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Tonight - a sea of red - rejected, America's financial rescue bid from Australian shares. wiping billions it's bad news for investors. Whichever way you cut it, who I know and talk to A lot of people in Australia how bad the situation is. just haven't realised Surviving the credit crunch - we can ride out the storm. the nation's leaders confident of the Australian financial system, The circumstances the Australian banking system, to those which pertain to the US. are fundamentally different in a bid to slow down climate change. And electricity prices set to soar will haunt humanity The failure of our generation until the end of time. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Also, the RSPCA investigates in Sydney. a horrific case of animal cruelty A sprint star takes on a fighter jet. And who's the fastest?

But heading Ten's 5:00 news - bloodbath the trillion-dollar stock market that's cut deep into super funds, of the Aussie dollar slashed the value to plunge. and caused the price of oil around the world The shock waves were triggered to bail out Wall Street. when US law-makers rejected plans

crashed within minutes of opening. In Australia, the stock market at the Stock Exchange. We're now joined by Ten's Eddy Meyer the local boards earlier today, Eddy, $50 billion wiped off then a slight recovery. So how was the market at the close?

It will definitely go down as one

of the worst days on the Australian

stock market. It ended 4.3% down. Everyone%

Everyone% is about $10 billion

wiped from the value of shares, so

you can see it has been a very bad

day. It could have been much worse,

from Wall Street. and didn't the horrific leading

by fascination and trepidation - They were drawn expecting to witness history investors and fearing what that might mean. it is worrying, It is a general panic for the long haul but if you're there you'd better wait. with disbelief. Most woke to the news from the US when the market opened, The impact - an immediate drop one that didn't stop

from Australian stocks. until $55 billion was wiped Watching nervously, Craig Gill, his portfolio here would hold desperately hoping after losing $250,000 in the UK. bank shares I had some Bradford & Bingley as of yesterday, which are now deemed as worthless

rejiggled a little bit. so my lifestyle may have to be But many believe this was a short-term reaction to global financial madness.

if they have got shares, we are pretty happy. but, from a family point of view, Investors did return, that had been hit hard, buying back good stocks leaving the market in tatters. but fear took hold again, it's bad news for investors. Whichever way you cut it,

The market is still down today in fact, around 33% - and it's down over 30% - from its high last year. what about super, The question on many lips - if the gloomy conditions prevail? especially Selling shares now and switching it all into cash or selling out of super now will really just lock in the loss the bulk of the damage. at a time when I think we have seen That's led some to warn to avoid recession in Australia, that it will take bold action which meets next week. particularly from the Reserve Bank, John Symond believes official rates have to drop by 0.5%

because banks won't pass it all on. and the best way we can do that We need an injection of confidence,

interest rates significantly. is the Reserve Bank dropping

on the horizon. The only prospect for good news

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. the financial meltdown There are now fears of major American companies. could see the collapse is in limbo But a new rescue package are taking a holiday. because US law-makers was swift and painful, The reaction on Wall Street the Dow Jones down 777 points, in history, its biggest one-day point fall rejected the bailout package. after politicians in Washington The fact that it didn't get done just kind of mind-boggling. is, I think, and promises of bipartisanship, After days of negotiations

evaporated support for the US$700 billion plan of the House of Representatives. on the floor Calls for support... I believe the risk in not acting than the risk of acting. is much higher from Republicans and Democrats. ..were countered by dissent This is a huge cow patty stuck in the middle of it with a piece of marshmallow that cow patty. and I'm not going to eat and hinges on haste. This bill is fuelled by fear The motion is not adopted. The yeas are 205, the nays are 228. voted against the bill, The majority of Republicans but so did some Democrats. proposed this package, Since George W. Bush anger has grown among Americans. taxpayers' money should be used Many don't believe greedy Wall Street companies, to rescue loud and clear and they've sent that message to their Washington representatives, and, in an election year, could prove political suicide. ignoring voters The dire day raised fears may never get through Congress, the deal leading to warnings of disaster with the credit crisis. for US businesses already struggling and shutting operations. They will be laying off workers United Airlines and General Motors. Among those considered at risk - A disappointed US President says he'll consult again with his financial advisers.

to develop a strategy And we'll be working that will enable us to continue to move forward. The men who want to replace him urged Congress to salvage the plan.

Now is not the time to fix the blame. It's time to fix the problem.

Democrats, Republicans - step up to the plate, get it done. It will be at least Thursday before any sort of bill can be put to a vote again. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. To the day in detail on the Australian and international share markets. The average price of petrol around Sydney tonight is $1.45 a litre but we've seen it at $1.40 in Haberfield, Smithfield, Fairfield, Frenchs Forest and Forestville. a repeat of the Wall Street crash here, by assuring investors Australia's economy is in far better shape

than the United States. The crisis is now prompting forecasts of another rate cut within weeks, to try to shore up the local economy. Just minutes before the Australian stock exchange opened, a grim-looking PM and Treasurer rushed to reassure investors, hoping to prevent a repeat of the Wall Street market meltdown. The developments overnight in the United States do not affect the fundamental stability of the Australian banking system. We do have first-class regulators and we also have a strong economic position, a strong Budget surplus. Prime Minister Rudd spoke with Britain's Gordon Brown about the US bailout failure, the two united in their frustration.

These are difficult times, these are worrying times. The vote in America is very disappointing. Local politicians also united to declare that our economy can weather the crisis. I know - we all know - in this storm - in this financial storm - we are going to get wet. We will get wet but we will not sink. Financial markets are already factoring in a 0.5% cut in rates in anticipation of the Reserve Bank's meeting next week, but the Treasurer's hinting banks may not pass on in full any drop in rates.

..a very big spike in borrowing costs internationally and that will certainly have an impact on domestic institutions. We haven't seen the banks pass on this higher funding in terms of higher interest rates. They've effectively had to absorb it. But one lending analyst disagrees. I think you look at the rate and the margin as it exists today and you'd have to say, "Well, look, there's room to pass on the rate cut."

Homeowners certainly hope so.

Meg Palmer, Ten News. Electricity bills could soar by almost 40% to help cut Australia's greenhouse gas levels. The Government's chief climate change expert warns there's also bad news on petrol and food prices. With the details, Ten environment reporter Emily Rice. Professor Garnaut's completed climate report warns that Australia, because of its pristine natural resources, has the most to lose from global warming of any developed country, and he stressed the price of losing that fight. The failure of our generation will haunt humanity until the end of time. His final 700-page report, handed to the Government today, outlines not only environmental consequences but also economic.

The biggest impact will be on electricity prices. They'll increase at least 21% - perhaps as much as 37% - if higher emission cuts are made, and the flow-on to food and petrol prices The veteran economist says shouldn't delay the climate fight. The financial crisis will, as a financial crisis, will have resolved itself. The climate change problem the professor's aim of a 90% carbon cut by 2050 and his push for a global agreement. We would encourage Kevin Rudd to look towards the hope in Professor Garnaut's report - that we can get a strong global agreement. The Opposition remains unconvinced.

to introduce an emissions trading scheme within 20 months is both reckless and high-risk. Whatever the professor hopes for it's now up to the Government to decide what's possible and politically acceptable.

Our Paralympians have been handed the keys to the city at a welcome-home celebration. The team finished fifth on the medal table and set 20 world records. It was a traditional green and gold welcome home for the State's Paralympians. Evan O'Hanlon won three gold medals at the Bird's Nest and collected the keys to the city on the team's behalf. We get to acknowledge everyone who has been out there supporting us behind their TVs,

so, yeah, it's great. A relatively small but enthusiastic crowd lined up for autographs and photos with their heroes. Four years ago I went over to Athens and came home empty-handed but to come home with two gold medals and world records in both of them is just awesome. Visually impaired cyclist Lindy Hou summed up that drove the athletes. the spirit, determination and pride We are no different to our Olympic counterparts - we train just as hard as they do. The only difference is we have a bit more challenges than they have to overcome. Kathryn Ross won rowing silver with John Mclean, but now he's retired. but you never know with John - he can't sit still for too long, so he could surprise us all. The team finished with 79 medals - 23 gold, 29 silver and 27 bronze. China, Great Britain and the United States are all investing millions of dollars in their Paralympic sports,

raising competition to the elite international level, and for Australia to keep up we'll need to do the same. Now there's an expectation you have to be professional, you have to be sacrificing 90% of the rest of your life. And training is already under way for London. Tim Potter, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport with Brad McEwan. And a league great is sick of the bickering

leading up to the grand final. Yesn one of the game's Immortals, Johnny Raper, says stop the whingeing and play footy. It comes as the Storm were given a rousing send-off at training, at their fan day. But there was also some unexpected guests who weren't there to get autographs. And another bomb blast rocks India, yet cricket great Sachin Tendulkar says it's safe for the Aussies to be touring his country.

Also, cycling legend Lance Armstrong explains why some doubters will always believe he took performance-enhancing drugs. to find those responsible The RSPCA vows for a shocking case of animal cruelty in Sydney. That's next. Also tonight, pulled from the shelves - the China milk scare affecting Australian chocolate stocks. And the aviation pioneer with added reason to celebrate Qantas's latest addition. This, of course, is the greatest honour I could ever have received and I am deeply honoured indeed. WOMAN: Protecting our environment is really important. So it's great how Labor have secured over half of the ACT as protected nature reserves. MAN: That's for sure. And it's fantastic how Labor are behind solar energy options

and environmental rebates. Yeah. That really makes it easier for us to do our bit for the environment. And taking measures to secure our water supply and combat climate change. That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: Yes, it's a wagon - practical, functional, reliable. Some people used to call the wagon a 'rep's car'. But now that rep looks like a fashion designer, and still fits three kids and a pram in the back. We haven't just reinvented the wagon, we've smashed it up, thrown it out and started again. The new Holden Sportwagon. VOICEOVER: Now there's more to love about a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's. For a limited time, you can order your favourite with irresistible seasoned avocado. And you can even add bacon. Try one at McDonald's today.

Whenever I think Twinings, I think exotic blends and a dash of something unpronounceable. But sometimes we just crave simplicity in our lives. At last, Twinings have an everyday tea. It's a far tastier cuppa that's nothing less than extraordinary.

Mmm! For whenever. Simply Tea. Even the name's easy. Simply Tea is for whenever. Tea is for Twinings. VOICEOVER: The Liberals - Brendan Smyth dumped as leader. Bill Stefaniak, dumped as leader. Richard Mulcahy, defected, saying, it doesn't matter who leads the Liberals - they're unfit to govern.

They don't trust each other. Why should you? This program is captioned live. A pet dog has been found hanging from a tree in a Sydney park, in one of the most shocking cases of animal cruelty the RSPCA has seen.

It's appealing for help to track down those responsible for killing the female cattle-cross, which was found hanging in a Mt Druitt park this morning. RSPCA officers say the dog was aged about five and they believe its owners may still be looking for their pet. Cadbury has withdrawn 11 of its products in Australia and Asia after tests showed they contained melamine. The chemical is at the centre of China's toxic milk scandal which left 4 children dead and made more than 50,000 sick. Chocolate Eclairs were recalled in Australia,

and government food regulators are testing

50 Chinese milk-based products. 10 other Cadbury items have been recalled in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including bulk packets of Dairy Milk chocolate. Taxpayers could be slugged millions to buy out radioactive properties at Hunters Hill. Experts say the area must be retested immediately. Nelson Parade is home to some of Sydney's biggest waterfront properties. But at least four blocks are also radioactive above safe levels, according to a Government inquiry report. As far as my friends are concerned, if you live in Hunters Hill you live near the problem. The report calls for this entire area to be retested to make sure it's safe. The site accommodated Australia's first uranium smelter between 1912 and 1915 but was never decontaminated. for residences The site currently is not safe and people using the backyard areas of those sites. Greg and Katie McGrath grew up here, and earlier this year spoke out about their parents,

who both died of cancer in their 30s.

Mum was 35 and dad was 39 and they died within 9 months of each other.

While claims of a cancer cluster are not conclusive, the report calls for all homes, footpaths and even surrounding roads to be retested for radiation.

The Health Minister hasn't read today's report yet but if remediation of this area is needed, it could well be another financial headache for the Government with an expensive clean-up bill, and even compensation.

Already, the family which owns this block is demanding New South Wales Health buy it back for more than $4.5 million. The Government's yet to respond to the report's findings. Obviously, we'll be looking very closely at it

and making sure that public health is placed front and centre. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Police are hunting three men who carried out a daring early-morning robbery

on the Northern Beaches. The men, all armed and wearing dark clothing, held up a cash van at Warriewood. The bandits escaped with a large sum of money and one of the security guard's pistols. They made their getaway in a blue 2004 Subaru Liberty with stolen numberplates. Police are urging any witnesses to contact them. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News:

We're interested in both photos and video. One of Australia's pioneering aviators has been honoured with Qantas naming its first Airbus after her. Today 92-year-old Nancy-Bird Walton was treated to a flight on the 500-tonne jet, a far cry from the biplanes she flew in the '30s. Ministers and business leaders gathered for the naming of the new A380, but the day belonged to a woman from the early days of Australian aviation. To name this aircraft Nancy-Bird Walton. Nancy Bird-Walton was taught to fly by Charles Kingsford Smith. She set up an airline and became one of the country's first female commercial pilots. She was ushered into first class and treated like royalty in a aircraft that will carry her name around the world, but on the flight deck, no-one offered to let her take the controls. No, I'm not a computer expert. MAN: I'm sure you'd pick it up in no time. It's a pilot's aeroplane so you'd have no trouble. Qantas used to name it's aircraft Qantas used to name its aircraft after Australian cities and towns, but all the A380s will be named after aviation pioneers like Kingsford Smith, Hudson Fysh and even Reg Ansett. Aboard the flight were 400 Qantas clients and staff, the largest load the aircraft has carried since arriving here. They sat comfortably in first class, while executives found business class to their liking, but economy is still where most of us will travel. It's quiet, it's fuel-efficient, it's green, You couldn't ask for anything else. The first Airbus goes into service next month. Qantas will start retiring its Boeing 747s early next year. John Hill, Ten News.

Time to check the weather. The last

Time to check the weather. The last

time we met Tim Bailey get close to

Tasmanian devils, there was a

graphic nature study. This little

devil was a 90 days old when we

last visited the Australian reptile last visited the Australian reptile

Park. 200 days now. As cute as a

button. The story is all about fighting the facial

fighting the facial tumour fighting the facial tumour and keeping these beautiful animals

alive. They are in a lot of trouble

in Tasmania. This wildlife park is

leading the way in trying to help.

Good news today - rainfall for

September was 99 millimetres in

Sydney, 30 millimetres up on the

average. January to September - 888

millimetres, 87 millimetres down on

the average. Tomorrow - a glorious

spring day, tops of 23 degrees. Up next, the medical breakthrough at beating cancer. giving patients their best chance yet

and survival without disease. It significantly prolongs survival on the Red Planet. And an unexpected weather find falling from the clouds. So that is snow

about rising fuel prices. At Holden, we're doing something at 99 cents a litre We've capped the price of fuel for up to 20,000 k's before the end of October. sold and delivered Go better. The Holden 99c Fuel Cap.

It lures the fish in. To make the most of life, VOICEOVER: GE Money Personal Loans, make the most of so you stay in control. with fixed repayments I think it's a wobbegong. on 13 10 24. To apply, call GE Money in the ACT election on Saturday, VOICEOVER: When you vote use only numbers.

No ticks, no crosses. could make a difference, Every number you write so remember, no ticks, no crosses, It's worth getting it right, you are helping because when you vote on Saturday,

This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. A lot of traffic

problems in Homebush tonight.

problems in Homebush tonight. Traffic going from Ryde - the very

important run from Homebush Bay

Drive to Greenacre that links with

the M5, take a look. It is hardly

moving. There was an accident in

Greenacre that has been moved but

the knock-on effect goes for

kilometres. A significant block for

traffic. They run considerable delays for

delays for the motorways. There are problems on the M2. has stepped down from the company. ABC Learning founder Eddy Groves He and his former wife, Le Neve, from the board and management. have resigned

has been frozen since mid-August. Trading in the company's shares will run the company Former Colorado boss Rowan Webb while it looks for a permanent CEO.

have discovered a way Doctors in the US handle large doses of chemotherapy. to help cancer sufferers are being removed Patients' own stem cells then re-infused after treatment, to produce healthy blood cells. restoring the body's ability needed a bone marrow transplant When cancer patient Laurice Goodin for a donor - she didn't have to look far she was able to do it herself.

how are you feeling? So, Laurice, my dear, Laurice was fighting the blood cancer multiple myeloma. Unless you have a positive attitude, you're not going to make it. Strong doses of chemotherapy could get rid of the cancer, but it would also damage the blood and bone marrow, keeping her from producing vital blood cells and platelets. This machine was her solution.

Before chemotherapy, stem cells from a patient's own blood are removed and stored.

After high doses of chemo,

the cells are then infused back into the body and bone marrow. The stored stem cells that we use restore her ability to produce normal blood cells.

The transplant allows doctors to be more aggressive with treatment and studies have shown

that gives patients With some conditions the cancer can even be cured. For other conditions, it significantly prolongs survival and survival without disease.

That's the case for Laurice. It will improve the quality of life, which it has.

And the treatment has given her more time to live her life.

Some unexpected weather today in outer space. NASA has detected snow falling from clouds high above Mars.

NASA's Phoenix probe was the first man-made object to make a soft landing on the Red Planet back in May. It touched down close to the pole and ever since, has been sitting inside it has been sitting inside the Martian equivalent of the Arctic. The NASA team admit it's had its technical problems,

but it's also found something rather charming. These are clouds scudding across the horizon -

clouds of ice that are falling as snow. So that is snow falling from the clouds and we're going to be watching very closely over the next month for evidence that the snow is actually landing on the surface.

Phoenix's main mission, however, is to gouge out samples of the Martian soil and look for traces of life or of an environment that could support life. Is this a habitable zone on Mars? Well, I think we're approaching that hypothesis. We understand, though, that Mars has many surprises for us. One potential surprise - in the next few weeks they'll be turning on a microphone - the first time anyone has tried to listen to Mars. Lawrence McGinty, Ten News. The Vatican is going green.

Solar panels are being mounted on top of the Pope's audience hall and will convert sunlight into electricity to light, heat or cool the building. The audience hall is used for the pontiff's general audiences during winter and in bad weather.

A German company donated the solar project as a special gift to the Pope. The global stock market meltdown - next, we ask the experts what it means for our superannuation.

Also, hugs all round as sailors return from a challenging Middle East mission. And faster than a fighter jet? A senior sprint star puts his footwork to the test. The adventurous Pathfinder comes with a versatile interior, all-mode 4x4 and a 3,000kg brake towing capacity plus free rego, CTP and stamp duty. And there are huge factory bonuses on selected models. (SQUELCH!)

You gonna finish that? VOICEOVER: Now there's more to love about a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's. For a limited time, you can order your favourite with irresistible seasoned avocado. And you can even add bacon.

Try one at McDonald's today. Sydney - the city that makes an impression. This October, one of the world's finest exhibitions is coming exclusively to Sydney. See 30 works from Claude Monet and other impressionist masterpieces at the Art Gallery of NSW, and see the hit Broadway musical 'My Fair Lady'. Book a Stay & See package, including accommodation, plus tickets to Monet and the Impressionists and 'My Fair Lady' from just $202 per person twin share. Call:

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - The Government's climate-change advisor has handed down his final report, warning the fight will be long, painful and costly. Professor Ross Garnaut says electricity prices could soar by as much as 40% to make way for greater emission cuts. Our nation's leaders say we're in a strong position

to weather the financial meltdown gripping global markets.

The crisis has prompted forecasts of another rate cut within weeks to try to shore up the local economy. But the Treasurer stresses borrowing costs for banks are high. And $55 billion has been wiped off the Australian stock market in its worst day of trade in three years. Investors fled almost every sector,

following a horror lead from Wall Street.

The Dow Jones shed 777 points overnight, after lawmakers in Washington rejected the proposed $700 billion bailout package. by the market freefall Those most severely affected are people about to retire. Jeff Bresnahan from independent research centre SuperRatings joins us now from Canberra. Jeff, there's a lot of panic out there. What has this crisis done to the superannuation payouts of people retiring this year?

Well, it's certainly altered where people thought they might be. They could well have assumed they'd earn 5% or 10% this last 12 months. In fact, they've gone backwards around 10% or 11%, so it's put a dent in their nest egg of around 20%-25%, which is significant and may force people to continue to work. Well, it is a big hit. Is there anything more they can do to turn around the recent losses? Considering holding off retiring

Yes, certainly considering putting off retirement is one of the key options for people. If you're already in retirement there may be a consideration for going back into the workforce, possibly on a part-time basis, to ensure your standard of living. Apart from that, people can look at a more conservative investment strategy, but really that is crystallised in the losses that have been made to date they need to consider and, seriously, the long-term nature of superannuation, even though they're already in retirement.

And what advice do you have

for people who still have a while to wait before they do finish up work? Look, for those people that have got 10 years-plus until retirement, then they have been clear beneficiaries of the last four years of sustained growth through the share market and hence through superannuation fund returns. ahead over the last five years, So they are still about 40%-plus or 8% per annum.

Really, they have no cause for concern. They can ride out this market cycle

and wait till the market does bounce, which eventually it will. Let's hope so. Thanks, Jeff. Jeff Bresnahan joining us from SuperRatings. Australia's 19th naval deployment to the Middle East has returned home from a 6-month tour of duty. The ship's crew of 185 men and women wasted no time catching up with loved ones, including two new additions to the Navy's extended family.

After six months in the Gulf,

the final few minutes wait seemed an eternity

for those on shore. Most couldn't wait to say, "Hello, sailor." Toddy, I love you! For others, brevity was the key. Daddy! This little one refusing to let go, while a first-time dad wouldn't even consider it. Yeah, very overwhelming, so it's great.

Love was certainly in the air.

And plenty of tears shed. Very hard. Were you worried all that time? Yes, I was. With good reason - the ship had been protecting Iraqi oil infrastructure and helping with search-and-rescue missions. The dangers weren't confined to location. What happened to you? I broke my ankle and came home early. But the band played on, kicking off celebrations for missed milestones.

A bit long, arduous obviously, no action - so that's a good thing. We've made it home safe And when the meet and greets are finally over, loved ones are invited on board to see first hand how the ship's 185 men and women spent the last six months. But they don't hang around for too long. They're all keen to get their luggage off and start a well-deserved break.

There's a lot to catch up on. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Time to check with Tim Bailey. It

is feeding time at the zoo. It is dinner-time. is feeding time at the zoo. It is dinner-time.

dinner-time. That is a kangaroo

laid down there. It is the main

course. And great place to come in

the school holidays. Perfect school

holiday weather.

We might be in the midst of an economic crisis, but it seems we're still finding cash for some little luxuries. Business is brisk for designer threads for children,

inspired in part by Hollywood's baby boom. It's not preschool and it's not day care -

these young ladies have been invited to the launch of designer Leona Edmiston's spring/summer collections - for bubs. ANGELA BISHOP: So do we ask about silhouettes and colours? Well, they love pink! We know that. They're fans of pink. Like any grown-up function, it offered great nibblies,

a chance to mingle and catch up on gossip and to check out what everyone else is wearing.

Hats are popular and gladiator sandals have made it all the way from Carrie Bradshaw's feet on 'Sex and the City' to these tiny tootsies. The addition of small furry animals was the only clue

the target audience was under five. The reason for such a lavish bash is that designer clothes for kids are big business.

I think that's thanks to Hollywood. Yeah, they're all having babies at the moment and everyone here seems to be as well. Shots of celebrity babies like Suri Cruise and the Jolie-Pitt clan in designer threads is fuelling the craze and prompting established Australian designers to create children's ranges. We're in the middle of a baby boom.

Everyone's so excited about their children - understandably - so definitely, it is becoming more and more important. And with babies being the new black, the irony is these tiny A-listers are getting just as many invitations as their mums. My two have had quite a few. I've had to sort of act like their secretary. She's been to her first front row at the fashion week that was on, which was really cool. She enjoyed that and clapped after every kid came out. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A fighter jet has put one of the nation's finest athletes through his paces. World sprint champion for his age group John Wall So the 62-year-old got himself all revved up and took on a roaring Albatross. He gave it his best shot. Sadly, he ran out of steam just before the finish line,

but he's pressing ahead with training for next year's World Masters in Sydney. Sport now with Brad and Melbourne's banned skipper still says he was singled out. It comes as a league great says, "Just stop the whingeing."

Also, just the way they like it - the Storm besieged by their fans while claiming they're still under siege from every man and his dog outside Victoria. Also, Lance's lament - why the world's greatest cyclist says he'll always have his accusers over drugs.

ACT Labor are improving our health system. They've delivered an extra 172 fully-staffed hospital beds, increased elective surgery, and funded more doctors and nurses for our hospitals.

ACT Labor are also preparing our health system for the future with a billion-dollar health plan,

which includes a new women's and children's hospital. For health, ACT Labor are: If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt over this October long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

VOICEOVER: Recently moved to Canberra? Then you could win one of four $5,000 Service One Members Banking accounts simply by updating your Medicare address. The Australian Government uses population numbers

to decide how much funding each community receives. And Medicare addresses are one way the population is counted. So update your address today by calling Medicare Australia on 132011. Then enter the draw at a Service One Members Banking branch or at and you could win $5,000 and help your community. (Dog growls)

Barry doesn't always make the best choices, but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. Have you got gas?

SQUEAK! WOMAN: I like how Labor are protecting our environment with all those extra nature reserves. MAN: Yeah, and are behind solar energy options and environmental rebates. They're also securing our water supply. That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

This program is captioned live. The Melbourne Storm have run the risk of being dubbed whingers after Cameron Smith revived last week's controversy over his suspension. The Storm skipper says he's been made a scapegoat. Melbourne today held their grand final fan day...

who dropped in - drug-testers were also there to see the defending champions. They were after samples, suspended captain Cameron Smith is after answers. That's all we want - just an answer of why we've been put under that scrutiny last week and I was suspended. Sea Eagles fans were grappled for supposedly leading the call for Smith's suspension.

People from Manly, fans of Manly, and fans of anywhere else - I don't know them and they don't mean anything to me. The Storm say they're sick of the hounding but there's a belief the club are using the drama to galvanise their premiership defence. Whatever the case some say it caps league's 'Year of the Whinge'.

Yeah, there's been a bit of whingeing going on and I'm not too happy about that.

What goes on on the field should stay behind closed doors. Raper was today belatedly named Man of the Match for the 1966 grand final. The NRL named the best on ground in every decider between 1954 and 1985, when previously there had been no recognition. This Sunday, rugby league returns to an afternoon grand final for the first time in eight years. That may have resulted in more people organising backyard barbecues because, surprisingly, there are still 10,000 tickets available

Full house or not, Manly players want to make sure there's no repeat of how they felt after last year's decider. Individually I felt crap for weeks and you just had regrets - you know, making it so far and playing so poorly. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Despite more deaths in bomb blasts in western India overnight, Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar is assuring Ricky Ponting's men they will remain safe while touring his country. The latest blasts killed 5 and wounded more than 20 people, but Tendulkar says there's nothing to fear, as the sides prepare for the first Test in Bangalore on October 9.

We've got full confidence that nothing bad will happen and, you know, this is our homeland,

so we should be free to move wherever and whenever we want, so I don't think there will be security concerns. Tendulkar did admit to one thing his side is worried about - Australia's unpredictable rookies. An International Cycling Union rule is threatening to derail Lance Armstrong's return to competition at Adelaide's Tour Down Under in January. Riders coming out of retirement must register for testing

six months before racing. That requirement currently means he'll miss the race by just six days. A defiant Armstrong is prepared to undergo independent testing in the meantime,

but doubts it will satisfy everyone. I've asked a guy by the name of Don Catlin, who's one of the leading researchers in the anti-doping movement, to come and validate my training, my performance, my blood, my urine, everything involved. Of course, doing all these things, you could get to the end and if you potentially win and Don Catlin validates it, there's gonna be somebody out there that says, "No, no, no, no. "They have something, we just can't find it." Tour Down Under organisers haven't ruled out postponing the start of the race to assure Armstrong's inclusion. Ahead in Sports Tonight -

new A-League Gold Coast coach Miron Bleiberg

lashes out at Sydney FC.

He always has something to save. He always has something to save.

Some problems for drivers tonight.

What is the latest? A bad smash

right near the shops on the Camden

value way. There has been a value way. There has been a

collision. Several vehicles were

involved. You can see the fire brigade, ambulance and police.

Traffic is very bad. Traffic from

Liverpool is delayed. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has some more information on what to expect this long weekend. His forecast is next.

WOMAN: Protecting our environment is really important. So it's great how Labor have secured over half of the ACT as protected nature reserves. MAN: That's for sure.

And it's fantastic how Labor are behind solar energy options and environmental rebates. Yeah. That really makes it easier for us to do our bit for the environment. And taking measures to secure our water supply and combat climate change. That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

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VOICEOVER: The Liberals - Brendan Smyth dumped as leader. Bill Stefaniak, dumped as leader. Richard Mulcahy, defected, saying, it doesn't matter who leads the Liberals - they're unfit to govern. They don't trust each other. Why should you?

This program is captioned live.

Time before the weather details. We

have to Tasmanian devils on screen,

and the one with the spectacles is

the way the guy. The other one is

200 days of. We last saw him when

he was 90 days old. It is a

wonderful breeding program at the

Australian reptile park at Gosford.

You are doing some great work. The

devil facial tumour is wiping devil facial tumour is wiping out

the population - up to 60% in

Tasmania. It is affecting

previously unaffected areas. The

breeding has been phenomenally

successful. We got 13 Jhelisa this

year. We had a baby is born this

year from February to June. It is

really rewarding. We're trying to get

get the captive population

established. You have to come to

the park can be part of the program.

One way to do that is to go to the

website. If you can help contribute

to saving the population off

Tasmanian devils, - should I be worried?

worried? No, he's just trying to

get warm. In the school holidays

people can come and see the adult

population. You can see all

population. You can see all the social interactions and devil's

been devils. At Christmas time you

will see these guys out. At the

moment they run a special box.

moment they run a special box. We

bring a couple of babies out for

the day. Congratulations on the

program. We have a 13 babies now.

These are very difficult to breed

and everyone is doing so well. The

downside on the facial tumour - we

are nowhere near a cure. There is

talk of a resistance gene, said

that is a possibility. Some devil's

May has an immune response. There

is no cure it yet. Captive

populations like this is what we

need. Tomorrow it looks like being

23 degrees. You will have a

fabulous spring day. I love this job!

Thick cloud over the knowledge or

in a traffic is generating thundery

showers. Warm, gusty northerly

winds will be in the south-east.

That will bring a cool change to That will bring a cool change to Tasmania, western Victoria and SA.

Tasmania, western Victoria and SA.

Isolated showers on the Queensland Tasmania, western Victoria and SA. Isolated showers on the Queensland

coast and in Victoria. A big week

in sport. Saturday - a shower and

30 degrees. Sunday - a clearing

shower for the Grand Final and

gorges on the Monday for 21 degrees.

Go to the website. Help out the Devils. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.