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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live held a snap poll, An allegedly psychic crocodile will snatch victory. predicting Julia Gillard Well really. How ridiculous. as an octopus. They're nothing like as smart I'm Paul Barry, Hello and welcome to Media Watch, about the winner here. and let me assure there's no doubt for the next three months I'm going to be your leader while Jonathan Holmes is on leave. even longer than the government. Who knows, I may last But what an amazing election that was after such an uninspiring campaign. couldn't pick the winner. So close even Rupert Murdoch damned Labor: His Daily Telegraph in Sydney leant the other way: His Sunday Tele also in Sydney reluctantly backing Abbott with Melbourne's Herald Sun by damning them both: but capturing the zeitgeist vision, no principles, no courage, Here were two parties with no Who says? Just about everyone. Our fault? Well, maybe it is. and media we deserve If we do get the politicians on winning our vote. it's because both depend think we want. So they give us what they

where millions get their information. Channel Nine News for 19 years - According to Ian Cook, who ran Meat pies, meat pies... have I seen a meat pie somewhere? the pie minister. As the Prime Minister becomes What is she chowing down? but still loves her pie. She may be a Dogs fan after this question in Townsville. Pies became an issue in the campaign sauce should be free A quick one: Do you think tomato from the bakery? hen you buy a meat pie (LAUGHS) Free sauce is no laughing matter, Hold on Prime Minister. like Laurie Oakes. or not for pie lovers to 75 cents for a sachet have apparently started charging up for free. of what used to be squirted on served a generous helping The Townsville Bulletin naturally of this hometown story. Australian papers, But no less than seven other Morning Herald, also tucked in. including the NT News and the Sydney had three bites at the pastry. And The Age in Melbourne of fun on a slow news day. Now there's nothing wrong with a bit often eclipsed the main act. But in this campaign the cameo was hijacked by a protester. Julia Gillard had in mind It's not quite the conversation issue of climate change... but an indication that on the climate change policy was sidelined In Seven's news story that night

as the protester and Seven's revamped National Broadband Network And when Julia Gillard launched her was also allowed to steal the show. another gatecrasher in another city trailed by two TV cameras Mark Latham strolls into morning tea Tony, Long time no see. my hand? Are you brave enough to shake first attempt to hog the limelight. This was not Mark Latham's 60 Minutes reporter for Nine, In his new incarnation as a to Julia Gillard. he had already muscled up Julia. Mark, how are you? Party has made a complaint Can I just ask you why the Labor about me working for Channel 9? about that Mark, I don't know anything that's a matter for you. if you want to work for Channel 9 Well, if you want to make complaints about Rudd you really should make them who's sabotaging your campaign. because he's the one accuses another former Labor leader Former Labor leader as the lights swung onto Latham. But that message was soon lost is not a candidate in the election Former Labor leader Mark Latham to attract as much attention as the party leaders. And the media let him have it. In both senses of the phrase. Laurie Oakes took aim. First, Nine's political editor or the network much of a favour I don't think it does 60 Minutes to have him posing as a journalist. was then pressed to respond. And, naturally, Latham watching. I'm Paul Murray. G'day and thanks for and my guest tonight We are live across the country is former Labor leader, Mark Latham. and now 60 Minutes Reporter, Mark, welcome back. Thanks Paul. Hello. Now the obvious. on the weekend? What the hell happened with Sky's Paul Murray, In his 40-minute interview intelligent criticisms Latham made some surprisingly of politicians and the media the media just grabbed this. and quick to prove his point, I didn't raise my voice I didn't swear at her, a little bit out of the ordinary. and this sort of stuff I found should run the country isn't it? It's so much more fun than who take this silly story even further. But Channel Nine then managed to bitter personal attack Latham has launched a on Nine's Laurie Oakes. We'll go to Oakes live in a moment. And so they did. likened to an elephant To ask Laurie how he felt about being hiding behind a bar stool. to you saying about this, What are people close and your friends? your family, the people you love from everywhere. Look, support is coming its political editor, its news editor, half a dozen others for this story a couple of reporters and probably attacking another Nine reporter. about one Nine reporter and in Sydney It ran nationally on Nine on its 6 o'clock bulletin, it was the second item of its election coverage burning up most waiting to ambush Abbott, Two days later with Latham now with the story. is behind me As you can see Mark Latham of a media scrum and it's certainly a bit towards Tony Abbott as you can see, as he tries to move we're up to at the moment. and that's really where for 10 minutes - The Latham sideshow went live on Sky even when he was just drinking coffee how stupid it all was. and only he seemed to see can I ask you to Tony Abbott about? what you're going to be talking your cameras on me. It's your choice to put You can put them on Tony Abbott, but the media's chosen to do this. in a free society, But it wasn't just Latham into a travelling circus. who turned the campaign with a busload of journalists Every day, the leaders hit the road where they were going, who didn't know what would happen, or even which policy would be launched. It's no wonder that tough questions were thin on the ground. a pair of brand spanking new RM William boots. Is that to boost your country cred? No, they are pretty new boots, thank you for the observation. and the pictures on the evening news or on the front page. And the media tamely played ball. Here's Tony angling for the fishermen's vote on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. And here he is gutting fish in a seaside marginal. Julia Gillard of course wasn't allowed anywhere near a knife in this campaign. Not after what she did to Kevin. Drank a schooner of beer to show she's one of the blokes. And kissed babies for those who worry that she's childless. Of course Tony kissed babies too, to show he's not so scary. But the big idea for Abbott One of the most important contests for both leaders was to win the women's vote. Abbott is well known for his conservative views on virginity and abortion that put off many female voters. But he was rescued by his daughters. In Grazia magazine they told us they adore him, and he's really just a pussycat. Tony's wife Margie also stood by her man. Gillard's partner Tim Mathieson was rarely seen on the campaign trail and he got much rougher handling. We heard about his love child and his conviction for drink driving. She did score a huge spread in the Australian Women's Weekly

who gave her a glamorous makeover. But the price for selling herself to 2 million readers was to be grilled in great detail about being unmarried and childless and about her lovers for the last 30 years. Oh, really, so did she just come up with that? Good heavens, did she want to talk about that too? Well no, actually. And so it went on and on and on. 'We asked the hard questions,' said the Weekly's editor Helen McCabe. Yes. But were they the right ones?

Gee it's hard to win when you're a woman. If it's not your morals they're after it's your body or your dress sense. And why is it so often the sisters who lead the attack? Get a load of this sustained barrage in the Australian led off by Kate Legge. Earlobes? God help us. On the same day, in the same paper, fashion editor Georgina Safe also went gunning for Gillard with this. And in case you didn't get the point, this too. But we still haven't heard from Planet Janet. accused Julia of not being a REAL woman. But she's got a partner. And she's had lots of others. I read it in the Women's Weekly. But really, what a nasty piece of journalism. it was that 'deliberately barren tripe' all over again. Well, it may be a week or more before we know if Australia has elected its first female Prime Minister. But for the moment no-one has won. And perhaps that's what the voters wanted. As the Daily Telegraph's Galaxy Poll reported late in the campaign. And so we've got neither. For the moment at least. Which is probably what our politicians deserve. Until next week, from me, a very good night. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening. I'm Leigh Sales with a

Lateline update. The Prime Minister

Julia Gillard and the Opposition


leader Tony Abbott are both in

Canberra tonight vying to piece

together a working majority. After

Australia's first hung parliament

since the Second World War.

latest ABC election analysis gives Labor 72 seats, the Coalition 69,

Labor 72 seats, the Coalition 69, the Greens 1 and Independents 3, with

five seats still in doubt. The

nation's political fate is

nation's political fate is likely to be determined by three sitting

independent MPs - Rob Oakeshott, Bob

Katter and Tony Windsor. And our

guest tonight on Lateline will be

guest tonight on Lateline will be one of those men Rob Oakeshott. A new

report on the harm caused by alcohol

misuse in Australia claims the

economic cost amounts to a

economic cost amounts to a staggering 36 billion dollars

36 billion dollars a year. That's more than double previous estmates.

That finding is part of a landmark

research project designed to

re-ignite debate over alcohol use

re-ignite debate over alcohol use and abuse in Australia. And abuse in Australia. And related social problems. And authorities

social problems. And authorities have evacuated up to 200 000 people as

flood waters continue to rise in

southern Pakistan. Local irrigation

officials are unsure if flood barriers

barriers will be strong enough to

contain the record flows. Sindh

remains the worst-affected province

in the country. Pakistan's most

severe floods in decades have severe floods in decades have killed

at least 1600 people, left more than

four million homeless and raised conce

concerns that militants will exploit the misery and chaos. Join me for Lateline tonight at 10. Lateline tonight at 10.35.