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(generated from captions) Tonight - granted bail A suspected white supremacist

move to exploit Sydney's race riots. as Neo-Nazi groups in a collision with a government bus. A Sydney woman killed into the ocean off the United States. A seaplane's fiery crash And Rolf Harris

of the Queen. unveils his controversial impression

This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Chris Bath.

Good evening. arrested twice in two days A Sydney man racist violence on suspicion of planning has been freed on bail.

Penrith Court was told and links to supremacist groups, of weapons seized some of the evidence inflammatory. but the magistrate called was initially arrested on Sunday 25-year-old Andrew Sanders in a car with four other men. a 25-litre drum of petrol, a gas mask Police say they found a pistol, to white supremacist web sites. and literature linked were found at his house yesterday. They allege more weapons and articles on a controversial web site. This is Sanders with his girlfriend it's for caving enthusiasts, His lawyer says a front for white pride. but police call it but police call it

questioned the four others When police who were with Sanders on Sunday,

one of them described conversations in the car, that had supposedly taken place "Let's go bash Lebs." including the comment, But the defence says that Sanders was the one who said it. there's no evidence Magistrate Ian McRae agreed. He said the case against Sanders

and political scrutiny, adding, is under intense media "The facts are inflammatory evidence to support it." "and there doesn't seem to be on a $1,000 bond. Sanders was released Maybe he's a bit stupid, unusual recreational activities, maybe he participates in some position where he's locked up? but should that put him in a Not so lucky, Mitchell Newby. was today revoked. Today his bail on riot charges The Premier says bail decisions, he's closely monitoring to reflect community standards. telling magistrates

be watching it closely We'll certainly over the next couple of months then we will. and if we have to finetune it,

being posted on extremist web sites, Video of the Cronulla riot is

as a recruiting tool. hate groups are using it leading to fears

Experts believe linked to the sites Neo-Nazi and terrorist organisations are searching for new members. with white supremacist propaganda. They're web sites filled

Among the forums of the Cronulla riots. is a link to these images

# Hail victory # of December 11. The video glorifies the violence for ultra right-wing groups the riot could be a recruitment tool Experts say

and the Australia First Party. like the Patriotic Youth League Both stand to profit, I think, from it and are trying to. A new poll has found support multiculturalism. a vast majority of Australians But almost as many say the way the country is, One thing is saying the way they want it to be. the other is saying

and harmonious society We're an inclusive progressing in that direction. and we're more or less has his own anti-Nazi web site Mat Henderson-Hau is the group Australia First. and one of his targets

last week's reconciliation The party has questioned and Lebanese youth. between Cronulla board riders

that the apology wasn't genuine. The party's web site says Australia First says into signing the peace accord both sides were hoodwinked by agents from ASIO. will believe that. Not even Cronulla's kids together, happily. We should all just live in the beach REPORTER: You reckon? Except I get all the waves. The State Government to the family of a Sydney woman has offered condolences with a State Transit bus. killed in a crash into how the impact Three investigations are under way up a hill and through a bus shelter. pushed the woman's car It happened around 6am. travelling along Botany Road The State Transit bus at the corner of McEvoy Street. ploughed into the car uphill, for about 50m. The Camry was pushed sideways, then demolished the bus shelter. Both vehicles driving the car was killed. The 33-year-old Erskineville woman from the wreckage. Rescue crews also pulled her dog suffering minor injuries. The bus driver was taken to hospital There were no passengers on board. of the young woman that was killed, Our hearts go out to the family who's in severe shock. also to the bus driver the car had run a red light. Initially, it was thought police launched an investigation. But after speaking with witnesses, by crime-scene police The scene is being examined of witnesses and the bus driver. and we're interviewing a number will be referred to the coroner. The matter to test for mechanical faults. The bus was taken to the RTA didn't record the crash. Police say red light cameras in Sydney in as many months This is the second bus accident were injured at Mosman. after 11 people on ageing government buses. There are now calls for safety checks The buses are simply too old. I think, when it comes to safety, with buses, ferries and trains. with buses, ferries and trains. there are clearly problems

A former Sydney schoolteacher with a student sacked for an improper relationship his compensation payout. is set to lose was teaching at Baulkham Hills High Jeff Sinclair

with then 15-year-old Nicki Schakle. when he began a relationship

he got $28,000 stress compensation. After being sacked two years ago, won its appeal against the payout. Today, the Education Department strong stand that it took It vindicates the department's and it also has enhanced to protect children in schools. our capacity Mr Sinclair says until Ms Shackle was 16. the relationship didn't become sexual They've since broken up. Extraordinary home video the fiery crash of a seaplane has captured in the United States. 20 people were killed when the aircraft burst into flames and plunged into the ocean off Miami Beach. A tourist videotaped the seaplane as it took off. Just seconds later another recorded what happened next.

Witnesses saw an engine catch fire, an explosion and then a wing falling off. I looked up, and the plane was coming down in a ball of fire, smoke coming after it. Wing came off, exploded. One body has already been pulled out.

The Coast Guard, along with beachgoers and surfers, rushed to the sunken plane hoping to find survivors. Instead, all they recovered were bodies, including three babies.

The twin-engine seaplane, like this one, was operated by Chalks which claims to be the oldest airline in the world Like the company, the aircraft are also vintage-built more than 50 years ago. Chalks has been operating since 1919 and this is our only crash involving passengers. Flight 101 had been bound for the Caribbean island of Bimini

in the Bahamas. For many on board it was a Christmas shopping trip that cost them their lives. An Australian sailor rescued after 11 days adrift at sea has made contact with friends and family. 49-year-old Mark Smith and a mate from New Zealand were sailing form Hong Kong when they sank in wild seas on 6 December.

Smith says they licked rainwater off their lifeboat to survive before being rescued off Vietnam. He's definitely a survivor. I mean, he's got his children to think about and his family would have driven him, no doubt. He is expected to return home to Tasmania in time to spend Christmas with his family. After deferring a vote on the abortion pill until next year, the Federal Government is gearing up for another major ethical debate. A report has recommended human cloning be allowed for medical research,

a call that's already dividing MPs. It's a debate combining an explosive mix of science, religion and ethics. Now an independent committee says it's time for Australia's ban on human cloning for medical research to be lifted.

It's holding back, in this country, an area that we were very advanced in. Currently, scientists can only use spare IVF embryos for research into stem cells, the building blocks of all human tissue.

But medical advocates, like Dr Paul Brock, who has motor neurone disease, say cloning embryos to produce stem cells has the potential to alleviate all kinds of human suffering. It would make an enormous lifting of hope and provide a very powerful research tool for trying to understand the causes. The committee's recommendation to legislate the cloning of human embryos for scientific research

is likely to trigger a conscience vote when parliament resumes early next year. And already, lines are being drawn. I would be against creating embryos for the purpose of destroying them in medical research. Cloning is cloning is cloning and at the end of the day, it's the destruction of a human life. The government says it will consider the report's 54 recommendations in the coming months. The NRMA's Internet-based smash-repair scheme has suffered a new blow,

with a parliamentary committee declaring it unsafe.

A report's found the system could be returning cars to our roads without proper repairs. The NRMA says it can't help but help taking the hassle out of smash-repair claims. TV COMMERCIAL: At the NRMA Car and Repair service, we even take care of the little details. But it's the big details being missed according to motor vehicle repairers. They say the web-based smash repair system is putting cost-cutting first and quality second. The chassis rail is still damaged in this area and has not been repaired. A report by the Parliament's Staysafe Committee has backed their concerns. Questioning how repairers can quote for jobs based entirely on photographs and written comments by NRMA assessors and then be penalised if more damage is uncovered later.

A system that will inevitably, at the end of the day, produce shoddy repairs and produce repairs that put unsafe cars on the road. The insurer has also been forced to defend the ability of its damage assessors. An average 15 years experience and are amongst the best in the industry. The NRMA stands by its new system. It says there is no evidence of dodgy repairs and drivers are more than satisfied. But it may be forced to think again. Staysafe wants government legislation preventing the insurer steering clients to preferred repairers. It seems Sydney people are opening their hearts as well as their wallets

this festive season. While retailers are worried about sluggish Christmas sales, charities are reporting a big jump in donations.

In 2005, Sydneysiders dug deep - For the Conn children from Coonamble, orphaned after their home burnt to the ground. Overseas - to victims of the Pakistani earthquake and, of course, the tsunami, Australians donated $375 million. Amazingly they still have something left to give at Christmas. People have been called on to give more than ever before, with some of the international disasters, but we're happy to report that things are looking good. The Salvos say toys and food donations have slowed,

people now prefer to give cash. 10% more than last year. But there are still box-loads of goodies. Today, Margaret got to be Santa. On my behalf, I would say thank you to the people who donate the toys to the Salvos, for helping them out and that. Everybody should get behind them. Reverend Bill Crews is preparing to feed 3,000 on Christmas Day.

And there's no loaves and fishes, just the generosity of locals. I think we're re-learning the parable of the good Samaritan. That that's the only way we're going to survive in this world. The charities don't give everything away this week - they keep enough food, toys and clothes to get them through to March because donations do slow down in the next few months. So they're asking people to keep up the generosity into 2006. Still ahead - to soccer's World Cup. The rush for tickets panned by the critics. Also, Rolf's portrait of the Queen ready to rumble. And Taronga's new twins this Christmas at Kmart. You'll be wrapped So hurry into Kmart.

that one, say, relative because you always get to actually give them a gift card it's a good thing what they want at a later date. and then they can select Petrol generator, $98. Barbecue tool set, only $14.98. (Laughs) SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # has a new tourist attraction. Sydney Olympic Park An 18m high aerial walkway brick pit into a viewing platform. has transformed the historic The ground below green and golden bell frog. is home to the endangered The population of these little critters is stable at around 1,500 frogs once they get into their new home and I'm sure there will be an explosion. The ecological site today. was officially opened to the public to fans Soccer bosses are already apologising the most hotly contested tickets who'll miss out on in Australian sporting history. to see if they've secured a seat Thousands face an anxious wait at next year's World Cup. to watch the Socceroos play and you had to be lucky. You had to be quick

clicked over to 9am, As the clock on the FFA web site from all over the country. ticket applications were emailed

It was quick-draw computer style. It was crazy. kind of 10 or 15 minutes, I mean, the first, you know, we got smashed. but you would have wasted your time. You could have faxed it or posted it, applications by 5.00 this afternoon. They'd received 22,000 on-line applications by 5.00 this afternoon.

Okay, good luck. on each form, With multiple tickets requested in the first few minutes - realistically, if you weren't in you had no chance. 8% of stadium capacity - Australia was only allocated for each match. that's only about 2,500 tickets we have control over, It's not something but it certainly doesn't stop you a very high level of sympathy from having

for those who have missed out. There will be more limited chances, returned to FIFA. including a release of tickets of this sort of thing. Still a slim hope of another taste to give up hope. Wouldn't want people We're working very hard with FIFA. has already begun The processing of applications find out if you've hit the jackpot - and you won't have to wait long to successful applicants on Friday. the FFA will begin contacting the FFA will begin contacting

for a Christmas present! What about that Australian artist Rolf Harris

An Indian passenger jet has mide a

fiery landing at Los Angeles

airport. It uch td down safely in a

shower of sparks. None of the 200

70 people on board was injured. Australian artist Rolf Harris his official portrait of the Queen has unveiled next year. to celebrate her 80th birthday which she describes as "friendly", Her Majesty likes the painting, but art critics haven't been so kind. I can hardly believe it, but up there in the Palace is expecting me. the Queen of England the ex-pat Australian artist Rolf Harris, than portraits. better known for his caricatures to air on New Year's Day reveals, And as this television special the biggest challenge of his career. painting the Queen was I'd be much more nervous than this. I thought and very excited. I'm a little apprehensive For two hours, the Queen sat For two hours, the Queen sat of Buckingham Palace. in the Yellow Drawing Room for more than 130 portraits She's posed appeared quite relaxed. and, dressed in turquoise, with the smell of turpentine, You are okay I hope. (laughs) Well, we'll tell, won't we, soon. I would have thought it was alright. Rolf has revealed his finished work. Two months later, He admits a Norwich pork butcher, at one stage the Queen looked like with the finished product. but he's pleased in the right place I think I've got all the features with the hands and I'm particularly happy looks terribly relaxed and at ease. and the pose she looks "friendly". The Queen thinks

describe her as blurred But some critics "unflattering heavy features". and having You know, the face lets it down. He nearly pulled it off. the teeth stick out - The mouth is too big, it looks like a bit of a caricature.

in London next week. The portrait goes on display Taronga Zoo's nursery has a new set of twins.

These cute and cuddly fur-balls are baby snow leopards. The male and female cubs were born in October, the end result of a two-year breeding program. The cheeky pair was happy to rumble for the cameras,

but Mum soon put a stop to the games by giving one of the twins a bath.

The cubs are on public display from today.

I have to say it, they're very,

very cute, aren't they? I don't

know about that kind of bath though.

Why? A little aggressive but it

works. Whats rr happening in sport? Phil Jacques has been selected for the Boxing Day Test, but at the WACA it's Shane Warne and the Aussie bowlers doing all the hard work. COMMENTATOR: Warne the magician has done it again! And the Sydney-Hobart skippers get their eyes on the prize.

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yeah, we'll do it. # # At Retravision, yea , we'll do it. #

MAN: That's fantastic! at Repco, honey? Have you seen what they've got pressure washer, This EKO 1450 PSI just $69.99. Nikko remote control cars - Porsche or Subaru - only $199. Don't you miss out this Christmas. this Christmas at Kmart You'll be wrapped Blues batsman Phil Jacques

the ultimate early Christmas present. has received will be under the tree A baggy green cap in the Australian squad after he was named for the Boxing Day Test. the injured Justin Langer, Jacques replaces has been recalled while leg spinner Stuart MacGill and could partner Shane Warne in a spin-twin attack. Warne has been at his best today try to wrap up the first Test. as the Aussies sleepless night for South Africa. Shane Warne ensured another PLAYER: Catch! COMMENTATOR: Yeah! Got him! late on day four. De Villiers was first to depart sent skipper Graeme Smith on his way Then Nathan Bracken in-your-face approach before Australia's really got up Herschelle Gibbs' nose. Got to tell you, that's different. when bad light ended the party Ricky Ponting was unhappy the Aussies up for the final day. but all it did was fire "V" for victory says Shane Warne. And Warne didn't have to wait long. In the air, and that's it. Caught at first slip. Warne caught Herschelle Gibbs for Brett Lee, then grabbed one for himself.

Warne the magician has done it again. But Warnie didn't have it all his own way. And Kemp has picked up four from it. Kemp and Rudolph leading the resistance. That's well played. Nicely angled, that's four, and he's a good player.

Jacques Rudolph with a fighting 50 for South Africa to keep the Aussies at bay as Warne tried desperately to get the vital breakthrough. Umpire Billy Doctro said No. South Africa continued to frustrate their hosts. Oh, what a good shot that is. Opener Justin Langer missed the back end of this battle, and his hamstring injury has opened the door

for Phil Jaques to debut in the Boxing Day Test. He just continues to score runs so he has virtually demanded selection. At tea, the South Africans are 4/190. They simply need to hold on till stumps to force the draw.

There's just six days to go until the 61st Rolex Sydney-Hobart gets under way with a fleet of 85 boats making the journey south. The main contenders for line honours gathered in Sydney's CBD today

as final preparations continue for the 628-mile race. Alfa Romeo is one of the super maxis tipped to win the bluewater classic,

skipper Neville Crichton says his strategy is simple. We turn right at the heads and go like hell. LAUGHTER Coverage of the race here on Seven from 1.00pm on Boxing Day. The Socceroos are on the march, moving up in the end of year FIFA world rankings. Qualification for next year's World Cup has seen Australia move up to 48 out of the 205 countries included in the rankings, that's a rise of 10 spots since this time last year. Meanwhile, Brazilian Ronaldhino has been named World Footballer of the Year for the second year in a row. The Barcelona striker beat team-mate Samuel Eto and Chelsea's Frank Lampard to the award, voted for by national coaches and captains around the world. Former World No.1 Martina Hingis will make her long-awaited return to competitive tennis on the Gold Coast next year. The five-time grand slam singles champion is a a wild-card entry into a field that includes Maria Sharapova and Patty Schnyder at the Australian Women's Hardcourt Championships. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she looks like, seeing how she's hitting the ball and seeing how the year progresses for her. And you'll be able to catch Martina in action when Seven's summer of tennis begins in January.

It's all about the road to the

Australian Open, Bathy, which is

Jan 16. Yfrpblgts bet you can't

wait for that. Lock it in. I'll have Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. And the share market continued to make ground. Multiplex shares recovered slightly after plunging by more than 8% in yesterday's session.

For me, Christmas just isn't Christmas without the special things. ..fantastic cherries... ..and my favourite, the prawns. Coles has everything I want in the one place. (All squeal) ..for the special things. MAN: Coles - helping make Christmas special. Pre-nups used to be reserved for Hollywood's A-list, but should we all have them? The pros and cons tomorrow. Plus, food dangers for Christmas. Sunrise from 6.00. It was another fine and sunny day across Sydney today. Thanks goes out to a sea breeze that helped take some of the heat out of the sun. Around the country tomorrow - Warm and sunny tomorrow. Looking ahead, fine conditions should continue for the rest of the week. Hot and 37 on Christmas Eve and a little overcast, but it should be dry on Christmas Day. And that's Seven News to now.

I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight - drivers beware.

The High Court decision that's stunned road-safety experts.

They know they're going to get

damages if they push the matter to

court. It may change the way you drive. That story shortly. Also, get rich. The guide to doubling your wealth, and it's not as hard as people may think. Plus, incurable romantics.

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