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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - over the death of Ted Kennedy. America's heartbreak to make Australians healthier. Tax hikes recommended to English Football. And hooliganism returns This is Seven Early News VOICEOVER: with Natalie Barr. Good morning. across the US Flags are flying at half mast Senator Ted Kennedy. in honour of the late with brain cancer yesterday, The 77-year-old lost his battle in the country's political history. ending an iconic chapter joins us now. Correspondent Mike Amor paid tribute to Ted Kennedy? Mike, how have Americans

the Camelot period of American Remember this is the last link to All Americans are feeling his death.

politics, praz as close as this

country has come to royalty. It is

important to remember that he was

only one of the Ken Di brothers that this country got to see grow old.

heights that his brothers had, his Although he didn't get to see the

contribution was greater. He was

loved by both sides and everybody paid tribute. You can see the flags flying at half mast at the White House and Congress. The Vice-President shed a tear when talking about his dear friend Barack Obama who owes his presidency talking about his dear friend and

to Ted Kennedy's support also spoke

about his death today. Let's have a listen. the opportunity we were denied His fight has given us were taken from us - when his brothers John and Robert to say thank you and goodbye. the blessing of time gratitude and fond memories The outpouring of love, to which we've all borne witness is a testament to the way in American history a singular figure touched so many lives. been announced? Have funeral arrangements

don't know whether the funeral Nat, we don't know the day and we

service will be held in his native Massachusetts or Washington, DC. We

know he will be laid to rest at

to be national cemetery. He will be know he will be laid to rest at arlg laid only metres from his two slain brothers. He gets the honour of being buried in Arlington and it is

an honour and it is very

that he is laid to rest so close to an honour and it is very fitting

his two older brothers. How will Ted Kennedy be remembered by Australia?

across the world. It is important to He did so much for this country and

remember that he introduced the bill to Congress to bring sanctions against south Africa and heavily involved in the peace process in Ireland and bringing an end to communism to Russia. He also thought

of Australia as a close friend. US Administration at any time, Whatever the colour of the of the Australian Government whatever the colour politically at any time, was always a friend of Australia Ted Kennedy and the alliance.

We all knew he was gravely ill but His death didn't come as a surprise. this is a story that will dominate the news here today. Thanks for the update. police officers Dozens of State and Federal have taken over Sydney Airport, of the domestic terminal closing off part and a car park overnight. tight-lipped about the operation, Authorities are remaining to an ongoing investigation. except to say it relates between rival bikie gangs A wild brawl in March. broke out in the domestic terminal was bludgeoned to death. Anthony Zervas a senior Hell's Angels member, His brother, has been charged over the fight, 11 Comanchero bikie members. along with will not be disrupted This morning's flight schedule in about half an hour. with services to begin as normal would be dramatically increased Alcohol and cigarette taxes to make Australians healthier. as part of a range of proposals Preventative Health Task Force Kevin Rudd's in the price of 30 cigarettes. has suggested a $5 increase and problem drinkers Cheap alcohol targeted at teens could also be made more expensive. The taskforce has recommended to poorer communities meal vouchers be given to encourage healthy eating. with the food industry A Government partnership is also being considered of everyday supermarket items. to improve the nutritional value is in turmoil Australia's military justice system to be unconstitutional. after the High Court ruled it sexually offensive behaviour A sailor charged with towards an officer the military court's jurisdiction challenged to hear his case. ruling the institution is invalid. Today the High Court agreed, to getting this right. I'm very, very committed heard before the military court More than 200 cases are now in doubt. over the next few days Funeral services will be held killed in the Kokoda plane crash after the bodies of nine Australians were returned home. from Papua New Guinea A Hercules carrying their remains stopped in Brisbane Keith Gracie and Dr June Canavan where the bodies of Queenslanders were taken off. that she loved, She's back in the place all over the world, even though she liked tramping she still called Australia home at least she'll be at rest now. so it's good in that respect The plane then flew to Melbourne who died. to take home the seven Victorians One of our top advertisers says on Australia's best assets getting everyone to agree of creating a new tourism campaign. will be the hardest part with a new national brand The ad agency that comes up to sell Australia to the world will get $20 million. you got Victoria upset, If you show a palm tree, you got Brisbane upset, if you show a tram, to represent everyone. so it's quite difficult to be launched early next year. Australia's new brand is expected to English Football Hooliganism has returned between West Ham and Millwall fans. after a clash A man was stabbed outside the ground when fights started while hundreds invaded the pitch. many hoped were confined These are images of English football. to an inglorious past the spectre of hooliganism But last night in the English game. reared its head once again to watch the Carling Cup tie Violence broke out as fans gathered between London rivals West Ham and Millwall and it lasted for several hours. As police in riot gear tried to contain the violence, they came under sustained attack as bottles and bricks were thrown. Numerous fans were left bloodied and bruised. One man was taken to hospital after being stabbed in the leg. I never seen such a hostile atmosphere in Green Street before a match. It was really intimidating, so... Just ruined the game when they ran on. But hey, we won. We all tried getting on and that. West Ham had to do what they had to do but looks like it's all over now. The two East London clubs have a history of fierce rivalry but this the first time they've met since a Cup match in 2005. According to police, this was large-scale organised violence with rival sets of supporters pre-arranging to clash outside Upton Park. During the game itself, stewards tried, but failed, to prevent West Ham fans from invading the pitch. After the match, Millwall fans were kept in the ground for their own safety before being escorted out. Despite criticism, police insist they had been fully prepared for trouble in this match but the sheer scale of the disorder was a shock to everyone. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather. Brisbane will be fine. Sydney will be mostly sunny. A partly cloudy day on the way for Melbourne. Fine in Canberra. Showers in Hobart with snow expected in the mountains. Fine today in Adelaide. Darwin will be partly cloudy. A sunny day in Perth. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the medical secrets female doctors want other women to know. But next on Seven Early News, new relief for asthma sufferers. And Spaniards paint the town red.

You're watching Seven's Early News. A young Queensland man has been found dead in Rome. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says the 20-year-old died in the Italian capital's Trastevere district on Wednesday. Consular staff in Canberra have been in contact with the man's family. Italian media says the man suffered a severe head wound and his body was found in the Tiber River. North and South Korea have begun their first diplomatic talks in nearly two years. The discussions, organised by the Red Cross, are aimed at reuniting families who were separated during the Korean War. The North stopped reunions almost two years ago after the South ended unconditional aid handouts. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans still don't know if missing family members are alive on the other side of the border. More than 600 firefighters are battling a huge blaze which broke out in a national park in California. Several bushwalkers and boy scouts were evacuated from the area as the wildfire quickly spread. Hundreds of acres were destroyed in a matter of minutes. And the small Spanish town of Bunyol has been painted red for the annual Tomatina Festival. An estimated 20,000 people squeezed into the streets for the food fight. More than 110kg of tomatoes were destroyed. Today's celebration is the focal point of a week-long food festival. The tradition dates back to 1945 when a food fight broke out in a local restaurant. Australian doctors have discovered simple vocal exercises can help asthma sufferers breathe easier. A vocal chord condition makes the illness worse for many chronic patients but it's easy to diagnose and treat. Eunie Flintoff's been crippled by chronic asthma for more than 30 years. (WHISTLES) But simple exercises like these have changed that. It was a big surprise to me. I just thought, well, I've been like it for 30 years and all of a sudden there's an open up light to the tunnel. Using a high-definition scanner, doctors at Melbourne's Monash Hospital found that many cases of severe asthma were made worse by a condition known as vocal chord dysfunction. In these individuals, the vocal chords narrow down during breathing out. They can narrow down so far that one patient described it as "like breathing through a straw". The scanner does away with the need for uncomfortable and complex invasive tests. The new procedure takes just 10 seconds. And once diagnosed, the problem's fixed using voice training. We can make a massive difference in a month for patients who've been on drugs for many years. Doctors say all of the initial group diagnosed with vocal chord dysfunction have reported a significant improvement in their symptoms and none have required any further hospital treatment. For Eunie, it's also meant big budget savings as she's cut back on her medication. You're a lot more relaxed. Doctors are now expanding their study to include mild and moderate asthma sufferers. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - a live performance from the stage musical 'Wicked'. But next on Seven Early News, the Wests Tigers finals hopes in disarray. And Ricky Ponting returns home to answer his critics. The stories we're following on the Early News: flags are flying at half mast across the US in honour of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. The 77-year-old lost his battle with brain cancer yesterday. Alcohol and cigarette taxes would be dramatically increased as part of a range of proposals to make Australians healthier. A Health Task Force has also recommended meal vouchers be given to poorer communities to encourage healthy eating. Hooliganism has returned to English Football after a clash between West Ham and Millwall fans. A man was stabbed when fights started outside the ground, while hundreds invaded the pitch. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting says he wants another crack at the Ashes despite losing the series for a second time in England. Ponting arrived home last night for a 10-day break, still sporting the scars from the fifth Test at The Oval. My hunger is as good as ever. I'm more determined now to be a better player and a better captain as a result of what's just happened over the next few months. With Michael Clarke waiting in the wings, Ponting is prepared to play without the captaincy. If that's with a C not to my name, well and good. If not, as I said, I still think I've got a lot to offer particularly to a lot of the younger guys that are in and around our setup at the moment. Wicketkeeper Brad Haddin will undergo surgery on a broken finger today, ruling him out of the limited overs against England. The West Tigers' season is in disarray after the NRL judiciary enforced a 3-match ban on Bryce Gibbs. Already severely stricken by injury, the Tigers were pinning their faint finals hopes on the tough prop successfully arguing for a downgrade. But the judiciary didn't budge on the grade 2 dangerous contact charge for kneeing Parramatta winger Luke Burt. We paid a very heavy price on the night for the 8-point try and now add into that a 3-game suspension for Bryce as accidental contact for what is accepted as an accidental contact is, you know, a tough one for us. The season is all but over for Gibbs unless the Tigers make it to the second week of the finals. The Melbourne Storm board is expected to give the green light for Greg Inglis to resume playing for the club this weekend. Directors will make a decision today about whether to lift their indefinite playing ban on the league super star. Yesterday the court adjourned the Inglis assault case until after the end of the season. Brett Stewart will replace at fullback for Manly on Sunday against the Sharks is happy to make way. If he wasn't ready to go, he wouldn't be playing so we're all very confident and very, very happy to have him back. Stewart returns after 18 weeks with a knee injury. The Hawks will make a desperate final effort to clear Lance Franklin to play in Saturday's finals qualifier against Essendon. Franklin was shattered after the AFL tribunal banned him for two matches for this hit on Ben Cousins so tonight Hawthorn is hoping the Appeals Board will overturn that decision. The winner of Saturday's clash will sneak into the top eight. And they've cracked the whip at the Blues. Cameron Cloke, Eddie Betts and Jeff Garlett all suspended for being tardy, the coach says it's the wake-up call they had to have. If it wasn't for a phone call, I don't know if they would have turned up so they paid the full whack. And Geelong will de-list out-of-luck defender Matthew Egan who hasn't recovered from a broken foot suffered two years ago. And good news in Australian rowing with the men's quad scull through to the semifinals of the World Championships in Poland. The crew of Dan Noonan, David Crawshay, Jared Bidwell and Nick Hudson qualifying through their repechage. And Nat, Audi Hamilton Island Race Week continues today. More from here on the island coming up in 'Sunrise'. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at Thursday's weather forecast.

It's coming up to 6:00 so let's see what's ahead on 'Sunrise'. Here are Kochie and Mel. Nat, there have been plenty of tributes overnight for Ted Kennedy. America has lost a political legend. But does his passing also mark the end of the Kennedy dynasty? This morning we'll hear from the US and from our Foreign Affairs Editor, Keith Suter. Also, the 13-year-old who wants to sail solo around the world. Child Protection Authorities are trying to stop her. So, is she too young? Plus, it might look funny but this man's stunt in a monkey suit landed him in court. We'll find out why. We've got a health special too. This morning, the five medical secrets female doctors want other women to know. And there's plenty on the entertainment front, including a live performance from the hit stage show 'Wicked'. Catch you shortly for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. Showers will develop through coastal South Australia, spreading into western Victoria later tonight. Temperatures will increase through much of New South Wales and Victoria. Around the capitals: Brisbane will be fine. Sydney will be mostly sunny. A partly cloudy day for Melbourne. Fine in Canberra. Showers in Hobart with snow expected in the mountains. Fine today in Adelaide. Darwin will be partly cloudy. A sunny day in Perth. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia