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I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch.

And that was Dennis,

on Sydney's 2SM, on Graeme Gilbert's evening show and southern Queensland. relayed on stations across NSW

to read out poems they'd written. Graeme had invited listeners Dennis claimed he wrote his poem, Bless Australia I Say wittily entitled was prime minister. back when Bob Hawke

Bless Australia, Well, Dennis didn't write for about 30 years, it's been doing the rounds

on the internet. and anyone can find it have been ringing in the studio. You'd think the alarm bells would

let Dennis plough on But no, Graeme Gilbert ancient propaganda, for 12 stanzas of grubby, ending with this: Well, he was upset. And how did Graeme react? because of the content. Not, mind you,

though, No problem with Dennis being nasty,

and by extension, about an entire ethnic group, over the past three decades. every refugee who's come to Australia and get a bit nastier. Next time, Graeme, steel yourself, That's what it's there for. Use the dump button. of the three Australians Now, a follow-up to the saga suspected of being involved whose passports were used by people militant Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. in the assassination of Palestinian

most of the media Last week, we looked at how used by the alleged assassins, showed the passports numbers and dates of birth. with false photographs, but genuine Amazingly, they're still on the web, of them last week. and SBS News ran clear pictures Nicole McCabe, Meanwhile, one of the victims, now married and living in Israel, in action. has had to deal with the Aussie media Anne Barker's account Here's ABC Middle East correspondent

and her husband found a press pack of what happened when Nicole McCabe on Friday morning last week: waiting at their front door the media pack, they drove off again ANNE BARKER: As soon as they saw media jumped in their cars and in fact most of the Australian and followed. the block, we came back, Now, we followed them around and we all followed in hot pursuit. they charged into the house who is six months pregnant, Remember, Nicole McCabe,

found herself in the media spotlight of her own. through absolutely no fault without her knowledge or consent, Her passport details had been stolen, by someone else. the same event to Media Watch: This is how she described

it wasn't raining at the time. Anne Barker says

who were there, Both she, and other journalists husband's over-aggressive reaction: reported on what they saw as the

pretty extreme. Well, that might sound and her husband were so upset, But to understand why Nicole McCabe you need to know the back-story. speak to the media - The night before they had agreed to who said he was from the Herald Sun. to be precise, to David Murray When the interview was over, Britta Campion Murray and News Ltd photographer

to go with the story. insisted they needed a picture

To Nicole McCabe's horror, being published around the world. her passport details were being able to put a face At least she wanted to stop people to the name and number. But it was too late. Nicole McCabe, and her family, In Australia, pictures of

were already being published: Stolen indeed. of Ms McCabe and her mother. We've blurred the faces The Australian media didn't. Israel time, When she woke up on Friday morning, Nicole McCabe was: and saw the pictures online, husband were in on Friday morning, That was the mood Ms McCabe and her the press pack waiting for them. when they came home to find

still didn't have a picture But the Herald Sun interview. to go with the previous night's of her own house, says Ms McCabe, As she was chased up the stairs

pursuer was... she realised that the leading

But it was taken.

in Saturday's Herald Sun And proudly displayed with David Murray's 'exclusive'... in Sydney. ..and in the Daily Telegraph News Ltd didn't: Again, we've blurred the face. a comment, We asked the Herald Sun for

they never got back to us. goes to Nicole McCabe. So the last word Frankly, so do I. Ten News in Brisbane had a scoop. Now, last Tuesday, had been hanging out for two weeks, Reporter Chloe Baker and a crew in the Brisbane CBD. observing schoolkids in an alleyway The story was huge.

Chloe even went on radio station 4BC Promo'd for 24 hours on Ten, a preview. to give Greg Cary's listeners

Gosh, that's a new story! Schoolkids loitering and smoking! But wait. There's more! Well actually, just one drug deal. the damning evidence Here's how Chloe Baker revealed that evening on Ten. move them on but why are they here? CHLOE BAKER: Security guards try to

CB: Our cameras capture an exchange College Annerley, between a girl from Our Lady's State College. and a boy from Kelvin Grove is changing hands... While it's not clear why money Hold it right there! why money is changing hands? It's not clear is changing hands. Chloe, it's not clear THAT money CB: Our cameras capture an exchange

Our Lady's College Annerley, between a girl from State College. and a boy from Kelvin Grove Office wrote to Ten... As the Brisbane Catholic Education evidence Ten produced Yet that footage was the only in crack alley. that drugs were being dealt

Baker that afternoon that... Indeed, the police had told Chloe about drug dealing in this area They've simply got no intelligence congregate or smoke in the laneway. and it's not illegal for students to a bucket of cold water on the story. In fact the police's statement dumped that the alley is: It specifically denied

its beat-up. But Ten wasn't about to back off students had been seen in the alley. The story named nine schools whose The reaction was outrage, of the two students especially from the parents exchanging a low five. shown on camera The Principal of Our Lady's College tells Media Watch that although her face was blurred, the girl was immediately recognised by many people at the school.

The girl's mother told us that her daughter, who's only 13, was in the city with her parent's permission, and that after Ten's story she was: The boy was also identified and harassed. His parents' lawyers sent a strong letter to Ten, which on Thursday evening, caved in: Ten accepts that there is no evidence that any money was involved or that a drug deal was in progress. Ten recognises that the broadcast has caused distress to the students involved and apologises to them. But Ten hasn't apologised directly to the two students - or to the schools. In fact, its lawyers wrote curtly to the boy's parents' lawyers last Friday:

So there. Yet without that so-called drug-deal, the most Ten proved was that some schoolkids - though not the two touching hands - regularly smoke and hang out in an alleyway. Goodness, what are kids coming to these days?

And heavens, look at the time! Another program over, and not a mention of Lara Bingle! Don't forget our website. You can leave a comment or drop us a tip off. Till next week, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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Good evening. The Government

says the Coalition's plan for

parental leave breaks a promise

of no new business taxes .

Tony Abbott wants to give new

parents six months off at full

pay. The scheme would be

funded through a levy on large

companies. Business groups say

that's unfair. A ban on beef

from countries with a history

of mad cow disease will stay in

place. The Government lifted

the ban last week, but after

pressure from farmers it's announced

announced a study of quarantine

risks. The ban will now stay

for another two years. An

inquest into the death of a

Palm Island man has heard someone should take

responsibility for his death.

Cameron Doomadgee died in

police custody in 2004,

sparking a riot. A coroner found that Sergeant Chris

Hurley caused the fatal

injuries, although a jury later

acquitted him. Locals insist there

there are still questions to be

answered. And the Thai Prime

Minister has cancelled a trip

to Australia because of

political strife in Bangkok.

He was due to leave Bangkok on

Sunday for three days of talks,

but supporters of the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin

Shinawatra are planning a rally

and say they're expecting a

million protesters. Tomorrow's

weather:more news in 'Lateline' at 10:30.