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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's morning news. Good morning. I'm Natarsha Belling will move to a new phase today, The Aboriginal intervention of Federal Police with the first main group flying out of Canberra to Darwin. who triggered the operation The Indigenous leader lashing out at critics of the scheme,

it's little more than a land grab. who say they will be the first of many. If all goes to plan

are from across the nation. These AFP officers has now promised to send a contingent Every State but WA in the Top End. to enforce law and order quite challenging. It is going to be quite difficult,

with rumours - The Territory is already awash particularly damaging, from targeted settlements. claims that children will be removed

some Aborigines into hiding. That's reportedly been enough to send I think the reports are exaggerated they've been wrongly informed. and if people are fleeing It's quite the reverse. There's no reason to flee. the operation is a dream come true, For Cape York leader Noel Pearson, provided it's done properly. with humility, with support, They've got to go marching in not with arrogance, Aboriginal people of that community. and they've got to enjoin the at some in the Aboriginal community And Mr Pearson has lashed out to the intervention, who remain opposed Pat Turner. activists like former ATSIC CEO sexual abuse as the Trojan horse This Government is using child of our lands. to resume total control It's not about a land grab! any kind of intervention The people who are naysaying like my own, like my own, are people whose children, sleep safely at night. is Mutitjulu, near Uluru. The first settlement to be targeted later today Soldiers will begin arriving following on Monday. root-and-branch reform You need fundamental, the basic right that we all enjoy - and you need to give people be safe in your own home. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. An Australian boxing champion detained in Lebanon is supposedly one of four Australians suspected of having terrorist links. Ahmed Elomar,

fly-weight boxing champion, the nation's reigning super a few weeks ago. reportedly left Sydney abruptly Elomar fought on the undercard Danny Green bout last year. of the Anthony Mundine versus Consular officials haven't been able to speak to any of the men fifth Australian has been arrested. and they're yet to confirm whether a in Melbourne Police are hunting two men in a suburban street. after stabbing a man to death The 36-year-old victim stabbed multiple times in the upper body. a woman who lived in the house Police believe he had approached shortly before midnight. Two men arrived shortly after and confronted the victim.

whether you'd characterise it I don't know as a domestic dispute in a dark-coloured utility. Witnesses say the men fled the scene to conduct stem cell research a ban on therapeutic cloning. after state parliament overturned In a conscience vote last night of the upper house an overwhelming two-thirds

of the proposed legislation. voted in support to stem cell research The bill gives the green light in the lower house two weeks ago and was passed easily

conservative ministers but faced some opposition from last night. including the Reverend Fred Nile we'll speak to one scientist who says And later in Ten's morning news, the chances of finding cures the historic vote will help like cancer and diabetes. for diseases Rogue Queensland surgeon Jayant Patel

in Australia is a step closer to facing justice approved by the federal government. with extradition plans reportedly News Limited papers say secretly signed off on paperwork Justice Minister David Johnston has the US and brought back to Brisbane. that will see the surgeon arrested in to the deaths of 17 people Jayant Patel has been linked of surgery at Bundaberg Hospital. during his two years as director he's done nothing wrong. But Mr Patel remains adamant Famous jailbird Paris Hilton is free of luxury in Los Angeles. and has returned to her life she prepares for a tell-all interview She's spending time with family as about her days in the clink. back in front of the cameras, The Hollywood starlet free of her orange jail jumpsuit. Paris Hilton It was a confident and beaming who paraded before the media from the women's prison, after her release who'd waited hours to see her... even acknowledging her fans, to give her mum a hug. ..before running and thanked them She hugged a couple of deputies

it was pretty quiet. and as she walked out, She was demure. as you might imagine. She seemed to be relieved, Her parents whisked her away, in the Hollywood Hills not to the socialite's home but to the family mansion in Bel Air. behind bars The reality TV star spent 23 days for a drink-driving offence. for breaching her probation Just three days into her sentence, she was released under home arrest amid concerns about her health.

Within a day, a judge ordered the heiress to back to prison

of a 45-day sentence. to complete her 23 days She has paid her debt. and it's over. the experience has changed her The 26-year-old has reportedly said but it remains unclear or pursue other interests. if she'll return to the party scene to talk to her fans all their support. and tell how much she's appreciated As we've just seen her freedom Paris Hilton has been enjoying in the exclusive suburb of Bel Air. is outside the Hilton family mansion. Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan this morning? Nicole, any sign of the heiress

No. There is no sign of Paris this

morning. She has been holed up morning. She has been holed up in

her Bel Air mansion since she was

released from prison. Outside her

home there is a very large media

contingent, with reporters contingent, with reporters from

around the world, capturing images

of people coming and going from the

mansion, but no signs of Paris. As

her home in the Hollywood hills

there is also a large media

contingent and also fans, who contingent and also fans, who

dropped off cards and balloons.

While Paris's freak at this stage,

she is still facing some serious

legal issues. That is right. She

may be enjoying freedom and luxury

Again, but she is not out of the

legal awards yet. In next two years

she is on probation and must not

break the law, otherwise she will

face further punishment, and that

may mean going back to jail. She

can reduce that time apparently by

half if she agrees to do service, half if she agrees to do community

service, but at this stage there is

no indication that is what she is

planning to do. Hundreds stranded and scores more homeless as freak flooding hits parts of the UK. That's next. And life through the lens - a photo history of Tony Blair's time at number 10 Downing Street. (Both laugh) BOTH: Hello from Mount Isa. BOTH: Hello from Coffs Harbour. (Both laugh) And it's time to say hello to Telstra's Next G network. Hello from Broken Hill. Don't be left behind. Visit your Telstra shop today and upgrade to Next G network coverage with this great Samsung A501 on a $30 Phone Plan.

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And ask us about 'Nothing'. Firefighers have the upper hand in a massive blaze threatening the Californian resort town of Lake Tahoe. Cooler temperatures are helping crews for now but the weather is expected to turn nasty in the next 24 hours. 200 homes have been destroyed since Sunday and thousands of people evacuated. the fire was deliberately lit Authorities don't believe but say it was started by human activity. Four people have died following another day of severe flooding throughout England. More than 1,000 families have been evacuated from their homes where the rising water level has brought scenes of chaos and misery. Images that might predict a dramatic rescue at sea but this is Sheffield, in the grips of storms and flooding that were the worst in living memory. So swift was the threat that many, like these office workers, didn't have time to get clear as the torrent swept down city streets.

CHILDREN SCREAM Others watched the floodwaters rising around them in terror. Aboard a bus filled with schoolchildren, one passenger captured the moments before they reached safety on a mobile phone. Hundreds of road users were forced to abandon their vehicles

as puddles became lakes,

lakes swelled to waters several feet deep sweeping away or submerging everything that lay in its path. Time after time, the community rallied to help those in distress. A mechanical digger pressed in to service to lift residents clear. A packed tractor trailer in Sheffield city centre. As the hours passed, the muddy tide crept in through whole streets, then whole suburbs filling homes, new and old, with a stinking carpet of mud and raw sewage, forcing families to dry ground. this man was at pains to ensure that the world knew his business was secure. And as the waters rose, news began to spread that lives had been lost. They included this 14-year-old, swept away by flood water on his way home from school. Tonight, divers recovered the body of a man from a river.

They'd been searching for a motorist who'd rung his wife to say he was in danger. This was The Plough pub early this morning and again later this afternoon. The events of the past 24 hours have undoubtedly drawn Sheffield citizens together. Tonight, they have yet to assess the full impact and there's more bad weather to come. has sent temperatures soaring in Greece. Several hundred people had to be evacuated from homes threatened by a fire in the south of the country as the mercury crept up to 45 degrees. There's been widespread electricity cuts The deaths of a world champion wrestler and his family

are being treated as a double murder-suicide. US police say Chris Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son before taking his own life, leaving a Bible next to the bodies. The news that pro wrestler Chris Benoit had murdered his wife and son before killing himself was bad enough. How he did it was unnerving. Police say he probably started his killing spree on Friday,

suffocating both victims and then taking his own life. That the wife was bound on her feet and I think also on her wrists. There was some blood under her head. Benoit, seen here with his wife Nancy and 7-year-old son Daniel, were all found inside their Georgia home on Monday. Fans like Benoit's friend and driver Jimmy Braswell

have been putting flowers outside the house. I cannot fathom the idea that he done anything to his family. Born in Canada, Benoit was a former world heavyweight champion who had several nicknames including 'The Canadian Crippler'. In the wrestling world

there have always been questions of what's real and what's not. But when the WWE replaced its weekly Monday night telecast with a 3-hour tribute to Benoit, the real emotions of his fellow wrestlers came through. Chris Benoit was my hero. I was privileged enough to be able to work with him

and to know him as a person. Anabolic steroids were found in the home. Steroid abuse has been linked to aggressive behaviour known as 'roid rage. There were a lot of prescription medications that he had received from doctors with what we believe to be at this time legal prescriptions. Autopsies were performed on all three bodies. It may be weeks before test results are returned. Drew Levinson, Ten News. British Prime Minister Tony Blair will hand over the top job to his Treasurer, Gordon Brown today. Over the past few years, an award-winning photo journalist has been capturing some of the greatest personal and political challenges of the PM's career. This was an extraordinary time in British history, and, indeed, with extraordinary access I began, in the middle of March 2003, in the lead-up to the war in Iraq, and continued for 30 days, during which the war took place. What you see in this series of pictures is that there is always someone else present with the Prime Minister, and that someone else is usually Alistair Campbell. My personal impression is that, you know, this Prime Minister is someone who did want to do good and he lives haunted by the decisions, maybe, that he's made. If you look at these pictures chronologically there is no question of a doubt that you see a man who has changed, a man who was under great stress and strain, who was making difficult decisions, to a man who is having to live with decisions that didn't turn out in the results, in the way that he wanted them to have turned out, and you can see that on his face. The impression I get from a lot of people who look at this picture is it's Tony Blair looking into the mirror and seeing himself, but, in fact, it's Tony Blair with George Bush, and many people see that as symbolic of their relationship, the closeness. So many leaders who meet Blair seem to regret now his leaving office. That's what Britain hasn't seen, in the international arena. He feels that 10 years is a long time for anyone to be in power and that has distanced him, maybe, from the public as well. I mean, he remains convinced and passionate by his beliefs, political beliefs. The New South Wales Parliament paves the way for stem cell research, we find out exactly what medical benefits the decision is expected to bring when the morning news returns. And is your local playground doing enough to keep your children fit physically and mentally?

We look at the growing playground debate next. This program is captioned live. The Aboriginal intervention with the first group of Federal Police flying out of Canberra to Darwin. The Indigenous leader who triggered the operation lashing out at critics of the scheme, who say it's little more than a land grab. Rogue Queensland surgeon Jayant Patel is a step closer to facing justice in Australia with extradition plans reportedly approved by the Federal Government. It's believed Justice Minister David Johnston has secretly signed off on paperwork that will see the so-called Dr Death arrested in the US Famous jailbird Paris Hilton is free and has returned to her life of luxury in Los Angeles. She's spending time with family as she prepares for a tell-all interview about her days in the clink. But the legal battle isn't over - the starlet is on strict probation for the next two years. Stem cell research has been given the go-ahead in New South Wales, the starlet is on strict probation for the next two years. Stem cell research has been given the go-ahead in New South Wales, with State Parliament last night passing legislation to overturn a ban on therapeutic cloning. An expert in the field is Dr Kuldip Sidhu from the University of New South Wales and he joins me now.

Good morning, Dr Sidhu.

You are at the forefront of this

technology. What difference will it

make for you? It is a great

development for us. We could not do

this research before so that the stills were injected when

transplanted into the human being.

With the clone embryos, this

legislation gives us the

opportunity. It is Bob patients

suffering from things like spinal

cord injury, diabetes and

Parkinson's disease. Will this make

it easier to treat patients and

possibly to find cures? This is

then eutectic take me not tried in

humans before. This is a discovery

phase. We have to develop it before

we can apply its therapeutically,

and from my perspective, five to 10

years is the minimum time from when years is the minimum time from when

we will be able to use this

technology. This technology has but

much ethical debate in recent years.

I you happy that a balance has been

achieved in addressing those

concerns but also providing this

research? I am more than happy research? I am more than happy in

the sense that this issue was in

the public Domain for such a long time. We had a very healthy debate

across society. Everyone had the

right to put forward their

viewpoint. We found that more than

65 % of Australians are in favour

of stem cell research and the

therapeutic cloning. That put

Australia as part in the world will.

With regards to lobbying

politicians and the public, how

much of that you have to do? It

will cost about three years to go

through all the seminars took

educated people. As a scientist educated people. As a scientist and

teacher you can put forward your

view in terms of the application of

the technology, and I have done

that quite often, not just inside

Parliament back outside as well to

educate those who can make a

difference. What guarantee does the

public has this technology will not

be misused? If you look at the legislation

legislation a framework, there are

harsh penalty involved. A 50 years

in jail if someone does not follow

it through all the legislation.

Everything is checked and balanced.

This will go in favour of treating those patience. If we do not treat those patience. If we do not treat

them that is more unethical. New

South Wales is now in line with rest South Wales is now in line with the

rest of the country. Do you hope to

use this immediately? Once the legislation is approved, there is

paperwork. There will be

requirements for licensing, and I

would certainly apply for a licence.

But before we get to that stage we

want to make sure we have the

resources expertise and can bring

people together to do it. We people together to do it. We hope

to apply for a licence next year. Blood banks with a difference are becoming multimillion-dollar industries in the US. Stem cells from umbilical cords are being used to treat childhood diseases. Scientists believe the blood could be used to treat heart disease and diabetes in the future. CHILD: Do you have any anywhere else? James Deegan was six weeks old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia, given a 50/50 chance of survival. It's every parent's worst nightmare. We were in such shock. His best hope, a stem cell transplant. on a whim, Fortunately, two years earlier, his parents had saved his sister's cord blood. Aileen was a perfect match. They said, "You hit the lottery." Parents looking for a medical safety net have turned private cord-blood banking into a multimillion-dollar industry. There are 26 private banks in the US. After an initial fee, averaging $1,500, most banks charge $100 a year for storage, adding up to $3,500 by the time a child is 21 - a high price tag for something you might not ever need. Here we have cord-blood units frozen. There's another option that doesn't cost a penny - donating to a public bank. The donated cells are then available to any patient, but there's no guarantee of donors getting their own cells back. Another problem - fewer than 10% of hospitals offer cord-blood collection. Precious stem cells are going to waste. So if you don't donate those cells, what's going to happen to them? They will go in the trash. Right now, cord blood is mostly used to treat blood diseases, but there's hope that one day it may also be used to treat other problems, like diabetes and heart disease. For now, the odds of actually needing cord blood are about 1 in 20,000. James Deegan's parents are glad they took those odds. What was the best moment? Probably when we came home from the hospital and we were all together again. Thanks to his sister, Aileen, today, 4-year-old James Deegan is considered cured. In finance news - the Australian share market has opened lower after a subdued Wall Street and falls in commodity prices overnight. Now national weather: And for today's ski report we cross to Simone Smith in Thredbo. Simone, what are conditions like today?

Conditions are white. We had a big

dump of 40 centimetres at the top

of the mountain last night and it has

has sent everyone wacky has sent everyone wacky with

excitement. Kids are sliding around

so, guys having snowball fights.

Everyone is outdoors at making the

most of the fresh staff. Across most of the fresh staff. Across the

New South Wales resorts we averaged

30 centimetres overnight, so

conditions are dry and fresh today. 30 centimetres overnight, so conditions are dry and fresh today. 30 centimetres overnight, so conditions are dry and fresh today. 30 centimetres overnight, so conditions are dry and fresh today.

The Victorian resorts received some centimetres overnight.

It looks like wearing for a wintry

mix of weather in the next few days,

meaning more runs should be opening

soon. The conditions just keep looking up. Next, the green ogre making health experts see red - anger over junk-food companies using the cartoon character Shrek to promote its products. Stay with us. OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. I'll finish up out the back and I'm done. You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH! ELECTRICAL BUZZ The whole thing's gonna have to be replaced. BUZZING What's that? Just wasps. Get inside! WASPS BUZZ There you go. WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY (Barks) There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. That was quick. Look for the walking fingers.

Excuse me, sir. Are you the famous Colgate 360? Yes, I am. Is it true that you have a tongue cleaner? Actually, it's a cheek and tongue cleaner. You see, kid, 80% of bacteria are not on your teeth. Colgate 360 cleans: Removing more bacteria

for a whole mouth clean. I want to have a cheek and tongue cleaner just like you. Colgate 360 is now available with the power of sonic vibrations. Colgate 360 MicroSonic Power, for a healthier whole mouth clean. This program is captioned live. A popular green ogre is making health experts see red. A parents' group lashing out for the kids film 'Shrek the Third'. over the food marketing saturation Joining us now is Dr Anna Peeters who says using the character to endorse unhealthy food sends the wrong message to children.

You are quite concerned about what

you are referring to as the pester

power of this campaign. Terence

have averted the linking of his cuddly monster to this

nutritionally poor food as not

acceptable. What are you concerned

about? There are so many foods about? There are so many foods -

fruit and vegetables, cereals, yoga

is - that are good, but food

companies are linking their poor

foods with Shrek. You're foods with Shrek. You're a

concerned about the level of pester

power with this campaign. We are

calling it the Shrek phenomenon. We

have not seen anything like this

scale before if you walk into the

scale the supermarket today there

is Shrek stuff everywhere, and

everything is for children. That

parents must take control and

education is part on the parents?

Of course. Every parent wants the

right thing for the kids and a

healthy diet for their children,

but when you walk into the

supermarket and C Shrek everywhere,

and particularly at child's level, it

it is really difficult for parents

to resist pester power. What would

you like to see? The first level is

for the film-makers themselves and

the food companies to take

responsibility and say they can

still at market these things in still at market these things in a

great weight, but limited to

healthy foods instead. If that is

not enough Penh government's need

to step in and say they will not

expect this kind of the linkage

with that nutritionally poor food.

Had he received a good response?

The reason ongoing discussion. Old-fashioned playground equipment could help solve Australia's childhood obesity crisis. Experts say today's unimaginative and safety-conscious playgrounds are driving kids indoors. The debate also on the minds of playground designers in the US. Like any big kid, I like playgrounds. Lucky for me, I have a 7-year-old, and he's got lots of friends who also love to get out and play, though their playgrounds are decades away from the slam-your-butt seesaws and galvanised jungle gyms I grew up on,

and light years away from the very first playgrounds in this country, put up in the late 1800s. Playgrounds aren't just toys - they're where imaginations soar and they're where dreams become reality.

Darell Hammond, founder of a non-profit group called KaBOOM!, wants to build playgrounds like this one. Partnering with big-money donors like Home Depot, KaBOOM! is more than halfway through one of its goals, of putting up 1,000 playgrounds in 1,000 days. People refer to us as the Habitat for Humanity for playgrounds and skate parks. In empty lots around the country, the playgrounds go up like an old-fashioned barn-raising - hundreds of volunteers, tons of sweat equity, built from the ground up in just one day. (All cheer) Each KaBOOM! space is different. They should have a variety of play opportunities, because that's what's gonna engage and encourage kids to have more creativity. But since the organisation buys more playground equipment than anyone else, you do see a lot of the same stuff, and that worries architectural historian Susan Solomon. What's the first line of your book? Playgrounds are a disaster. Playgrounds, existing American playgrounds, are a disaster? Right. But she wants us to consider a different kind of play space, one that looks like this.

This is a playground? I'm gonna see this as a play space? Imagine me as a 6-year-old - Sure - you can walk on it, you can roll a ball on it, you can hide under it. though. It's not exactly a jungle gum, Not exactly, not exactly. Thurgood Marshall School Students from Harlem's make the point. that looks like, say, a fort, Without something to just imagine. Solomon argues that kids are free that anything can happen. It leaves open the possibility There's nothing predictable. and then fog comes on from below. You can imagine running along here At San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, created landscape architect Walter Hood the Children's Garden of Enchantment. we should call this a playground, Even Hood isn't sure though play and ground are both key. and you might dig into the dirt, It's a place you can come you might run, you might sit, you might climb on something, you might get frightened, you might question,

you might be happy, that's more central versus physical. but it's something now in the works in New York City. Two cutting-edge playgrounds are architect Frank Gehry... One will be from avant-garde What's this for? from designer David Rockwell, ..the other a Manhattan parking lot. whose creation will replace is that kids want water. One thing you seem to know Kids do want water. They want to make a mess. They want sand. And they want options, in the dirt. they want to get their hands Better known for his playgrounds for grown-ups,

hottest restaurants, like some of New York's

has turned his attention Rockwell, a dad himself, to how kids play and what they want to play with.

How will the kids use them? they'll build chains. They'll build forts, And these interlock. See, look at that - you're playing. is watching kids use something What's surprising what it was intended for. in the way that isn't and turn it upside down They'll always take something and look at it differently. maybe we're overthinking it. Once again, mums and dads, Playground design? to be told how to have a good time. The real experts don't need (All cheer) Ahead, Anthony Rocca's returns. That's when Ten's morning news at Wimbledon, And advance Australia day into the next round. with a green and gold charge

It's been 43 days. We have his DNA, 387 witnesses. Why are we STILL here?! DOOR OPENS Obviously a bunch

of Kellogg's crunchy nuts. it needs special care. Pro-Calcium Night. New Age Re-Perfect in Pro-Calcium. Even richer feel protected, more resilient. This luxurious cream makes my skin Recharged day and night. Night and Day from L'Oreal Paris. This program is captioned live. at Wimbledon. It's been a great day for the Aussies

Chris Guccione and Sam Stosur Lleyton Hewitt, Wayne Arthurs, to the second round. all winning through an epic five set battle Arthurs surviving

professional tournament. in his last ever and a break in the third, Down two sets to love looked to be coming to an end, Wayne's world of competitive tennis until this. COMMENTATOR: And that'll do it. Wayne Arthurs. He gets the break back the Australian claim the third set. A favourable let cord helped through the fourth. The wheel is turning. on hand for the 3-hour thriller, With an enthusiastic Aussie crowd to a first class fightback. Arthurs treated them And it's wide! an incredible comeback. Wayne Arthurs has staged living to fight another day The 36-year-old veteran in his last ever tournament. two sets to one, Even though I was down I was going to win that match I really believed pretty good and my 5-set record has been in the back of my mind. and I had that continued Australia's awesome day at the Open on the grass with Lleyton Hewitt finding his feet Queen's Club tournament after a round two exit at last week's Terrific stuff from Hewitt. and better with every match I think I'm going to get better which is good. the big matches I like playing when I get out on centre court. especially an Australian men's trifecta, Chris Guccione completing

with a straight-sets victory. fought back from a set down While compatriot Samantha Stosur

to win her opening match. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Collingwood will consider today two-match suspension if they'll appeal Anthony Rocca's last night. against Hawthorn and St Kilda. The star forward to miss games and Magpies turned high roller. It was a night the Bulldogs They gambled, but they both lost. Anthony Rocca unsuccessful Collingwood spearhead and leaving in a huff. We've got no comment. Despite pleading not guilty Sean Dempster's head was accidental, and arguing contact to Swan

wouldn't have a bar of it. the Tribunal now becomes two weeks. A one-match ban and St Kilda. He misses games against Hawthorn this afternoon. But the club may launch an appeal Nathan Eagleton's news was no better.

He boldly challenged a two-match ban Chris Tarrant. for this strike on Docker His fortnight suspension stands. with the Roos and Port Adelaide. He'll be absent for clashes In other footy news, to front Fremantle's board meeting coach under fire Chris Connolly had to explain the club's dismal season. REPORTER: Any chats about Chris Connolly's future? at season's end. Connolly is out of contract a review of their coach. The Demons have also launched by the end of July. Neale Daniher to know his future set to miss six weeks with a hernia. To make matters worse, Adam Yze is Koschitzke is nursing another injury. And cursed St Kilda big man Justin

This time a hamstring and the coach was far from pleased.

and he won't play. No, he's got a hamstring injury I think that's enough information. Am I not talking English? and he won't play I said it's a hamstring injury and I think that's enough. Tim Hodges, Ten News. In rugby league, for sticking with largely the same squad that's lost the State of Origin series against Queensland. The Blues are desperate to avoid a series whitewash. Cronulla forward Paul Gallen is the only new face in the NSW squad, team-mate Brett Kimmorley ensuring he felt welcome, Gallen promising to stay true to his combative image.

I don't change my style when I play for the Sharks any week. No matter what's said about me, in the papers or whatever, I just go out and play footy and that's what I've always done and that's what I'm going to do next Wednesday night. New South Wales selectors have defended their decision not to make more changes. I think the worst thing you can do is go and start experimenting. If it backfires on you and you look up at the scoreboard and it's 40 blot, it doesn't do anyone any good. As Bob said, we were only beaten by one try in both games and I don't think there needs to be wholesale sackings. No changes for Queensland, Petero Civoneciva escaping any charges after losing his cool for the Broncos, and centre Justin Hodges says an ankle problem won't hold him back. I've got some positive signs there in that there's no swelling. The brace is just one of those precautions to take. Interchange forward Jacob Lillyman will see a specialist today over a suspected eye socket fracture. Leanne West, Ten News. Wallabies coach John Connolly will today name a full-strength team for Saturday's Bledisloe Cup opener against the All Blacks at the MCG. Both Matt Giteau and Rocky Elsom have shrugged off injury and illness ahead of the test.

The All Blacks are probably rated number one in the world and we probably see it that way as well so it's always good to come up against a side like that so you can see how you're feeling. Australia has not beaten New Zealand for three years.

Swimming champion Michael Klim is calling it quits on the eve of a history-making fourth Olympic games. Had Klim competed at Beijing he would have become the first Australian swimmer

to chalk up four Olympics. He retires at the age of 29 with a very impressive record of 6 Olympic medals, 5 world championship gold and 5 Commonwealth Games titles. Klim talked through retirement issues with Ian Thorpe before deciding to end his 12-year international career. There's speculation this morning 8-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater has retired from elite competition. The 35-year-old was knocked out of the Rip Curl Search Event by Aussie Dean Morrison, forcing the champ to reassess his competitive future. Kelly Slater's illustrious career on the world championship tour. Aussie Dean Morrison nailing an incredible 10-point ride to knock Slater out in Round 4, his first win over the king since 2003. I'm just stoked to be able to surf against him

and have a good heat against him. It means a lot to me, so I'm really proud of it. It may be the last time we see Slater in action. The reigning world champion booked the first flight home after his loss and has reportedly decided not to contest the next event

in South Africa. His desire to fight for a record ninth world crown

quickly fading in the shadows of Mick Fanning. He's going to be hard to catch this year.

If he were to better me just in two more events this year, I don't think I could catch him. So that's the facts of life, right now. that's the reality of where we're at Fanning has now finished ahead of Slater in all four events this season. The ratings leader continuing his charge with a 6-point win over Chris Ward in Round 4. His next opponent - good friend and barrel specialist Bobby Martinez. It's going to be really fun. He's insane in these lefts. It's going to be a tough heat but, yeah, should be enjoyable. Three-time world champ Andy Irons knocked out Joel Parkinson in the first and only quarterfinal of the day but the Australian still managed to exit in style. Team New Zealand have taken a 2-1 lead over Swiss defender Alinghi in a thrilling third race of the America's Cup. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were on hand

to watch Team New Zealand take the early lead before spinnaker trouble almost cost them the race. Alinghi led at the final mark in light, shifting winds

only to see the Kiwis sail a stunning downwind leg to win by 25 seconds. Weather permitting, the fourth race of the best-of-nine series for the Auld Mug will take place tomorrow. The national weather details when the morning news returns. # I won't sleep # And I can't breathe VOICEOVER: Workplace safety doesn't just affect you at work. Dad! It affects your whole family. For ways you can make your workplace safer, call WorkCover on 13 10 50. This program is captioned live.

The Aboriginal intervention will move to a new phase today with the first group of Federal Police flying out of Canberra to Darwin. The indigenous leader who triggered the operation who say it's little more than a land grab. Rogue Queensland surgeon Jayant Patel is a step closer to facing justice in Australia with extradition plans reportedly approved by the Federal Government. Justice Minister David Johnston It's believed has secretly signed off on paperwork that will see the so-called Dr Death arrested in the US and brought back to Brisbane. Famous jailbird Paris Hilton is free and has returned to her life of luxury in Los Angeles. She's spending time with family as she prepares for a tell-all interview about her days in the clink. But the legal battle isn't over - the starlet is on strict probation for the next two years. Now national weather:

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

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