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(generated from captions) Can you tell me the same thing? Look at me. Can you tell me the same thing? Can you? (WHISPERS) Yes. Yes. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. from the poor - Tonight - separating the rich into Wayne Swan's first Budget. where you fit do they? Not many people make $150,000, devastating earthquake struck. The terrifying moment China's another Sydney greenhouse busted. And three in a week - Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with

Good evening. a leading building company collapses Also tonight - leaving new-home buyers in the lurch. And farewelling a league legend - to coach of the century Jack Gibson. friends and family pay tribute the Federal Budget at risk. But heading Ten News - to block a number of tax increases The Opposition is threatening by using its numbers in the Senate. At stake is $19 billion, from the hike in alcopops. including revenue At the National Press Club

was defending his Budget the Treasurer

that it wasn't tough enough. against claims

with stupid. You shouldn't confuse tough The morning coverage tended to agree a generally favourable reception. with the Budget receiving branded it a massive tax grab, The Opposition of personal income tax cuts. despite $47 billion-worth How will $19 billion of extra taxes oil, alcohol, computer software, including taxes on family cars, on Australian families? ease the inflationary pressure the Opposition Leader signalled Last night, at using his numbers in the Senate he's seriously looking to block the rises. We're looking at that. supported the levy on alcopops Dr Nelson at first

as an attack on binge drinking. sees it as a tax binge. Now the Opposition banking on more binge drinking Wayne Swan seems to be from the drinkers It's extraordinary - $3 billion. had great difficulty The Prime Minister explaining on Melbourne radio

that the dramatic increase in revenue will fail to curb teenage drinking. doesn't mean the measure goes up The increase take per drink the overall increase in revenue. and therefore that's to try the patience of a saint. It was enough Treasury figures show The Health Minister says will discourage their use. the higher price per annum every year. 43 million bottles 375ml bottles The other tax rises

and fringe benefits tax. are aimed at closing loopholes There's no doubt went through with its threat that if the Coalition in the Budget. it would blow a $19 billion hole for a struggling Opposition But it would be a big risk for a double dissolution election. as it could set the scene Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. are you rich? If you earn $150,000 a year, the Rudd Government has decided on That's the magic number to cut off family payments, and not everyone's happy. Ask people in two different cities is wealthy, whether a family earning $150,000 and you'll get two different answers. No, no, not at all. do they? Not many people make $150,000, the Government is now focusing on. But that's the magic number the new dividing line That's the new rich, for means-testing purposes. the Government's adopting Families which earn $150,000 Family Tax Benefit B - will no longer receive a reward paid to stay-at-home mums. also will be means-tested, The baby bonus

more than $75,000 so families earning after the birth of their child in the six months won't receive the payment. at which it ceases to be responsible I think it is probably the point with the arbitrary figure. Not everyone agrees to continue to pay. for the Government

for many, many years. I've been in the racing business the high achievers We tend to look at as the ones who should have foals. more realistic. Probably $180,000-$200,000 would be cut out at around $250,000. I think the baby bonus should is expected to affect The change to the baby bonus about 16,000-17,000 families, only after the baby is born, but because it looks at family income can still collect on the payment. high-paid mums who take leave These things are never fair. they're hard done by, But if those on $150,000 think they should count themselves lucky. economics professor Bob Gregory says

If you're unemployed, all your unemployment benefits away they take

when you reach about $20,000, they take it away around $40,000-$50,000. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. new-home builders has collapsed One of Sydney's biggest leaving buyers in the lurch and putting even more pressure on rents.

Kevin Wilde joins us now Our State political reporter from Macquarie Street, victim of rising interest rates? and Kevin, is Beechwood another

That is the main factor and that is

what the government received - said

today. There are complaints against

this company. There has been an increase in building materials

costs. People are costs. People are also simply

aren't interested in buying new

homes at the moment and the price

of existing homes has fallen as

well. 300 families have been

affected directly by this. Across

Sydney, the Central Coast, the

South Coast and Newcastle. The

Department of Fair Trading says -

if you have a contract Kibet

because home warranty insurance

should protect it. We will see if

the government assurance is good

enough. Receivers were appointed to

deal with the financial fall-out this afternoon. The situation is changing rapidly, of clients with Beechwood Homes and I do shares the worries and also tradespeople in this unfortunate situation. who will be caught up

If you're someone who is directly

affected, the Department of Fair

Trading says to call them. - know

your rights and hopefully get some

advice and get through this

difficult situation. There is no

news of any other builders having trouble at the moment. Kevin Wilde at State Parliament. Thanks. people believed trapped under rubble Time is running out for thousands of after China's devastating earthquake. More than 13,000 people are dead, but many more are still missing,

and there are towns rescuers just can't get to. There is terror in the eyes of the people - little could they know of the scale of the catastrophe to follow. But these people know. Mothers and fathers stand outside a toppled school agonising over every rescue. 48 hours after the quake struck there's a growing sense that time is not on their side and that with every hour the dead will outnumber survivors. TRANSLATOR: The whole mountain seemed to fall down towards us But everywhere voices are being heard, and terrified faces peer through gaps in the rubble. "It's alright," this rescuer calls in reassurance, "someone is coming for you." are becoming more urgent. But the cries for help And the medical response is becoming more desperate - for a young boy with his legs trapped amputation was the only option. At this school too, parents wait in agonised silence. The earthquake crushed 30 classes. 900 teenage boys and girls are dead or still missing. The scale of the tragedy and heavy rain are hampering the rescue effort. Tens of thousands of people are unaccounted for, feared buried under millions of destroyed buildings. 50,000 troops have been deployed to help with rescues, clear roads and restore power. But there are entire towns cut off by landslides including those in the worst-hit zone and authorities fear thousands will die before help can arrive.

Throughout, the earth also continues to shake with tremors that rank among the world's worst. But despite the death and destruction, life does go on - a baby born during the earthquake brings a little joy. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Yet another tip-off from the public has helped police smash one of the most elaborate drug houses they've ever seen. For the third time in a week,

detectives have uncovered a multimillion-dollar cannabis crop, this time hidden behind secret passageways. From the outside it looked like any other suburban home but suspicious noises through the night led wary locals to again call police yesterday.

I've never seen a more elaborate set-up.

Renovating your new home is not uncommon, but not like this. They gutted the place and put up a false wall to hide what was really going on inside. There's hallways and modified walls and secret passages leading to the cultivation of significant quantities of cannabis.

Residents say the new owners moved in only months ago. They rewired the power and ran extensive plumbing

to grow 300 very healthy plants worth about $1.5 million. It's the third marijuana drug bust in the Campbelltown area since Friday, resulting in more arrests. The drug situation here is out of control. Sydney's leafiest suburb, yes. Getting that way isn't it, but it's all hidden. have second thoughts. I don't want to be moving into the area knowing that there's drug busts everywhere. Police freely admit they're surprised at the number of tip-offs they've received in the week and they hope the calls keep coming as locals gain confidence that their calls can bring big results. After three strong leads, detectives believe they have good information to uncover more drug houses this week. Evan Batten, Ten News. Vital life-saving gear has been destroyed in a big fire at the Strathfield SES headquarters. to have started the blaze An electrical fault is believed which a local videoed on a camera phone. They usually provide emergency help, but the SES was in desperate need of it this morning as their Strathfield headquarters was consumed by flames.

When fire crews arrived at about 3am, the roof was already in danger of collapsing, the blaze flaring up every time they tried to cut through the building's roller doors. Black smoke everywhere, you could hear, like, the roof falling and cracking down. There was just, like, orange flames everywhere. The loft area contained thousands of dollars worth of equipment - ladders, ropes, and chainsaws. Computers and personal belongings were also destroyed.

It's not just the equipment, it's the dedication the volunteers put in.

You know, we spend hours here outside of our normal training time,

trying to make sure the community is well looked after. The building also housed the unit's catering trailer complete with two almost full gas cylinders. As investigators sort through the rubble, the SES is grateful for one thing.

This $60,000 custom-built truck escaped without any damage at all. It was just good fortune it was parked out here on the street instead of inside behind those roller doors. It was just good fortune it was parked out here on the street instead of inside behind those roller doors. Also salvaged - precious mementos dating back almost 25 years. An electrical fault is being blamed for starting the fire. The State Government has already promised $50,000 to help the unit rebuild or relocate. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. And if you witness a breaking story like last night's fire, and would like to see your pictures on Ten news, email them to: both photos and video. We're interested in Let's take a look at sport now with Tim Webster, and rugby league farewells one of its greats. Yes, the funeral for Jack Gibson, the man known as the supercoach, has celebrated a life rich in sporting folklore We'll have that story shortly. And shortly in sport, league's true colours with a blue over who actually is Maroon. are arguably New South Welshmen, Two of Queensland's biggest stars

and one our Origin players doesn't hold back in his assessment of those who've slinked across the border. Also, the player whose mum stepped into the game to help him out - his reaction shortly. A Qantas flight aborted after a nerve-racking runway blow-out -

that's next.

Also tonight, the Sydney toddler who wrangled a snake like Steve Irwin. And huge queues as Bonds holds its annual cattle call for beautiful babies. VOICEOVER: New Mazda6 comes with something few other cars can match. Stunning praise from 'Motor' magazine. MAN: "For all-round excellence, nothing can beat the Mazda6. "It's impossible not to like." Stunning praise from 'Wheels' magazine. "The new Mazda6 is class-leadingly impressive, "inside and out." And stunning praise from GoAuto. "Most cars have a fatal flaw, but not this one." Stunning from the start. This program is captioned live.

The State's police corruption watchdog is investigating whether there's a culture of officers covering up random breath tests. The Police Integrity Commission has heard claims of at least two people being let off, despite recording high alcohol readings. The first was a prison officer in Moree. The second was the son of a senior police officer in Orange. The two incidents are troubling because they indicate there may be a culture, part of which culture is that the selective enforcement of the law is acceptable in some circumstances. As many as 15 people will give evidence at the 4-day hearing. A mother has told of her desperate efforts to save her young son after he was bitten by a deadly snake.

The toddler found the reptile in his backyard and wrangled it like Steve Irwin. Like most energetic toddlers, it's hard to keep Jackson Sarhadian in one place. That's far enough - hop down. It's difficult to believe, then, only days ago doctors feared the 2-year-old would die after being bitten by a snake in his backyard. He actually picked it up and it swung around and it bit him on the arm. It was a bit Steve Irwin-style. The culprit - a red-bellied black, the 20th most deadly snake in the world. Fearing it was a more sinister brown snake and her son may die, Aimee was desperate. Probably watching too many movies, 'cause I didn't know what else to do before I rang OOO. He was rushed to hospital and doctors later found little - if any - venom in the toddler's body. A small bruise on his left hand the only evidence of the encounter. Experts say Jackson was extremely lucky. Had he have been bitten by a brown snake, like Caesar here, he would have almost certainly died.

Very, very lucky - I can't emphasise enough how bad this snake is if he bites. For Jackson, he's swapping snake wrestling for a more mundane pastime. Do you like snakes? No. You don't? No, they bite. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. 92 passengers narrowly escaped injury on a Canberra-bound Qantas flight at Sydney airport. Two of the plane's tyres blew out after flight QF805 aborted an attempted take-off. The plane came in over there, past the trees, came in and landed on the runway and just stopped.

The airline was involved in a similar incident in March when three tyres on one of its Boeing 747s blew out while attempting to take off at Los Angeles Airport. Australian researchers have developed a safe new treatment for expectant mothers who develop diabetes. It's a simple tablet which could replace the need for daily insulin injections. Little Sonali entered the world five days ago, a healthy and happy baby. Much to the delight of her mother, Shilpa Prasad, who developed gestational diabetes. I would have done whatever was required to keep the baby healthy and keep the pregnancy healthy. It's a common condition, putting infants at risk of being born overweight and with problems like jaundice. Normally, treatment involves insulin injections up to four times a day but now a much simpler option. It was just as effective and as far as we can see to date, as safe. Metformin is a tablet commonly used to treat diabetes outside of pregnancy. Its effects on unborn babies not fully known. Researchers at the University of Adelaide and in New Zealand conducted a 4-year clinical trial involving 750 expectant mothers. Their infants closely monitored over several weeks, with some assuring outcomes. The babies' skin colour, heart rate, muscle tone and breathing were all assessed as well as any sign of low blood glucose and respiratory distress. The researchers found no increase in complications. You couldn't pick the babies at the end of the day of the mums who'd been given Metformin and the mums who'd had insulin alone. The study results have just been published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine', giving mothers like Shilpa another reason to smile. Having a tablet to treat the diabetes is wonderful. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. There were tears, tantrums but also some talent at Bondi today as iconic Aussie underwear brand Bonds began searching

for that perfect baby face for its new ads. More than 4,000 mums and dads took their tiny tots along,

hoping it may have been the start of something big. Modelling, though, is a tough gig. Three babies will eventually be chosen for Bonds summer campaign.

Kicking the weather - today was a

beauty. Blue skies and sunshine -

you couldn't ask for more.

Overnight it was chillier than Overnight it was chillier than

recent night. A broad range of high

pressure Clee the sky. There was

fog around in Richmond and

Campbeltown. It reached 11 degrees

overnight in the city. The sunshine

today helped the Mercury. 20

degrees in the City and degrees in the City and currently

18. More of the same tomorrow but

Friday and Saturday will have

possible showers. Do your washing

tomorrow. More weather at 5:55pm.

Next, a rookie policeman's first night on the beat turns deadly. And the barely there outfit that got a high school senior arrested at her prom. only about two blocks away from home, and I came up behind this Torana. CRASH! And then, whoof! He's done the two 360s and there's not much I could say. But I walked over to this bloke and I said, "G'day, mate." These days, I'd just walk the two blocks home. VOICEOVER: Driving less these days? With APIA you could pay less So make a wise move. Call 13 50 50. Listen and learn. Turbocharged. ENGINE PURRS Sports car. VOICEOVER: Sports car thrills meet SUV practicality. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda CX-7. it's all-wow drive. # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # BOY: Zoom-zoom.

Let's check the traffic. You have

the traffic in a bunch at

Parramatta. For it is all happening

for the wrong reasons ad James for the wrong reasons ad James Ruse

Drive. A car has broken down right

near the Church Street junction. Be

considered traffic all the way back

to Bennington. A significant queue.

After that it looks like a good run.

We're just than a Motorway check

and it looks like everyone is

getting home on time on the M5. We

will check more and bring you a

update after sport. A police rookie on his first night on the beat has been involved in a gun battle that's left a criminal dead and another officer injured.

The wild shoot-out was played out on a busy Melbourne street. The body of Samir Ograzden lay where he fell and died after a fierce gun battle with police just before midnight. Moments earlier he'd run past the taxi taking Bruce Kaplan home. Really motoring and the police behind him yelling,

"Stop, stop, stop." They gave him plenty of chances to stop - "Stop, stop." The next thing he turned and had a gun in his hand. He then fired his .22-calibre pistol at police. I said, "There's bullets, there's shooting." I said, "Hit the deck."

The gunman retreating to a car park before firing again, hitting Senior Constable David McHenry in the leg. and a rookie St Kilda constable on his first night shift returned fire, fatally wounding him. I counted at least six, maybe seven. There was a real gunfight going on.

The deceased is a 25-year-old from Essendon who has an extensive criminal history involving drugs and violence. It started just blocks away when police pulled over a vehicle containing three men. When they searched the car they found a sawn-off rifle and illicit drugs. They arrested two of the occupants but Ograzden ran from the scene to a nearby service station,

trying unsuccessfully to catch a taxi before fleeing up Kings Way. Because the man was shot dead by police, homicide detectives and the Ethical Standards Department will be investigating the actions of the officers involved. Today they collected numerous shell casings at the scene,

gathering evidence from the bullet-ridden walls and shattered windows. The man's distraught girlfriend had to be led away from the scene only to return later for her own moment to mark his passing. He was the most wonderful person, he would do anything for anyone. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Two more US aid planes have arrived in Burma, dropping off desperately needed medicine, food and water. But the United Nations says only a fraction of it is actually reaching the victims of last week's cyclone. Supplies are piling up in the capital,

but the military government has been slow to distribute it. It is now a race against the rain as the monsoons come, a race against disease, an epidemic, and literally a race against death itself to reach these people. An estimated 2 million people are still without adequate food and shelter. Hillary Clinton has racked up another primary win in the long-running battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. As widely expected, the former first lady overwhelmingly beat rival Barack Obama

in the West Virginia primary. Senator Clinton says the win demonstrates the voters don't want her to give up, despite trailing Obama in overall delegate votes. I can win this nomination if you decide I should and I can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now. Primary contests will be held next week in Kentucky and Oregon. A teenager in the US has been thrown out of her high school prom because her dress was considered too revealing.

Police took the student away in handcuffs when she tried to argue the case. It was a dress designed to raise eyebrows but ended up raising a storm of controversy - Marche Taylor threatened with jail over the revealing attire she wore to her senior prom near Houston, Texas. She has a photo to prove she made it at least to the lobby of the prom venue, but when she went to go inside school officials objected to her fashion statement. She shook her head. She was like, "You're not getting in the prom." And, you know, we are going back and forth because I wanted to know why I can't get into my prom. Friends tried to help, but doubts the 17-year-old was wearing any underwear exacerbated the situation.

They actually wrapped the dress around me like this and pinned it up and she told me I'm still not getting in because I didn't have any underwear on. The confrontation prompted someone to call the police, so Marche's only other prom night photo is of her in handcuffs. They didn't give me any options - go to jail or go home. The school principal says the skimpy number failed to meet the prom's dress code. It was revealing in such a way that it would not be appropriate for a prom. As for Marche, she's sticking to her fashion sense. I actually like the dress. Everybody else liked my dress. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. An animal sanctuary in Britain is hoping their prize bull will make it into the record books, after growing to the size of a small elephant. Chilli the super steer towers over the rest of the herd at a whopping 2m. The Friesian was dumped at the farm when he was just a few days old and hasn't looked back since. He's just grown and grown and grown. He's a real gentle giant now, but chilled out - Chilli by name, chilli by nature. Sanctuary staff are hoping Chilli's celebrity status will attract sponsors to help pay his growing food bills. Has the environment been short-changed? Next, we take a look at the Budget's commitment to climate change. Also, a guilty murder verdict sparks a terrifying courtroom outburst. And Anthony Warlow reprises his role as the Phantom in the world's most popular musical. Hey, I got you some of these new Original Recipe Fillets from KFC. (SNIFFS) (HEART BEATS LOUDLY) (MOANS) KFC's Original Recipe Fillets. Large breast fillets in the 11 secret herbs and spices,

with less than 7g of fat per average piece. They're a feast for the senses. Hey. Hey. What do you think? Not bad. SONG: # Can't beat it, can't beat it... # (Laughs) KFC's Original Recipe Fillets. # Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - police have busted the third multi-milliondollar cannabis set-up in the Campbelltown area in just a week. The tip-off came from neighbours The home had been renovated with false walls to hide the crop. An insight has been given into the terrifying moment the China earthquake struck at Chengdu airport. Rescuers are racing against time to save thousands believed to still be trapped under the rubble. And the Rudd Government's first Budget is already under threat which may block some tax increases putting revenue at risk. The Budget received a generally favourable reception today but the Opposition has branded it a tax grab. For more on the Budget, we're joined by Ten's political editor, Paul Bongiorno. Paul, how serious is the Opposition about this threat to block the tax increases?

The last night immediately after

the Budget, the Opposition leader

was so strident in his criticism

and the rejection of the Budget

that he was asked by the media at

his door stop if he was going to

use his numbers in the Senate and

he said they are looking at that.

Today, both Dr Nelson and the

shadow treasurer were just as

strident in their criticism

especially of the 90 - $19 billion.

It is going to be interesting to

see how they follow through here.

It is risky. As I reported earlier.

Maybe they would just say that they

don't like them but they won't don't like them but they won't vote

against them. Maybe that will be

the way out. If no surprise that

that Opposition doesn't like the

Budget but how has it gone down

with the rest of the community?

According to centre bet, the odds

shortened for Labour to be returned at the next election. The loudest

criticism came from pensioners and

environmentalists but business

generally seemed to like it and while

while some economists worried that

the Budget didn't do enough to put

downward pressure on inflation,

others think that the treasurer

Ommaney has the balance right and, like the treasurer, they are waiting to see. Thanks. Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. Green groups are split over the Budget, with many attacking it as an environmental flop and a government 'greenwash'. They claim too much taxpayer money is going to the fossil fuel industry. Householders can now borrow their way to a better environment. The Rudd Government has delivered on its green loans Budget promise lending up to $10,000 to families for energy-efficient products from next year. It's just going to make it that much easier good, green technology. for householders to afford The low-interest loans are among a billion dollars of environmental incentives aimed at home owners. Actually encouraging people to do the right thing and to save money in the long-term is a no-brainer and it's what previous budgets should have done. But it's not a green free-for-all. The $8,000 solar panel rebate has been restricted to families who earn less than $100,000 a year. The Government has met its environmental election promises

but nothing new has been announced and some funding has been delayed. Greenpeace is angry that renewable and clean coal technologies is equally funded. It's a budget that will give a raft of handouts to the fossil fuel industry, encouraging the use of fossil fuels and driving climate change. The Greens Leader wants more money for renewables and public transport. He claims Labor is more about spin than substance. It's not a green budget - it's just a flop if you really were expecting the Rudd Government was going to break from the Howard mould and tackle climate change. Emily Rice, Ten News. and the Federal Court has approved the $2.4 billion merger of health insurer MBF and BUPA Australia. The Australian share market closed higher today thanks to global miners BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. The average price of unleaded fuel in Sydney tonight is $1.45 a litre but you can get it for $1.39 around at Dee Why, Forestville, Brookvale, Beacon Hill and Frenchs Forest. There's been a terrifying struggle in an American court as a murderer tried to snatch a security guard's gun. The daughter of one of the victims was clearly relieved at the guilty verdict, but the defendant wasn't,

leaping to his feet and grabbing at a court official's weapon. (WOMAN SCREAMS) Security officers and lawyers struggled with the man, eventually subduing him with a taser gun. Rugby league has farewelled one of its greats. Jack Gibson's funeral celebrated a life rich in sporting folklore and service to the community. Rightly, Jack Gibson's farewell was before a full house. Outside Cronulla's St Aloysius Church, just like fans in his halcyon days of the '70s and '80s, they watched from balconies and brick walls. In rugby league's centenary, the greats of the past and present gathered to thank the coach of the century for his legacy He did a lot for our game of rugby league and, you know, he's the Immortal. Every person Jack Gibson ran across their path

are a better person today.

Just the little things he introduced. The variety nights - no-one's ever spoken about the variety nights he used to do, which we'd all have to get done up as showgirls or whatever.

Jack Gibson had an ability to connect with all walks of life, from footy fanatics to leaders of business. Unbelievable and outstanding and unforgettable. He was there for the loyalty of the game and the great man he was. We have lost a great icon to the sport

and not only to sport, but to other people. They heard of his greatness as a 5-time premiership coach, the devoted family man and the dry-witted rogue with a colourful past. We all cheered as Dad retrieved our wallet with a quick punch to the chin of the thief. Thank you, Jack. Knowing you added something extra to our lives. At his wake, stories of this larger than life individual flowed freely. Memories too of classic one-liners and a brilliant mind that would change the way the game of rugby league would be played forever. And his two most beloved clubs - the Roosters and the Eels - will honour the supercoach by playing the Jack Gibson Cup each year. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Sport now and Tim, of Maroons from a true Blue. stinging claims about a couple Yes, a couple of key Queenslanders have been labelled turncoats for crossing the border. Also, upsets on day one at Teahupoo - the world champion is out and Kelly Slater was forced to battle on in spectacular style.

And just looking after her boy - to help out when things got rough, an NBA superstar's mum stepped in and he wasn't impressed. (ELECTRONIC MUSIC) (MUSIC REVS LIKE ENGINE) It's not every day you're named Best Prestige Car. It's every year. The award-winning Lexus IS 250 Prestige. CARNIVAL MUSIC Now if you bundle three or more services from ActewAGL and TransACT, you'll get some great rewards. There are eight services to choose from and the bigger your bundle, the higher the savings - up to a fantastic 25% off your total ActewAGL electricity or TransACT account, plus a Privileges Card when you bundle five or more services. Call us today on 13 12 93 and save a bundle. This program is captioned live. The first shots of the State of Origin series have been fired. Blues five-eighth Greg Bird has accused Greg Inglis and Israel Folau of turning their backs on NSW to play for the Maroons. Images of Greg Inglis and Israel Folau proudly wearing maroon are hard to stomach for at least one man south of the border. Greg Inglis went to school in the Hunter Valley, where I'm from. I think they only moved up there when they were 15 or 16, so it's disappointing. I don't think I could ever find myself wearing a maroon jersey. I think that's just the way I was brought up, and I thought that was the way everyone was brought up down here. Inglis and Folau were born and raised in NSW until their mid-teens. They qualify as Queenslanders

their first senior football. only because that's where they played But Bird says this NSW line-up is strong enough without them. Everyone that's in our jersey, we're going to be playing with a lot of spirit and a lot of ticker, so I'm happy with the team we've got. Late today Inglis defended he and Folau's decision. We're not traitors, we just play where we think... like, um, where we want to play, and that's for Queensland. No plans to...? No plans of switching at all. I'll be staying up here for life. And Bird had another dig at the Maroons on a topic which remains a sore point with the Blues. Queenslanders always talk it up, saying that they're more passionate and Origin means a lot more to them. I don't know why. I don't know whether they think they're underprivileged or whatever it is, but we want to win just as much as they do. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Adam Goodes says the AFL tribute match was the perfect way to maintain his outstanding form. Goodes and his representative team-mates, including Brett Kirk, Craig Bolton and Ryan O'Keefe, all got through the MCG match unscathed and well prepared for Sunday's Marn Grook match against Essendon. It's good to play well in the Marn Grook game, especially against the Bombers, who've got a lot of talented young Indigenous players, and myself and Michael will be looking forward to putting one over those boys on Saturday night. Tadhg Kennelly is also expected to play after pulling out of Hall of Fame game and Nick Malceski will make his amazing return to action in Sunday's reserves match at ANZ Stadium after radical knee surgery less than three months ago. Controversial Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has put his stamp on the Indian Premier League. Defending Kolkata's 133, so far, Akhtar ripped through the Delhi Daredevils' batting order. The Rawalpindi Express took 4/11 off three overs and led the Knight Riders to victory. COMMENTATOR: Oh, and he's whacked it straight and he's got another one! He's on a hat-trick. It was Akhtar's first match since being banned from playing for or within his homeland after repeated disciplinary violations. Another big spill in the fourth stage of the Tour of Italy. The crash came in the final kilometre of the 203km stage and brought down more than 30 riders. British rider Mark Cavendish made the most of the split in the peloton in the cycle classic. to take out his first-ever stage win Australians Bradley McGee and Stuart O'Grady have pulled out of the race after breaking their collarbones in falls during Stage 3. A huge upset for Australia's world surfing champion, Mick Fanning, in Tahiti. He's been knocked out of

It was a massive upset at Teahupoo -

Fanning knocked out by Brazilian wild card Bruno Santos in the second round. Fanning was unable to find his rhythm in the 1.5m conditions. I'm so happy to beat Mickey, he's the world champion so really happy. Local knowledge was the order of the day for Tahitian Manoa Drollet - he took down 3-time winner on this Teahupoo special with a 9.80 wave in Round 1. second-round sudden-death shoot-out, Slater was relegated into a but the 8-times world champ hit back, Jamie O'Brien out of the water. We got a 9 to start, ending backing up with an 8. Then Jamie was playing catch-up and let me get one underneath him and I got a 9.7 on that, so a pretty good heat right there. Fanning's best mate, Joel Parkinson, fared better.

He managed to milk a heat win with a 13.94 aggregate score. Fair enough, I was out there to make it fair and kind of get a few good scores. A couple of sevens is good enough to win a heat today. Taj Burrow continued the Aussie charge into the third round, capitalising on some Tahitian gold. Yeah, it was just enough to take it out. Yeah, just good to get the feet on the wax and start the trip off with a few tubes. Bede Durbidge, Dean Morris and Luke Steadman among the other Australians making it through to tomorrow's heats. Organisers say today is the day - the swell is expected to drop by the end of the week. Rounds 2 and 3 should be finished tomorrow. In Tahiti, Simon Hooper, Ten News. Finally tonight, here's evidence

of why you shouldn't bring your mother to the workplace with you. Cleveland's NBA superstar LeBron James was driving to the basket by Boston's Paul Pierce. when he was fouled hard by Boston's Paul Pierce. Problem was, it was right in front of LeBron's mum, who remonstrated with Pierce. James swore at his mum, telling her to sit down in no uncertain terms. He later apologised to his mother and those within earshot. Fortunately for LeBron, his acrobatic dunk later in the match was remembered more than the tongue-lashing he gave his mother. The series is tied at 2-2. And in Sports Tonight - the Athens Olympic cycling gold medallist who has overcome a serious neck injury to defend her title.

Never rows on your mother! Mother's

Day has already happened so it's

all right. Let's look at the

traffic. Some problems on the M two

because of an accident? Fear is all

bad news for traffic in the north-

west. A smash one Epping Road and

North Ryde has diverted traffic

onto the M2 motorway. You can see

the light heading into the Beecroft

tunnel. That is all the way into Castle Hill. Stay with us - we'll have the latest on the weather next. EXCITING MUSIC Canberra's biggest ever display village has so many brilliant ideas

you'll be dazzled. The LDA/HIA Display Village in Gungahlin. Be dazzled this weekend. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball MegaPick. You could spend

Time for the weather details.

Catherine, I just saw you slipping

out of your warm coat which made me

think the air is a bit nippy. A man

and Darling island off and it is a

big call at the water. We had the

highest recorded temperature of 27

degrees today and-five at Perisher. Let's look at the current temperatures.

On the satellite map we have patchy

cloud building on the New South

Wales border. Tomorrow a cold

trough will bring a call changed trough will bring a call changed to

South Australia possibly triggering

storms and a week trough in the New South

South Wales may trigger storms in

land. On the rain for Mapp it will

be isolated storms for inland the

South Wales and Queensland and

showers increasing over South West

WA. The outlook for tomorrow is

more of the same with blue skies

and sunshine but they will be clad

in the afternoon. The forecast for

the major cities: Looking around the stage:

That is the weather report from

McPharlin Island. Back to you. One of the most successful musicals to ever run in Sydney returns to the stage tomorrow night, and the man behind 'The Phantom of the Opera' can't mask his pleasure. When Anthony Warlow first wore the Phantom's mask way back in 1990, he knew he'd scored the role of a lifetime. And he certainly didn't think he'd ever get the chance to play it again.

It is a rare role in theatre that you could revisit that time span in between, isn't it? Well, he's ageless. I mean, in a way, he's ageless. to play him again. And when I'm 70, I might be able Won't be able to get rid of him. (BOTH SING) # The Phantom of the opera is there... # Part of the joy of revisiting the tortured Phantom of the Paris opera

is that his daughter - who'd only ever heard about his legendary performance - could at last see it for herself. An easier time in make-up sealed the deal. The make-up process now, because of this bald pate of mine, they literally just slap pieces on this and I can breathe, whereas in the old days there was the skin that went over the top and it was exhausting. The production has already booked $12 million in ticket sales, breaking box office records for the Lyric Theatre. And Anthony reckons audiences are getting more bang for their buck, especially from him. There's more of the acting coming out now, which is experience, you know? I've had my cancer, I've lost my parents, I have a child, and in 20 years a lot can happen to someone, and I think I'm bringing that to this role, which is making him sizzle a bit more.

(SINGS) # In all your fantasies you always knew... # Angela Bishop, Ten News. I'm Ron Wilson. That's Ten News for now. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates throughout the evening, before the Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Who will win Big Brother in 2008? As always, you decide, but this year it's different. You vote for your favourite Housemate and each week the three least popular are nominated and the Housemates evict. To save your faouvrite Housemate call 1902 5555 and then, for the blonde bombshell Brigitte add 61. If country girl Dixie, add 62. Keep tomboy Renee safe by adding 63. Vote for the buxom Bianca by adding 64. If it's space cadet Saxon you like, support him by adding 65. Help Rory the brickie stay in the house by adding 66. To save Terri the grandmother add 67. Travis is the Voice - to keep hearing the voice add 68. To keep Ben the brain in the house, add 69. If you like David the fireman add 70. Rebecca is a personal trainer. To keep her in the house add 71. Dr Alice is the vet. Support her by adding 72. Do you like Nobbi the Kombi man? Keep Nobby out of nomination danger by adding 74.