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Live. The Defence Minister at

war with his top brass over

that sex scandal. Being held to account,

Egypt's former president to be

quizzed about corruption as

the past, protests rage on. Digging up

the Gallipoli

battlefields. This is really,

really encouraging work. It's

very exciting work. And Tiger

Woods making his charge at the


Good morning, it's Monday, 11 April, I'm Michael Rowland. And

Rowland. And I'm Beverly O'Connor. Defence chiefs will meet in

Canberra today to decide what

action to take against the head

of the defence force Academy

the 'Australian' is reporting ofr the recent sex scandal. The

there is a stand off between

the Minister and his top

officials over just what action

to take. The woman who was

filmed having sex with another

cadet says she was forced to

take leave because he she was being harassed. Andrew Greene

joins frus Canberra. Andrew, as

we can see there's division

about the head of the Defence

Force Academy and particularly gone out of his way not to Stephen

endorse him and not to back

him? It was a fairly

extraordinary display last week

by the Defence Minister. He

really publicly hung commandant

Bruce Kafer out to dry. It was

an unusual set of circumstances

that we saw. It's not often you

see a top brass in the military

hung out to dry in the way

Bruce Kafer was. The Defence

Minister is clearly angry and disappointed with his department and the way it has

handled this

did hear reports of the way the

girl was treated within the

ADFA academy when these

allegations were first raised

by her. So you're now seeing a by her. So you're now

lot of friction between the

Minister and senior people in

the military. A lot of people

are jp very upset with the way

the Defence Minister has

the Defence Association, for reacted to this scandal. We saw

instance, very upset at the way

the Minister has handled it.

But like you have mentioned, there is now another scheduled for today, we understand, and the Defence

brass are under a lot of

pressure to take some action

Australian Defence Force against this commandant at the

Academy. What we are seeing is

the fact that this woman did

come out it seems to

come out it seems to have

emboldened a number of other

people whose cases never became

public. They were hushed up and

there are a litany of them

coming out saying similar

things happen, men, women and that culture prevails. Stephen

Smith has hinted he might have

of activities that have never a full inquiry into

made the light of day? You're

quite correct. There are every

day a number of new cases emerging and even in today's

newspapers we read some more harrowing accounts of people who have spent time at the

Australian Defence Force Academy here in Canberra and

they claim they had their

claims of bastardisation and

abuse covered up as well. So the Opposition has already signalled

signalled that it believes

questions need to be asked at

the Senate estimates process

and you will probably expect to

see the head of the Defence

Force, Angus Huston, and

possibly people below him

including the ADFA commandant

Bruce Kafer to Bruce Kafer to appear before

the Senate to answer ques.

You've also got the prospect

that the Minister may decide to

call an independent judicial

inquiry. That's something that

did happen with the HMAS 'Success' scandal you 'Success' scandal you will

probably recall. A judge was

appointed int l to look into the allegations of sexual misconduct in the Royal

Australian Navy. So that is an option that the Minister,

Stephen Smith, does have up his

sleeve as well. We saw wit the

carbon tax, we're starting to

see wit the carbon tax, we saw

wit the mining tax but the wit the mining tax but

poker machine clubs and hotels

they're gearing up for a

against the Government too? multimillion dollar campaign

That's right. This multimillion

dollar campaign in the order of $20 million we understand will

begin hitting our screens

today. The clubs and pubs are

fighting this proposal that's

come forward from the Independent Tasmanian much people can put on Wilkie to place limits on how

much people can put on the

pokies and to rein in the problem gamblers., talking

about precommitment technology

and that sort of thing.

pubs and clubs are

understandably very upset about

this, they potentially could

lose a lot of rev Lu but the

this could Opposition is also believing

this could be as bad as the

mining tax for Labor. They

believe that there is going to

be a severe backlash and we

will see the beginning of that

backlash hitting our

advertising in the coming days. Andrew Greene in In other news an Egyptian Canberra,

prosecutor has summoned the

former president and his 2 sons

to answer jaling gaition of

corruption. Hosni Mubarak has corruption.

broken his silence to deny the

allegations and says he will

fight the charges. He deny he's

hidden assets abroad. Egypt's

former prime minister has

already been detained and at

least one person has died and

dozens injured when soldiers

tried to disperse a protest

demanding Mr

for corruption. The dell

graition from the African union

has arrived in Libya to try to negotiate a ceasefire. The team

has touched down in Tripoli for

talks with Colonel Gaddafi.

rebels in Benghazi. Fierce They also plan to meet the

fighting is continuing on the ground but neither side has made any significant advances. French troops are evacuates

residents in some areas of Abidjan as fierce fighting

continues there. United Nations

and French helicopters have

fired more rockets on the

is still refusing to relinquish residence of Laurent Gbagbo

power. It follows an attack by

Mr Gbagbo's forces on the UN's headquarters in the city. A

group of clubs and hotels is

launching a $20 million tide Advertising campaign today to

try to scuttle the Federal

Government's pokies reforms. Andrew Wilkie has been

championing the changes that

would cap the amount of money

players want to lose. Nick

Xenephon has attacked the clubs accusing them or being greedy and self-interested. Andrew

Wilkie is of course an Independent MP. The man who threw his 4-year-old daughter

af Melbourne's

will spend the rest of his life

in jail. A jury found Arthur Freeman guilty of murder last month after 5 days of

deliberations. Freeman had argued he argued he was mentally disturbed at the time offal

killing. His lawyers arguing

for a minimum sentence. The

flood victims of Queensland are hoping it's going to provide

answers but it is also possible

that it will dredge up more questions. Queensland's much anticipated commission of

inquiry into the State's

devastating floods is poised to

begin. Hundreds of individuals submissions including the

weather bureau which has hit

back at claims it failed to

properly warn Toowoomba and

Lockyer Valley resident of impending disaster. The Premier

described it as the summer of

sorrow, 35 people died, 3 are still missing and thousands of homes were damaged as flood waters inun dated three quarter of the State. Tomorrow Queensland's flood commission inquiry begins in Brisbane to examine what went wrong. Hopefully we hope some inquiry as we do out of any inquiry and I think the concern is whether in u. These things are only of any use if there are some good suggestions suggestions for the future come out of it and I hope it doesn't become a blame shifting exercise zblsm the Bureau of Meteorology has already been the target of some blame. Amateur storm chaser said they'd written online about the impending deluge in the Lockyer Valley. But the in the submission submission the bureau said issued a flood waurning for Lockyer and predicted heavy

rain in the district and Toowoomba more Toowoomba more than 3 hours before what was described as an inland tsunami hit. The inquiry will also investigate water releases from Wivenhoe Dam. One does wonder whether if they'd let more water out of Wivenhoe Dam before the wet season they would have been able to store more during the flood and therefore there wouldn't have been quite so much damage done down here. Brisbane's public hearing runs until Friday. The

commission then moves to

Toowoomba next week and on to Dalby, St George, Goondiwindi, Ipswich, Rockhampton and Emerald. Hearings are also

scheduled for Wide Bay. I'll be

interested in the way the State

Government responded to the

emergency. I hope that there will will be some genuine recommendations come from the

flood inquiry. If there's not

it's a waste of time. The commission's interim report is

due in August so early recommendations can be recommendations can be

implement ed before next

summer's wet season. In Libya

there's been heavy there's been heavy fighting around the town of Ajdabiyah.

There are reports of at least a

dozen deaths and NATO says it's destroyed more than belonging to Colonel armies. Rebels claim some of Gaddafi's forces are moving

through the town drezed in

civilian clothing carrying out raids. This raids. This is Ajdabiyah, the

former rebel stronghold which

looks far less secure now. From

early morning the rebels

battled to reassert their control. They cheered outgoing rocket. Near the frontline we

frontline we met Habib, a British Lybian risking his life

to see tend of Colonel

Gaddafi. We need this man to

move away from our country. 42

years we had enough from this

guy. I live in England now for

33 years. I come in here to try

to help these people. The

fighters have lost ground

rapidly. Anymore and their de facto facto capital, Benghazi, could

be vulnerable. Well the rebels are rearming now, gathering

more weapons for the front line

but it's getting more and more difficult

difficult for them to recognise their their enemy. Colonel Gaddafi's men are driving around in

civilian cars and in civilian

clothing. For the rebels and

for NATO that's making this

conflict a lot harder. Battle weary, they rest by weary, they rest by the

roadside. By afternoon the guns were falling silent. Colonel

Gaddafi's forces seemed to have

pulled back, for now. take a look at the front pages

of today's major newspapers and the 'Sydney Morning Herald' say

as$2 billion hit to personal income tax collections is

helping push this year's budget

deeper into the red. The

'Canberra Times' reports the 'Canberra Times' reports the Federal Government has

discovered revenues are already

$4.5 billion down on estimates made just months ago. The 'Financial Review' say reports

the resources industry has

embarked on a new push for special exceptions from a carbon tax. The electrified

natural gas industry has

launched its own campaign to be carved

carved out of the Government's

carbon tax regime. The 'Age' says Metro has ordered a risk

assessment of the armed security guards at train

stations. Queensland faces a

cost blow out to move Year 7 into high school into high school with the proposed cost of $350 million

for the Catholic and

Independent sectors alone. The 'Herald Sun' says there's a

drugs ep dem nick Melbourne

with 9,000 overdoses a year

putting enormous strain on emergency services. The 'Daily

Telegraph' says official

documents show senior serving military officers have been

implicated in crimes covered up by

going to be exported to the

Middle East as fine

under a $20 million plan for a

dedicated abattoir near Port

Pirie. The 'West Australian'

says the WA Police Union as

raised the prospect of an industrial dispute during the

Commonwealth heads of government meeting in October. The 'Northern

Territory News' says a Territory News' says a Darwin

taxi driver has been offering schoolgirls free rides in

exchange for sex. The 'Mercury'

says the trouble plagued

Bridgewater Bridge has failed

for a second time in a week after a failed. I'm not sure whether the Middle East countries are

going to be that interested in

eating camels. I would have thought they would have been

very important to their culture. The export trade is

quite big and full credit to

the South Australians if they the South Australians if they

can develop a revenue source

for them. It might get the industry over the hump down

there. Get it out early. The other

other issue I think is going to

be attracting a fair bit of

conversation this week is to campaign to will baunched today

by the clubs and hotels who very concerned at the pokie reforms being put forward by

Andrew Wilkie the Independent

MP who has insisted the Gillard

Government implement them or he

will withdraw his support. I think it has exposed how vulnerable the Gillard Government is. You've seen wit

the mining tax, the success of that,

that, they are under pressure,

so again they are gearing up $20 million they're going to be spending. And nobody quibbles with the fact that something has to be done about problem

gambling, be it with pokies,

the horses, whatever, but the

clubs and hotels are insisting that especially in areas RSL clubs, leagues clubs

are the life blood of many

small communities and poker

machine revenue for good or bad

makes up a lot of money these clubs earn and the clubs

hotels are very strongly

arguing you take away the

pokies rev new you takes away the revenue for the clubs and

lots of jobs and the economic opportunities these opportunities these clubs

provide. Especially if you're

in a regional or rural part of Australia we'd like to get your

view on that and also the wider

prospect of a crackdown on

pokies and problem gambling generally. You conversation on breakfast this morning. You can send emails


Let's take a quick look at the weather around the country:

The top stories - Defence chiefs will meet again in

Canberra today to try to work

out just what to do about the head of the Defence Force Academy over his Academy over his handling of the the skex scandal. Stephen Smith

wants him to be held to account

but others in his Department

seem reluctant to act. Egypt's

chief prosecutor has summoned

Hosni Mubarak and his two sons

about corruption claims.

Mubarak is denying the

allegations. He says he has

done nothing wrong and not and hotels are launching their $20 million advertising

campaign today against campaign today against the

planned pokie reforms. The

changes which have been pushed

by Andrew Wilkie be will allow players to cap the amount of

money they're prepared to lose

on the pokies. Well we use them

for lots of things these days

but could a mobile phone one

day replace sitting on a

therapist's couch? That's the question being asked now.

Interactive smart phone technology

technology is here to technology is here to stay. (Phone rings) Mobile phones

are everywhere, and now the

so-called smart phones are

being touted as the latest

weapon in treating mental

health. They can input information about how they're

feeling, so it's sort of like a

therapist's helper really, that the

the person carries

around. Using mobile phone applications patients can track

their mood and get real-time

feedback if they're feeling

low. It's really inexpensive,

it carries no stigma and it's available of daily life. Researchers in the United States are using

smart phones to track patients' moods depending on where they are. We're harnessing the sensor data on the fons, GPS,

wi-fi defection, blew tooth and wi-fi defection, blew tooth and

so on. There are 35, 40 sensors on a phone today and we're

harnessing that on a continuing

basis and using data mining programs to be able to

interpret patient

states. Scientist s at Black Dog own trial to treat

depression. It's a tool to help people manage stress, worry and

low mood. After the early

success of the technology in

the United States Australian researchers are hoping for

similar results. They're now

recruiting 2,000 volunteers to

trial the application. Now the

British Government says it's

committed to trying to recoupe

more than $2 billion it paid

out to cover British savers who

lost money in collapsed ice

landic banks. That's despite people in Iceland voting to

reject a deal UK. The chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander says

he's disappointed it's he's disappointed it's been rejected. Iceland's economic future, like the weather there,

seems that be greyer today. The

no vote means the Treasury here

is no closer to getting its

money back 2.5 years after

bailing out British savers in

Icelandic banks. This was the

second such referendum, the

first of which was rejected by

93%. Yesterday's ballot though

left Icelanders very unclear about what to people are determined and they

went to a polling station.

Probably a lot of people stood

for a long time holding the ballots.

TRANSLATION: I voted no because I feel that's the only thing

that can save us. The alternatives ruin us more. That

means that Britain is still out

of pocket and will pursue the

matter through the

courts. There's a legal process

going oond we all carry on through those processes to make

sure we do get back the money the British Government laid out

in past years. The consequences

could be harsh for suffer a downgrade in its

credit rating, its access to international capital will be

diminished, its isolation will

become deeper. We are likely to see Icelandic companies leaving

for locations abroad. With

officials here at the Treasury

watching every single penny in

order to get the deficit down,

?2.4 billion from Iceland will

be more than welcome. But does Britain want the money quickly

enough and badly enough to

financially cripple a fellow European country and one whose

voters unlike here have

democratically said they will not pay for their banks. A new archaeological survey is giving fresh insights into the Anzac

legend.. The project is one of

the most significant battlefield survey done and

it's uncovered old trenches it's uncovered old trenches and

tunnels and scores of artefacts. The Minister for

Veterans Affairs says this

archaeological survey is about

helping them piece together

just what happened at of the most significant exercises in battlefield

archaeology ever attempted and

I reflected on the fact that

once I read the report the

thing that struck me was

there had been no such survey

done since 1919 and even done since 1919 and even then the 1919 work done the 1919 work done by the historian Bean, was historian Bean, was largely historical and not

archaeological. I think this is

really, really encouraging work. work. It's very exciting work and for those of us with any

sort of historical bent will understand its implications once you've heard about the report. That's the veteran report. That's the veteran s affairs Minister

affairs Minister Warren snow

snowdon. And tresh yirs an artefacts to be dug up. It's

amazing how much pull the whole

Gallipoli thing, has all these

decades later. Frts it's

extraordinary and it isn't the Event we should celebrate in

the way it was such a is why, that extraordinary loss

of life as a country came of life as a country came of

age. Now let's take a look at

the sports headlines and Paul the sports headlines and Paul

Kennedy, Tigers on the prowl at

the US Masters. He's the US Masters. He's god his

red shirt on and it might be a

cape at the moment. Let's look

at Tiger Woods, of course, it's

the final round of the US

Masters and Tiger Woods hasn't

won a major for some 3 years

now and hasn't won since he was

last in Australia. He might do

it on the biggest stage there

at Augusta. Let's take a look firstly at firstly at an eagle putt and

have a look at the reaction. This is when Tiger was

announcing himself as a real big challenger on this last day of competition.

COMMENTATOR: 10-under par. One behind McIlroy. And funnelly

enough he still some hour later still one behind Rory McIlroy.

But Woods went from that

shooting and eeg toll a drive

that found its way mind a tree and in is and in is an example of how in

the zone he is today. He the zone he is today. He was

able to save his par there with

another long putt in the next

hole. Rory McIlroy started the

day 4 in front of everyone, he's had some nerves in the

first few holes. He's missed

some putts. He's at 11 under. Woods there are a host of players behind there. Jason Day, the

Australian that's looked the

best hope, isn't within - is

wnt a couple of shots. He's

playing just in front of Woods

on the field. There's Adam

Scot, the Australian 9 under.

So Adam Scott is Australia's

biggest hope at the moment.

That was Angel Cabrera was at 9

hurned and so there's another hurned and so there's another few you up to date as the you up to date as the morning

progresses but Tiger Woods is the spectator's favourite there. To the Formula One,

let's have a look back at what

happened at the Malaysian grand prix and it was more of the

same with Sebastian Vettel

taking out that race. Mark

Webber the Australian finished

4th on this occasion. Lewis

Hamilton had some issues to

deal with during the race and

that one had him out of the

that one had him out of the top

couple of placings, but Sebastian Vettel just

congratulating his team back in

the pit there's and there some commentary about Mark Webber and hue wis Hamilton,

maybe Hamilton might take Webber's spot

Webber's spot and there's been

some sledging as well. To the

cycling, we were hoping

Australian might figure in the

finish of the Paris

finish of the Paris Roubbet.

The one-day classic. The favourite was Fabian

Cancellara, Thiess always the

favourite in these classics,

such a strong rider and

multitalent ed, there were no

Australians really to speak of

in the final after a few bingeles there, it was Jo Han van Summeron from Belgian who

finished there, they finished

on that old style

on that old style velodrome and

there he is as he celebrates crossing

crossing the line. Cancellara

finished second. To the netball

and let's look now at and let's look now at the Thunderbirds versus the Vixens. Sharelle McMahon's now not with

the Vixens so this was a big

game to see whether Tegan Caldwell could perform at attack. She did. Right at the

end they were able to steady

end they were able to steady

the Vixens and win by 2 over the Thunderbirds which have

really stead ied and had a strong second half of what

been the season so far. Kate beverage, one of beverage, one of the shooters

who is going to have to rely on

each other without Sharelle

McMahon there. She went down

with that Achilles injury.

55-53 I think was the final

score. The final AFL match of the roun

the roun was Essendon destroying St really the big story of St

Kilda's fall from grace now.

Preseason wasn't kind to them

and now they're really

struggling as well. And the

Bombers, even when the Bombers

were struggling last year they were still beating St Kilda. So

it's a match up the Bombers

like, their big red sash there

and doing quite well. We'll

keep you up to date with the reflect on what reflect on what happened at the

rugby league in the next half hour but certainly there tha

was a big result, the margin

was something I didn't really

see coming with Essendon there beating

off what has been a pretty

awful start to the year for the

Saints. Fans can only hope they

bounce back at some stage. It's

not looking good at the moment and losing Lenny haze is not

going to help them either. They

just seem fragmented and just seem fragmented and I'm

sure the offfield dramas preseason have probably

fractured a bit of the cohesion

between the team so not good. Speaking of offfield dramas Tiger Woods has managed

to put those well and truly behind

behind him and what a Sven

tourks stage a comeback. I think it seems golf observer that he's had

some major problems with his swing in the last 12 months.

He's constantly trying He's constantly trying to reinvent - He changed it up, didn't he? He's working with a

new coach and he's been trying

to change his swing and change

his putting and it all appears

to be coming back and maybe

he's re remembering what it's

like to play in front of those

big clouds. Rory McIlroy is the

young play er from Northern

Ireland who is such a celebrated young think he's the Woods of the future and at the future and at the moment he's

feeling those nerves. And he's

feeling what a lot of players have felt before him, Tiger

Woods coming up from behind and he very rarely loses he very rarely loses in that situation and people understandably crumble with

that pressure. There is a bit

of a difference, Woods has

played about 4 more holes so if

McIlroy does steady and get a

few more birdies there few more birdies there won't be much woords can do coming much woords can do that. More coming up including the ruggy. We'll have the boss of the rugby World Cup in on the couch, the former New Zealander

cricketer as well and Adam Fry

is going to talk about Super

Rugby. We will touch on the

rugby league as well. The rugby league as well. The Storm

and St George had good wins yesterday. Breakfast can be

watched lye on the web. Go to watched lye on the web. Go to

the main ABC website. You will

find a link to new #24s which

is streamed live every day.

Thnches will come as absolutely

no surprise to anybody on the

east coast but there was snow

over the weekend. There was.

How quickly that cold change

came through. Now the wintery weather swept through on a cold front over the

weekend. It brought the snow to

the Alps. We're looking at

pictures from Falls Creek in

Victoria. The system gave Adelaide its coolest day since

November and for Melbourne it

was the heaviest rainfalls in 2 months. Since 9am yesterday Hobart's recorded nearly 17 mm

of rain and this weather will

remain with us for a few more

days yet as slow-moving low

directs showers an cold winds into

into the south-east. This will last until about Wednesday or

Thursday. In Tasmania,

thunderstorms are developing

near the trofr and it's prompted warning for the north-east in a line from St

line from St Helens to Low

Head. Another frontal system,

the second one in a week is

moving into WA's south-west. We also also have a monsoonal trough

that's causing a few showers

along the tropical coast. In Queensland today scattered

showers an storms in the south-east and about the

northern tropics a top of 28 in

Brisbane and that trough is asking some of the western

areas as well with temperatures

dropping down. In NSW cool in dropping down. In NSW cool in

the south with showers falling as snow above

We'll see more rain in the north-east. Scattered showers across Victoria with cool south

to south-westerly winds and

more snow about the Alpine

peaks, a top of 17 degrees in Melbourne. For Tasmania rain

about the east and bass Strait

Islands. Eastern point has had

142 mm. For SA, a cool day with showers in the showers in the south but mostly

dry conditions in the north.

WA, scattered showers in the

south-west, a mostly fine day

over in the east. A top of 19

for Eucla. Mostly fine for the

north of WA and

still rain and storms along the

north coast of the Territory.

You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still to come queel

be speaking to the national

Senator Barnaby Joyce about today's inquiry into the Queensland floods. Lots of

anger and many Queensland communities about what possibly caused

those floods and government

reaction to them. We'll also review some review some of newspapers an

we're joined by Waleed

Aly. Defence chiefs will meet

in Canberra today to try to decide what action to take against the head of the Defence

Force Academy over the recent

sex scandal. The 'Australian'

newspaper is reporting there is

a stand off between the

Minister and his top officials

over what action to take. An Egyptian prosecutor has and his two sons to answer

allegations of crution. Hosni

Mubarak has broken his silence

going on Egyptian television to

deny allocations and says he

will fight the charges. A group of clubs and hotels is launching a $20 million

advertising campaign today to try to scuttle the Federal Government's pokies reform.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie

has been championing the

changes that would cap the amount of

amount of money players want to

lose. And Icelanders are

refusing to repay a $5 billion

bail out but the British Dutch governments say they want

mayor - their money back. The

money was paid to depositors

when one of Iceland's banks

crashed in 2008. Britain and

the Netherlands are now

planning to go to the courts to recover

recover the money. And French

troops are evacuating residents in some areas of the Ivory

Coast city of Abidjan as fierce

fighting fighting continues. United Nations and French helicopters

have fired

residence of Laurent Gbagbo who

is still refusing to relinquish

power. It follows an attack by

Mr Gbagbo's forces on the ub's headquaut

headquaut ners the city. While their ranks have diminished

their legacy certainly lives

on. Dubbed the desert rats they held off held off the might of the German

German advance. The ceremony to commemorate their sacrifice has

been held in Canberra. They took their name from an

enemy insult during the Second World War. For

World War. For their stubborn

tenacity, the German propaganda gave them the name they have worn with pride ever since -

the rats. 14,000 Australian

servicemen, British and Polish

troops dubbed the rats of

Tobruk were honoured in a service at knrasmt These men

are living treshies, the living embodiment of courage embodiment of courage and

endurance and the triumph evil in defiance of great odds.

I feel as I feel as though I'm not only one of the group. Australian

and allied forces were attacked

by Italian and German units.

Terrorising accounts of German

dive bombers were passed on to

descendants. They'd stream out of the air and

of the air and have sirens on

them purposely to scare people.

Drop their bombs and he said it's the most scared I've been

in my life. For others it was hard to forget the unforgiving desert conditions. Dust storms,

flies and you wake up and you

wouldn't be able to open your

eyes in the morning they'd be stuck with sand. The claimed 800 Australian lives

with more more wounded and

after 242 days

after 242 days the rats of Tobruk prevail ed. The Tobruk prevail ed. The defeat

marked a crucial turning point

against the Nazi forces and now

70 years late tler are calls

for greater recognition for the siege. It hasn't got the

attention that it perhaps engagements like Gallipoli and

Kokoda have had. One last

chance for Australia to

remember and honour those ranks of rats.

of rats. Cane

North Queensland are using new

technology to try to stop 4-legged thieves from stealing

their crops. They're installing

spy cameras in sugar cane

fields in a bid to catch hundreds of tweet-toothed Feens. These little pigs Feens. These little pigs aren't

off to market, they're running

amok in a Burdekin cane

paddock. We have herds of up to paddock. We have herds of up to

between 30 and 40 pigs at

time, that's from a fully grown

sow right down to the small

sucker size of pig. The animals

roam the fields day and munching on the cane and

ripping up irrigation line.

It's costing most farmers in

this region more than $100,000

a year. We've been here for 5

years now and it's been a

continuous problem. These

weapon in low-cost cameras are the latest

weapon in the fight against the

feral beasts. We've had about

30 pigs in one shot before and

the camera angles only degrees. Farmer Frank Mudgikar the camera angles only about 40

uses the cameras to choose the

best places to lay his

traps They eat about 100 mm off the bottom of the cane stick

and on certain varieties they

can chew the whole

used row. Electric fences have been

used in the past to keep the

pests at bay but intelligence

from these spy Cams is being

hailed as the best chance for

permanent control. And it's not

just the pigs causing problems

in these cane fields, farmers

say they're also waging a war

against wild dogs. The Burdekin

councillogical - council will

be holding work shops next week

to share the expertise with

other cane farmers. Now in a

world record attempt, a group of determined Australians world record attempt, a group

preparing to travel the length of determined Australians are

of the country by hand powered

rail car. The team will also

raise money for the Royal

pump Flying Doctor Service as they

pump their way from Adelaide to

Darwin. It takes real muscle,

grit and perhaps a grit and perhaps a little

madness to pump a Calma zoo

across Australia. The idea to

travel on the track of outback usually reserved for

outback usually reserved for

the Ghan was born 8 years

ago. My wife got sick of me

waking up with hang waking up with hang overs

saying we're going across

Australia and said why don't

you try to do it. The national

team of 14 which includes won

wum will have plenty of time to

become acquainted over the

2-week, 3,000 kilometre journ

fry from Adelaide, to the red

centre to the Top End. centre to the Top End. Rail

crews will safely guide the 250 kgKalamazoo up the line. It will certainly play on our

minds being in the midof no

where. Physically we'll have to take the good with the bad, the

behind us. The wind in our face and the wind

behind us. The Kalamazoo will

pump 550,000 Tyne times over

the journey. The Hard Yakka will secure them a will secure them a world record

for the fastest and first

crossing of its kind and help raise money for a good

cause. If we can get into the

six figures that would be

fantastic. It's not just the money from the project it's team will leave Adelaide on

July 24. The moral of that

story of course is don't drink

port. I like the fact that he said he made said he made the decision when

he had a hangover. I thought it was

was the sort of thing you'd

make when you were totally drunk. They're getting

fit. They are. Full credit to

them and raising money for a

great cause as well, the Royal Flying Doctor Service but gee,

you'd want to be super fit and

have strong arms. You looked at that map up

country that is one hell of a long way to go. You'd long way to go. You'd want to

make goodnight friends with

signallers to make sure a

freight train isn't coming at

you from the opposite direction. Helping the homeless

to finding refuge for victims

of abuse, the Salvation Army helps helps more than a million Australians

Australians every year. Today

the Salvation Army is launching

its Red Shield appeal for 2011.

Tony Nicols is at the Tony Nicols is at the launch and joins frus Melbourne. What's happening there so early this this morning, Tony. Good

morning. The salvation is Amy

ing to raise $78.5 million this

year. Telling us how we can get involveside Major Brant

Cassidy. Australia is the lucky

country for many families but unfortunately many families

fall through the gaps. That's

right and that's why right and that's why the

Salvation Army does what it

does. Many of the folk we live

alongside they really do

struggle very puch and we're

trying to help them. Does it frustrate you uhave Treasurer Wayne Swan here this morning launching your appeal

but whilst he's in Government

right now there are so many gaps in

gaps in social services that

you're looking to feel? No,

it's not a frustration. We see

it as a it as a good sign of support to

have government assisting us

and giving us their time and and giving us their time and ultimately their money and ult

- ultimately their policies to help people. You're looking for

100,000 people to hit the

streets this year, how do people get involved in They can contact the Salvation Army, either online or call either online or call 13 SALVOS. What's the most acute

needs you're dealing with at the the moment? I think we will

find as we move through the

campaign are bread and butter

needs. I myself, my electricity

bills have just gone through

the roof. I've got some fat

there to pay those bills but I

tell you what, a lot of people

they don't have the scope and

so things start to get dropped

out. As the cost of living increasing, out. As the cost of living is

increasing, are you finding people's giving is No, Australians are an

amazingly generous lot. We've

just had a whole raft of

appeals with the disasters that

we've had around the country

and our experience 2 years ago with the bushfires was that

following those bushfires we

had one of the best Red Shield

afeels we've ever had so we're

very hopeful. Thanks for

joining us this

morning. Thanks. Bram Cassidy there launching the Salvation Army's Red

Army's Red Shield appeal. It's

a great effort that they do

every year but this year interesting because there's so

much fatigue. All the disasters

and not only - There's been a

lot from way back to the Christchurch earthquake,

looking at the most recent time

span, the Christchurch

earthquake, the floods, the

cyclone and Japan. And people

have been asked to dig deep for

all of

all of those. So it is a

difficult one but I'm sure it's

such a traditional appeal it's

one of those favourite

charities for a lot of people.

Now the HMAS 'Adelaide' is set

for its last rooit ride on the waters waters today. The decommissioned warship is being towed from Sydney Harbour to

Avoca Beach where lit be sunk off the coast. Not everyone is

happy about it. Joining Sydney is our reporter Keith

Breen. As you join me you can probably see the HMAS 'Adelaide'

'Adelaide' making its final journey. I will get out of the way, it's much more interesting

than me. You can see it's come through under the harbour

Bridge and past the Opera House

and it's making its final journey. That is 41,000 of decommissioned frigate which

has been sitting at the dock in

Sydney for 2 years while Sydney for 2 years while residents have argued over whether or not it's safe to

scuttle off Avoca Beach on the

Central Coast of NSW. This

story goes back to 2007 when the Federal Government gifted this frigate to the State

Government on the understanding

it would be used as a dive

site, a recreational dive site

but since then residents of

Avoca Beach have been arguing

it's not safe. They say that on it's not safe. They say that on

board is a lot of

includes lead, 20,000 square

metres of lead paint, they say,

and they're worried it's going

to get into the ecosystem off

the beach at Avoca and they're worried it's just not safe. But

clearly the Government has

obviously looked at those conversations, looked at those

concerns and decided to press ahead

ahead anyway? That's right.

There was an investigation, it

was due to

was due to be scuttled last

March, actually and that was

halted while a tribunal looked

into the safety of the

situation and the that was that there were some a-additional

a-additional measures that

needed to be taken. Further

equipment was removed from the

ship but basically they said it

was safe and it was OK to ahead with it. The one

particular irk of the

residents, if you like, is the NSW ombudsman has been NSW ombudsman has been involved

in this. They've asked the NSW

ombudsman to investigate the

safety issues and he's due to announce later today whether or

not he wants to launch a full

investigation. Now, obviously

the ship sailing out now,

because it's so

be safe to be bring it back

into the harbour. So the

residents are furious because

if later today the ombudsman says it's not safe, we're says it's not safe, we're going to launch a

it's too late. So they're

furious that the new Premier

Barry O'Farrell didn't say Barry O'Farrell didn't say OK

we'll delay this by one day,

we'll find out what the

ombudsman has to say and we'll take

take it from there. As we can

see it's heading out now. It

will be sailing up the coast

and is due to be scuttled on

Wednesday morning yosmt u can

probably make out those squares

on the side of the

That is where the hull has been weakened

weakened in preparation for the

scuttling and what happens on Wednesday morning is explosives

will go off all around the hull

and the idea is

pop out like plates and the

frigate gently sinks to the

bottom of the sea. Obviously

that's what they're hoping will

happen and it should get to the

bottom upright and become a

dive site within a few months

of it getting to the of it getting to the bottom. We

look forward to seeing what transspires today, scuttling or not, thank you very much for that. It's a pretty big ship,

isn't it? It's huge. And it will be quite a big operation. Quite spectacular having seen

one or two over the year, a

spectacular way of getting ships to the ships to the bottom, scuttling. That ombudsman report might

come a little too late for the

residents of Avoca Beach just north of north of Sydney. Now we can

head overseas where the action

is certainly heating up in the

Ivory Coast. Reports overnight

of an attack on the of an attack on the President

Laurent Gbagbo's residents. If fact Laurent Gbagbo also in turn attacking the UN headquarters. Ginny Stein joins us via webcam. Ginny, I know

it's been often a very confused

and muddled position, what do

we know of this apparent attack we know of this apparent attack by Gbagbo's forces on the UN

headquarters? Well, what we

know is that they are in retaliation for strikes that took place yesterday. Of course

Alassane Ouattara has been

holed up for the past 4 hos in

a hotel in the city in Abidjan.

He's been protect ed by UN

forces. Now his position was attacked yesterday. know is that late today that

there was heavy fighting around there was heavy fighting around

the residence and that UN and

French forces combined in a

strike on the residence using

helicopter gunships. They

attacked that, they destroyed some

some vehicles out the front of the residence and they

partially destroyed some of the

palace itself. We're hearing

reports too that French troops

are evacuating a number of

resident s as the resident s as the situation is

getting a lot more serious for

them? Look, position they have been - as

the fighting worsened in the past week they were moving

resident s and people under

their charge, I guess, out their charge, I guess, out to their base outside of the city and from there they have been

moving them to the airport to

be evacuated as they've been

able to do that. They secured -

they actually secured they actually secured the

airport about a week ago. So it

seemed that in preparation for

what was going on they knew in advance that things were

escalating. So they've been moving people out and the

latest we've seen is they've

been able to get people out of

pockets in the city where

they've been under attack and

they've been able to then get them to the airport and out of the country. As we're seeing

these pictures the city just a these pictures the city just a complete devastation and of

course they've wanted to, both

the UN and French helicopters,

renew their attack on Gbagbo to

really try to end this once and

for all but it is a tragedy

that innocent civilians are

constantly getting caught up in

this? Well this? Well look, I mean what's

surprising - well I guess what

really says a lot in those

pictures that you're seeing is how empty a city of 3 million,

4 million could possibly 4 million could possibly be. I

mean whenever you see any pictures coming out of the

Ivory Coast it's a mere

smattering, a scattering of

people, that's all you see, in

a city that would normally be

absolutely bustling, heckic and

what you're seeing now is

virtually no-one on the

streets. Was it a surprise that Gbagbo's forces were able to

regroup for this on Ouattara at the UN buildings? What should be

known is that he does have the

heavy weapons, he does have, heavy weapons, he does have, I guess, of all the forces there

the most trained, the Republican Guard is the ones

who are still loyal to him who

are there. They know how to use

the weapons. They're the best

trained of the lot and this has been a game

been a game of brinkmanship for

months now and it's not

surprising that he used the moment to try to moment to try to regroup. Ginny

Stein, thank you very much for

re - joining us. The top

storysh Defence chiefs will meet in Canberra today to try

to work out what to do about the head of the Defence Force

Academy over his handling of

the sex scandal. Stephen Smith

wants him to be held to account wants him to be held to account

but others in his Department

seem reluctant to act. Egypt's

chief prosecutor summoned the

former President Hosni Mubarak

and his two sons to quiz them about corruption Mubarak is denying the

allegations. He has broken his silence saying he's done nothing

nothing wrong and has not hoarded funds overseas. Club

and hotels are launching a $20

million advertising campaign today over today over the pokie reforms.

Changes which have been pushed

by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie will

will allow players to cap the

amount of money they're

prepared to lose on poker

machines. For at look at these

and other stories and the

national papers we're joined by

Monash University Waleed Aly. Good morning. Tax Waleed Aly. Good morning. Tax breaks for the gas industry. There's an emerging

theme coming out of the press

today and that is that we now have a Federal Government that

is trying to fight the fight

but has a problem with minority

government and having to keep

partners on side and as a

result is bringing on bigger

fights than perhaps they would have liked had they been in a position to

position to go alone. The first

of those, as you point of those, as you point out, is

to do with the carbon this is on the front page of

the Australian. The the

'Australian' is running fairly

large on it. But this

specifically has to do with

liquid national gas and the company Woodside Petroleum who

have come out and said look, we

should be exempt from a carbon

tax and in any event liquid

natural gas is a solution to

climate change, it will reduce

emissions if we move in that

emissions if we move in that direction rather than

exacerbate them so we deserve some special treatment. There's

also very strong reporting

throughout the 'Australian' that business is starting to ramp up.

deal of heart from the mining tax experience. The fact that

when you had the mining

companies coming out the mining

industry really advertising quite aggressively and taking

an aggressive stance ultimately

killing the mining tax. There

is a perception now in industry

that this is a government

that's essentially ready to be

pushed around. If you can make

your case strong enough and throw enough money at it you

will win. So that's on the one

side of the carbon tax debate.

On the other side what's

happening as the 'Australian''s reporting is hinting at, they haven't said anything concrete anything concrete yet, but they're hinting that they're

going to spro duce going to spro duce a compensation package that's compensation package that's

roughly the same as the roughly the same as the 2009 compensation package compensation package that accompanied the emissions

trading scheme. The Greens were

furious with this. The idea

being really what you're doing

is there is you're giving money to polluters. They're happy

with the idea that you would

give compensation to households

who will have to bear the costs

of the carbon tax as they get

passed down to consumer but passed down to consumer but not

to the polluter themselves. if you're the Federal Government, if you're Julia

Gillard what exactly are you

going to do? It's like back to

the future and it would only

her up to more criticism that

Kevin Rudd's original

plan. Except it will help keep business happy and if you're

worried about a huge onslaught

from business then this is

really the only way to try

mitigate that. I guess that's

the calculation she's got to make

make noi . What has been a sleeper issue is the pokies

reform and we see today that

the clubs and hotels are trying also to emulate the miners and knock this deal. I think we knock this deal. I think we can see now any time anyone

mentions a new tax if you've got some money - Or try to

crimp the revenues or the like. Same sort like. Same sort of thing

really. What I've looked at is

the 'Herald Sun' s opinion

page. There's two opinion pieces here

pieces here just identifying

that element the fact that

you've got a $20 million

campaign about to start. The language that's being used in that campaign it's un-Australian too stop people using the pokies. And

slightly misleading. The ad

says you will need a licence to punt which is not true. What the punt which is not true. What the Government is

you would set your own limit that

that you can then - so you go

to the pokies and once you

reach that limit you can no

longer keep gambling the idea

it still puts power in the

hands of the individual.

Opposite this opinion piece,

which is interesting, just that

it talks about you will find

people now in green and gold

T-shirt s sort of the nationalist image,y is interesting. Op that interesting. Op that that is a

piece from Jenny Macklin who is

the minister with carriage of

this. She is running the

argument that this argument that this is

misleading. That it's not

really about treating people as

idiots or treating them as

criminals. One of the ads that

will run is the Government's

watching me like I'm a

criminal. Jenny Macklin is

saying that's not the point,

it's people who need help to stop essentially having their lives destroyed by lives destroyed by these Ma

Sheens. 40% of the revenue for

these clubs coming from gambling so it's a serious

issue but an issue the Government only has because

minority government partners in

this case Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenephon. You're also looking at a story in the

'Sydney Morning Herald' this

morning. This comes from an

honours thesis that was written

by Lauren Kenworthy at the University of University of Western Sydney

and as an academic and as an academic I'm pleased

to be talking about. This talking about mixed communities, so public housing,

the idea has been in the last

10, 15 years in NSW, this is from the 'Sydney Morning

Herald', the idea has been that

you don't

congregated in one area and

Private housing elsewhere. You

want to get a mix so you don't

have socioeconomic ghettos.

That's been the conventional wisdom. Lauren

research is interesting because

she says what's she says what's happened in

people who have had this

happened where they've put in

mixed community, they've lost

their social contact, they've

felt more socially isolated. They don't have the money to

use mobile phones except for texting so they end up having

to use that sort of social

media which St Not a substitute

for interaction and really intriguing study on the

potentially negative effects of this policy that was designed

to create greater to create greater social inclusion. You've got 30

seconds to tell us you want to

do a review? This is from the

'Age', rock of age, this new musical that

musical that came from the US and it's really just the photo

I was interested in. They've

got this great photo in the

'Age' but it's hair rock. The

'80s are back. It's leather pants and hair that's way pants and hair that's way too pants and hair that's way too

big and doesn't move when the fans are have to find it to look at it

later. If you can get a copy of

the 'Age' have a look. We'll

get a review from Vanessa

O'Hanlon who went not once but twice. Reliving her youth. Great to see you. No

worries. Now time for the sport headlines an Paul Kennedy's

here with our Tiger Woods update. He's update. He's made a bogey so

he's 2 back on the leader at

the moment. We'll take a quick

look at earlier if you missed

it, this is Tiger Woods eagle. This will be the

signature moment if he wins but

he did drop a shot after that. Rory McIlroy from Northern

Ireland is still one shot ahead

from KJ Choi, Angel Cabrera and Adam

Adam Scott. Sebastien Vettel

has won again in Malaysia.

Webber finished 4th in that

one. Vettel looks to be the man

to beat for the world championship already. In cycling, no Australian's

figured in the finish of the

Paris Roubet, there were hopes Matt Goss might be up there but

it was Johanne van someran. And the

the George was able to win yesterday, they beat Bulldogs, very, very interesting that Wayne Bennett

says he already knows who he is

going to coach next year, I'm

just not telling you guys I

think was the quote at the

press conference and they had a terrific win against the

Bulldogs, wearing their

historical jumpers there at the

scene of the 1985 grand final

of the SCG. The Melbourne Storm

look to be one of the teams to beat in the NRL. That is a

fascinating sports story.

Almost extinct last year after

salary cap rorting, they beat the Eels 38-0 the Eels 38-0 and Craig Bellamy

has said overnight or late

yesterday that his team could

only get better. So interesting

couple of stories there in the

NRL. We'll have more on the rugby in the next half hour. Now with a look at

weather here's Vanessa. A trough and front is trough and front is spreading

rain and a colder change

through norther NSW. An associated low is maintaining colder temperatures in the south-east directing cool,

southerly winds and shower to

the alp. Wee have a frontal

system spreading showers into WA's south-west and a trough has edged further north.

Acausing a few showers along

the northern Queensland. In

Queensland today cloud and showers will increase over the

south-eastern Southern Highlands an Highlands an about the northern

tropic. We'll see scattered

showers. A cool day for the

south with showers falling as