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(generated from captions) I know Brooke doesn't wanna hurt me. but how can she? Says she understands, She's got her son. I can't go back there, Doc. I'm leaving. I have no other choice. I'm moving out. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

An tonight, then no confidence vote.

The Opposition demands an early

state election. How can you justify

the people of NSW with an early

election they want. A mother's

heart take over the death of her

son dumped in bush land. Tough new

measures to fight the state soaring

road toll. We do not intend to sit

on our hands. Good evening. Also,

the teenager shot dead during a

Sydney robbery turns out to be the

brother of a cop killer. The

Queensland premier moonlights as a master chef.

First, the state government is

expected to laugh off a vote of no

confidence in the way of a sex

scandal. It claims the health

minister. Fresh calls for an early

election. The woman at the centre

explains why she spoke out. Josh

Murphy is at Macquarie Street. Is this just old-fashioned revenge?

She began making promises. He said

he would leave his wife and she was

hurt and someone that wants to be

premier should have higher

standards. As for the actual

premier, he has been dealing with

the fall-out. Nathan Rees strode

into another day of political

paralysis. He faced calls for an

early election in a vote of no

confidence. NSW can't afford it 81

this incompetent government. more weeks before they get rid of

Revelations of a sex scandal, the

a newspaper explaining woman has penned an open letter to

She went public. The consequences

for a just as dire. The Parliament

was preoccupied with white Nathan

Rees should go to the polls. How

can you justify the NSW people an

early election they want. Where to

start? Where to start. We see the

Leader of the Opposition that

barely contained excitement on that

side of the house because of the

downfall of John Donne at Oscar. Ten

Has been 10 years has been told

about the power-broker of becoming

premier as little as 48 hours ago.

I don't intend to go into that

speculation. John Della Bosca is

the most talented political person

in the state, possibly Australia.

He faced the music yesterday. Where

was John Della Bosca today? He made

a brief appearance in Parliament a brief appearance in Parliament

this afternoon and he is staying

with a male friend while visiting

Sydney. There is no sign of his

wife, Belinda Neal. There was only

a short statement from one of the

sons. The minister has not return

there. Thank you. There has been a

stunning twist following

yesterday's fatal police shooting.

We are joined by Evan Batten. The

dead man brother killed a dead man brother killed a

policeman? That's right. We can

reveal the identity. He. He older

brother had been convicted at over

the killing of a police officer. He

was shot to death as he sat in his

Highway patrol car in 2002. Hit him

and his older brother are serving and his older brother are serving

jail terms over that manslaughter.

A what has happened to the 16-year-

old who was arrested? We cannot

reveal his identity for political

reasons. He has been charged with a

string of offences, 15 offences.

They relate to two armed hold-ups

at different hotels. There was a

botched robbery at the Canley Vale

Hotel. That robbery did not end

well. The second robbery was from

the previous night at a Chinese

restaurant. He appeared in court

today. He did not apply for bail.

To heartbroken parents have arrived

from China to help find their son's

killer. The victim's body was

discovered last month near

Wollongong. It had been neatly

packed in a container. It was an

agonising experience. They flew

from China to appeal for help to

solve the murder. The family was

desperate answers. We came to

Australia eight years ago and I

have been left with nothing. Not my

son, not anything. 27-year-old Jun

Chen went missing from his

apartment in March. They were

investigating a missing persons

report until last month when his

body was discovered near Mt Ousley.

Police will not reveal anything

about his private life. They are

investigating in the hope of a

motive. They want help from anyone

who saw a white Toyota van. It had

no window at the back. It had no

writing on the site. The than may

have been in the vicinity of Mt

Ousley. There may have been people

with that than. He his wife is so

distraught she wants to die. She

wants to bring the killer to

justice. Two nurses have spoken out

same doctors ignored the warnings

about a woman's heavy bleeding

hours before she died. The doctors

have denied the claim in court.

Petah Kimm was a feat mother of two.

She had complications with a third

pregnancy and she had a Caesarean

section at Nepean Hospital. She

gave birth to a lesser. Just hours

later she died from a massive

haemorrhage. Today her partner was

in court to hear the details. Two

experienced nurses, told the

inquest they warned to doctors

her operation. about suspicious bleeding following

But Dr both denied the nurses

alerted them. They

The coroner has been asked to

consider it procedures at Nepean

Hospital. In particularly the care

she received in the hours following

her operation. They were looking at

the levels of morphine in her body.

Witnesses are expected to give

evidence during the week long

inquest. A dramatic surge in that

road toll has forced the government

to consider a tough approach. The

plan is for more highway patrols. plan is for more highway patrols.

By any measure, the last week has

been horrific with the death toll

described as shocking. The

government admits a new approach is

needed. People out there behaving

stupidly on our roads and getting

himself and others killed. We will

not sit on our hands.

247 people died and we have now 247 people died and we have now

succeeded that by 63 deaths. 12

killed in the last few days. If

speeding seems to be a factor in

most of these accidents. An extra 50 Highway patrol officers are

promised for next year. Additional

numbers of police officers and a

recruitment process and more

vehicles put on the roads targeting

black spots. The government is

speeding and escalating penalties considering hardline sanctions for

for repeat offenders who just don't

get the message. Driving experts

say the answer is education at not

legislation. If the roads are

busier, people are impatient and

they pushed the boundaries and it

is foolish. They will free up

Highway patrol cars from other

duties. Cameras and technologies

cannot pick this up. The air is no

silver pull it. There is no magic

solution to the road toll. The

government will consider increasing

the advertising campaign. A gold

medal for our economy, with out

economic growth stronger than other

developed countries. Harvey Norman

stores did not need to know that

confidently. customers are beginning to spend

We have dodged the recession.

Today's result would not have been

possible without an economic

stimulus. Household spending and

business investment were the main

reasons for the strong results. It

is the best amongst developed

countries. Heavily influenced by

investment grants as part of the

stimulus package. His cash stimulus

was designed to peak in June.

Customers are buying catch-up

buying beds and furniture. The

Opposition is always sceptical. Now

is the time to ditch it. To date is

a warning call to Mr Rogge to stop

spending so much money otherwise we

will end up with higher interest

rates and it will cost jobs. To

withdraw the stimulus, to pull away,

and Paul the rug from under at jobs,

and work for small business. Call

Sinn is needed. It is a bit too

early. There are too many

uncertainties about the global

recovery. The NRL has boasted a recovery. The NRL has boasted a

bumper year? Despite a season full

of off field headlines, 3 million

fans have passed through the

turnstiles this week end. Fui Fui

Moi Moi was one of the big

attractions. The Aussie teen Ager

who almost pulled off the biggest

upset in US history. No shortage of

drama in Spain as this rider

smashed into way tanker. For a

disappointing result for the disappointing result for the

Australian cricket team. A warning Australian cricket team. A warning

to senior citizens after a brutal

home invasion. And angry TAFE

teaches march through the city

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This program is captioned live.

A couple

Their 80s have been terrorised in a

violent home invasion in the Blue

Mountains. 85-year-old John Biro

and his 82-year-old bed-ridden wife

were too distressed to appear on

camera after being robbed and held

hostage by 4 young men. They were

not injured but are still in shock

from what police believe was a

random attack. We have information

that other homes were attempted to

be broken into that night, but this

is timely reminder to everyone not

to be complacent with security of

their homes. The gang stole the

couple's car - a 1994 silver Toyota

Camry with personalised number plates JJ305.

The Victorian me as though he is

survived three days in an icy

mountain at said he thought he was

going to dive. Tim Holding has

spoken for the first time.

I want to say today how grateful I

am for everything they have done on

my behalf. Add a grateful for being

alive. He has revealed just how

close he is hike up Mount

Feathertop he came to dive. I

thought I would go off the edge of

a cliff or a hit a rock and that

would be it. But I came to a stop.

He barely suffered a sore ankle and

some are muscular damage. He showed

a rare emotion was speaking of the

near-death experience. When I

landed up in the chopper and I saw

my family, I was so relieved. I

hadn't brush my teeth for four days.

That is a Mike Higgins give her a

embrace. -- that is why she wasn't given a hard Haag.

Even some of his Labor colleagues

are suggesting it was a foolhardy

not to be carrying a mobile

distress beacon. That is pretty

stupid, and that puts him in the

super deal category. Bedi could

have a device, but people would

want to want to find due. 4,000

Parliament House. They're angry TAFE teachers have marched on

campaigning against proposed

changes to work conditions. The

teachers won a 4% pay rise earlier

this year and the government now

wants to increase their teaching

hours. But the Education Department

says the working week would not

teaching hours. increase, just face-to-face

According to new research, there

might be a link between childbirth drugs and breastfeeding problems.

convinced. But Australian experts aren't

With a 90% initiation rate, more

Aussie mums than almost any other

Western country attempt breast-

feeding after giving birth. But the

retention rates are a different

story. By six months, only 30% of

mums have persisted. One of the

reasons, according to the

Australian Breastfeeding

Association, is the difficulty some

women experience in feeding their

baby, after leaving hospital and

researchers in the UK now think

they know why. A Swansea University

study found an association between

the drugs given to women during

childbirth and reduced breast milk

production. I had injections for

both of my babies and didn't have

any problems with breastfeeding. I

really wanted to breastfeed, so if

I had known the drugs may have

caused problems, Imay not have had

them, yeah. The study focuses on

the drugs oxytocin or ergometrine,

which are given to women to cut the

risk of haemorrhage. But Australian

experts point out, there's no proof

they cause the feeding problems.

That could be as much to do with

the circumstances in which the meds

were used. We do know that if

labour is slow or induced there may

be more stress and that may affect

milk supply. You may then see an

association with oxytocin but it's

not causative. They're keen to

stress the number of lives saved by

preventing blood loss. The

consequences if they don't take

oxytocin could be a lot more serious. For those struggling,

there is a breastfeeding hotline.

2-686. That's 1800-mum-2-mum, or 1800-686-

We i in a spring but it has been cooler than winter?

What is going on?

What we had his early sea breezes.

Adam the East South East, they kept

out temperatures at 18 degrees.

There was a cause days in three

weeks. A little warmer house in the

West. Richmond woke up to fog.

Tamara increasing cloud. Five to

ten millimetres worth of rain for

before Clearing bought a gorgeous

weekend. A terrific some right

photograph. -- some said.

It is literacy and numeracy week.

It is a national reading day today.

us. We have a tale worth telling. Join

Up next, Australia Post to offer

car insurance.

Also, Californian firefighters gain

the upper hand even though hundreds

of homes are still threatened.

And the notorious spiderman makes

short work of one of the world's

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Time for the traffic helicopter

above the harbour bridge. It's an

unbelievable run home. A perfect

day it weather-wise. Take a look at

that. We are at 1,500 feet. The

traffic is moving well. The

motorists are leading the CBD and

heading north are getting a great

run. There are no trouble on the

motorways or freeways. Let's hope

it remains that way. The Hendra-

virus has killed a Queensland their

two. He was ill for several days.

Dr Alastair Rogers is the fourth

person to die from the virus. He

contracted it while treating a sick

horse in Queensland. He took part

in a preventative treatment with

three other workers. One day after

released he went back to hospital.

The government needs to fast track

money to find a vaccine. Now for

the finance report. Not even the

growth figures could drag the

market down. It was a dismal lead

from Wall Street. The Dow Jones

fell 2%. The banks were the biggest

losers. There is a major share

market correction on the cards.

Australia post as it entered the

insurance market. It is selling car

insurance. Travel and car insurance will follow.

The few Jews are pointing to a lacklustre start.

G has been suspended from the

Commonwealth. The military

government has failed to meet the

deadline to set a deadline for the

elections next year. The

Commonwealth is obliged to defend

its fundamental values and

principles. The government said it

will hold an election in 2014. Fiji

will be excluded from the

Commonwealth Games. Bushfires

raging near Los Angeles may take

weeks to control. Weary fire crews

are optimistic. Four days, they

have been fighting an impossible

battle. Tonight, fire crews are

sensing a change in the air. If I

were in a boxing match, I think it

would be even today, so we do not

have the upper hand the fire still

has a lot of potential. The biggest

front now burns over 516 square

kilometres. The containment figure

has gone from 5% to 22%. Families

are refusing to leave. We could be

out of here in 10 minutes if we

need to be but until it comes over

this hill, that's when we will go.

Thousands more have come perilously

close. Flames went right up to

where ET was shot. The fireball

created its own weaned. The wind

came towards here. They are trying

to save radio and television towers.

Thousands of homes remained under

threat. It could be weeks or the

middle of the month before they

bring them under control. Maybe

predicted storms bringing erratic

wind-ups. Muhammad Ali it was a

natural in the ring. He may have

inherited the luck of the Irish. He

visited his ancestral home. Where

his grandfather was born. Many

people are checking to see if they

are related. I could be a close

relative somewhere along the line.

I am so proud. His great-

grandfather later moved to America.

The French climber known as

Spiderman has been at it again

scaling at one of the world's

tallest buildings. He climbed to

the top of the Petronius Towers in

Kuala Lumpur. He conquered the 88

storey building and has been

arrested twice before. Once he

reached the top he flew the

Malaysia in flak.

The Queensland premier moonlights

as a master chef. Snow arrives in the outback.

Well, boys, that'll do me for today. Better luck tomorrow, eh? He's been saying that for 40 years. And he still hasn't caught a thing. WOMAN ON TV: Number 5 and the final winning Lotto number is 1. So congratulations to all of our Lotto winners... MAN: It can't be! (MAN 2 LAUGHS) Oh, look at that fish. Look at that fish. Yeah. (LOUD WHOOSHING) (MACHINE WHIRRS) Peppermint that cools as you chew. New 5 gum. .

A bizarre development following the

fatal shooting of a teenager during

a bungled robbery at Canley Vale.

The dead suspects brother are in

jail for the killing of a policeman.

He was shot dead in 2002. The

distraught parents of a Chinese man

whose body was found dumped on the

south coast have appealed for

information about his death. 27-

year-old Jun Chen's body was found

neatly packed in a container. If he

had lived in Australia for eight

years. Premier Nathan Rees has

found five attempts to take NSW to

the polls and the Opposition will

move a no-confidence vote. John

Della Bosca at affair may have

halted his charge towards the state

leadership but there are

indications his life outside the

ministry will be short-lived. A

senior ministry has called for him

to return to the front bench. Days

ago, he was a step away from

becoming the premier. Today, he is

scorned by his affair with a woman

half his age and it is a bigger

climb them out Everest. It was

absolute stupidity. He was arrogant

and lacked judgement. Why should we

be surprised? Infidelity is not

rare in Australian politics.

Australians are usually quite

forgiving. In this case, it is a

moral impropriety, serious or not

serious, I don't personally see any

indication there is anything about

it particularly that would affect

his political decision-making. He

is no longer a minister. But he is

a power broker for the Labor Party.

He has a lot of influence behind

the scenes. He will return to the

front bench. Tony Kelly is

forecasting a comeback. It would be

a great shame for this stage for

that brain not to be used for the

betterment of people in NSW were

from I don't think we will see him

returning to the front bench.

Stephen is it will take a serious

public relations makeover. Just

wait, bite your time, do some

community work and all will be

forgiven but I think the Australian

public will accept him one day it

but a long time away. She has

copped plenty of heat in her time.

The Queensland premier is set to

turn up a little piece in the

kitchen. She took up the challenge

of a celebrity master chef and

reckons she may have the recipe for

success. She is swapping her hard

hat for eight chefs at. There is no

hint at the suggestion she should

take to the table on celebrity

master chef. The recipes a secret

that they will be packed full of

Queensland produce. Perhaps a hint

of what her signature dish may be.

Maybe some prawns. She will be one

of 18 celebrity contestants. Each

heat will see three famous Hayes-

faces caught up a signature dish.

Their we have seen some very tough

people, as hard as nails as she may

be, Ant bait wilts under the

pressure. The premier has had a

taste. Can the premier confirm that

her signature dish will be to cook

up more pork pies? Was is more

important? Getting on with the job

he or running off on a political

stunt and going on Mastership? The

Pope listed the stunt, her support

is plunging in the polls and this

is a good opportunity. She insists

it will not cost taxpayers any

money. She will donate her fee to

charity. If I can encourage them to

use more Queensland in a kitchen it

will be a good thing. That will be

interesting to see. The outback

primary-school has experienced

their coolest ever day in school,

it was snowing in Kalgoorlie. It is

refreshing change for a mining town

known to have searing heat. Instead

of the dusty it was snow. The

artificial snow was struck in, it

was the prize in a national

competition. Some terrible falls in

a cycling race. Yes, it was wild

and woolly and an amazing display

of spills. Parramatta at his trying

to end a series of failures.

Marshall takes on the AFL hot shot

Franklin. And the unheralded

Australian girl who has stunned the

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This program is captioned live.

Despite a series of scandals, the

NRL will this weekend break the 3

million mark for fans and is poised

to set a new attendance record for to set a new attendance record for

a single season. Meanwhile

Parramatta's Nathan Hindmarsh has

called on his team to end a series of finals flops.

They're programmed for success

these days but Parramatta teams of

the past have malfunctioned when it the past have malfunctioned when it

mattered most - in the finals. 2005

was a bit of a disaster. 2001, when

we lost the Grand Final. 1999, 1998.

We have had a few Hopefully times We have had a few Hopefully times

have changed. The veteran's told

his team mates not to change a

thing. We just have to be playing

the footy we're playing now. I am

not going to say we again to win

the title now. We've got a long way

to go. Hindmarsh, Andrew Ryan and

Wendell Sailor nominees for the Ken

Stephens award for community

service. Despite a year of scandal,

the NRL today announced a new

overall attendance record for a

season. I'd like to think some of

this stuff will make our critics

eat some of their words.

Another sell-out on the cards

Friday night. I'm looking forward

to playing at Kogarah. I'm looking

forward to playing the Eels. Come

to our house, it should be fun. But the free-flowing Eels aren't about

to be tied down. They're expecting

to play the Dragons again in week

one of the finals and that's

leading to some late season mind

games. It's a difficult one, you

know. You can't - same as Wayne -

you can't play all your aces this

week if you think you're going to play them next week. play them next week.

The Wests Tigers may be out of this

year's finals race but they won't

be lacking motivation against the

ladder leading Bulldogs on Friday ladder leading Bulldogs on Friday

night. Five eighth Benji Marshall

was at a cross-code kicking

challenge today with AFL star Lance

Franklin and he says home ground

pride and a pact with team mate

Taniela Tuiaki is all the moviation

they'll need. On our home ground we

don't want the other team walking

around with the shield at your home

ground so I think we'll be there to

play. Also we want to keep Taniela

Tuiaki the leading try scorer so we

can't let their wingers score. See

the kicking challenge on Thursday

Night Live tomorrow from 7:30 on ONE.

Harry Kewell has pulled out of the

Socceroos friendly against the

Korea Republic because of an ankle

injury. The rest of the squad

trained in Seoul ahead of trained in Seoul ahead of Saturday's clash and they're Saturday's clash and they're expecting some strong opposition.

We seem to be getting stronger and

stronger. It will be a tough battle

against Korea. They are no easy bit.

If I can say one thing about them,

mentally they are very tough.

Australia's has the wood over the

home side - in 23 meeting's we've

won 9 and drawn 8.

Never before in US Open history has

the first seed nearly lost in the

first round. But it nearly happened.

166 places worse, the 18-year-old

Victorine a stall the opening set

in a tie-break and despite a severe

now squaring up the match, she

fought back in the 4th to move

within an historic victory.

So FINA regained composure to --

something I regained composure. She

blew me off caught. I had no chance

but I ran hard and I got to some

balls. I got them back. I put

pressure on her. I am disappointed

by last, and I did not expect to

say that after playing the number

one player in the world. It was a

different story for other Ivanovic.

No problems for Maria Sharapova who

only dropped three games in her

opening match. Plenty are supplied

in the stands for the Californian

born Karsten ball. I tried to put

together some pieces of my game and

a stick to them. They are working

pretty well. He has a second-round

match with Djokovic. Andy Murray

also went through.

The second Twenty20 match was abandoned.

abandoned. The ground found unfit.

We have specialist Twenty20 players,

but unfortunately the ground is not

fit enough. Full credit need to go

to the umpire. They tried

everything to get us out there.

Both teams wanted to play, but for

the safety of the players, they

made the right decision. 25,000

fans were turned away. The first

match was also a washout.

Bad weather has caused havoc in a

cycling race in Denmark. One rider

ran into a tanker. Fortunately he

was OK. The Last man Standing was

from ten Colombia.

Tomorrow on Ten News, we will make

the Sydney housewife who was on

track to win one of Australia's

biggest greyhound race. I spent my

times with the dogs, I love it. She

has been training greyhounds for

lesser men two years. We will also

meet the future Winter Olympian

equally it at home with a small

board or a guitar. -- snowboard.

Some problems around the Macquarie

Park area?

And the traffic making very slow

progress along the M two. The

traffic struggling all the way

through North Ryde, the Quarry Park

and heading into West Pymble. --

Macquarie Park. A smash towards the

St Ives area is the cause.

Stay with us, national reading day

and as the weather is next.

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That the population at of one

almost destructive Farooq pen has

exploded. Rabbit populations are

creating havoc. We're looking at a

problem that is getting worse. Is

it that -- affecting areas that

have previously not seen the

problem. Find out where they are

breeding tomorrow.

The rule is do not work with

children or animals. But today,

team is working with children

dressed as animals.

It is literacy and numeracy week.

Today is National breeding bad. --

day. They have been arm and a AS

story sharing safari. You have

lions, Tigers, Rangers, absolutely

every buyer. As well as the

ambassador for literacy wake. Come

to the front. How are you?

Very well. Good to see it. Reading

is the most important skill. You

need those lovely words, to be able

to write, to create and to produce

the best in yourself. If you cannot

read or write there is nothing else

you can do. That has to come first.

You cannot learn anything else

unless you can read and write. You

became a best selling author simply

by writing some short stories and a

reading them to your son. Name they

read in 26 countries around the

world. It is fantastic. I'm still

loving it. Some of the stories are

the kids have told me, how your

work had sparked their imagination.

My good friend back there, she was

telling me how she loves reading

because she can just imagine and

see the characters in her mind. She

is creating the moving. Do we love

of Jon Flanagan's work? Yes. The

weather is coming up. But first let

us thank the mums and dads. You

thought I was under a bit of

pressure, but really that how the

trouble. -- that ERM the trouble.

National reading week today. What

do we have the weather-wise? The

colder stayed for three weeks. A

sea breeze popping up on the coast

around 1030 this morning. Tomorrow

will be a warmer day - 23-24

degrees. Light rain in the

afternoon. Five to ten millimetres

Beechworth. That will continue

through Thursday night and into

Friday around lunchtime. It will

clear for a bit of all and sunny weekend.

Eight trough pushing through the is

triggering some inland and rain.

The rain format - spreading raced

over Queensland, NSW and the South Seas.

You have been magnificent. Wave goodbye.

They go crazy on cue. That is Ten

News. Thanks for your company. We

will have updates throughout the

evening. Goodnight.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.