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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, Sonny Bill's shame - caught drink driving. league's biggest star if I thought I was drunk. I would never hop behind the wheel the full sale of Telstra The PM announces it's not a done deal. but the Nats say

one of the country's biggest frauds. And four Sydney men face court over Good evening. Also tonight - forced out of NSW. a notorious paedophile remains defiant And Bali bomber Samudra

on Indonesia's Independence Day. as others have their terms reduced another Bulldog behaving badly, But first this evening - Sonny Bill Williams, arrested Rugby league's biggest star, for drink-driving. and then fined by his club he's still a P-plater. Making matters worse - Sonny Bill Williams Rugby league's hottest property, is in the dog house, after failing a random breath test. arrested early this morning if I knew that, I'd never hop behind the wheel if I thought that I was drunk. Obviously I had one too many. But he shouldn't have had one at all. Ten News can reveal

returned a low-range level of 0.075 that while the star forward allegedly is still a P-plater, 19-year-old Williams restricted to a zero alcohol limit. with even one beer under his belt. He shouldn't have driven on Sonny Bill The club's imposing a $5,000 fine any further indiscretions with $5,000 pending

that we certainly don't expect. I'm gonna cop the fine, and what the courts hand down to me. you know, from the club on the chin. I'm just going to cop it after learning his knee injury Williams says he had a few drinks of the Tri-Nations tournament. would keep him out But that's no excuse. first thing this morning, Knowing he had a sponsor's function he stopped drinking and headed home. But he was still above the limit at Kensington. when pulled over on Anzac Parade the punishments will keep on coming The club may have fined him, but for rugby league's latest poster boy. He'll face court next month and a loss of licence. where he can expect another fine an apology. He also owes his team-mates with them soon I'll definitely have a talk and just tell them I'm sorry. He'd better -

have featured no less than six of his team-mates actors and athletes in the current recording artists, against drink-driving campaign. Canterbury Bulldogs for RADD. Hi, this is Willie Mason from the And if a mate's not right to drive,

getting behind the wheel. do whatever it takes to stop them

drink-drive. 'Cause mates don't let mates Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A win tonight for people power a convicted paedophile out of town, as residents of northern NSW run agreeing to return to WA Otto Darcy-Searle his secret interstate parole deal. after locals challenged Otto Darcey-Searle Convicted paedophile home for just one more day. will call this Banora Point residence has agreed to return to WA. Under pressure, the 63-year-old Arrangements are now being made as soon as possible. for that to take place fought hard to have him sent back. A win for residents who have He's WA's property They should never have come here - done as a community. It's the only way to get anything government starts to do something. People get their back up and the of an 11-year sentence Darcy-Searle served less than half against 10-year-old boys, for 104 sex offences live with relatives in northern NSW. the WA Government paroling him to who approved the plan locally Two corrective services officers have been left to carry the blame. Both suspended pending an inquiry. as scapegoats. The Opposition describing them When things go wrong, of junior public servants somewhere go and find a couple and drag them over the coals who cop the blame. and make them the ones It's not been handled well.

It was not good enough. he

in the staff at Murwillumbah office. I'm very disappointed will be flown back to Perth I'm told Darcy-Searle as early as tomorrow morning. He'll be escorted on to the plane corrective services officers. by a contingent of NSW The WA parole board will still decide to the community or to jail. whether he's returned Paul Mullins, Ten News. for the sale of Telstra, It's full steam ahead

in Australia's history. one of the biggest share floats

to give more money to the bush, But despite a pledge from the PM from his own side. he's still meeting resistance but a beaming John Howard believes It's taken almost 10 years Parliamentary support he has finally won to sell the rest of Telstra. It is absurd and counter-productive to own more than half for a government in Australia. of the largest companies to have taken its cue The Nationals' partyroom seems from Bruce Scott Nationals' Queensland President. who's also the accept it and get on with the job. I would be recommending that we Paul Neville, But one of their number, told the joint partyroom to vote against it in the House. he was reserving his right the $3 billion package He's not convinced and the splitting of Telstra the demanded services. will deliver the bush for me, to be considered. It will want to be set in concrete, Liberal backbencher Alby Schultz period. won't be voting for the full sale, It's a matter of principle for me. sold My constituents don't want Telstra to ensure that doesn't happen. so I have an obligation as a Member is playing for time. And the outspoken Barnaby Joyce at this stage. No decision's been made in our State Now we have to give people the dignity to have a look at this. the messiah of the nation This fellow has come from being in a week. to the Judas goat of Queensland legislation next month, The Government will bring in the sale more than enough time in Queensland. for a Nationals' grass roots revolt are confident the numbers will stick. But the PM and his Coalition deputy

and sell this now All members will want to go as a very, very positive -

as a significant investment in the future of telecommunications in Australia. This is going to finish the National Party. Nobody in regional Australia or the bush will ever trust the Nationals again. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The spiritual leader of the Bali bombers has had his sentence slashed to mark Indonesia's Independence Day. But no mercy for the man who carried out the attack, who says he's ready to die. Prisoners across Indonesia were treated to free entertainment as the country celebrates 60 years of independence. And a familiar face enjoyed the show at Bali's Kerobokan prison. Schapelle Corby laughing at the antics until she realised cameras were present, escaping back to her cell to avoid the media. Because of her appeal, Corby is one of the few prisoners

who hasn't had her sentence reduced today. Every year on Independence Day most are cut by two months. This year it's 4.5 months because of the 60th anniversary. At least 17 of the 24 Bali bombers have received the reduction, including the spiritual leader, Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. Bashir is only serving a 30-month sentence and the cut is against the wishes of the Australian Government who had asked Indonesia to reconsider. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. But no reduction for a defiant Imam Samudra. The mastermind of the bombings has been sentenced to death but says he does not want a pardon and is looking forward to his death. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

Another arrest today in the country's biggest case of superannuation fraud, Federal police charging a 24-year-old Sydney property developer, accused of organising the transactions totalling $150 million. It's a bizarre mix of people who stand accused of one of Australia's biggest-ever frauds. One has leukaemia, another has diabetes, while the youngest is just 24. But today, a Sydney court heard the group conspired to rip off $150 million from the Commonwealth Superannaution Scheme. 24-year-old property developer Dallas Fitzgerald is the latest to be arrested. Dallas, what was your role in the operation? Dallas? He's accused of organising the transactions which were dispersed around the world -

$51 million to Hong Kong, $26 million to Switzerland and $72 million to Greece. The money was sent there by Sydney bank JP Morgan Chase after receiving a fax on Christmas Eve 2003. Four days later, that fax was found to be forged. But by then, the prosecution claims 50-year-old leukaemia patient Alexander Roizman

was on board a Hong Kong cruiseliner with Jian Ping Wang, gambling millions of dollars in an attempt to launder it. It's alleged he lost $3 million that night, the only portion of the $150 million that hasn't been recovered. 58-year-old Richard Kurland and 50-year-old diabetic Leonid Kuris are accused of running the Swiss end of the fraud. Mr Kuris's lawyer claims his client played a very minor role in the operation, saying all he did was introduce a few people. But the prosecution claims he not only made the introduction, he also oversaw the $26 million transaction. Four of the men were released on strict bail conditions. Dan Nolan, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster - and Aussie cricket's rising star Michael Clarke

fears there may not be a cure for his back problems.

Yes, a lower disc irritation is causing concern, but selectors are set to pick him for what could be a series-deciding fourth Test.

After missing much of the third Test, Clarke was left behind for the bus trip to Edinburgh with Australia to play Scotland in a one-dayer. We'll hear from Michael a little later in sport. And one of Australia's richest sports stars, basketballer Andrew Bogut, is home for the first time since becoming the US No. 1 draft pick. Unfortunately, it's not a playing trip as Australia seeks to qualify for the world championships this week. Also later - they're calling it the '70 show-down, and it should be a ripper when the Eels take on the dragons on Sunday. See you, Ron. Still to come - the search for a croc attack victim and how his wife escaped. Also tonight - Roseanne Catt's reaction to news she could face a retrial for the attempted murder of her husband. Of course, of course it's worth it, my family has done the sentence with me, enough is enough. And the truth about wheat allergies - why you might be getting the wrong diagnosis. We'll have that report later this newshour.

Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call: This program is captioned live. A retrial is on the cards for one of the State's most notorious female prisoners, The DPP deciding whether Roseanne Catt should again go before the courts for the attempted murder of her ex-husband. Surrounded by supporters, Roseanne Catt came to court hoping her eight convictions would be quashed.

Very confident, thank you. But it was only a partial victory. The Court of Criminal Appeal decided she should face a retrial on five charges including the attempted murder of her ex-husband Barry. One conviction relating to possessing a pistol was quashed and two other assault charges stand. Well for me considering the battle I have had, it is still a victory. Ms Catt was convicted in 1991 serving a decade of her 12-year sentence. One would hope that that would be the end of it, but I've come through a long hard road so I never take anything for granted. And no-one should have to endure what this woman has had to endure. The judges outlining expense as one reason not to go to re-trial. Judge McClelland summed up the police investigation as seriously flawed and vice, if not malice, was one of the motivations.

Roseanne Catt doesn't fear a retrial and vice, if not malice, was one of the motivations. Roseanne Catt doesn't fear a retrial saying she has new evidence that should clear her name. Of course, of course it's worth it, my family has done the sentence with me, enough is enough. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A fisherman is feared dead after being attacked by a crocodile in Far North Queensland. The victim tried to fight off the 4m monster, but it hauled him out of his canoe, his wife managing to escape. It's a dangerous place to go fishing. But many tourists take the risk. 60-year-old Barry Jefferies did, and was snatched from his boat. His wife, Glenda, the only witness to the attack. The animal has leapt up and grabbed him and brought him into the water and he hasn't been seen since. The search for the killer and victim especially unnerving with the threat of the man-eater close by. We are very mindful of the situation in terms of the risks that are opposed to those people engaged in this search. When the croc attacked, the couple's only defence was a set of oars. Their canoe capsized. Glenda Jefferies made it to the bank. She then had to find the ranger's station to raise the alarm. She drove there on her own, which would have been quite stressful. Despite suffering shock, Glenda today stayed close to the scene. She was joined by their two children. The family conceding there's no hope of finding Barry alive. A keen fisherman - loved it, mate. Absolutely loved it. They say if there was a way he was going to die, that'd probably be the way, doing what he loved, you know what I mean - getting out in the great outdoors, that sort of thing. The Townsville railway shunter and his wife would have realised the risks associated with their camping spot. Paddling around these waters in a canoe is not a good idea

because what you've got to remember is that crocodiles are territorial. They certainly would have known that crocodiles were prevalent in the area. There is a crocodile warning sign right at their camp site on Midway waterhole. A management program is in place at Lakefield - any animal deemed dangerous is removed. But some in the Far North say that's not enough. They want a culling program to be introduced. An exploding ute shut down a major road in Sydney's south during morning peak-hour. It was driving through Monterey around 7:00am when a cylinder of gas blew up on the back. It was driving through Monterey around 7:00am when a cylinder of gas blew up on the back. The blast shattered the vehicle's windows, flying glass hitting the driver in the head. The air conditioning mechanic was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The explosion also smashed windows in surrounding homes. Grand Parade was closed to traffic while fire crews made sure the area was safe. And police are hunting the gang responsible for a ram raid in Sydney's south.

Four men wearing balaclavas smashed through the glass doors of the Westfield shopping centre at Hurstville, just after 2:00am.

The thieves tore apart an ATM, loading the cash machine into a white van. Police believe at least four vehicles were used in the ram-raid. They're searching for the van and a sports car. Some helpful advice if you're a motorist only planning to use the Cross City Tunnel every now and then. The NRMA recommends you invest in the RTA's e-toll, saying it's the cheapest of the four tags available. These hidden costs include administration fees, minimum deposit and the like, minimum usage fees, when you add them all up really - and those costs -

is in using the RTA e-toll tag. mean that the best value any low usage charges. Also, the RTA tag doesn't include on private school teachers A crackdown

many simply don't make the grade. has revealed face big fines Dozens of elite schools to shape up or get out. with some teachers told their children to private schools Parents paying top dollar to send qualifications at all. many teachers have no tertiary were today shocked to learn

were today shocked to learn qualifications at all. many teachers have no tertiary you're paying top dollar as a parent They probably should, especially if to these schools. to send your children whether they're competent or not? How else do you judge is still no guarantee. But others say a degree

and still not be able to teach. You can have a degree annual reports show that 222 teachers Information from private school private system working in the prestigious would be rejected by public schools of tertiary qualifications. due to a lack Another six schools with no tertiary qualifications. have at least one teacher claims it doesn't matter. Barker's principal any compromise of quality I don't believe there is have completed just because a teacher might not yet their professional have a teaching qualification. I don't think all teachers need to a tertiary qualification. I think all teachers need to have and will fine schools up to $11,000 The State Government disagrees aren't up to standard. if their teachers the tertiary qualifications Teachers who lack to go back to the books. will themselves be forced their degrees part time. They'll have seven years to complete they could be sacked. But if they fail, teach if they can't be employed. In the end, they can't continue to Evan Batten, Ten News. Tim Bailey. Has spring sprung? Tomorrow 22 in the city. 25 all over the place ion Friday.

19 degrees on Saturday. Don't hang

around though and don't get too

concerned because it there will be

sunshine on Sunday. That's the next

four dayness a row. Let's look at

sky watch for you as we do it live

from Waverton whafplt a spot this

is. That was a good looking day

right across all of Sydney. Just

brilliant. And pollution levels

didn't play a role at all today as

can you see from the map. As we

come back live, that's a wave from

Waverton and I'll see you again in

around about ten. protesters call for a fresh inquest Next in the 5:00 news - that sparked Redfern's riots. into the death of the teenager prepare to drive them out of Gaza. And Israeli settlers dig in as troops

This program is captioned live.

Hello, you were' watching the 5:00

news. Time to check in with Vic

Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. What a mess you've got

in Homebush tonight? Yes,

unfortunately six cars have

collided at Silverwater. It's

blocked all west bound traffic. We

can see lane one getting through but

toe trucks in place trying to

remove the vehicles. Police are

already here. Take a look at the

mess and what it's done to the M4.

If you're at home waiting for

family or friends who usually drive

the M4, they will be late home

unless they get off the M4 and take

Parramatta Road and the great

western highway. We'll have more of

an update after sport. Family anger continues to simmer TJ Hickey in Redfern. over the death of Aboriginal teenager One year since a coroner's inquiry which triggered violent riots, cleared police over the incident she needs closure, his mother, Gail, insists to be re-opened. calling for the inquest in, the bloke was not brought in, The proper witness was not brought in, so they've got all that now. the autopsy report was not brought Redfern to the Glebe Coroner's Court, Dozens of supporters marched from chanting anti-police slogans. was chased to his death by officers. His mother believes the 17-year-old as high as ever at The Block. She also says tension remains Another deadly passenger jet crash, on a Columbian airliner failed 160 people killed after both engines above a remote part of Venezuela. crews to the remote crash site, The plumes of smoke led emergency Airlines jet all that remains intact the tail of the West Caribbean a catastrophic engine failure. after what's believed to have been earlier that he was in trouble The pilot had radioed 10 minutes an emergency landing. and going to attempt and 152 passengers on board, He had seven crew including a 21-month-old child. the ground at a rate of 2km a minute. It's estimated the jet plummeted to of the flight attendants onboard The wife of one by phone. was given the devastating news all those aboard have died." She says, "There are no survivors - relatives and friends She, along with other loved ones who should have been greeting on the French Caribbean island, at the Martinique airport of the dead were read out. then listened as the names

(Reads name) SCREAMING in such a remote area of Venezuela The jet came down and National Guardsmen that firefighters and four-wheel drives have had to use tractors to retrieve the bodies. The MD-82 was similar to this. for four days last month It had reportedly been grounded been modified to make them quieter. and both engines had only recently has been involved in 11 fatal crashes The same type of plane in the past 15 years. is still unknown. The cause of this one Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, to use whatever force necessary The Israeli army has vowed to evict Jewish settlers in Gaza. Soldiers are moving in for people to leave voluntarily. after the deadline passed just before sunrise, Israeli soldiers on the move settlement in time for daylight destined for the Gush Katif to begin promised evictions. hardline Israeli demonstrators, In their way, just as determined but outnumbered. in Gaza a midnight deadline Israel had given 8,500 settlers to leave on their own. Half accepted the offer. a promise being made good. The others promised force - at the young protesters It's directed mainly cities prepared to defy the troops. who descended on Gaza from Israeli Regular morning prayers taking the added urgency of hope for a miracle - a futile one given soldiers are now beginning door-to-door evacuations, a mission that may take weeks. In the hours before the deadline, tension was high.

(Woman screams) Last-minute pleas meeting deaf ears.

This is Jew against Jew, the soldiers following orders but looking uncomfortable. This woman screaming she's pregnant, hoping it would make a difference. It didn't. Some barricaded themselves inside synagogues with food and supplies. Others set tyres and furniture alight. In all, 21 Gaza settlements will be dismantled, the homes bulldozed. But the decision to hand Gaza back to the Palestinians after almost 40 years of occupation still dividing Israelis. They think there will be peace. No, no peace. No peace. With the Arabs, there will be no peace here. That sentiment not helped by scenes like this - thousands of Hamas militants and supporters celebrating the withdrawal and vowing to liberate any land they consider Palestinian, still in Israeli hands. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Computers across the world have been hit by a devastating new worm.

Systems throughout the US, Europe and Asia have been infected by the so-called ZOTOB bug. Microsoft says only PC's using Windows 2000 have been targeted, but other experts claim Windows 95, 98, ME, NE and XP are also affected. The worm gives attackers complete control of the computer. Pop star Madonna has suffered multiple broken bones after falling from a horse at her English country estate. The riding accident happened while Madonna was celebrating her 47th birthday with her family. She's been discharged from hospital with a broken collarbone and hand, as well as three cracked ribs. It's believed the horse was a new addition to the singer's stable. Still to come - the row over plans to ban sexually explicit TV shows. Also tonight, the great food allergy debate -

how to make sure you're getting the right diagnosis. And a new, slimmer Diego Maradona turns TV host and pop star! Amused. Hope. Envy. There's never been a better time to start giving your emotions a good work-out. Until August 20 FOXTEL Digital installation in mainland state capitals is just: How's that make you feel? Inspired. Excited. Amazed. Call 131 787 now to get FOXTEL Digital installed for just $19.95. Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call:

This program is captioned live..

Tim Bailey you've organised some

pretty nice weather on the way?

Proof on your TV right now. Pink

sky at night, shepherd's delight.

Are you familiar with yellow sky at

night? Weatherman's delight. Spring

is coming early. 22 in Sydney and

then 25 degrees, that's a lazey 7

or 8 degrees above average for

Friday. Before a cold change of 19

degrees with showers on Saturday

and a sunny Sunday. Let's look at

the map of NSW. It would be a

pleasure as we check the temps.

All right, I'll see you again at

5:55 with nothing but blue skies

for the next 48 hours.

we're following this newshour - The top stories of Telstra will go ahead, the PM has announced the full sale probably next year. to give more money to the bush, But despite a pledge there's no deal done yet. the Nationals say Four Sydney men have faced court biggest super fraud. over the country's Federal police arresting

property developer, a 24-year-old Sydney the transactions, worth $150 million. accused of organising Sonny Bill Williams, And rugby league's brightest star, over his arrest for drink driving. has apologised to family and fans He's been fined by the Bulldogs club. revealed he's on his P-plates Making matters worse, it's been at all. and should not have been drinking A study has found blamed for most food allergies. wheat products are being wrongly are nothing but voodoo testing. Doctors say too many assessments we're becoming more allergic to food. It's a strange phenomenon but knows how serious reactions can be. Heloise Campbell

Oh, very, very sick, yes. my tongue was swollen, my eyelids. My lips were swollen, I was horribly swollen up.

in appearance. I was disfigured, actually, of food allergies has doubled. Over 20 years, the incidents Scientists blame hygiene - are under-developed. we're so clean, our immune systems of Australians with allergies, But of the one-third or milk allergy Egg allergy or peanut allergy found wheat is blamed too often. a study by the Grains industry has

in 1 in maybe 100 people. which can occur, on average, in 2 in 1,000 people. Wheat allergy will occur wheat and dairy products Ms Campbell stopped eating

allergic to chemicals in vegetables. only to find years later she was are nothing but guesswork. Experts say many tests medical practitioners Even alternative which don't have any validity will sometimes recommend tests up the garden path. and it leads people way to sort the facts from the myths Experts insist the most scientific or a blood test. is by having a skin prick test To assess food intolerance, a strict elimination diet doctors can also use exactly what food components to discover are causing your reactions. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. and the Australian share market Finance - some of its recent gains. has given up at Commonwealth Securities - Craig James for investors? what will Telstra's sale mean

Well, the most important thing is

that the sale of Telstra is more

than 12 months away. The other

important thing is that the

Government say this is is no fire

sale, it wants the best value. So

the bottom line is not to panic.

But in the short-term, the

Government needs to get the

legislation together and then of

course it needs to get passioned by

the Senate. And also some wages

data out today. What does that tell

you? It means that wages are

creeping higher rather than leaping

higher. Workers are getting pay

rises but not too much and that's

good news. Over the last 12 months,

wages rose by 4%. It opens the door

for the Reserve Bank to cut

interest rates if the higher petrol

prices continue to sap consumer spending. progams to be dragged off the air. Calls today for sexually offensive TV like Ten's 'Big Brother' The explicit nature of programs has outraged MPs. consider a proposal Federal Cabinet may soon to ban any program for the communications minister classification guidelines. if it repeatedly breaches A row of beds in a circle and excited blokes with young, nubile girls reflecting the community standards," and saying, "Oh, no - we're just is absolute twaddle. by Liberal MP Trish Draper, The push is being lead in a scandal who was herself involved on a taxpayer funded trip to Europe. when she took her boyfriend Sport with Tim Webster - making no excuses and Sonny Bill Williams over that drink driving charge. No, Jess. We'll hear from Sonny Bill shortly. questions about his coaching future. Plus Eddie Jones bristles over

risk playing against the Eels. And Matt Cooper on why he couldn't Maradona's new TV gig. Also having a ball - Shoot for the stars! With Lucky Stars Bingo.

the Your Numbers panel, First, scratch then go to the game panel. You could win 150 grand! with Lucky Stars Bingo! So wish upon a star SONG: # Scratch me happy! # in our news, As you may have seen earlier

Sonny Bill Williams injured Bulldogs star will appear in court next month random breath test at Kensington. after failing an early morning with low-range drink driving Williams has been charged by the Bulldogs. and has already been fined $5,000 The 19-year-old was out with friends

was officially over after learning his NRL season because of on-going injury problems. training for five months It is a bit tough when you are your season is finished, and you find out I'll be using that as an axcuse. but there's no way has a drinking problem. The Bulldogs deny Sonny Bill against the Dragons on Sunday Parramatta's '70s showdown has high stakes - crucial to ensure a top two finish. Eels coach Brian Smith says a win is Smith is worried are in danger of crashing out third and fourth-placed teams in the first week of the play-offs. to beat St George Illawarra. The Eels were the last side

the scoreline 40-12. It was round 18, for all the wrong reasons. It was a match remembered

there's no bad blood. But as far as grudges go, different situation. Oh mate, it's another game, that happened last time. Like I said, their '70s strip for the match. Today, the Eels unveiled We got Eric Grothe on the wing and he looks a lot like his old man. He's going to get his knee bandaged up like his old man did. With Timana Tahu out due to a broken hand, Daniel Wagon comes back from injury and slots into the centres. Wagon is renowned for his defensive capabilities, but marking Mark Gasnier is something entirely different. It's a concern for anybody who is going to mark Gasnier, but Wags is very experienced. Dragons centre, Matt Cooper has been ruled out with a hamstring injury stkpwhrb and has shifted his rehab focus to getting right for the finals. Even if it was a semi, I couldn't have played this week. So I'm trying to make it better for the first semi.

Former Dragon Mark Riddell returns to Oki Jubilee,

But he has ruled out any encore post-try celebrations should he score at Kogarah. Yeah, he looked a bit slow on the ground. He was a little sluggish trying to roll around. That's not a bad call for Timmo.

He's not the smartest bloke so that's pretty good for him. Rob Canning, Ten News. Yet another injury setback for the beleaguered Wallabies, winger Mark Gerrard now ruled out of this weekend's game against the Springboks. Australia had already made major changes for the Perth Test including Giteau to the centres and Flatley at fly-half - Brendon Cannon, Phil Waugh and Rocky Elsom all in the starting line-up. Gerrard has a history of hamstring problems,

and he was forced from the field during the Wallabies' final training run in Sydney Either Mat Rogers or Clyde Rathbone will replace him.

Injuries are a worry - bit indiferent form is a bigger worry for coach Eddie Jones who defended George Gregan's inclusion and as well as his own job.

Well, you're saying I'm not a good coach? No, no. I don't have to prove to anyone that I'm a good coach or a bad coach - I've just gotta coach. You guys make the decisions whether I'm a bad coach or a good coach. The Wallabies fly out to Perth tonight. Swans coach Paul Roos is unlikely which beat the Brisbane Lions in such convicning fashion on Sunday. Roos has continued to shuffle his deck of players in recent months with a view to future development, but that is likely to finish now finals are approaching.

You really saying absolutely, what's the best team, what's the best player to play on this player forgetting age or experience or youth or whatever. Veteran Paul Williams will play his 100th game for the Swans

against the Kangaroos on Sunday. Australia is not expected to change its batting line-up for the Fourth Test after Michael Clarke told selectors his injured back is coming good. Clarke's worries are now more long term, dealing with a problem that seems to have no cure. most promising young player, Michael Clark, Australia's for the rest of his career. expects to have back problems and unfortunately, I've got a disc problem in my back, I don't think there's a cure.

for much of the gripping third Test, Holed up in bed could he bat without a runner. only in the final innings While his back is coming good, match against Northamptonshire and he wants to play in the county his remaining playing days. it's an injury likely to dog

if it keeps happening, I hope not, but the reality is

so I think it's important now it's not going to be great for me, why it's happening. that we try to work out The Aussies have gone to Scotland and R and R. for a one-day game, some golf will be spent on working out ways Much of their time reverse swing. of combating England's new weapon - aren't they? They're bowling it well, the reverse swing. Simon Jones swings it both ways,

I've experienced that before - I don't think not that good anyway. six days off, England will give its players of Michael Vaughan's batting its coach not missing those critical before his 166. to some degree I felt unnecessary criticism he got some good balls. in that he'd been batting well, to carry on, We basically just told him about what's been said. he's batting well - not to worry at Trent Bridge. The fourth Test starts tomorrow week Rob Waters, Ten News. return at the Cincinnati Masters Lleyton Hewitt has made a winning over Igor Andreev. with a straight sets-victory A week after being forced off court Hewitt produced

After limited tournament time Hewitt is trying to regain Although unusually subdued he at one stage reeled off UMPIRE: Game Hewitt. Hewitt winning 6-3, 6-4

to the US Open. with the Masters a major lead up Andrew Bogut, US basketball's top draft pick, has arrived home for a short break with the Milwaukee Bucks. before starting his first pre-season

with his new nickname in tow - The multimillionaire hit town keen to exploit his new found status. the Bogeyman - the marketing machine It's not too bad.

obviously a play on my last name - It's quite clever - as a young kid Bogey, Boges was one of my nicknames so it's definitely a good play. with some team-mates Probably get into a lot strife and get a lot of flack for it, too. NBA great Shaquille O'Neill The 213cm giant will confront

in his first game for the Bucks. has had his first training session New Socceroo coach Guus Hiddink with the Australian squad. for a 4-day training camp The team have assembled in Holland to impress the new boss. and are doing their best a match against Columbia Hiddink chose to cancel

of intense practice sessions. in favour The attitude is perfect.

in two, three days here. I think we can do a lot The impression is very positive. was Liverpool star Harry Kewell Also there sporting a new hairstyle from a groin operation. who is still recovering Soccer great Diego Maradona from drug abuse and obesity is continuing his rehabilitation by hosting a TV show. Looking a shadow of his former self, a much slimmer body the 45-year-old showed off in his dramatic life. as he launched the latest chapter The footballing legend sang songs of high profile guests and spoke to a range 'The Night of the Ten' - on a show called to the famous No. 10 soccer jersey a reference he wore throughout his career.

Gabriela Sabatini! APPLAUSE Gabriela Sabatini, As well as former tennis champ by fellow soccer great Pele. Maradona was also joined with Ryan Phelan - And later in 'Sports Tonight' in the Mix 106 traffic helicopter. Vic Lorusso

Delays in lane? That's right, a bad

accident in Epping, it's just

before the M2. We'll zoom into the

accident scene. But take a look at

the traffic delays that motorists

are sitting through. Unfortunately,

it goes all the way back into the

north Sydney so slow in the

north-west and slow into the M4

after the accident at pen rirth. with the mid-week weather next. Tim Bailey

This is the 5:00 news. Time for the

weather details. Tim Bailey

forecasting some days of cold

weather. Is that the end of the

warm weather.? Have we had any cold.

It's been amazing, springlike

conditions. We'll be back to

average next week, around about 18

or 19 degrees but boy, we're going

to get warm before then. Tomorrow,

22-24 degrees, the 24 will be out

the back there where it is looking

magnificent across the western

suburbs of Sydney tonight. Some

people say that I don't work. But suburbs of Sydney tonight. Some

what doi is just scour Sydney for

gorgeous looking pictorials to put

on your TV. And not even our

cameraman tonight can muck that up.

It is beautiful live from Waverton.

Friday, can I talk 25 degrees for

you? It is going to be warm and in

form. Saturday, day one of the

weekend, the little fellows mark

that up. He's got his hand up on a

Wednesday saying we've got trouble.

19 degrees and showers. It's time

for a man out at the Oaks in NSW to

get rather excited. Our digital

delight, our photograph of the day

comes from John M mainwaring and

this is a shot of rain in Calm

roon's Corner. That was take nonMay.

It is delightful. Thank you very

much. But as we come back live, I

think I've trumped you. Look at

that sunset, it is beautiful across

as Sydney tonight. Into your back yard

as the sky gives us a fantastic Sydney tonight. Into your back yard

August. fare well to Wednesday the 17th of

To the satellite. A band of cloud

is crossing WA and SA. A trough

bringing light range. There is a

strong front causing squaly

showers and storms. It is clear

across skwails. Tomorrow's weather

map. A cold front will spread rain

across WA, SA and Victoria and

Tazmania. Moist is the word. Now

the business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, there's a

bit of good news for drips and

drops across the roof tops.

Widespread rain across WA and SA.

Rain developing late in western

Victoria and south-west NSW and

Tazmania. By Friday, a slow moving

trough across the east spreading

rain from SA and Victoria. And in

across inland NSW and that is the

good news. That rain will end up in

Sydney town around about Saturday

with tops of 19 degrees. So

tomorrow, 22 degrees in the CBD. 24

degrees out that way where it is

just spectacular tonight. And 25,

which will be around about 8

degrees above average on Friday T

will be cloudy but warm and in form.

Interstate and let's check out the

capital city forecasts for you.

Sydney tomorrow, a sparkling day,

a minimum of 9 and top of 22. Let's

hope it's a spectacular sunset

tomorrow night.

Not even an ugly little weatherman

with a face like a chimp can muck

up that colour. Have a lovely

evening and I'll see you again

tomorrow. Supermodel Sarah Murdoch has expressed her joy at moving back to Australia. In a very special school excursion, young Melbourne fans have received tips from Sarah on fashion and life. But she couldn't escape questions about her husband Lachlan's resignation from the helm of News Corporation last month. It was a personal decision. We're just happy to be back in Australia and have our son grow up here. We're really looking forward to it. On the catwalk, some energetic young admirers followed in their role model's footsteps. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Jessica Rowe.