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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Yes, good morning to you, Australia,

parts of public holiday for many. But in it is Monday, 9 April. Another

The clean-up is underway this

morning after a violent

thunderstorm swept over Sydney.

Power was cut to around 6,000

residents in Sydney's north and

northwest for a number of hours as

strong winds downed power lines and

trees last night. A thousand are

still without power this morning.

Lightning strikes lit up the sky

and heavy rain pelted down causing

an awning to blow off a Cabramatta

home. A retirement village in North

Turramurra was also badly hit,

causing severe damage. A group of

asylum seekers is on hunger strike

at a Darwin detention centre. They

took action after being denied a

visit by supporters, who had

arranged to bring them books and

Easter Eggs as a treat. The group

of seven human rights activists

were arrested before they could see

the detainees at Wickham Point.

Meantime, protestors will march to

an immigration detention centre in

Sydney's west today. They're

planning to walk from Chester Hill

to Villawood to demand an end to

mandatory detention. Villawood has

been the scene of confrontational

demonstrations in the past and

rioting by detainees at the centre

this time last year caused $9

million worth of damage. Troubled

actor Matthew Newton is expected to

fly back to Australia today

following his arrest in Florida.

The star, who is becoming better

known for his court appearances

than those on film or television,

is due to appear in a Sydney court

tomorrow. He's up on assault

charges after allegedly punching a

taxi driver in the face earlier

this year. This comes hot on the

heels of his arrest in Florida

yesterday after refusing to leave a

Miami bar. The Queen has joined

other members of the Royal family

for their Easter service. Her

Majesty arrived at St George's

Chapel in Windsor with her husband

Prince Philip. They were joined by

Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and

Prince Edward. The front runners at

the US Masters have begun their

final rounds at Augusta. South

African Louie Oosthuizen set the

tournament alight at the par 5

second hole, when he made up 3

shots with a spectacular albatross. shots with a spectacular albatross..

It lifted him to the outright lead

at 10 under par and a 2-stroke lead

Peter Hanson. from Phil Mickelson and Sweden's

Peter Hanson.. The AFL's Match

Review Panel has a busy day ahead.

Several Collingwood and Richmond

players can expect lighter wallets,

after the league takes a closer

look at their half-time melee. West

Coast's Beau Waters could also come

under scrutiny for this heavy bump

on Melbourne captain Jack Grimes.

NRL and Melbourne remain undefeated

in 2012 after thumping the Cowboys

42 points to 18 in Townsville. The

Storm rained all over Aaron Payne's

200th game for North Queensland.

Will Chambers, Kevin Proctor and

Matt Duffie all scored doubles in

the eight tries to three thrashing.

Duffie scored his second try with a

sensational leap AFL players would

be proud of. In the world of

weather we have this cloud sweeping

across areas of NSW. Now, that was

with those thunderstorms that

affected Sydney yesterday and we

also have a cold front moving

across the south-east and bringing

very, very cold conditions today to

much of SA, Victoria, ACT and

eventually most of NSW as well.

Let's take a sneak peek at those thunderstorms which developed

yesterday afternoon across much of

Sydney. I was watching very, very

closely and they were violent

across some areas. Many people did

report some hail which could have

caused some damage. In terms of

rain total, they were not massive

although the heavy US was in

Baulkham Hills. The city itself

storms. only seeing around 7mm out of those

Today the main weather feature will

be the cold front which you can see

here in the south-east. Behind it

winds. we are seeing strong south-westerly

winds.. These winds originate from

about orty ka so they are carrying

a cold air mass, snow down to 600m a cold air mass, snow down to 600m

in Tazzie today with snow

developing across the Victorian and

NSW alps. It is making most of

Tasmania feel like one or two

degrees today. Can you believe it.

Those winds will spret as far north

as central Australia so over the

next few days very chilli started

expects for areas like Alice

Springs. Predicted rainfall. Those

storms that we saw across Sydney

are spreading across to north-

eastern parts of NSW and probably

South-East Queensland later this

evening. If you are living in Perth

we could see some fog around this

a beautiful sunny day. morning so take care, but otherwise

. Fantastic. You horse racing girl,

you. You went to the race, didn't

you? Yes, I did. And my horse won!!

That's right. Only because it is

the same name as the wine you like.

Yes, that is right I am clearly not

a racing expert but when I thought

I will bet on one race, one horse,

and I backed Pierro and that is my

favourite Chardonnay, so there you

go. It was a big weekend for a lot

of people. There were people at the

races, there was Sunday lunch

yesterday. On Friday - I hate those

people that are having a proper

Easter. We like them that are

like them. sitting there watching us now. We

We had some bunny rabbits here on

Friday and I bought a bunny rabbit

on Saturday. The kids would not

stop, they would just say, "Daddy,

we have to have a bunny", so we

went for a mini lop ear. He is a

silver point so he is grey at the

front. We couldn't figure out what

to name him, so we decided that all

of the members of the family had a

chance to name him and his official

title is Professor Little Bunny

Bear. That is his official name.

That is his official name. Has he

pooed everywhere yet? Not yet.

Semi-are you worried about him

getting fat? He probably has but I

haven't been cleaning up. Are you

worried about pet obesity? Not so

much the bunny, but I have a Pug

and he is a robust little character.

Fat. And we had an Easter egg hunt

on the weekend and he found a

couple. Now we have that coming up

today, one in three pets are obese.

Do we have pictures? Yes, no they

are fat and you can't make fun of

them. Does that cat have legs? Yes,

it has legs!! It is easiest an

outside have problem missing your

partner that you would do that

thing around the house that needs

doing, you know the door that

doesn't close, the handle on the -

The paintings that need hung. And

you vent done any of that because

you are just all talk!! To later in

the program we are going to go to

Bunnings, we will take you live to

Bunnings and they will tell you

about the top three jobs that

people pro-cast Nate on and then

they are going to do them. The jobs

that you keep yarning about - I

will get to them, I will get to

them - tend to be the easier jobs.

Do you ever make a list or do you

go, someone else can sort that out.

I I keep making a list for someone

else. I just put off making a list.

Also a big day in the UK today. It

is the 100 year of the 'Titanic'

setting sail and we will cross

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Welcome back to Breakfast. Today's

top stories. Four men have been

arrested after a police chase

through Brisbane. The Easter road

toll has risen to 10 deaths after

another crash overnight. And a

thousand homes are still without

power in Sydney this morning after

a violent storm swept across the

city. 11 years ago over 2,000

people boarded the ill-fated

'Titanic' on her maiden voyage from

Southampton to New York. Two-thirds

of those people would perish after

the liner struck an iceberg. Today

over a thousand people are taking

another trip on the MS Balmoral

'Titanic' a cruise which will take

the same path and of those there

were over 100 Australians. Brett

Mason was there to see them off

today. Brett, how was the mood

there? Kath, it was really

interesting. It certainly was quite

eary stand tong very dock where as

you say 100 years ago when the

unsinkable 'Titanic' set off on

that maiden voyage. There have been

passengers from 28 countries who

have travelled here to take part in

that 'Titanic' memorial cruise. It

is a very interesting thing to be

standing there knowing that 100

years ago there were people who

were just as excited about going on

a nice holiday, going on a cruise,

being dressed up, wearing their

best clothes but of course the fate

that awaited them, hopefully, is

much different to the fate that

awaits the many passengers on board

today. Interestingly, 300 plus

Australians on board the 'Titanic'

originally 100 years ago there were

only five Australian passagers.

There are almost as many

Australians on board today's cruise

as British citizens, can you

believe. We spoke to some of them

before they set sail. Really

excited. This has been a dream come

true. We have waited such a long

time just for this moment and glad

it is here. There was five people

from Australia actually on the

'Titanic', three of the people

didn't survive and there were two

survivors, and we felt that it

would be really nice if there was a

group on behalf of the Australians.

I am nervous as. I am really

nervous. I have never been on a

holiday when I have been so nervous.

It has been a long tame waiting.

What what are you nervous about?

Not the number of life rafts, I

hope? No, it has just been the

build up. It has been a long time

and we have been getting ready for

so long. So there are obviously a

few nick willing doubts and

concerns about safety on board the

vessel. As the ship set off you can

see some people on board holding

their life vest just in case but

the crew has been very careful to

reassure passengers that they will

be safe. They will eat, they will

dance, they will wear clothing as

if it was 1912 and then at the very

moment that the 'Titanic' sunk they

will pause above the wreckage, the

wreckage will sit on board that

vessel, they will light candles and

pay tribute to the 1,513 people who

lost their lives 100 years ago this

week. We saw you speaking to system

of the Aussies that are taking this

trip but there are two in

particular that we should point out,

two 'Titanic' tragics from Tennant

Creek. Unbelievable, these two

women have loved the tie taining

their entire lives and when they

heard about this cruise some three

years ago they booked tickets on

board and they actually wrote to

the Commonwealth government, the

Federal Government in Canberra and

said, hang on there were five

Australians on board this ship, we

are going along, we think we should

properly pay tribute to them. At

about 2: 40asm on the anniversary

of the 'Titanic' tragedy the 300

odd Australians will stand around

Lynda and Nar ia from tenet creek

as they -- Tennant Creek as they

lay out a wreath for those

Australians that perished on the

'Titanic'. From the point when the

look out saw the iceberg and the

chance they had that to turn around

it was 36 seconds. They never had a

chance. I am sure that cruise will

go fine. Now, it has been a busy

weekend for the police and we will be crossing happened. Stay with us on Breakfast.

It is Easter Monday here on

Breakfast and it has been a busy

weekend around the country for

police. Our reporters have been

keeping abreast of everything that

has been happening and we are going

to go first to Jono in Brisbane.

There has been some interesting

occurrences in Brisbane? Yes,

absolutely. All too often we here

the cliche scenes out of a

Hollywood movie and this was

exactly that. Around 9:30 last

night two off duty police officers

on their way to work believe they

found a stolen car. Now, the car

has turned around and drove at them.

An officer standing where I was

fired three shots into the car.

There were four men inside. We can

see the quid marks here on the

grass. One man inside the vehicle

has been shot. The car has gone off

the grass back on to the tar, it

has had one of its tyres exploded

and limped some seven or 8km

further down the road to Wooloowin.

Four men inside have been arrested.

Police say this is a major crime

gang which they have captured here.

They believe they are responsible

for around 159 separate incidents.

They say they have been tracking

this group for two months so some

incredible work by police overnight.

Employees in Sydney are working

hard this morning to try to restore

power to thousands of homes after a

huge storm swept through the region

last night. It brought down tree,

powerlines and there were etchen

some reports of hail in the souther

land shire. Also making news,

police are investigating a shooting

in Darlinghurst earlier this

morning. A man was shot in the

shoulder. He is 29 and police are

trying to work out why. Here in

Adelaide, a man was nabbed driving

nearly twice the legal speed limit.

He and his three passengers tried

to explain that they were running

late for a wedding but the police

had no sympathy. There is no word

on whether they made to it the

ceremony either. An outback grazier

who was wiped out by the drought

has turned his hand to fishing.

Recent floods have sent that much

water that he is netting 5 tonnes

of fish a week despite being a thousand kilometrepite being a

thousand kilometres from the

nearest ocean. Good morning, from

Melbourne. A busy night for

firefighters and a few homes going

up a smoke. The fierys did have a

few heroics - saving a bunch of

kittens. There will be a lot less

lycra from around today because the

cycling ended up last night. Things

are looking very good for Anna

Meares for London. Time for a news

hit now on Breakfast. A man is

under police guard in hospital

after he was shot during a car

chase through Brisbane. Police

opened fire on the stolen vehicle

after the driver allegedly tried to

run down officers at Zillmere

around 10 o'clock last night. One

bullet hit a man in the thigh,

another burst a tyre. But the

vehicle didn't stop, leading police

on an erratic pursuit to Wooloowin,

eight kilometres south. The car's

four occupants were finally

arrested and will be charged over

as many as 159 offences. We are

talking everything from stealing,

breaking and enter, certainly ram

raids and armed holdups. It has

just gone 6:30 here on Breakfast.

The Easter road toll has risen to

10 after a 24-year-old man was

killed in a car crash in Victoria.

His vehicle smashed into a power

pole in Geelong, bringing the

number of fatalities in Victoria s

long weekend to three. NSW has also

had three deaths, followed by NT on

2. Queensland and South Australia

have had one each. The Easter road

toll period clocks off at midnight

tonight. Last year the national

total was 21. There's been another

shooting in Sydney making it the

third in just two nights. A 29-

year-old man was shot in the

shoulder at a club in Kings Cross.

He was taken to hospital as police

set up a crime scene. The area has

been searched but police are yet to

make an arrest. Wild weather in

Sydney overnight has badly damaged

a retirement village in the city's

north. Police, the SES and fire and

rescue crews have spent the night

assessing the damage at the North

Turramurra Village which has around

200 units. Large trees toppled

power lines and smashed windows as

heavy rain pelted down. Police say

no-one was injured. The storm

wrecked havoc as it swept over the

city, causing power outages for

around 6.000 homes in Sydney's

north and northwest. The search

will resume this morning for a man

missing from a beach south of Coffs

Harbour in New South Wales. The man

and his friend had been kayaking at

Valla Beach when a wave tipped them

off at around 3 o'clock yesterday.

His friend made it to shore but the

24-year-old has not been seen since.

Cricket, and the Windies are

starting to dominate the first test

against Australia. The Windies are

9/43 nearing stumps on Day two. The

veteran Chanderpaul is in fine form

and he kissed a very flat pitch in

appreciation. The AFL's new boys,

Greater Western Sydney, have been

given a football lesson by North

Melbourne. The Giants travelled to

the Kangaroos' second home in

Hobart, and were thrashed by a

whopping 129 points. The league's

second newest team, the Gold Coast

Suns are also struggling to make

the grade - thrashed last night by

St Kilda. NRL and Akuilla Uate has

bagged a double to give the Knights

a scrappy 14 to 6 victory against

the Eels in Newcastle. It took just

six for the hosts to open the scoring, Uate crossing in the

corner thanks to some weak

Parramatta defence. The winger then

sealed the result, leaving the Eels

cemented to the bottom of the

ladder. And Australia has topped

the medal table at the track

cycling World Championships in

Melbourne. On the final night of competition, Aussie Anna Meares

broke the world record in the 500m

time trial. Meares claimed medals

in all four events she contested,

and set two world records at the

Championships. And after a stormy

eveninging, look at the beautiful

morning that Sydney has woken up to.

Westerly winds have pushed all of

that humid air out and all of the

storms out to sea and now we are

seeing a very crisp start and it is

very cold and you can expect a

beautiful sunny day with a high of

24 degrees. Elsewhere what we have

is the cold front crossing the

south-east. It is bringing cold air

as far north as central Australia

and not only that we have these

very strong south-westerly winds

across much of Tazzie and Victoria

so it is feeling icy koment today.

It is cold enough for snow down to

600m. This high pressure system

generally keeping skies clear

elsewhere and it is also bringing

some very warm temperatures to

western parts of the country. Let's go stay by state now.

As the cold front sweeps across the

south-east it is bringing much

cooler south easterly air across

the state and also bricking some

ice lated showers across the south-

east with possible snow across the

alps later on. Person we may get

the odd shower dropping around

midnight so you should be sleeping

and it is going to be very cold and

windy tomorrow with a southerly

change. But look at Victoria. These

wind spreading throughout leading

to a very cold day. That wind chill

factor is going to make most places

feel like less than 10 degrees

today. Scattered showers on

mountain areas and the possibility

of hail and thunder and the

possibility of snow in the will

pine areas. -- alpine areas. Cold

south-westerly winds and showers

pretty much every in Tasmania,

especially through the west and

south today. Only 12 for Hobart.

South Australian, we have the air

plushing through with isolated

showers through agricultural areas.

We will see those clearing by the

afternoon but it will be a

relatively cool day with only 19

degrees. And in WA it is looking

dry across the south, with an

afternoon shower for Darwin and 34

degrees. There is some fog around

Perth this morning so do take care

on the roads. It is clearing to a

beautiful sunny day with a high of

29 degrees. I will leave you with a

couple of pictures that have been

sent in by our viewers here. We

have this one of the storms last

night. This was sent in by Anthony

Clarke, and then another one of

some of the hail that we actually

saw. That actually isn't large hail

but it is certainly big enough to

cause a little bit of damage. There

you go, guys. It was a busy, busy

night of weather. It looks pretty

large to me. Take one of those in

the skull. No, you wouldn't want

one of those sitting on the boot of

your car. It is large enough to

cause damage but - How much is a

large one? That looks to me like

marble size, right? Yeah, but you

can get baseball size. I just have

to make a note - the Windies are

9/448. Clearly, if Chanderpaul a

century, it wasn't - What? No,

9/448. What is the penalty for

getting that wrong in the news like

that? Usually you have to buy

someone a slab of beer when you get

something wrong on the set. I am

not sure it was Kath's fault. Even

still, she is the last peg in the

board. You are in the trenches.

There might have been a lot of

artillery behind you - No, that is

fine. It is my name and face that

go out there so let's get it right,

shall we? I was trying to help you

find the other name and face that

we can shame? No, we have a lot of

great people who work here and

sometimes some of the things go

through to the keeper - pardon the

pun. In the old days we used to

give people a right slapping for

doing something like that. You just

did. We specifically do that in the

old days. A review of the penalty

system when you do something wrong

in the street and you are given a

penalty, it has been conducted in

NSW. This covers all kind of things

from road indiscretions to just

normal living indiscretions, like

jaywalking. Do you know you can

actually be fined for jaywalking?

Not just told off. Absolutely. The

next minute you have a chit in your

hand. I know that people think this

is just a form of revenue gathering.

A lot of people think that. This is

only NSW but it must happen

everywhere. In 2009/ 2010 1 83

million notices were put out and on

average only 1% of people who get

tickets bother to go to court

because I think you give up the

will to live. You just pay it and

move on, don't you? I have written

in sometimes because I get a lot of

these. Do you know, what do you

think - what do you think the fine

is nor spitting on a railway track

in NSW? I have read this so I know.

I would say under 200, between 180

and 200. It is 400, $400 for

spitting on a railway track. But

you know for in Hong Kong or

Singapore you go to jail for

spitting in public. So people

actually come to NSW from Hong Kong

and Singapore to spit on the

railway tracks for $400, bring it

on!! It is $353 for running a red

light. It is a little bit out of

proportion there. It is a bit more

dangerous than spitting on a

railway track. The number of

penalties is growing for a range of

offences including putting your

feet on a train seat. That is fair

enough. That is a bit grubby. I

mean we have all done it, throw.

The Henry hot line, given how many

offences there are in this state,

you are probably breaking within

right now. You can expect to

receive one right now. There will

7,000 different offences in NSW

that you can commit. For example,

smoking on beaches. You can be

fined for that but so few people

are and that is something that gets

my goat up when you get people

smoke on the beach. But you don't

want to be fining people all the

time, though, because take away

murder there is still 6,999 other

things thaw you can do that will

result in a fine. Coming up shortly

we are going to talk to the police

about things on the road, the death

toll stands at ten so far. Still

half of what last year, so we seem

to be travelling quite well but

still everyone is on the roads

today. Plenty of time left. And

also we have some sports news, obviously a big weekend

It is great to have you with us for

Breakfast on this holiday Monday

for many. It is a holiday Monday.

Towards the end of this holiday

weekend as you will know from the

news the road toll stands at the

moment across Australia at 10. It

was 21 by the end of the period

last year. So how are things going

on the roads? The police have

launched special procedures,

obviously double demerit points.

Are people heeding warning. We are

going to take a tour around the

country now. Inspector Phil Brooks

joins me in the studio. Generally

speaking has it been good? We are

going very well. We have issued

over 7,300 speed offences and seat

belt offences but our accidents and

injurys are down on this time last year.

Which is all good news. Do you

think it has been well advertised

that it is double demerit points,

does that make a real difference? I

think it does, it is a deterrent.

Although we have identified that

throughout the campaign but it is

an effective deterrent.

There was a whole thing that you

were focusing on, excess speed,

drink driving and drug driving and

other. Has that been a major

problem? It has. Certainly drug

driving overnight police at

Fairfield have identified a fellow

who virtually fell out of his car

and they took him off to hospital

for further testing. I am not as

well up to spec on all the

different events that you had in

NSW but I have had a look at a few

of them. The 83-year-old driving at

15km/hr in a 100kmkm but it gets

worse than that. In our State's

south-west on the Lauchlan highway

the police have intercepted 0.152

in a random breath test. Luckily

the police were able to get him out

of the car before he could have

gone off and had a young an

accident. And while they were,

there a young fellow coming back

159 in a 100 zone. Did they know

they were being stopped - they were

only going 15K. That and being

stopped by police is little? That

is right but luckily they were

there to stop him.

It is traditionally the time when

people head home. What is the

message for people returning from

holidays? We are hoping that people

have had eight hour's sleep and

coming back down the various

roadways back into Sydney, we are

asking people to stop, revive and

survive every two hours, take

advantage of the food outlets and

driver reviver stations all

throughout the NSW road network.

That is a brilliant idea. The thing

about them is that they are free so

that people if they don't want to

be revived they do stop. Nothing

like passing by a free bottle of

water. That is right. Thank you

very much. Superintendent Neville

Taylor will be joining us in just a

moment but we will go to Queensland right now, to Superintendent Andy

Morrow. Thanks for your time.

Generally speaking how have things

been in Queensland? We have had a

fairly good Easter break thus far.

We have to be very, very careful. I

think fril from New South

Welshmenioned the fact that people

really do need to stay focused on

the task. People are returning from

their holiday breaks so we urge

people to stay focused on the roads.

We have had one fatality so far

this Easter break but we still have

some period of time to go. I would

urge people to remain focused on

the task and remember the fatal

four didn't don't speed, wear your

seat belt, have plenty of rest and

don't drink and drive. We have

talked a lot about fatigue. Have

you noticed that being a problem on

the roads in your area this Easter

break? Well, there is always the

potential for it, particularly

where you have long stretches to

drive. There are people that take holidays and they are not

necessarily Queenslanders, they

could come from any part of the

country and they could be driving

very, very long distances. That is,

I guess, the price to pay for

having such an expensive -

expansive continent that we have.

But driving is a very dangerous

thing and without a break you have

putting yourself and other road

users at risk. I don't want to make

light of this, but of the incidents

that I have seen from your area

there is nothing quite as

entertaining as the 83-year-old at

15kmkm but you did have a 121-year-

old P-Plater clocked at 206km/hr

who had already lost their licence

for speeding. Yeah, sometimes we

really do scratch our heads. We

look for all sorts of messages, we

look for all sorts of campaigns and

then you will get one of these out

of the blew speeds that you really

have to scratch your head and think

what more can we tell people and

what more can we do, enforcement

action has been taken in many cases

against people who drive at these

speeds, they loose their licences,

but we just have this hard nub of

individuals who seem to be

impervious to our attempts to get

them to see reason. That sort of

speed is just entirely unreasonable

relevant there is no justification

forivity. It is dangerous. We have

had other examples, we have speed

of 172km/hr in a 100 zone on a

motorcycle. The speed they travel

at there is very little in the way

of safety. You are sitting on an

explosive device - If you have an

dent on a motorcycle at that speed

you are not just hurt you are dead

presumably. That is it. Just to

give us an idea, what are the

potential penalties for someone who

has already lost their licence for

speeding, caught doing that sort of

speed? Well, depending on the type

of licence suspension or loss that

has cook occurred it could be

anything through unlicensed driving

to disqualified driving. The charge

that the person could face may not

be a speeding charge. A lot of

people seem to make this mistake

that a lot of charges is a speeding

charge. There is a thing called a

dangerous operation of a motor

vehicle, and so people can be

charge and potentially go to jail

for driving in ways that are

potentially or objectively quite

dangerous. Yeah, well, likewise

with Phil, all the very best for-

to-you. It will be a big day at

your end so good luck to you and

all your people. Thank you for

joining us this morning. Thank you.

Let's go to Victoria now a

Superintendent Neville Taylor joins

us. Good to have you with us. Been

a busy breaktor you so far? -- far

you so far. Yes, thank you very

much it is good to join you with me

colleagues from the northern States.

Similar sore stories here in

Victoria although it has been very

hard to us that we had another loss

of night overnight last night and

our investigators are still looking

at. That but, look, a young 24-

year-old local fellow from a small

country town in western Victoria

has lost his life and from what I

am told already this looks like one

of those extraordinarily high speed,

totally - behaviour that just

shouldn't happen. This is one that

we scratch our heads at times and

say this is so unnecessary. Outside

of that, look, the same sort of

stories as my colleagues have said.

We have a lot of people on the

roads, we know they are packing up

this morning and heading home from

holidays. So our challenge today is

to be out in force to, make sure

that people see our people

everywhere and you speed, if you

are drinking and driving we are

there to take you off the road. The

same message - two hours of driving

it is time to have a break. Make

the most of driver reviver stops.

The SES, the Lines club they are

out there to give you a coffee and

get you home safely. It is still

shreer that the drink drive message

is getting through to people - you

are catching many fewer people for

the number that you are stopping?

Look, we do and drink driving,

random breath testing is done at

such a high rate and whilst over

Easter we see a little over 500

people that we found to be overthe

limit, we find that a lot of those

people, they are people who are

just pushing the limb and they are

making the wrong decision to think

they might be right to drive when

in actual fact they are not. The

strong message to people there is

that drinking and driving simply

does not go together at all. If you

are go to have a drink or if you

have had a big night last night

don't get up and drive first thing

this morning. A lot of people

thinks that a few hours is all it

needs but it takes a bit longer

than that. Superintendent Neville

Taylor thank you very much for

joining us. All the best to you and

your people out there on the roads

today for what will be a very big

day, I am sure. Thanks very much.

Did your football team do what it

was supposed to do on the weekend?

I am sure you mean that is win.

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whole footy season. Stay with us.

Right now it is time to wrap up

what happened in sound six of the

NRL which isn't over there is

another game on tonight. And the

AFL AFL matches. First, Jason

Steven joins me this morning. Hello.

Say hello to everyone. Viewers. He

is the Cronulla great and also

international rugby league star.

Let's go to Friday night, the

tigers who were once pipped to be

the team to beat have now lost five

in a row against Broncos. I

remember pre-season all the talk

about resigning Tim Sheens and how

confident they were this was going

to be their year, and it couldn't

be a worse start to the year. In

saying that the Broncos were outstanding. Particularly Peter

Wallace, Justin Hodges. All the

talk before pre-season was Lockyer,

how are we going to go without him,

but they are vis into the challenge.

There is a lot of people vieing for

those five iegt spots. Now, the

sharks got over the dragons but

this is the Sharks of old, isn't it.

It was a packed stadium which is

great. I think there was 21,000,

almost a record which almost

equaled the last game I played

there which was a record crowd.

Gowan outstanding, we finished off

well. If the Sharks finished off

well we would have been six zip,

but obviously we are going great.

We have a new sponsor, no more doom

and gloom for the Sharks, I reckon

we have a top four contender. My

goodness, people in the shire will

be losing it that they will be in

the final. The Panthers versus the

Sea Eagles, is this do-or-die after

three losss in a row? I think if

you have lost the first four in the

six no one has got the finals. It

has been such - there is daily

Sherri evens. They have had an

unsettling year, so they really

need to win tonight, I think they

will win tonight. I - I hope so.

They need to get back on track.

That will be on this afternoon. Now

to Nathan Templeton with all things

talking AFL. And obviously another

big match for the AFL tonight,

Geelong versus Hawthorne. Who are

you picking in this one? Look, my

head says Hawthorne but my heart

always says Geelong. They are

expecting between 70 and 80,000

people at the MCG this afternoon

and I am hoping I might be one of

them if my boss lets me knock off

early enough. This should be an

absolute classic, two of the

genuine premiership continders and

they have built a great rivalrys

over the last few years. A number

of the Cats vowed they would never

loose to Hawthorne again and so far

they haven't. In evidence seven

matches Geelong has won every one

but the average margin as only been

ten points so they have played some

absolute classics and no reason to

think that today will be any

different. A great game to round

out the long weekend, and a nice

tie. Not impartial at all. Now, the

Suns and the Giants got smashed on

the weekend. Is this what we can

expect, it is more of a training

run when they get around to playing

those guys? Yes, unfortunately

yesterday was the complete opposite

of what we were expecting today. It

was uncompetitive and it wasn't a

great show case. First the Giants

went down to Hobart to play against

North Melbourne and they got belted

by 129 points. Plenty for Kevin

Sheedy to think about. And last

night the Suns got beaten by St

Kilda by 922 points. They are very

young sides -- 92 points. They are

very young sides and we did think

this this would happen. It is not a

great advertisement for the game

yesterday. Hopefully they get to

the point where everyone is

expecting them to get to a lot

quicker than they are at the moment.

A big weekend in fighting, brawling,

what is going on your code, Nathan?

Obviously Richmond were the first

team to get involved in a brawl.

Clearly, the toughest sport in the

world and I am sure that Jason will

grew with that, but Saturday night

it was fight night at the MCG.

Richmond and Collingwood players

had a half-time brawl. From the

vision we could see there were not

too many punches thrown or landed,

but the Match Review Panel will go

through with a fine tooth comb,

they might be able to pick out some

players to be reported. But you can

guarantee one thing, they will be

filling their cough fers. The

players will be coughing up for

plenty of fines after that one. It

will be a busy weekend at the

judiciary, that big hit on Jack

Grimes, it was Beau Waters who did

that, wasn't it? Yeah. A few big

hits but this is the one they will

look at close limit a couple of

years ago this would be deemed a

perfect bump but they are very big

at makes the players sack co sant.

I think that is just a good old

fashions bump and a lot of old

timers would probably agree. I am

sure Jason wouldn't think that is

anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks for your time this morns guy,

a couple of big games on today.

Thanks. It has just gone 7 o'clock

here on Breakfast. Time for some

news. A man's been shot in the leg

during a dramatic police chase in

Brisbane. Four men have been

arrested. Breakfast reporter

Jonathan Lea is in Brisbane. Jono,

what more can you tell us? Kath,

police have justifiably very proud

of themselves this morning. They

say for the past two months they

have been tracking a group of ram

raiders in and around Brisbane and

it culminated right here. A group

of police officers on their way to

work follow what they believed to

be a stolen car. They got them

caught in a dead-end street. The

car came at the officers. The

officer here pinned against the

wall fired three shots into the

veebgd. When went through the car.

We can see where the car has gone

off the dotted lines are still on

the road. Police followed it 7 or 8

km and they allege that a number of

the items stolen were thrown at the

police on the which. Some of those

items stolen are believed to have

be thrown at police. 7 or 8km away

police apprehended the men when the

car grounded to a halt. One man had

a bullet in his thigh. Three others

were also arrested. Police very

proud of themselves this morning.

The national Easter road toll has

risen to 10 after a man drove into

a power pole at Geelong in Victoria.

Last year the national total was 21.

Breakfast spoke to Inspector Phil

Brooks from the NSW Police a short

time ago. He says things are

looking better on the roads

compared to last Easter. We are

going very well. We have issued

over 7,3,700 speed offences and

4,000 seat belt offences but our

accidents and injurys are down on this time last year.

Around a thousand Sydney homes are

still without power this morning

after a violent thunderstorm swept

over the city. Power was cut across

Sydney's north and northwest for a

number of hours as strong winds

downed power lines and trees last

night. Lightning strikes lit up the

sky and heavy rain pelted down

causing an awning to blow off a

Cabramatta home. A retirement

village in North Turramurra was

also badly hit, causing severe

damage. The Department of

Immigration has confirmed a small

group of asylum seekers are on a

hunger strike at a Darwin detention

centre. They took action after

being denied a visit by supporters,

who had arranged to bring them

books and Easter Eggs as a treat.

The group of seven human rights

activists were arrested before they

could see the detainees at Wickham

Point. The asylum seekers are now

refusing food in protest. Hopefully

you'll never get to experience life

behind bars in Victoria, but

apparently the mattresses are too

thin and the food is bad. Five

members from the Office of

Correctional Services took 26 days

to visit 15 jails, surveying 1,00

inmates. Prisoners also used the

survey to complain about boredom,

low pay and delays in waiting for

medical treatment. But there were

compliments about their cells, the gardens, the relaxed environment,

access to phones and the recreation

on offer. NRL and Melbourne remain

undefeated in 2012 after thumping

the Cowboys 42 points to 18 in

Townsville. The Storm rained all

over Aaron Payne's 200th game for

North Queensland. Will Chambers,

Kevin Proctor and Matt Duffie all

scored doubles in the 8 tries to 3

thrashing. Duffie scored his second

try with a sensational leap AFL

players would be proud of. The

AFL's Match Review Panel has a busy

day ahead. Several Collingwood and

Richmond players can expect lighter

wallets, after the league takes a

closer look at their half time

melee. West Coast's Beau Waters

could also come under scrutiny, for

this heavy bump on Melbourne

captain Jack Grimes. South African

golfer Louis Ossthaizen leads by 2

shots during the final round at US

Masters in Augusta. Australia's

Adam Scott produced one of the

shots of the day, when he shaped a

7 iron to the 16th hole. His ace

was the second made on that hole in

the final round. Scott followed

that with two more birdies to

finish at 4 under par. Phil

Mickelson's winning chances took a

hit when he triple-bogeyed the 4th

hole. And finally, Hollywood

heartthrob Zac Efron has been

causing a stir in Sydney ahead of

his movie premiere tonight. The

"High School Musical" star is down

under for the Australian premiere

of his new flick "The Lucky One" at

Bondi Junction. But yesterday he

sent hearts a flutter when he was

spotted eating his breakfast sans

shirt on the balcony of his Sydney

hotel. Efron plays a US marine in

this latest romantic film written

by the same author of 'The

Notebook'. After the warmest start

to April on record, Sydney's Easter

Sunday ended with thunderstorms. With some torrential downfalls.

They started to develop during

yesterday during the late afternoon,

swooping across most suburbs of

Sydney and they were pretty much

over by 8 o'clock in the evening

but they definitely did bring a lot

of rain to a lot of areas and also

some hail which did cause damage.

Now, today 2 other main weather

story is the cold front that is

crossing south-eastern Australia.

You can see those powerful winds

moving through much of Tasmania and

Victoria but they are spreads as

far north as areas of central us so

that cold air is going to make a

real difference especially to your

mornings over the next few days.

Not only are we seeing very strong

winds but chilly temperatures and

scattered showers and even the

chance of some hail and

thunderstorms. It is cold enough

for snow, down to 600m in Tazzie

today and also for the Victorian

and NSW alps. What you will notice

tomorrow is that we will see a very

strong southerly change moving up

the NSW coastline leading to very dangerous conditioleading to very

dangerous conditions out on the

waters and also very cold day for

Sydney. It is also going to be very windsy too.

Now, this is the predicted rainfall

over the next 24 hours.

Now a quick check of your cap tail

cities. -- capital cities.

I will leave you with a couple of

moe foes that have been sent in by

Andrew Booth and these are of the

Sydney thunderstorms. As you will

see there was plenty of lightning

and and there was sometor remember

shall downpours and hail out of

those storms as well. I was on the

phone last night and I had to hang

up because I couldn't hear the

other person on the line, the

thunder was just so loud. On 15

December 2010 a wooden vessel in

rough weather crashed at Christmas

Island. There were 90 asylum

seekers on board. 50 were killed.

Adults and children. This little

boy is now ten years old, he was

one of the survivorers but his

father and mother perished on that

day. Antoinette Lattouf has been

covering his story and joins us now

with Claudia Tazreiter, from the

centre of refugee research. Tell us

about that, the tragedy was

enormous. Sinna was sent back to

the refugee facility I, the

detention facility at Christ mald

Island. A couple of months later

his father was to be bury and his

mothers woddy was unfortunately

never recovered and there was a big

debate as to whether asylum seekers

should be flown to Sydney for the

funeral. When he did attend I think

everybody remembers the images, the

harrowing immanages and I think we

have some of them. A 9-year-old boy

crying absolutely devastated at the

loss of his parents. After that

there was quite a big debate as to

whether a boy who has been such a

traumatic experience should be sent

back to a detention centre with no

carers. At a refugee centre such as

the one on Christmas Island are

they able to cater for people's

emotional well being because you

can only begin to imagine the

horror of what he went there

getting there, let alone losing his

mother and father? The detention

facilities do have trauma counsels

as part of the centre but it has

been an ongoing debate in Australia as to whether long-term detention

should - is a good policy and

particularly when it pertains to

the detention of children. I think

we can see these sorts of issues

that when people are released they

have ongoing issues that relate

specifically to the experiences of

detention. So there is much research that is accumulated over

the now 20 years that Australia has

been practising mandatory detention

of asylum seekers that the

detention itself traumatises these

people who are already in fragile

state. Here you have a situation,

for a start this is a child. Mm.

You have the situation of what must

be an unimaginable horrific journey,

even if it ends successfully, it

still must be a traumatic journey.

Then row have the horror of leasing

his parents, the horror of

survivoring himself and then the

horror of a detention centre.

That's right. And this is the

dilemma that Australian society and

the policy makers face is that we

know that refugees come from

traumatic backgrounds already. They

are fleeing usually conflict and

violence and so the journey, as you

say, can be quite traumatic and the

last thing that should happen is

that we should retraumatise these

people when they arrive, thinking

that the overwhelming majority of

people that who do arrive in

Australian are found to be genuine

refugees and then settle in the

Australian community. Which means

the longer term prospects of how

people fair once they are released

is we can expect that it takes them

longer to adjust. Right. We will

talk about how he is adjusting in

just a minute but you have spoken

to him recently? Yeah, he is now

ten years old, a brave boy. He

talks about how for the first four

days at Christmas Island he would

just cry and he would continue

going to the gates thinking that

his people would come from the

hospital and they would be already.

He talks about what he saw. He saw

his mother drown and he tried to

save her. I saw my dad dive - I

didn't see my dad die in the water

but I saw my mum die. I put my hand

in the water to save her life,

but... But... When I swim over to

help her I saw she was die. What at

extraordinary thing for a young

child to have to go through, on top

of everything else, to be so

intimately involved in that moment,

watching his mother die and not

being able to help her. And he

spent another two months in

detention. There was a lot of

debate to release hem into extended

family in Western Sydney where he

is now living but he spent another

two months in detention after that

and he didn't know who to talk to

so he just cried. He is saving for

an iPad. I asked him if he had

tried vegemite or sausage rolls and

thing likes that, I said, "How are

you settling into Australian

schools and Australian life", and

this is how he responded. I have

money but I can't waste any because

I am trying to buy one iPad, that

is why. That is what you are saving

up for? Yes. That is why he hasn't

had any sausage rolls at the

canteen because he is saving up for

an iPad. If you were doing a report

card just on this one boy and how

Australia has treated him, how

would you detail the report card?

The report card would have to say

that the experience of playing a

boy like Si, na back into detention

after the deaths of his parents is

very regrettable. In the case of

Sinnaa in the case of many other

children who are still in detention

it is really not good enough. That

the Labor government did promise

when it came to power in 2007 that

it would amend mandatory detention,

and particularly the dennion of

children, and many children are now

in community detention.

Unfortunately some are still held

in detention facilities.. A lot of

Australians do have very different

views. A lot of people say that

charity begins at home you look at

your own people first. These people

chose to come here. Should churn,

should they be handled differently

than the adults because they had no

say in it at all? Children

shouldn't be in detention but

detention isn't good for anyone and

because the parents are in

detention, the children must also

be held in detention until such

time as the parents are released or

if they are not found to be

refugees then sent back. But my

view is that it is not a very good policy approach and Australia is

one of the only countries that has

this mandatory long-term approach

of asylum seekers. Well, this is a

very challenging conversation for

many people, I think. Thank you

both very much for joining us this

morning. Seeing those pictures that

boat smashing up against Christmas

Island it is enduring and haunting,

it is a story that will stay with

many of us for such a long time. If

you think about the situation on a

boat like that, even if it ends

comparatively well, it just must be

such a nightmare journey,

particularly for children because

they can't completely put together

exactly what is going on, what they

can't imagine what the end of the

journey is going to be like. Adults

would find it hard to process. We

will have that exclusive story from

whrat Latakia on Ten News tonight

at -- Antoinette Lattouf on Ten

News tonight at 5. Coming up we

will be checking in with

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A cold start in Melbourne but

feeling a lot cooler because of the

winds. A few showers as well, not

across the city but mainly in the

eastern and the western suburbs.

The City itself protected. Possible

hail and thunder, too. Today's top

stories. Police say the number of

accidents and deaths on the roads

this Easter is significantly down

on last year. A man's in hospital

after being shot during a police

chase through Brisbane. And the

Pope has used his traditional

Easter mass to push for peace in

Syria. Well, time now to check in

with our reporters around the

country and police in Brisbane are

pretty happy with themselves today.

They have arrested four men on 159

alleged offences