Beer was also on investors' minds after Australia's second-largest brewer Lion Nathan agreed to a $6.5 billion takeover deal by the Japanese firm Kirin. Lion Nathan shares jumped more than 40% following the announcement. But grim news in the engineering sector after MacMahon Holdings said it will cut more jobs and freeze wages, with its second-half profits set to collapse. Cancelled mining contracts have been largely blamed for the downturn. Wall Street kick-started our share market 1% higher this morning, but it drifted lower in afternoon trade. At the closing bell the All Ords was in the black.

That's the day in finance. This week the big banks deliver their profit results. The National Australia Bank will be the first, tomorrow. 20 couples have tied the knot in a mass wedding ceremony with a difference in China. Most of the men and women lost their spouses in last year's devastating earthquake. The new couples wore traditional costume to the ceremony,

which was organised and paid for by the local government. Almost one year on from the quake which wiped out more than 80,000 people, the start of their new lives. the newlyweds hope this will mark but try telling the fashion industry. There might be a global recession, has descended on Sydney A frenzy of designers Australian Fashion Week. for the annual Angela Bishop has been among them.

It is its regular home at the

overseas passenger terminal. It is

a little bit quieter but this is

the big chance for Australian

designers to show off their clothes

other to clients and that the media. The

other thing that is business as

usual - and he is gossip and

intrigue. There has been almost as

much interest in who is in the

front row as in what is going down

the catwalk. We had a former Prime

Minister Paul Keating this morning

and Wayne Cooper, whose show is

about to start, has his ex-

girlfriend and his current

girlfriend both in the front row.

It will be hard work to keep It will be hard work to keep an eye

on the fashions. I caught up with

in just beforehand to see how he is

juggling his personal life and

professional life. You have been in

the news for so many reasons other

than fashion this year. His is the

return to the catwalk for you? It

has been a year since I did a show

and a lot has happened in a year.

It is all still here now ended it is all happening now. Everyone It is all still here now ended it

is all happening now. Everyone goes

through staff. I go through staff

may be more than most does. We're

here doing a show and have Rowen is

happy and is well put ever been to

bed and we will be "ye, baby". As

army when Cooper could put it. The

rest of the day shows we will take

a look at now. It has been

interesting to watch Australian

teenage years. Fashion Week settle into its

Sex, Skin and Strength - that's the

name of the collection Camilla and

Marc sent down the runway to herald

the start of Australian Fashion

Week number 14. Zippers and chain

belts hinted at the style of the

'80s, as did the return of the

shoulderpad. I pick it brings strip

to a woman and a feeling of

covenants. Ginger and Smart's

collection was called Sky Dancer

and came complete with colourful

silks and even a kite. Even more

impressive - one half of the team,

Alex, had a baby less than a week

ago. I had a baby boy, as yet

unnamed, six days ago. While unnamed, six days ago. While Ginger

& Smart and Camilla and Marc are

Fashion Week regulars, more than a

few names are missing this year as

the economic downturn takes its

toll. I think they are really

struggling. The retailers are

pulling back now more than ever. To

put on an event like this costs are

fortune. We are about 15% down on

our numbers today. Backstage is

busy as ever. The global financial

crisis made one good thing for

Australian designers. When it comes

to buyers from overseas we are a

bargain. Dino how happy I am as an

American to go anywhere where the

dollar is better? I am loving this.

Fashion Week continues until Friday. of the deadly swine flu? How prepared are we for an outbreak We'll have that next. on cancer drugs delayed Also - tough new rules because of treatment fears. And going galactic - taking one small step the Aussie space tourists towards the trip of a lifetime.

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Mmm. Well, that's a relief. Home and Contents Insurance Switch to GIO with automatic flood cover. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - Australian tourists have told how they narrowly avoided being shot by Somali pirates who tried to hijack their ship. came under machine gun fire Their luxury liner came under machine-gun fire as it sailed up the east coast of Africa. Federal politicians are trying to justify their $90 a week pay rise, saying they need it to pay for raffle tickets and electorate functions. But the Greens are demanding the increase be scrapped a rise in the pension. to help pay for the deadly swine flu pandemic And authorities fear may have already hit Australia. more than 100 lives in Mexico, The bug has claimed are testing for potential outbreaks. while the US, Europe and New Zealand through coughing and sneezing Swine flu spreads quickly and those who contract it regular human influenza infection - suffer similar symptoms to the

coughing and sore throat. fever, fatigue, a lack of appetite, also reported vomiting and diarrhoea. Some people with swine flu have and the dangers it poses Here to discuss the virus is Rosana Capolingua from the AMA. Rosana, there is suspicion the flu has already made its way to Australia. Should we be concerned?

It is a global concern. This is now

human to human transferred that is

occurring and we understand that

there are deaths in Mexico and

confirmed cases in the United

States and elsewhere, including

some concerns in New Zealand. We

are part of a global village and

Australia may well experience swine

influenza. What about the resources

we now have? What about the

vaccine? There isn't a vaccine

force wind blew specifically. We

have been in the rising Australians

with the current flu vaccine. There

will not protect against swine flu.

However the NT File agents are at

the moment showing to be effective

and certainly the Australian

government has stockpiles of these

NT files since we -- so as we have

that - we have had in place since the bird flu scare.

the bird flu scare. Some double

might feel self-conscious about

wearing a face mask. When his that

recommended? It is early days to

talk about face masks. As the

situation involves we will review

that. All we can do every time we

have a float or cold, make sure you

cut your face when you sneeze,

washer hands and be aware that you

could spread the virus release

easily if you are sick. Stay at

home and isolate yourself to some

degree. Avoid places where people

will beat sneezing on you. Tough new rules for cancer drugs have been delayed for two months, following claims they could force patients to wait longer for treatment. The new scheme will see subsidies paid for the exact amount of cancer drugs dispensed, rather than the number of treatments. Chemotherapy drugs are very expensive. There are new drugs for cancer treatment coming on line all the time. In order to make sure to be able to fund these drugs that we continue we need to use them carefully. to make sure there isn't wastage. And this is a measure to delay the new scheme But the Minister has agreed restrict the supply of cancer drugs after pharmacists warned it would and affect treatment. A Brisbane shop owner no Australian woman has gone before. is preparing to go where hundreds of thousands of dollars She's paying for just four minutes in outer space. As a child the first moon landing on television. Glenys Ambe wagged school to watch the first Australian woman in space. Now she is taking steps towards being

I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. this dream that's coming true. It's a dream - and now I have got

who have paid $280,000 She's one of 11 Australians

for ticket on a Virgin Galactic space flight. for a ticket just four minutes of weightlessness. The journey will take two hours, with now space is the limit, right? It used to be the sky's the limit - its 6-passenger space ship Virgin Galactic is still testing is at least three years away. and take-off to celebrate her 60th birthday. For Glenys it's just in time space will still be there. That's OK - for in-flight entertainment. There's little need will be carried into the air The spacecraft by an huge mothership. to an altitude of 110km. It will then detach and rocket during test flights, While M&Ms were floated about catering isn't yet included. getting loose in there. You don't want peanuts It could do a bit of damage. the cost of space travel Virgin believes in the next 10 to 15 years will come down prices have become more competitive. in the same way that airline tickets But it certainly won't be cheap. a new car or something like that. It would be the same price as plus taxes, I don't know. Whether it gets down to 99c feet, ticket deposits are refundable. And if the space cadets get cold Emily Rice, Ten News. Brad is back with the day in sport. has some catching up to do? Brad, Eamon Sullivan swimming record in less than a week. He's now lost his second world that will raise a few eyebrows. Plus, the NRL judiciary charges And as the dogs continue to make a splash, the judiciary pours cold water on a young star's Origin hopes. at Talledega. Plus, a driver's terrifying take off at Talladega.

(SMOOTH JAZZ) VOICEOVER: You'll stay up all night for the new Eggs Benny Value Meal. Egg, ham and creamy hollandaise-style sauce on a toasted muffin all for just $4.95. It's real breakfast value at Hungry Jack's.

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could miss his NSW Origin showdown with Robbie Farah after also being charged. Michael Ennis didn't know it when he arrived for Bulldogs recovery. But his hopes of sneaking into the Blues Origin team were about to take a bucketing. The in-form number nine on Raiders fullback Josh Doogan. charged with a chicken wing tackle on Raiders fullback Josh Doogan - something Ennis rejects.

Just a normal tackle, trying to get a bloke in a dominant position. You hear all these calls coming from the referees. I didn't see a great deal in it. He faces a one match ban, which would put him out of Sunday's clash with the Wests Tigers. We wouldn't be complaining too much if he got suspended. Suspension would Rob Ennis of his anticipated showdown with Origin rival Robbie Farah. The Tigers say Farah should get the NSW number 9 jersey regardless. He's been playing well for the last two or three years. His form's been good enough this year to warrant selection. Sharks captain Paul Gallen is also facing a week out for the tackle that concussed Craig Wing. Nathan Hindmarsh could miss two games for dangerous contact, the Eels veteran using his feet to stop Darren Lockyer.

And Cowboys firebrand Luke O'Donnell is looking at a 2-game ban for contrary conduct after starting a brawl against Manly. No aggro at the Roosters today. But after three successive halves of football without scoring a point, they're asking plenty of questions about how to break the drought. Yeah, nothing's happening for us. I don't really know what the problem is but we've got to do something about it and try and work on it. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Swans are set to bring back star forwards Michael O'Loughlin and Barry Hall for Sunday's match at the SCG against Richmond. The Swans will look to the experienced pair after going down to the Fremantle Dockers by 21 points at the weekend. But obviously, with Mick and Hally, it makes us a completely different team when those two are back up and running. So hopefully they can get across the line this week.

Roos sent a message of support to besieged Richmond coach Terry Wallace last week and it appears to have helped the Tigers who chalked up their first win. Sydney FC's newest international recruit says he's happy to cop the pressure and high expectations that come with the job. Karol Kisel was on show at FC's opening training session of the season.

He's already familiar with the city, having played for Slovakia at the Sydney Olympics. Every year I played I scored some very nice goals. So I want to score here and make fun for people. FC also unveiled another new recruit - former Melbourne Victory defender Sebastian Ryall.

Arsenal's 2-0 win over Middlesbrough is another blow to Boro's bid to avoid relegation. Fabregas scoring a double. Elsewhere Blackburn defeated Wigan 2-0. And then there were none - Eamon Sullivan's second and last world swimming record has been broken. Again, it happened at the French national swimming championships when Frederick Bousquet became the first man to break 21 seconds in the 50 metres freestyle, taking 0.3 seconds off the old mark set by Sullivan 13 months ago. Last week, Sullivan's 100 metres record was broken at the Beijing Olympics - by the man who beat him to gold

Alain Bernard. continue to struggle Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.

slumping to their third loss The defending champions

by the Kings XI Punjab. after being beaten after an early batting collapse, Warne gave the Royals hope for a 60-run seventh wicket stand combining with Ravindra Jadaya before Jadaya lost a stump.

Ms the stunts are shattered and so

are the hopes of the royals. of victory with Warne, The Royals falling 28 runs short unbeaten on 34. smashed a quickfire half-century Elsewhere, Tillakaratne Dilshan to power the Delhi Daredevils

to a 6-wicket win over the Bangalore Royal Challengers. Aussie Marcos Ambrose has produced his best-ever finish on an oval track in a NASCAR race. But it was the finish at Talladega that will go down as one of the most remarkable in motorsport history.

Talladega's super speedway is loathed by drivers, but loved by the fans, partly because of the high-speed super stacks. COMMENTATOR: Car in the wall! Here we go! Here we go! 8, 9 - 10 cars! before the big one this morning. It took just seven laps

In all, 13 drivers were wiped out. on the race finish. But that was nothing for one of NASCAR's biggest prizes. Two drivers vying The results catastrophic. Oh, no! No, no, no. Oh, no! the race leader Carl Edwards - Thankfully, and his battered machine - didn't clear the catch fence. But seven race fans But a number of race fans were left injured from flying debris. Watch this, what a lick. Oh, my gosh. Unbelievable. As for Edwards, he hopped out and went for a run, and finally he made the finish line. Shades of Ricky Bobby. The winner Brad Keslowski, who started the mess. Aussie Marcos Ambrose survived the carnage to finish fourth - his best oval result in the series. There wasn't such good news for Mark Webber. in Bahrain, he was back to the back. A week after his best F1 finish, in Bahrain he was back to the back.

He finished 11th. Worse news - his new gun team-mate Sebastien Vettel finished second. F1's new powerhouse, the Brawn machine of Jenson Button, winning his third race of the season. Tim Hodges, Ten News. at 7:00 on ONE - the NBA Playoffs. Ahead in Sports Tonight tonight's ANZ Championship match And we'll preview between the Swifts and Mystics. wheelchair champion Kurt Fearnley Australia's Paralympic in a course record time. has won the London marathon

Have you ever done a marathon? No. with all the weather details. Tim Bailey's next There's no easy way to deal... There's no easy way. that you're gonna die? How do you deal with the fact You just... You know, I... anyone else, if I can help it, This is why I don't want what I'm going through. to go through

having to go through this... If I can stop just one person Um... It's not fair. OK, guys. So, to promote Commonwealth's free financial health check, which offers customers tips that could help them save on fees... And make sure they're in the right product. Uh-huh. We sponsor a championship football game... ..between the Australians and the Americans. Wait. Aussie Rules football? Wow. Really? WE rule football. And maybe we think a free financial health check Getting people in for would be great. we dominated anything. We never said "Aussie rules football." You said it yourself, It's a totally different game.

but you can do it. It's hard to do, yeah, if the motivation is there. You can stop smoking I mean, living... (Chuckles) for me. ..surviving is enough motivation

Before Tim Bailey joins us with the

weather, a very important message.

With a recession upon us even be a

high profile charities are doing at

half. Even the big icons like this

made Family are doing a tough. The

bike is on. The Smiths Family. It

is very hard to raise money in this

climate. The number of

disadvantaged families is going by

the we'd end by the month with what

is happening in the economic

environment. It is really important

to get behind this. A many people

are you responsible for through the

harsh as month? 100,000 kids and

families. We are a national

organisation, tried to support as

many children as we can. You're

simply everyone's second favourite

family. Pure iconic but you have to

be clever in this market place to

get donations. You have been clever.

Tummy about the trouble climbed in

2009. Trouble Client in 2009. This

is a fundraising event for $250,000

over the next 12 months. They need their friends, family and

colleagues to get behind this colleagues to get behind this

decline. It is a cricket first as

rubbery competition. We have some

virtual climbers but Mark Waugh

will make an actual climb. This 37

metres of snow across the top of

Thredbo - Thredbo. Anybody who

wants to help out everyone's second

family, get on to their website.

What about this winter blast! Wild south-easterly weather across all

of Australia. Hundred and 50, an

Arc winds across some part of

Victoria hundred and 50 km mac.

Some parts of NSW were 14 degrees

below average. 15 degrees in

Thredbo village. Another clear day coming due tomorrow.

Widespread cloud over the South

East mainland in a trough is East mainland in a trough is

causing scattered showers, falling causing scattered showers, falling

as snow over the Alps. Tomorrow a

low wall move east over the Tasman

allowing showers and coal supply

winds to ease over the south-east.

Rainfall and isolated showers in

southern NSW. Snow falls on the southern NSW. Snow falls on the

peaks of the snowy Mountains. Bring

on the ski season. Channel Ten will

take you down their wide to Thredbo.

Tomorrow looks like 19 degrees,

find a clear. The rest of the week

looking mainly sunny with one Reine

as no day happening. Southern NSW as well

day happening. Southern NSW as well

as no got 15 millimetres of

know. desperately needed rain. As well as

Have a lovely evening. I'm Bill Woods. That's Ten News for now, Thanks for joining us. I'm Sandra Sully. throughout the evening, Updates on Ten is on at 10:30. and the Late News with Sports Tonight Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( GRUMBLING ) ( CACKLING LAUGHTER) WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES FOR THE GENTLEMAN WHO'S BIG AND FAT? THE BASEMENT, SIR. ( WHOOPS ) THE ESCALATOR, GET ANYWHERE NEAR HOMER, BEFORE YOU