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Tonight, left for dead - the hunt

for a driver who ran down an

elderly man and sped off. As a

human being, to come forward and

get it off your mind, get it off

your chest, to give the family of

this gentleman some closure.

The Government steps in to keep one

of Victor Chang's killers behind

bars. I think a great injustice has

been done to the Chang family and

the community generally.

Also, paying the price for seaside

changing coastline. living - the grim forecast for our

And the glamour girls leading the

fight for a body image overhaul.

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also, an

accused sexual predator faces a

string of new charges.

And marking a milestone - why

Australia's oldest worker refuses

to retire. I hope I live for

another 90 and cop it again.

But first, the hunt for the driver

who hit an elderly man on a walking

frame then sped off and left him to frame then sped off and left h)

die on the road. The victim was in

his 80s. He couldn't use a nearby

pedestrian overpass because the

lifts are constantly out of order.

lifts are constantly out of order.

His walking frame is left where he

was hit, but the full speed impact

hurled the elderly man 35 metres.

His injuries suggest he was almost

across the road when he was struck.

Witnesses say the driver stopped -

but only for a moment. Basically,

they've just said, "You've been

hit involved in this crash, you've just

hit this person." They've then been

busy calling 000 and he's just

jumped back in his car and driven

off. The driver is described as

Caucasian, in his 30s, with brown

hair, a long sleeved brown T-shirt

and jeans. He was driving a tan or

cream coloured hatchback, possibly

a Daihatsu or Mazda, with bumper

damage to the driver's side and a

hole in the windscreen. Police

found debris from the car. They're

now appealing to the driver's

conscience. As a human being, to

come forward and get it off your

mind, get it off your chest, to

give the family of this gentleman

some closure and yourself some

closure. The victim's identity has

not yet been confirmed. This

footbridge is right above where the

man was struck. It does have a lift

but the RTA shuts it down every

night at 6pm. Some elderly

residents have a key which operates

it after dark, but at the time of

the accident last night, the lift

was malfunctioning. It's horrendous,

you are trying to cross a road and

you get run over because there's no

lifts. The lift has a long history

of malfunctioning. I've given up on

the lift. I take my chance, asking

strangers to help me get across the

road. Ever since they were put in

they're broken more than they're

working. Today RTA staff took away

a recording box for the lift

security camera, hoping it may help

piece together what happened.

16 young men have been questioned

by police in Melbourne over an

alleged gang-rape of two women in

Victoria. The suspects, all aged

between 17 and 20, are accused of

attacking the women at a party

during a trip to Philip Island on

October 10th. The men were arrested

in raids this morning, but no

charges have been laid so far.

charges have been laid so far.

A man already in custody on a

string of rape and robbery charges

is now accused of attacking 11

other women. DNA is being used to

link the crimes across the inner

west and eastern suburbs. 80cm sea

rises are forecast over the next

century, putting hundreds of

thousands of homes at risk.

They may have million-dollar views

but Collaroy residents have a

million reasons to worry. Their

homes could soon be swamped - and

no-one will insure them. Previously

we were a few doors away and we

lost eight metres of land. With the

price of land around here it is

hundreds of thousands of dollars. A

climate-change report suggests

700,000 Australian properties will

be swallowed up by rising sea

levels this century. If early

warning systems aren't implemented,

we could see scenes like the recent

Samoan tsunami. And that's the sort

of risk these communities and

people living in them will be

exposed to in the future. The

Government will assess which areas

are most vulnerable. So actually

mapping the coastline to get some

sense of where the risks are. The

fact is that sea levels have risen

along the NSW coast by more than

20cm over the last century. Has

anyone noticed it? No, they haven't.

While some costal communities like

Collaroy are teetering on the brink,

just a few hours north from here,

the first climate-change cracks are

starting to show and residents want

Government to take action

immediately. Wyong Council has

given those at Norah Head just 11

days to demolish parts of their

crumbling backyards. The high price

of living on the edge. We are not

concerned. It is a privilege to

live in this environment. Public

backlash has forced the State

Government to appeal the decision

to free one of the men who shot

Victor Chang. dead Australian heart surgeon

Brett Mason is outside the Victor

Chang Institute. When life-saving

heart surgeon Victor Chang was

gunned down in a Mosman gutter, the

young family left behind vowed to

fight the release of his two

convicted killers. But 18 years on,

murderer Choon Tee Lim has been

granted parole - serving not one

day more than the minimum sentence.

No person alive in Sydney at the

time, no person alive in the

country at the time, will forget

this horrible murder. That's why it

beggars belief. A devastated Chang

family only learned of the hearing

after it decided Lim was a model

prisoner and deserved to be

released. My deepest sympathy to

the family of Mr Victor Chang for

the trauma of these events. The

family wasn't told because parole

hearing registers were introduced

five years after Dr Chang's murder

and victims of earlier crimes have

never been invited to join. I think

a great injustice has been done to

the Chang family and the community

generally. Once again, the

Government has stuffed up. I'm very

sorry that the family has had to go

through this in such a public way,

to relive that trauma. Of the

State's 10,500 prisoners, fewer

than 1,500 of their victims are

listed on the register. And not

every inmate has committed just one

crime. It's the people who are not

on the register, such as the Chang

family, who find themselves in this

situation and then are devastated.

Corrective Services will appeal

Lim's release and move to close the

loophole. Doctor Chang was famous

for fixing hearts - now the bungled

parole of his killer could help

stop others from being broken.

Returning to an hour earlier story

of a man already in custody on a

string of rape and robbery charges,

now accused of attacking 11 other

women. 22-year-old Shannon Cureen

allegedly began his spree of sexual

assaults in February with the rape

of two women at knife-point. He was

arrested in August and charged over arrested in August and charged over

those attacks - and two others.

Detectives from Strike Force Waran

today accused him of another 11

attacks on women across the city,

laying 12 fresh charges.

The attacks allegedly occurred at

Sydney. more than a dozen locations across

more than a dozen locations across

Sydney. Most were in the inner west.

And, disturbingly, Cureen is

accused of attacking four women on

one day alone - and three the next. accused of attacking four women on one day alone - and three the next.

The court heard extensive DNA

evidence is still being processed.

Police are still investigating

these alleged attacks and they want

to speak to any potential witnesses

or anyone who believes they may

also be a victim. Cureen will

remain in custody. He'll next face court in December.

Bad weather is being blamed for the

continued delay in landing 78 Sri

Lankans held aboard an Australian

ship for nine days. The asylum

seekers remain aboard the customs

vessel 'Oceanic Viking', awaiting

transfer to an Indonesian detention

centre. Overnight bad weather

stopped the processing, or the

transportation or the embarkation,

from occurring. We hope that occurs

today, but that'll be an

operational matter for the 'Oceanic

Viking' and Indonesian officials.

Indonesian officials are now on

board the 'Oceanic Viking',

processing the asylum seekers ahead

of their transfer to shore.

The new push to ban fast food

outlets selling fatty meals - the details next.

Also tonight - is this the end of

Australia's Olympic golden age? We

haven't been this low on the medal

charts since 1997.

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This program is captioned live.

One of Australia's most beautiful

women has joined the fight against women has joined the fight against

negative body image for young

people. Former model Sarah Murdoch

has taken a proposed national

strategy straight to the Prime Minister.

She's a pin-up girl for taking a

risk few others would. Sarah

Murdoch's cover photograph is the

first ever published in a magazine

without any digital enhancement.

You can see little specks of the

scar and things like that, which

they take out. The former model was

keen to show there's nothing wrong

with getting older. How sad that

that has to be seen as a heroic act.

But even the genetically blessed

Murdoch had a battle convincing the

magazine not to airbrush

imperfections, the practice is so

entrenched. So a national advisory

group on body image has come up

with a strategy to cultivate change

in the advertising, media and

fashion industries. We would love

to see a more diverse media, where

diversity is the norm. Not everyone

aspires to being a size zero, and

what we want is to be able to look

through a magazine and see

different body sizes, different different body sizes, different

shapes and realise that that's

quite acceptable. A voluntary code

of conduct similar to the Heart

Foundation's tick of approval was

among the ideas offered to promote

healthier images in the media,

while giving companies an incentive

to change. The teenagers watching

on were more impressed by the

example Sarah had set. She's

reinforcing you should be happy

with what you've got. It's, like,

all the magazines say "get your

bikini body". Well, what's wrong

with the body I already have? Why

do I need a new one? I think we can

put it away now. Not if the public

has their say. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Former premier Bob Carr has

declared war on killer trans-fats.

Brad McEwan with sport headlines,

and our Olympians say we need more

funding, or it doesn't look good

for the London Games.

No money, no medals - that's the

message from our Olympic boss, John

Coates. Australia's been ranked as

high as fourth on the Games medal

tally. It's predicted we're going

to slip to number seven.

Australia has always prided itself

on its performance at the Olympic

Games. We've regularly punched

above our weight and hosted the

event twice. But John Coates fears

that could be about to change for

our athletes at the next Games, in

London in 2012. They go into the

Olympic Games with a sense of

confidence, and that could be so

soon lost if government funding

does not increase. The projections of a does not increase. The projections

of a decline are based on

performances over the past 12

further behind traditional months, showing Australia falling

heavyweights the US, China and

Russia, and being overtaken by

Germany, France and the old enemy,

Great Britain. If that money

Great Britain. If that money started to flow

started to flow quickly it could

address the decline and have us

stay in the top five in London. In

recent Olympics Australia has

performed remarkably well in the

tally of gold medals, but that is

expected to drop off in London in

2012. What's driving Coates's fears

of a decline in Olympics standards

is a report sitting on the desk of

Sport Minister Kate Ellis which is

expected to recommend a slash in

funding to Olympic sports. We are

currently considering it and will

be publicly releasing it before we

respond formally to it. Olympic

great John Konrads believes cutting

funding for sports is a false funding for sports is a false

ecomomy. An investment in sport

creates employment. It creates more

than employment, it creates

national pride. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

And shortly in sport, a life-

changing end-of-season trip for the

Eels. Parramatta's grand final

stars have met some Rwandan

gorillas during a trip to help

country. villages in the war-torn African

Plus, we'll have an Englishman in

contention for the biggest wave

surfed this year. Some amazing

waves and wipeouts later in sport.

Time now for a check of the weather.

The intense rainfall in Sydney on

Sunday has moved to the North Coast.

Yes, the Northern Rivers and

northern coast are suffering huge

rainfall. It can be best described

by the photographs. These images

are coming right now from northern

NSW. This deluge brought 400

millimetres of rain, smashing the

October record. It is their third

highest total taken since records

began in 1966. Coffs Harbour

received 147 millimetres in 24

hours until nine o'clock this

morning, their heaviest for them in

October in years. It is still

raining as we go to Air tonight.

Showers are forecast again tomorrow.

Quite incredible. They had a dry

winter but have had flooding events

in February, April and in May. Some

good news.

The weather forecast later.

A baby dugong has been airlifted to

Queensland's Sea World for

specialist care after washing up on

a beach. The little fellow is about a beach. The little fellow is about

one week old and needs to be

bottle-fed a special formula every bottle-fed a special formula every

two hours. Lucky he's found his new

mum - Sea World's Wendy Blanshard,

who's hand-raised two other dugongs,

Pig and Wuru, now in Sydney. She

says it's impossible not to become

attached. The important thing is

not how we feel about the animal

but how we structure the raising

process to not disadvantage the

animal when it comes time for

release. This yet-to-be named

battler has suffered several gouge

marks from the tusks of other

dugongs. The attacks are common

mother. when a baby is separated from its

Still to come, American troops

suffer their biggest loss in

Afghanistan in four years.

Also, security fears for a Sydney

violent. rap concert after the crowd turns

And there's no escaping ABBA. (ALL

SING 'DANCING QUEEN'). An old stage

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This program is captioned live. A

controversial US rapper has caused

a storm after his Melbourne concert

erupted into a brawl. Merrill is no

excuse all motorists getting home

late over of the bridge because

there would -- the traffic is

flowing exceptionally well. You can

see the Harbour Bridge traffic

towards North Sydney. They had been

no accidents or breakdowns. It is a

little slow passing through the

tolls but as a zoo in towards the

west and distributor you could see

the traffic is flowing very well.

All good news tonight.

Fans have lashed out at the venue's

lack of security after a gang of up

to 30 youths launched a series of

bloody attacks. An accidental bump

erupted into a savage gang attack

that left this fan bruised and

battered with a suspected broken

rib. Some people got hurt. I saw a

few decent kicks and punches thrown,

people falling. He was at the

centre of a wild brawl at HiSense

Arena - 18 revellers injured and a

security guard knocked unconscious.

Controversial rapper Akon leapt

into the crowd, pleading for an end

to the violence. I'm not going to

let anyone f--- up my concert

tonight. Was a bit scary. There was

me and my cousin and 30 guys

jumping on us, had to fend for

ourselves. This fan so fearful of

retribution she didn't want to be

identified. My cousin was on the

ground. Akon escaped the Melbourne

media storm, arriving in Sydney

ahead of another concert tonight.

But the normally outspoken star was

silent. The controversy comes after

a visa battle to even be allowed

into Australia, with a string of criminal convictions and time

behind bars. I don't know if you

all know how hard it was for me to

get here! And it's not the first

time his concerts have drawn

criticism. Convicted for throwing a

15-year-old fan into the crowd,

he's even been caught slapping a

female fan and simulating sex with

a preacher's 15-year-old daughter.

Despite the latest fracas, HiSense

Arena maintains last night's

security was adequate. They didn't

really have security, in my eyes.

When we were getting hit there was

News. no-one to be seen. Matt Doran, Ten

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock and,

in corporate Australia? Jacqui, it seems spirits are high

It does. There's been a surge in

business confidence - and the most

encouraging part is the bounce back

in employers' intention to hire new

staff. NAB's business survey shows

confidence rose 20 points from -4

in the previous quarter, marking a

7-year high on the back of the

economic recovery. While investment

remains soft, employment

expectations are up sharply.

Well, after a soft night on Wall Street, local investors booked profits today.

And that's the day in finance.

Ahead tomorrow, annual profit

results from National Australia

Bank and the market is expecting to

dividend payout. see a big fall in the the final

American troops in Afghanistan have

suffered their biggest loss in

almost four years. Two separate

helicopter accidents claimed 14

lives. In the country's west, seven

servicemen and three narcotics

agents died when their chinook

crashed after taking off from a

fire-fight with Taliban insurgents.

And in the south, two marine helicopters collided midair, And in the south, two marine

killing four personnel and injuring

two more. The deaths come as the

White House decides whether to send

region. up to 40,000 more troops to the

Two airline pilots have finally

destination revealed how they overshot their

destination by 177 kilometres. They

were online. In lengthy interviews,

the pair revealed they were wearing

headphones and looking at their

company's new scheduling system on

personal computers. Both admitted

they did not monitor the flight or

calls from traffic control for a

whole hour. There was no heated

discussion, no fight, no argument,

nobody fell asleep, that's all I

can tell you. Neither was aware

they'd missed their landing spot

until a flight attendant called the

cockpit. Former Bosinan Serb leader

Radovan Karadzic has boycotted his

own war crimes trial, claiming he's

not prepared for the case.

The 64-year-old failed to leave his

cell for day one of the trial, a

move that's angered victim's

relatives who rallied outside The

Hague. We request Mr Karadzic to

attend so that the trial is not

further obstructed. Karadzic is

accused of organising the torture

and mass murder of Muslims and

Croats during the 1992-1995 war.

Brad Pitt has taken a tumble off

his motorbike in Los Angeles. The

46-year-old was negotiating rows of

cars at a set of lights when he

lost control of his custom-made

Chopper and hit the road. Original

reports suggest he was knocked down

by a stalking photographer, but

it's now believed the star simply

clipped a parked car. He wasn't

hurt, but the bike had to be towed


Predictions of traffic chaos when a

city toll road becomes free - that story next.

Also, five fishermen rescued after

their boats slam into rocks and capsize.

And why Australia's oldest worker And why Australia's oldest worker

won't mention the R word. My wife

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This program is captioned live.

Tonight's top stories on Ten News.

There are grim predictions for

Australia's coastline. A new report

claims many areas will be inundated

by rising sea levels by the end of

the century, with more than 700,000 homes apparently at risk.

The State Government has stepped in

to keep one of Victor Chang's

killers behind bars. The renowned

heart surgeon was shot dead in

Mosman 18 years ago. One of the

murderers was granted early release for good behaviour.

And police are hunting a driver who

hit an elderly man on a walking

frame then sped off and left him to

die. The victim couldn't use a

nearby overpass because the lifts weren't working.

Bob Carr has declared war on

electrons bronze. He has called on

councils to ban the use of them in

restaurants. Dieticians have

welcomed the plan. More information

consumers have about the food,

better. Big we knew what trans fats

did to the body, none of us would

want them. Cosford council has already

already banned the use of trans

fats. Drivers are being warned to

expect traffic chaos on the M4 when

the toll is lifted next year. An

extra 2,000 cars an hour are

expected to cram onto the already

congested motorway. The M4 is the

first privately constructed tollway

to be handed back to the Government

- and when that happens, it will

scrap the toll.

But the Auditor-General warns that

will clog the motorway with an

extra 2,000 cars an hour within 18

months. There will be more cars,

more congestion and it will take

more time for people to get to work

after February 16th. The Roads

Minister concedes more cars will

use the M4 - but only at first.

Over a period of time that will

settle down and some people will go

back to their previous journey

patterns. He's confident planning

will make the transition a smooth

one. Others argue the toll should

be kept and used for critical road

and transport projects. While

drivers might have a few more

dollars in their pocket, they'll be

paying for it in additional fuel

costs, in additional vehicle costs

and simply in loss of time,

particularly during our peak hours.

The M4 will be handed back in

satisfactory condition - but only

because of goodwill rather than a

good contract. And that, the

Auditor-General says, should serve

as a clear warning that all future

tollway contracts negotiated by

Government should clearly spell out

the state the road will be in when

it's handed back. The Minister says recent contracts include stronger provisions.

There's been a dramatic rescue on

the Gold Coast after two boats

capsized, sending five fishermen

into the sea. The mates struck

trouble when one of their boats

broke down. Friends in the other

tried to help but both were swamped

by a large wave. The men were

thrown against the sharp rockwall -

one was trapped for 1.5 hours. Safe,

not crushed or anything, but stuck

down to the water and there was no

way they were gonna get him back up

to the top. The 78-year-old was

winched to safety and taken to

hospital with pelvis and leg

injuries. The other men escaped

with cuts and bruises.

For most Australian workers,

Canberra's plan to push back the

retirement age has proved unpopular.

But one astounding Sydney man hopes

to work till he's 100. And he's almost there!

Celebrating your birthday at work

is hardly unusual... ..unless

you're turning 90! I hope that I

live for another 90 and cop it

again then. After 63 years in the

paint game, Con Conner knows that

liking what you do it the key to

longevity. I've never bothered to

change. I've liked the paint game

from day one and I'm still here day

two, three, four, five, six and

seven. He grew up in the Great

Depression, and at age 14 was just

as eager to enter the workforce as

he now is reluctant to leave it. My

father didn't want me to go to sea,

but one of Dad's best mates, a

fellow by the name of Jack Gibson,

signed the papers for me. I got him

to sign Dad's name. He served in

the navy during World War II before the navy during World War II before

meeting his wife Pam at work.

Depite decades with Dulux, don't

mention the R word. My wife wants

me to retire. What do you say to

that? We have a bit of disagreement

over that. I've spoken with Pam a

few times. I don't think she'll get

her way. While today's party was a her way. While today's party was a

thrill, there was one thing missing.

But they haven't got my favourite

drink, unfortunately. Would that be

an alcoholic drink?

And with a tale to tell, the Eels

return from a special visit Rwanda.

The Eels return from a special visit to Rwanda. visit to Rwanda.

And as well entry list for

serving's big wave or wards.

It's Garnier Nutrisse.

Now with double the avocado oil. Because nourished hair means better colour. Discover better colour. Garnier Nutrisse. Garnier. Take care.

This program is captioned live.

Bart Cummings hopes to have up to

five runners in next Tuesday's

Melbourne Cup, as the 'Cups King'

chases a 13th victory. But he's

also giving Cox Plate winner So You

Think a break, saving the 3-year-

carnival. old for the final day of the

As most of Melbourne slept,

Flemington quietly began to stir as

the gates opened this morning for the gates opened this morning for

its Cup carnival contenders. The

man who's stamped his mark for more

than half a century was observing

his spring hopes and ruled out a

start in the Mackinnon for So You

Think. I nominated in case we

wanted to proceed, but I just think

it's best we give it two weeks in

between. It will just be three days

between races for defending

Melbourne Cup champion Viewed, who,

like last year, will run in the like last year, will run in the

Mackinnon before Tuesday's Cup.

With Allez Wonder and Roman Emperor

also in the big one, Cummings hopes

Dandaad or Naval Escort can join

his team by winning on Saturday.

They worked pretty good this

morning. Reg was saying he'd love

to get them both in. We're happy

with what we got. Trainer Danny

O'Brien was pleased with Derby second favourite Rockferry's Work.

His main concern - how to get Vigor

into the Melbourne Cup. The horse

is in great shape. Gonna make it

frurstating if he doesn't get in.

frurstating if he doesn't get in.

Currently 29th on the order of

entry, the Makybe Diva winner risks

entry, the Makybe Diva winner risks

missing out, with O'Brien to use

Saturday's Saab as a potential

pathway. There's been a lot of

horses that have won on the

Saturday and then won on the

Tuesday. All I know is he's never

been going better. Vigor's hopes of

a Cup berth were made that much

Hayes confirmed Changingoftheguard more difficult today after David

Ten News. a definite runner. Andrew Brown,

And we'll have another Cummings

tomorrow night on Ten News - the

fourth generation of the training

dynasty that'll continue the

family's link with the Cup long

into the future.

As expected, Wallabies flanker into the future. As expected, Wallabies flanker

George Smith has been dropped from

the starting line-up for this

week's Tokyo Test against the All

Blacks. Smith's on the bench in

favour of David Pocock. All up, four changes favour of David Pocock. All up,

four changes have been made, with

Wycliff Palu, Digby Ioane, Peter Wycliff Palu, Digby Ioane, Peter

Hynes and Ryan Cross back in the

starting 15. After much contention starting 15. After much contention

over his role, Matt Giteau has been

named at fly half. named at fly half. over his role, Matt Giteau has been

The Kangaroos admit they've been

caught out by not playing a warm-up

match prior to their Four Nations

campaign. Australia's draw with New

Zealand means they are fighting for

survival this weekend when they

play England in Wigan. We're going

to be better for the hit-out. A lot

of the boys hadn't played in a few

weeks and got the cobwebs out, and

we'll be better for it. Outplayed

in the forwards, the Kangaroos are

set to call up Parramatta veteran

pack. Nathan Hindmarsh to boost their


AFL will make its debut in Sydney's

west on February 20 next year. It

was announced today the Swans will

play a preseason NAB Cup game

against Carlton at Blacktown

Olympic Park, the headquarters for

Sydney's second AFL team, due to

join the league in 2012.

The cream of world tennis has

turned out in their finest ahead of

this evening's season-ending Tour

Championships. All the big names

ditched the sandshoes and donned

the diamonds for the player draw.

The showdown between Russia's

Dinara Safina and Serena Williams

is set to decide the world's number

one player. You have some ups and

downs. But I've had some time off,

and you know, I prepared for this

tournament. Despite her number-one

ranking, Safina is yet to win a

Grand Slam. ranking, Safina is yet to win a

A handful of Aussies have earned a

nomination for the prestigious

Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards. The

competition pays cash for the most

incredible rides captured during

the year, some of which occurred in

Tasmania just last week. Tasmania just last week. the year, some of which occurred in

Down in the Apple Isle lies one

very nasty wave. It's called

Shipstern Bluff, and each year it

sets the platform for some of the

most spectacular big-wave surfing

on the planet. The waves' sheer

size isn't the only element to

contend with. The unique steps that

form inside the barrel have a habit

of bringing even the best undone.

When it's conquered, though, the

results speak for themselves. That

effort was pulled off by an

Englishman, James Hick, who stole

the show alongside local Marti

Paridisis and Sydney's Karl Atkins.

All three will now take on entries

from all over the globe in the the

upcoming Billabong Big Wave Awards.

Former finalist and Maroubra local Former finalist and Maroubra local

Mark Matthews is again in

contention, for this cavernous

barrel off the coast of Western

Australia. And 7-time world champ

Layne Beachley has a big shot at Layne Beachley has a big shot at

the women's award for her heroics

at Ours in Sydney. The winners will at Ours in Sydney. The winners will

be announced in April next year. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. be announced in April next year.

The Parramatta Eels have capped a

remarkable year with a charity

mission to the genocide-ravaged

country of Rwanda. The Eels

returned today and declared the NRL returned today and declared the NRL

should make the journey an annual

event for players from all clubs.

Three weeks ago they played in a

grand final. But, as they returned

home from Africa, Eels players say

seven days of volunteer work on

Rwanda's Village of Hope project

had just as big an impact as

playing on the NRL's biggest stage.

Rwanda is still recovering from the

genocide of 1994 in which 800,000

were massacred in just three months.

We went to a few museums and We went to a few museums and

churches where the genocide

happened and all the boys were

shocked. We just couldn't really

believe it. They did need some of

the other locals in the jungles,

and they gave excited children some

badly-needed footwear. This is the

badly-needed footwear. This is the

reason why we are here. It is a

great feeling. Eels CEO Paul

Osborne is the man behind the

mission, working alongside the Hope

Rwanda organisation. His club will

make it an annual event, and the

players say rival clubs should

follow Parramatta's lead. Yes,

definitely. I think it should be an

annual event. With the Eels now

it's going to be going on for a few

years, I think, and, mate, I'll be

happy to put my hand up again next

year. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Controversial AFL great Wayne Carey

has denied ever taking drugs during

his playing days. Carey has

admitted to numerous cocaine binges,

but says they happened only in

retirement. We had a culture at the

Kangaroos of getting out and having

a few beers and it was never an

issue, never an issue. Although, in

saying that, alcohol is a drug in saying that, alcohol is a drug in

itself. We'll hear a lot more from

Carey on Sports Tonight at 9:30 on

One. In a 7-minute interview, the

former Wagga boy talks about the

affair with his team-mate's wife,

his run-ins with women and tells

why he's released a tell-all book.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. There is a

broken-down truck on Pennant Hills broken-down truck on Pennant Hills

Road. It is causing a lot of

problems tonight. It is in the

right lane. The traffic goes all

the way back to Parramatta. Drivers

going on Pennant Hills Road will be delayed significantly.

weather details. Tim Bailey's next with all the

And another royal visitor arrives

in Sydney - we'll tell you why next.

This program is captioned live.

40 million people have seen it

around the world, but the producers

of 'Mamma Mia!' clearly believe

there's room for more ABBA in our

lives. The stage show is making a

return to Sydney this weekend,

celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Mamma mia, here we go again. 10

years after it debuted in London

and a year after the film version

became the highest grossing movie

musical of all time, the ABBA show

is back in town. (ALL SING 'MAMMA

MIA'). Anne Wood returns to play

Donna, having witnessed Meryl

Streep do the honours in the movie.

She is magnificent. Michael Cormick

tackles the role of Sam, many

hoping his singing might be a

little bit sweeter than Pierce

Brosnan's. I'm not sure, but I'll

give it a go. Former 'Neighbours'

star Ben Nicholas gets the show's

raunchiest love scenes. I am, in

fact, a cougar. This anniversary

production is proof that too much

of this is never enough. The of this is never enough. The

producers are looking at a sequel

to the movie. Details of a possible

plot are top secret, but with the

ABBA hit 'Bang a Boomerang' missing

from the original, a shift from a

Greek island to the island of

Australia might not be out of the

question. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather.

Some sunshine could be coming to

Sydney tomorrow. De North Coast -

Coffs Harbour received 147

millimetres, Ayerst October

rainfall in almost 50 years. The

Bellingen river is flooding at the

moment. They have had 400

millimetres of rain. Showers remain millimetres of rain. Showers remain

in the forecast for the next 24

hours are long the mid North Coast

and the Northern Rivers. There is a

severe thunderstorm warning in

place for parts of NSW. In the

western suburbs of Sydney, an early

shower, some sunshine, and the

temperature 24-28 degrees. There

was a little bit of rainfall last

night. Five millimetres went into

the catchment. The official

readings will be released on

Thursday. We could see an increase

for the first time in three months.

Patchy cloud in Queensland and NSW

is generating widespread storms.

Heavy cloud in the eastern NSW is

causing showers and storms on the

ranges. The moisture will continue

in the east, causing showers and

storms in Queensland and northern

NSW, mostly inland. Showers and NSW, mostly inland. Showers and

storms over NSW and Queensland. storms over NSW and Queensland.

Good rainfall in the Western inland,

with 20 millimetres. Showers

developing along the south-west with 20 millimetres. Showers developing along the south-west

corner of WA. Tomorrow in Sydney,

24-28 degrees. An early and

afternoon shower, with sunshine in

the middle. The chance of a shower

on Thursday and Friday, and then a

beautiful weekend coming. It is

going to be lovely.

Some good news this evening - the

cameraman who covered the Victorian

bushfires has won and the Network

Ten News cameraman of the year.

A touch of royalty in Sydney today

as more than 20 young Australians

received their Gold Duke of

Edinburgh Awards. His Royal

Highness Prince Edward arrived in

Sydney this afternoon to perform

the honours. 300 international

delegates are here for a young

people's forum looking at the

future of the awards program and

youth issues in general.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Deborah Knight.

I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at

10:30. Our first bulletin tomorrow

is at 6am. Goodnight.

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